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rough estimate...: 600-1100?

depends on what you get^^

and a lot of the components to start you can use on other ones later on. Goggles, radio, LiPos.

dont accuse me of being sci

Sure thing, Sci.

smol skren

Also how do you change the file selection window to be more Windows-like? Always remembered it didn't have Windows-like screenie previews which is what prevented me from using it (linux) regularly for shitposting.

Hmm, definitely not before I have expendable income then :p

im telling mordin

The size of the taskbars can be changed if you customize them. Right-click, panel and panel preferences

By using KDE because the GTK developers are fucking retards
I do drag&drop because of this bullshit. If you do feel like it though, I suppose you can compile gtk using this patch

Why the fuck would I care?

you care enough to reply

You are really reaching.

Then again. Sci was always kind of a retard.

Good morning! How are you all?



dont get me started




Whatever you say, Sci.

Just playing ARAM.

fucking gtk

is it rip?

wtf is this

Have fun!

mayonnaise on pizza.

I always do.

eugh, why ruin pizza like this


Gnome devs are fucking autistic

it was more like every damn element

It is right now. I upgraded the motors but still have to wait for the speed controller from ching chong :(

I want this frame for my full-size build. it's so hnngh-worthy I can't even.

Change the DPI setting here

why need suffer

Ooh neat. That's better.

I heard 3D prnters are neat for DIY stuff though a classmate had a bad design for a frame and things broke.

3d printers are better for like go pro mounts and specialty parts, not for frame or props because there's simply too much stress on those pieces.

Because they clearly know best and it is something we don't need :^)

You're welcome


oh no i386 issues

what kind of troubles?

unmet deps

You get packages from non-free, contrib and main, right? Not just main, which I believe is default?

it wasnt enjoyable at all.
i spent 30 minutes looking for material and nutted in 20
now im really tired and I cant sleep until my hair dries

Did you get cum in your hair?


nah but i showered

What are you trying to install?

Ah, good. Just the way you phrased it, lol

He wants you to cum in his hair, obviously.



how bout your dinner?


That is odd....
Tried downloading the .deb file off the website and running sudo dpkg -i steam.deb ?
It'll probably complain about some missing dependencies, but I think a sudo apt-get -f install may fix it.
Odd though, I didn't have a problem installing it. I'm even running it right now, and I got no dependency issues.


Yeah last time was flawless too but idk why now not :((((((((((((

Was yummi :3

I don't even have that package..
Doesn't depend on it either.
Try doing "sudo apt install steam-launcher"


Hu :)

maybe. I don't even have a steam:i386 package

hi hi :3

I'm sleepy

Same. Getting closer and closer to bedtime too.
Been enjoying your day so far?


sleepy all day?

I can't install other i386 packages either so idk :shrug:


yummi cummi in your tummi?


league of legends old Runes & masterys system

RIP level 30 cap
League of Legends now drops loot boxes just like Overwatch every level up.
no more level cap prepare for level 100+ players

# dpkg --add-architecture i386# aptitude update

That sucks ;-;

mhmm, no longer hungry. Now to do nothing but posting for an hour or so more till bedtime.
Was the shower at least good?

hey luka did the game give u all the honor icons too? i feel like they just gave a bunch of people it cuz everyone was complaining on their official thread

Someone was just saying that in another chat. I'm confused what blue essences are though

lol nope I had to rush out cuz someone needed the washroom

i legit have had all the honor icons

og ribbons before the are gone forever now.
and they gave me all the new icons.

bleh, so it was all bleh. Meh

wtf i had no aptitude

blue stuff will be used on champ shards to unlock champs and mastery emotes and more.

apt update works too~


I had added the i386 thing before tho so no halpings

i only had like 100-300 honor for each in the old version and i got all of them :?

lol did you get that ribbon back when people actually used the old honoring

its okay tho cuz it all ends soon :)

omg im doing it

fucking shit, fuck.
I've no idea then ;_;
If you've already added i386 as a supported architecture and updated the repositories, it should be able to install i386 packages

Bed soon?

How do you use it? :o

Thought so too :shrug:

Linux eh, just works.

I barely spend time maintaining it~
Steam always seems to be an odd one out

um yeah!

Same :3

Bumblebee, Steam are what's not working :C


If I can't park my GPU the laptop drains 2fast

I hate dedicated GPU's in a laptop. Thankfully, mine supports completely disabling it in the BIOS.

i hate linux why cant i just i386 now pls stop vague this is no different than previous times

wait are the i386 and normal sid not in sync wtf

[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install steam:i386Reading package lists... DoneBuilding dependency tree Reading state information... DoneSuggested packages: steam-devices:i386The following NEW packages will be installed: steam:i3860 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 14 not upgraded.Need to get 1.312 kB of archives.After this operation, 4.106 kB of additional disk space will be used.Get:1 sid/non-free i386 steam i386 [1.312 kB]Fetched 1.312 kB in 0s (6.085 kB/s) Preconfiguring packages ...Selecting previously unselected package steam:i386.(Reading database ... 285686 files and directories currently installed.)Preparing to unpack .../steam_1.0.0.54-2_i386.deb ...Unpacking steam:i386 ( ...Replaced by files in installed package steam-launcher ( ...Processing triggers for mime-support (3.60) ...Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.23-2) ...Setting up steam:i386 ( ...Processing triggers for man-db ( ...Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.13.3-9) ...Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.15-1) ...
Maybe it's the repo you're getting the packages from? Sometimes that has happened to me too, try changing it to another mirror

Yeah bvut this makes no sense at all

gcc-7-base : Breaks: gcc-7-base:i386 (!= 7.2.0-1) but 7.2.0-2 is to be installed gcc-7-base:i386 : Breaks: gcc-7-base (!= 7.2.0-2) but 7.2.0-1 is installed libgcc1 : Breaks: libgcc1:i386 (!= 1:7.2.0-1) but 1:7.2.0-2 is to be installed libgcc1:i386 : Breaks: libgcc1 (!= 1:7.2.0-2) but 1:7.2.0-1 is installed libllvm4.0 : Breaks: libllvm4.0:i386 (!= 1:4.0.1-2) but 1:4.0.1-1 is to be installed libllvm4.0:i386 : Breaks: libllvm4.0 (!= 1:4.0.1-1) but 1:4.0.1-2 is installed libstdc++6 : Breaks: libstdc++6:i386 (!= 7.2.0-1) but 7.2.0-2 is to be installed libstdc++6:i386 : Breaks: libstdc++6 (!= 7.2.0-2) but 7.2.0-1 is installed


Indeed. It would seem the packages are out of sync, yet gcc-7-base both amd64 and i386 packages, are version 7.2.0-1 for me.
So it can be the packages are out of sync for your mirror. Try changing it to another from pic-related

what can i say erin


Yep, seems the amd64 package of llibstdc++6 is only at 7.2.0-1 whereas the libstdc++6:i386 package is at version 7.2.0-2 for this mirror

Debian? More like plebeian!


Jesus fuck I'll just not use the .nl versions

Emma Arch Linux nerd

Ikt? More like sux dikt!

Thanks for your contribution, it's greatly appreciated!

I've walked through 4 ftps now, reading the package lists to see if they are out of sync, and so far, all of them are.
You could use this one temporarily, at least that one seems to be in sync (seeing it works for me and I'm using that)
deb sid non-free contrib main

icht is the worse

Emma stop bullying

everything is now

but no, libgl1-mesa-dri still fucks up

You understand me so well!

Ikt stop stopping


17.1.5-1 both for amd64 and i386

whoops why the fuck is it removing every package

I'm gonna pawnch you

That's my fetish

Did you hit Y then Enter or just Enter after it stated it wanted to remove a fuckton of packages?
Why though? ;_;
What did it remove?

My fetish is pooing on things

I thought it was under "will be upgraded" :^)

Look, I think I need this.

well.... there goes the GUI

That's not a fetish of mine.


Is your real real name Pajeet?

Hey, at least Steam installs now :^)

you should just get wine to work and ignore the rest of your system


If you wanna park your dedicated GPU, you'll most definitely still need Mesa, or else there's no driver for your iGPU.
You'll also need Xorg, or you got no display, and thus, steam won't launch



Somehow it started lightdm and Xfce :shrug:

Isn't that your fetish anyways?

bye networking tho

you have literally troubleshooted everything you genius

I'm a normal adjusted person whose only fetish is to hold hands.

I'm boutta reinstall everything so lmaoooo

sudo apt install xfce4 ?
Might reinstall packages removed by whatever you accidentally did, and fetch network-manager too. If not, install network-manager-gnome too

also applies to

There's no networking tho

r-right :3
Is there if you use ethernet?

Good thing you have two hands

I'm dead. goodnight

ip works but interface enp2s0f0's the name but ifup that name doesn't work (unknown interface)

I lost one in a petting accident.

What happened?

Sleep well Hu

You bit it off.


I think it's near impossible for a human male to bite off another human's hand

its not lost just stop fisting yourself

They're small hands.

wow rude

You know what they say about small hands.

also why would be sad if she was flat

I don't get it either, flat is good.

pet me


Oh shit Emma is still alive unfortunately lmao

your smol hand fits my ass nicely


dude wth

How ya been Ems?

Did you finally become an adult?


purple or green/white?

whyd you put it there in the first place!?

get that weak ass shit outta here

Yeah, somethin like that.

You don't even seem to be watching anime or else you'd be posting best girl (Sayaka from Aho)


Or whatever you posted in discord


pat me to rest

Fake news

Oh, this one?

I think she's amatsukaze not too sure
All boats kinda suck tho lol


I didn't even know this series was going on
The fuck is it about?


You make me tired :(

I don't remember these boat names.

You're fake news

3 lolis start a band and onii-chan helps him and it turns out his best friend is also a loli and nothing lewd happens ever.

Oh hey what's up Rin

i want her to snap and make me her bitch

g2b its late




lmao that screenshot tho
Reminds me of that sunscreen with the dog pulling some kids underwear or someshit

Yo but srsly Aho girl makes me laugh like way too much

git gud Bánh mì-kun

That would make a 10/10 doujin
I have a couple like that

They just have to pull off the face where they start enjoying it and it's fucking golden


2200 is a healthy sleeping time


I'm not enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the manga tbh

Typical elitist manga readers

But you can actually see he getting her shit slapped by Akkun in motion

It's great

He has a pretty good life, idk why he's so angry


Why へく instead of フェク




Sayaka > Imouto > Boob President > Aho Mom > Dog > Aho

Debate me

Do they all end in Kaze

idk how to use tlis keyboard?

And へく looks cooler

Imouto > Sayaka > who gives a shit




Oh did i tell you how i lost my phone and ended up buying a new one (the same exact one but silver instead of gold)

Ah, good times

No. A lot of the destroyers do though



You seem to know alot about boats fam

I know a thing or two

I prefer dreadnoughts

Also, that's Urakaze

Give me some obscure ones that are good for fapping


What a waste of money.

None of them are really obscure. But if you're looking for a good fap, Shimakaze has a lot of doujins, and a lot are pretty good

Which one is fillmyfuckingasskaze

Scold me more Emma

I missed this feeling

I've used her a bunch already
Anything else?



The purple haired one with a giant bell


What about abyssals the only ones i know are hoppou and woclass


Yeah there we go

Not the wrestler tho

lmao so fucking true tho


She's not called speedslut for nothing

You suck doodoo

Fuck off

I like Battleship Ta class the most, just personal taste though

Is there one with semen demon personality

Yeah, apparently there's a jap wrestler that's like huge af thats called akebono

I dont know how I found out, I think it was after watching some jap game show or someshit

lmao suits emma pretty well

Now step on me


That pic is fucked dude the show didn't even finish airing

Not really

lmao, I didn't know that
I bet that's a fetish of yours, you enjoy wrestling with huge sweaty men

Whom'st'd've is Emma? Is it ?

Why is there so much trap doujin for zekamashi?



The name's Anthony


Its only 10 episodes


She's a pretty passable trap




Emma never scolds me ;;


link me that first one

onegai and arigato

Plotless comedy like that and konosuba don't deserve a full cour anyways


Oh. neat

Oh, shrimp. I don't know, the trap ones are pretty good though. The costumes people buy are :fire: too

this is some advanced anime porn search skills


Most of it is in my autofill because i use them so much


vaginas are gross

But they taste soo good.



How would you like me to punish you?


Yes, sir!

That's gay though.

Boy do I have news for you.

The news is that its not gay




Let Hu cum in you instead.

But he has aids


Spec has custody right now

He'll break me

mmm love me some reverse NTR

Why won't my exhentai work god damn it

Here’s kinda a moral dilemma and I’m interested in how others would react. I can see both perspectives and I’m not even sure if how I handled it was right or not.

So first a little backstory:
I have this lamp in my living room that takes halogen light bulbs. I’ve had it since high school and it’s actually a pretty dope, bright lamp. At some point 5-10 years ago, the bulb blew out and I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the lamp (I recently figured out that there’s a spring loaded mechanism and relearned that I’m a CUNT (can’t understand normal things)). I’ve just kept this light because it kinda fits the room and kinda hoped that some day I would figure it out.

Once I got the bulb out I hopped online to see where I could get one. At first glance it looked like I was looking at Amazon or specialty bulb sites. I later learned that this type of bulb is common af and is used in those bright ass contractor’s lights. I ordered the bulbs on Amazon but had to build my order to get that free shipping. Amazon ended up canceling the bulbs because they weren’t available after all or something, and even though I wouldn’t have ordered anything without the bulbs, I still let the order ride since I was still getting free shipping.

That’s just to give you some tl;dr on what a headache these bulbs already have been for me.

I hop back online and realize that fucking home depot and target have them. I’m always at Target so I decided to use their pickup service I didn’t know existed. Even though it turns out they just had them on the shelf, the website made it seem like it wasn’t an “in stock” item, but could be ordered for you to pick up at the store the next day. When I got an email five minutes after the order was placed saying it was ready, I was all like, “the fuck?”

So whatever, I go to Target the next day and wait about five minutes in that fucking returns/exchange/pickup line (I later learned there’s supposed to two lines, but not even the people working it knew that). I get my bulbs and then do the rest of my standard grocery shopping.

When I get to the car, I’m looking at the bulbs, and don’t you know it, one of those fuckers is broken. I really only needed one, since the last one lasted me several years, and was just about to say fuck it and take off. But then I’m like, “you know what? This is bullshit. I made all this extra effort for this and some idiot can’t even pick out a pack without broken bulbs?” and go back in to search for the light bulb aisle

Oh, lol, during this there was this gigantic retarded kid just standing there and wearing a red shirt, so naturally I asked him where the light bulbs were. “I donno.” I quickly realized my mistake, apologized and hurried off.

I asked a group of four Target idiots just farting around in electronics and finally found them, and got back in that returns/pickup line, that should be two lines, so I can exchange. I was told that since it was a pickup, I had to wait until the next day, because I will have to bring in the receipt that was emailed to me after I picked it up. I was like, “seriously?” but at that point accepted it and started walking out. On my way out, I realize I still have the pack I grabbed from the shelf in my hand and intentional walk out with it. Some of this confidence came from last week when I broke a bottle of wine on my way out, and the lady just said to grab another one from the shelf and walk out. When I did that, I thought that it must be incredibly easy to steal things. I also had just blown a red light intentionally and felt particularly rebellious.

I drive home and FINALLY change the bulb in my light. There’s more to the story, but at this point, wanted to leave it as a “what would you do?” exercise. Thanks for reading

Give me the tl;dr.

i stole something because they wouldn't replace something that I just picked up but was broken

tl;dr that shit one more time for me.



So you have three bulbs now, but judging how you handled this whole thing, you're the dimmest one of the bunch.

lol well


yuri is a way of life

Real nigga hour, who up?

proto1 are you here

Yuribros unite

what you yuri'ing into tonight bro

Yuri is life.

Only the latest and greatest hentai releases, of course



see this guy gets it

seriously? do you like jack it to weeb shit? lol

gonna get smashed. three day recovery is really what i should get every week

oh DOA

i finally got my captcha straightened out. i never venture into the depths of 4chanx settings. thanks for telling me about this. i'd be down to start shitposting on Holla Forums again probably

Not serious, no. Probs just gonna do vidyagaems

No problem bro

i get into weird moods sometimes

i've been known to jack it to some hentai once or twice

jap irl porn is frustrating because of the pixels so you have to find like some german porn where a black dude is fucking a jap

weeb is hard fucking work

it never even occurred to me that that may have been an option

and i've complained about it so many times and no one besides you mentioned this option

makes you wonder how many others don't want to spam Holla Forums anymore because of storefronts

Sometimes the storefronts seem easier
It's when you get to surround the signs, or when you have to click the image until no more of that type appear that it's really cancerous

yeah it's the ones when it senses you have been getting a little too posty

actually i was getting a little hot last night on Holla Forums and i swear the words were getting smaller

but i was also getting more blazed so i donno


fuck it here is the rest of the story in form of my online survey comments target asked for about my experience

I didn't have a good experience because the system is flawed for my circumstance. First of all, the way the website presented the item, it made it seem like it wasn't something that I could just find on the shelf, and that it would have to be ordered. For instance, it specified that some stores had the item in stock, but neither of the stores closest to me said it was in stock. I was surprised when I got an email 5 minutes later that my order was already ready for pick-up. That's a pretty minor gripe of mine. And actually, for something like what I got, it would probably save a little time having it ready up front instead of searching around for it.

The biggest problem was that one of the two light-bulbs in the package I bought was broken. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I got to my car. So, I went back in and search around the store for 5-10 minutes to find a pack with two good bulbs and I get back in the line for returns/pickups. I was told that I couldn't exchange it until the next day because I would have to bring in the receipt that was emailed to me. This is a pretty ridiculous situation, since it was your staff's fault for not even being able to pick out a pack without a broken bulb. There were 4 or 5 other packs on the shelf, none of which were broken, so they could have picked any other one lol. And then because of your staff's lack of care and attention for detail, I end up having to wait in that line three times in order to get the item I prepaid for.

There has to be some exception in place for when something like this happens, because someone must have seen me pick up the item ten minutes prior.

I'm not saying I won't use the pickup service ever again for something I really need, but probably won't pick out anything breakable again.

I shop at Target 2-3 times a week, and this time my visit really ruined my day. There needs to be flex in your rules for extenuating circumstances. If there already is, then your staff needs to be retrained.



nezi pls no gang bully ;;

we got that understanding

only takes a look

the one time i ask for some genuine input and put some serious OC up

people just make fun of me

sorry for even caring i guess





laughing at something funny doesn't mean I endorse the bully :3c

I guess you could say TP isn't very bright.

now that's bullying

yeah it was funny


My oh my, I am rather tired

luka needs to show up to perk up DOA

I'm sure she's busy anyway. It's been like this all day, it's just the new medication

This might just be where it starts and ends though.


you don't know luka very well

she is sleeping lol

yuri is timeless

Went back to sleep? I wish I was sleeping right now

luka sleeps until it gets dark. neet af

what are you medicated for

let me guess

based yuri depression

Until almost dark lately. Lately awake by now though
There's nothing based about depression, and what do you mean yuri depression? How can a mental illness be yuri

How's Teeps?
Otherwise than fighting light bulbs.

i slept so great last night

like my eyes looked so stoned when i woke up just from how deep it was

it was the first night i could have the windows open with it getting "cold" at night so i got real cozy with my favourite blanky ^^

i slept so great last night

like my eyes looked so stoned when i woke up just from how deep it was

it was the first night i could have the windows open with it getting "cold" at night so i got real cozy with my favourite blanky ^^

forgive me

like everyone here takes anti-ds

then acts like these really happy yuris

what's the scuttlebutt anyways

SD i feel like such a pussy

i was like reading reddit threads on shoplifting

i'll tell you what though

walking out with it in plain view was kinda exhilarating

Well, I do take anti depressants. New ones as of last night
I force the happy act a bit, like if I could fool myself that it's true it would become true. If that makes sense


Well, that was just a plain accident that it got stuck with you, but you know, if they didn't see, it didn't happen.
Kind of happens every now and then when people want me to sign in packages they bring to the company, and then I just pocket the pencil and realize a few hours later that it was their pen.

do you unironically rock out to this?

it means what's the haps

you answered it

i think you don't really start feeling the effects until a couple months

must be frustrating

oh yeah man

sometimes we damage shit and say it was "damaged in shipping"

but we're a small company

i kinda expect a voucher for the nice wall i typed

It's an interesting genre, if it actually is specific like that

Why unironically? I like the album
I don't understand you young folks sayings
It depends on what you take. The ones before what I'm taking now I took for a month, but got switched yesterday? I think it was yesterday. I don't know anymore
Well, a couple months is nothing by comparison of a few years aha

Well, it was a nice story, but due to the sake of the old times I was waiting for tree fiddy or walk the dinosaur.
Kind of a big company, but I just accidentally pocket the pencils of random truck drivers who want me to sign the things they bring in, just because I always automatically pocket the pencils I use.

yeah i donno i'm super scep when it comes to meds

i saw my friend get killed by anti-psychs

i think it's better to try to sort it out if at all possible

but at the same time i've seen people in manic episodes and understand that sometimes you have to do something when you don't know what else you can do

This is something I have to do, unfortunately.
I tried sorting things out on my own, then sought help. Then withdrew and it grew worse and then I sought it out again about a month ago.
Such is the result of a lifetime of keeping it to myself though

oh dude yeah i kinda miss driving the fork

but also it kinda scared me and glad that the mexican kid drives it now

i stole a pair of scissors from work

and a few scoops of gourmet coffee

and like clips and shit

kinda an interesting point for you to start posting here too

like a full transitional

i like it

well if you want to talk about it i won't make fun of you and may even be able to provide some insight

most people just ham up their basic af depressions for attention

I started posting here out of boredom one day. I did a lot of odd things that day, and very little kept my attention more than a half hour
I don't like to talk about it much, that's what I pay a therapist for
Some would probably say I am, but I've been more or less how I am since I was 6

We have 2 types, but I still prefer the old fashioned one since it's a lot easier and handles better.
Haven't taken anything from work, but they sometimes just give stuff out like I have a bunch of technical straps they were going to throw away.

man i should really go back to seeing a therapist

i did that shit for like a summer

hey, at least i'm making major steps to getting a physical for the first time in 10+ years

is it weird that i feel most comfortable with an old white dude touching my balls?

maybe it's the catholic in me

yeah it was totally cause like i saw this unaccounted for pair of scissors

and took it

and i used to do all the ordering so like we would get free shit from Quill for spending so much

so i would end up taking a lot of that too

like my sweet chicago white sox emergency roadside kit

tired and shaking from low blood sugar



not even kidding

you should like just carry around GORP all day to snack on


Pretty neat, I sometimes think about getting a first-aid kit for those what-ifs, although I usually always carry bandaging equipment and painkillers with me.

ban ;;

oh no it's more like jumper cables and the bag has a sweet sox emblem and reflectors on it

i never carry health shit lol


Link this

Oh, well that's useful too.
I always have some in case something happens, and painkillers just for those annoying headaches.

oh no are you on the anti-d's too

Therapists are very expensive, unfortunately. I went to one for about 9 months now total. One month with the current, and 8 with the previous time I was doing this stuff
I've never had a physical

I've never needed meds

you know what i only ever get headaches on saturdays

you have to drink enough water

sometimes i get to into what i'm doing and don't drink enough water and feel the head coming on

and like drink a lot of water

then like pee three times cause my prostate is shit

I always carry a bottle of water with me at work, I just randomly get headaches every now and then.
Could also be related to family and the fact quite a few have migraine.

i donno like i don't even know if what i saw was actually a therapist

yeah it was

most communities have discounts for low income needs

and actually just go see some free councelour

i guarantee half of your issues will feel better just talking it out with someone

don't hate though

some people are going too hot and need to be slowed down

oh man if that's the case that is so fucked

i've seen kids with migraines in the waiting room

that is part of the reason why i hate going to doctors

I have a few friends who have it so bad that they need to pull their car over and puke.
I'm not really sure if it's migraine in my case, but I just get intense headaches now and then.

They should control themselves


Were they a registered psychologist or psychiatrist?
I'm quite distrustful of psychologists, but I talk things out, and am truthful with her. Doesn't seem to be helping, and the stuff she asks me to do is almost impossible for me to do

you can't change the feelings but you can change the feelings about the feelings in about a second or two

well if it's for no detectable reason

it's fucked none the less

i'm not sure

my understanding is that psychiatrists can't prescribe durgs

and psychologists can

i just told all my issues to an old white guy

it kinda helped

i cried a bit

Psychiatrists can prescribe, psychologists can't.

I'm going to go to sleep now. Just took my pill so it likely won't be long now until I'm going to sleep whether I want to or not.
Be well

Well, lately haven't had too many headaches, it might be connected to my awful sleep schedules too.

oh fuck i got it backwards

you're going to be staring at threads for an hour more

why even announce your exit

I feel this feeling about feeling very deeply

Sweet dreams.

I'm back.

what's your weekly average

i get like 4-5 during the week cause too many fresh shows

but i pretty much sleep all day saturday

unless someone has a bbq or something

dude on a scale of 1-10 how is your general sad

Like maybe 5 or 6 my dude

i donno like are you ok?

6+ i would not have asked

Sometimes none, sometimes +10, just really depends on if I sleep enough, or skip it all and go to work feeling like a zombie.
Same, although I sleep very late on Sunday too.

wait is 10 the most sad?

Is 1 or 10 sad ?

I'm fine

there's this dude at work that was with the navy before

and he was describing how common it is for you to go like a month stint with maybe 3 hours a night (if any)

they like to keep you zombie complacent lol

every time i get sad i just think about the harvey victims and laugh because houston is a horrible city

except hakeem olajuwan was awesome

I slept like 0-2 hours around 2015-ish in the old company that I worked for, thus explaining the posting 24/7 deal.
Nowadays I sleep like 4-5 hours for this new company just because sleeping troubles.


dunno who that is

i think me throwing a ton of weed at myself when i wake up in the middle of the night seems to help

i spelled his name correctly without even looking it up

just shows you how awesome he is

to qualm the horrible nightmares

I just take naps whenever to compensate for it.

sometimes i think about like why even be yuri?

is it really worth it?

we all die the same way

lonely :(

i am going to nap the fuck out of tmr

once luka wakes up we should get a tinychat going

I went to a rockets game once

it was awful

robert horry?


i was always a spurs fan when it came to texas nball

but actually the mavs had a sick team too for a sec with like dirk and the gang

is Hanasaku Iroha any good at least not too too bad ?

lol wait robert horry went to the spurs too


I don't even like that sport

i am not current on jap players

basketball is completely fucked now that they let teams allstar build

back in the day teams would battle

like bulls cavs
bulls lakers
bulls pacers
bulls pistons
bulls nicks

we had rivalries with everyone

and didn't have to build a team

well kinda with rodman

but no one would have guessed that rodman would have sealed the deal so well

Same, although the initial sleep will come before that.

see back in the day teams won because they worked hard with their team and didn't bitch about not winning a championship

you see karl malone bitching

he is probably knee deep in tai pussy rn

Isn't that for nerds?

we should get it going while SD is still up though

I am not sure I would join either way.

oh kyle you get that machinist job

I start the 13th.
About 350 a week.

i always imagine kyle loosing a ton of wait like christian bale for his cummies


it's something, no?

Ironically I am actively trying to gain weight to be more of a bear.

Yeah. I still have a second job so I'll make more anyhow.

you know you might have been watching too much old howard stern clips when your whole first page is howard stern

calm down yt

Eat more protein heavy stuff, like quark.

dude my company is fucked

like it's slow as fuck

and the main manager has some unexpected leave that he won't tell anyone about

I plan to once i can afford to eat better.

Sounds gay as fuck.

the comptroller left early

and i was like fuck that if susan's leaving, i'm leaving

i get hear before her


Eat that and a lot of chicken breast if you can, it should help you build mass, also working out a bit helps it accumulate a tad faster to the right spots.

Kind of going for this.

Hello, Good morning, how are you all??



Yeah, that requires a bit of lifting with eating protein-heavy too, because the weight won't go to your arms that well without lifting a bit, also should do some pec workout to build chest muscles.
Abs are kind of optional depending on how flat or curved you want to be, none for max curves and flat-ish with abs, judging by that picture he does all of them.


Why does my arm shake and turn bright red when im eating dirt?

i dipped my stick

thanks sinni






Not being called a bitch for one.

kyle is more of a top?

like kyle you topped chris right?

Yeah. I was all up in his hobbit hole.


in that winnie the pooh hole



sorry ol yeller didnt mean to rub you the wrong way


isn't there a live action pooh

like about the dude who created the magic

*wags tail*

honestly, growing up i absolutely love winnie the pooh

tigger was my nigger tbh

t i double g err