Two to three threads a day makes the bad times go away

Two to three threads a day makes the bad times go away

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one of the last of the real pokemon

Why does my arm shake and turn bright red when im eating dirt?



how is this not a pony thread?

i was into the yuri pony myself

first of all i'm not the socks from the pony threads

i guess people have forgotten that plot arc


And it was just a remake

i think no one cares nor knew you or the other socks?

most are plausible

then why did you suggest i was a ponyposter?


pony rejects

i remember socks just being like a beepop type figure for the dogfuckers

Because it's the anime thread.

attempt 1: pony
attempt 2: furry
thats two strikes


This is neat. I'm going to save it.

Also, hi.

why do you hate me

you have pony in your name so at least it makes some sense

gone for a week and I come back and it's nothing but horses

You gotta be some kind of fag to put pony in your name

you crossfucked

oh hey sabrina

how do you feel about iZombie


brad there is horse anus willie nilly

can i get a definition here?

I thought the few episodes of season 01 I saw were cute. I should revisit it. Are you into it?

you went between the cancer threads like the rest of us

but you are primarily a horse/dogfucker

Why are you doing this

But why wub woo!


That's because unlike most, I don't want more than one name

All moved in now?

if your gonna malign my character at least do it properly!

short answer kinda

long answer yes

it all stems back to when i was visiting my dad and killing the time with how i met your mother because i needed something light after sons of anarchy basically scarred me

he was like have you seen izombie?

it's so ridiculous but it's just what i needed

doing what?

how did that thing go


okay beepop.2

If you can hit that sweet spot and make something utterly ridiculous compelling, it really is magic. I like the idea of her eating someone's brain and essentially becoming them. Tack that on to crime solving and ya got yourself a fun little show.

I'll need to catch up on that next week. Tomorrow is the finale of Twin Peaks, so I'll need something to help me recover from post-show depression.


yeah and the brains always look like plastic and she makes some bomb omlette out of it

also she's from new zealand and is nailing american fairly well

it's a good show

where sci been

Yeah it's small as hell and I think my room has fleas or bedbugs or some shit in it because Ive been getting bit the fuck up

It's nice to have internet again though

Gone back to school yet?

What thing?

with your roommate or something

"Tulip Fever" is the sexist thriller of the season until you realize that 1600s weren't the best for hygiene

Aw, neat! I was surprised to learn Lucy Lawless was a Kiwi back in the day. They're takin' all our leadin' lady jobs!


the real question is where is Scanner and does anyone have his discord because he's been off steam for so long hes most likely dead

oh shit were you a zenafag?

i was more into her sidekick


You should wash your sheets and everything, see if that helps. Sounds fucking shit..
Yeah, nice to see you again~

I'll be back to school on Monday, so soon


scanner is a real mess

Gabrielle was her girl. There were talks of a reboot on NBC that fell apart, thank goodness.

Lucy's on Ash vs Evil Dead now. She's still fantastic.


oh right gabrielle

like i remember recording this seen where you could almost see her nipples in a hottub xena ep

and i masturbated to it a lot

is there more info here?

I washed them jusst before i moved sad enuogh

I''m thinking of just replacing the carpet in here But I have to overcome the want to not undo what I just moved everything in

also that SUCKS
I hope this year goes nice

scanner is a mess but we love him

you were stressing about something last time i saw you

no stress?

not really

he can't handle his liquor

i was stressed about moving and now I'm stressed about where I moved to

also I miss my dog

heres something cool though


how much is a lot?

Yeah, but if it does get rid of the fleas and bugs, it's worth it for sure. It's the weekend now, so it's now you got the time for it~

Is alright. This semester so far looks like it'll be easier than the last. Aren't asked to buy any books, and it has fewer lectures too, so it looks like it'll be nice so far.

I took this when I moved out

Its Joe Walsh's from the Eagles signature on a Godfather's pizza box that the parents got when they were at thE Riverside casino

They ran into him in an elevator befor the show and all they had on them was a pizza box and he signed it

They have pics too but they are on fb and I dont want too digg to find them

but this is my box now

i saw this rad doby/sheph mix on the highway

gabrielle was like all i had growing up for awhile

Whats your new room like Bard ?


jk Hi

that's awesome

oh h-hi

I had a girl crush on Callisto before I knew what girl crushes were.

Maddie! ♥

What's up mein nigra?

Heyy Sabby~

oh fuck callisto that bad guy?

i think i did too actually

chillin with my girls

The LPR was a bad idea lmao

You have a harem now?

Is it comparable to Soto's?

hi ban thanks for asking :3

it's like 10x8 and i had to get rid of my bed for a futon couch which is kind of lame

soto probably has aids honestly

he will hop on any trap

I'm TP's head girl though.

I've been ok. Just staying busy! I got a big, fat, juicy watermelon that I'm going pump full of alcohol this weekend, so that should be fun.

How have you been?

The actress was so over the top, but it was actually perfect for that part because she was so insane. She was like a non-pathetic Harley Quinn.

the average irs auditor finds and collects 19 million dollars per year that would have otherwise gone untaxed

kyle you only make fun of me these days

fuck off

it looks like it could get pretty dank in there


like for real kyle

fuck off

and get your shit together

Doin' God's work.

do you block out your windows ?

You always instigate with me first you, wing ding.

ah yes i definitely fapped to her

kyle you just instigate for fun

cause you have lack of employment

It's too hot duuring the day

It's upstairs and I'm used to being below ground

It's loud right on the 4 lane highway through town
but it does have a nice backyard whichis great
my half brother decided to start joining me in sparring so that's super exciting

Yeah, kinda. Lol

He was better with the cancer dick imho.

Oh wow, that sounds very fun^^

I've been well. Me and the girl had a rough week but then we seemed to be good again now so that was a relief cause idk what I would do without her at this point. Other than that, just trying to kick ass at work and building drones and stuff haha

Glad you're doing well, Sabs. I've missed you

and then you WORK WORK WORK


Prove it.

everyone knows that this is makebelieve playdrama right?

Hi Kyle.

you don't understand how to support yourself

It is almost as if money is meant to be used.
Not all of us can afford to burn it in the gulag communal trash can like you, oh great and mighty TP.

whatever happened to that tracer bullet character?

Game is starting.
Give me a kiss before I go, TP.

Nobody really talks to him so he leaves after a few posts for a week.

i think i might have cancer


I watched a behind-the-scenes thingy about the show once, and one of the segments played clips from the show alongside kung-fu films that inspired it. There are actions scenes that are shot-by-shot tributes/rip-offs of old Hong Kong cinema. It was pretty neat.

Dang it, Teebee. Now I wanna rewatch Xena. But not Hercules. I didn't care much for it.

I'm glad things seem good now. You seem really happy and positive with your sweetheart in your life. It does my heart good to see you that way!

Have you gotten any great shots with the drones? Or have you started playing with cameras yet?

TB is kinda a dick

How has your evening been?
E-enjoy your game.

Yeah only one window and I put up a blanket over it to stop most of the light coming in and I have my fan in it to suction out the lolweadesmoke

it sucks because my mom has the room across the hallway and she bitches at me for smoking so I have to do it during the day when shes at work or at night

I do smoke when she's here sometimes becaue at least my room has a lock on it but ehh

Kind of lame can't get my friendsd over and chief and stuff

Still I've always liked the blocked out windows look

in the donger??

The big one we have had a gopro mount that we got a little footage on... My new goggles have a built in DVR though, so I'll prolly post some stuff in the near future just for kicks. :p

i watched zorbo too but it was gabrielle who got me

no i passed that scare when i was a kid

in my neck

it is fishdog chan hello there my water type friend

Xena is a top tier show.

Well, wtf mang?? Did you get it checked out or what?


have you tried hotboxing in that tiny ass room?

no but i'm close to doing it

i'm scared

I'd love to see some of your shots some time if you don't mind. I really need to save up and get a drone so I can get shots of the lake out here and maybe some of the music festivals.

It's funny. Xena was the spin-off show, but ended up being better and running far longer.

Okies! Just keep in mind the ones we build aren't photography quads, they're racers, but I'll see what we can get^^

Just do it man. In the worst case scenario if it actually is something, it's better to catch it earlier than later.

and xena probably opened up many heterosexuals to the possibility to fapping to traps

yeah it's almost been a year

i need to see what is wrong with me

it's bad i know

it would be hella funny if all it is like a pinched vein like my ball cancer scare was

still scary to get there

That would be nice but my mom bitches at me if I smoke so I have to have the fan pointed out the window for suction

smoking is gross and you should stop

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the doc's either, beleib me

reminder that the Bastion OST was phenomenal


S-smoking... what? ;^)

it helps my anxiety

not really much

liking this 3 days free in front of me

It's still pretty gross.

ooh yeah, Labor Day, righ?

I just work 4 days a week so I just go with it. Fucking rad set up.

You doing anything for the holiday?

Seeing two fags agree, it can't be dicks

arcuallly I v a p e

Maddie, are you a pod racer?


Even worse.

lol Kinda.

You gotta hear these things rip through the air :3c

oh for sure but like why even say that

smokers are like addicted and would rape your mother before quitting

even if she's not even that hot



just smoking a ton of weed and doing my sunday shit on monday instead

xena aka lucy lawless looks like a man

4 attention

oh well even then



Well then. Bird is the word on that one; roger that~

but actually i've been looking at my nugs and comtemplating whether i will make it through monday

cause they are fluffy

fluffy is.. ooookay... Just do half-bowls til you run out tbh

I'm imagining adorable lil' tie fighters. :D

Oooh. I think she's pretty, but I'll admit she's pretty tomboyish.

I lack a personality, so I have to resort to it.

i swear he like somehow averages

cause last quarter lasted me almost two weeks but was was dense is fuck

i can breathe this fluffy shit

why do you lack personality


when I didnt have internet I watched through some dvds we had and I fina;lly

Got the chance to watch Resevoir dogs

have you ever seen that movie?

oh they pronounce it always still

but spell it alvvays

fuck that

actually that movie got me started on tarantino

kinda appropriate since it was his first move

mr pink is the man

fuck yeah he is

My friends had told me that there was a mad twist in it so most of the movie I was thinking he was going to be the rat
Was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case

I alsso really enjoyed the characters of Mr. White and Joe

I also went and rewatched Kill Bill
I've seen both parrts of that quite a few times when I was younger but never actually watched it linearlly

It changedd the whole fucking movie for me because I never understood what set bill off but damn bro

That shit got me feeling

i actually watched tarantino movies in order

all while seeing him try to be other people

the exchange about tipping is pretty much the king royale of reservoir dogs

there's no action

tons of shit talking

great movie

i would argue that that or pulp fiction is his best

seeing him in his movies is the cringiest thing

Pupl fiction is a fucking masterpiece

Jackie Brown is his best.

I started Rewatching angel beats now that I've got internet

bless my frail old heart I dont know if I can take it again

For the past week or so I've been watching the first season of Ranma which I have on dvd for some reason

holy shit for an old anime that is fucking gold

it's good but not the best

as much as i criticize tarantino he has only really put out good work

have you see the new ones?

Never really watched alot of his stuff

You mean like...Django? and uh....what else is there

quinten makes dropping n-bombs ok

there's the jew one

and then the snow one

both good


Jackie Brown has him at his most confidently directing, proper character dialogue that actually sound like they are not just Quentin talking to himself, emotional maturity, a narrative discipline that is lacking in his later work, solid performances across the board (especially from Robert Foster), and a sincerity that draws enough from the genre movies he loves without diluting the drama instead of the insufferable genre pastiche that he has been indulging in since Kill Bill. As good as Pulp Fiction is, it is no Jackie Brown.

tbh any good music should make you sad at least a little

like fuck this is so good why am i so shit

It makes me swoon when you talk film.

oh fuck i forgot that darbear LOVES jackie brown

yes it's really really good

not his best

kill bill was something else
so good
so kakkoi!!!

also!! D ariwin I missed you!!!!!

But I have been here the entire time.

He's always there to watch me.

dar does have a point about jackie brown though brad

he shoots that bitch in the face with little to no regard

it's a cold movie


No, I just delegate that task.


i imagine like kyle watching edm remixes of overwatch

D-delegate it to who?

I don't even watch TV or movies really.

What the fuck is that?

and you didnt tell me helllo.

You cannot know the identity of my undercovers.

You were busy.

maybe you should

there's some really good shit on actually

pulp fiction makes a pretty good dramatisation of the point that saccharine entertainment is still valid entertainment

i mean whether that was the conscious intention or not is irrelevant its still a film that has a theme to sing and it says it on so many different levels that are in dialogue with eachother it cant be seen as anything but high art and just poop on my dick i smell my own butt

My internet is too slow to download anything really.
Plus I just never had an interest in film.

didn't read

are you saying it IS the best?


Busy with what?

Quentin Tarantino is a shit director who makes movies. Not films, movies. There is nothing worth looking at in anything he does.

Replying to people.

pulp fiction is unarguably his magnum opus

[Counter point]

oh shit fool just shits on everything nice

It is frustrating that I cannot escape you.
I kind of like how vigilant you are with me though.

maybe you should go back to whence you came


b-but you never even linked me ;~:

What an awful night of LoL with my duo.
Oh well.
Anyhow I'm back with no interruptions.

It was improper under the circumstances. What if people found out we are secret lovers?

That would be embarrassing....

i would be kinda perturbed if i found out that brad and dar were dating tbh


bar looks twelve

it would be hot

it's in darwin's wheelhouse


I wish I was Darwin's type like Bard is.

dars is only my master as a joke

I like cute boys :3

Pulp Fiction is unarguably a waste of time.

The rape scene was kind of hot yo.


I've seen rape scenes in films before, and done better. I've even seen male on male rape scenes in films done better.

i see you are a man of taste like myself


I personally didn't like either of the films that much.
Were ok though.

fool you're an idiot

dont look at me with those misty eyes....


if you start crying then you're gonna make me cry too..

Tarantino makes homages to other directors with shit dialogue. Fuck him.

I like things that are good. Tarantino is not good.

Either of what films?

Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill.

I'll hold it in.

He has made more than those two.


i do agree with this

i donno man

we gets black people to tell him it is ok for him to drop n-bombs

pretty based

And let it out inside you.

like he just says nbombs left and right

dead nigger storage

even niggers probably love that scene

It isn't okay when he's doing it for no reason than to say it. I'm of the school that dictates there be no excess, everything has to have a point.


Tarantino is an indulgent arrogant talentless little fuck who isn't worth the price of admission.

that seems a bit excessive.

do not

i can respect that

his use of nbombs is a bit excessive

and it's like always samuel l jackson telling him it ok

no he is really very gross
, you see

*gross and excessive

He should have gone to film school. He clearly wasn't intelligent enough to figure out how to make them on his own.

did anyone see hostel 2

or was it 3

do not what

the one with the blood yuri

he seems to have achieved quite the level of success for not knowing how to make them on his own

like him or not he was at the right places at the right time with his work

Nope. And no.


you're just being difficult

you have had to enjoyed his films

please shut up

Michael Bay is more successful than Tarantino. Money does not make the man, Tarantino has no vision, no understanding of his medium. He cranks out total garbage.

Not a single one.

DO NOT what

whatever process you used to decide something was better or worse than something else, can be applied to life.

and your art.


How's it going Kanra? Still drinking heavily because you flunked out of college?


this doesn't make you wet

who is the dj

also tim roth is god as far as i'm concerned

for as long as I've known Fool's philosophy,

it's always been about the absolute subjectivity of everything, and that emotions and intelligence needn't be conveyed rationally, in order to represent intelligence and emotion. It's why his art HAS to be explained in order to grasp, since the story behind the dull work is essential to 'getting' it.

so to say Tarantino's work wasn't genius, is only because you didn't realize the genius thoughts that went into it.

that'd make for a terrible butler.

am I doing it now?

when i first watched through this there was a scnee that trigered me so fucking hard

When mr White and mr Pink go into the bathroom and Mr Orange is bleeding on the warehouse floor

Mr white brings out a lighter and flicks it a few timesto spark it and then brings the flame to mr Pink's cigarette

it lights and mr pink smokes it

smoke comes out

immediately after mr White brings the flame to his cigarette

leaves it there a seceond
and puts the lighter back in his pocket

no smoke off the lighter

and he just holds the cigartette in his fucking hand


of a butler


How's Fool?

oh, I thought it was the ranting.
or are you just copying him?


I thought you were against language gentrification.

How dare you ask that?

don't hold my tongue.....

I will take that as a yes.

I realized the genius behind the shots, I've seen the same films he's seen.

You want to know what gets my dick hard in film? Watch any film by Kubrick, Malick, Wai, Kurosawa, Ozu. I could go on.

Fool is working like a dog and perpetually broke.

ban this man

did you really love eyes wide shut?

cause i could watch that move over and over

cruise and kidman were perfect for it too

he must have sensed their crazy infidelity

seriously though, kidman in that movie is a goddess


Did something change?
Is Eric okay?

Eyes Wide Shut was beautifully shot.

then what am I supposed to not

drinking? I don't drink anymore.

you can't have realized the genius behind his films, Fool. because you're not him. in fact, everything he did could have been improvements on what you say he's ripping off, and nobody will ever be able to do it better.

look how chaotic the world is when we refuse to measure things.

now tell me, how do you know when something is excessive? I already know it's 100% off-the-cuff reasoning and vaguely referred to wisdom, but tell me that this school is actually scholarly.

and then I'll be on my way.

My Master Loco has forbidden me to elucidate.

my master could beat up your master.........

it doesn't even feel like a movie. more like a jaunt i

and like Leelee Sobieski

i really really like eyes wide shut so i'm glad that fool loves kubrick

making it all the more tempting, no? this is what your master wants. do what is forbidden, Darwin. tell me what the fuck I'm supposed to not.


mhm. quite.

why are the user moosefuckers talking about masters

i made that webm

do you like it

I will fite him.


if you want to be some slimey neckbear's slave

you could at least put a name on lol

Bedtime, goodnight Bard.

nobody can beat my master in a fight

bye you piece of shit

Goodnight kissy chan! sweeto dreamus

seems to conform with the laws of modern memetics.

can't say I do.


Is he so fine he can't be beat?

brad you like that fag?

You've moved onto bigger and better things I take it. Pills? Meth?

I can because I've seen his sources. It's not just me saying it that he's using the shots and styles of other directors, he says it himself.

Yes, very scholarly. The concept goes back to at least Chekhov.

Kubrick's films feel exactly like films. The medium is the whole point for Kubrick.

idk if he'shere right now but if he is i dont want him to know > /

That is actually Savannah incognito. Do not tell anyone.

i mean it's kinda true

he has his modus operandi for sure

Kubrick could have done anything. And what he did was explore and extend the boundaries of exactly what film is.

i'm thinking of expanding it into a full video where mr blobby is a serial rapist

based chii was based

so pissed at grim and lenko for making her believe that everyone wan't to ruin her

i just want to have sex with her

nah. Good ol' caffeine. And less than 200mg per day, which is the allowed adult male allowance. Caffeine is a drug that has plenty of research talking about its benefits. Equal to that of dogs.

I know he's biting others' styles. What I'm saying is that your previous philosophy suggests that knowing where a shot was stolen isn't enough to know, and neither is the shot itself. According to your previous philosophy, the details that went into Tarantino's thinking before and after the shot, are necessary to know its worth.

You didn't answer how you tell when something is excessive.

not gonna argue with this

no you're not

lol'ing at kanra right now

the moral of the story is though

chii's back will always be broke

kanra is here?


pls response

you don't appreciate my art

is that what that was?

you don't appreciate my art


It's about authorship. He can't be as good because he isn't them. Would you rather watch a classic film or watch a remake of the film?

You have no understanding of my philosophy, past or present. You don't even understand the thing you were in school studying, hence why you flunked out.

You can tell because removing it doesn't change things one iota.

Oh, and I don't have to explain my work to most people, just to those who aren't smart enough to get it. People like you, who can't even understand basic philosophy.

kanra doesn't appreciate when the shoe is on the other foot ;;


looks like something you'd find in an old porn comic

what a real piece of shit


He hates you.

you ever read those old flipbooks with the big breasted ladies and sailors

VERY good.


kanra is just intimidated that i actually went to college and successfully completed my tour

read it kanra

vintage erotica in general is pretty great

also i don't fap to taps anymore

and kanra faps to them literally 24/7

fuck it here is the rest of the story in form of my online survey comments target asked for about my experience

I didn't have a good experience because the system is flawed for my circumstance. First of all, the way the website presented the item, it made it seem like it wasn't something that I could just find on the shelf, and that it would have to be ordered. For instance, it specified that some stores had the item in stock, but neither of the stores closest to me said it was in stock. I was surprised when I got an email 5 minutes later that my order was already ready for pick-up. That's a pretty minor gripe of mine. And actually, for something like what I got, it would probably save a little time having it ready up front instead of searching around for it.

The biggest problem was that one of the two light-bulbs in the package I bought was broken. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I got to my car. So, I went back in and search around the store for 5-10 minutes to find a pack with two good bulbs and I get back in the line for returns/pickups. I was told that I couldn't exchange it until the next day because I would have to bring in the receipt that was emailed to me. This is a pretty ridiculous situation, since it was your staff's fault for not even being able to pick out a pack without a broken bulb. There were 4 or 5 other packs on the shelf, none of which were broken, so they could have picked any other one lol. And then because of your staff's lack of care and attention for detail, I end up having to wait in that line three times in order to get the item I prepaid for.

There has to be some exception in place for when something like this happens, because someone must have seen me pick up the item ten minutes prior.

I'm not saying I won't use the pickup service ever again for something I really need, but probably won't pick out anything breakable again.

I shop at Target 2-3 times a week, and this time my visit really ruined my day. There needs to be flex in your rules for extenuating circumstances. If there already is, then your staff needs to be retrained

God, I fucking love taps too!!

byzantine erotic mosaics and tapestries

Kanra is a woman.

I can appreciate authors. I can love and respect writers and poets and artists, the lives they lived that lead to the works they ultimately created. But to do their reputation any justice, you have to be able to say heir works can stand alone. That Jimmy Hendrix was still a legendary guitar player, and that his suicide doesn't add or take away from his rendition of All Along the Watchtower.

even though we do alter our perception of works based on these things, those alterations are mostly guesswork based on feels.

I think you said your philosophy was absurdism, and that your art is absurdist, and meaning is up to each of us to create.

How do you know you don't have to explain your work? Have you shown it to someone with no bias, and asked them if they knew its meaning? What indicators from the work itself, gave them the impression you were trying to convey?



You degenerate

I was predicted

I need to apologize now to the people I need too

so I will start with the most important

please somebody pass on this message if you can I wont talk about it again after this

starting with


Grim, I apologize to you because I was objectively wrong in this situation

I blew up on you and it wasn't deserved

I apologize for the racial slurs

I apologize for threatening you and harrasing and telling you to self commit sui

This is never an answer and it was childish and immature

I dont expect forgiveness but You did not deserve that and I am really sorry
I want to stress though
where I was most wrong was banning you froom discord
This is sometthing I always preach against and Should never have been done
I step down as mod
And for proprieting drama
If this was the old days, you would win this fight and I dont have the heart to fight that out
I concede to you because I was morally wrong and lashed out at you
the person who I would really moost like to apologize though
Is Spoilers
Every single time I've gotten stressed out I've lashed out at spoilers
And every time he's just the coolest dude who just trys to be friendly with everybody
He prettty much does his job and I give him shit when i dont even know anything about it
Spoilers really doesnt fucking deserve that and I'm sorry for always lashing out at you
Im acting crazy and he has his own stresses in life I sure
Spoilers is cool shit so spoilerss I m sorry for being a strait up asshole to you all the time
Elma I apologize for saying any harsh and brash words and phrases earlier
Thank you
Thank you
thank you so much for listening and hearing me out
It helped alot
You're a good friend
lloyd, I'm sorry for lashing out at you from the beginning, You didn't Deserve that either, I was reaching at whatvever I could grab and I apologize for attacking
Colbert you didnt fucking deserve what I said you're like such a cool fucking neutral guy thank you for staying around man
To the General thread public I'm sorry guys to constantly be bringing down the mood and escalating drama
It's an old habit and hard to break
I care about this community
us as a board are one of the most important things of my life
and even if I dont really get along with certain people individually
Us as a board are a family
Everybody in it
And I love this family
You guys are my world and I'm sorry for making it so gloomy and taking out my frusterations on you guys


What is it with you and the copypasta tonight?

Is this TP actually being serious and not a copyposta?

I love turning the water in and watching it flow out of those hot taps. Makes me rock hard

oh hi

He's sad because he has no friends

i'm sad because i have no friends

an eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling

do Archie comics count?

Did you say rock?!

I think it is copypasta

why is kanra like a drunk irishman

Ciel is so adorable in his circus clothes

umm okay i think I know TP


kanra you're a gook

TP is a mystery


Why do you shamelessly use that word but expostulate with us when we use the word NIGGER?

no, I refuse to get distracted.

I can't be the only one that knows that Fool is a legit hypocrite and rationalizes his own delusions.

The drunk Scotsman.

Getting distracted ain't a bad thing


i kinda love that cato is still civil to me after me saying such awful things to him

like you're pathetic
i hate you
please fuck off

i'm sorry cato

can we squash our beef?



i can't find the one i had in mind but Lost Girls by Alan Moore is an homage to the style, you should read that as well.

I can't be the only one that knows that Kanra is a legit hypocrite and rationalizes his own delusions.

Ha, ha!

I tried to warn you.

... aand the one I had in mind, was the one Ms. Jupiter was showing her daughter in Watchmen.

I never knew if there was actually a beef or not


i made him laugh again ///

Most artists, authors, filmmakers, philosophers, poets, and musicians lead incredibly boring lives.

I don't consider the artist at all, I consider the work.

My philosophy is more complicated than that. My work is absurd only in that once I finish it the reason I made it is lost forever, so I have to do it again and again and again.

There is no such thing as a lack of bias, so that is an extraordinarily stupid question. In point of fact, every question you just asked shows a clear lack of intelligence of any kind. It is no wonder you flunked out. I have shown my work to people who understand art. They understand my work.

I almost inb4'd this
but I held out hope.

Yeah, and?

yeah like that

if you want to go way back you should look at ruben's nymphs or like courbet's erotic stuff

or those greek pederast tableau's

I've heard of a buddhist ritual where the monks will spend months on a beauttiful piece of art only to destroy it and do it all again in the same philosopyhy

The fact that you almost inb4'd it shows that there is almost hope for you and you aren't in such denial as to be completely blind to your own actions

just maybe
you are becoming self aware

oh no even kanra knows it

so we're cool?

Why are you bullying Griffin?

from what i hear kanra is especially depressed and needs to wall love


Very similar. There is also the environmental art made by Andy Goldsworthy using silhouettes and rain, performance art, the sand drawings of the Natives.

Who reported this?

well yeah, the whole thing was pretty one sided anyway


Not allowed

i was trying a thing

now i'm trying another better thing

really sorry

i got your back from now on


So great, you can consider the work, and therefore not judge Tarantino just because he cribbed others' styles. You were comparing things to other things, and I felt that was hypocritical since I thought your worldview was that even skill and art are subjective, which they ultimately are, but you refused to say there were measures that made things better or worse than others.

Of course there's no such thing as a lack of bias, but to find someone with as little bias as possible in giving opinions about images, and you show them yours. Will they feel what you set out to make them feel?

you were thinking of a Moore example
I was thinking of a Moore example.
what were the odds?


cool beans
trying different things is good to do every now and then

The worst possible thing that could happen

did you just dox fool

just spoiler that shit

luka gets sad


yeah especially when you're dealing with so many cucks

i like to hope they dont mean it
but they keep saying they do
as if it doesnt penetrate this hard exterior they imagine I have.

That's how it goes

I can judge Tarantino. I see that work, I see the work he copied, the originals are better.

I took my work to a portfolio review once. My work was understood by those reviewing it. There is no such thing as as little bias as possible. Hence why there are East Coast and West Coast sensibilities.

If you are posting that image to embarrass me, it's not going to work. I got published, that's an achievement.

Yes, but I don't think that's why he did it.

it really is

i've been working on trying to accept things as opposed to trying to force my way

it's really hard i must say

i am a stubborn person

force your way to what?

yes, it sucks :3

Absolutely not!


it's a pretty fucking good painting anyway


like an interaction

i think about how it should go and get all stressed when it doesn't work out

You can judge Tarantino. But I highly doubt you're doing it with any consistency or logic beyond your feels, even if you could probably say one worked better overall in some areas for given reasons, I don't think giving solid reasons for things is you.

So you didn't tell the reviewers anything, you just showed them the picture? I didn't post it to embarass you if you're not embarassed by it, but that the caption does all the heavy lifting in conveying meaning and emotion in your work.

When someone sees your work, do they tell you they see "the absurdity of the human condition... where isolation becomes solitude, despair becomes a gentle melancholy"?

or do they see emptiness and vagueness? some masturbatory work that forgot to convey something clearly, and has to be explained in the caption?

his is the one on the right

Kanra just seems jealous at this point.