'It’s difficult to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia'


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i just realized i didnt eat my cum in a long time

depends how hot they look

/trash/ Is where I belong.

But when sci got banned here he ran off to /lewd/ and I made him go away forever with a few of mine and his great discussions, most people that showed up to the threads weren't that attention whore autistic like he was..

I say we could try having people go to the other boards and bring people here.

that sounds a little more desperate, and like it could potentially create a problem more than it solves it, but if you guys try it and people just get sick of being here it will just reinforce the idea that this place will stagnate naturally and that either moving may be the better option so by all means go for it

imo we have enough slut traps here that we should not assimiliate modern /lewd/

bad grammar here but by either moving, i mean to /trash/ or /lewd/

Tripfriends and Waifu had some pretty chill people at least.

I honestly say we let this shit hole die.

Sorry I need constant social stimulation to help distract me from the constant existential dread and also fleas

if this place dies Idk what I''ll do

Hey, feeling any better?

Kinda hoping at least one of us two is.

I doubt it's going to completely die.
It just stagnates most days.

I'm pretty happy in the Discord so I'm like whatever about it. And if it does I'll just go to the fur threads again.

fleas? yikes

if this place dies Idk what I''ll do

midna is a really cute character, its a shame im not into she-midgets

yeah the fucking stupid shitbags who lived here before left them only in my fucking room

i hear the landlords coming to replace the carpet but what good will that do my arms already look like a fucking junkie

if this place dies it could take me upwards of two weeks to notice


It won't die, it might move but it won't die.

To be fair, this is technically Midna's true form.

It's dying because of people like you

take yourself for a walk

not as much porn of that form is there though

I like it here.

Why do y'all keep moving

If I had somewhere to falll back on I wouldn't be here

if animus dies i will finally Have to live my life so please don't let it

I still have some friends that post there, but being here is just a time killer until the Discord wakes up.

Wait there's another dicksort?

the entire history of these threads has as many migrations as modern human ancestors across the continents of earth, it's impossible to talk about the people that post here without at least referencing 3 or 4 different origin threads of differing topics and location



I have one if you'd like to join it

there's three discords, two public ones and a super secret one i dont care about

I'm in Oobles and Geuros, George's private one, and then 2 smaller ones after that.

That's not really my issue.

invite me lps


I took that as more hostile than you meant for it to be I'm sure and Now I'm pissed off

is this it?

doi have to retreat to irl?


well okay more discords than i thought, and then theres even more for the other threads


Follow me wherever I go, so that we can be bestest friends again.

I just mean that people aren't to blame for it dying.
As a whole nobody tries to bring in more people and there is in fighting everywhere.

I don't like this embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy,

no one should have to bring in more people, it worked because people could find it and be interested because they wanted to be, going into other places and just grabbing people to bring back is hardly going to give you the same result, it is no ones fault you are right in that, but it does not change the conditions that were ruined

sorry buddy

I hate /trash/ and I hate what's become of /lewd/

I would gladly have you join the /lewd/ discord though if you'd like ; )

Sounds like that's a probem caused by the people


Ugh ill notice whe this is ded and just me am post

its never going to get that dead, at least not until at least 5 posters that regularly support the place have to do other things every day

people thought this place wasnt going to get to 1 million posts and i laughed

Yes, but not because of just one group.
It's all of us.

Morning, fart lord.

nanas toofbrushpastwies


i love our community
but i hate our community

Want to chill in call for a while?

I like some of the people, and I like posting images.


all homo channel


fuck why

I wasn't ready for this and so neither should anybody else

i would be her friend

she can still write, and she lived to be 96! i bet she'd have a lot of neat things to tell me, and surely some helpful tips for my future.

and i like making people feel better

maybe she's been depressed for 97 years

I never even wanted to leave Holla Forums
And I want nothing to do with discord,

it was a very different time back then, depression wasn't a well understood concept, regardless of how she felt her views would be interesting if you knew what to ask.

this guy gets it, say haven't we always gotten along well?

fuck im out

what you dont want to sit and have a talk with grandma?

I was against it at first as well but the bannings were just terrible

I would be in support for going back but I have some qualms with modern 4ch

And what do you have against discord?
It's basically skype i suppose

while i agree that any people who happen to wander in now might have some bad tendencies, i would like to point out that our threads used to be pretty good at stripping newer posters of undesirable traits by making fun of them until they stopped

yes everybody had to take a turn on the grinding stone

Althought it's nice to have the drama toned down now that we're all settled out here

holy fucking shit bro shit used to be a soap opera i swear to god

I miss the soap.

kind of what im trying to say here, we all would hate to say it outloud but its true, we miss it. and it never stopped our discussions did it? we'd have some intellectual debate going on right in between constant streams of piss and shit, and sure it still happens here i mean we have scoot, but you know, it's up to you guys where you want to do that. moving will take effort and as a neutral party it will be something you will have to decide if it seems worth doing.

so far it seems like moving would be beneficial though.

it is nice too soak in melodrama from tim to time

I like how it's all black and red, looks neat.

Same, maybe then you can start smiling again too~

I did. Got a dragon plateskirt yesterday, woo

lul %)

I wouldn't hate to say that at all

I would argue things were better then than they are now
Idk It was all fresh and new like a brand new videogame
you get caught up in the awe and bewonderment

The people who posted were more fun to interact with imo and like you said just better convos and shit

MSN was such an amazing platform for communicating as well
i've never felt so socially satisfied as i did back then

almost felt kind of popular.....
But it's not my fault I'm not popular

oh god

I try to get along with everyone

Discord was the death of Holla Forums and /lewd/
When the discord chats showed up, posting in threads plummeted.

I wouldnt say discord was teh death of animus

It just really kicked it hard

Discord absoluteley fucked /lewd/ though

I believe this too

At this point I'm much happier without some of my toxic friends in my life and being around people who actually matter in the Discord.

hu cyber me on discord

I don't have Discord

Well bard, a lot of that is because it was fresh and newer, and you were also younger. MSN and such are just relics of an old tech age that will not be brought back, did you get consent when you were invited to an MSN conversation? no you were raped right into that shit

and its hard for people to say they want drama because that implies they want conflicts, and such things might put them under question by other posters which would make them feel uncomfortable, but i don't personally like that sort of behavior, i like a much more free and unmoderated environment, and while that comes with some cost as has been shown, it also has its benefits as is being discussed

i bet if i added you on steam id hate you pretty fast, part of the charm is that you can hook up and chat with whoever is there when you want to, and then disconnect entirely when you want to. friendships make that impossible and while i don't discourage friendship I caution others that closeness always comes with a cost

Cyber me on Discord and thread at the same time

hi it's me hu

wow, someone is lusting for Feku dick

also goes to

Hu, give pats.


wow okay

let me just make

one thing perfectly clear


let's get one ting straight here

not just feku dick


jeeez, wow, lewd

um i was in the middle of a fap and after nutting I realized what i said. pls disregard


[Hidden footage of me beforehand spiking my buddy feku's drink with a potent aphrodisiac]

you just happened to be the first post i saw


Good morning everyone! How are you all?


okay, if you say

Now you're being silly too

stop posting pics like that my dick is still sensitive

i made a tinder profile and matched with my sister today

what uuuuuup homie 8D


Shitty, you?

that sounds like a very confusing time, you'd think they'd have filters for family

Like what? Like this?

Nope, exclusively you

you swipe right?

you'd think she wouldn't have swiped me, really

wait im confused whos being creepy here you or your sister

Wew that image. Weeeeeeeeew Hu.

Jesus Christ, are you serious lol

Not much, what's up with you?

Not good but not bad either now that I get to talk to all you lovely people :3c.


naughty pics arent good for trying to sleep

just relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow when i have to get up early again for once, for now though im going to de-stress and unwind as much as i can+ a little youtube here and there

Nah. my sister's dead.

It's a curse I say. The images most find lewd, I just find cute

They are, easier to go to sleep after a fap


i maybe went too far with that last one.

i already did and i dont want to again

or maybe you didnt go far enough


Sounds fun! Whatcha getting up early for tomorrow?



i've always wanted to fuck a girls urethra

i'm sorry


just some job training at a place near me, i told you a bit about it earlier, this is BD btw from discord, which is technically where we met



Should sleep then and not look at more lewd images~

That's why I want nothing to do with it, I got Skype, steam and tinychat.


Maybe you would maybe you wouldn't, steam is mostly for erp, the last none erp conversation I remember was me explaining the entire science of nuclear fission to birdman.

I feel ya there I suppose

still.it's pretty nice...

you arent helping :

the "entire" science of nuclear fission? wow that sounds rather lengthy, i can't say i have used steam for erp much but i never was really big on all the hip things the kids are doing on the net, though it does explain a lot of the horrible profile pictures, i guess people want to be able to play videogames and cum in the same space, wish i could say it was improving most of their writing but i doubt it is

Nah you're fine, it's funny.

I surmized. Good luck at job training!

no it's not fine. punish me.

thanks! i hope you have a fun day and manage to keep busy/sane

So sorry~

You're cute lol

Thank you! The wake is tomorrow so I got some shit to prepare for :dab: or something

I ban thee.

yea that's some heavy stuff, just makes me happy every day i wake up and don't feel totally uncomfortable being alive, i guess even something like that is a feeling we can't take for granted


Well, I feel it's a very fine mixture of the two. Like it's cute but edges on the territory of lewd and most have the mindset to see that side~

Yeah lemme get a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe they are a little bit lewd too.
Mostly cute though!

how does it feel to lose to a race to bed?

what no way, ass in the air and a blush too? that's at least 8/10 lewd

Feels alright when you aren't racing to begin with

Who cares, it's all gud.

Nigga. I didn't specify the images that border.


fair nuff fair nuff, but that guy totally posts lewd on purpose

i like u

Maybe just a bit on purpose. Just a little bit

Now put your name back on~

needs more rgb tbqh

Life is a race the moment you exit your dad's peepee

it got killed by the previous thread link


never, no fancy lights

That's one way to look at it

Odd, I've not had that happen to me yet

n-no u!


When are you come bed

Sleepy time? :)



lkt can i sniff your wallet

I'm looking to replace the blue power LED with a red one but im too lazy but the blue hurts my eye

Chihaya is best girl from Original Idolmasters
Not sure yet?

In about three hours I think

Mine's on the desk so I don't even notice the power LED :3
What about... disconnecting the LED completely?

i don't know who that is.
not sure yet.

The girl you posted :)
Hmmm, maybe try drinking some tea :o

when you remember something cringeworthy you did and start shouting "i'm a fucking idiot" over and over and over

oh well

No can do, need that power status indication!!!

Oh my god these farts are inhuman

But LED sucks

K gud night

Sleep well cutie

How would I know it's even powered on???

Your drives and fans will start spinning and your monitors will light up

I like my lights my keyboard is RGB even

My previous keyboard had blue lighting, but thankfully it supported 3 different levels of brightness, one of them being "off". I always kept it off

Because it's where everyone who's not here is at.

The best part was me figuring out what was considered public knowledge.
I'm pretty good at writing, I was the captain of the creative writing club back in highschool.

Mine is now being a rainbow

Operation "switch a LED while the entire system is powered on like an idiot" start

What a fucking faggot, lol


Oh, you scared of terrorist too?, that's why I carry a gun everywhere I go.

i am the terror

And why ive got a butterknife with me

bin the knoife

save a loife

White Terror

Oh so frade of you.

The knife angel looks down upon you in dismay.
A knife won't stop a truck.

It's not that hard
Bin that car

That gun in your fannypack wont stop a 747

What's up morning crew?



What's up?

evening, yep

Doing the new Shadow of Argus content in WoW

Ooh. I didn't know WoW was still a thing!

I got invited to a qualifier race but work will get in the way. grr

Lol closest thing i

made this for anybody in florida

For drone racing?


Fuck that was annoying


you got a cute pink LED now


Lol closest thing I have to that is a laptop bag I carry my 9mm AK in.

That's pretty cool. It's too bad work got in the way :(


holy shit grids that is some expendables shit
that gets me moist

Yeah, that's okay. There will be plenty more races next year and by that time I'll be way better and actually ready for one^^

The racing community is really cool and helpful and I'm happy they actively try to get newer pilots to get out there.

moister than an oyster

Fuck that wasn't designed to be user-swappable at all

Very HAL 3000~


okay, that does look cuter

I was gonna program my LED strip to do the KIT thing from Knight Rider, but it seems like it would be a waste with only 4 LEDs

What about adding more LEDs?

Flying doesn't like to have extra, unneeded weight and I only keep the 4bar cause I can't seem to get it off of the frame without breaking one or the other.

Oooh, it's attached to the frame. Are they just red?


Yeah they're attatched and they can do any color

I've been keeping it on a nice green hue, but I kinda want to make the throttle trigger the blend to purple. Or maybe purple to green cause green means go!


liek u

I wanna 1080ti

Oooh nice, that's plenty of options then!

Mmhm you can make them do things for like any little thing you do while flying. You can program turnsignals even when you're yaw-ing lmao As if that would be useful at all at those speeds ;3


You're smol, and just as cute

-even, +for

Imagine. Being a nerd.

I'm starting to love it tbh lmao

Is there a panic mode?

wait no

lol yeah it's called crashing. or you disarm it and it plummets and you crash. or it failsafes and it disarms itself and it plummets and you crash.

The learning curve is fucking steep on this shit but I guess that's why they have a simulator^^

uh huh~

How many have you broken by now?

I have this cheapo toy but even the slightest wind blows it away so I don't really fly it much.

My hands are so sore from prying that damn power button out.


Well, mine's broken, my gf snapped one of the arms, then I broke it after she fixed that. So I guess the killcount is at 2 so far. Luckily the other half of the fun is fixing and upgrading that shit to try again haha.

Oh yeah those mini ones? You have to build those yourself to not get the cheapo brand autolevel one cell shit battery type, but yeah, those are mostly for indoors. I blew one of those away just last night. Still gotta go find it in the bushes later haha Those little guys are pretty cool to get used to FPV tho. We hooked up some mini cam/VTX combos to them to practice while saving up for the bigger ones.

Aww.. Should shower then go to bed

It comes with a cheap small camera but the delay is very bad, at most it's usable for rough navigation.

Hmm, sounds fun messing around with it ^^

Planning to. Considering flashing my phone though.

I should have 2 soon. My parts list for my fullsize custom build is happening. I don't even care that I'll have to be poor for another month I just wanna fly.

Seeing these people on YouTube zooming around looks super fun now I want one

Too late for that now, need sleep. There's a day tomorrow too.
I should be going myself, guess this will be a goodnight then.
Sleep well when you get that far yourself


don't catch the bug x_x

I'm gonna build an RGB mechanical flying keyboard FPV racing drone now.

those aerodynamics tho lol

Sleep tho



Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves.

They've been through multiple phases where they looked like they'd die in the six years they've been around

Though, that was mainly on Holla Forums, so it could be different this time

I enjoy posting here but if this place dies I'll probably dance on its grave

They're Chinese kids

That's why you get paid to talk to them

We can be like they are,
Come on baby, don't fear the reaper.

Get stabbed by someone and then I'll drink poison

Man I wish I didn't live on the italian/coratian border

I feel like other people probably feel this way as well, at least partly

Don't lie

On second thought, let's not.

What's wrong with Croatia?


What are you scared or something ?

Yeah, I think /k/ breads paranoia.
Still gotta get a side folder arm brace for it and put some different colours on it, I was thinking of doing fakelite on the handguard and I was thinking primer grey for the arm brace, and I have a red leather belt to replace the straps.

Why does /hanz/ have his board again

It was ur responsibility to keep him from getting it back

Me and ostsan were gonna manage it together, but we never changed the password and someone else did, and it just went dormant for a long time.


Scared I'll live.

Yep, we fucked up.

do a better job then

how does one do a better job of being stabbed

you'd know. faggot

get stabbed in a better spot

What's the best spot?

The lungs, it causes you to drown in your own blood, slow and painful.


Anywhere on Squiddy's body.

Too slow, too much chance for medical attention to arrive.

Shit nigga getting stabbed hard enough to break through your skull?


It's cuz i luv u so much it would kill me bby

when your internet speed increases by 12 times after you install a new router


It would be quick enough that it would require immediate medical attention, and you would need someone who knows how to apply a chest seal or even a makeshift one, I could do it, but most can't.


In the last four days, I've not listened to anything that wasn't Johnny Cash. Please send help.

Hank III

Hank WIlliam's son and grandson were always meh.

I like Kris Kristofferson's cover of "If You Don't Like Hank Wiliams" more than his own son's.

Hank III takes the rebel country thing to a new rock level.

He was in some Pantera offshoot at one point that honestly was awful.


I got that
hence wow

Wow shit you took first aid classes you're so much cooler than those normies

Mormonism is just a cult.

Not really tho. But then I'd have no one to post shitty robots at.



More than just first aid, I also took a bunch of navy courses on a bunch of specific stuff like amputations, diabetic attacks and a bunch of other shit.

I'm not really good with this stuff, but they don't seem to be doin' so hot methinks.



This is objectively awful.

I do not have anything close to good music tastes but this is still terrible.

It looks so dorky
But that's also kind of perfect for that shitty thing.

It looks like Megas XLR.


It's always looked dorky tho. That's the least of its problems.

Chicks Dig Giant robots

I want a thompson center encore, more barrel options, I would get a pistol of course so I could go pistol or rifle at any time.

Hello again, friend-o's how are you all?

Not gonna lie, I liked the girl in that show when I was kid.

Those types of break actions are so goddamn worthless but there's something quaint about them.

Fuck you. You're not my real friend.

I want to build a break action 50bmg pistol.

:C How can I prove to you that I'm a real friend?


That's about the only real advantage to those types of break actions: they can be chambered in just about anything because there's no real mechanisms to them. Then again, you're also going to break your wrist.

She was hot.


That's why it's perfect
It's just a shame it's going to be literal dumpster tier garbage.
Like the Uziel but without the neat jumpjets and hardpoint locations.

But you're gay.

well i'm so lonesome i could cry

.50bmg's no that rough on the wrist. It's close to like 12 gauge mag or high brass.
.50bmg pistols do exist for the mad men that want them.

Only the Lore 2 are, the PGI bots are literally P2W.

Does that mean I can't admire a pretty woman!?

you know when the pillow gets so wet it chaffs your face so you have to turn it over but the other side is also wet?

I plan on having a reversed angle forgrip on it to hold with both hands really tight, or one of those hand straps like one those super shorty pump shotguns.

Since when is that new

I was being facetious. Almost all ridiculously high caliber pistols just end up with insane vertical recoil.

And yes, this was your favorite movie growing up:


wow, well then fuck u, guy


I forgot about this.


is mwo p2w???

You only have yourself to blame for playing mech games.

Shit, that hasn't been posted in a while.


xd memes

It didn't have to be this way
SOME PEOPLE keep giving those hacks money

It's beautiful *~*

What kind of loser plays video games anymore

I wish for more google-tan.

I want to be Nezi's _



I fucking hate SMB
Jesus christ

you can be my friend if you want

It is too late, I already am.

4G lte on my phone.

Forgot pic.





WiFi is worse on my phone.

That does not even begin to make sense.

Maybe if I use the app.

Way better


I couldn't figure out how you had 148 ping connected via WiFi to a home connection.

And 4G LTE isn't that bad either.
Better download, worse upload.

tfw is £45/m here for decent broadband

The ping for mobile connections used to make them impossible to use for gaming but now it's pretty consistent to outright use with no issue. I was using a hotspot to play Battlefield with no issue while stuck in a hotel for a few days.


U.S. sanctions force basic household services to be affordable because most of them monopolize an area.

Yeah, but it costs more to use a phone as a hotspot, but we upgraded to unlimited high speed, so that might include hotspot usage.