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this feels like a god thread

I think maybe one of the writers needs to get "eaten by a leopard"

u have great taste in cartoons

I didn't expect you to agree about Aho Girl

It's garbage but I like it

how many sands are there on the beach


why :c

I just like how that article used quotation marks

how many posts will animus have before it dies?


lol leopard is a kewl cat

I disagree

These second hand keycaps I got are sticky.

lick them


Aqua is p gud

aqua is a pretty god

did you get them from Neru?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

The lie of being is just a grain of sand in the limitlessness

In my travels I pet a capybara

ye xd


we had a wonderfully esoteric rapport for a while


No sun

What do you mean?


what did you do with capy

suns just starting to rise in new england

eating cheez-its and watching

Actually there were multiple ones

Including some little baby ones

It was at a zoo

I petted them and they made cute little noises

No want :(

liek u


please share cheez-its

I saw u mention Aho Girl in the last thread and then I started watching it and ur one of my favorite posters now

I don't know this alphabet

same honestly

no theyre mine!

imagine writing that tho


hug them!

At least it hasn't gotten here yet

Looks like it needs some caligraphy skill

I don't think we were supposed to climb over the fence

Aho girl good anime

do u have a pet?

Aho is one of the 4 shows I am actually watching this season
it is silly

cherish this time

its ~enochian~


I wonder if I'd like it if I was sober

Something cute and colorful and loaded with provocative themes is all I need right now

Not currently

So you like four whole shows

How many do you nEED

I just need to get high enough that the light doesn't discomfort me

Angels r fags

at least one a day, like last season!

That screaming animal really captures how I felt in that moment when I realized I had to reply to five posts

what are you up to?

I bet you liked Eromanga-sensei


Konosuba also checks that box. Not sure about other anime I should nolife more.

That was one of them, yes

I liked the random references to other stuff they just threw around

I like erio tho

dont worry you can safely ignore me


of course you guys would like the piss and scat fetishist who fucks literally everybody


I did not know about any of that though.

Smoking weed and posting on an anime picture chat forum


Games like this are for plebs

I wonder how many I missed due to not being enough of a weeb

He decided he hates me because I wouldn't stop talking to Blood-chan like he said to

Not literally HAD TO

I just do this

im shocked at this betrayal

knowing is hALF THE BATTLE

apparently I had 12 last season, but I didn't finish half because life

it is appreciated

I'm not going to correct any of it, because I think it would be fine if what he said was 100% true

Taboos don't apply to me

Then you can finish those if there aren't enough you like now

eating 99 cents penne pollo the size of my fist
and watchign youtube at 2 in the morning oops i mean 3:24am

while thinking almost deeply

watch kakegurui it has a bunch of crazy hot chicks

Anyone who tries to step to me has failed to understand that I'm LORD OF THE GAME

Who's your favorite demon

Are you sleepy

most of the ones I didn't finish were really just filler

fuck im tired



Maybe I'll try it

I might have to ask you what it's called again

They can't all have as much plot as Aho Girl

skip to 1:30

hi hi fekky

Aliens aren't DEMONS YOU FUNDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I caved when faced with that choice last.

He won't sex me though so it's fine.

its called kakegurui

nah... my body is okay
just boredem jitters
not much going on,
drank two energy drinks today and sipped on my java 4L jug 2%


nobody wants stinky internet poop aids

You are acting like scoot talking about ui

The right answer is always that the person who gave the ultimatum can get fucked

I mean later

I'm very baked

But you said it twice so it's more likely I'll remember it now

a good post

Do u like Death Grips

they are about equal in quality of character

That's a fair comparison


i prefer beware and hacker

It depends on how important that person is to you.
The math added up differently for me.

i got super into an evony-like game once and was top ranking on all of the pvp related leaderboards and id just drop villages into enemy territory named after lyric from Hacker and ruin 4-6 months worth of people playing farmville overnight by deleting their villages

shit rocked tbh

Morality and ethics are bad memes

uncuck urself

Beware is my favorite song by him but I don't think I've heard Hacker

I guess it's just that the principle of self-sovereignty is the most important thing to me

Death grips isn't a him dumbass
it's a trio

I can understand that. I didn't want to choose that issue as my hill to die on though.

buckle the fuck up

Stopped reading there

I don't care what Death Grips identifies as

FUCK people, KISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How's your drawing coming


This song is one of many things that I don't think I'd like while sober but I think I like right now

I have not started, it's been busy. I have a lighter work load starting now so I will have some off-time.

Excuses :3

What are you going to draw? A vampire loli?

Humanoids are so hard though ;;
I'm not sure yet, tomorrow I will know for sure.

Okay cutie

Why are you up so early?

I am up late, not early. I tried to go to bed earlier, but it didn't work. I work until midnight so I usually don't get to sleep until about 5 am pacific.


Don't you have school? ^^

I dropped out because it was too hard.

well glad you liked it

Plans for aa G.E.D in the future?

Took a "Selfie" of me posting on animus

Right, you said that

I'm just skeptical of what you say because you say outlandish things sometimes, but overall I go with it

Cute little cat girl sex shop loli :3

Anyway, you should go back to school

I don't like most rap but Death Grips has a good sound and is a good kind of edgy

I am not going to get a degree I don't think.

I can't, I failed out.

eh I suppose if you're able to make money a degree is just icing on the cake

when I went to high school I had alot of issues as well that were solved when I was allowed to attend the alternate highschool program ran by the local college with ike 20 other kids

Getting out of the shitty public school system and getting into something that just let me read the books and do the tests was the best thing I could ever have done
I ended up graduating early that year, 2nd person out of my entire class year

Ever given any shot to alternative learning programs or you said and done on it?

How can you fail out of high school? You just get held back

Such sincere and serious responses are hard to handle.

After a certain number of warnings they make you take a break. I can apply to get back in but I already had to do that once so I doubt they would let me do it again.

i mean uhh

Kissy hehe go back to school :3


He's asleep.

Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

The game is rigged and you can't win

Can you try different schools?

It's obvious that Man is a sub who loves squirming in the dominating shadow of the Beast


lol nerd reading books n stuff

Nah, my family prob won't support me going to school anymore since I failed again. I can't afford school and to support myself at the same time. Though I can't afford to support myself yet either. Hopefully I can get promoted eventually.

What about public school?

It's up to you, anyway

Having a degree would just keep more options open

history was easy enough that I did all the tests without needing to read the book

Got my credits in under 3 days from it
Didnt get 100 percent but I passed with a b or so


I don't want to go back to school anyway, I'll just mess it up again and waste more time. I will spend my time acclimating to the world of the unskilled worker who struggles to get by and one way or another loses their job so they have to move into the homeless shelter until they find a new job.


You're up early

You should at least be able to make some extra money with your art if you really try

Either way, there are always a lot of potentialities to strive for

history seems like the hardest subject since it revolves around knowing a bunch of shit

im not rin

post art

meant t link you

You're up early today


There is no one in this would who would pay me to artist for them.
Even if I worked hard at it, hard work can only go so far.

Haven't you seen people who sell commissions online? It's not hard

The limitations are just in your head

I close my eyes and SEIZE IT
'''I clench my fists and BEAT IT"'
I light my torch and burn it
I am the Beast I worship

They're pathetic though. I refuse to charge people money for bad art.

Maybe later.

This is the time I usually wake up at

Art quality is subjective

It's up to them if it's worth their money

Alot of the questions left a bit of room for error or were multiple choice

So that definately elped out

There were some essay questions and I didnt get 100 percent in the class or anything

But definately Was easy enough that I didnt need the book

more difficult than math definatey

that's what got me interested in the roman civilization

what about you any schoool subjects you were into?

oh? Normall I don't see you for another hour or so

What are you up to today?

I refuse to charge people money for art that I think is bad.

The past week or so have been abnormal

Job hunting again

Do you think maybe you judge your art too harshly

Probably, but like I give it a .5/10 and it deserves a 1/10 kind of way.


what kind of job experience do you have and what are you interested in pursuing job wise?

The DNC is just as much an enemy of the people as Trump is. They knowingly rigged the primaries while their own members were donating hundreds of millions of dollars and then fought in court that they are under no obligation to honor their members wishes or provide a fair race. Fuck them.

i really want to do a fullspin on this office chair

I worked in a grocery store for 5 years
I'm looking for a job I can live off of

no 1 cares renz LOL

Don't let your dreams be dream

the election is over right

Do you have any art you've made on your computer?


How long have you been out of the grocery business?

I hope you can find something

I am stuck in cheapo starter tier job too

I've been out almost 2 years
It only gets harder once you stop


I'd like to take a moment to remind anyone it may concern of the concept of suicide

Hi cute subby boy

How u

tired, almost fell asleep during lecture.
Also, ain't cute. Go to bed.
How's you?

back from schoool hu chan?

I probably will soon

Pretty good; high and I am starting to get sleepy now that the sun's up

Did you not sleep well last night?

It will never end.

Yeah, but there has been too much talk to post it now. I will go to bed and do it another time.

Cute shy loli

Sleep well

Short day. It'll change come next week perhaps

Best thing to do when sleepy, is sleep after all~
Slept alright, just need to get back in the system. Two months of neet life does take its toll on you

if i can pass a test without the essay portion i would probably always skip it

math and science imo are way easier because of how linear it is

Short hu

I always tried to schedule classes that were at like 11AM or later in college


Yeah FUCK essay questions

i guess I can understand why you feel that way

I was never so very good with the maths but I was able to pass up until about Geometry

what other subject were you into?

idk i dropped and got a equivalent anyways

cute Ikt

I prefer early classes, but I don't get a say in my schedule

shh, it'll be fine.
Why are you still up?

Has anybody here been to 4chans new board /bant/?

How many times have you masturbated to KonoSuba porn

You don't stay up late?

Holla Forums with flags

Nope, I head off to bed around 10pm

try light opiates erio

I don't know.....

I was thinking that maybe It might be viable for a home if something ever happens here

we used to be Holla Forums based and it was nice having the influx of newer people every now and then

We only left because of the mass bannings...

Such a good little boy

Weed is all u need

yeah erio do heroin it's awesome and right up your alley

Do spice, it totally won't make you retarded

Oh wait

So silly.

just new people under new names for the most part~
And eh, it would likely happen on /bant/ too, don't see why it wouldn't eventually.

So lewd!

hu how tall are you

Ow the EDdGE

I've been thinking about it and we probably wouldn't get banned for these types of threads tbh

Maybe in a few years I could see how it might progress as Holla Forums did but It really does seem kind of viable

I am still opposed to the idea personally because of 4ch's god awful interfaceand The great nip jew's datamining but

these are the final days yknow?

We've only got like maybe 15 people left

You just have a lewd mind

Behead those who insult Shadow the Hedgehog


The interface is bad?
I don't know, I find it nicer. Had to overwrite stuff here to not trigger my autism, such as the fucking huge image thumbnails. Also refreshes quicker and doesn't stall your browser. 4chan is nicer tbh~

Eh, we got more. 14 people have posted in this thread, and far from everyone is here

Calling someone cute, good followed by boy and subby, is quite lewd

Noty enouhh


That's just my default way of interacting with cute subby boys

I have a few times already but I feel the same way

All three girls are pretty good for lewd imo

but arent you people of the east supposed to be taller

So you're lewd by default, got it~

I'm Nordic though, and nah, don't think so. I'm average

oh yeah I didnt even think of that you know code and stuff

I remember having to use like 4 ch x and + back in the day to make it usable but now my 4ch x is broken and the inline 4ch extension is just absotlutelyy atrocious

I dont know how to make the quick reply work properly
so on the very rare chances I do go there I cant even post in threads because I need to scroll up 140 posts of bs just to make a comment

and im based in the usa so you are east

hehe me taller than hu


4chan X is broken? It works fine enough for me.

Jesus... What browser are you using, and addons?

Hehe, I see what you mean, alright, I'm east then.

Yeah, you Americans all seem to be quite tall ;-;

this tbh

I mean I guess it shows 15 unique ideas but who do we have


For regulars we've got


Then for the non regulars theres
Autism chan

and Renz

I'm a little tired to be slinging shit but I could probably complain for a solid hour about this roster

Better than nothing but godo damn I can't say it's the people I thought I'd be spending my nights with 2 years ago

Going to watch Japanese cartoons until I fall asleep

Here are some hearts


*Goat noises*

its the other way around the amerifats are short and you people are all atleast 180

I'm sure I've seen more. Most just doesn't post as often.
Spending the night with people you like, is the best though~

Enjoy your cartoons, and sleep well when you head off


Really? For the most part, it seems Americans are much taller.
I guess that's just how it is for the ones who frequent these kind of places

I have ummm

Firefox Nightly
I think it might have changed though

And I ave addblock and greasemonkey and thats it



Fuck yeah it is

I just wish I was friendlier

How was School?

Then that's why. Firefox Nightly gets rid of XUL-based extensions completely, which means Greasemonkey, the addon you use to install scripts such as 4chan X, won't work least the last time I heard. You might want to ensure you got the very latest beta version of it for the best possible experience, but I'm not sure a version of Greasemonkey exists for the new API.
As for Ublock, I heard that breaks images and so there. I'm on 1.13.8, which works.
As you can see here too, it's marked as Legacy

hi hi

oh please

Hard to get back in the game. Feeling pretty tired, and my head feels heavy

You're tired too you said. Same reason you think?

when everything change around you

Heey. How have you been~?

I've been here every day for the past 2 weeks :(

Driving 1 hour to school and 1 hour back is meh as you can't do nothing like on the bus but it brings me home cheaper and faster :)

It breaks some features too. An addon such as Classic Theme Restorer that can allow for pic-related, is impossible now. XUL allowed you to change Firefox, the new web-extension interface cannot.
So I'm on ESR. Once ESR is no longer version 52, I'll probably move to Palemoon or something else

Been fine. Tired though, dumb school


Is true, can't do much. Don't have too much of a problem traveling by bus myself though. Don't mind just sitting and staring out the window. It's relaxing in a way

What the fuck did they do that for????

I'd sure like to see you keep sticing around

But alot of times people drop out after ony posting for a while

Waking up early is bad, and missing a bus/train/delays. Also it stopped being free so car it is now. Bonus is that it's about half an hour shorter!

but you are like the land of white men and white men are tall

stop driving i dont trust you. what if you accidentally play initial d music one day

I've got not much else to do, so I'll probably be around

Because they fail to realize who the people are that uses Firefox, and in an attempt to get back marketshare, they've just been stripping more and more features away from it and making it more chrome-like.
They're shit

Really need to find a roommate and move closer, driving every day sounds expensive too

Judging from the people around me, it doesn't seem to be the case

I think that would be really nice

and honestly that's what we've been missing as a community for almost 3 years now

How was it that you came to post here? Most of us are just tied to the old 4ch one
so the influx of new people is almost nonexistant

jesus christ

Doesn't take too much effort to be in two circlejerks at once, so I'll probably be around in one capacity or another
What's been missing?
I got bored one day, honestly


Shingo tactics since FF


oh well the missing thing is the influx of new people

on Holla Forums we'd get new people weekly or monthly

here it's a new person or 2 maybe once a year, you know?

Found a funnny pic of one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu blackbelts


idk how 2 explain

Well, this place is known by the waifu community, at least. It is just a bit infamous though, so most people there have no interest in coming here
It's kind of the same situation with the waifu threads, I think we got uhhh 2 or 3 in the past half year that stuck around

Aw. Well, I hope it gets a little less tiring.

Sorry I'm quiet, not doing too well myself.

When we were still on Holla Forums we had a good influx of people who joined

its much nicer getting someone to join your community for what it is than having someone jump communities

never understood why they are so uptight about us considering hardly any of them know anything about our communtiy

We always had a bad name on Holla Forums overall because we used names and ran cjerk threads but it's really pretty hypocritical for waifu as a community to ridicule that when they are literally what we were years back


Will happen eventually. Just need to get used to doing stuff again.

Oh? What's the matter? Want to talk about it?


Can't contain anxiety D:

Relationship issues. It just seems like they don't care about it at all. It's sort of a complete mess.

The entire event just sort of has left me numb at this point.

oh? For apartment?

a-aww, I'm sorry..
I don't know, maybe they aren't feeling well at all and it comes off as if they don't care at all. Latter has happened for me





No, this has happened a few times. It's like everything will be beyond great then suddenly our relationship and myself become not even a secondary thought.

Like I even get forgotten for the most part.




rip,duke isn't able to play

*pets* ♥

Hopefully soon. I was third for fucking forever. God the wait was killing me too.
Hope you won't have to wait just as long

Auch.. Have You talked about it?



s-see you

luka wait dont go

no u

I should've started looking around with the holiday start but I'm so stupid to keep delaying it :shrug:

Oh well, there's no much difference between driving and moving, moving will prolly be more expensive even. I want away anyway so eh.

Feku are you going to colleg

I wouldn't say I jumped communities, more like I bridged two
I don't really know, honestly. I think it's a case of "they aren't us" rivalry bull shit

dropped out of that too :3


I wrote myself up for a few apartments about half a year before I started my studies. Got one 15 months later, so during those 8 months, I shared a single-room apartment with a roommate.
Would not recommend.
Still, better late than never, and you're number 3 now, so that's a big plus!

More expensive to live closer? How come?


Rent, foodstuffs, excessive amounts of alcohol.


Tried but the same shit just is said each time. "But I do care, I understand that I'm not showing it and am kind of showing the opposite but I do." Sort of stuff.

Which really puts a dent in any chance to fix things since it's not actually any sort of helpful insight. Or anything. It's simply "Believe me again".

I guess I'm just angry cause

when I was new being old actually came with some status and now that we're gone we automatically lose everything we built up on 4ch

Wow for someone who's fucked around with so many people you'd think it'd be obvious when you're getting cheated on

Fuck man there's a point when you got to take the pain and cut off the infected limb or it's just gonna ruin your life

Cool kids don't care!

I was always new when being old meant something. So I don't really know the feeling at all


i didn't



just ow things

Just don't drink, easy then~

bleh, yeah that does sound painful to keep hearing the same over and over but never seeing that it actually is so.


eh jking

tfw cant neet any more


No one cares about new or old, they really didn't before. It was a meme at best. lol

Also no. For reasons I know it's not cheating, I won't get into those cause it's their personal stuff.

Thee reason I haven't cut and run, which you know I am more than happy to do when things are bad since I did it here more than once, is because I know it's not that. And that leaves me with few other answers one of which is hard to completely deny them the right to if it's the case.

Won't change how much it hurts but it leaves a pretty hard wall to jump.


Problem is, barring these random outbursts? It does normally seem so.

That's one of thee reasons that are what makes it such a hard situation.


Mismatched spacebar, but I can't handle the other spacebar's THUNK D:

it looks cute

unlike that god awful esc button

idk what i wanted to do anyways so istopped


no cry





Become a doctor liek ur parents demand

The thin & light ABS spacebar keycap doesn't make that god-awful noise *ok_hand*

Which makes me wonder why I went PBT slut at all, ABS's fine.

SA-profile backlit keycaps when

Have you told them that's how you look at it all and how you think about it, as well as what you're considering if it doesn't really change?


white spacebar getting BLACKED

w-wow, scary Luka

red key is


I traded my white keyset with some other dude for this black one. Colors pop much more :ok_hand:


I'm now sad.

it wasnt demanded and that sounds like work

Everything is black now though. I want the days of beige towers back

So what are your plans for the coming years?

Yup and the normal response is "I will change" the sort of stuff that gets tossed out by many liars. tt the same time though, there is reason in their life for this to be a bit muddier than a normal case...

Drawing me into the whether it's right or wrong to be so hard on them. The repeating of this so much has left me just kin of empty feeling.

In Los Angeles you can go and train at the actual Gracie Jiu Jitsu academy with Rener Gracie himself

and honestly I think that's badass af
I've been mad hype on rolling for the past few months and I wanna go to a real gym and have an acual black belt to learn from but none around me

Nearest one I know is wheremy dad goes in iowa city and thats like an hour away Fuuck


I'm sorry... I don't really know what to say

thank fuck not

You can always do a similar stealth build quite easily though, just get an old PC and scrap literally everything.

Missed this post because I thought you were me ;~;

I like black. If I could go back in time I'd tell myself to get a Fractal Design Define R4 without a window instead of with.

Also plenty of other unrelated things.

It's fine, it's my problem to face not yours. I don't want others being bothered by it. Just forget about it~

Up to anything fun?



fuck that happens to me too

Must be a Fermi.


i have no idea just hold out and not die i guess


Not to work and get moni and get a mad JDM drift car you're gonna spend the rest of your pay on to fix up after crashing into a tree while drifting????


but idk how to drive anyways??

You're literally Harry Potter: The Anime?


yeah, but I can't do anything with my hands ;-;
Would like cases of that colour to come back. Everything is so boring now

Windows are overrated anyway.
Fractal Define is amazing, just upgraded to one too. R5 though

Nope, won't, too bad, deal with it!
I hope it all works out for the best.

Eh, just runescape for now, soon gonna go cook


Thank God!

bard is posting cute pics

Is not hard!


Black tho

He should keep doing that

white tho



but wai i dont need to leave my hosue

Thank you, Hu.

You just need some practice! :3

Hmmm, my non-window side is easy to take off but the window side is somehow deformed/stuck, so it takes some force to remove. Aside from that I'm pretty happy with the R4.

Eh, some people like seeing PC internals. I coincidentally have the window obscured so I don't see anything anyway. Cabling/positioning wouldn't work with the window facing me.

Is the inactivity timer in Overwatch 1 minute or something? Jesus Christ


It's pretty short.

Feel better soon please ♥

Mhmm, so far so good, not doing too much. Mostly here

Nah, never!

I remember the sides being easy to take off too on the R4, but I don't know what it is with this case. The bottom part of the sides have a small dent, making it look like the sides aren't properly slid back. I've given up with it.

I suppose they do, damn guts thread people~
Post guts



ya every moment counts

2lazy to take it apart again

is that a 4670k with an evo 212 and a 7870

Nope. Took the picture right after I built it.
PSU, harddrives, SSDs and GPU are all from a previous build. Ryzen 1700x and 270x, which is pretty much a 7870 anyway

huh is dat new?

Here's one from when I just built mine.

Go it back in April I think. Quite an upgrade from a first-gen i7.
thank you metadata.

Pretty :3

Imma go cook, be back later

bye bye hus

Most recent one when I put my R9 390 in it. I can't find any newer guts pics so meh. Added 8GB RAM and 2 more fans some time later.

Oooh neat.


can you play minecraft with that little ram

I will try. It's been a hard couple of days but maybe the ol' brain will figure itself out. Level out some of the chemicals in it and I might, y'know, feel normalish~

I hope you get some awesome loot or whatever. :3


whats the point of it then?

To watch more hentais.


im rly tired shudi do the hentais and slep?

Rub one out and sleep immediately while still covered in your own baby batter


We should go to /trash/
All the generals get sent there, ponies, fur, even waifu threads, no doubt that's where we'd end up anyway.
I also propose a merger with /lewd/, I'm one of like 4 people that post there relatively consistently.

Le nouveau thread

i hang out a lot on trash anyways just because there are a lot of non-lewd draw threads that end up there by choice to avoid all the 3D porn spam on Holla Forums


Le nouveau thread

And then we have no agency over ourselves again.
People like Sci would just come back.

/trash/ Is where I belong.

But when sci got banned here he ran off to /lewd/ and I made him go away forever with a few of mine and his great discussions, most people that showed up to the threads weren't that attention whore autistic like he was.

people like sci can jsut be constantly ignored, even if they choose to spam. i think re-gaining a certain degree of tolerance would make things less stagnant at least. and that's coming from someone who hated sci before it was cool to hate sci.

but you know i hardly post here enough to have a proper say

same tbh