This is with the microphone on my phone right next to the speaker

This is with the microphone on my phone right next to the speaker

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hi luka x///x

i don't know why

we say that black guy all the time


Maybe, I might get my laptop out.

I'm taking him, we're gonna spar together.

I couldn't tell you. My English teacher was an SJW and she freaked the fuck out at someone one time because they said "And the black guy did x"
And everyone was looking at her like, what the fuck is your problem

unfortunately blacks will always be considered an "other" in this country

so white is assumed

if they were non-white you say like that black guy or towel head

instead of that guy

honestly around here like people would look at you weirder if you said african american over black

That negro, that colored fella.

Or Dune coon, or my personal favorite, young advocate of black lives matter.

Nothing like waking up to depressive thoughts in the morning.


Melamine enriched a Mexican friend used to say.

no like colored is no go lol

my grandma still says that and i have to check her

i'm saying like black people would rather be called black

they don't know shit about africa

you say you wanna be my leader
I think you wanna be my god

you say your on the side of the righteous
I say I'm gonna hang with the wrong

there's truth where the filth is
there's lies in the law

you want a whore with a white dress
I want a wife in a thong

You must have a shitty amp.

Or shittier speakers.

Or both.

Or no amp like a fucking plebeian.

holy shit light

you need to get your shit together

what is so horrible anyways

horrible dictator

won't let you tweak unless you're rich?

Bardo, give a hug you fagget!!!

rin do you like me?

I snort advil for my high.

I have no idea what she preferred we say. Didn't care

You mean...
as a person?

Yeah, sure, it's fun to see you go sometimes.
Usually I'd prefer you lay off, but when it's clicked in that you're probably just shit posting it's fine.

And, at least, I don't think you've done anything morally reprehensible. As far as I know.

Hai grids

I'm sleepy today
didnt get to bed til like 1p.m so I couldn't get up in time for work at 4 and I had to rush in at 4:10

but it's okay because I got like 2 or 3 hours sleep last night around midnight

what are you up to?

Rin, do you like me(((you)))

Do you like me Rin?

You're a plebeian who doesn't use a powered amp in your PC sound system.

That aside, from what I've seen, you're pretty okay.

Dunno. I've been feeling mighty shit these past few days. Feels like i betrayed myself and made another shit decision.


I can't afford an amp

This is going to be so rude to the people in the house trying to sleep, but I'm going to try to take a video of how loud my audio is.



and like what does a french canadienne know about black people?

still pretty cool that french is your first language

that alone should have gotten you at least a dozen hugs

yeah i know i am a monster sometimes

i've tried to read my posts after the fact and i get sick a lot of the time lol

i feel like we have this cycle you and i

like i love you when you get back from a break cause i actually end up missing you

then you get into your fullblown rin thing

and i start getting sick of you a bit

but actually i think you're a pretty cool girl

whichever stage of your coming or going


What does speaking French have to do with hugs? I don't go out
I went to school and came home

A link? What is a link



here and

here ^^^

I value your opinion

french is a romance language

cappus and barets

and hand holding


Links are gay.

tfw you make when you get a Rin link instead of these other Losers

will do brad

gimme a bit

Well at least you got to work on time, how was work?

I'm drinking tonight, and TP wants to tiny.
You still didn't hugs
*forces the hugs*

ty buddy
Normally I'd just blog about it again but I'm in an okay mood today

work was pretty cool
my buddy the other cook was scheduled to come in at 6 o clock for some reasson so I got to come home an hour early

normally I'd just be getting out of work in about five minutes

what you drinking

I need to get an actual camera.


A (You) you cuck.

So are you though ???



what's up Teeps?

i DON'T need TO
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around around in

DON'T need TO
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in circles
walk around in

oh man i already have some advice

Rolled 2 (1d2)1 - Burger
2 - Tendies

Two ns.

French kissing
French the fries
French toast

one sec reading brad's story

That's not true

Don't cry.



also hi rin :p

Oh the one where he got himself beat up for trying to be the hero?

Never be the hero. It's like rule #12

Watermelon juice and rum right now.
*squeezes butt*
How did we get naked?

Well, I got none of that

Scathach :ok_hand: :fire: :100:

A reply?



did you do anything fun today?

Played Omnipotence in Smite for 8 hours

alright brad i didn't quite finish reading but you handled this wrong

one night i was walking home drunk as balls from the bar

and this dude was grabbing this woman by a park and she was yelling

so like i called the cops immediately

boy was that fun when they found my drunk ass still walking home

but they were on the chase once i last checked

don't get stabbed brad

see above lol

i donno

you seem pretty alright

a little needy maybe

Whoa! Sounds pretty rad by the names at least haha

Can I ask how I come across as needy?

It's just URF for SMITE

Wtf?My japanese word suggestion has an emote in it.


Good enough.
If you wanted to type each character separately
Ko N Ni Chi Wa

Also hi, Maddie !!!

It was blank tho.

So we're on the same page then I think.

idk I've never called anything in either tho

I don't know what any of this is lmao. I don't really game a whole lot. at all

well i mean obviously I would have called the cops if I had a phone

that sounds like a GROSS mix

oooh. well, today I learned something haha

How you been? Feeling better? I think it was you who was feeling sick :(

dude wat

get a phone lmao

Sensitive tranny.

i save alot of money without one and keep in contact with people i need on line



but it's like 2017 :p

like you really want luka to be your waifu bad

i can see it

dude like you don't see anything but you hear some haggard shit going on in the shadows?

a)run over there and check it out
2)call it in
c)shurg it off

but why play the hero?

were you drunk?

i might play the hero too actually

i'm a wildcard

but a dude who beats a woman

probably won't think twice about cutting you

For the record, that emote is a "(✿✪‿✪。)ノ Hullo ♡"

I think so, yes.
The juice and strawberry rhubarb pie helped. ♡
HBY, how's your day?

Just five you ♡

No lewding bard, but butt.
It is good though.

I'm highly confuse

You may be my saving grace then
What do you do with your time?


But I have a waifu already. Image familiar

The only thing more cringe than bard is his shitty edits

hi tp

go fuck yourself

hugs for welma and gridds

do you think she is becoming real yet?

hello based grimu

I gave squash a blank (You)
It wasn't a reply because I didn't reply.

She is as real as I need

Oh. I'm caught up now. I think

Idk if they were fighting or not But I heard yelling and obscenities on my way home and I kept riding cause I dont wanna get involved in other ppls shit but

The lady started calling out to me "HEY hHEY call thecops I'm beig harrased" shit like that

I mean I'm kind of obligated to help.
we live in a town of under 10k so i'm not really worried about getting shot

GettIing stabbed was a minor worry and lucky that didnt happen

Also I havent drink anything in weeks and before that months

grim has been taking some really agonizing breaks

for me at least



Grim, why are you cheating on Yukarin with shitty Tengu SLUTS?


pretty much the 3 options, yeah.

Glad you're feeling better. Juice always helps ;)

It was rad, thanks for asking.

Woke up to all my batteries charged and did some flying before work. got my roommate a new bong cause I accidentally smashed his before work too lol

And work was pretty hectic so it went by quickly. Today was a good day.

What do you mean saving grace~?

Build fpv drones and fly them. And work. I cook for a living and it's really fun^^

Hey Grommles

On second look that might not be who I thought it was at first.

Good days are the best days.

The worst ones are the ones where you're on an 8 hour closing shift and nothing happens.

saly my steak, waiter


I'm trying to find something other than video games to occupy my time
I'm not very good at cooking. It's too expensive for me to do


Excellent choice.

so like you've been posting here regularly for a month or so?

you like it?

you know what man i take back what i said

me walking down some dark road

some woman asking for help

i'm going to try to covert ops


how you been?

what would you do

i could see myself doing all three actually

isn't that horrible

Now I kind of want to rail Rin over a counter.

Selfies with dog.

Blindside that fucker with a drop kick, break his fucking neck.

Hugs for me


you have so much hair now

holy shit griddelz you have let that beard run wild

I guess so. Has it been a month already?

Although Grids and his dog don't look half bad either.

fool would be jelly even

While I'll admit there's a difference between living in Chicago, a city with one of the highest crime rates in america and a population of nearly 3 million and my

Small town of Washington iowa, population 8000 and almost no history of Violent crimes

I'll also say that that says alot about your morals Tp
Quite honestly in my mind any man who would walk past a woman directly addressing that man for help is no man at all

I miss my wild beard.
Shame I burnt most of it off and had to shave.

how did you burn off your beard lol



6 months worth.

My dog isn't part of my beard.

Bard, I won't lewd you, just give me attention.

Kyle, give attention.

I thought
were Shameimaru, but she wears the silly sandal clog things.

And even those aside, those aren't Touhou shoes.

Was cooking. Gas stove. Burnt like an inch off the bottom and was like fuck it.

It was a pretty slow start, but we're getting into our busy season so those type of days will probably start dwindling.

I made this ballin' version of Wendy's queso burger for my coworker today and everybody was like O_O DAYUM lol yeah, so that was neat.

It's cheaper than you think if you think about it vs eating out and fast food and stuff. Unless you mean like student budget lel


Mine's Tuesday nowadays, but happy Friday~

Keep walking and mind my own business.

I hate walking at night.

You tread in strange waters, friend.

This one sorry.

Nice desuyone.

Who's shameimaru?

I remember there was someone who avatar'd as her

Hmm well I'm not sure I have anything new to talk about

I'm just sort of waiting for my friend to get free upp so we can hang out...

What would you like to talk about ? :3

Nin pls responce


just thinking about that smell gets my tummy rumbling in a bad way

Kumbaya Bitch

That's the cue for you to realize the severity of my current boredom then :| Also you persist in disappearing and I need to check on you somehow.


seems about right

just don't start being all mopey

ham up the fact that you know french

oh for sure dude

even though my region is urban

i am also super privvy to suburban and rural etiquette

i'm not walking around the west side of chicago usually

but if i'm walking around my neighborhood which is like wetbacks, czech, various whites, blacks

if someone is screaming "help" i'm going to do something

fuck bystanders effect

i kinda want to let my beast grow

i have yet to find the art of walking just for the sake of walking

like i figure

target is big so i walk a lot in there

on saturdays i'm pretty hungover so just like walk to one of the food stops around

cause like light headed and poor driving vision

Had any pets?

IT will grow back.
I've kept it trim though.

You are one of the few people who have my phone number.
You know you can always hit me up that way, right?

I mean no job living with my parents budget
Interview though soon, so hopefully the job situation will change

The mopeyness has been counteracted by my antidepressants. For now

Now I want to marathon Buddy Thunderstruck again.

I pretty much just walk to and from work sometimes when I have to.


Shameimaru Aya's the crow tengu reporter girl in Touhou.
I wouldn't remember who it was who used her as an avatar.

if you're actually serious about that

Then that's very admirable of you
especially in such a dangerous environment

That's what Numba one thought when he got his haircut....and it never grew back.....

I'm actually sad because recently when I moved ith my mom and my brother we had to leave our family dog with the people we left

we had 2 dogs, one was this guy who's a husky/shar pei and the other was a little mini poodle and I never clicked with him but I was really close to this gguy and that makes me really sad

It was hard to say goodbye and I ended up crying in front of him when I went too move on the last day and he jumped up and licked at my eyes and stuff

what about you what is your doggo like?

oh. how old are you?

Good luck on your interview. Whatcha gonna be doing?

I'm not too worried.
I'm already losing my hair.

I loathe texting and my phone is a quitter on the actual 'phone' part. I also sometimes forget texting people is a thing.

Y'know to this day I've only watched it through once. I should watch it again to see if there was any neat car shit I missed the first time.

Wow that image totally was Shameimaru too.

Grim why are you cheating on Yukarin with a crow tengu SLUT?

very beary

that is her!
she's just wearing slippers.

lol aw shit
you get paid earlier relatively at least xd



earlier to spend it ;3

Slippers, different socks, her fwoof ball things are also very sneakily hidden.
And new hair accessories.

Also the lack of camera threw me off.

I shouldn't have doubted myself though.

Maybe I can come to your place if I end up making it up north to help Michael and Reid and watch it with you.

And you and Chap need to get better phones.

I'm gonna be 23 soon

I'm not sure, now that I think about it. But it's with Statistics Canada

You could ask the waifu fags what I've been like, if you want to know


Either for yourself or maybe ones you would find attractive on someone else

elmers did i tell you i had to bus to work for a month

it was a real experience

sometimes like an hour and a half home

you obviously have to take your situation at face value

if there is some pussy that i can visibly roughing up a girl

i'll just casually walk over and through that f-bomb down

if there's some gang member looking people doing shit

i'm ducking and diving and calling the cops lol

are the waifu threads still alive?

I like kind of slopy hair styles.

Barely, but yes

About that- You'll have to keep going about another 600 miles North to get to me. Also fuck buying new phones, until it's completely non-functional, it's fine.

oooh okies. that's not bad

you ever hear that song about how nobody likes you when you're 23? lol

Statistics? that's sounds exciting.

When I was homeless I used to just ride the busses around for the heat lol

How was it? Bus people are whack, huh?

My goldy won't get up to selfy with me.

I'm sorry you had to leave a great pup, can't you visit?

Schatzi is a spazz, but all she does is love.
And Chloe is an old maid that doesn't give a fuck anymore, she lazy unless she really wants attention, then she's an 80lbs lapdog

It's a nice beard.

I was a bear without the hair.


if we died

you will too

we were the strongest

Right on dude

That's well understandable

I wouldn't mess with no gang shit either if we had to worry about that here

maybe I could
But I hate the people in that house
I despise them all

And Also I feel that If I were to appear and see my dog then he'd just get sad again when I leave instead of already being sad and hopefully getting over it that im not around anymore

Where did your doggos come from?

Damn. I'd say we could meet half way, but...water.

So what brings you to this shit hole of a board?

I've never heard of that song, I do however believe that nobody likes me, but that's a whole different story
I don't know if it is or not. It's a way into the public service though, and lots of jobs from there. Starting salaries are like 50k here

It's in a weird necrotic state right now

dayum that's a good gig.

Chloe is from a friend of my dad's.
Schatzi is from a friend of my sister's, they thought she was a German shepherd, but I'm convinced she's an Australian kelpi, and everyone else agrees, I always used to tell her she wasn't a German shephard.

oh man like what really got me is i have been really anally early right

but there was this etiquette that took me a week to realize

you kinda position yourself when the bus is pulling up right?

but then the group at the door lets all the women in the scrum go in first

which was honestly bullshit because

a) i was there before most of them
2)they were mostly enormous black women who could barely fit a row let alone a seat

don't get me started on the morning our bus broke down on the side of the expressway

but yeah some pussy iowa tweaker?

i would have slapped his shit

do you still post there?

why don't more of your kind post here?

Not literally North, but a Northerly bearing.

And I told you, vicious, vicious boredom and no one to talk turkey with. Spend all your time lately going, once you finally stop going you wind up not knowing what to do with yourself.

You should hang out here more often. Almost all my close friends stopped posting.
So it's nice to see an old face come by now and then.

Honestly with recent events I could use whatever positive company I can get.


Silly feud bull shit, honestly. That's what I've found to be the case, anyway
I just lurk and wait for the (You)'s that don't usually come

I sure like you buddy

What an adorable pupper

one of the greatest joys and blessings on this earth is the ability to have a dog, to be able to pet it, to help support and see it grow

That's the biggest reason why I'm so upset is I should have done better than I did

Chloe got up, but she won't selfy with me still.

Everyone seems to have fallen upon hard times lately, eh? Yeah, from keeping my ear to the ground that's sure the way it seems.

And at your behest I might have to start showing my crabby ass around here more often, though I'd give pause before using "positive company" in regard to me.

maybe we should just take over there niche?

but at the same time brad

the people who manage our workspace threw a bbq for all of their properties today

and like i was have a smoke and met this machinist from iowa city with half of his teath

i would not fuck with that dude on a bad day

It baffles me how disliked Holla Forums is in the /waifu/ community when we have such little overlap and interaction


Me and some other fags are trying to move back up there so we can all kind of support each other.
Would be nice.

And please. You're my snugga boo.

I actually got along pretty well with the /waifu/ fags.
Same with /tripfriends/.

And schatzi really likes to snuggle.

Also, I'm sorry you're worried about hurting your dog again, you're probably right though, Chloe used to cry when I would come home like once a year to visit.

there isn't that much overlap

the only regulars from here are like BC and sci

the waifu people actually genuinely are just pathetic waifu lovers doing it unironicallly

we are shitposters through and through

that's because you are FULL OF SHIT KYLE

honestly that breaks my fucking heart

I poop quite regularly thank you very much.

hoopefully both bc and sci stay there

That would be a perfect world

Sci is a fucking pedophile and I hope he dies.

You'll have to fill me in on the details some time, iffin' you're so inclined- I like to stay clued in on this sort of shit even if I do tend to play the lone wolf- Just no gay shit.


eh i don't really mind either of them

i like the posts that they post bring

cause like



beats a slow thread at least

Just me and a few peeps from here and George all working to make it back to Michigan to live as a group.
Help eachother get our lives going.

honestly i'm starting to think that sci posting CP is a myth

i never saw that shit

and the powers that be were trigger happy looking for any reason to ban the kid

show me the CP he posted


i'm with sci on this one


Me too actually

Thanks. I like you too

Dunno. Its gonna die soon anyway


Can confirm. Am pathetic unironic waifu lover


You heard it folks.
TP wants to see thicc kiddie titties.

Then a week or two later when I would leave, for a couple days she would sit outside my bedroom door whining to get me to come out, but I wasn't there.

I want BC for myself, I might go there for her.

I fucking hate sci, he would leave so quick if we had a conversation.

I kinda figured that was the long and short of it, though I was more curious if you fuckers had any of the logistics hammered out yet or if the whole shebang is still in pre-planning. I suppose it's sort of neither here nor there at this given moment but those are the sorts of things I've been conditioned to consider and LIKE FUCK I'M GONNA STOP NOW.

oh crap /r/ing CP is just as bad huh

eh sci is as tolerable as say


Just trying to get it figured out for down the road.
we don't have anything solid, but I need to get up there in case things don't go well.


good morning, hope you're all doin ok!

i really hope not

where has he been anyways

just doing to based occasional user posts

Some faggot is talking to me.
He wants to lick my paw beans and call me a good pupper.

sinni i am better than ok

thank you for your hopes

Chilling in the Discord.
With the rest of us.

Well you might have to keep me in the loop then- I might be a ways away but I still have at least one cannonball run left in me.


when are you going to get tired of "us"

Sinni has you beat dude.

Fuck yeah, dude. I miss the shit out of you. We need to get Chap for some hanging out.

frankly i'm surprised kyle can continue to ascribe to groups



Disgusting dude.

I'm glad! How has your day been going?

Who do I beat????

Once you guys who aren't my close friends and trusted pals stop not being that thing that they are.

The guy posting the character on the left in this image.
He's so mean.

Apple juice and fireball, pro combo.

That comparison is so far wrong it isn't even valid, me and sci don't click, so we would argue, and I don't loose valid arguments.

I'm really confused.

pretty good

i think my work asks too much of me

or rather

their idiots

and i'm forced to step up and run the business when the managers are fucking retards


don't include me in your discord "us" you fuck

I didn't.

Yeah, been all over the roadmap since the DS2 days but wherever the sands of time may lead us we are forever with, no? Yeah I'm working on Chap meself.

And I wont.

see that's the thing

that's why you loved lewd

you like beta traps that have no real opinion and look cute and present gaping anus

sci actually had opinions

don't get me wrong

dude was out of fucking control

but like i feel once he has his shit together he should be allowed to post here again on a trial basis

I made her selfy with me.

I'm sorry to hear that. The harder you work the more you'll benefit eventually, I'm sure!

God karma or something.

I'm doing good!! Day's been pretty relaxing, trying to lay off a side stitch atm.

Look at that little shit, won't let me selfy with my dog in piece.

I can agree with that, but maybe it's because we both wanted to be alfas.

Stop posting selfies


yeah it's all an elaborate plan of mine to make myself seem invaluable

what is this all about

i donno i kinda like the people who shake shit up

like if sci is banned

kanra should have been banned 10 times by now

holy shit

but the mods are furries

I'm sorry I'm not attractive to you, would you like anime girls gaping assholes instead?


Do your best!

My side hurts from moving around too much today, so I'm trying to lay down to help it feel better?

Oh, furry mods, I'm friends with like all of them, I can do anything, I could be a god.

Oh, furry mods, I'm friends with like all of them, I can do anything, I could be a god. I

Think "Blues Brothers" but a lot gayer. In all seriousness that's its own up in the air deal largely predicated on things in his life. Can't twist the guy's arm.

a side stitch could be like a big hilarious moment

or like your side is getting stiched

i was hoping for the latter cause the former is too meme

nah a side stitch is like an actual medical term my dude.

i mean can you please spoiler gaping anus for luka's sake?


but like it's so rare thate someone uses it that way

you understand my frustrastion

Lord knows you wouldn't have to.

Kisshot had to complain about my selfies, if I sensor the point is not proven, I can post much worse

I want to go into medicine so I try and use the terms so I can remember stuff & also maybe sound smart? idk.

Sorry if I frustrated you qq

No shit, that boy is a fucking saint.

I'm starting a factory job monday. I want to pay him back and then some.

post as bad as you fucking want

just keep it pretty

have you ever seen izombie?

per chance

I have not! Is it good? I like watching stuff.

Or maybe my issue with sci was that I was drunk all the time.

Good boy.


Dear god Dear god tinkle tinkle hoy, I think Test is dumb.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Haha, get fucked


I want a melodica!!!!!!!!!
It's such a cute instrument!!!!!


yeah i really like

it has a repetitive formula but an overarching theme

and the lead is an aussie or nz playing a convincing american

you were drunk a lot dude



Why'd you wait so long?


for what?



rifk philip


hug or war

i pick war for now

Dallas, you turd. did you leave?


watch and learn

To post, I was going crazy with no one posting.

I regret none of it.

lol the fact that millions of people still like nascar baffles me




i was watching something

Yo brb

Tp loves niggers.

and russians.

I'm in and out. Tabs, yo.

nor should you

honestly i won't probably remember tonight

and i'm going to say some really real shit to someone late night

and i'll feel bad about it the next day

cause of the residual emotions

when will the blacks stop shooting up the ramp

how you been love?

i do have a thing for russian women no lie

i don't really like black people as a whole that much

Ah. Just wanted to make sure.
Nobody else is here that I can talk to and I like to haze you.

how are you helping him?

What were you watching that was more important than me?

For me the emotions come out when I'm wasted and the next day I feel great.

Russian women are pretty hot, and they are almost as kinky as asians.



fucking skinful brother.\\

I love you very much tp

brb shot and drink proto1wargod

Sorry Gunny, that's classified.

kanra you really need to get your shit together

take a break from the gays

take a break from the furries

get your fucking shit together

you're a smart guy

you'll figure it out

i love you more than life itself proto1

You like to act under the illusion you are hazing me but the fact of the matter could not be further from the truth, hombre.

busy? idk.

from what little I knew about him, which ended up being a fair bit over a fair bit of time, honestly hope you know what you're doing.

why do you say this

it's kinda sad to see you making pathetic lamenting begging posts

you off your meds?

i've been thirsty

a movie, with test and a few others.

Unless you've known him for about a couple months short of a decade you're barking up the wrong tree with that pain train.

oh i know you have been luka

i know you have...

You are my faggot.
I own you and that cute little rump of yours.
Now bend over for daddy.

not gonna lie i got a half boner just then

Chap is my sweet baby and I will fight for him if I have to.

Song for you.


I love you TP

I'm a year older than you.

And yet I have so much over you it's hilarious.

you are like my tier one bro still

everyone is under you

wait, which pathetic lamenting posts
there have been many, and there have been more recent ones
what has that got to do with loco

a few years overall. Godspeed with your efforts.

You probably think you're mighty clever.

I don't really think.

i mean like

1) why are you so in love with him
b) why do we have to see your drama
3) what is your penis size

Don't ever trust the needle.

It lies.

Preface, I don't want to sound mean.
Maybe one day people will invite me to watch movies with them again, I bet it was discussed on discord wasn't it?
And I just came to an understanding, I was diagnosed with adjustment disability, and now it makes sense why I never want to try new things, I still don't want to, but maybe discord is okay.

proto i'm going to the doctor in a couple weeks

kinda scared

that they will say that i am too perfect

but honestly haven't been to the doctor in 10 years i probably have cancer lol

I don't even know how to go about responding to this- Is this one of those cries for help I hear so much about? A clever piss-take? Reveal to me your secrets, aneurysm savant man.

The only NASCAR worth a damn.

Waka waka.

kanra your shit is not our shit

if you want to talk about your shit here


your loco shit is just fucking pathetic unless he is here and humoring you

then it's kinda funny

Step your game up.

Just listen to them.

Yopu aint a fag.

you aint a junkie

dont woryy about it. you dont have a stogie hanging out your mouth

Plz no Kyle.

jimmy buffet is cancer sorry

i understand.
yeah i was in a private discord.
discord is useful.

I can't go back to that, it's easier to just to go to my buddies family owned performance shop if I want to see really cool shit.



glad you got a kick out of it.


Oh yeah? What are they rockin'?


give me cummies

sorr btw

i mean are you really this pathetic?

rest in peace florida


I can see why people left this place en masse :^)

That's a no.
Did your house survive the little bit of rain ok?

Shitty people doing shit things.


it's pretty obvious kanra

that loco half way through your relationship realized that he was the top

or at least pwr bttm

and you're freaking out with no control

i guarantee loco couldn't care less about your "depression"

he's in spain lol

boo hoo faggot

I feel like TP is the most depressed of all of us.

If I wasn't completely and utterly an outsider around there parts I might hazard to say there's a case of that going on right now.


It's only been like a year right, so I didn't miss out on too much, like a year to accept such a simple change though, I'm kinda disgusted with myself.

They like mustangs, even if they're just fiberglass, they got gt cars, ta cars, a lot of tube chassis shit pushing 1000+hp, my buddies dad is the crew chief for a couple different millionaires, and my buddy does pit crew stuff, I used to spend a lot of time there before the navy,


everyone died rip


oh crap nezi and i are back on non speaking terms LOL

cause i called his family rich or some shit

Mocking you is not defending him.

Hardly. He's just kind of a drunk.
Think Swords kind of shit.

kyle can we just be friends?

you have the IQ of a retard and i don't really have the energy

Sounds like things could have gone worse.

I guess.
I've been mighty bored with no internet/tv for 6 days

Good morning, I've escaped tyranny.

You already said you loved me.
I don't have to try with you because I already won.


I would have read books.
I need to do that more.


Grand Touring cars and Time Attack cars? So they're not like a race shop race shop building for a specific class or two like a few friends of mine that run a trio of nostalgia class funny cars- These dudes you're talking about are more like open track day guys?




Wasn't there like some fucking slope around here, Soto or some shit that was the designated town drunk?

kyle do you ever wonder if the people call you love don't mean it?

cause i know you sure as fuck can't mean love to everyone you say it to

i have a feeling you really don't love anything

including yourself

you can get better

at least you escaped in time

You know "love" is a catchall British colloquialism of endearment, yeah?

Soto is like, a weird guy. TP is Friday drunk.



kyle is going to use this


Weird because of the drinking? Or weird for other reasons?

kyle you just don't know how to deal with your gay emotions

you have a rough day at the factory?

it's not anyone's fault but your own dumb ass

TP what made you decide to dig in deep today

well, you're right. I felt not filtering myself was the same as being honest and true.
felt that I should feel rather than think about what I was feeling.
everything felt raw and exposed, and that's who I became.

it was a learning experience. one I'm spending these days trying to better understand.
asides from being intensely pathetic, it can also seem narcissistic. it wasn't planned, but it happened.
but some part of me is glad for my mistakes.

anything else?

Tp where is scoots

rifk for all those who fell

kinda felt like it

well guess what

keep that bullshit on instagram

I start monday. You can try again with that jab then if you want.

Other shit. Just in general.

Starting to feel like the Dr Phil show in here.

Make good decisions? Try not to bully too much

probably waking up soon maybe

I read several books.

My uncle lost his boat but managed to survive

How cryptic.

was i bullying?

kyle and kanra are honestly insufferable

and anything i am doing now pales in comparison to their average

and miss out on your insightful comments?

I love you


You know what he's like.

Tp. Your jabs use to hurt. What happened?

at least it's just a boat.
you have everything else.

:shrug: Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean your actions aren't negative. Something something treat others the way you want to be treated.

Tho I'm not exactly a thread poster so I don't really have much to say.

Is this a new episode of Holla Forums or a re-run? They all seem to repeat.

I remember him being an alcoholic who regularly hugged strangers, but that's sorta milquetoast if you've been on the internet, like, at all. Not to mention the former matter isn't even a matter to me, one of the workingest motherfuckers I know drinks like a fish.

oh don't get me wrong i like kyle and kanra

but they don't really understand how to interact with other humans who aren't desperately yearning for something

there was an orgy

No, they also travel all across America for races, they have like 3 two car trailers and trucks to haul cars anywhere they need to be, yes, sometimes it's just open track days.
They also do midget car racing themselves, having cars for my buddy his dad and his uncle, and his grandpa is their crew chief.

I can try, but I also gotta remember it's something in my brain and not just me, and if I catch myself avoiding change, maybe I should ask why, and not be so stubborn.

He's like, the kind of guy you need others with you if you're around him.

Anyone else see the irony in TPs post?


Has it ever been new?

TP saw it.

kyle everyone knows you are the most manipulative motherfucker in here

no one will follow you

That's their problem isn't it? Like I'm not trying to argue, I don't care how you guys interact as long as you're all happy.

Also isn't it strange to say you like them and not a post before you called them insufferable?

(I like discussing this stuff, I don't want to seem argumentative)

i do like kyle though

he's just really mean to me



And yet I have so many friends.
Holy shit how do I even?

4 19

4 20

Talking to you is like being fingered slowly by a lesbian with slightly too long finger nails.
I'm into it, but sometimes it stings.

It's 12:21.

seemed pretty argumentative

you know nothing about our situation

trying to beef?

think different
learn kewl things
look at things from a new angle perspective
use your brain to think lots

nononono I'm not I assure you lol.

I burnt myself out of dumb internet fights a long time ago, I just like talking to you all qq, trying to understand & bond with new people is fun, isn't it?


Now we're talking, that's pretty kickass, I grew up racing dirt oval sprint car, similar in vein. Or I should clarify mini-sprint, CBR 270 engine rather than the some 700 or more horsepower Small Block Chevrolets of proper sprints- They race the midgets on dirt or asphalt? Or more likely both, come to think of it...

it's 4 20 somewhere

also master race central time represent boii


kyle you have no real friends not related to video games or gay sex

You could be in the Discord too, TP.
Well, if anyone there liked you.

oh ok that's fine

If that's true my friendship with my mother just got really weird.

using the only social media you have that is pathetic to have?

no thanks friendo

Those always go well- Actually that reminds me of something I'm curious about, wasn't the /lewd/ board a tranny exodus from here or /aneki/? I caught rumor through the grape vine that four of them were living together or some shit not for a week and suicides were already being attempted. This shit ring any bells?

I'm getting the picture now.

Yee, I want to like learn about you all & bond. I appreciate the time I've spent here & getting to know everyone so far.

That being said, sorry for digging to deep into beef that I'm not involved in.

I like you, fuck, I like everyone, I wanted everyone to be happy, but that is an impossible goal, I even drunlenly gave out like $160 on PayPal one night and still not everyone was happy.
Stiring the pot doesn't make people happy for sure.


They try to stick to asphalt, but they will do dirt, they just don't always have the tires for dirt stocked.

You posted that 5 minutes late.

Oh Tyler.
You can't use social media unless you have friends.
Someday you will though.
I have faith.

I hope.

here is my impression

if you were on discord you could be my friend

discord is trash you idiot







tfw very fluffy hair

He says as he clatters away at his keyboard perched atop a milk crate.

yes. You probably heard the story then.
there was a mommy, a daughter, and a couple sisters.
the actual fallout was pretty boring. they were just bad at taking care of themselves.