Fresh bread

Fresh bread

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But I don't have the balls for it. I'm not even confident enough to go against the dagannoth kings yet to get a proper axe.
And the Chaos Elemental is giving me enough trouble already, and the Kalphite Queen is supposedly more difficult

Flicking isn't hard, you just need to get the timing right

But isn't it impossible to know what element its attack will be? I always prayer flick when doing melee, and sometimes prayer flick eagle eye or mystic might too, so know it's not difficult.
I just didn't think it was possible

Isn't it just protect from melee, and protect from ranged? I don't know that what element it is really matters. I'm probably wrong on that though

i liek bread

>The Kalphite Queen, like most other bosses, has 255 Hitpoints. Her Magic and Ranged attacks have 100% accuracy; so pray either one to block damage from that combat source while tanking the other one. Her Melee attack, on the other hand, does not share this unique mechanic.
So nope, gotta keep your defenses up to tank the other one, and seeing you can only attack with mage or range when she's in this form, tanking magic and using prot from range, might be the best option

I suppose switching to mage gear would help tank the magic effects

and then get squashed from the alts she summons, which will damage you with melee, though I suppose it's possible to lure them behind her, so they can't damage you

There isn't any safe spotting against her?

anyone here play comedy night

Nope, don't think so, not during her second stage at least, seeing she'll be flying and attacking you with both magic and ranged, where the magic attack damages enemies both in front of her, and behind her

You probably wouldn't like me then - I'm really needy.

I'm gonna eat now

Smakelijk eten

Leftovers can be pretty good.
Now you go eat~

So can sandwiches

Can't beat tarteletter though

Never had them

Doesn't seem like it's an international dish either

I'm full

Re-applying thermal paste and cleaning the cooler and fan did a lot! It was like 85c+ before when gamu

Full of what?

Delidding will help a whole lot too~

had to do that with my 1650 a while back, feels good man

Actually let's run AIDA64

I wonder if I can add a few more 100MHz to it.


Eh, 4690K's not worth delidding. Might as well go liquid before delidding.

Also removing bracket between the HDD cage and the front panel fixed the vibration transfer issue. With the noisiest/shakiest drive on the bottom and the SSD on the top there's now 0.0 rattle :3


But what kind of food?
Cereal? Sandwiches? Mashed potatoes?

Oh? I thought they used the same paste which they did for ivy-bridge (non-E) and onward. The temps of Skylake does get 20C lower after delidding, so thought it would be a similar story with yours.

Harddrives are the fucking worst

Protein shakes.

Eh idk, don't care too much.

Yeh. I want a computer that has no moving components.


Wouldn't that be nice? ;-;

When I have moni I make

I'd give Ikt real food

oh, you meant computer.

Silent PC == real food!

you wish


Is "dead" code compiled to a binary or is it optimised out?


Depends. Some compilers get rid of it, others keep it. Also depends on the flags, such as -O2, whenever or not reachable code will be compiled or not.

wtb> someone to hold me at night and stroke my hair as I fall asleep.

wtt> cooking skills and a life-long commitment


wtb girl to finger me in the butt

wtt tight puckered boyanus



did you assume squashes gender?

I think when they say girl they mean of the human variety; not dogs.


Naps are an annoying necessity of late

i'm ashamed to have gotten turned on by this frog.

My gender is OwO *pounces*

I will kill her if she moves into my town.

Cant believe you are going to kill sinni

Sinni is not Jambette.

Lol, sure. tell yourself that.


what the fuck

Sounds accurate

I want Ikt to pounce on my dick

Reminds me of some guy who put forth a pull request which brought no improvement to the project whatsoever. All it did was change the names of all variables

Look at this fucking mess I only accepted the pull request because I stopped giving a damn and it compiled and base functionality wasn't hampered.

Exhibit 1:
Exhibit 2:

oh god

if (boolValue == false) {
if (boolValue == true) {

what the fuck even

but why?

Jeff Goldblum might be in the next jurassic world


Oh that's my derp. (non-drag versions)

Speed can use the 0-9 and empty characters.
Gear can use the 1-7 and N characters.

That's all. I suppose making it all chains or switches would be better yes.




The compiler is more likely to generate optimal code if you use a switch when you got many items, which 7 is. So go with that.
Switches are also prettier~


But there's an if not-same-type thing :^)

What's up? Happy Labor Day!

Throw the rest in an else and use a switch then~

I'll keep it random.

Closed VS as I stopped caring...

Is bedtime soon anyway

shower soon

sleeeeepy ikt!

oh right. Shower first, then bed

clean ikt in bed

Good evening.

hi Nezi


hello Madeleine


Happy Labor Day^^


Hally Labour day!




ayyyyyyyyyyy thanks fam

This is your third birthday this week?

I'm confused.


How's it going Elms?

My birthday OP thread I posted 00:01am britbong time, so it would have been the 3rd in your zone.

why do east asian countries have so many female leaders

OOoh~ Happy birfday^^

It's going. Got my stuff ready and my makeup on and just waiting for the gf :p


east asian "girls" are my favorite~

Grazi either way

Doing anything fun for it? How old now anyway?

same to you~
how are you doing?

I am posting, yes

Ban all pony posters.

ban me

do it


29, and no nothing really just chilling mostly. id be lying if I said it hasnt been a touch disappointing, but whatever, is what it is
how goes?

Late congrats Scooters!

Good morning! how are you all?








Henlo froggo.
How goes the Monday and mundane?

Blueberry green tea and a cookie. Yum

Sorry this is sort of shoddy but i think it stops being your birthday in 40 minutes so I had to rush it a little

That is rather neat actually, thank you~

I'm bored.

You're here, boredom is kinda the assumption

Hi bored, I'm you


Hi me. How's your day going?

It's rude to point

I'm here and in /waifu/ all day. What does that say about me?

It's been a day, I guess

Point at me.
With your arms.
And pull me into a hug.

And tell me everything's alright.

Know that feeling.

You have autism

Which is not really a revelation

*pulls you in*

God is dead and we are all hurtling towards the abyss

Every day is sort of just a day, I guess


I wanted sweet nothings not blatant facts, holy shit.

Basically, yeah.



Colbs is alive

Hi Colbs

Erio is alive

How's you?

Pretty good; got back to America recently and I'm weed binging


Same as ever, ya know

How was Chingchong Pingpong land?

It was fine

I went to Slovakia for like 40 days after to visit/deflower someone; it was a much more beautiful country imo

Where I was was pretty much a bunch of nature with little fairy tale towns scattered throughout

I get all my memes from Tumblr

Was it Echo? I bet it was Echo.

No but you can tell him I symbolically fucked his country

Symbolically fuck my country ;)

Get FUCKED, ECHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I have, or is that just like country masturbation because it's my country too

It's both I think

And by country I meant butt

u can declare your butt a sovereign nation

America won't acknowledge that, but that'll just be like a Taiwan/China situation

I think I might do that and have it declare war on North Korea because our PUSSY president is too much of a BITCH to do it himself

The President is just a jester for the true King; he was the most qualified

You'd have to eat a lot of Mexican food to be able to nuke


I'm in the perfect place to get that Mexican food tbh


found this cute art of tomoko and gabu


T-thanks for the attention.........



Christ, that's lewd.

Bard where should I start learning bass?


Do you have a bass in your hands?





Someone is maaaaaaaaaaaad

Replay for those who want to watch

I warn you it is 73 turns long

good puppy! -pets-

I love me some Pokemon

Getting mad at pokemon is dumb



Ban is dumb.

It's why I want to marry "her"

made a meme


Wanna hang out irl?

I proposed to you on discord like a month ago and you never accepted

Don't you live far away though ?

I have the time and gas

Wait what?

So you did.

I kinda don't feel like doing anything but going to school right now.

Told you so

I don't see why I would lie about that

At 7 PM?

Not today but I do have night classes.

I-I'll hang out iwth you colbert....

I guess you have a point.

I get the picture jeez

You could just say you don't like me

You live in Iowa fool

my love will not be restrained by boundaries such as distance

I may be forced into divorcing you now though.

God I just hate you so much.

Just who do you think you are ?

You still can't hang out with me because of distance lol

I-i don't know ;~;

But why, wee only just got married.


do you have something against me because I'm from Iowa.......

How dare you come in here and try and make me do things.

My other wife

No, just saying we're too far apart to hang out

Oh my GOD


You don't even know anything about me

how dare you say that


Oh my GOD

God has no power here.

But I do

bold claims 2nite



He will send you straight to hell for being an unrepentant homosexual.



How's it going?


It is morning
how you


Mohning Ikt nyon



Netherlands is just bootleg Germany.






school soon


Sooon! Man I hate waking up in the dark.

what you up to?

have a nice day at schools hu

tfw Ikt ignores you

Same. Soon it'll be dark before getting off too.
Winter is the worst

I refuse

watching anime and thinking about the future.

i did hi u

life is the worst i want summer neet all year long!


well rip u then :shrug:

j-just one more month

I know this feel too.

watching youtubes
and letting my imagination flow

and and and... sitting here doing nothing, only watching

and thinking.



and then get off early every day, only to come home and do nothing again cause you got no responsibilities.
Would be nice sometimes

well, I guess we are doing basically the same thing then. I'm gonna sleep soon tho cause I gotta get up early and try and get some work. Not having extra spending money is sorta lame and hindering me from going to all the shows I wanna go to.

i wanna go

You can do it now but you can never shake off the feeling that you need to catch up on it later anyway


And it fucking sucks

I'll be up around 7am so we can jsut go and work together. Sounds like a plan.


i wonder if ur gonna make nice things.

I'm not sure. Most jobs I ever work are manufacturing precision parts according to blue-prints.So I reckon they will be nice.

hello darkness my old friend

schuru now



build a kewl robot

Press the x on your life.

i dont see it

Not the issue, I had an image selected, selected a new one, forgot it don't work that way, and hit send.


how do i bring up the console irl


lol, what a fag

Click the x next to the file. On some themes, it's invisible but just click to the left of the image in the space.

* meditates, and opens up brain command window, enables super mode *

gg i'm better now

You are quite literally retarded.

i tried this and it gave me psychosis

find better program guide for brian then?

i got hella siddhis tho

medi tate and start the brain over again

and then enable good things

it just takes a little force of will

use it

inject marijuanas in your cranium


if only


Not too bad a night for ranked.


What are you going to do now that you restarted your brain

i didn't

You should try again but with dashes instead of asterisks

woah kewl

this infograph show a person regrowing a whole finger!
and pig stuff powder


I'm going to go back to watching cartoons now

imma go back to reading 4chan thingys

I wish the thread was alive so I could burn time




your simple solution is to add me on steam

Why ?

im a friend 2 talk 2

I'm in a call with a friend though.

then you're all taken care of

Food for thought: if you had, say, $5mil how hard would you stagnate?


when you're underage jailbait talking about dildos~

You can't be underage and work at a sex shop

think about it

if you're underage how can you possibly be ruining your life posting here already?

I sold a good amount today.
Sold two pairs of shoes which is rare.

Oh, Nezi...


Why come yo

Your Ebonics puzzle me.

Is that a compliment?
I find you puzzling in general. Compliment tho.

I aim to puzzle.
Blame Darwin.

thats one thicc vaporeon

oh no! the illusion is shattered!

They made a special exception because I'm such a good saleswoman.

It was amusing at some point.

sex shops sell shoes?


Yeah you're right

Well, the illusion was broken.

what is even going on in here?

I knew the day when you became disillusioned with and tired of me would come, but it still hurts.

Still hurts.

Alright, I will see you in 6 months and remember not to upload videos of myself.

oh neat...

Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother.


He is dead.

oh and by the way

anyone here?
or just a few talking to themselves?

wish I had friends irl





Everyone is talking to their imaginary friends

Me and my buddy darwin

Talking about our mutual friend kiss shot {tm}

That does not end well for me.

i want one...


Everybody has one!


Dawwinin commenting on me {bard] 2017 (tm)

By being so annoyed that this season of anime is so lame that they go crazy and spend their time talking to their imaginary friend!

brb getting a lap pillow o////o

don't ever go to /r/TwoXChromosomes unless you feel like getting angry

show me ^_^
now i'm interested!

Disney is crazy

Aho Girl is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

there's some good posts here and there but a lot of it is a big feminism circlejerk that makes me wanna barf

they like fans! ^_^

show me 'good'



Have new thread :-)

find it yourself, everyone has different opinions

well yeah, there are only like two or three halfway decent ones in total

restaurant to another world is in that category also