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flat is love
flat is life

Idk tomorrow

Yeah but I don't know if you're a shota or a sex shop loli or Dewgong's tulpa or what

Megumin's flat chest

I didn't like the way the show started.

Sex shop loli seems most appropriate.

Imagine waking up in the morning and realizing you're Hu

Well I needed it yesterday so I'm afraid that just won't do.

god i wish that were me

flat best

Your own fault

That's not a good experience, trust me, I do it every day


Do you pinkie swear you're a sex shop loli IRL

Okay I guess I'll spank him


God I wish that were me

Do paws have pinkies?

Can I watch...?

How do you type with paws

Pawed sex shop loli


You people are weird

Very carefully.

pretty comfy


You are comfy!


He's ERPing as a cat girl sex shop loli in this thread right now

I'm going to bend you over the dildo desk and spank you

Post dars&kiss pic

Impossible, I'm all skin and bone, that's not comfy

And cock*

brb lunch


Enjoy lunch


Aaahh... if /f/ has taught me anything its that there's no such thing as loli cat girls.

I think about your cock like half the time I see your posts, and then I figure out how homosexual I am that day

D-definitely don't do that.

Why not? Cat girls must have been kitten girls at some point

I want to beleive

Nope, they're birthed fully matured.
Can confirm.

That last post actually seemed like a logical reply when I posted it

Good weed

-bends you over the dildo desk and slaps your ass hard a few times in a row-

Make sure to get all commissions done the day before you receive them in the future

That must be painful

This meme is beyond me.....but a very good song

erio we used to be friends before you blew up
do you even still remember us little guys

erio only cares about blood chan and not us power to the peoples

Is this a meme

Hi how are u

I'll do my best.
That seems a difficult task though.

I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough

surprisingly no

dude weed lmao

Because they're giant pussies.

It's okay.


If it was the other way around and Blood-chan had told me that she'd stop talking to me if I didn't stop talking to you, she would have gotten the same result as you did

You're so adorable :3 -hugs warmly-

I do remember you're the guy who samefagged as a bunch of different avatarfags really hard

Good job with that

Why are you acting like I was ignoring you? You didn't say hi to me either; you were ignoring me in whatever sense I was ignoring you :3

Those pussycats' pussies are a commodity and shouldn't be destroyed by birthing full grown adults


I realized he hasn't been on Steam in a really long time

u don't know what u got til it's gone

i have bites on my thighs that are itchy but i dont want to not wear pants in case somebody opens my door

I kinda wanna draw now though.

that was a long time ago
a very long time

I would shoot old me in the fucking face

whatever it is would you draw it with Yui hirasawa? :3

Whatever you feel like drawing

You seem to be into the theme of loli vampires right now, so that's an idea

Also u linked me a dismemberment flash game

that's fucked

She's hard to draw though.

Lol really? That was just a couple of years ago I think

its okie sweet t

bananas man
I'm not doubting whether or not I did it

I'm just sayin

I forgot that I can't find my tablet cord so the whole idea is DoA

wtf i hate kiss shot now

Did hu chan go to sleep yet?

We were talking about weird fetishes; I'm sure I mentioned weird ones too

Just use pencil and paper like the pilgrims did


I remember nothing

Yeah but then I have to scan it in and trace it later because I can't color by hand very well.

That's the face I've been dying to see


Everyone seems to have a shit memory compared to me even though I'm the one who smokes weed

Well, I guess it only affects short term memory

You can do your best to color by hand and show me; I'll like it automatically because you're a cat girl sex shop loli

We'll put it on the refrigerator

I don't know why I'm bullying you but
It sure feels great

Yes, of course. I'll show it to you in 4 months when we next run into eachtoher.

I'm an easy target.

Too easy...........


wow that's actually a very cute image

i like how melty tat vaporeon is

I had lunch and so, no sleeps

The melty ones are my favorite.


I take long breaks and then come back. I think I'm unlikely to take a long break again soon; I just got back from one recently

Honestly though, Holla Forums seems too boring to post on 9 out of 10 times I look at it these days

I can definitely make sure to come find you in a few days or something, though ^^

hmm how much longer will you be awake?

Does anyone else have a problem where they keep thinking of ikt's cock

Why did you guys have to connect his cock with his identity so much

I'M NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like 9 hours I guess

so uhh can you like completely melt a vaporeon?

What happens if you turn one into a liquid state c an it return to a solid?

It's ikt's fault

He just couldn't be flattered that everyone loved his penis, and he had to get mad about it

And that just made people talk about it more

And now I literally cannot stop thinking of ikt's cock


oh fantastic
that's coming up much later

its going on 6 a. m here
I know i out to head to bed sometime in the next 2 hours if I wantto have a nice day at work

buuuuutt I might stick it out a bit longer myself

what's for lunch?


22 hours slep!

Why slep so early

what the heck is this abomination

I was expecting it to be in a glass or a cup at's all over the floor......


That's so fucking gay

But sleep is important, can't go a day at work being completely tired, that's not good!

I had no leftovers for the first time in like 2 months, so just had rye bread with salami. That'll be what I'll have during weekdays soon enough anyway, so might as well get used to it again.

Am bed at 22, yeah.
Cause I wake up at 6, I want 8 hours :3


Also whenever anyone mentions it, he reacts how Luka does when someone tells her to get a job

It just doesn't make sense

Be proud of your cock

You're the gay

I also get up at 6 but I sleep at 1.

Maybe that's why I feel shit idk

For the past 4 months or so we've had to stay open an extra hour but tomorrow when I go into work that sstops and we get to go back to the old closing time

which is just fucking fantasic if you ask me

I can pull a 4 pm to 9 pm 7 days a week and not complain if I have to

but a 10 pm is fucking STUPID

do you like lettuce on your rye sandwhitches?

I need a bigger one.

it's either your poor sleep schedule or diet

you should get more sleep in ikty nyan

More sleep.

But I do things on the compooper D:

The devil box that feeds on our sleep

It has me in it's grips too

But at least we're trapped......together.....


Lately I've been giving into sleep and just turned off the pc without caring too much

You shouldn't want it to be bigger than that; it can be hard to fit it in tight places

My last gf was a virgin and I had to use my fingers to loosen her up for days before my cock would fit in

Takes one to know one

I don't know either. Quite sure many I go to school with goes to sleep much later than me too and it doesn't seem to affect them.

That's great. Means you can get home an hour earlier too, right?

I don't think I could even handle working night shifts to be honest. Would tear my brain apart.

I never put lettuce on it, but I could. I'm just lazy and it doesn't add too much, except make it look nicer.

If you'd like. I'm only really reachable on here so if I see you around I will try to remember to toss whatever I draw your way.

tonight has been pretty good

I'm mostly straight

You're going to draw something, then? Should I check back in a few days? ^^


Yeah it's great
One less hour of being covered in gross grease

And night shift is easy for me because I have a super fucky sleep schedule lol

I like to go to sleep about 8 a.m and wake up about 3 p.m give or take so that's just perfect

If I deviate from that, I usually fall asleep during the day and ruin everything

and also
you hurt me in ways you will never fully understand

Probably. I'm not sure when I'll have time though since I work the next four days.

How was it good for you ?

It's my dream to one day inhabit a vaporeon island

But what if I can't please an ex-porn star milf. Heck I'm just average.

You go to school :o

Can I live there?

yoube the vaporeon

I will be the rock

I will be the island

I guess I can give you a week

Anime and weed


You seem more interested in young girls than ex-porn star MILFs

I think it's a bit above average. I don't know; it has a certain quality

In the immortal words of Kurt Cobain, "Rape me, my friend."


You don't have to bother coming back just for that, I'll hold onto it until the next time I randomly see you.

And yet your last few posts has almost just been about dicks. """"""straight""""""

An hour more sparetime at home, and more time to shower too.

Hehe, gonna stick to what you're used to~

But I do, but this bread is barely regular sandwich bread. I don't really use lettuce for anything but burger, and sometimes pizza, tbh.

Well, not really school, but uni.
Same thing, you still go there to learn new stuff


Show cock.

Why not use a better bread?

I've never been a huge fan of rye myself but I eat the packaged white bread so I don't have much room to be a critic admitedly

Also what the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you eat lettuce on a pizza??

What do you do?

Super secret reasons.

I will HUNT YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's only because ikt is here

Not in public at least

Aww she's taken off his stuff from his YT :(

I'm really good at hide and seek.
Unless you're Darwin, he can find me anywhere somehow.
I was gone for like 8 months and he somehow found a video of me flossing my teeth to confirm I was alive.

But what are the super secret reasons

Why was there a video of you flossing your teeth?

Are you telling tall tales again

He's like an overbearing butler

It was a scholastic endeavor.

I love it.

Well, love it beside the severe anxiety that comes with being watched and judged at all times.

The longer one has to wait for the meal
the tastier it is

Dewgong's an e-stalker

He keeps track of every time you make a grammar mistake

Gay sociopath bishounen anime is my aesthetic


lol loser

Not allowed to say.

mfw i see poopaloo

Does anybody know what the visualizer is shown in the first 10 seconds on the top right?

Also getting it without Renoise itself.

My comma splices are what is going to drive us apart in the end.

That gif scares me pls no spider

clockwork must have sent him a picture of his penor


you're afraid of spiders ?

N-no! I love them.

There have been recent allegations that you're involved with Goggles sexually

What do you have to say on the matter?

Maybe he's an editor

That would make sense

Because it's thick and filling, and healthy too. It's just not exciting.

It's this stuff, so I'm fairly sure it's not something you would know of, and if you do, I'd be incredibly surprised:ød

I can only think of 1 thing that doesn't work on pizza, and that's pineapple. You can throw pretty much anything else on it.
Lettuce is pretty common on pizza actually

Comp.sci. Fifth semester starts tomorrow. Or the introduction for the fifth semester anyway

That doesn't make you not gay!

Dunno, he doesn't tell me things like that.

He just has an amazing cock is all

I guess he's probably just a rogue AI

tech me computering


I suppose there's no problems then

We have Rye Breadin America but It's certainly a bit different from this it seems

This looks kind of tasty especially covered in that cream looking stuff

also thank god
pineapple pizza is a an abomination

but i have to be honest
I've yet to see any lettuce on pizza ever

maybe I will try next timme there is one here

it sure sounds likea good idea

Good post

I hope not. It is much more difficult to lust after a rogue AI.

No, stop. I love them so much you can't post them.
Pls no

You already know a whole lot yourself

It is amazing, but when you know what it is, it doesn't sound tasty anymore. It still is though, and I would highly recommend it
grounded liver

Yep, pineapple totally ruins it.
That's a thing I noticed too when I visited America. You guys don't really have too many different kinds of pizza. Here you can get pizza with pretty much any kind of meat under the sun, including fish. Dressing is somewhat common too, and pizza with kebab, dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber seems to sell well in pretty much any town.
Ever had pizza with fries? Or egg? Can get that here too

Its none of your business.

thx friend

You really think someone would just do that? Just go on the internet and spread rumors?


They're only rumors if they're not true.

There's something I like to get alaot here that is a breakfast pizzaa

It's like a pizza but the tomato sauce is replaced with cheese sauce, eggs under an outside shell of cheese and often bacon and sausage but just straight egg or egg topped pizza is a bit odd

and You'd think you'd be able to get fries on your pizza lol but I've yet to see that

you're afraid of spiders but tangeled so deep in the web of the king of them all

aren't you just the most adorable

not rly tho but f1 soon so im gonna slow down

hey can you into music? i need to find a thing

we smugposting?

You can put it in control of a thrusting dildo machine or something

Don't you want to suck dick?

Declining to comment on such a controversial issue is suspicious

It was just a prank

The thrusting one we sell doesn't need more help.

Two completely different kinds of spiders.

Did you test drive it?

I'm not sus af fame

I didn't understand anything after "I'm not"

I told you. It doesn't taste anything like liver though, and it really is incredibly tasty.
Works well with bacon too

If you can eat it, then it can go on top of the pizza. That seems to be the general consensus here in Europe.
Breakfast pizza sounds pretty good

Guess that soon means less Ikt, rip ;_;
Uh... I rarely listen to music though, what's on your mind?

Yeah, but I'm gay

I'm thot.

Definitely not!

I have no problem with spiders

but if we're goig to be webmates i think you should conquer your fear

Europe sounds like a hell on Earth

Thot begone

I don't know if I'm going crazy or not! There's this artist who makes nice music:

And I vividly remember him having uploaded a clip where he makes a sound effect from a simple nothing to a something sounding amazing but I can't find it back anywhere. Pretty sure it's this artist (she) but I can't find anything.

Cute little sub


-pets your hair- :3

Get with the times.

Goodnight everyone including the ones who don't like me.

I'll work on it.

I need sleeps 'cause work tomorrow.

Have sweet dreams kiss

brb!!!! F1!!!!

Maybe Verstappen finishes a race today

Since the cat girl sex shop loli is leaving, I'm going to go crawl back under an anime rock instead

Sleep well


why? Because you can have anything on pizza?

uh... nope, I don't know. I haven't heard of that artist before, I'm sorry. I can't help

Not cute though

Enjoy the race!

My buddy came over and roled Jitsu with me and my younger brother today

we went like 4 rounds with each other and each took about the same amounts fighgting my brother
and we both got whoomped
I normally get beat when I roll with him
But recently he's developed a very strong and high on the thigh half guard that was extremely hard to handle

today he tapped me out with an armbar from bottom guard
a 10th planet move called the 100 percent from bottom guard
and he even got me in a mounted triangle

he didn't even struggle with my younger brother just toyed with him
and admitedly my younger brother is new and all so that's understandable but still, watching from the outside it's just like playing with a ragdoll

he's 30 pounds on me and 4 or so inches but he's also 3 years younger than me

It's frustratng always getting bullied by him but at the same time it's kind of nice to have someone to have to push so hard to keep up with
He's the most dominant and leader of our sessions so it really is something to tap him
but recently I've been getting sort of anxious just thinking about it even rlling with my brother

I start thinking about going and then I get jittery in my stomach and almost sick but like it's not that intense just kind of there
usually goes away after starting the roll but it's almost a deterrent

I'm just glad my younger brother decided to join up though
the only way we can take him on I feel is if we train more often because he doesn't train much only rolls on rolling days

it makes me remember syrup sandwhiches

yeah there's a thing called civilization that we've developed here in our first world country

maybe someday we'll share some with your primative wasteland they call "yuropo"

Is too late for that now


America's hat

Sooo you live in Denmark

have you ever been to any of the other [flag countries] like sweden or wales?

I'm off, goodnight cutie

Norway, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Holland and the US

not cute.
Goodnight, sleep well

I've never been to spain

but I kinda like the music

What's italy like?
Always hear everyone talking about how beautiful it is

Is cypruss an island?


We have a czechoslovak village district here near cedar rapids and a large czech population there

whats the actual place like?
I think echo is from there fi I remember right.....

Holland is where the vodka was from
that leaves a sour taste in my mouth buut what did you think of it?

I think Bas Rutten is also from Holland unless I'm mistaken

and other thoughts on meme norway and big countries england germany and france?

Also obligatory what do you think of america?

I myself have never been a huge traveler but I've been across most of the great plains of america up to the northwest

never ever taken a trip out west and never had the chance to visit the south east or eastt

would have to say that the hills of the norttheast are beautiful

but the plains have a charm of their own

what the heck

where did everybody go

i can't hold this whole thread up by myself guys the weight is unbearable


Italy is pleasantly warm, nice place to go during the summer. Been a few places like Venice, Pompeii and Rome. Was pretty

Yeah, Cyprus is an island. Were there when I was just a little kid.

Yeah, it was a bit different, lol.

Czechs don't live in Croatia, they live in the Czech Republic~

Can't remember too much of it to be honest, even though I was there not too long ago.

Eh, it was alright. Didn't go there because of vacation, but because of studies. Study trips and so, you could ask Ikt how it is~
Only been to Amsterdam.

Norway is just Denmark but with mountains everywhere.
And I'm not sure what to feel about those countries.. They're countries :3

Hard to say. Only spent time exclusively in Seattle during my month visit there, so hard to say.
Would have preferred to go elsewhere. Never been a fan of cities

That's the second time just recently I forgot to attach a picture, fuck!

that was a great post

but you fucked it up

That's me. I fuck shit up

my dad used to live in seattle and he tells me fondly of his memories there but he also says it was a shitty city with all the hsitty city problems all shit cities have

never been myself but talking with him that's a pretty positive review so in my mind it's got to be a decent place

then again that was the 90s

20 years ago

my dad was my age when he had me

had served in the armed forces
worked in a traveling carnival

held down multiple jobs

and here i am working kfc college dropout doing jack shit with my life

what is happening to our country If I'm indicaitive of the average ameriacan

A lot does happen in 20 years, but the place was just fine

Same here. Dad is 50, I'm 25, and I've never even worked a job in my life.
Seems to be the norm today


I guess if it's the same in europe I don't feel so bad about it

Hu you're so old
i didnt know you were my senpai

My fellow students are a few years younger than me too, it kind of sucks

got any siblings or are you an only childl?

I've always been the oldest so never had a senpai ;

Sharing rent with my younger brother since my previous roommate moved out cause he found studies to be too hard. So I got one, and am the oldest too.


i also have an otouto

How old is yours?

mine is like 14 or 15

23, so not much younger

oh god h-he's so old.....

Don't look it, is fine

so what do you even do when you're that old car.......?


Same you will some day. Post on an anonymous image board with a name and play games.

Don't even have a driver's license

oh god...what kind of future is that....................................

one that sucks

interesting that you have no liscense

I also don't have oe but I can get away with it living in a small town

How do YOU survive without a liscense?

Your city probably has a superior public transportation system huh

Shit's expensive as fuck and I have no use for car, so don't want to yet.

I live right next to the bus terminal, and bus runs like every fifth minute, and I also live like a 5min. walk from where I study and the grocery store is right across the street as well. I've no real use for one at all.

Maybe, I guess. Comes with being the third or fourth largest town and the university being nearby

And also not living in the bizarre american landscape where everything so retardedly widely spaced out for no god damn reason that it makes walking places impossible.

I feel a lot of people don't understand just how big that difference is.

back to bed with you

sounds like you've got it made my dude

take me w/ u

So far it's all good

Yeah, should both get sleep~

about that....I slept from about midnight to 2 a.m or so and Its just thrown everything off



That doesn't sound good at all. Will you be alright for work?


Can someone string together a lengthy well-flowing insult for a stupid/dumb person?

Verstappen had a shitty race again :D

wow thanks for asking

I'm lucky enough to be scheduled in at 5 pm and we get to close at 9 so I could probably walk in with no rest til then and be cool if not a lil miffed cause thats nothing for hours at all

but thank

no u

take you with hu


gonna need a king size at least

I was wondering where you where

morning threadding started an hour ago

what's up autism chan

I hear the same often about the Dane. Guess our racers both suck :3

You'd still probably be better off with some sleep at least, even if it's just a little..

Just you!



yeah, Hu's a fatty, gonna need a king sized for him


I stayed up late playing Smite. I got diamond Loki thanks to omnipotence


My younger brother has been playing Smite recently too

That's a weird coincidence

what exxactly is it?

you know what they say about guys with big bones

Verstappen's got trouble with the engine, but today he got hit by Massa which ruined his tire. Still finished 10th after being set back from 5th or so to 20th.

KMag drives a Haas so they're meh.

Third person moba type game. Plays completely different from league or Dota

I only play when it's Omni

They have tiny dicks?

I like your thinking

Really I do

it's just I think instead I'll indulge myself with drink and smoke

y-yes, I'm fat, this is it!
And nah, you head off to bed with him


That's still pretty good given the circumstances.

Yep, rarely even finishing in the top 15 during qualification.

Squid in full bully mood already

What got YOU into playing that?

wow, nah, should definitely sleep instead

how would you like it i

f I posted in your thread

and told you to go to sleep?

You did just now, didn't you~?
I'm feeling indifferent

Why is it that I'm always getting bulllied

but when the time comes I just

I don't have the heart to bully back


Is okay, shh ♥

I think I'm gonna go cook. This thing takes quite a while.
Be back in like 2 hours

Go cook! Cook! :D

I'm too lazy to think up fat jokes to keep this going.

fuk u skeleton

best mode

see you hu chan have a tasty meal

Alrighty, have a good one

I prefer fat jokes anyway.
Gotta go cook




My friends were playing it a long time ago. We started when it first released, and I got a free skin from a thing

i had thought it was a super old game.....That would make sense

Well is it much fun?

It's okay. I only play during Omni because the other game modes aren't very fun to me

i fucked my sleep schedule by 5 hours and now everything hurts

Nvm i cant do math when i wake up i meant 9 hours

Better than all these dick jokes for sure!



Damn, thread died


Wish the vacation wasn't over

Good morning! How are you all doin today?

For the most part going alright here.
How's you?

I'm glad things are goin alright, I woke up not too long ago & still trying to wake up.

Still in bed too?

My body is sore and i dont want to do anything but sleep is not an option :/

It's all that fapping you do

Apparently the Patholgic devs are doing a russian Q&A and I have some hot off the press translations if you want them of various stuff they've answered that I don't know the significance of and aren't reading into too much because it's like, gameplay details. It seems like stuff that might interest you, I dunno. You seemed fairly hyp for gam.


at most its only 3 times per day
ive retired from my old fapping fanatics


3 sounds like a decent amount of times

Protein shakes

Protein is good for you




Come now, you're making it too easy to arrest people

The joke is i'm undercover.
Or am I?

Not sure. It makes you wonder though
Why can the FBI hold and use illegal material for the purposes of catching others who also use and have their own such material.
Do they think the means justifies the ends?
Either way, they break their own laws to catch those who also break the law

loli is completely legal here where I live.

Not in every part of the US. Same with Canada, it's in a grey zone where I live, but largely viewed as illegal

its more like one or two 3 is rare

tina is bae

Makes two of us.
Usually 2, it's only 3 if it hasn't been possible to rub one off during a few days

anywhere in the US can fight against it if taken to court. Freedom of speech protects it as long as the characters depicted aren't based off of real people and the person detained doesn't also harbor actual cp. It's just a matter of having a good lawyer or knowing what the fuck you're talking about. It is illegal in canada, yes. Here in America you can always fight it in court and win.

and also you are on an imageboard where the images arent saved to your pc. temp files can't be used against you.


well i always get off unless i completely forget to which is as rare as the 3 a day

my thermometer dropped down to 80F for once. I think summer is finally receding :)

Wake up earlier to make it 2!

It's been too damn cold here today, even had to sit on my hands for some time to warm them

fist yourself to keep them warm like ikt does

welp, time to go to church.

No, never

Have a good one