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I always just thought of her as a slut.
never really anything more than that


AAA, how are you all.2 electric boogaloo




That's because she was a HUGE slut. But she had a great chest and hips, and showed off that midriff and thighs. Mmmm.

North Korea says it has developed 'advanced hydrogen bomb' as Trump, Abe discuss 'escalating' crisis

hows you

A large earth tremor has been detected in North Korea, raising speculation that the country has carried out its sixth nuclear test.
US seismologists said the 6.3 magnitude quake in the north-east of the country was a "possible explosion".

I'm p good, yo. What's new with you?



Griffy where you at boi.

Hi Welma


Griffin, do you need a hug?

Well I'm not going anywhere. How's life been since last we were talking on Steam? Any work? Reading?

I need answers but I know nobody is smart enough to have them. And the ones I have, I hate. A hug means they can just, all go away. But then what is the meaning behind anything we feel in life? Intellectualization is a Freudian defense trope.

Griffy we're both well aware that I'm more than smart enough. C'mon.

It's been... over a year almost. So it went really bad. Then way better.
a bunch of reading. Almost all of Trump's Executive orders.
I'm something of a programmer now. I'm sorta really good at it.
I need to put some of that good stuff on my GitHub so future employers.

Smart enough to say that there's no right answer to my questons. I'm smart enough to know that. This makes this harder than easier.

I bet you kiss girls faggot.

I do remember right before we parted ways you were dabbling in it, and expressed interest. I'm actually really proud of you for hammering those skills out. What happened that went bad, and what happened that went well?

And hey, I can only take a crack at the problem. But it's what I'm good at.

gib discord.

Kanra, you aren't smart enough for answers. You aren't even smart enough to ask the right fucking questions. You're an idiot and a waste of space.

Bye Welma

Fool, someone reamed me out for thinking I was being a dick to you. I was, but that's part of our thing. I'm a dick to you, and get better at being a dick to you, and you question your motivations, making you better thanks to me.

That last sentence? That wasn't even genuine. It's arrogant bants. I actually hope you do well at your art. I'd actually want to know if I'm wrong about your philosophy, but also don't want to destroy it if your self worth is riding on it.

that's the long and short of it.

Oh yea all the cool kids use that now don't they. Hold on I'll make an account and we can have a chat.


I don't question my motivations at all. Know thyself, Kanra. It's the first maxim. I know why I do the things I do and I do them anyways. It's what makes me free. I am entirely sincere in calling you worthless, because you have no worth.

Calm down, man, you're just being an asshole.

Listen kid, he's way too smart for all of us. So smart that he only seeks the truth and yet he refuses to see anything from any other point of view than the preconceived one he already has. Your tiny philistine brain just can't comprehend the truths that don't actually exist.

Know thyself is the first maxim, but I was under the impression that's impossible to do. Many methods devised to accomplish things for thousands of years, passed down in schools and culture and language, have been proven wrong or inaccurate.

Do you know Derek Parfit? Or Robert Sapolsky?

I think you shouldn't consider this place anything other than a novel sort of zoo for the observation of quirkiness and social repression in sexual delinquents, griffy.

Self realization is entirely possible. Sure many cultures developed their own ways, but that doesn't make it impossible.

Parfit I know what he writes about though I don't know his work personally. I'm not interested in him. Humans are more than the sum of their parts.

And yet I don't care.

The truth of the matter is that all he wants is approval. He doesn't care about the truth. He cares about people telling him he's a good and clever boy because his daddy didn't tell him that when he was a kid. It's funny to me that you're accusing me of that.

Please be more convincing.

Because I think that's shallow.

It's not a shallow observation, it's a shallow place we're observing. There is little to nothing here of value to you or your betterment, griff. I'm trying to set up discord, do you have one we could chat at?

These people aren't novelties, you fuck head. They're actual human beings with hopes and dreams, fears, anxieties. To treat them as anything other than that is repugnant.

I can't sleep.

I sorta just want to put all my preconceived notions on ice. I developed them to protect myself and try to understand a vast and terrifying world, but I don't want them anymore.

If you ever want the modern take on the human self, as science tells us, look up Robert Sapolsky and Derek Parfit.

Sapolsky can get pretty science heavy, but he's usually good at getting around that.

if you really care to learn about what we are, you shouldn't turn your back on neuroscience...

You people are majorly socially disjointed and are only here because your sense of self is plagued by pathologies.

DM. add

I sincerely wonder if Kanra's autistic rants are legitimately what keeps him from killing himself.

Hold your breath until you pass out. Do it face up though so you don't suffocate.

I'm not interested in the scientific take. Let the scientists do the science, leave the rest to the philosophers. I'm interested not in the formula, I don't care about the how.

Everyone has their own demons, you cretin.

I'm in call with some friends.

I'm not sure the pursuit of the intellectual is what you need right now. Relying too heavily on the mind and its comprehensive powers will leave you imbalanced. The pre-frontal cortex and the amygdala are equally as important to the cohesiveness of a personality and its experience of lucidity. The intelligence has a tendency to fall in love with its own creations, griffy. It stops looking for solutions elsewhere, and misses what makes us human in the process.

Give me an email and we can talk.

Oh well have one of them sing you a lullaby.

so, I knew you thought this way. you've expressed it many times before. and it's my biggest gripe with you. tell me how to let go of science. tell me how to let go of what I know about neuroscience and DNA and alzheimers and schizophrenia and dementia and the amygdala and motor functions and sense and experience.

Tell me how to view a world where none of these things are tied to the evidence of science.

I dont' like being sung to.

jeez grandpa

get a discord

I need to let... go. but then I have nothing.

Cool, I'll add you in a moment, I just have to make an account.

I don't discredit science, when they discover something I believe them. I'm not at all antiscience, I firmly believe that a strong society needs scientists. If I were in charge I'd increase the budget for various scientific institutes including NASA. What I look at, what I'm interested in is the soul, why are humans like this, the human condition, etc.

Read this, it's the simplest explanation, which will be good for your small little mind.

No? I don't mind it, though I much prefer gentile cooing.

I want someone to lie next to me while I have my face in their chest while they watch TV and then as I start falling asleep they pull me in tight and just let me sleep in their arms.

I've done something similar. It is one of my favorite memories.

Well I'm trying but it keeps throwing up an error. Not even kidding. Gimmie a minute.

It's something I miss so badly.

I miss it too. That's the problem with paradise. Once you get a taste, everything else is a disappointment.

So a bunch of philosophers break into the headquarters of science, and beat up Richard Dawkins and Neil D. Tyson, saying

science only says how, it doesn't say what.
science does not give us meaning, philosophy seeks to determine that.
science doesn't give us morality, and immoral things have been done in the name of science

But what reason would a philosopher ever have for ignoring something science has an answer for, if it's related to their philosophical dilemma?

Make of life what you will,
but when looking at an aspect of life,
I can't see a reason why you wouldn't check out the science first.

Alright got one working, jesus christ. Hit me with another link, please, griff.


They don't ignore it, they don't dismiss it, it just doesn't apply to their pursuits. Camus wrote that the only real philosophical problem is suicide. He means that the all the rest is merely a game. The only thing is whether or not life is even worth living, we can do everything else after we determine that.

Because the science can't tell you whether something is valuable, whether a thing is even worth it. Science can't tell you that life is worth living.


I don't exactly agree with Kanra, but he's closer to the bullseye than you on this topic. Nietzsche would like a word with you.

Kanra stop biting.

But if you have a standard for value, logic and reason should be able to tell you what is more valuable than something else.

eg. the mass of gold

There is no such thing as science, really. There is only the universe, and the properties of that universe. Those properties can be broken down and understood, a century ago it was the atomic level, but now we see things on a neuronal level. We can make rats unlearn things. We can create addiction in animals. We can completely shape their conception of reality, sense of direction, their decision making... and we know that almost every mammal has generally the same parts of the brain, and they do the same sorts of things.

We know how to make a mouse utterly fearless and ruthless towards its peers. What can philosophy say about that?



hi, bye

What's like the discord nowadays?

Nietzsche would talk about how all the old ways are garbage and that we must take responsibility for our lives. You clearly haven't read him.

Logic and reason can't dictate value because there is no universal standard. All standards and values are arrived at only through philosophy, governments, economies, all of these are based on philosophy first and foremost.

Value not meaning a numerical thing, not literally how much of a thing we have. Are you actually retarded?

We don't need to worry about the universe because the universe simply doesn't care.

It would depend on the philosophy. My philosophy wouldn't give a shit about any of it because that's not what it's concerned with. Others would consider the moral implications, some would argue that it's just an issue of language and how we define things.

Also Nietzsche would talk about how he's the greatest philosopher ever and everyone else is stupid. I'm not the biggest fan of his.

No, Nietzsche would tell you that there are underlying substructures comprising the foundation of your capacity for certainty in the realm of knowledge you deem justifiably reliable to call objective, and that these structures have collapsed under the weight of the freedom afforded to those who adhered to the quintessentially Christian claim that the salvation from tyrannical ideological dictatorships comes only from the enlightened individual, and that this idea once comprehended by larger society will result in the collapse of the framework which built it.

Now don't dare question my knowledge of my main man Fred ever again or I'll spend the next 20 minutes deconstructing everything you've written in this thread and the last to the point you'll start crying.

im being told to close this tab.

what standard does philosophy have? how do they know if one is better than another? i'll close this tab now.


hi bard

okay, actually closing this tab.

helloooo there


That's literally what I said, numb nuts. Nietzsche would say that all that matters is the will to power. God is Dead, we are responsible, and we must take control of our lives. Religion is a crutch that promotes weakness, society is inhibiting, all that matters is the individual.

Now do it. Deconstruct what it is I've said. Because I am very familiar with both Structuralist and Deconstructionist theory.

Philosophy has no standard because there is no such thing.

Where's Emma

How's things, Bardo?

:3 hi


I have no idea. Why don't you ask her?

You're not Emma.

You said hi earlier tho, let's go from there~

hi elma I think the people who lived in this house before us had fleas or bedbugs or something

icovered in itchy bites

whats up with you?

Damn, that sounds mighty unfortunate x_x Bedbugs mean you basically gotta burn everything lmao I hope it's fleas I guess :p

nm just stoned waiting to pass out. Reading some articles and shit idk

fuck , for real

I've dealt with them before and had to throw out basically all my stuff

I'm gonna be pissed if I have to get rid of the 5 or so things i have left

i think ill burn some with you tonight


so where you living now anyway? gimme deets, diggy.

over by the 4 lane higway in thesame town

got a super small room thats like 8 by 10 so that kinda sucks and its on the second floor so thats another shame

aside from that and the bugs it's okay

better than nothing anyway

liveing with my mom and brother now

You do get your own room though, right?

Oooh, I see I see.


She's a cutie

yes that is nice

Hi hu pony :3 whats u p with youtonight?

and everyone was drinking around here tonight so I have vodka and ginger beer too :3

It can be a pain living with someone else and sharing the same room if you don't got similar schedules.

Nothing much. Woke up, fapped, showered, shaved, shopped, got breakfast and coffee, now here. Not really looking forward to tomorrow.
Enjoying yourself?

She's one of my favorite dumb bimbos in that anime so far

That's what I thought, you dumb mother fucker.


Fool is very rude sometimes

so what happens tomorrow that you're not lookuing forward too?

And it's going okay so far

I got to spar with my brother and my school friend today so im super sore all over

She a cute!

Back to school. I'm too lazy

Hehe, just like you are everytime~
Sounds good though, healthy too

i'm not a masochist but it kind of feels nice

it's only a light soreness though, not like the deep alll over the body soreness it was when I started out

so wait it must be suday already huh...

gonna miss you hu chan ;~:

will you at least leav spec behind for us to enjoy ;~:


I hate and love WataMote at the same time

Yes but she makes questionable choices


I've missed you. How is China?

Hi Erio.

Always good when exercising feels nice.

Is Sunday, yep.
Nah, is fine, I'll still be here during the weekends, and very early on weekdays for a few minutes, as well as the afternoon/evening. Just 8 hours or so less every weekday

I wouldn't know about that

Hi bard also

wow okay say hi to orio and not your buddy in slavedom

well I'm glad you (hopefully) wont forget us

You are nice to have around in my own opinion

hehe hi there kiss shot :3

Betcha feel real stupid now.

Hi darlin' how are you?

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon

better now that you're here

im having some fun with vodka tonight
but actually
it's not that much fun

what are you up to tonight?

I left and took an extended trip to Slovakia; just got back to America pretty recently

Super baked now

How're you? ^^

Hi Kissy

How are things?

She does explosions places where she shouldn't do explosions

You only say that because I ignore you 99 of the time.

as you should


I rarely talk to you, but I don't think you ever ignored me

I was just referring to your moods

Wowsers. I wanna travel :(

I was baked and now I'm not so much. It's my friday tomorrow^^ Been real good haha

She'll be expelled for that!

You are

You try to talk to me every time we are around at the same time.


They're humdrum. I just got home from work. It was a pretty bad day in terms of my sales performance so I'm a bit destitute about it.

Just got home from work, now playing sc2 campaign because I'm a nerd.


Space craft?


Slovakia was great

And yeah my dealer died while I was gone so I had to go talk to a black guy downtown

Have u not watched any of the anime

Literally haven't even been around at the same time as you in like a year, and that was far from the case back then

I think you told me you were 16 before

What kind of job do you have? :3



You absolutely have, and it was the case back then as well. You can try to save face all you want.

Welp. That sort of thing happens when you're playing the game :/

I haven't watched any anime, no

Good friend

o-oh gosh I don't know about that now........I guess I am good at being a friend huh? :3

And silly too~

my tummy is warm

I told the truth, and now I feel no need to argue further and "save face"

Peoples' opinions aren't really worth anything; the idea that I should care is kind of disgusting to me

I have the collective in a total eclipse of EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

My A S S blots out the sun of mankind; all illusory value of your worthless lives is D R A I N E D as my radiant shadow COVERS the repugnant false light of the vulgar Sun

luv u guys though

Kind of sad about it

He wasn't my first dealer, but he was the person who introduced me to weed

I'm six episodes in and the anime she's from is pretty good

Try it for the cute anime girls


I work at a sex store, they made an exception for me .


That's bullshit but I believe it

How's your girlfriend? ^^

It's true though, that's where I work.


I think I'm gonna cook a fancy dinner for her this Tuesday.

warm tummy best tummy

Eh, I don't know..



If you wish~

Do you get an employee discount?

Are you the feminine one? ^^

I don't know if I'd watch it sober either

So anyway, how are things? Why haven't you killed yourself yet? You procrastinator, you

40% off anything and everything.

Not necessarily. She just can't cook lol ;3

Not worth it then


Isn't it illegal for you to buy them if you're 15?

I think she probably strap-on fucks you

I'm sure you'll find the courage

In the mean time, just keep picking internet fights

Whatever distracts you from your miserable life

Feminine boys like you seem to like anime though


Yes, it's a horrible catch-22

they always say be careful what you wish for

but I think this is fine

we take turns

I'm not like most feminine boys

Wolfgirl is good too after all

Sorry, I don't subscribe to the "low energy responses = winning responses" paradigm

You're about 20 points behind in this petty game you started

Just stay in school, gurl

Your personality kind of changed back to how it was before ^^

What kind are you?


*shrugs* I still don't know what you mean :3

A gay Jack, I guess

Gonna sleep?


There was a period of time where you came off as more cold and serious is all

How are you like Jack

Are you going to hang all the furries

-pets you, softly whispering "your waifu is a dumb bimbo" as I stroke your hair-

Oh good, the two lovers reunite.

I was living on a kitchen floor at the time, cut me some slack~

nouu not yet uuu

He is.
Unironically Danish National Socialist. Closest thing you're going to get to a legitimate classical Nazi, just like Jack.

you looked at me scary earlier

how a loli bimbo

He's twice as hung tho


and gays
and give commies free helicopter rides



It's okay ^^

Do you have a nice bed now?


He just comes off as a shy femboy

She does dumb things like explosion-ing that demon castle every day

She's kawaii though

My apologies, something was fucky with my Holla Forums user experience.

It's true, I know from experience.


I dropped out of school, it was too hard.

:3 nouuuu not yet!!

Anyone who sees argumentativeness in that is an idiot

What are your plans? too now that i think of it...

good morning anyways:3

He's that too. Amazing little body underneath it all.

G'mornin' Bard. How's your mornin'?

I like her bed. That counts, right?


soon then


i need one


its coming along okies I'm drinking something super gross and watching BJJ videos whata re you up to mr spec?

gnome-screensaver or xscreensaver

Good morning


okay mom :3





He's also incredibly cute when embarrassed.

An amazing ass, hips, and thighs too, the whole package was incredible really when I knew it.

What are you drinking, and what are BJJ videos?
I'm up way later than I should stressing over an activity I have planned tomorrow because I have this weird anxiety that I embarrassed myself in front of some friends recently and keep thinking things will be awkward around them now.
But it's likely nothing, so I'm just trying to relax with some music and maybe a re:creators episode.


#!/bin/bashif [[ -f /tmp/screen.png ]]; then rm /tmp/screen.pngfiscrot /tmp/screen.pngconvert /tmp/screen.png -scale 10% -scale 1000% /tmp/screen.png[[ -f $1 ]] && convert /tmp/screen.png $1 -gravity center -composite -matte /tmp/screen.pngexec i3lock --nofork -i /tmp/screen.png &


The purest slut.

Oh, damn, you really went user again


Even I have some concept of honor, even if I don't always want to

His fascism comes from a deep need to be dominated

Do you live there?

Move somewhere with low age of consent

Had a friend who did something like that. Actually, he did exactly that, lol.

Drinking yucky black cherry/vanila vodka and ginger beer mix

its awful

and is what am watching

i thought it was weird seeing you this time of night!!

I hope you can go see your buddies again
I bet all the worry is up in your head..
we all do embarassing stuff sometimes

It was p fancy but this is my lock screen now it just switches somewhat very buggily

wow not to stick my dick in yo

He's a horrible tease with all of it though.

This, but unironically.
But I'd fuck a hot Nazi any day.

I hate it.

What would you do with a Megumin?

They dressed pretty hot

Looks like it's shifted quite a bit to the left

How about you just fuck each other to let out some of all that sexual frustration you got?


I like the off-centre thing.

No you.

my uber driver has autism

I think it wants to yiff you.

Off-centre? I'm not sure, it seems like there's a line going from the top to bottom of the display right next to the login box.

Yes you both!


That sounds horrible. Why?

What is this? What are they doing? This looks like it could get lewd but it won't, and that's shit.

It's the weekend, I'll usually be here this time of night on weekends Bardo.
It very likely is, it usually is, so we'll see. It'll be something to laugh at later either way.

Poor Ikt... constant blue balled.

Pls no uniform fetish.

Yes, you should. Ikt needs it bad.

Eh?????? H-hhonti nii~ ??

Be worthless and work low wage jobs until my parents make me move out, then shack up in a bad part of town with 8 roommates so that I can afford rent.

Nothing will be enough to satisfy that amount of lust

This made me eel a little sad....

Too close to home?

Gimme dat ass.

Anyhow is ok

rip me

Very English good yes

well I don't have anything else to drink so this has to do

I dont drink alot but the option was there so i thought why not

also they are fightig!!

Also I like seeing you around too
it's not the same without you and hugepony

even if you guys are new

That wasn't directed at Fool but a specific other person

Please no one try to hide behind user while talking to me; I can pick up your scent

This has been a wildlife safety PSA

That is lewd though

I don't have one most of the time

Stay open to finding your passion

I'm sure she'd like her ass squeezed a little bit.

There is no money in loli vampires.


They... are I guess. I'm not really even sure what happened. Like, I don't even understand how the one girl in the purple won, I don't see what she did.


Good. Good, keep it that way.
I spent an hour and a half today trying to find suitable art for a Sheriff's deputy, and you have no idea how frustrating it was to have to sift through mountains of "sexy cop slut outfit". Holy shit.

She did something called a heel hook!

Basically you crook your enemies foot in your armpit and then you pull it tight and roll with your opponent you'll tap them~

if my drink sounds so gross.....what do you like to drink?

A Russian dude's overhauled my homepage and turns out I used some Russian anime shit but what is the anime?

ur megumin


Oh, it's Бесконечного Лета.


Много чего пошло под выпил. Много чего подчищенно;



wtf can a real russian translate this


I'm not the one starting it, you were.
You and Speccy

Well I do appreciate somebody finally making a nice and sensible fork with a theme.

Technically your presense!

Water, and cum

Oh- I see...

I don't. :3

I think Infinite Summer is a visual novel, I've heard of it before.

I made woomy images for ban, but he is not here.

How are you doing my friend?

I don't know; I can think of some loli-vampire-related things that could make money, but maybe the loli vampire industry is mostly a Japan thing

How much did you need? There must be an unfathomable amount of sexy cop slut outfit pictures if it took that long to find like a few pictures


I need some low-key anime background packs.

5cm/s but too depressing
Soviet Union the VN but too Russian
What more!

It's only lewd cause I'm posting Megumin. So we're both contributing to the lewd here

Yeah I found a description and it's p neat.


Megumin isn't lewd.

i think i'dlike to share a drink sometime

I'm okay I suppose, staying up way too late again as usual. How's you?

I can't draw or art or anything like that which is where it would be.

ehh? tat takes me for a surpruise yuou realy dont drink?

She can be if she wants to be

Jeeez. That wasn't the kind of response I was expecting

sorry I was sitting at a bad angle and getting lazy with my typing

Would you a-ask him for me sometime....?

You're lewd.


I fell asleep really early and just woke up lol.
Been sorta stressed out with having so much responsibility managing all these people, but I'm doing alright. Been watching anime a lot and sleeping whenever I can.

anta baka

I mean, I could..

I just happen to find slightly lewd images of Megumin cute

I just needed like two or three good character art pics of a damn Sheriffs deputy, but all I kept getting was old west sheriff, or if I tried looking up policeman or police officer, it was shitty MS clip art, or sluts. Especially When I tried Deviant Art, that was a huge mistake.

It's free on Steam.

I really don't. Why?


All Megoo images are cute.

Yeah but I don't do VNs and I already ripped the bgds from the guys fork \o/

sorry..i'm just so terribly shy.....

give me what I need

But some are cuter than others

I asked him for you, is alright now

Come get it.

Yes true.

w-wait I didn't mean right now....o-oh god what do I do......d-d-d-doushio....

Holy SHIT it's 5AM

I wonder what Megumin does with that staff she's sexually attracted to in private

You can start

Create your own vampire lolis


Did you try different search engines/making sure SafeSearch was on?


you dastardly temptress.
Making me work for it

I don't know. His response was just "wat", twice.

She's already got excalibur

Well fine then!
I'll play it!

Tried Google, Bing, and Duck. Tried without safe search, that got me either cyber punk robo cop, even more old west cartoonish stuff, and tons more clip art.
It was suffering.

tried with* safe search I meant to say...
Either way, I tried both.



Speaking of uniforms, Tanya is a great waifu

I'm only six episodes in so I don't know this meme

TIL dist-upgrade ruins your shit

Why is my Google better


old ep

Im going back to bed.

it's too early to be this woke

Congrats North Korea

I just started the anime tonight and then I came here to shitpost about your waifu


just werks :^)

Megumin is too good for this wrold

It upgrades incompat packagees!

What are you doing managing people?
Manage me.
Manage my life.

Good plan, I will make my riches shortly.
Or I can marry into money.
Like, maybe some LA Hollywood movie art guy in his 30s.

libgd3 is incompatible for me and if you tell it to upgrade that package explicitly, it'll remove the 32bit version of it, as well as wine.
It shouldn't upgrade incompatible packages, what happened?, paste history

Viktoriya a best tho.

Nah nah, I needed art work, like drawn stuff that I could cut out and use as token, like pic related.

dist upgrade removes [email protected]

[email protected]

She's not in this world; she's in a world where people can use magic to steal her panties

Are you still e-dating Dewgong? How much money does he have?

Are you sure she's not kind of a dumb bimbo like ikt's waifu

And oh

email protected


I run a volunteer organization remember?

also im sleep again

Holla Forums a cunt
dist upgrade removes incompatible packages

Wow. Rude.

Aye. Turns out finding art like that, of a more modern Sheriffs deputy to use as character tokens, is a pain in the ass.

It also removes older versions which will no longer be used, I believe.
I've not had it fuck stuff up before though


If it wants to remove packages, read what it wants to remove, and decide whenever or not you hit before pressing N, then running an apt-get upgrade instead, which won't remove anything ever, I believe

just found a doujin where the guy makes the girl play basketball while he fucks her

I always hit Enter

I have no idea how much money he has.

Gunna go sleep more?

god i wish that were me

So you gave it permission to delete packages it thought wasn't in use, whoopsie~

all we need is a basketball bb

I gave it permission to delete almost every package except Steam.


when are you going to love me back

oooooh. Yeah, I think it wanted to do that on my laptop too since I removed the xfce4 meta-package, which dependencies are the whole desktop environment. Though that only happened when I ran an apt-get autoremove, which removes unused dependencies. In this case, that would be the whole desktop environment.
But that was caused by an autoremove, not a dist-upgrade, so I don't know

I'm shy.......

yeah idk what happened

I need you
do you understandu


check /var/log/apt/history.log and /var/log/apt/term.log
It should list what was installed, removed and upgraded

Play whatever games you want in response to this, but you should seriously consider stopping with the "I hate anyone who talks to someone I don't like" thing

Think about how it looks from an outside perspective

You were fun to talk to sometimes, but if you want to stay in your current mode, that's fine

I just think it would benefit you not to be like that. Not everyone is going to share the perspective that someone who's done mean things on the internet is deserving of the harshest reprobation, and people tend to just resent being given e-friend ultimatums. It just feels like playground shit that you're trying to justify with some exaggerated sense of morality

No aggression is intended in what I'm saying; I'm just being straightforward

Think about it


Just whip something up in MS Paint

Do you know his job

now relax
take it easy

Then I'd just use the clip art!
I could have saved myself an hour and a half.

Hire Kissy to draw a loli vampire sheriff's deputy



i just wanted to say that's a very cute anime girl

Were you actually e-dating him?

that's the spirit

We're married.

What are his prices?

I doubt the veracity of everything you say more and more

You're still cute though


It's already fixed tho.

I would almost never lie to you though.

oh god don't penetrate me with those piercing eyes

no biggie, not ruined



$5 lines/$10 colored/$15 shaded and stuff

LIMITED TIME LOW PRICES since his loli vampire drawing business just began now

I'm his agent

Who are you really

ur being a blood-chan

Wow, these are great deals! When can I expect it by?

ur ruined

I am just me.

wow cucked