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*waits patiently*


What are you waiting for? :o


How complicated? Complicated enough for you not being able to tell them you got feelings for them?






for this thread

Cant say.

I'm sorry... Hope it gets less complicated in the near future

reply in old thread squsih.

It has arrived



? :o



okay does anybody have a fucking picture of tokai
im trying to describe why im not gay for wanting to fuck boys





fuk thred

This seemed to work except I went xenial

doesnt seem to do shit though

That's bretty gay

After you said that i nutted to her twice and fell asleep for 20 minutes

Forgot I had this, love the filename. FUCKING 10/10

Might hook into Plasma. If you don't have some KDE packages installed, that might be why it doesn't work.
I don't know what else to do but to go full out KDE, compile from source which might not even be possible anymore, or drag&drop

Indeed it is.
Just like fucking traps

I don't think that's something Ikt would appreciate~

drag + drop it is then

wow fucking gtk autism

No dude, traps aren't gay

Its science.


this picture of him sucks post a different one

I don't suck dicks, I just like ASS

That is all you are getting and be happy about it.


It indeed is autism, it's seriously fucking shit. The devs are incompetent.
Though I guess a little something is going on

yes it is. Very gay!

Boy asses apparently, faggot

what the fuck how much autism can you have

You are starting to sound like garEE

Yeah, man. I don't discriminate against a good ass.


I've no idea. The patch apparently worked in 2015 and looked like this webm

But the ass has a dick!!

That is my life.

It's a clusterfuck and nobody wants to improve GtkFileChooser so we'll just keep stripping features from other things.

That's still gay.

Even an autistic fro/g/ can do this why cant the gtk peepz

i appreciated it and thats what matters :3


Why do you think Gnome3 sucks?
This is all the fuckers do

They even rejected the patch too. Cunts

I know I'm a faggot by the btw way I'm just trying to accurately describe the type of dude I'm down with

Not my problem, friend

Your death will be the real goof



She is cute after all


Looks like a fork might work. (hey that rhymes)

Why'd they reject the patch?


tfw kyle is just salty you're not into actual men and just cutebois


Hmm... Seeing new Firefox does use GTK3 and not GTK2, then you would be right. This one might work

Because GTK3 was in development, so "it would be best if you would develop the patch for GTK3 first, and then we decide whenever or not it'll be worth backporting it to"

RIP Luka

wtf but the gtk3 patch exists

how fucking big is your ego to deny a usable internet experience just because you don't like changes wtf

It does, but apparently it's not good enough for them yet.
Who knows what goes through the minds of these people

I guess the maintainers only really want to maintain their own code

"Why don't more people use Linux?"
"No wtf fuck off with your improvements"


And this is why so many different distributions exists, and desktop environments, even though many are based off Gnome such as Mate and Xfce

And each single one has a power-mad main-maintainer

Some mad maintainers are nice though

idk i now remember why i use windows

what the fuck how do you apply the damn patch even

Time for some stupid question of the day.
Since you were so pathetic some God gave you the ability of speed. With this ability comes 2 choices either you speed up your movements (as if you were Flash) or slow down time (similar to bullet time). You can only choose one.

I'd be the fastest man alive and fuck up timelines until all of humanity is erased

This is the only quarrel I have with Linux personally, whereas I got more with Windows, but to each their own~

Don't know, never tried it.
Might be something like git apply /path/to/patch inside the cloned repository

Windows a best.

lol no

If ever you crashed on to something while running at high speed then you'd be squashed.

The problem is that they claim you have infinite alternatives but they're all shit.

nah it's patch -p1 < durr.patch for some vague reason

now to compile that piece of shit

Yeah, there are ups and downs to all of them.

Oh, guess you figured it out then :3
Good luck, hope it works

Also how come I get to choose only one Zoom had two

Remember to build it as a package for easier installation
I think the following line might do the trick
dpkg-buildpackage -jX -us -uc -B -rfakeroot
where X is the amount of cores or threads your CPU got

Why did Kanra talk so much in the other thread ?

I can't figure out how to compile/build it since there's no configure to do ./configure with :shrug:

because I was abused a few months ago.

Him and Loco are getting a divorce.

maybe. Hopefully

Are you serious?

do you need to talk about it

You made me think that was the real thread.


How did it feel? Did it hurt? Does it still hurt? Did you scream? Tell me all
I'm an expert on the subject

Ban, go back

Jack abuses me.

I don't know.

Oh. I was going to ask Loco something in private, but once again they removed me.

I hate you. sincerely. truly.

are you joking? either you end up thinking I'm more pathetic than ever, or worse.
torn between wanting sympathy and wanting to understand and try and nothing works

You go back

Who even are you ?

i give up

vmware time

oh no, what a surprise, it doesn't work either.

what the FUCK do you want from me


I haven't had you added in maybe a year.

01000110 01010101 01000011 01001011 01011001 01001111 01010101 00100001

You can always have me, Kanra.

I thought its real abuse
Should have guessed
You cunts don't know pain. No death, no suffering

Do you have something less fucked up to post

Nice to meet you too ban.

Dude, you constantly belittle me under the guise of objective observation.

I never look at my steam list.

no u!

uh.... Virtualbox?


If something happened you need to talk about it. Either with me or with someone else.

I really have no idea though .

you first

VM I'm trying to run already has VMWare tools

the one the left was my favorite


Now I'm kind of sad that Loco never keeps me added on Steam.


look, I already know you tried to flip it on me, say I deserved it, and run off. What comes next is that you give yourself license to hurt me further.

or make fun of you
only doubt you
only doubt your friendship.

and you won't even condescend to explain yourself. that's why you people do. because you weren't thinking that you were being unfair, or mean, or that I was trying my best, all that matters is whether I was annoying, and that justifies being shit to me. kys. kys.


If it takes you that long to realise I'm gone i don't think you should be hurt by not being there.

other than Sab I only have Scoots and Tokai added because those are the ones I might realistically meet with soonish. i'll remove them if it makes you feel better.

I lost my shit when I saw it.

yes pls
pls add

There must be more

Animé wasn't a mistake.



Also you guys are a bunch of dickless pussies but then again this is nothing new

i don't have your thing you have to send me the friend request jim

It must take you a while to think of these complexities

Maybe I should have stopped to think before that one

That's just like clitless penises.

Oh, it originally had Vbox 4.3.14 guest additions already

wtf ros

Well, the error it gives is bullshit


It makes so much sense that in the end it does not
Also what the fuck Light where is the POWER in that music

I have. You actively ignore anything I say that doesn't lend to your narrative. I have told you what I find in your behavior is wrong, how you might go about fixing it, and reassuring you that I still like you.

Over the coarse of like, 4 years now.

If all the nights I stayed up way later than I should talking to you about your issues and taking your crap when you are in a mood and decided before to take it out on me like when I confronted you about how you were being a dick to me as Kanra while you were still pretending to be Leon then maybe it's your issue that you doubt that I consider you a friend.

You are probably one of the most narrow sighted people I know and only ever seem to want to over analyze and be critical of trivial issues that you find in others to the point of driving them into some wild and asinine analysis on the idea that you are some philosophical or higher intellect kind of person.

Maybe people would actually like you more if every conversation with you didn't devolve into a massive out about shit.

You have a litany of self obsession and trying to either make someone who also acts like that to like you, then you belittle them for a while, then you go back to being upset because you can't get them to like you.

I'm not even mad at you, but fucking hell dude. Either pull your head out of your ass and maybe level with people, or stop interacting with them.

But I'm sure you'll throw out what I say and just trail off into some asinine bant about how you're misunderstood and how everyone else is the issue.


But you know. Fuck me for being a simpleton.

He fucking did it, the madman.

The Mad dog.

I am just taking the piss.
I hardly use Steam as a chat client anyhow.

Yeah I removed VMWare after the ROS thing runs flawlessly with the new virtualbox tools

Also you can't be mad because I'm just stating this as a fact and that seems to be allowed.

Still love you, but seriously. Address your shit and actually work on it instead of coming down on others.

Did I just hear POWER?


Remind me not to piss Squash off

I'll legit leave that going for that hour, perfect background noise

I'm trying to compile the thing now to see if I can get the patch to work. Shit's sitting at Scanning upstream source for new/changed copyright notices... forever though

I'm an echo chamber of repressed sexuality and self loathing.

Hmmm patching was easy but I can't figure out installing the patched sources.

this ethan

i made this


Huggin' and squeezin' and kissin' and pleasin' together forever through
Rain or whatever
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you and me

bretty gud
papa bless


Someone just got fucking roasted

Gotta install the dependencies first, then run the command I linked here
It's compiling now.
You can check the dependencies with dpkg-checkbuilddeps then install them with sudo apt install --no-install-recommends $INSERT_DEPS_HERE

or I could upload the compiled package for you





I'm a /vg/ tripfag.

dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build-arch gave error exit status 2
or not

I thought you were from the same place as Mordin though.

Walk me thru ;;

Mordin is dead.

I don't know ;-;

I still talk to him sometimes.

Ah, the usual phrase when somebody tries anything on Linux.

Going to wank and go get ready for work.

Well tell him to say hello to his tulpas from me.


I wish it would tell me where it failed. Instead I get 12k lines of output and just

But I refuse.

Why so serious.

Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It’s not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I’m suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels like to lose all that?!

is that a sasuke quote

Make it more verbose.


Is Ban talking about his relationship with squid?

lol this faggot watches naruto

This kid.

we don't have one

But I don't

You on the other hand...

buncha fuckin' weebs

tis a shame
its a general stated fact that all the cool kids watch naruto


no you

Do you run like this ?

I'm sorry your fanfic is falling apart

I think it fails during some unit-tests which aren't updated for the patch and therefore fails, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, what I did was getting the source from the repository, then applying the patch and installing the dependencies and compiling it by doing:
sudo apt-get install cdbs gnome-pkg-tools gtk-doc-tools libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libpango1.0-dev libatk1.0-dev libatk-bridge2.0-dev libepoxy-dev libharfbuzz-dev wayland-protocols libxi-dev libxrandr-dev libxcursor-dev libxcomposite-dev libxinerama-dev libcairo2-dev libcups2-dev libcolord-dev librest-dev libjson-glib-dev gobject-introspection libgirepository1.0-dev xvfb libglib2.0-doc libatk1.0-doc libpango1.0-doc libcairo2-docdpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -j12 -B -rfakeroot

Too bad guys who run like naruto won't be as cool as this guy.

why are you copying me

gimme the deb

nah no one could handle me if i did.
besides im not into outside anyways so i dont need to run

the fan makes it cherry

I'm not though

can you even run ?

I will write it regardless

I got no deb

i was somewhat athletic before neeting but idk its been nearly 4 years

well im sorry

You should probably move at least a little.

For ?


i did 5 pushups last week.
i was sore for 2 days after

i don't know

did you talk to mordin

I don't know how to not run these dumb tests ;-;

Weak faggot.

I haven't but I could message him.


I might


I messaged him

his opinions are pretty funny

why dont you listen to me

lol. says the one that doesnt even watch naruto


sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /*

I have no reason to

go throw a knife at a tree you weeb

trees are outside

okay i was just asking

pls do that to my existence

Looks like it will be your turn again guys

Tree house

chmod 777 /dev/sluts/Hupony

chmod: cannot access '/dev/sluts/Hupony': No such file or directory


holy fuck this place is dead as ever

am getting tired


lets go to bed

same with my life

but compiling still fails ;_;

wow lewd

You'll now forever be haunted by that thing until GTK devs stop being silly.

same tbh

>You'll now forever be haunted by that thing until GTK devs stop being silly
There, fixed it for you

wow you thought of lewds I meant our own beds


kde is so much bloat

"we're just well-featured"

multiple people in a singular bed during summer is too hot!


Traps are gay

Am dead, night night

not here

Sleep well Hu

Can't you guys make a thread quickly on Holla Forums I'm bored and have nobody to bully

Just go to trash retard. I told you they're there

sry i cant warm u up



Holla Forums is my domain I can't betray my code and follow groups to other places

Why did you follow people here?

why not get drunk

why not kill self


ikt pls

Good bloody question first time I did that
I don't know.

I'm already drunk

obviously not enough


My snapchat is 🔥🔥

Aren't you a bloody genius
I'm writing that down

Kinda hesitant to drink more its a disaster every time

real men arent afraid of death

Definetly not slavs

That's my idea I'm gonna sell it to the CIA.

lol thats just propaganda dont be fooled

Not if I do it before you can

I dunno I'm having a constant 210+ bpm with a hangover every day
Fuck death

I always knew you were retarded, but this is next level contradiction


What VN is this again?

ingest salt to quell hypertension

A rachet looking one.


Pretty much everything that could be reasonably translated is translated. Movies got subtiles.

Pretty sure its a futa porn game

there is no need you just need to ingest healing beer
Meh, I'll go look for a new target

Go to bed Jack.

E pls
I'm just getting started. Besides, the waifufags are actually decided to struggle some more I'm gonna go make fun of that
See ya there if you want to join
You can't tell enough people to kill themselves a day, 24 hours is not enough for that

Listen to your girlfriend Jack/


For what it's worth, I was unironically asking for a friend.

Hi Echo


Or maybe you're just into futa

I'm apparently you. Hello

oh great, two rin's

Hello Rin 2.0

I'm actually curious now, actually.

Not normally.

And we're both Eva, as well.

This board belongs to the Leaf nation now

It's a unique experience, being you, being Eva

To be fair, I am too autistic to pretend to be someone new.

I'm literally so autistic that it wraps around and my behaviour is more reminiscent of normies.

Not that unique.
Every new poster is automatically Eva, and every new Canadian is automatically me.

Someone name one good Canadian poster.

To call me a mere duke of autism is an insult to my autistic nature.
No, not even king or queen is apt.

I am a veritable deity of autism.

I am autism incarnate.



Name one bad canadian poster


Rin, Eva, Wish, Duke of Autism, Luna, Doc, Horo, there are more that I just can't remember.

That was to Echo, not whoever the fuck kissshot is.

There would have been no confusion given the question.

But those are pretty okay.
With the exception of Eva and idk who Horo is.

Kind of want to make Kanra my trap girlfriend

Horo is someone I remember from back in 2011.

An alicefag, at the time, I never really knew her personally before to know where she's at now.

But how many new Canadian posters have there been since you?

Name all good Dutchposters



Since me?
Uh.. I don't know - I tend to leave a lot.

I guess that one bathrobe dude was k.

Ok I like oobles alright
Just wanted to make sure canadia had hope

Stop leaving then, silly uwu

It's probably partly why people accuse Canadians of being me.

I may have done it once, but usually, in my memory, it's less of a "I'm not Rin," and more of a "Please don't call me Rin."

I can't count how many times I said "I'm not Rin"
It took a while but it eventually caught on

Shoulda just been like "Yeah, sure, I'm Rin." and then greeted me with "Hi, Me." every time.

That would have worked, if I actually knew who Rin was

I toldered you I was Rin last time I posted though.

Yes, but you didn't tell me when I first posted and got called Rin

Hi, Rin.

Hi me

Can someone fill me in on what's up with Kanra? Please and thankyou.

I've been gone the past few weeks, so if I had to guess it was probably a motorcycle accident.

He was wrong about stuff and instead of admitting hes wrong he just said everyone else is wrong and made himself out to be a victim.

thats pretty much tldr

It's a bit too fast here, slow things down a bit please

Idk if kanras really a human

w-where iseverybody


They are dead.

hi mandy what are you up to today buddy?


I like Suicide Girls

Worked a 14 hour day. Getting drunk. The missus might come over later. Who knows. I almost quit. Did I tell you I worked all day? It sucked balls. I mean like, big giant balls. Like, maybe even Mugen sized balls.

Holla Forums won't let me post.


but you just did a thing

The one attempt that goes through...

Hooray my radiant prescence drew in friends !!

goodmorning spectre
you're looking particularly scary this evening

how's your day going spooky?

whatcha drinking?

drunk people here too although they are kinda an annoying thing in my case

atleastyou probably made alot of money though huh?

The one attempt that goes through...

The one attempt that goes through...
As long as there's no images maybe?

Redheads are hot

All my friends are DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up

We did it reddit.


I sat there for a solid 7 minutes with nothing happening, so I canceled the post, refreshed the page, and tried again.





Just budweiser. Left over from a 30 pack.

Yeah, most drunks are annoying, but I am mostly a fun drunk. And a horny drunk. But a fun drunk.

And yeah, made about 300 just for today.


i did i tell you i have a lady friend now

Yeah. How is the vagina going, my friend? I am glad you got somebody. You certainly deserve to be happy.


I know that feel


But having money must be nice...

yes, be nice.
I appreciated you dealing with me. truly. can't even begin.
I promise my overthinking isn't supposed to be me proving I'm better than you. I just feel the need to know when I'm right or wrong. You can tell me when I'm wrong. I can deal with that.
I don't care to be liked for bs reasons. that means they can hate me for bs reasons. this happens.
I have a litany of self-doubt. yes, I belittle your transparent tactics. but I forgive you because you have shit going on in your life. I can't expect everyone to like, explain everything they do. but when they do bad stuff they can't explain, like I know you did, and then blame it on me without specifically explaining why you did the thing you did to me, except it's vaguely because of my personality, then yea. doubt.
I'm the issue. I get it. I'm told that a lot. but your actions don't line up with your words. you were being an ass. either you misunderstood me, or you understood perfectly and still choose to fuck with me. 'hur. dont insult me' then I swear im not insulting you, but Im still not believing you 'ooh, you insulted me! now I can be worse to you!' no, I promise I'm not trying to prove I'm smarter than you 'too late. im closing this tab. and not talking. I expect this conversation to be OVER'.

and that sucked. but the night got better. I'm sorry you feel insulted by me. I try to be transparent as often as possible. If you don't get it, ask me questions, but for the love of god stop assuming things about me, like I'm delusional about my self-worth, because I'm not.

I don't have a lot of that though.

Oh, GOOD, you are back.

imagine being this in love with how you look

Well why not??

It is easy when you are a chick. All you gotta do is not eat a fuck ton and actually do some sort of exercise.

Dude. Again, you rarely take me for my word even when you agree.
Like, remember when you straight up agreed with me that Wastelander was ruining your life, and then like 2 months later you were back with him and all over hanging out with him, even though he was still a sub human wad?

There is a reason I never give a shit about the outcome of these bants. I can almost always garuntee that you aren't going to agree with anyone over what they tell you and it feels more like you don't want to hear what you do wrong, but want assurance that you're right.

So like, take it for what you will. What you do is no skin off my teeth.

This whole thing started to get me miffed when you were getting onto me for not calling Loco an asshole.

Then you get onto me for not defending you about it.
When was the last time you defended me over anything? Like, shit dude.

Bills and shit.

Fuck. I actually regret getting back into this.


Yea, I regret bills and shit all the time....

I feel ya.
I feel you all over.

Oh I bet you want to.

Come get some.

Shouldn't you be coming and getting some?

What is my incentive?

yea. I tend to need more than just a feeling I agree with. because I get a lot of those.
it wasn't easy to stop being his friend. but I did eventually.
there's no skin on your teeth. If you're telling me how little you care, I get it. I told you I understand.
then I got miffed at your transparent, bs excuses. I bet you weren't even thinking much about what you were saying, or you were just trying to play the field, calling us dinguses, instead of calling him what I said you should call him. but I understand not wanting to damage your own relationships. I was just sick of this world being unfair, and cynical towards you, because it looked like you were dodging. I get why people do that. but it requires a degree of dishonesty. it's obvious.

I don't know enough about your or your shit to defend you.
but I definitely worry about you. I'm not just being ironic or masturbating when I tell you not to day drink. but I look up to you a little. how could I not? so when I know you're giving in to being an ass, and trying to blame it on me being annoying, all the while knowing I look up to you, I start to doubt. gomen. it's all I have left.

Not sure, I am half asleep and three quarters drunk.

but if you have to reach as far back as the times you helped me years ago and didn't listen to justify being an ass to me, maybe shit has changed, and maybe your words actually matter enough to destroy me if I let them. and I don't trust you to be fair or right or smart, which I used to, so truth is my only defense left. Tell me the last thread was you being honest. Tell me it was all sincere, and nothing underhanded or dodging. because that's all I'm accusing you of. tell me I'm wrong. please.

omg stfu

Who the fuck even are you?

and I guess by being unable to drop this tone, and just let you get away with what I think is bs,
you're going to find a way to make me feel worse.

who are you talking to. I'm right here.
you're not the first person to address the air in front of me to make me feel small.
I know when it happens. and it's NOT based on good intent. it's based on bad intent. or apathy.

ur wrong

Just shut up already

Dude, I straight up told you that your relationship with Loco is unhealthy.
It isn't a transparent response. I am not invested in you and his relationship, and honestly you have in the past actively gone out of your way to start shit with him.

It isn't dishonest to tell you that you're both idiots when it comes to each other.
Maybe don't make the ASSUMPTION that I didn't read the pastebin because I didn't go after Loco's ass like you wanted.

You were the one who tried to involve me in a spat, and then got mad when I didn't take your side.

That is wholly and needlessly unfair to me.

Go to bed.

Once again you are making assumptions as to what I am doing.
Stop leading yourself to incorrect narratives.

Probably should, yeah.

drrr i have brain damage " - kanra


hi mandy i was going to ask earlier what you were drinking but my internet was being shitty

whatcha drinking?


I will snuggle you to sleep.



hey baby


*Smugs sadly*


If you're not invested, then you could have been an impartial party.
But you told me what was wrong with ME.
You completely failed to notice what he did wrong.
Either you didn't understand, or you did and decided to downplay and ignore it.

I assumed you didn't read the pastebin because
a) it's hard to read. it's weirdly formatted.
b) you replied instantly only about stuff in the first few lines.
c) you didn't mention anything else. only vague stuff about the past.

so either you read it and ignored it, or you read it and didn't understand, but yea. I felt you were misunderstanding me on purpose, and it was only time til you did the 'flip it on me; say its my personality; leave' thing, and you totally fucking did it. that doesn't make me right about everything, but it does make me think you're dishonest.

like when Trump talked about the "many, many sides"
and here I was, wanting someone I thought was fair, after condemning me for my fuckery, to condemn someone that I knew was trying to hurt me. he was. and you didn't mention that. you just called us dinguses.

Foundmyoy kanra on the iinternet

yea. maybe stop the IQ meme. people have legit forgotten my real stance on IQ, and I'm pretty sure bard doesn't know what he's joking about. no more IQ memes.

Just shitty budweiser. But it does the trick on an empty stomach!

Why you ignore me?

I would just pass out....


I didn't get into what Loco was doing wrong past the skin deep level I was trying to keep about it and didn't when you asked because that wasn't my place to get into, but you asked me to tell you what you did wrong so I did because it didn't involve them.

It isn't hard to read. It's just trivial internet drama and it's about the same shit you two have been doing for the better part of 3 years.
And it wasn't a long read even.

I left because I had to start getting ready for work and didn't have the time or energy to delve into some contrived argument with you because I have enough shit to deal with that you using me as some pawn in your bully Loco thing that it was insulting that you were using you being nice and giving me a few images as a way to guilt me into being a dick to someone who hasn't wronged me.

im unsure of what to say

I usually say the first thing that comes to my mind in that situation. It is the most honest.

bleh make sure to drinik lot of water tonight

vagina is great



Naaaaaa. I don't mind a massive hangover. Reminds me that I am a piece of shit.

Damn right!

Now, why did I get kicked out of the discord?

get on steam faggot

so what have I said that wrong about any of this?

I even told you straight up the images was just a gay little excuse to ask you for something. I was joking. I was being cute god dammit. sigh. it's not using you as a pawn if I clearly and plainly explain to you what I'm asking, and why it mattered to me. that's not using someone.

I don't was looking for you to condemn him bullying me.
instead, you said you were tired because it's the same shit from 3 years
you had to get to work
you didn't have the time or energy
and that I'm annoying
and that I never listen anyways
and nothing you say will make a difference

what have I said that was wrong about any of this?

what have i said that was wrong about you?



You literally got onto me for not calling him an asshole.

I didn't need you to call him anything for vague reasons.

I just wanted someone that wasn't me to see what he was doing.

and all you had to say was I sorta deserved it.

Not gonna lie. If I deserved something, I would want my friends to tell me. I don't want them to tell me I am a good guy and I deserve better. If I acted in a manner that deserves shit done to me, well I want to be told that to my face.

It seems I covered all your basis of needs for this.

this has gone on for TOO LONG



Squash told me it was my personality. my perceived arrogance. the misninformed memes about me. my ignoring his past advice.

So when someone said a bunch of bad things to me, about me, and Squash says I deserved it, I'm not sure how much I deserve, or how much guilt or shame or regret I should feel, but I will if he wanted, but he only vaguely told me that it was me, and myself that brought this on.

Squash wasn't specific. Squash then went on to be disingenuine and dishonest. Then I accused him of being not a friend. Then he got worse at me.

I don't give a fuck if you vaguely don't or do condone him.

That doesn't tell me you understand. I wanted someone that wasn't me to understand.

If you understood and didn't choose to condemn, that's fine too, as long as you explained it.

Because I genuinely like Kanra.
I'm so contrarian.


Don't be a dumb ass.
I said you and Loco just do this to yourselves because you actively seek out arguments with them and it gives people the opportunity and you rarely do anything to correct your behavior.

I understand what he did.
If me not going off on some tirade about his injustice against you ruffles your hackles then that's your issue.
Either tell me you want me to be impartial or don't. Stop flipping it on a whim.

I would imagine he tried to explain, but you didn't exactly get it. I know that in the midst of emotion is it hard to take what somebody else is putting down. Regardless, he seems to be clear now that he does not condone the other person's actions, yet understands that you both brought around what happened.


I have a strong need for people to notice when things are wrong, specifically. Your comdenation is worthless if its not based on your understanding of the truth. Neither are peoples' compliments to me. Either you read it and understood, or you ignored it, or you didn't understand, or you didn't read it. Maybe you think it's normal for people to call others these things. Saying I deserved it.

best case scenario, you were just being thoughtless and protecting your relationships. I can understand that. That doesn't make you unjust. I can get that.

and I said to him
it doesn't matter if he just, calls someone a dick because he thinks they're being a dick. It matters if he KNOWS they're being a dick. it makes me feel less alone and a little more understood. that I'm not just this crazy person trying to keep track of what I think are very obvious threads of reasoning.

that's why it's also important for him to tell me when I'm wrong about what I say.

but he doesn't. either because he can't, or he knows I'm right, or doesn't know if I'm right, and I've been through all this and it's terrifying and I hated it.

Stop acting like there is only one right response to this whole debacle.

I didn't condone it.
Stop making it so if I don't go out of my way to shit on him as much as you want me to wrong.
You did something bad. He called you out on it. He also said near the beginning that he didn't hate you or some shit. You COMPLETELY ignored that though when he brought it up.

Squash I don't hate you.

I don't even hate him.

Everything is really confusing rn. And I guess I'm trying to remember what's real.

There it is. This whole thing hinges on me telling you what you want you hear.

He didn't say he didn't hate me.

He said he didn't 'measure his words to hurt me'.

That was his sneaky way of saying his words are unmeasured. like, not even worth measuring. It's subtle.

I sincerely think you only read the first few lines.

but I don't want you to read the rest. idk what even to make of it anymore. but in that moment, you should have read it. Up to you if you want to re-read it and understand it.

Then stop.

Honestly man, things are so god damn subjective. No two people think the same. If you need proof of that, just listen to arguments about definitions.

Ultimately, we are alone. All of us. We have people say that they are there for us, but who the fuck knows if they are? Who is to tell that their honor and decency matches our own? Nobody. And that means that the only person whose views and opinions matter is your own. You are the only one that holds the same standards as you, and you are the only person who can judge yourself.

At best, others can give you a lighthouse in the storm to guide you back to your shoreline, but you can't follow them constantly, because their views lining up with yours if few and far between.

Counter proposal.
He did not measure them to hurt you as in his intent was not to cause defamation of your character or feelings, but you over analyzed something and assumed he was trying to hurt you and created another false narrative because most of your arguments and ideas are based on a shit load of superfluous stuff thus leading you to try to turn this into something it is not.

I read the whole thing. If you assume I didn't again I'm going to reach through my TV and slap you in the gob.

Mandy. Bend me over and fuck me like a dog.

But....I don't like that position....

Isn't she like 12 and pregnant ?

Hey bud. Little late for me, but just checkin' up on you. What's going on anyway? This seems like it's a big misunderstanding of some sort.


That's weirdly comforting. But I know when someone is bs'ing me. And nobody has said I'm wrong. That must mean something. I hope it does. They never let me know when I'm right. They think they need to crush my ego a little more.

pretty sure even he'd admit his intent was these things at one time or another.
oh go fuck yourself. You're actually going to call me misguided, and getting things wrong.

Squash, just tell me where I'm wrong. Don't say I'm wrong. Don't call me illogical.
Tell me actually where I'm being wrong or illogical.

you had a long day at work.

sorry for subjecting you to any of this.

I still think you're a good person.

I'm just hard to get.

I have. Repeatedly.

I finally have a mastery 10 god. Got 5 ranks of mastery today. Thanks Omnipotence


My friend was posting Chang'e

Playing. Fucking phone

Also, bye Moogs.

Na, you don't KNOW when somebody is bs'ing you. You might have a good intuition, but you could be wrong. Again, that is the trouble. Social situations suck, man. You can't read minds. You are given what they say, and you make your own interpretation of it. It could prove wrong, but it could prove right. And holding to one far above the other is stupid. I trust my girlfriend, because I choose to. She hasn't done anything to particularly earn that trust. She has even done stuff that should make me question that trust. But at the end of the day, I need to decide what I take her word for. I choose to err on the chance that she is what she seems, and not a liar.

Kanra don't make me drive up to Canada so you'll talk to me.

Haven't played in ages. Couldn't remember her name.

you've told me where my approach to people is wrong.

not what I've said is wrong.

just- after all this happened, more stuff happened. and it's making me want to put a bullet through a head. not sure whose. maybe a small child's. see justice be served. get jailed knowing some things still make sense in life.

Yes. I have.
But you only ever read the part of a post that lends to your narrative.

I'm fucking done.

I'm not even mad.
This is just fucking annoying.

you know when someone is bs'ing you. trust me.

maybe most people go their lives without being exposed to it regularly enough to know.

but that's easily remedied by asking the right questions, and the answers they give.

THAT'S RETARDED. a gross exaggeration. gaslighting. fuck you. fuckyoufuckyou. I don't do this, don't accuse me of this. I try to give the fairest reading of anything I read. Don't state that without proof.

Yes yes. I can't accuse you of shit but you can.

Sorry, but no. You haven't dealt with good liars, then. You need to decide if somebody's intent is genuine. That is that. My brother might lie to me when I ask him his opinion, but I know he wants what is best for me. Sometimes he thinks what is best for me is what I want and now hat he thinks is best for me. That means he is lying. He is bs'ing me, but the intent behind it is true.

Just, learn to be a good judge of character, and the meaningless minutia is pointless. For instance, I trust Mugen, even if we can't speak more than 2 sentences to each other. I don't think he means me ill, and so I trust him, even if I think his actions might be distasteful.

Anyway, good night, faggots. I probably won't be around later. Hopefully I blow my brains out by then. Sleep tight.

What's the drama this evening, diggies~?

Well maybe you should talk to me. Do you have an Email i can contact you on? You'll know it's me. I'm still your friend. If only because I've always told you what I believed to be true about the world. This little incident here is clearly causing an emotional spiral and I don't think you can see a way out at the moment, but if you talk it out with someone impartial you might arrive at a more collected and less neurotic set of solutions to the issue. Ok, man? Plus i want to hear about what's been happening with you.

Night babe.

I didn't say you didn't read the pastebin.

I said I doubted it,
but I also said its possible that
a) you read it and didn't understand
b) you read it and ignored it

and given what you've said, it sounds like you read it, but decided it was just more of the same nonsense, and we both sorta got what we deserved for being awful people.

Did I fail to understand what you told me about your reading?

And now you accuse me of only seeing thigns that fit my narrative... I promise to God, I try to avoid this.

I am a good judge of character, unfortunately.

Can't we all just get along?

It would appear Kanra is having a hissy fit


Did I miss the fight? I already wiped the floor with Kanra last night, would like to see it happen again.

I can smell the fish from your images. Goodnight.

oh boy..

Just gibbe tiramisu already then and we'll call it even~


People fighting keeps us alive

I said you're both idiots.
Not that youre bad people.
You fucking doing it again where you just do something like exaggerate to lend to your narrative and it's starting to piss me off.

Hello, Elma.

Kanra what

I-I only have a mint.

hihi! How's it been? You still doing your art and stuffs?


Hey, think you can toss that trip my way? I feel like being nostalgic about Bern and stuff tonight.

I said it doesn't matter if you vaguely call us both idiots.

It doesn't matter if you say things if you dont care about why-

AAAAH. I'm so tired and stressed and confused. I can't say you're right, but I care about truth so much, and if I went back over your words, I don't think I'd find a consistent chain of honest words and intent. I'd see you blaming, spinning, misleading. what do I do when I know it's true. I don't want to make you feel bad for doing these things. I love you, man. I'm just difficult.

She gets preggers at like 17. And then again at like 18. But then she travels back in time right as her son travels back in time and meets her own son when he's 13, and she's 17 and pregnant again. But then he goes forward in time again and she's like 30 when it's all over.
The events of AO are really confusing.

I've been alright, I am still painting and drawing, yes. Planning on learning how to do print making too.

Here it is #+ヤモ0蓉%逐


He IS.

I remember getting cucked to death when I was really young watching it/

It doesn't matter to YOU.
This is what this whole fucking thing boils down to.
Me telling you that Loco is shit and that you are a bad boy or some equally contrived nonsense.
You flat out told me that you wanted me to say Loco is an outright asshole.
I don't feel one iota of guilt in saying what I've said. You have acted like a right asshole to me today just because I didn't say what you wanted me to.

Go back and look at all the times you told me to go fuck myself.
Love me or not you're a cunt sometimes.

Ooh, very cool, very cool.

What else is new?

Thx bby

Yeah, greentexted cause understatement of the century.

He is difficult like a retard.

I got published, Kanra has the one where my info isn't blacked out.

Wowsers, congrats!^^

Honestly I don't like this desk 'cause I can't fit my things on it.
Including that print.

Whatchu mean?
Renton was a frustrating little shit, if that's what you mean.

I'm not mad I'm just worried that you're still upset.

Yes, it's an achievement.

I still need to send that stuff.

I got all my mailing stuff in order.
I don't know how big something can be for it to be brought to the house though. I think UPS just drops it on the steps.

I liked the blue haired girl when I was younger.

It's going to be the drawing for you, some portraits I made that I don't want anymore. Also a letter. The letter and portraits are for the dog, the drawing is for you.

UPS/FedEx will bring it to your door, unless it's UPS => usps transfer. Otherwise if it fits in your mailbox via usps it goes in the mailbox^^

You should send them to him if he is willing to take them.
He doesn't like when I do stuff like that without asking.

It won't fit in the box, the drawing is mounted on a mat board. I they bend it it will break, then I get 50 dollars.

He knows I'm sending them. I talked about it with him already.

Talho was my favorite, but toward the end she reveals that she's pregnant too, then they stop dressing her like a slut, and gave her this weird shitty haircut.


If he gets mad at me for sending them together I will tell him that he can pay for the postage next time.

That's between you two.
He doesn't really talk to me so I'm just doing my own thing anymore.

Telling him he'll have to give me money will probably get him to shut up his god damned mouth.


He doesn't talk to you? What happened? You two were best of friends.

Good morning, how are you all?

I always just thought of her as a slut.

never really anything more than that