Post cute girls

Post cute girls

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I want a Megumin pet.


To hold and pet all day

Do not lewd explosion loli.

since when did this become megumin general?

wouldn't lewd her.
She's wet, and blushing though. Very cute

Since everyone else stopped posting.
Also, nice ID, fag



am kind of jelly, really

now that's lewd!

GTA 5 has the most stupid player base.

How stupid is stupid?


why has this board turned into /megumin/ ?

Spending 3 hours to simply drag and drop what I selected to the GTA V main directory.

Because everybody else doesn't post.

only you now

Look at my 4690K

oh wow, that is pretty dumb.
Doesn't the readme state they should do this?

I don't post because there is nobody for me to really talk to.

oh wow if only

Nah now they're attacking me on my Megublob avatar.

i'm thinking of starting a youtube channel where i get naked and cover myself in spicy condiments to see what effect they have on my body

what do y'all think of that


Go wake up Spectre

I don't either, I just type sudo apt install X and expect X to just werk :3
lol, how fucking childish.


dedyoo plz

xenmenu is best

Do you have a Patreon so people can support you buying more spicy condiments?

Top notch people :ok_hand:


Makes you wonder why you even bother sometimes


I like to mess around and then also show people so eh.

They're still assholes



Ergonomic is a meme


I am honestly not sure where he and I stand.

ur a meme

I always get jealous at people who have patreons for shit like existing on YouTube.

Hey, I have an Anne Pro

I can't stand that dude though. Luka, is it a good video?

You're kind of gay, really*

what's wrong with megumin?

I kinda wanna GH60 build with those new switches I forgot what they were exactly again.


I don't even do youtube :3

Just kind of?

it good



too much megumin
too worn out and used up

I had a YouTube once. Now I have another one :)

Gonna watch!


I mean, I don't watch videos off it

You heard it here first folks, Hu is more than just kind of gay. In his own words no less!

Wow luka, that's pretty lewd.

Oh what? Wow, that's so not 2017!

why does no one post pics of megu with her eyepatch anymore

it look fancy!


no u r

I did tell Feku so a few threads back too, silly.
But you're just never around to see all the good stuff~

Yeah, I'm a madman :3

Here, have one


wait ur not ikt

Nope, am not.
Here, have another one with eye patch


wait ur not ikt

I have Anne Pro ^^




The small keyboard he featured!


no tube best tube

You are strange.

I know

What a shame

You're an emotionally stable and socially adjusted individual.

it's tiny :c


Yes, these threads need more you

Lol, that's a good one~


what an awful idea

And comfy!

You can set your own key layouts and stuff.


no, absolutely not!


HuSlut General I see.

pls do thing for me computer science major

wow, bully

What kind of thing?

Fix ScriptHookV.

But it's almost bedtime

this one is lewd

quality post




there's not enough buttons!!


Also how does one respond in the negative without saying "no" or "nah" or "nay", or any variation of no.
Basically you can't say no, or any variation of the word. What do you do?


Cute girls?


cute girls

Happy Luka best Luka


cute girls yes

change the topic/refocus onto something else

i disagree

I've got you covered

Happy Luka's are indeed the best Luka

every day is pain

Ah, shower time.

Plenty buttons!


Very nice, I shall try all of these.
Thank you.

yay :3

showertime right before bed? Why not when you wake up?

uh.. good luck

with what

Clean slep!


A game.

and then wake up being dirty again. It's silly~

But you don't get dirty during sleep!

You sweat


This Tool album has a neat sleeve

Guess who's going to have/fail his master tomorrow and can't find any motivation to prepare

i cant fap i just did it earlier

full blind megu is good too

I have so little time in the morning...

Feku is good too.


You sure about that? Sometimes things don't go as bad as you think!

Good, best time to post these images then. Can't do lewd stuff with Megumin

Oh ;-;


And your bed gets all dirty with the daily grime and sweat!

i want a new computer for my birthday.


nope, if there were enough buttons you wouldn't need function buttons :3


That's why I wrote "have/fail". Honestly, I don't know, but I've never been more demotivated in my life I think.

Happy birthday luka.

Cute anime girls are for loving and seeing

Wake up earlier?


Disagree! Good ergonomics.

I already wake up at 6am

Wake up at 5:30

This why you shower in the morning

Whole new computer? Not just gonna upgrade a few components?

If so, you might not feel too anxious about it either, which can help.
Should still read up on it just in case.

And sharing too!
Can't enjoy them if nobody shares

21 more days.

strange pic


components? what?

What no, my bed clean.

I'm trying. But I have a very, very hard time working on school projects since I always feel like I'm just working on a future failure. "Building one's own scaffold" is how I call this feeling.

Just got that album :)

what album?

10,000 days

i don't know what that is.

Your only machine is a laptop?

Not after sleeping in it, it won't be!
Unless you clean your linens ever day I guess

This fucking feel man.. I've been working with some people who seem to know their shit in and out, and compared to them, I too feel like a massive failure.
Yet so far I've still passed every exam, most with good grades too, so it can't be all that bad.
And hey, you're now at your master, so you did come this far! That does mean you do know your stuff.
You should try to believe some more in yourself


i cant fap to that

i always find time to lewd lolis

We'll see tomorrow I guess. I guess the future of my self-esteem lies on tomorrow's results. And yet I'm eerily calm, like a deer stuck on a highway with wild monster trucks going full speed at him.

and my previous two machines were laptops

(except for that one time someone gave me a tower, but that one got bricked after i updated the bios and the bios never worked ever again.)

Why won't you let me shower in the evening >:(

i don't like that music at all.

Dammit you horny boy

You still got some time to practice. Not too much, but it is still something.

no Luka, never do that!!
Laptops can be nice, but a desktop is just more comfy.
You need a new tower~

Cause shower in the morning is best since you'll then put on some fresh, new and clean clothes too. It's just the best time to do it :3

Sleeping at night keeps the sheets clean. Clothes are always fresh in the mornyan.

I kind of thought you might not :(

To each their own type of music though :)


i gave away my GPU since my tower was dead anyways.

*updates bios*


i don't like it.

because i couldn't do anything with it.

it was a paperweight at that point, no purpose, and no tower to put it in.



Does that mean no video games D:

Unless you put on the clothes you wore all day yesterday.
Suppose it's not silly to shower in the evening if you head straight off to bed right after

be careful ;_;
I've had to update mine like 4 times.
AM4 was a mess after release


wait, my responses got fucked

read second response here about the bios update and down

I only wear jeans more than one day. I guess the stuff that goes over t-shirts in the winter too. Everything else is one-day use.

I've got no reason to update my desktop BIOS and no reason to update my laptop BIOS.

I need to re-flash my phone but I can't be bothered...

too many vocals >_<
and it sound too much zappy noise

too japanese! too much vocals... u_u

yeah, no video games on that ancient tower.
i took out the old HDD and stuck it in an external drive and hooked it up to the laptop i use nowadays.

If only people made External GPUS

There are housings to use GPUs externally tho.

things didn't work fine. -_-
don't just go writing me off like that by scoffing at me on your high horse...

i can't afford a tower.

I'm trying to do a slide presentation quickly. I don't know if it's worth though.

wut ?

So no Overwatch? :(
Do you at least have a computer of any sort? D:

You can get external GPU things

That's my fav song I listen to to stop depres how can u do dis

Shower before sleep at night*

My laptop doesn't have true thunderbolt though, they meant to implement thunderbolt in my laptop but it never happened, so they only put MiniDP in my laptop. and then they never made my computer ever again.

i can't. E-GPUS can't work with my computer.

duke... i lost that tower 4 years ago, this laptop is newer than that. i play games on this. i didn't lose this computer.

Makes more sense.


Do you have a good laptop? Showwit!

Good boy. Especially undergarment should never be worn more than 1.

I never really had before this new build. At first, my 2666Mhz memory dimms had to be clocked at 1866Mhz or it just wasn't stable. v1.20 didn't help too much, but it booted faster. v1.30 allowed me to up it to 2133Mhz and with v1.50, they can finally run at 2666Mhz without causing segfaults left and right. Am at v1.70, which no longer sets the speaker off during post, so am comfy with that.
Updating the BIOS has definitely been worth it

But laptops aren't exactly cheap either

It will be. Gives a better impression than if you show up with nothing, and it gives you something to help you along with the presentation as well


Fair enough then.

Mai Kotohge's vocals are top tier tho
you should learn japung cuz its superior


yeah... my laptop cost me $2100
but at least it worked and was the best for it's time.

Why would anyone do this?

Oh, I guess I'm just really fucking dumb

that's why i want to build again someday


oops caps

1080 and 1080ti prices aren't really being affected by miners. Mostly AMD cards.

I want to believe that. Howeveeeer, my thesis is basically about works made for children in pop culture. So I'm hesitant about this spongebob pic as a background illustration, but at the same time it would be reaaally accurate regarding my subject.

Daw. That's nice.
...should I say "no homo" though ?

I don't even know how many RAMS i have.

Apologize to she!

Wowie that's expensive. Mine was 800 euros. (well, 700 but I added an ssd)


at this song is an improvement

yeah i researched it months ago.

i just want one simple really powerful top of the line gpu to run all games at max and 60fps

ur a boy tho...?


it was the best back then... but 4 years later, it's struggling.

You'd be lucky to even find AMD cards in stock too.

If it is really accurate, you should definitely roll with it

You didn't assemble your own machine?

okay, am dead. Goodnight.
Enjoy yourselves

well top of the line would be a 1080ti.
60fps 1080p, or 4k?
60fps 1080p could be done on like a 1060, which doesn't cost much.
my 1080ti has run all my games at 4k ultra 60fps without any frame drops.

And even if you could find AMD cards in stock, for gaming the GTX cards would still be a better value.

Maybe we can play something later :o

I'm going to go take a nap. Super exhausted all of a sudden

Mine's still chugging along nicely ^^


Wow, punctual. Nini.

this song reminds me of you

even witcher 3?
even PCSX2 at 4K resolution textures?
even FFXIVonline & FFXV at max gfx?

all while holding above 60fps ????

are you sure? have you tested it all yet?

oh noes yours chugging and strugling too? :c

nini :c

Aaaabsolutely. I'm the malest male that ever maled. Sorry, I was in the midst of gender confusion, it had been too long since I came here.

Wow. I might become either a hero of a source of ridicule for the rest of my life. Putting the lyrics of the Pokémon theme song in the annexes was already going far.

it sound mocking and comical ;~;

don't run away!

Well I don't own any of those games, but Doom I lost no frames at 4k max settings.
Also according to benchmarks, Ashes of the Singularity and Witcher 3 on a 1080ti gets 60fps at 4k ultra.

It might be. I might be wrong but I think it's the theme song of an anime about a stupid girl obsessed with bananas.

Daw. That's cute of you.

i thought you would like the upbeat tune!

is there nothing better out of all GPUs in the world than the 1080 ti ???

is it the only GPU in the world that can do absolutely everythingy???

For 4k gaming the 1080ti is currently the best option.
Titan XP gets a couple more frames in some games at lower resolutions, but for the price difference isn't worth it.
My 1080ti did cost me $900CAD after tax tho.

i like dark deep retro synthwave
and 110bpm musics
and and.... Trap Genre musics

like. . . this?

what about 1080p resolution downscaled from 4k
using Nvidia DSR factors ?

900$CAD? ouch.... i knew GFX card prices were bad, but i didn't know it was that bad these days...

Me too. I only played like one hour at a friend's house, but it was nice. I might take a PS Now subscription for Catherine, Asura's Wrath, Sly 4 and Ratchet & Clank).

Can't be worse than me.

nonono, it's ok. a bit slow but still fine.


That is a really good price for a 1080ti.
using Nvidia DSR factors ?
No idea.
The only GPU that beats out the 1080ti in any game is the Titan XP, and it's only by a couple of frames. 1080ti does still outperform Titan XP in many games tho.11GB VRAM is stronk

that's different, but still good rhythm and beat and mixing

More certain to give you blindness than the actual one.

i dont like it cuz its niggers

What about good ol' Mass Destruction ?

same, i rented i long ago
but then my ps3 died, and i never played any of my ps3 games ever again even though i still have my library of many many ps3 games still ._.

what can't be?

why not fast anymore?

oh okay... 1080 ti a best since nothing better.

titan still being worked out the kinks right i guess? too new?

you should try to listen to it without watching the video then

i prefer the original.

But, PS Now is a streaming system that even works on PC if I remember correctly. Your PS3 dying should be irrelevant.

Your ability to get distracted.

Dunno, I think this one is more groovy. And I have a slight preference to the FES version compared to the original.

Titan XP was released a couple months after the 10 series cards, before the 1080ti which was released about 6 months ago, so no, it's not being worked on any more.
Titan cards are always for the people who want the very best, but don't want to wait for the release of the x80ti card.

idk anything about this serious but i clicked circles to this song one time

but it occupies my ears and i could be listening to something else. what kinda stuffs do you like?

Filthy casual.

why are you so mean to me im not even banting with you atm :(

will my ps3 disc work on pc?

too much groove too much extend.
i'm not in the mood.
i got the special pre order edition before FES ever existed.

what is "x80ti" ?

what kindsa stuffs do you want to know that i like?
gimme catagories...

idk any weeb things? if not maybe normie music.

Banting ? And don't worry, that was merely a joke. I guess I've never been good at irony.

Oh, I thought you had the PS Now and were talking about it.. Well, no, if it's a physical game I don't think so, no. Sorry.

And then FES came out and fucked us all in the ass. Then Persona 4 The Golden came, Vita only, which fucked us even more in the ass. And now we're waiting for Persona 5 Rebel Hearts 2.8 which will be even worse.

x for the generation number.
So like 980ti, 1080ti, etc.
Each generation, at least the last few, have a Titan and a ti version of the top-end card.



is the animation like the black sheep or something? is it related to your avatar?

shibayan is good taste :)

i dunno what FES is
i'd imagine it's just the same game.

i only have the real Persona 3&4
i don't have some weird fes or golden stuff...
what is persona 5?
what is rebel hearts?

i don't have PS now, i had ps3 before they invented weird online things.
before subscription service things existed.

my laptop has a 670

she has the nice non-grateing whisper voice

in that one song that i know of her only
i know nothing about her except that one song.

and it's a 670m.
You paid $2100 for that? Sad days. sheep ?

Um... Basically Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 The Golden are enhanced versions of the original games, with more events, new endings, a lot of stuff that the original versions never had.
I was just making a joke about Persona 5 having probably one day some kind of similar enhanced version, like "rebel Hearts" or something like that. And yes, Persona 5 is a real thing that came out in april on PS3 and PS4.

hmm... an alright tender song. just not feeling it 'right now'
but it's fine... if i was in a more emotional state.
i just can't apreciatte it right this moment.

don't forget this.

this is the vocalist

shibayanrecords is the circle

its just an expression i wasnt calling you a nigger or anything

have something more upbeat then

Yeah that's why laptops are terrible; they don't hold their value at all, and aren't as easily upgradeable. Should never buy a laptop unless you actually need the portability, and if you do, don't waste money on a gaming laptop.

Can't run gamu.

Oh, no, I get it, but I just don't really understand what role "The Animation" plays right now in this conversation.

oh right 5 is the prisoner lookin one
no spoilerz plz

i've never beaten 3 or 4 or 5

i don't understand any of that

lol, sounds like a strawberry.

i needed the portability. i needed the power.

use windows 7


For that price you could have built an decent upgradeable gaming PC to do your gaming with, and bought a cheap Thinkpad for when you need the portability.

It couldn't run heavy games back then either ^^'

In the nights, dream delight
I want to see you standing there
In the nights, dream delight
I've found someone who really cares

This person knows what's up.

Really ? Damn. 'cause the ending is often the best part of those games. They are a tad long, which might often be perceived as a flaw, but the payoff at the end is just only made stronger at the end with the bonding you've made with your friends and your special waifu.

I hope I haven't spoiled you with my avatar though.

i need all in one

maybe it can now

isnt that song i linked earlier from persona animation thing. i just thought your kind didnt like it

its okay to like bananas

they are long
if i don't think about it, your anime pics arent spoil

why you talk about a banana?

Luka let's be real, you never really leave your house. Why do you need the portability? So you can game un-interupted on your toilet while you shit?

everything is okay

i needed it years ago. when i got it.

she's cute

Why game
Just install linux
no games to play!

Oh. Nah, don't worry, I'm open to anything Persona. I'm just sometimes frustrated by the extensions that I'll never have the time or money to consume.'s good ? I guess ?

Really ? It looks like a messed up ahegao face.

You can still play games on Linux tho

sup nimf

This pic forgot "millenial kitsune who somehow kept the mind of a 6-years-old"

heya qt pie


._. she's just eating food.

are you messed up face when you eat ?

Who are you

whats good nimf?


And no, I certainly don't do this messed up face.

Gotta sleep I guess, must be ready for tomorrow. G'night everyone.

Just hanging out and was bored, so decided to check up on things here.
How about you?

Oh, oldfag Canadaposter.



Watch LTT and sleep?

Yeah, LTT and sleep.

Nini girls.

'tis I

just chilling, bfs back but were both bored of vidya

been up to much lately?

nini you gay

sleep well

Why does nimf not have a trip anymore?

I lost all my trips when my HDD died.
And I always use this name when I come here.

Not a whole lot. Moved a bit over a month ago in to a new place, but I may have mentioned that.
Got a new GPU, so been enjoying vidya games again. Other than that, not much different. How about you?

into your own place?

been working every hour i can get on my new job in a shop, but the hours are such that im on a third to a half of what i would be in a job in which my degree is relevant, and its a bit of a stretch.

Not my own place, but with roommates.
Much larger and nicer place than my last tho, and closer to work.
So you're only getting like 15-20 hours/week? That's pretty shitty.

do you play overwatch?

Haven't since Sombra release.

aww... rip


all the people

wow.... some farmers give pigs cannabis to pigs

Wake n bacon


Well, I was gone a bit longer than expected

Stick Stickly was my ringtone in highschool and I still don't think it sounds bad

they just look like silly cunts

i'm woke af

Crabcore always sounded great
And looked uncomfortable

I don't understand how someone can play like that.

I imagine the skinny jeans give added structural integrity when crouched like that

vegeta goku and tienshinhan did the naruto run

it will crush your nuts

I saw

it was weird

tien even did shadow clone

I mean, what would you rather have; children or dank muusic?


He did that before in dragon ball before naruto even came out



Then crushed balls shouldn't be an obstacle.

pain is the problem

poor kitty...

Pain is the bodies way of cleansing

The hero we need

don't like it


Nice get

Nyan luka