This is an autism containment board

This is an autism containment board.

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U.S. sanctions force basic household services to be affordable because most of them monopolize an area.

Yeah, but it costs more to use a phone as a hotspot, but we upgraded to unlimited high speed, so that might include hotspot usage..

i basically live in an area with a regional monopoly on ADSL and Fibre

I want fibre.


Why does it have a Johnny Cash soundtrack?

Give me (you)s
Give me fire
Give me that which I desire.



I've got a (You)chine gun

Thank (you)

Das sexxy.

(You)'ll shoot your eye out.


Guns are super masculine.

In the same way truck-nuts are.


jesus christ it's both combined



git gud

ATF doesn't care if you have a foregrip.

Nice figure

Ignore me, I failed to notice the 'pistol' there. Why would you add balls to a pistol though?



No, u.

To a pistol? Ooooh yes they do. It's No Fun Allowed when it comes to handguns.
Unless it's like above a certain length, and the foregrip is a special kind, like angled grips and stuff are a grey area. And all sorts of other arbitrary bullshit.

That's pretty cool

Pfft. That's just the crappy tiny one :(

Wanted to test out my goggles dvr but the button broke so I'm mad and getting a new one from them I hope.


Aye, didn't notice you said pistol. The ATF does have all sorts of stupid restrictions, thought not nearly as bad as in other countries.

Oh.. oh. Yeah...
Why? idk. Because you can't attach a foregrip. :3

Well... granted.

I already got gud

Heya, user. What's up tonight?

I had saved awhile ago but I lost it, a guy on /k/ 3d printed a pistol grip for his ar that was also a penis, sorry I don't have it anymore.

Yeah, well, get better than that then.

But you want to grab some balls instead?

Not horribly bad, I suppose. How are you doing, love?

Was it broken before you got to try it?

Oh, what's up Mandy.

When will I be banned from Photoshop

Nah, It broke on the second time I pressed it, so I at least got that one vid :/

cat 5 hurricane coming to florida

it's been nice knowing you all, my family doesn't wanna leave

You'll be fine

You can find a way to leave

Can't always rely on other people

I believe it.
Oh well.

I mean it's not like it'd be the first time...

We hardly knew ye.

Oooh. I like Satan-chan .///.

Not much, just dicking around. You?

It would be the first time for me, at least from that angle...

Not a whole lot here either.

but where to go?

family would throw a fit if I just left lol

nigga you ever been in a cat 5 hurricane before?

fuckin canuck

This is the last one I have for now other than the one I made years ago

I really don't know why I named it "Satan-chan 5.jpg" when there isn't a 4 yet

But yeah this is the kind of thing that happens when I combine weed and Photoshop

I say we strip down to our skins and go run around the neighborhood. You in?

haha I do that shit all the time it's really confusing.

Absolutely not. Unless you wanna see my cuts yo. Elsewise I don't really like to be naked anyway.

If you're offering, I suppose it is rude for me to turn you down.

Yes. Yes I have

Boobies are nice.

Yes. Yes I have, however, I was more being sarcastic

I was hoping it was gonna be a no :(

I finally got my gf to cut me last night and it was the raddest thing.

This website is so bad for posting :mad:

Just be careful, love. Waste no blood for the blood-god.

I am the blood god

I'm the prince of pleasure. Want to spill my blood in agonizing and erotic ways?


No thanks, I'm monogamous^^

Nobody was laughing and it wasn't self-harm.

phew, we now have a reservation at a hotel downtown

maybe I'll get to live after all

rifk anyone I love here.

rifk anyone I love here.


ANyone here I Iove?

wax doesnt work with long hairs on a guy it seems


rifk waitin on scoots1


lmao proto killed the thread.





war gfod

war god war god

lrts roll bard proto1 war god

hi ive got fleas

my family in all their wisdom thinks it will be ez

Floridian intelligence, right there :p

idk we should be safe in a hotel but I'd much rather go visit my brother in jacksonville

It's the worst hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic ocean


On the bright side, fat floats in water.

Just paint yourself yellow and moonlight as a rescue raft for the less fortunate.


b nice

when u have long hair and get out of the shower and its freezing cold on your shoulders and back

Like Leviathan rising from the depths to destroy Florida.

I am being nice. I'm thinking of ways to save Floridians.

More like pussy boss fight.

That's why you gotta wring out and put your hair in a turban in the shower where it's still steamy~


you're laughing now but what about when he fucking dies

i have alot of florida buddies and I'm genuinely anxiously worried for them

most of them are tlaking about riding it out in their houses

wow yeah
of course a GIRL would know about it

lol sorry?

I bet you get butt-hairs then too ;3

Get a haircut you fuckin' hippy.

a-actually i just cleaned up the other day......

Noo not that butt hair lmao jeebus


n-no it only goes about to my boobies...

is your hair that long?

Someone closest to me stands to lose a lot in the hurricane and I still make jokes about it.

Just become a skinhead tbh.

Nothing in this life is more precious to any given individual than their life

just about everyone in florida stands to lose a lot from the hurricane

You're free to make jokes but you're also free to catch shit about it

Let's be honest though

if smiles were to die I would get a good laugh out of that

lol never mind bardo x_x

It's kinda long now. I gotta get a trim real bad tho.

after all it would be God's will

Do you keep it curly or straight? What's up on the styling options you do?

My hair is super straight naturally so I usually just do easy stuff or leave it down depending on weather basically. Pull it back for work obvs. For fancy events like weddings I'll take the time and do curls to match the style of my dress.

Um. Or space buns, obviously

This isn't a post

It's a god damn arms race

Some soapbox you're on there.

curls are cute when they are well done but take sooo long to do

I said the life is precious to the individual

Not that the individuals life is precious to me

I mean I cook so yeah it's fair.

What even is your issue with them other than somehow bothered that they're religious?

Honestly Smiles isn't even that bad.

I hate Smiles because of how fake and malicious they are under the shallow facade of constantly claiming to be the shining example of Catholicism

Look at me if I talk about god all the time maybe I can get poor loneley internet nerds to fuck me too

I'll give 4000 PH pesos (~80$) to anyone who would send an assassin to kill me.


You ever hear of a group/arrtist called

That's what this reminds me of as far as I'm into it

They aren't even Catholic.

How do you even deal with depression anyway? I've been feeling like shit for almost 4 years now.

i hadn''t bothered retaining that information

Then go ahead and replace "catholicism" with christianity and my point stands

Yeah this NIGGAH

Are gods even real? I always pray to satan or whoever he is that i wouldn't wake up after i go to sleep now and guess what? I'm still shitposting here.

Smile's religious standings don't really matter to me. They don't do much that I can denote as hostile or bad.

#1 step is getting professional help (medication?)

other things for me have been:
do the things you love, make small steps to improve yourself, don't beat yourself up over failures and just accept that you did your best,

there's more but I can't think of it
make sure you're getting plenty of sleep, take sleep meds or melatonin if you have to

It's pretty good.

So simply being religious somehow means a person is either hypocritical or only religious to rationalize whatever?

Are you fucking 12

i have no problem with the religion I just get mad as fuck that they claim to be so devout then go and sneakily do such scandalous blasphemous SHIT!!!!!!!!!!1

this pplace is FILLED with shit people
But the ones who have the balls to admit they are shit are the ones who've earned that



I use to go every Sunday and did a ton of church related activities growing up and only stopped going because there is not a church of my preference here in the south.

I'm also an atheist. I sleep with dogs. I sleep with married people and people in relationships. I drink in excess. I jerk off. I'm a homosexual. I lie and fight. Yadda yadda.

All of these are quite blasphemous.

What about me then?

You're not preachy about religion.



Racking my brain I can't really remember the last time you posted about how religious you are

I can't recall you ever talking about your religion or using your religion as something to garner support for you personally as a person or character

If You have a religion and choose to blaspheme
That doesn't concern me as long as you're not constantly preaching about being the gold standard of that religion

and fuck i have literally NEVER seen you mention yourr religious standing so If I tried

I probably wouldn't care any less


please like me



Good morning, how are you all?



thanks bardo

Jokes on you.
I don't mention my religion because I already know I'm super fucking rad and better than everyone and even if I told people what to do they are too stupid to ever change their ways.

I'm so fucking awesome.
Thank God for me.


I've told you a long time ago, and multiple times, and in great length, not to do that pity party thing



I've been going to the gym and engaging myself on physical activities for almost 1 year and i have been feeling better but evry fucking time i go to med school the only thought that's running on my mind is 'Nigger what are you doing here?" And then i go into a slump rethinking my life choices and how i was a little bitch on trying to defend what i really wanted to do. Then there are your peers which keep telling you that you can do it and your relatives pressuring you. Telling someone that they can do it is probably one of the most reckless words of encouragement.


Doing shit always has a chance of backfiring. Like, either do it or don't, user.

Did you start school again yet?

Yeah, same.


for me personally listening to music really helps

you may need anxiety medication , but these are all things you should be talking to a professional about

I bet some of those professionals are thinking the same shit tho lmao

Yes, six classes this semester

Sup with you

what do you mean?

I've been lying about how i truly feel when i talked to our school psych simply because i was afraid to be counted as a nut job. Now i feel like i trapped myself in this situation and trying to free myself would be considered a bitch move.

i can't help having emotions.

They have pills for that.

Ouchies. Just chillin at the girls' place. Still waiting on parts n shit. I want another raise at work already but I gotta wait to see if something else is gonna call me back first.

Like what if you went to a psych who is really always freaking out about existential shit behind the scenes.

see a different psych and be real with them

hopefully it works out for you then.


Sounds gay.

I am unmedicated.

meh, comes with being human i guess.


I am so very poor.

your job has no insurance?

hai huponie

He has free gubbermint healthcare.
What's his excuse for not seeking therapy?

I work for temp places.
I generally have to go full time for anything good, and most of my jobs never cover shit like that.

I had coverage for mechanical disembowelment at one job, but not dental.

I am not here to have a poo festival about Luka's NEETism.


oh snap.

gotta move up from temp then I guess.

oh right american medical system.

Release your inner Grim: shit all over him.

you'r up early

it must beabout 6 am there...

How fucking dare you imply I can become anything more than a replaceable cog in this variable clown fiesta we call life.
How fucking dare thee.

Want to get married so I can use your health system?

Hard pass.


wheres my love

lukamarry me please

Man, I even used the moment to make a poo in loo joke.

I am just glad I no longer have to interact with him.
It was a toxic friendship.

6am every day

tfw grim leaves and hasn't returned

you can do better than me.

Does anyone even interact with him anymore?

*I gently paw your hair from your face and drape it gently behind your ear*

Fuck if I know. I guess he hangs in Bans discord with Bebop or some shit.
I don't keep tabs on him.

Oh hey look Holla Forums is still here.
Hi guys.

Fair enough.

oh hi


who might you be? who were you before?

Shinobu is disgusting as an adult.

I'm not Ban or Aoi if that's what you're asking.
I was just me before. I kinda have a tendency to disappear for months to years without posting here.

How are ya?

how the fuck is Aoi pronounced

when I read in my head it's like

Ayyy Oyyyy

but it's probably something awkward as fuck like

Ah Oh EE?

You're just a pedophile.

Am I a pedophile if I fuck dogs that are underage in human years, but of age in dog years?

No shes just gross as a tiddy monster

i'm bored.

age of consent is 16 so unless you got an old boii it's statutory

I am unable to remedy this.

It would have to be 3 in people years to be 21 in dog years.

Sex with an animal is automatically rape.

I thought it was because the loli one is what Alexis posted/Goggles posts.

Its like Ah Oh EE, but like... More fluid.
青い Just copy/paste that into Google Translate and have it say it for you.

This. They kinda over-did her adult form a bit IMO.

Lmao where the fuck do you live anyways? Age of consent is 18 here in AZ, no exceptions.

Dog years obviously

I need to get a new fucking tripcode, I don't even own my S14 anymore...

Says the guy that for the longest was all about Last Order.

Rly maeks u thunk

wow that soundslike some nazi stuff

I live in iowa

we have a Romeo and Juliet clause down to age 14 with parents consent

But does it make me a PEDO?

I am not a pedophile then.

uhh excuse me the term is EBEPHILE....

Pedophile applies only to underage humans, I believe.

But the loli form doesn't have anything to do with the adult form being bad


she should of been flat

everything is ruined

Never a doubt
You're clean of being a Pedo my friend.

I'm going to fuck your dog, Bard.




Talks of pedophilia is just going to bring Ui out of the gubbermint woodworks.

Giant anime tiddies make the world go around.

Fucking dogs is still gross as shit and immoral.

Huuuu. How you doing?

There isn't even a Romeo and Juliet law here AFAIK. Some kid I used to go to High School with got arrested because he was fucking with some girl that was 17, so there ain't much wiggle room.

Completely flat? I dunno, something more average like a C cup would have been enough for me.

I don't have a dog......

Guess you'll have to do.

honestly that's terrifying

Someone could be out there enjoying there day and some cutie could come up trying to get that D and then Bam

a week later you're in the jail because she felt guilty

oh well

Only if you don't mind sharing that title between us two.
How have you been?

so vampires are :ok_hand:

Well they probably make money

A cup though

Still waking up, really.
What about you? Feeling any better?

literally 400 years old

wtf I overslept and still feel sleepy and went to bed 11pm even

Burn in hell, sodomite.

Very unwell, but not something I want to talk about really.

Been playing Animal Crossing lately.

Sup with you?

Someone needed sleep

There's a 1000000 volts needed to cure you.

idont understand

oversleeping = sleepy feeling

I feel like half of the people really obsessed with posting anime giant tiddie monsters are just closeted dudes that think overcompensating for breasts means they're extra straight.

Hey I'm always open to be a venting tool.

I never really played that, I've mostly been playing Souls games and debating on buying PlayStation Now.
Currently prepped to GTFO of Florida tomorrow.


o-oh gosh.......


I prefer to keep things like this with close friends.
Thank you though.

What Souls game?
I need to get back into BB. I'm on NG+ at Vicar Amelia at like level 30.

That's exactly how it happened too. Two young kids fucking around, one was 19 (got held back a year at some point I guess), the other 17, she got pregnant, her parents found out, cops got involved, and the dude was never heard from for the rest of the year and AFAIK is still a registered pedophile now.

Meet me in the middle here, B cup.

but i went to sleep earlier


how about going to sleep again? :3

I like encyclopedias


Not really but it's a thing so ye. Did you sleep well?

100% not gay

I'll allow this


Yeah, same.

meh, I'm sorry..
Yeah, slept alright. Starting to get colder so should think about turning on the heater again

I'm also not gay.

They wear a skirt sooo

You posted giant anime tiddie monsters, too.

So what does that mean?

What if they're a tranny in sweatpants?

Is that still gay?

missching chool tho

depends on the color of the pants

Are you trying to challenge yourself to being super underlevel while in New Game?

Don't be.

? I did?

Thank you, I'm glad we could come to a compromise.

Yeah probably. But what do I care at the end of it all, I'm more of an ass man.

Not really. I never level much in Souls games anymore.


What about koume size ?

The weird dickgirl thing from Ixion.

What would be gay sweatpants color and what would be straight ones?

This is some weird mental gymnastics.

shhhh school's not important

Come back to bed....

It's not the real Hu!

I can't say for sure

Not for lewd/10

I'm super salty by this storm. Like I had this entire vacation planned out with Labor day and the week with Mom and Dad and now it's just ruined. Having to cut it short for no reason is a pain.
Why don't you? It's one of the core parts of the game after all.


ur wrong.....

I don't think most people agree

Hey, Smiles is here!


If it isn't wolf or luna, it isn't Hu

wow rude

I meant I related and she's cute. Also I was jealous at her perfection.

I don't get vacations.
Souls games never really necessitate leveling.
Unlike turn based games and shit you can over come any challenge with enough skill and time.


I've never really been one of "most people," so that doesn't bother me.

Hu would never cheat on doggo for tiny-breasted one-attack-per-day bomb mage

She's pretty cute though

Shes legal in japan

Oh? Then wrap a blanket around yourself! Stay warm that way.

you live in florida or you were gonna vacation here?

Can't use computer with arms covered, but the rest is

And yet the things I want from Japan aren't legal here... Yet...

But I blame NHTSA for that...

...I may give you that

She a cute!

She may be!!


Wat. That's like if you hated porn so you bought a subscription to many porn sites just to flaunt it on youtube that you wasted money.

Fair point...

Well at least the rest of you is warm~

Prove it!

I don't get it either.

mhmm, and comfy

I think I have

Like there has to be some hidden thing behind it. I want to believe he's trying to troll by saying he hates it buuuut... He goes on and on about how he wants to outlaw anime in the west.

If it's a troll he has far since passed that and become just a sad guy that whines and pays people to do something involving something he hates. Also if he thinks some voice actress saying stupid things as an anime character will make people hate anime, then I don't think he's ever dealt with the internet. They'd just eat it up like it's amazing~

Good, comfy Hu! Who continues to post the best stuff.

why is there a tent

oh please~

a tent? Where?


North Korea in a nutshell


I dunno, stupid people will do stupid things and have stupid justifications for said stupid things.

It's like the people who buy RX7's and then swap out the Wankel Rotary Engine for a Chevy LS V8. You're taking something, making it into something its not and then you wonder why everyone at the Cars and Coffee thinks you're a douche bag who should have just bought an old C4 or C5 Corvette instead.

We need to erase NK off the map already.

This is good

It's true!


But I only got like 3 folders~

there's nothing like an Old Navy commercial to make you hate people as a whole


The "I'm going to give my balls to a guy to make him a man and me a girl" thing was weird as hell.