❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

🌟 Happy Birthday Me 🌟 Edition

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loli for scoots

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, ur present is above.

Otanjoubi omedetou

Ban is my gift
Oh boy

you. I have gift for you as well.


Which is ?

I made a few woomies. woomy waloo?

Why the fuck is the Netflix Death Note movie set in the USA?

pull out save yourself the cringe.

These are gross.

yeah but he only does it like 5 times or something because hes a sidecharacter everyone forgets


removed background.

was making discord emotes

wrong woomy

He was the main big bad at one point in dragon ball and the he became gokus rival

he wasn't a side character until Z


explains why half the times he used that technique was when he was relevant

I'm watching it out of purely scientific curiosity
I want to see how bad it is by comparison

It was strong enough to stop second form cell.

Nee nee

i thought he used the triangle beam thing to stop cell


cute op pic

Happy b day scoots! ^_^

nini ;~;

Well, that was the biggest waste of 20 minutes I've ever seen

Now you know how I feel whenever I masturbate.

what did you masturbate to?

room mates or house mates? whats the place like?

pretty much, all at a few pennies above minimum wage

Me too, thanks


Why are drones just flying linux boxes ?



But the weekend is half over

Mon, Tues, Wed. is my weekend, biyotch~

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday are my weekend. Please help

Get a job or two!

Trying to


Make a pact with the dark lord.

I can't make a pact with him. All our others fell through

How do y'all take to visitors 'round these parts?

You must have done it wrong :(


Unsurprising, I do most things wrong

A guy at Burning man jumped into the flames and is now dead.

I guess he really wanted to be that burning man.

I almost had to go work at that event. I'm glad I didn't go... sounds like a bad time. Oregon Eclipse was rough enough for me to deal with. Burning man is on a different level of fucked.

The FBI works at concert festivals? :thinking:

That attitude is setting yourself up for failure^^

Self-fulfilling prophecies, etc.~

That's fine, I'm used to it

I do medical at festivals. I also do lab reagent testing on substances.

You can't paint your shit gold if you don't try.

Sounds interesting

I wouldn't even try

welcome to hell~


Then I don't know what to tell you. If you don't wanna help yourself then other people can't help you either. :( rip


Working on it. I'm sure my therapist would agree with you

Too expense yo.

That's what insurance is for :o

Behead those who slander peperroni

I realize my spelling went weird there

I don't know what happened

That's what the internet is for, then.


Pepperoni is delicious

ur pepperoni's delicious

canadians get free therapy too?

Who's pepperoni?

The internet isn't quite like a therapist

No. I pay it with insurance

-hugs tightly-

Depends who you talk to^^

Doing real good. Happy to have some days off!

What's up diggy?

It is full of sulfites, and salt which are bad for your cardiovascular health, so they're not wrong.
Still delicious

Who would I be able to talk to online who can diagnose me with psychiatric disorders with any certainty, or credibility?

Hey, if that's what you think will help you then by all means~

I think very little will help me, however, I'm still giving it a try

Speaking of things that are really unhealthy and can kill you, quitting cigarettes wasn't even hard

Get TOLD, NERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss Neru now

I don't think I've seen her around

That's good ^^

I'm just being high and listening to music

Going to keep watching KonoSuba whenever I stop posting

Nice things tend to be bad for you

Good evening.

Good luck^^

ooh what music? I made this wicked dank Cake radio station on Pandora and it's gettin' there

ay gurl how u

Cradle of Filth

They have some songs that are really good with weed

I don't think I've listened to Cake

What's good about it



Found my new fpv cam upgrade so I can cut the head off my Aurora. so pumped.

He's a great lyricist

The audio for that video was very low


Maybe you have volume turned down on Youtube

Faggots, the lot of them.

Nope, it's at 100%, same with Windows volune

Honestly anything above 10% without my headset being the main output is too loud because I use a TV for a monitor.

woah... what a cliff hanger ending.
i wonder if L wrote his name or not, maybe not.

Which Animal Crossing character do you most want to fuck you?

Weird, it was normal for me

L does in the spin off novel L Saves the World.
But that's like, a what if book.

Jambette looks like she could suck my soul right out of my dick.

I'm using speakers. It's the same deal with my headset though

Did you watch the movie? You poor soul

Define "normal"

They need a program that just equalizes it all for me.

I have one where Butthole Suffers and Cake are the two starting points for the station.
It's terrible/great simultaneously.


That doesn't sound like a good experience

Maybe I just need a Pepsi to make it better

People still use WinAmp?

I usually balance my things and then use my keyboard to manage actual volume.

With how high my amp is set if I leave my audio at 100% it gets pretty loud.

Fill the house loud.

I do, I don't know about people though

I feel like it would be like the Asari from ME.
Where you die after because it was so good.

Best pop honestly.

yeah the netflix original left it in a dead end.

i watched the original anime, and almost watched the couple japanese live adaptations and movies.
i was given one of the spin off novels and a L braclet for my birthday over half a decade ago.

but i haven't read or watched anything past the original anime till now, with the american adaptation.

Been so long since I've watched that

I don't think it had any cute anime girls in it, so I can't blame you for not watching it until now

If I can figure out how to post a video, I can show you just how quiet what it's set to really is

That's an interesting fetish

.mp4/.webm under 10mbs.


From what I've gathered there are like, 3 different ends.
One where Light dies and ceases to exist, one where L lived and does shit, and one where Light goes on to try and find the king of the shikigami.

I am kidding.
Ironically my favorite non shop NPC is Kyle.

And sugary and softly spoken lies?

Does Android record videos natively as .mp4?

This makes much more sense

I'm a guy and I'm well.



you know it bb

oh no, the netflix edition is more recent than that.

you poor soul.
i enjoyed it for what it was.

i keep this pair of headphones at 35%
and my blutooth ones at 100% and turn the headset down only 4 notches.
i keep youtube and chrome at 100% on mixer
but system sounds at 10%
and foobar at -25db while 100% on mixer

youtubes videos each have their own db ranging from n/a pure to +5db all the way down to -30db on the inbuilt player.

It's not that great, to be honest.

If only I shared his birth day.
My fursona was a German shep before I knew about him.
I don't know what species he is but he looks like a Gshep.

Pepper is one of the best things ever.

5 seconds of recording is larger than 10MB, send help

Who was in my room last night is a good one too. Thanks, Guitar Hero

4 seconds.

I couldn't watch it, it was just far too different from what it should have been and still trying to say it was the same characters and universe
If I use my headset, there are no audio problems, I don't need to turn anything down. It's only when I use my headphones that things get loud, but they are a very different beast than my speakers or headset

Will that be enough to get the point across?

yeah i guess in the anime version using the note get you put in shinigami realm? *shrugs*
and in the retelling movie people tend to assume the new shinigami dude might be light.
Soo many rules in each book it seems....
could be ryuk writing lights name did something unique?
just going off of what i've known.

i guess reading about what L does instead and how the whole shinigami battle with king goes might be interesting.

Unless you lower the quality.

I never played any Rock Band/Guitar Hero game.

Thanks 8ch


it was alternate.

yeah, my headphones i physically plug in are loud.... and can keep the sound in closed back style.
on my speaker system it can get decent loud, and have a more open room sound.

and on my blutooth it works.... but it's volume is moderately low, but highquality. just that it gets no equalization though. so its more flat and clear.

We'll try it on my desktop

They just seemed really boring to me.
The same way DDR and whatever did. I don't hate miming to dance/play an instrument, just the whole rhythm game thing never sounded fun.

I used to kick ass in DDR too lol That shit was a work out in heavy difficulty

With the same characters? It's still too different for me to handle
My headphones don't have any controls or anything, just sort of like your regular studio headphones
My speakers aren't really that loud, see
Hopefully everyones varying Chrome volume settings don't ruin the point I'm trying to get across
I don't have wireless headphone, and I probably never will. I can show you the ones I have

it mostly floods if you have no text in the post body.

I probably just hate fun then.

Good to know, thank you

lol maybe

as an adaptation it kept most of the ideas and names as close as possible
while adapting it to our western 2017 setting.
using mostly the same ideas.

nothing can ever be perfect.

your headphones physically wire into your computer?
is there only one line in jack into your pc? is your mic jack existing on your pc?

are your headphones higher end? (requiring a more powerful sound driver and more ohms and amps and such?)
cause my low end consumer level headphones around 70$ price range have the standard 40mm driver unit and 40 impedance
driving good sound.

what are your headphones specs?

do you know your exact model number?

turner is a stupid name

I personally feel they kind of missed the mark by a lot, and should have more gone to please the anime audience, rather than to try and open up the viewing for others

They are a using headphone jacks
Here are the specs
Massdrop x HiFiMAN
Driver: 50 mm dynamic
Impedance: 19 ohm
Sensitivity: 93 dB at 1 mW
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Cup connectors: 0.1 in (2.5 mm)
Plug: ⅛ in (3.5 mm)

HiFiman HE350

It really is

he isn't japanese yagami doesn't fit in a suburban seattle school

It helps us communicate properly, though.

disappointing win -.-

Night fag.

Is Luka trying to defend Black L Death Note?

The Netflix adaptation



why isnt he japanese? seems stupid

because it's an adaptation.

they brung a new product to a new audience in a way they might understand.
if that get the new audience to look up the original goods, then great. it just makes the original deathnote more known and popular.
a win-win.

at least I got 10 kills

-boops ur nose-

which one is better the DN one or the GiTS one

I suppose so

I took my pill, so it's time to say goodnight to you all. Sleep well/have a good day/night/insert whatever applies to you here

Hey Nezwizi


Both death notes are poop

yours have slightly bigger sound drivers but a really low impedance.
oh... yours look like they are open ear headphones while mine are closed ear. (keeping the sound in.)
people seem to reveiw yours as being treble heavy and bass light... ouch... sound that stings your ears with sharp sound.
while mine are warm and bassy.

yours - vs mine:
50mm - 40mm drivers
19ohm - 40ohm
93 db - 104 db sensitivity
20 Hz to 20 kHz - 6 Hz to 25 kHz

mine has a wider range, and more sensitivity to output of sound from an average computer driver sound.
requiring less to sound louder.

the american adaptations? of anime?
the gits one is better than DN.
this DN will seem dull to the average american normie. compared.


is it because one has a hot grill in a jumpsuit

because it kewl and hi-tech epic hacker stuffs and action

how have you been?

I have been alright. Keeping calm and carrying on, that sort of thing.

How about yourself?


well enough, playing vidya and reading.
ya know

no more depression/anxiety though, feelsgood

toosgburahs nana biea

Noose yourself.


God is dead.

everything's just a little grayer


Found this post that kanra made on faceebook


it's not dox

I blacked out the name

Do you actually have him on Facebook?

i could not care less about that


oh god

that one really slaps me on the knee

God no

I can go without his of pretentious pseudo intellectual stream of self indulgance on my meme book

I would never do that to somebody

i don't associate with bullies

A no would suffice.
I don't really want to get into a conversation where we shit on him.

I bully people though and you talk to me.

Don't bully Kanra.
He's having a hard time. One more joke and he just might actually kill himself.


wtf i hate squash now

if ANYBODY deserves to get bullied.....

and neither do you


Y-y-yeah s-sure let's go with that.....

if i stopped talking to you i would have absolutely no reason to come here anymore

not sure how i feel about that response

I did not realize I had that large an influence on you being here.

having things in common helps


Like being super cool guys, right?

we are very cool guys

Also has Kanra posted today?
I want to say sorry for being so brash the other day, but like, I do still stand by what I said. Just shouldn't have been so abrasive about it.


and i've lost someone who's near to me

i wouldn't know

Who'd you lose?



they're lyrics kyle

Oh. I thought it was an image. I did not click it.

Oh. I understand now.

you must hear the entire thing

I already know the lyrics though.




Bard. Please stop.

its a good song man

kanra is centrist?

Sorry. I might have read into it wrong.

nah he's a lefty but this popped up on my feed and I had to do it

goodnight friends


nini eisens

I forgot to post a reply.



Vikings is a cool show.

You like muscly guys with beards.

Go take a shower.

why is Guy Fieri saying this ?

Guy Fieri is a centrist, of course.

Aren't most people ?

try Norsemen

What is that ?

I gotta finish this first

its a super neurotic comedy about a village of vikings in 870

Imagine waking up to a sloppy Koume blowjob

Imagine waking up

centre thingy sounds kewl

it's in the middle!

Ayo morning I'm hecking sleepy

Luka would like to be in the middle, how lewd

Same. Still just waking up

I couldn't sleep ;_;


Anxious about today?

waking up be like

Not really, just couldn't sleep.




Bleh, it still sucks. Hope today will be over quick enough

Short day messing about with ROS and then heading back home so yeah. How's your day lookie?

Can't wait to move out closer to school.

hat's kanra

ooh ur actually gonna move? whatll it be like?


Dunno, we'll see. I can't manage waking up at 6am for another year every day and travel 3 to 4 hours a day any more.

Ah, that sounds good.
Short day as well. Introduction at half past noon, then a "welcoming party" thing from 2pm. Will probably just have a single beer or so, then head back home.

I believe so. Living rather close to school is nice

wow lewd!

Woah I had that last week except no beer and just a long presentation.

I almost forgot school started last week

Yep, long presentation, then probably a short presentation at the building most our studies will be at, and a free beer. Danes are drunkards.

Heh, times flies once you're back~

commute times must be a bitch especially on short days when it basically doubles your time outside

do you have any fancy classes?

Boutta leave bye~

bye bye ikt y myon

Have a pleasant day

Programming things from smol chips to driving robots to bigger systems but we don't touch db's because that's not embedded software engineering any more.

I like C++.

No, you're Kanra.

ur wrong



i want a cute anime girl to feed me milkies


either you'd feed cute anime girls milk, or you'll be the cute anime girl being fed "milk". It's up to you

Why so lewd?

I'm overcome by the sleepyness

but if I ssleep now It will ruin my day off because I'll end up sleeping til like 5 pm

But is your day off worth it if you'll go through it being even more sleepy than what you are now?

idk what you're talking about

a little milk never hurt anyone

hmm welll

If I were to sleep now
I could get half sleep til about 2 a.m

that kind of sleep where you feel like your mind is still on but when u open ur eyes its like 20 minutes later so you close them again and do it all again

and I'll be able to ride that tile around 9 or 10 a.m but

i did this yesterday too so if I do it today
I might push it a little further
and then I gotta fall asleep again at 10 but what if im not sleepy only tired?

then its hard to fall asleep and i willl RUIN my day

if I decide not to sleep now
I will probably be sleepy for another 2 hours or so then be good until it hits me again hopefully around 7 or 8 ish and then go to sleeps

what are you still doing awake hm? Surely it must already be monday where you're at......

It didn't.
Do you drink milk often?

I don't know then ;_;
Do what you think is best..

It is, 8am Monday morning. And I slept, woke up about two hours ago

I am lactose intolerant.

Almond milk is nice though.

Good I caught you before school!


I'm onto your plot

Then a little milk did hurt someone~

Did :3

lol, but sleeps is good~

cum filled panties

cum dripping down their thigh

me on the right and

titty milk monster nezi on the left

I guess :(

wish I had tits

Put a new pair on

At least other kinds of milk exists

Feku goals.....

my greatest fear is not living to the era of sex slave anime androids

Maybe it's your destiny to become the first sex android slave

can I try your milk~?

Too lewd!!

put that spooky leg mouth away young man

nope lol! ill be the one doing the sexing!


all according to keikakku

[Editor's note : Keikakku means plan ]

sorry i wont use you as my disposable robot for sex

brb throwing a fit

Please tell Elma that Yams will be back soon.

Where's the Yams?

maybe if you get reincarnated as a degenerate sex crazed female at her prime age of 12

wtf I'm a horny loli now

no such thing love

now give me your milk~

make me.

nice meme!

just be sure to chew your food or you might choke

I ran out

Also if someone could tell Loco I still love him and that I hope he's doing well that would be grand.

Thanks babes.

I've got an idea on how you can make some more~

what's that got to do with anything



I don't understand you


it is
who does not understand


If you keep this up, you'll be sent to bed without having dinner first

I refuse

Enjoy wearing wet, sticky and smelly panties then

Dang it I don't have any pics to grab your attention with...

CAN SOMEONE SEND LOCO MY LOVE PLEASE? Is he even still around? I hope so.



loli rin would be better

knight to e 6 get fucking dunked on



w-when you glare at me like that I get wet all over and my knees g-get so shaky.........

Got time for a match or nah?

I'm not up to anything tonight


e6 cheque m8

It keeps me warm.

I'd probably cheat.


i've even sorta forgot how to play.


I know it was just a meme but I wanted to thank you for linking me that I.M song yesterday

I't's been such an earworm and a loveley addition to my daily playlists

I used to listen to their later stuff a year or so back but this one skirted definately below my radar

It reminds me of a better forgive me

anything else you would share ?

its okay
anoher time then

Until it cools, then it'll cool you quickly too

The crusty old cum acts as a blanket.

so you just, fight with your friends from time to time?

punch them?

I'm literally vomiting now

Love you too.


I was talking about chess......

but when me and my friends spar we don't allow strikes because that's just a good way to get pissed off

only things allowed are Shoulder locks like Kimuras/americana

Arm and kneebars in standard and inversion

arm in and arm out no-gi chokes like the guillotine or arm triangle
that sort of stuff

you uh...gonna lick that vomit off those panties?

There goes the breakfast


I.M ? Which was that?
Suddenly I can't remember.

Here's a playlist of just random stuff I've had on repeat lately.

it was the original infected mushroom track from lolicatgirls.swf


thank god

You can thank me later

that sounds... painful. why not just play Brawl?

Fuck yeah. Got gold in LoL and Wolf Link as a villager in Animal Crossing.

Oh! Yeah, I Wish.


Maybe I will while I choke you

Well, braw doesn't have the best actual fighting mechanics

THey play ufc2 on ps4 over there but it's different when you can use your own strength to help you out instead of just clicking buttons And if you're considerate, the only pain you should feel is the pain of being sore the next day

video games can be fun but I just think it's more fun and nice having physical contact

You wouldn't be able


it's probably a different kind of fun.

like going to the gym.

what happens when it gets gay? how do you prevent it going there?

I never said how I would be choking you

I bet its layers of underwear.

You want to chill in call?
Everyone is asleep.

I don't think it matters.

You'd let it happen anyway, slut

The violence and the exodus began after Rohingya insurgents attacked Myanmar police and paramilitary posts in what they said was an effort to protect their ethnic minority from persecution by security forces in the majority Buddhist country. In response, the military unleashed what it called "clearance operations" to root out the insurgents.

Another aid official said Saturday that more than 50 refugees had arrived with bullet injuries and were moved to hospitals in Cox's Bazar, on the border with Myanmar. Refugees reaching the Bangladeshi fishing village of Shah Porir Dwip described bombs exploding near their homes and Rohingya being burned alive.

so much for the religion of peace



But I wouldn't.


i unno

I've been activeley rolling multipe times a week for about 6 or 7 months so far and the only time I've ever experienced anything that felt gay about it was when

I first learned from my dad when I was like 15 or 16
having to learn the basic positions like guard and mount and basic submissions and sweeps

I didn't know anything and so it was just like getting put in an akward position without any knowledge of what to do there
And my dad's a pretty big guy so I mean I just felt like a doll or something
Was uncomfortabe

The only other time that anything like that happens is when I roll with my old best friend who's also the biggest guy in our group
He doesn't always roll with us because he has a gf who's going to be his wife soon
but when he does he gets me in mount alot and like
stares down at me and it feels a little gay

the first time it happened I was looking up at him and it was a kind of awkard few seconds of eye contact for me cause I don't like being dominated

I mean shit though

Aside from that
As long as the opponent knows what they are doing
Most of it feels natural not gay

as long as you're secure in your sexulity and dont want to fuck the people you're rolling with it's usually cool lol

Alot of jokes about getting racked in the nads by knees and elbows and shit




Based off what ?


I just really don't trust that everyone isn't hiding behind bullshit. you said things I knew were false, and wanted to correct them. belittling is bants.

am I always the sole issue?