That was quick

That was quick

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Finally, a real Hu thread

I'm on the right.


This is your fault

They were all real threads

No u

I dindu nuthin

ooooh fekkerss ~
I missed you :3

hu you should make your spam new thread links more clear


ah, yeah. I have learned that over the past year and it's allowed me to integrate into the community at my grad school much better than I did in my undergrad.

If it aint doggo it aint Huthread

i fucking love fool


stop posting encrypted porn at me

what happened to me?

nice dubs

I had to go a whole week without eeing you...

Yet any serial on 4chan, a single quote is enough. I'm quite sure 10+ quotes as well as the word "new" or "migrate" is clear enough.

doggo not wolfu

I chuckled, thanks :3


you can't link like that when you had another bullshit link

unless you make it really clear

like some separation


cause we don't look at your posts normally cause you're a faggot

Be nice to Hu.

wow, lucky me

exactly, doggo compared to the real wolfu

i had my sleep schedule fucked for half the week anyways so you didnt miss much

i doubt every pic you post now since im not some super hacker


this aint 4chan

Hu is fragile

Seems like it's just you. Nah, I don't cater to minorities, I must decline your request

You're a real wolfu

Only doubt .png files then.
But nah, I can't be bothered

Nope, it's autismus apparently

May be

i know

I don't think I can say what I like about it without being condescending. Just from a design aspect I guess it's the blue note on the sea of warms being so perfect. It's got just enough warmth to it to say it's a part of the rest of the picture but the distinction is strong enough to make it like lonely and isolated. Same with the suggestion of the representation with the black and red lines around it like cast shadows from a bath towel or something, the yellow strip going through it and the little bar of the background sneaking in from the top. Like it's trapped. Really good stuff.

if you chalk it up that way

i'm just warning you

people are going to bitch

fuck you then

wow what a douche

nah, are, I'm sure

Only one who has, have been you

wait for it newfag

I will eat my hat if he meant any of this.

Stream it.

it's good.


If Hu says so, I guess it's true

Time will just prove you even more wrong



not sure about the values in the upper right corner. but other than that it's a pretty goddamn solid painting.

only to those worth listening to

i've seen so many hus come and go lol

TP, you were just posting RD

he keeps going

Phil, shut up.





this dude just pets when he can't handle

no fuck you

kinda yuri af tho

The blue one

Pets are for doggos, not wolves

like... this actually makes me sad. because maybe there's something that doesn't click, and that's why I don't get it. hearing you talk about it like its somehow plain to see... if you're right, I don't really think I want to argue about it anymore.

are you sure you're not just playing Devil's Advocate?

you're giving his work a chance, and you're calling it perfect, but its only perfect would be in the idea that everything is perfect for merely being true to itself.

You realize you're making a fool of yourself, right?

I'd pet a wolf anyway


I am, as much as anybody else.

Yes, the people from the West said they weren't geared towards that kind of work, the East Coasters were. The caption doesn't do the heavy lifting, the work does. It was a requirement to write a statement, I wrote one. The work stands without it.

They typically say they feel sad and alone.

He is.

Go get a hat and eat it.

That is how you get bit!

want to link me?

i don't give a shit

i am drunk as fuck

but you coming in here telling me that i don't know how things work is just plain wrong

also you are a homo

Wait, I think that was my Chen folder.

pussy ass bitch

lol yeah


good job on doxing fool by the way. keep it up. proud of u.


Can we ban him for doxing?

I'll take my chances

I'm not telling you how it works, I'm plainly stating you're the only one who didn't get the memo and I'm not gonna do it differently just to please you of all people.
Funny how someone who doesn't give a shit has been whining about it for about 20 posts

who hu?

i felt a lil bit doxd by hu

Saying your work conveys sadness and loneliness is merely playing the odds. What are the odds the decrepid looking artist means to convey sadness and loneliness by his brownish muted painting?

no, Loco is suggesting there was some concious attempt to convey different things. I think that any concious attempt was merely felt while creating, and not discernable through the painting. What did he say that was right and true to your intent?

could you not



You could dox me.

kanra dox''d fool

I seent it with my own two eyes

I seent it

you aren't saying anything

you are like starting a beef

i don't think you want that

i am a real terror

You're riding a fine line!


kanra should have been perma's ages ago

Is fine, I got a backup hand should it go wrong

Yes, he is a real terror.

do it

fucking do it

do not ban him

didn't think so.

pussy ass bitch

for the record i would ruin your sorry ass


You have a backup wolf?

I grew bored of you

Hungpony I got everything to work again :D

No, I got a backup hand

Did you do a full reinstall, or did you reinstall the packages that got removed like various Gnome tools, qt and xorg?

fuckin same brah

and i think what you said about copying anime styles as the first step in learning to draw disqualifies anything you have to say about drawing and painting

like you clearly don't understand anything

I don't really care. The information on that page isn't anything serious. My phone number, email, and instagram. Everyone already knows my name and what city I live in.

It's not playing the odds when I myself say that's what it's about. The odds are 100%

you're just a bitch

hey if dude wants to scrum

a bitch who doesn't answer to you. Guess that makes you an even bigger bitch~

Now that just might work

such a pussy

can't back shit up

Even ifconfig was gone but luckily ip still existed so I could set up networking and dns so after that I installed network-manager and ifconfig. Reverted back to testing to install Steam because version mismatch drama and upgraded back to sid again.

things are good now. just the qol finishing touches now.

Got any software I should have?

you said you wouldn't respond then did

holy fuck what board were you kicked out of

i mean i thought cato was bad

Is this all because you found his amount of links to the new thread to be insufficient?

like this bitch was annoying
i386 and amd64 are equal now but not yesterday


he got triggered

I was asking about YOU.

Besides, I doubt you'd bite it off

Oh, that's awesome!
Good thing you got Steam working too. Is Bumblebee working as well?
Eh... I guess many people like Sublime Text, I guess it's something you might just get to use too.
Shutter is also a great little screenshot utility, and psensor allows you to easily keep an eye on the temperature of your components.
Clementine is a great music player too.
Other than those, nothing else really comes to mind

oh great big dick is here

don't muck up our discussion with your big dick

I'm micro compared to hu


You don't know until you try!

oh no i'm always kidding about that

he started railing on me

and i went back

I didn't get kicked out of any board. I was asked to follow people here

I think so honestly. But shh, it's quite entertaining


am I requalified for realizing that proposition was flawed and misguided?

but the relationship between the various parts, their colours and lack of detail are intentional, the placement of the vague shapes on the canvas, truly designed to convey this internal struggle described in the caption? more specifically, are they as Loco says here

I set up scrot and Screenshotter so they are nice now like Greenfetch is set up on desktop/Windows.

Also yes this is good.

Also I got VS Code, so that's it for software. Maybe Arduino IDE, idk.

by fucking who

Oh, okay.

One of the highest entertainments in threads for all of us.

you don't need to be conscious of the process for it to work yo

i bet it was ban

it's pretty big

guess what hu

no one besides whoever invited you were would even miss you

i am a tier one poster

you really fucked up fucking with me

i am going to make your life a living hell

I don't even use llvm4.0 anymore, except for some OpenCL stuff, which I could uninstall seeing I never use it anyway, so I didn't know about that.
But yeah, that sucks. It's fucking stupid that Sid doesn't even use 5.0 yet by default. 4.0 is old as fuck and it shows if you're using one of the two Gallium drivers

VS Code is pretty nice actually.
Dotnet Core is now very easy to get working as well, which was previously almost impossible if you didn't use old-stable or Ubuntu.
Hmm.. Screenshotter allows you to take a screenshot of a selected area, as well as windows? Shutter does that, and also allows you to upload the screenshot to a few services for easy linking

Speccy being one. Others didn't seem to complain, Grim even thanking him, so you're all alone here.

I don't doubt that

you're right.

it should just work.

can you really say you couldn't come up with a dozen better ways to convey the turn of isolation into gentle melancholy, of strife into calm?

b nice

I would kinda miss him.

no one even knows who that faggot is

please go back to your tulpa containment board

Everything I do in my work in intentional. I take out more than what I put in. I spend long periods of time just looking and evaluating.

If someone sees a towel in a bathroom but still gets the point of what I'm trying to convey, it's a success.

there is no piece i could make that would be better at being fool's piece than fool's piece already is

that's the point

this beef shit is exhausting

i think hu and i should just kill this beef before it gets too hot

i would win unequivocally for the record

Uh I don't know these fancy packages. Are they for VM stuff? Speaking about VMs, VirtualBox vs VMWare? (Linux host, Windows client (running my SSD Windows install))

VS Code is nice yas. What's Dotnet core? I might want something like Visual Studio but Mono and Qt creator are massive bloat.

Yeah, Screenshotter allows for region select. I have keybinds for scrot and Screenshotter, and they just saved to my Dropbox so they're synced across devices. Not really looking for services like Gyazo or whatever fancy things people use. Just note-taking :D


sue me: i like starting beefs but also squashing them

when a long beef is squashed it's like the money shot

HA. so someone can project whatever they want onto it, so long as they overall concept of loneliness and sadness are understood?

but how many people got

Did anyone specifically mention the sides of the conflict?

that's- look, if you don't like me arguing, I won't.
but that reasoning could be applied to anything.

it couldn't be any more fool's piecier than itself, being a fool's piece.

Never been there

Fancy packages? Clementine, psensor, shutter?

Dotnet Core is what allows you to compile C# code. You could install Mono, but why not use Microsoft's packages when programming in Microsoft's language?
Yeah, they suck, and VS Code is pretty comfy anyway.

Ah, Shutter does the same thing, so I guess you're all set there

pretty true

but we shouldn't attack kanra when he is down

once kanra figures out how life works he will probably be a pretty tolerable person

Fancy as in llvm stuff.

Ooh neat, you mean that. I don't think I'll have much C# this semester and C/C++ are preferred anyway. *pat* Also I meant a full-fledged IDE with IntelliSense + ReSharper level of lazy-assist :3

Gotta get dotnet core then.

*pat* It finally feels comfy after 5 years of trying things. I had Crunchbang when it still existed and ever since it was gone I stubbornly tried to make i3wm comfy.

see kanra has never had to work and has always been a rich boi







Are you jealous of that?

Yes, so long as the point is understood the way the viewer gets there is not my concern.

People got exactly what I wanted them to get. The fight is for me, it's internalized, my reason for making the work, it's the process. I don't want people to see that. I want them to see the finished piece as a whole, a complete thing, either you see the whole thing or you don't see it at all. The fight, the process, if I showed that people would see this then this then this. They would see the pieces, not the totality.

for sure

never having to work?

sounds great

but kanra is always trying to impart his maxims on people when he like dropped out first year?

kanra is only moderately intelligent imo

loco is much more so

y-yes. this was always an option.

Jimmy, when are you going to realise that this place is the anathema of your will to power. Hi, anyway. How've you been.

kanra's irl name is james


Half right, the rest is a secret. Hush hush, only i may know it.

This is the best way to provoke Griffin.

it doesn't really matter

we all know he is a gook so whatever his american name is not actually his birth name

oh excuses

canadian name


have you actually read loco's posts though?

they are much more readable than kanra's

and loco actually has world experience

the insider just sits in his basement waiting for kids to trap

so you admit the conflict doesn't take place on the canvas

and Loco just had a bout of apophenia.

You got 4.0 installed, it's something the Gallium drivers makes heavy use of for just-in-time compilation and various other things. For example, Radeonsi doesn't even support OpenGL 4.2 if the driver isn't compiled with llvm version 5 at least.
So people using the open-source Gallium drivers will miss out on many features, and performance improvements if they don't go out of their way and compile it themselves, or use a ppa that provides an updated version of it.
But this won't affect you, since you don't use such a driver anyway

Ah, like that. I think you can download an extension which gives you some level of IntelliSense. I know there is one for C# at least.

Didn't someone fork Crunchbang though?

Oh yea, you won't recognise me. I'm the guy who you once wrote to on Steam describing your experience nearly being mugged with a knife, and I laughed, and you got angry at me, and I said "Well, as long as you're ok, then it's pretty funny."

Something like that.


great we have another tech support

this one is slightly less yuri

lol amd and drivers on linux
nah, just intel and somethng to kill the nvidia on demand

CB got forked but I got on Debian already. OpenBox without the pre-config just don't feel right though, and i3 was hype.

But heck, Xfce good. I think I installed it last time to make a Windows 95-imitation (which looked pretty convincing) but hadn't seriously used it.

Not really. He is more in some ways.
Couldn't tell you the ways in which I'm more.

how wouldn't I recognize you
pretty sure I know who I told that to
but I'm pretty sure I was drunk and regretted instantly sharing that

No, he understood it. It's primordial, everyone understands it when they see it. We all understand it in our own ways, yet the end result is always the same.

Retarded people wouldn't get it though. And neither do you. Huh... Isn't that interesting?

losing respect for you fast.


It's the same for Nouveau, the open-source nvidia driver developed almost entirely by independents.
A lot has happened just in the past two years though. Unlike their OpenGL implementation on Windows, the Linux one actually works and is much faster, and in some games that have been ported, it's almost just as fast as their Windows DirectX driver.
For the most part, it also just works. I would even go as far and say it's probably the best driver currently.

Yep. Intel's driver is pretty good too, which isn't a Gallium driver, but a "Classic" one. It doesn't make use of LLVM. If it did, I'd suggest using the Padoka ppa, or Oibaf's at least.

Oh? Can't get the pre-config off the forked CB?

Xfce is pretty comfy. The new Whisker menu thing is pretty nice as well, and was most certainly a needed addition.


I assume you were always drunk talking to me. It was a bizarre impersonal relationship, but I really do appreciate it. Especially in hindsight and with the fruits of what it was made clear with experience. I'm sorry for the egocentric person I was. You deserved what you were looking for. But at that time, it wasn't me.

I'm sorry.

good idea


I guess he did, and everyone does but me.
let me let the shame wash over me.

didn't think I had yours to begin with.

believe it or not, how others think about me is something that matters to me. I can't write them all off as too retarded to understand me. so much of what I do is attempt to understand.

surprised you have any left after all these years of interacting with him


Your problem is you are bringing your thoughts and feelings about ME into it. You place me at a level below you, so nothing I do can be worth anything. And when all evidence points to the exact opposite, and you are the one falling short, you screech autistically.

Fool is mopping the pavement w/ kanra atm and blood is going to get on my nice new shoes

What the hell are you two even arguing about. QuickRunDown.Jpg

haha wow bro 2cool 2read the posts amirite

I'm a painter, I got published in a magazine, people like and understand my work. He doesn't understand it and that makes him mad.

fool makes sense a lot of the time

Fool is like the anti kanra

What's the foundry issue he has with the accepted interpretation/intended interpretation?

I'm kinda confused.

yes, by the end of all our interactions, I felt ashamed that I had subjected you to so much without knowing who you were. I've learned a lot since then. but my shame was the reason I stopped talking to you. I felt I was doomed to repeat myself by subjecting myself to you.

I owe you. I'm a bad person.
I know that's a cop out. idc.

Fool, tell me one thing I got wrong about you.

Because even though this fucking place is against me right now, I'm pretty fucking sure I haven't said anything wrong about you, or the intent behind your work.

You know how I knew I was right when criticizing you?
Because all I did was repeat what you said to me months ago.
But now I let you plant your flag in me, because everyone has made it clear they don't care if I'm right or if I'm trying to be. I am an arrogant pos and lower than dirt. Come, claim your victory.

i'm gonna sign out

get some work done




kanra didn't even finish a single year of college

he is a fool compared to fool

also he's a gook with rich parents

o-oh n-no the whole chat is against me now.... ; ~ ;

Loco, do you have a Discord?

I want to talk. it'll be brief. you can remove me afterwards.

Time to bully Bard

if kanra exhibited the thing that is called humility

maybe people would be with him more

oh gosh is it that time already?


I''m just gonna say for the record that I've always been against kanra

this isn't an all of a sudden thing

Besides everything? You don't understand the philosophy I ascribe to, you don't understand nuance and subtlety, you don't get quietude or silence.

You didn't say things I said, you said misinterpretations. You think you have me figured out, but you've got nothing but a basic picture everyone gets. The kind of stuff people who pass me on the street get. I claimed my victory when I first met you.

here is the kanra problem

he thinks he is special
he is average at best
he should be banned

Nah it's alright. After all this time, i really do think we were just never destined to have a sincere and honest dialogue. I was far too immature, and my head filled with preconceptions and suspicions about the people i was interacting with, and you were caught up in the adventurous task of self actualisation at the expense of the self. I hope you can forgive me in that I wasn't self aware enough, or old enough, or healthy enough, to appreciate the connection we had, and to have recognised honesty as the only tenable sub-structure to build upon.

If i could go back in time and do it over I would.

Hey man, haven't seen you all need and I need my fix

ladies ladies

you're all beautiful

I've been


It's almost as if you don't want to be taken seriously in the chan board community.

And a =­=bard=­= boy is a naughty boy

i donno when you're a gook living off your parents

you can take online IQ tests all day

oh gosh I don't know about all that now......
i'm not even sure I deserve this bullying....

Holy shit They just killed the entire cast of characters in one fucking episode

but we should all just admit that we are jelly for not having an online IQ

like who even does that

I'm not fond of your use of racial epithet. Have you considered not spending so much time on the internet.

But you do deserve attention~
Is nice seeing you again, in all honesty

i only post here one a week

please fuck yourself with a spoon

beepop is struggling lately

when you put it so blunt it's a little embarassing but........

I guess I really do like the attention

And thanks hu

I'm glad at least somebody is happy to see me

I was glad to see you around before school started too :3

I just wish he'd fuck off and die already

I'm sure it hasn't bled out into your real life in ways within which your pathological weaknesses have used it to shield themselves from the sensation of shame you know you should feel but almost revel in not. It will eventually break, all defensive mechanisms do. No one can spend years of their life consumed by anime pictures and veiled homosexuality eroticism illustriously and overtly psychologically associated with the ultra-feminine.

It's coming, buddy.

And your sub-conscious knows it.


i lilke beepop

what's your beef with him


lol kanra,3 fuck off for real

Nah, don't be embarrassed.

I'll be here during weekends too, and the evenings of weekdays, so maybe it won't be too bad. Guess we won't know for sure before next week.

guess what buddy

it's not coming

and you being a bullshit artist knows it

oh i donno

it was a joke

is he?

I have plenty of perfectly valid reasons for hating him

maybe it has something to do with how he tried to fuck literally anything even remotely feminine, so shamelessly
but wouldn't ever admit to it

Maybe it has something to do with how he careessly and thoughlessly sold our entire board out to Alice in that exact pursuit

lmao son I ain't kanra. That the best you can throw back? "lol ur kanra"

Your sub-conscious knows what you're doing and what you've done. Your masculinity is fucked up, your sense of self is fucked up, your capacity for the recognition of normal feminine/masculine traits in other humans is fucked up.

That's just what happens when you post in these types of threads for too long.

Well, you have to do what you have to do

My younger friends had to go back last week too and I haven't been able to see them as much either

I guess I'm just glad to be out of the system myself
although I do wish I would have stuck with college
Although what good i myself would have been able to pull I can't really say...hmm...

Well anyways, I know that computer work will be viable in the long run for sure
So I just wish you the best with it

it does

my id isn't that nasty though

i evened up like returning an item i stole because the guilt was like acid

also i'm trying to squash my beefs

because i know i'm not the easiest poster to get along with

hu is a bitch though

Season finales are always so sad

It's just like work at the end of the day, least for the people who get to see you. You still head out then come back at some point.
Eh, you're out of the system now, and got a job, no? That's still what matters at the end of the day

I think so too. Doesn't seem like there's going to be less computers around anytime soon, that's for sure.
And thanks~

Son you're alright. I'm sure you're a good guy. I'm sure you're a normal person. But if you ever want to actually be the person you know that you could be socially, sexually and intellectually you have to let go of self directed ironic introspective extrospection as a mechanism of alleviation for the nebulous anxieties you feel in your life at the uncertainty in it.

Trust me, i can tell that most people in these things are either suffering from a lack of social experience or are suffering narcissistic personality disorder with a high tendency towards favouring disambiguation.

I went and saw my best friend today and he was telling me that his younger brother was being a bitch again and threatening to call the cops on him just because he was having disagreements

he was saying that he was talking with their mom and trying to get him kicked out as they've been trying since hee turned 18 but hes having troubles with that

he was teling me if nothing happens by next week he's going to start looking for a place of his own

I'm excited about this prospect
I'd like to move in with him either way

but I think he's just talking again

this kind of stuff happens all the time so I won't get my hopes up very high

I'd like to move in with Bard-senpai.

wow... Don't think the cops would even have done much though.
Sounds like he's having a rough time right now. He should be looking for a place of his own for sure, at least just to get away from that.

If it happens often, then no, shouldn't. Will only lead to disappointment, and if you aren't hopeful, then you can only be pleasantly surprised... If you can even say such a "surprise" would be pleasant >_>
Having a roommate can be nice though.

He's even further from school though!

there's not enough room for all three of us in here

you'll have to ask your penis if they can stay somewhere else for the night


i just want spon



surprisingly it returns the thing i looked for lel

big spon or little spon?


Ah, cause I looked it up and the internet said it's not a misspelling of spoon.
who wouldn't want spoon? ?
It's pretty neat


Yeah, a must-have. Too bad it's in pip and not normal package manager

did you eat well


wait what the fuck


Yep, it's there

Good news for you? :3
Yeah I removed the pip3 thing and installed it from the main repo so things do update when I update.
Is PeaZip any good?

I wish the ppa that I get the driver from would also just compile the OpenCL drivers against the latest version of LLVM, since he already does it for the OpenGL drivers, but he doesn't. But yeah, it's quite nice, then I can finally get rid of version 4.0 completely.
Hmm, I don't know actually. I just use fileroller, which I believe is the default archive manager for Gnome

I guess it's called file-roller

oh well it's installed now


I don't know if PeaZip is any better, haven't heard of it till now. I just find file-roller to be better than xarchiver

Have you hooked it into the Optical drive bay? If so, can't you just choose to first boot off the optical drive, seeing this is now the HDD?

Your roller.

SSD is bottom option but still boots first.

Oh well, Acer.

i ate a burger am i american

It can't extract .rar files either without an extension

That's odd.. How do you boot into it then?


you're fat

I mash F12 repeatedly so the boot device screen is shown. It shows up as HDD1 (SSD is HDD0) but only HDD0 is available in the bios config.


:(( this is why im anorexia



Sleep tightly Bard
/tucks you in

Uh... Is there somewhere else where you can change what drives to boot off first? My last desktop had something like that.
Don't know how to explain it, but without changing the order there, I couldn't pick the device I wanted to boot off of in the boot priority menu. It only listed like two drives

for the record, I'm not a sociopath.

brb f1 q

bulli only for sexuals stop

Can't post during the qualification?

Why do you care what these people think, man. Why do you care what anyone thinks.

Maybe you are a Sociopath. Maybe you're not. That's up to you to discover, not us to dictate.


Not without PC yo

o-oh, I see



Good afternoon Hu

And a good morning to you.
Slept well?

I slept long

Slept through for once~



hey rin what was that one shipgirl you recommended to me again?

Shimakaze makes a good trap.

Akebono for Emma.

You'd cuddle Megumin wouldn't you~?

Of course.

Who wouldn't after all?

The most precious thing.

She's pretty cute

You are pretty cute.




I guess

Is. Need good nights of sleep after all.
Any weekend plans?

why are there 2 megunemoignes

GTK file picker is TRASH

Because she's cute

It is. Compile GTK yourself with the patch done by some /g/entoomen, use KDE or do drag&drop. Sadly the only options


How to

I don't speak Nippon

I don't know, haven't done it myself.
But I think it would require downloading the GTK source-code, the patch and apply it by running git apply
Then compile GTK following the instructions for that
Though I guess there's a bug with the patch right now judging from the comments

i stole your panties

w-wow, pls hand them back

that's some Disney shit.

The same as always
Absolutely nothing

-runs off while wearing panties on head-

Those are the best plans!

pick one


lol what kinda guy wears panties? youre a loli


oh, okay, if you say so

It gets boring after a while

rip :(

trying to install this but pgp shit doesnt work

can u look at it

Isn't that what the thread is for?

Is the error that it can't find the key?

It can be

If so, do:
apt-get install debian-keyringgpg --keyserver --recv-keys YOUR_KEY_HEREgpg --armor --export YOUR_KEY_HERE | sudo apt-key add -

Threads can be an enjoyable way to spend time

whoops, forgot sudo prior to apt-get install

wow youre very obedient.
like a dog

Dogs are nice pets

Can is the keyword here. I don't usually do much here during the day

come here puppy lick this peanut butter off my dick

What else do you do then? Play some games?

So you're a gay furry now?


Pretty much

You'd make a nice pet, yes

We do the same stuff then

I think that's the general consensus of people in this sort of thread

i was ironically rping ill stop now


Might be why things work out well between us all

yeah, yeah, of course you were~
I totally believe you bby

Bet you'd wag your tail if someone gave you headpats

should I release my convo with Loco?

Nah. Private talks should stay private

If it were unironic that'd make me gay and im not gay

we never agreed to that.


Good, that would be wrong

It's still a private talk

headpats and cheek rubs with feet?

people talk about private talks all the time

this is not a new phenomena


I agree lol smite the gays

squash. you owe me for those pictures.

I realize, doesn't mean it's alright to leak it here. It's just my opinion anyway

Just a "small" foot fetish, huh? uh huh~

Everyone of them gets the rope


Good morning!! Hope you're all having a lovely day.

Brb fap

it is a generally good opinion.
continue to keep it.

tell loco he's wrong about me, if you think he's wrong about me.

I would not mind if someone in a fur suit put their paws on me.

What images though?
Do I owe you nudes or something?

wha- no, the star fox images.

you owe me for them, as my excuse for asking you for something. I was being cute.

Don't cum in Megumin

I don't see it changing anytime soon

You wouldn't. You'd love it~

W-what would you like?

Maybe. I have never done anything feet related.
The image is just cute.

memegumin's soft lips

of course not. it's part of your moral character.
changing morals makes you a bad person.


tell Loco he's wrong about me, if you think he's wrong about me.

here's a pastebin. it expires in 3 minutes.
you dont have to read it.


I mean, he has a few valid points, man.

Ask your co-worker :3

Around your thick thumb

But we're all people. Don't people generally tend to change morals over time?

I actually refuse to believe you read any of it.

Tell me what points, sil vous plait.


kanra gimme the tripfag list


y do u have this

Yes, but why not skip ahead and get the last version of your morals? Or do they change just because time changes?

tch. now you want to see it.

i wanna show sinni what a sperg i was



Doxing is a shit thing to do. No matter what. You also tend to make points against people that come off as insults or high horse kind of situations. Loco is right about not trying to gain the approval or something from people on the boards. I can assure you most people are so involved with themselves that they probably don't care, and at this point the harder you try to prove them wrong the less likely it's going to work.

you never wanted to see it before

Also posting private logs ain't ok.


Or that didn't work out?

Do what, posting a cutiepie?

Time change, as does the way you think, and when the way you think changes, so does your opinions on various matters, and that might just affect your morals too.
If this didn't happen, then we would all be grown up the day we were born


There is nothing there to work out.





o-oh... Hopefully someone else you can find through the app lives nearby


i can't believe i posted logs and dox what a shitty person i am

oh wait

I don't do hook ups anymore.



uh, Fool dox'd himself FIRST.

I just copied his image.

a) Fool DOX'd himself
b) Fool said he DOX'd himself
c) Loco called attention to the post containing his sensitive information, where everyone could have just ignored it

I want to take you seriously Squash, but I don't think you know when I am. Do you care if I put any effort into these replies? Are you worth convincing? Because people are accusing me of shit I am not, and you can say 'dont care what others think' but who really does that?

You have so much Megus

so maybe your current morals are wrong.
and you're just being constantly immoral.
and your only excuse is you're waiting to grow older.


Can I ask what this fight is about? I'm kinda curious.

Tho I don't want to impose.

You shouldn't bring attention to someone's IRL info. Even after the fact.

I don't really care either way about what's going on. I like you dude. But I think you can improve yourself in a few places.

he's having some kind of break down

like he asked me on to discord and talked about nothing and now he's posted the logs of the conversation on pastebin?

i don't know what the plan is.

Linux is giving me so much trouble. VMWare can't find gcc6 wtf

Check this for the no valid openpgp

I'd rather just ditch it and suffer with the GTK file chooser though, if it makes shit unstable.


I'm not telling you to like me if I'm a bad person .__.

and I'm still pretty sure you didn't read the log.

you have your own shit going on. I get it. but people are being wrong about me and it sucks.

I read it. "And you aren't a bad person. Just kind of a dingus.
Just like, relax and shit dude.
Don't take it so seriously.

how does loco know what to say to irk me?

does he say what he knows would irk him?

read the logs. everything he says is a recognizable cliche for bullying.

tell me how to take it

Are you gonna be ok? I'm still new here but I'm sorry you're upset.

Just ignore it. If Loco doesn't like you or care to like you then just move on.


you are insane

you got to kyle.

you've clouded his judgement.

poor guy probably doesn't even know it.

Perhaps, perhaps not


for the record this is the bullying

hardcore stuff amirite

wake up, Kyle. you didn't read the fucking log. and I don't think you're an asshole, but you can recognize assholes.

he's being an asshole to me.
he's legit trying to bully me.

it's an advanced kind of shittery, where you just misrepresent someone over and over again.

being involved in this makes me feel small so i'm out

sort yourself out.

Bye Loco

I read the log, but if you are so intent that I did not then I obviously have no place to be in this discourse.

I thought you were one of the few here who did that well enough, and not just e-relationships

I actually just went and saved some pics a few hours ago. Don't have too many, just 45 pics~


That sounds odd
Uh.... Try adding it manually.
copy deb zesty main and paste it into a new file at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plasmazilla.list
Then do:
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys D946D65F35128FD7gpg --armor --export D946D65F35128FD7 | sudo apt-key add -

Seems some guys aren't right now..

So it would seem

jesus... squash... are you really doing this to me?

im acting out. I legit know he's wrong.
and I'm not confident I know how wrong he is.
he might be very right. and that would mean some very bad things about me I'd have to come to terms with.

so it's crucial that you promise to me you read and understood the dialog throughout the conversation.


So on an unrelated note, what's everyone's favorite color?




I would rather have a dedicated partner.


scary thread!

You are BOTH idiots when it comes to the other.
I honestly with you two did not interact because I don't want to be caught in this.

Like I really just want to focus on getting the last few medals in expert mode on Star Fox.

Hooking up with them is a good first step


Yeah, is. Should fetch a new one

I already have feelings for someone, but it's complicated.

squash. I'm terrified of being misunderstood again.

is there any way I could make it easier for you to understand?

I won't force you to listen to me. you'll just hate me more. please, try to understand this situation. I'll make it as easy as possible. if you don't trust my word, you can just refer to his. I trust you to be impartial.

I don't care if you have to say negative things about me.



so what is there to our friendship, if I can't trust you to tell me where I'm right or wrong, or defend me when others attack me?

Over the last 5 years of knowing you I can't recall many times you took my advice or even acknowledged it to the point of improving yourself.
This is the same shit you have been doing with Loco for like 3 years.

and so how many years does it take for you to stop caring to tell me where what I'm doing is right or wrong, or stop defending me when others attack me?

you don't owe me anything, kyle. you can refuse to engage any of this, but at least know that it'll make me sad and make my world seem a little more unforgiving and lonely. sorry for being manipulative. I'm rather sad.

Again, I called loco a dingus too.
I think you both need to just not interact.
Seriously. I have told you what you did wrong.
Stop doing that wrong shit.

This seemed to work except I went xenial
doesnt seem to do shit though

I don't care if you called Loco a dingus.

call him a little shit.
call him an asshole.

and don't take my word for it that he's these things. read his words. and realize he said those things to me, in order to fuck with me. stop writing off him fucking with me.

just say you don't have enough fucks to give. but don't keep masking how little fucks you give by labeling me your friend.

It isn't my job to be a dick to people who dislike you because you annoy them.
It's the same shit with Loco. I'm not going to be a massive cunt to you just because he dislikes you.

if you don't want to defend me,
at least give me a reason I can understand.

you know how many people just, choose to be cruel (like, actually cruel, I can't fight back situations) just because they find me annoying? I'm pretty sure that's autism. but I'm sick of nobody defending me, and using such a bad excuse to be awful to people.

I think you're going great lengths just to avoid addressing how he treated me.
so if you're going to blame ME for this shit, kindly try to be more specific, otherwise you're just blaming me for vague impressions.

tldr since you're a proud idiot:

if you're going to excuse Loco by saying I partly deserve it, be more specific, or this will torment me.

you can admit you don't know what you're talking about. this is not an insult, just an out.

This is wholly ironic considering I'm the only person who defends you in our calls and people come down on me for it.

Stop being mad that nobody defends you because honestly you actively work to try and get Loco to acknowladge you even though neither of you get along and you could spend your effort getting the people who actually do like you to talk to you.
But instead you're going to sit here and try to make me feel like shit because I'm not riding Locos ass because you two can't fucking ignore each other.

Make another post degrading me and I'm just done with you, Kanra.

squash. I'm not trying to attack you.
I don't care if you're defending me in calls. That could mean anything. Sometimes people side with the unpopular character because it's more interesting. I'm okay with that.

don't defend me. please, don't do it for me.
thank you for doing it as long as you have.

I'm not mad nobody defends me. I'm mad that the world seems unfair and shit, and that's everyone's excuse for being unfair and shit. And they take it out on the autistic annoying kid.

If it's so easy to make you done with me,
fucking do it already. Stop calling me your friend.
I obviously don't want this. but who wants a friend that doesn't want to understand them?

Then stop being an asshole to ME because I'm not being an asshole to HIM because he's being an asshole to YOU because you can't stop obsessing over HIM instead of people who like YOU.

I am closing this tab and going to the new thread. I expect this conversation to be closed with it.

at least if you're going to stop being my friend

don't suddenly flip it on me without explaining it, then say you dont want to talk about it because you can't handle his nonsense anymore, it's too much and he doesn't shut up






i want to die

i had that all written out.

its like everyone i love has a playbook on how to fuck with me without being accountable

sometimes the door is a phone and the knock is a text.

people go great lengths to refuse to admit they're wrong

but it almost always ends in them

flipping it on me, saying it's all my fault because of [insert personality trait here]
instantly refusing to let me say anything back
then usually I end up trying to explain myself again, but now they feel justified in treating me even worse than ever

I wasn't attacking him.
I just want to be understood.
I told him I wasn't attacking him.

and now, he has put me into another chamber of confusion and self-doubt, because he might eb right, and his emotions of anger and trying to make me feel shame are the ones I should be feeling, and if he was ever my friend, I should trust him when he says things to make me feel shame and regret. Shame and regret make you a better person after all. sorry for seeming so arrogant all the time, Kyle.

but yea. I guess if our friendship was this fragile, I shouldn't cry too much. a little is fine. fuck you kyle.

this one time, after a long night of my dad and his gf tormenting me, I said 'you know what: fuck you guys' to them. after that, he started using me saying 'you know what: fuck you guys' as an excuse to say it to me. but he said it like it was my fault he was saying it.