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Based on how submissive you are

how to suicide

aslo curious

asking for a friend

Down the road, not across the street

I'm not though




I don't believe you



Why ?



yeah idk

He's kind of weird
when we were younger he was a brony and always talked about femmy things

maybe he's bi hmmm

it happens
soetimes to the head or chin too
i went with my younger brother yesterday and got a mean knee to the chin


just because his dick touches your butt, doesn't mean you have to fuck. you could just fool around n stuff. stop recking nads, and start loving them.

Cause you lie, you aren't even wearing panties~


And I never will be.

Well Idk that's a pretty uncomon position

In IBJJF tournament rues if your opponent gets mount of back mount on you
That is the most points they can score from a single action
it awards 4 points
so if you feel a dick on your butt you better gget it out of there LOL

just lost my will to live wtf

or, press gently against it

getting LEWD

your entire boy fighting sessions are lewd.

Good, panties are terrible


uncalled for......

i would roll with a girl if I had any female friends tbh ;~:

no homo


On me but not other people.

panties are terrible

Even on other people

y-you said hello to me first....

hello to you too playmate

Panties are only acceptable on women.

But what sort of freak of a girl wouldn't wear them?

You would be very wrong.

[X] disagree

[ ] agree

Actual women, not those trap things

That's an entirely different matter

Not at all

You missed the right box, are you drunk?

fite me

oh no silly

I don't drink very much

I just

i'm sorry to tell you this but I'm afraid you may be suffering from a mental defect of some's okay we'll get you taken care of....

Don't be a fag, fag.

I am the strap-on queen.

Yes !! Please!!!!!!!! fight me you crispy golden brown man god

i meant chess and im not brown

You're just saying that because you only like men.

I know I am. I'm a faggot after all

I'm mental, okay?
I'm still waiting for Pence's special treatment

And exclusively those of the female sex who were born female too

There are no other kinds of women.

Yes, most people say are based on opinions

oh sure

i would love to

but would you please set it up?

in the timer in the bottom right corner, make the time set to (never)

then go to invite friends

give me the link and I will join shortly

I would make it but my internet is shitting on me

That's just


Just have Spectre cure you with Jesus.
And questionably lethal amounts of electricity.

Than those born female? Nope

He could but he doesn't even like me anymore

How did you get so gay ?

The only kind of women are those that are born female.

Time too maybe. I've always despised panties though, that's nothing new

Good boy~

it's true that "women" can only be biological female

"girls" however

okay but the condition is that i havent played it in over a year so if I beat you you are very suck and if I lose its no biggie


i play 4 fun

i think ur site is broken cuz i cant connect either

Girls are those born biological females.
A boy putting on panties and calling themselves girls, won't make them so.


it might be down or something

How can you two fruits not like each other when you brought his gay ass here?

Girls and women are the same thing though.

I am a girl.

He brought me here

Not on the internet


How can you two fruits not like each other when he brought your gay ass here?

i'm a girl

Me too.


We broke up some time ago. We still do talk though

if u still want

you're quite good at being a girl


Alright mate I joined up
lead on friendo

Make Holla Forums anime again.

Y-you too.


im confused are you spectating or white

Thanks nobody's' ever told me that before.....

All I see is anime

Vaporeon too cute

usually the person who makes the game should be white

I love them so much.

A water stone is the best gift an Eevee can receive



Horse fucking weirdo.

That's pretty hot tbh.

I don't even fuck horses.
I don't even like them

Horses are gross.

They indeed are

and also mean

This one is cute though.

i feel like all fetishes have some reason but idk how a horse dicking you with his 15 inch dong while stomping you with hooves is sexual

i want a cute girl to dick me with her 5 inch dong while stomping on me with stockings

That sounds logistically difficult.


I don't understand

I've just never been that good with math you see...

Logistics don't have anything to do with math though.




Is it future or is it past?

h-he responded so fast.....


what's a Bento?

it's like a sack lunch but in a box.....

with the little octopus sausages

Looks too weeb for me

hehe yes and ricey cakes

shhhh ♥


so uh

how much longer do you get to be free for before you need to leave for skull

Not long. Half an hour maybe


When you leave it's probably gonna die around here

still though I hope your day goes nice
is your university aesthetically pleasing?

I mean like pretty to look at?


Nah, won't die.

University is a collection of many different buildings spread all around town. I got lectures in three different ones and group-rooms in a fourth~
Eh, they're decent I guess, haven't paid it much mind.

wow that sounds like the most inconvenient thing in the entire world

I guess making those rounds every day will build character though..
Plus doesn't your country pay you a bit to go to school?

The ones I go to are close to each other though, so I can get between them all by foot.

Yeah, it does. And on top of that, the education is paid through taxes too, so won't pay anything up-front either.
It does mean that anyone if they want to, can show up to every lecture if they so desire. Doesn't mean that anyone except the people studying, does so though, but it's allowed

thats gross who wants to crunch on something while already eating normal rice

rice is gross


actuallly they are seperated by a bento compartment......

Honestly I think that's a fantastic system

If we had one like that I would probably be in college as well


kys means kiss

Eh, you'd think so, but it's cheaping out on everything. Not sure how to feel about it

Hearing that from someone who's actually involved in that kind of system is valuable to me

Here in our own high school

THe year I graduated

They instituted some pretty cool features where every single student got their own personal macbook pro that they got for the whole year

They upgraded them to macbook airs this year

They also instituted a program where high school students can attend the local college classes

and theoretically a high school freshman could graduated high school with a college degree

and maybe these things wouldn't be practical in that sort of system as well

You're required to bring all your own stuff, that being computer namely, and some means of getting food, unless you plan on going a whole day without eating, which would be a bad idea~

sure if youre a cute wolf

when I went to school I was always really bad at being social and I wasnt able to get into the lunch line so all my friends would give me some of their food and eventually by the end of the year everyone at my loooong luchh table would give me stuff they didnt want to eat and I got sooo much foods

we have like
welfare lunch programs and stuff here

but I guess that's kind of juvenile to have ina college

Am gonna go now.
Enjoy yourselves


heh, free lunches is great~
I really gotta go. Have a good one!

stop just iffering your cleavage like that its not safe?

have a good one mate

heh.I thought he'd never then......

Loooks like it's just you and me............


brb youtube



what can I say

I'm a dog

What are you up to tonight spec?

I rather enjoyed most of that playlist
you into any other Foreign rap like that french stuff?

I'm glad you're still here I thought you went to sleep


anybody cool still here?!


you have invoked me

More like a bitch.

I'm up late with a headache and just kinda thinking back on a lot of fun I had today. You?

Glad you liked it. Foreign stuff? Sometimes. That Frenchie in there was just for humor.
Some other French stuff I had I actually deleted I'll never be able to find it again I don't think.
But here's another one:

There's this, it's... Finish, I think?:





do you keep playlists of your own?

hi QT~!

hey kiss shot :3

whats good nezi?

Hello Nezi

Yeah, I try. But of course I always make the mistake of NOT adding a song to a playlist, because I didn't like it in the moment, but then want it later and can't remember the name for the life of me.
And there's always that annoying shit of adding a song to a playlist, only to have youtube auto delete it when the video is taken down, so you'll never know what it was.

you're batting pretty high tonight

over the next few days or weeks or whatever if you're ever wanting to toss anything in the same vein as your current reccos I think I'd like to subscribe

that was kinda cool......

how are you tonight, beautiful?

so tired
but no work tomorrow

also just spent a lot of money

whatcha spent your money on?

my quads are kill and i havent even done anything to make them like that

Better than usual. I did really well at work today.

yeah~? you pleased all the customers really well with that 17 year old mouth huh?

I bet you give great advice with your head

flirtin with statutory disaster

I sold three strap-ons. I seem to sell a disproportionate amount of those compared to the rest of the crew.
One of the people who bought one also got a 12 inch dong to go with it.

sounds like a mistake


Hmm? What do you mean, lol?
Anytime I find something good I'll toss it your way Bardo~ Maybe even a few more playlists if I can sort them into genres finally.
Here's one more 'fore I leave.

Gonna shower and sleep. Till next time...

take care out there and have a nice day spec

thanks for talking tonight

how many hours do you work?

tuck me in and spoon with me~

30 a week.
so that I'm not full time.

feeling tired?

I wish I had a job like yours in the A/C

literally dead inside
why am i awake

It's quite nice. I wonder how it is in the winter, I'm not sure how well they do the heating.
I'm really glad I'm not working outside this week. There are a bunch of forest fires around and the air is super smokey. Like Hazard level smokey. They're telling people to not go outside if they can avoid it.

why arent you asleep? gosleep nezi, you need rest

Why arent YOU asleep?

I'm not sleep because my brain don't work so good ;____;

cute pic

Ah, equality. It is a beautiful thing.

you're stupid

but if we want the thread to survive

we'll have to......

but it's not a picture of you...?

I think you'll find my academic records say otherwise.

nooo you're stinky and definately a baka

i wanna see moar cute things to help me feel comfy and smile tho

maybe even give/inspire me colorful anime happy wholesome dreams?


Nezi and Bard tell me something cruel so I can go to bed.

I can see why Jack gets so angry.

I am the least stinky baka there has ever been.

Neither of them like you, they tolerate you.

youe ver dream in anime Luka?

When I was a younger kid and a super weeb I used to dream in full on anime

with people speaking japanese that I could understand because I had subtitles
i spoke it too

Yes, like this but meaner.

no you are the worst

did dars set this up

Why am I lumped into this

I can't, I like you too much to be mean

Scoots will have to do, you two need a mean streak.

Darwin has been asleep for awhile now.

Baka baka
Double baka

How could I possibly be the worst in a universe that has Ui, Blood-chan, Erio, soto and Tsuchi?

That is quite the title you bestow on an individual.

its midday

poor nezi

how come?

melted chocolate goes into spaghetti

idunno, I've never slept well

even if you cant sleep, a few hours rest will do you some good

AND then there is manaka

i've had plenty of dreams
but i can't tell if it's anime or not.

ive had quite a few scary dreams tho ;~;

*tips sun*


yeah those guys suck too lool

Sounds delicious.

...what is wrong with you?
are you okay? do you need to see a doctor?


I have a queer pallet.


I'm #1




Still doesn't justify how in the world you would think it's okay to put chocolate into spaghetti!

Takes raw talent to be number 1



I mean I'd never do it, but it sounds edible. Chocolate pudding on sourdough bread is good too though.


lots of training as well though

happy birthday scoots

okay sleepy time fore real

*tucks you in*
nini kissles


holy fuck kill me I feel terrible

scoob, are you classed as a graduate if youve yet to receive your bachelors results?


nini lookie

why does the thought of being gently loved by a woman while wearing her clothes make me melt

these are normal feelings right?



Homosexuality is natural. It is okay Loco.

acquire hot chocolate

when I first saw it was your birthday i thought maybe i should strip and write "happy birthday" on my body and generally be a slut

but it might upset mommy, so. i didn't.

You know they;'d enjoy it, being audience is something they enjoy.

also happy birthday scoob

Merci beaucoup

*i'll do it if she orders me to.**


okie dokie


I don’t go to zoos any more. Not after a monkey fixed me in a stare that went right through my soul and tried to offer me the lock on his cage to open, with a hopeful expression. But one of the last times I went, I saw a gorilla at London Zoo having a late life crisis.He was clearly an old guy. And he was sitting away from his group, and he was looking at a straw in his hand, and there was no doubt in my mind his general feeling was… yeesh.The straw was rubbish. A piece of straw. Not even a good piece of straw. It had broken in the middle and hung limply, twiddling in the light breeze. And this rubbish, broken straw was all he had to show for his long life. Nothing had really worked out how he had wanted, and… well… yeesh.

I wasn’t the only one who had noticed him. A younger gorilla had too. I saw him give the old guy a glance. And then another. Well, I don’t care what species a boy is. I knew that look. I’ve seen that twinkle in cat eyes, squirrel eyes… every young male mammal with a pulse gets that twinkle in his eye occasionally. He was up to no good.He had this sack, like a potato sack, and he patted it thoughtfully for a moment or two. Then he made up his cheeky young gorilla mind and went into action.He rested the sack on his head, and began walking up and down - with a casual air. It wasn’t pacing. It definitely was not pacing.He was strolling.He strolled about ten feet one way, then ambled back the other way, then pretended to check a leaf, and then started strolling back again.The path of his stroll was directly through the eyeline of the old gorilla.
The young gorilla did not speed up, or slow down, or show any sign of being watched. That’s how I knew he knew he was being watched. It was all far too careless not to be carefully considered. And the exact middle of his strolling path was in front of the old gorilla.He was winding the old guy up.
The old guy was not interested, though. He’d probably seen it all before.
And besides, he didn’t need a young punk to make him feel old and useless - the straw was plenty.So he ignored the younger gorilla and his leisurely strolling.

For a good minute or two he didn’t even show any sign of having noticed.Then, just as the younger guy was turning to stroll back - I saw the old guy shoot a quick glance at the sack-hat from the corner of his eye.He went back to ignoring it completely - and I couldn’t tell what he was feeling.But my best guess is he couldn’t tell either.I think he mainly felt scorn - the sack-hat was stupid - but with a shadow of another feeling.It was a feeling I felt too. You see, I do not have a head for hats.Some do, some don’t. I do not.And that bastard young gorilla - he looked pretty good with the sack on his head.He did. You couldn’t deny it.Some young people just look good in simple things sometimes.And he looked good.And so I felt a tiny tiny bit of jealousy. Because I like hats but can never really wear them without feeling stupid.And I think the old gorilla guy felt the same.The younger gorilla was still strolling up and down - and each time he strolled past he got a fraction closer.
And I saw the old guy starting to calculate.If he were to leap forward… and to time a swipe… just as the young guy was passing right in front of him… he could make it.He could just about make it.
And then he would have the sack.The young guy wouldn’t fight him for it. He was all loose-hipped swagger.That would be something anyway. That would be something he’d done. They could never take that away.I have never been into sport. But I learned in that moment what transfixes sports fans.

My body disappeared and I felt every breath the old gorilla breathed - I felt the muscles in his thighs tensing. I felt the old guy preparing to spring.I felt him steel his nerve and slow his breathing - and the young guy was coming back past - and I knew he was going to go for it this time - he’d made the decision - in fact I had made the decision - because for that moment I was in his body, making the choices he was making - and the young guy came swaggering by - and did this little insouciant lean of his head - just to show how the sack stayed on - and I leapt with all the strength in my coiled thighs - flinging my long heavy arm out.And my strong wrinkled fingers felt fur and closed tight - around thin air.
And I saw that bastard bounding away, and swinging up into the climbing frame, and sit looking down at me, laughing hysterically, the sack still somehow balanced on his head.
Then I slipped back into my human body and saw the old guy sit on the spot - without moving - and stare into space for what felt like a minute, two minutes…

I couldn’t bear the thought of him catching me, watching him.

His empty hand was still closed as I edged away.


morning sunshine


Sleep is death.

I can't wait to sleep then

hi buddy watsup;?

Lying in bed

Sleep with me.


Why though

I have one of the highest, if not, the highest IQ.

This but unironically.

Am I superior to the average Holla Forums poster? Absolutely. I dress better. I have hotter sexual partners (and more of them). I make more money. I'm better educated. All of my opinions are thoroughly researched and I'm able to express them better than anyone else on the planet. I have a higher IQ. I have better taste in music, art, literature, video games, cars, name something I have better taste than you and the rest of Holla Forums.

My dick is thick and girthy; it feels firm in your hand, it fills you up, but it won't hurt you. It's the perfect size. My body is tight, toned, tanned, and shaved. Name a type of model - head, body, hand, feet, dick - and I could be that kind of model. I don't because I'm too busy making a shit ton of money as a doctor lawyer who runs a non-profit for victims of genocide. I'm 6'2', 185, 3% bf. I'm better. I'm superior.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Hey, bud , if you're so much better than everyone else on Holla Forums, wtf are you doing on Holla Forums?" And this is the main thing, really. This is what concerns me the most. Although I am superior by every objective and subjective test imaginable by man, most of Holla Forums doesn't know I'm superior. It's important to me that they know. It's like... if you sing the most beautiful song in the world, but nobody is there to hear it, what's the point? Yanno?

I am the most beautiful song in the world.

So give it a rest. Telling me (and I assume you're talking directly to me, because I assume all statements made by anyone are about me and I am always right) that I only post to feel superior is just a waste of your time and mine. I know I sound like I feel like I'm superior.

Babe, I am superior.

Because I desperately need someone to hold at nights???

This but unironically.


Shouldn't tease me like this, Coco.

as a friend.


I wish for sleep while being patted.

here comes that queer cavalry


Aw yiss

Would stroke and pet Ikt's hair while he rests his head in my lap and eventually sleep

This but you're actually a girl.

What makes you think you'd want to hold me

I've been thinking about you. How have you been~?

am a big girl for you

who wouldn't?

it's nice to know i still get someone horny

i'm okay. still in spain. still drawing. nothing has changed.

I recall these circumstances being somewhat unhappy the last time we spoke - are you okay?

Most sane people

i was going to type more in that but i grabbed my sketchbook and accidentally clicked the post button by pressing it against my trackpad.

was going to ask how you are and say i hoped you're doing well.

I'm not sane, so hah!

i ran out of food money which sucked for a while. but my parents are paying me back the bills i paid for them so I'm alright for the time being.

i mean living off 100 bucks a month isn't really alright I can't buy clothes or anything like that. but i'm eating regularly which is nice.


Something occurred to me while I was at work the other day. This might be a bit gay but I realised that, since the first time we spoke, I have been awful to you. I'm sorry. I was selfish and narcissistic and never once took the time to really ensure you were okay. That wasn't cool and I see that now.

Doing alright?

It's okay. I did some shitty things too.

It's nice to see you kind of happy and stable and growing as a person, though.

I was looking back on that and I realized that I'd rather be held, tbh.

I'll probably revert when the reality of how one-sided my love is hits me fully. Might even grow to resent you, like the good old days.

I need a holiday.

You'll meet someone else and things'll be fine. Put yourself out there. use dating apps.

Every time I see you post that picture I ponder to myself if you saved it from me.

Already? You've only been back to school for a week

Almost certainly.

Well, that's that dealt with.
How's Amy?


banana thumb btw

We both know my weird attachment to you and everyone else I've ever fallen for is never going away...

And wtf is banana thumb?

Well enough. Keeping busy. And you?

the lady in the picture you posted has a banana for a thumb

A bananaforathum.

Much the same, honestly.

Just kind of going from task to task.

Cannot unsee. Thanks for ruining my life.

I'm playing loads of those video game things. And I nap a lot.

Quite early to wish for that already

it's the perfect curvature for going up butts really

I make shitty custom maps in old Blizzard games.

I need to get into the rhythm. How're you holding up

Amy? Capable of apologizing? It must be a fake.

Am alright, a little bit intoxicated maybe.
Just got back from semester introduction and free chips and beers


Am too small for drinking

You're 1m80 or something tho

and like 50kg

It's too late - all progress I've made towards being a less shit human being has been totally wiped out. You ruined everything. Nice going you dork.

nothing wrong with butts

I'm not much one for human contact

You can't be sane, and be in a place like this, I suppose

I'm sure you could. It's not like people here are in any way terrible

No, but you have to be slightly left of center to come to a place like this in the first place

Anyway I just popped in to check up on you and to say sorry for all my past bullshit. I might be back soon~ish but don't hold me to that.

We know how I am with promises. And time. I'm sure it'll work out alright.

Thanks. Stay okay.

Hmm, perhaps.. Maybe.
Holding up well enough?


Well enough, I suppose. Just had breakfast

Fucked metabolism. I won't gain weight until I'm like 40 years old, doesn't matter what or how much I eat.

Good morning then~
Hope you slept well

I slept

nice can i have it

The things I do to see my bands

That's not good enough ;_;

If only..



Why is she so cute?

is it okay to go to concerts on your own

Skirt OwO

Tbh, neither.

I only ever appreciate physical contact with one person.

It's enough

Get platelegs and plate armour tbh

I'll hug my mother when I really crave it, or need it. That's every few years

need to sleep better though ;-;

Eh, I'm not sure I can take on the Kalphite Queen yet. I'm ironman, so can't just buy stuff off other players

Yeah, I'm gonna wear that everytime I'm doing melee now

Trying to get it better
You should be able to just buy platelegs from NPC's, and the chest is only really hard with the dragon. Prayer 43 and you'll be fine

Sleep is goooood

Trying is something..
So nope, gotta get it as a drop~
uh, not sure. Best weapons are a rune crossbow and dragon scimi currently, not sure if that equipment cuts it


I did it with a rune scimi and food. Just flick your prayers