New thread cause phone posters

New thread cause phone posters

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Nobody complained yet

what are you studying? whatfor?





i think squash is trying to tell us something


I came

thanks sinni



I might actually have a minor foot fetish.


Comp.Sci, is alright

O hi

No, you.

I once had a friend with a thing for paws

he was a good person.

does data interest you?

Nothing wrong with some paw.



I want a guy in a fur suit to let me play with his paws.

but then you're just playing with the outer layer of a costume o.O


And after I can sniff those sweet musky feet.

An uncommon way of putting it, but yes





by that, I mean the raw numbers and strings.
different than an interest in what the data can do.
what's the most interesting thing you've done with data?


I know.
Hmm, most interesting... Probably creating a jpeg encoder that made use of graph theory in order to hide strings of text within the picture so it couldn't be seen or picked up easily through tools that analyse pictures to see if it has been manipulated through steganographic means.
Made a small test program too that used Least-significant bit to hide a picture in another picture, but it was too easy to spot that it had been manipulated.
Pic-related, there's a dog in it

I kind of want a fur outfit with a big tummy for me to wear, or even just fill with puddles.

no, that's a cat. you can't lie to me.

So i can cuddle.

I'm so tired.



Each pixel of the dog is hidden within the two least-significant bits of each pixel in the cat picture, which means each pixel of the dog, will be saved in 4 pixels of the cat.
So there's a 250x250 picture of a dog hidden in it.
And here it is

so I've like, never looked at this stuff before.
but there's a pattern that tools use in order to know where a string begins and ends, and by knowing that pattern, you change the pixel(s) it's going to look at, so when it uses its algorithm, it just doesn't work?

is this something machine learning could overcome?


Do you guys like DnB?


so I'm not crazy for not seeing a dog in the first picture

what an ass

No you can't.

Some of the tools look at each pixel and throw the colours of them in a diagram and the outcome will be a graph which shows what colours the image contains.
Pic shows how the outcome of the picture without a message (b), it shows what the picture looks like when using the Least-significant-bit method (c) and it shows how it looks like after we started using the graph-theoretic approach instead (d).
Any tool can easily see that something is most certainly wrong with the pic posted here

If you look closely, you can, but you'd need the original pic to compare it to. A tool does not however, as shown here




Just chilling in call.

Stop ruining Luluco

post something else



Yeah. I'm just listening to them play OW.

no idea how image encoding works.
this is humbling and interesting. ty.


It's easy enough for png, seeing it just saves the pixels.
It's very, very different for jpeg though, and extremely complicated. When writing the report, 20 pages of it was just a summary on how to encode a jpeg image.

just realized a lot of your images are jpgs... do they all contain hidden images of dogs?
and so there's just, stupid complex math that goes into deciding the numbers that represent each pixel and how?

Hey Rin

Couldn't hide much more than a few bytes using that approach with jpeg images, so nope. They don't even contain a hidden text message either.
Pretty much. Jpegs aren't encoded as pixels or bytes, but one long string of bits, which decoders have to read through and look strings up in what's called a huffman table, which is used to keep the amount of information you save down to make the picture take up less space, then when you find enough values or find the End-of-Block marker, you decode it by doing the opposite of the encoding process. Thankfully, we only decoded the message, not the picture, else we would also have to go through the de-quantization step. Quantization is where jpegs get compressed.

tell me which ones are better without fancy words

jpeg for photography and small file-sizes.
png for images with sharp lines such as cartoons

All of Hus images actually contain hidden furry porn. Can confirm.

and text. Don't use jpeg for text

I still got some of those images, hah

if size doesn't matter, png.
this I know.

even if they did have hidden text, if understanding what you just said is the only way to get it, its probably going to stay unread forever.

And that's exactly the point of steganography, to make the message stay hidden for unwary eyes and the eyes of the enemies.
Al-Qaeda sent hidden messages back and forth by hiding them in regular porn videos. This was only discovered much later

Pic is furry porn

bump ^_^



turns out hu is cool

sorry for not realizing sooner.

this doesnt tell me which one is better
which do i use all the time

no u

Each serve their purpose.
Anime: png
Screenshots: png
Everything else: jpg
If you do that, you'll rarely go wrong

if only I could unremember his penis size.

That poor bunny...



you couldve just said png :P


But even for that, jpeg works well enough if you don't compress it and might even give you a picture that takes up less space without it looking worse

Somewhere I still have one that's like 6 levels deep and ends in trap porn.




you know when you rub your dick too much and it hurts

post it

I'm tryin' to find it.


I can't find it either. Was Tia in an ATF hat. Rest in pieces I guess.
Is this still how you're hiding all your WoW Draenei porn?

Nope, I forgot I still had it until just now, actually. But I do think I still got that

Hey, what'dya know.

wow!! Saving such stuff on your computer!

Yeah, what kind of filthy fucking reprobate would do that I wonder?


are these your true colors?

My true colours? What do you mean?

Are you implying my true colours are that of a ponyfag? If so, you'd be wrong.


my headphones broke!

I know this feel. Mine are held together with solder, cannibalized parts from another headset, electrical tape, the wrong screws, and two different colors of duct tape.

Jesus Christ

rip sennheisers

what happened to them?

People still use that brand?

v-moda or go home

I can't figure out what to use as my phone wallpaper

$3 headphones that make your ears bleed.



uh....they're good headphones.

idk if you're retarded or what but sennheiser makes quality headphones

use this

Might aswell lmao

A good pic of 2B.

Are they? Are they really? Everyone's got these meme brand headphones everytime I ask, and here I am, rockin' a pair of discount discontinued G930's for like three years that are literally being held together by kind words, hopeful thinking, and tape, and they're still the best audio quality I've had out of anything that's been suggested to me, amazingly enough.

Welp guess Spec is my bf now






I've still got it!

i cant believe so many of you are still up

Go to bed

now i just need to make a snide comment about grim and traps and im all set for the evening

that aint happening, i already slept a few hours when i accidentally dosed off early

post some traps too if you are going to talk about them


I'm always up this late.

is that so

I work evenings so there is no need to sleep early.

ahh, that makes sense then

not replying to obvious bait

so how is everyone (that's still here) doing?

It is also the best time for me to get some alone time.
Everyone else is asleep.

yea but i mean all you have to do to get some alone time is not be in the thread, i mean right now the only sense that you are alone comes from the fact that nothing is happening...

Well, the rest of my house is asleep and so are most of the few people I talk to outside of thread.

i made a very important discovery:

this thread man

as you can see i've substantially increased the quality

oh i see, i wish i was so lucky, i talk to so many people from different timezones and just with fucked sleep schedules that no matter what time i get up someones on to potentially bug me


be that as it may or may not

be humble


Not very many people like to talk to me so it's rarely an issue at any point.

I like talking to you


lol these drunken dj streams are such shitshows but i think they're so fucking hot at the time

what music?

you're just not very talkative, and the conditions behind talking to you are rather restrictive, seems to be how you naturally like things

who the fuck does that?

mainly swurve house and electro house, but i'll drop whatever when i'm drunk

are these images of you then?

does what, enjoy their hobbies and have silly weekends?


would you go so far as to drop this?

i mean tens of thousands of people

i use youtube but there are loads of sites specifically for dj streams

weird question tbh

yeah, fuck, why not

thats you? no i just thought that was some random drunken DJ you went to LMAO

were you the one looking forward to the force of will anime?

i understand the defensive answer since you misunderstood though

oh, no, that's me livestreaming from my living room lol

lol ye hunting down drunk people playing from their house to see go them live would be weird

nope, don't watch anime


Things are easier that way. Talking to people one on one is pretty stressful, threads are a lot easier for me.
Though they're problematic in their own ways.


i did watch some off-his-face hippy freak play live from his campervan once

i had a shot of his decks but they were vinyl and all his records were random as fuck, it was clear he never played a matched set, just spun random shit tripping off his face 😅

thats fine, i know a lot of other people here who have trouble in one on one conversations, though as a very social person myself i might have trouble understanding it, i do not doubt it and will try to engage those people here where it is easier for them when possible

but was he good

i have autism, and it's very, very mild

so i autistically dislike thing stronger autists autistically love

i was like 15, and high, and drunk, i really don't recall

he was like a friend of these guys who lived near me and were heacka pot heads, i'd go round chill with them a lot, and there was always some like, canpervan dj, or stable converted into a rave, or some ridiculous shit

i feel it. i'm not autistic at all believe it or not and my tragic anime related downfall occurred as a result of this godforsaken place

weird, i watch anime but its like, i never feel dedicated to something i watch unless it drags me into watching more of it, i never feel obligated

did you really get converted to an anime watcher by an anime board? you are tragically generic

the psychosis is pretty much clear now too, id be way more interesting if i was really schizophrenic but boy am i ever glad not to be

i was completely insane, as anyone who remembers december through march here can attest. the anime turned into a lingering affliction

you must feel so cringeworthy

jk, it's okay lol

just, being so mildly aspergers that i still have normal person senses of when someone is acting autistic, i avoid it, because i can pretend to be a real person ezpz, let's not fuck that

i feel more cringeworthy about other things

ah okay, im on the other end where i feel pretty socially in control of almost any situation i'm in, and no random anime autism ever leaks over into regular discussions i have with other unrelated people

like, i have the sides of aspergers, where i get really good at technical things that would normally be out of my league, and i have crippling social anxiety.

but other than that i'm a pretty fucking normal human being. i have perfectly strong theory of mind, and it's shitty theory of mind that tends to break aspies

in one of my english classes the other day we were analyzing the stresses on some poetry in groups and the chunk we had sucked so I suggested started at the bottom and our professor walked up to check on us and said "ah, you started from the bottom" to which I replied "now we here" and then he started ranting about how much he disliked drake and then recited six bars of King Kunta to blank stares, turned around, and walked away

i felt bad


what the fuck lol

Traps are not gay.

Time for bed, goodnight thread.


I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghost writer
What the fuck happened?
(Oh no) I swore I wouldn't tell
But most of you share bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell
(A two man cell)
Something's in the water (Something's in the water)
And if I got a brown nose for some gold then I'd rather be a bum than a motherfuckin' baller>>1837829

You're not gay then

night night

Good night.


ive spend most of my child and adult life casually studying the mind and keeping up with a lot of classical and some new psychology, but mostly im just comfortable with my tastes, let them see and cringe, these are some of the very scenes that forged me as a person today, anime or not, they were pieces of influence, little ephemeral wisps of my memory, like butterflies of light dancing around (obviously the kind of gay shit you don't say)

how personal

that's sweet

ive spend most of my child and adult life casually studying the dfc and keeping it up with a lot of classical and some new hentai, but mostly im just comfortable with my tastes, let them see and cringe, there are some of the very scenes that forged me as a person today, anime or not, they were pieces of inflience, little ephemeral wisps of my memory, like butterflies of light dancing around (obviously the kind of gay shit you don't say)

Hi Hungpony

ikt be najs


He's massive tho

every moment is personal, every moment you live is received by your perceptions, what that moment means to you, how striking or the impact it has on us, not things we are entirely in control of, but basically anything that is valuable can come from any source, is the heart of what i am trying to say, and it takes a very personal touch to sift that valuable information from what is usually thought of as turd chunks

kindness begets kindness
hate begets hate
violence begets violence
chicken nuggets chicken


yes pls no homo tho*

Aren't you in school right now?

Furryfox why you no open images?

So what?

All browsers suck now.
Well, should be studying!

i didnt answer earlier because i dont care about you or anything you think, but i;m not who you think i am

also that images looks particularly good on this large screen




story on This Morning

an abandoned child from zimbabwe who grew up in an orphanage, was discovered to be a genius by american missionaries, sent to be adopted by a UK family, and became a prodigy straight A student, is now for fucked up reasons is facing deportation back to zimbabwe

horrible story, but what's the animus kicker?

the UK family this incredibly black child was fostered by are legitimately by family name "the Whites"

I want to study your memeber.

yeh nobody cares about me im used to it

one of the first lines out of his mouth was "well, when i was sent to live with the Whites..."

But it doesn't even contain bytes

White being the family name was explained after he had said he was sent from zimbabwe to live with the whites

that was surreal, those few minutes with no context

20cm of it


im gonna keep this up until we get some solid measurements

Come measure it with your butt. I remember something about you wanting to be my roommate

wow gay


nah, no homo

isnt denmark and netherland like a 5 minute drive? you two could totally hook up

what if i break

Welcome back

Would never hurt you


Enjoy lunch

im pretty much lurking whenever im awake i was never gone

Just never responded then ;_;

would you feel better if i said I was preoccupied by fap

I see now~

okay I take that back I didnt actually fap I just tried to make you feel better by saying that but in reality I just ignored your responses

or maybe you're just saying that to not make people think you enjoy Draenei females taking multiple dicks

im confused what hidden lewds where posted


Contains the last explicit image posted, least by me

forgot first reply, lol

how u do dat magic shit

Stripping the image apart then saving it inside the least significant bits of the image you see. The same tool is able to construct the original image, and that's how Speccy manages to get his hand on from

i dont speak nerd what

I'm full.


imagine deepthroating that

thats some hacker shit tho
also lol nice anime folder u weeb

wtf firefuck

Hupony you're Linux

Which one of them? There are five~

Yeah, it's quite nice. It's pretty much just Momiji and Courtney.

Yeah, it's a problem. I can't play it either

Your cock.

Oh, strange. Hey, can you help?

post both images


Maybe. Help with what?

see and
Those are the images

I'm running Debian + i3 on my laptop and I don't really like it what's a good thing that's low-maintenance and stuff?

I'm running a 14.04 LTS VM for school stuff and it looks actually decent on my 1366x768 laptop monitor (if you scale things to be smol).

Tried installing Gnome3 but it's kinda lacking somehow.


touhou wa anime janai

I've always used xfce. Lxqt or Lxde might be more lightweight, but even on a netbook, xfce wasn't even that unresponsive or slow, and it is well-featured compared to Lxde last I checked.
And if you already got Gnome, you already got gtk so you might not end up installing too many additional packages either.
What does it lack?

u-uh... come again..?

For the 1.5GB of additional packages it doesn't feel as nicely rounded as Unity.

Tbh I'm just looking for a simple Windows-like WM+DE. Tried LXDE and XFCE already but those also felt weird. Nothing really feels nice :(

where scoot

holly and phillip get a new doggo on monday

nvm. whatsa courtney
also while ur talking nerd how do i do this raspberry pi thing that I cant even eat

Windows-like? I think the most window-like there is out there, is probably KDE. It is however the most heavy of the various desktop environments there are though

A Courtney is pic, also OP.
You start out by getting NOOBS

consider KDE

fuck ill just install youbuntoo i have too many bloat and packages anyway

rip crunchbang



oh yeah that hot pokebitch
what did noobs stand for again? i read this somewhere before
Acronym for "New Out Of the Box Software" I guess
Well yeah, I suppose she is

show bob


no bob

tbh its been sitting in my closet for a year and Im too lazy to do anything with it. what does it do anyways

give it to me

What you want it to. I used mine for staking some virtual meme money, then the SD card died. Been sitting on my table doing nothing for 2 years now.
You can also install something like raspbmc and connect it to a TV to turn it into a smart TV. It can easily stream 1080p content.

Everything is a mess


in exchange for nudes

can i program it into the perfect waifu?

I'm older than you and a dude.

Also yes.

She wouldn't be the fastest thinker

There's nothing better than falling asleep in the late afternoon when it's nice outside and the window's open and you're listening to she.

Sleeping with your face buried between these boobs would be better

are you trying to say you arent some chuunibyou explosion loli

stupid girls are easy to take advantage of


i wish


Flat is good too

Megumin thighs to rest your face in like this.

You best be licking her clean too so you can hear her soft moans while she squirms and gently squeezes your head with them

wtf thats too lewd

Nah, it's called "taking care of your waifu"


now that's too lewd!


i wanna sniff her bandages

whose ur waifu



She gotta ask for it first before you fill her

I got none~

i want her to choke me out with those thighs

post the human centipede one

which pony do you fap to

That too is too lewd

I don't fap to ponies


i don't have any

it would be nice to melt in her magma pussy

youre not the one that posted the anime girls shitting in a tube and feeding it to the next one in a circle?

Shouldn't shove your cock in magma, that's a bad idea.

I don't remember seeing that one. Maybe I have seen it though.

That file name is a lie.

It was totally not lewd

I can't not think of hu's cock


oh god i hate linux


oh god i hate everyone

what the fuck happened to my fonts

fuck this im gonna reinstall my linux



install kali and pentest infinityboard for fun and profit


wait my urxvt lives

Seems like subpixel hinting has been disabled. Try using Slight hinting with RGB sub-pixel ordering

wait no my patch hasnt been applied


did that with the dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig fontconfig-config doodad but it didn't work yo

also i have a zombie gnome3 install, xfce, a bunch of gtk applets laying about to apply a theme to the damn gtk-using programs it's a clusterfuck

fucking linux

everything is a clusterfuck

install kali

uninstall gnome3 stuff and so, remove packages that can then be auto-removed, etc.
Or yeah, reinstall as you said you might just do. Probably quicker

help only awake 12 hours and tired

post while lying in bed

Okai I backupped my configs and probably nothing else of importance exists now what do I do?

why arent computers easier to use

but i still have to eat and shower

apple is an easy computer!

.config and .local, but backing up $HOME is always a good idea.
Cause computers are complicated things.

Eat in bed, shower some other time

but i just finished making foods that arent bed compatible :(

gimme a mac

well i actually only backed up some i3-related files

I'm gonna set it up fresh again and just keep the i3 settings there for reference if I ever want to go back leet haxor style.


Requires knife and fork, huh?


why does it recommend arch

Ah. Well, if you haven't used it much, you probably don't lose much anyway.

But you can and did~

sell your boipuss for it

lol no i dont use white people utensils
just restricted to a vertical plane

Yeah but it clogs up the e-pipes so to say.

Hmmm, I don't even know what I want.


I was joking im not gay



It does, and packages like kubuntu-desktop which installs the Kubuntu DE also brings in dependencies that aren't really necessary for it to work

why are there so many distros

What would you recommend?

I'm coming from Debian Unstable with i3wm, but I'd just like a more user-friendly WM while still maintaining full customization.

Like, nice for day-to-day use.

r u watching owaris2? araragi is more hentai than before

he says as he spoons steak into his hole

done watching

I've never really used anything but xfce tbh. i3 for like a day and lxde for an hour. It's just aesthetically pleasing to me and I don't find it to be lacking much if anything.
Can't recommend anything but that

That sounds extremely gay!


Dabian + xfce?

did it finish airing already?

get your mind out the gutter

Yeah bro

That's me :3

Well, it's what I'm on right now

You did it on purpose though!
Who uses a spoon for steak anyway? Knife and fork bro


reinstalling dab-ian it is

oh shit its only 7 episodes

im an animal that tears the meat with his jaws

Can always just run stable if it's in a VM

Good, much better than with a spoon

long tho

no its no vm babs

I'm confused now

Main drive: Windows
Secondary drive: Fucked up Debian install
VMWare in Windows: Bunch of images from school I gotta use

oh, I see now.
Hope a reinstall fixes it.
If you want some prettier icons than what Debian ships with by default, you can install the numix icon pack, or get the xubuntu-icon package from archive/ubuntu/daily

I used

numix pretty

Looks pretty nice too, really.

Yep, I like it

I still had Xfce which looked passable so I'm gonna stick with that one probably.

In either case, it's just one more package which you can choose to uninstall if you don't like it.
Just get a better icon theme, Adwaita looks like shit

or GNOME or Tango, or whatever the default is

Hey it's me. Your favorite furry.
What's up?

Linux it seems

Yeah, tbh I just want a usable experience.

Hu's massive cock.

wow I can't believe eddy redmayne my favourite furry is here

i need to spoon the meat into me first!

i broke i watched the first 2 eps and my head is confused about all what things happen in when order

Is something truly usable if it's fuggly?

Jeez dude, calm down

Use your paws~

You need to grind more and put those points in your IQ.

Wow. Loco only ever tries for my attention to make me feel bad.
How sensual.

Still want to see it.

Well, it's more usable than tiling wm hackaroo where's my cursor at oh no what workspace is word on why cant steam work nicely why is virtuagirllbox fucking up

i dont have those im not a furfag

my therapy person said i had 125 points how much more do i need?

Calling you eddy redmayne isnt an insult he's a very good actor

i mean remember when he played the retard



Haha, is true!
And for a laptop, having the option to move windows and rescale them just by holding down the alt-button and using the left or right mouse button respectively, is pretty comfy

And yet you do all the work with your jaws. Sounds pretty wild to me~

what was meant by any of this



omg it takes so long

Installing any OS takes a while

im just adhering to the roots of human nature

251 iqs seems like a lot. do i really need that much to enjoy my cartoons?


Then use your precious fingers!

But it does

i need those for typing and clicking

Bury your face in the plate and nom it all

i need half those functions to be unobstructed to use compufer

food > computer though

im terribly depressed and have no appetite. i consume for sustenance.

No being depressed, that's illegal.
What's troubling you?



living in general :3

*buntu is even more so~
Should have gone Arch

Try ?

oh please ♥

k ima try and salvage my worth for living with masturbation brb

uh... Enjoy, lol

Troubled feku :(

Troubled ikt

pls no

Fixed thanks, had to use rescue mode.

your waifu looks gross in dis pic

oh, lightdm

That's a good boy~
I'm gonna go finish cooking. Be back after dishes


Hu show sources.list

no mind

are you really going to blog about linux all day

for how fucked up the install was it was pretty complete starting from scratch kinda sucks too

better than drugs and depression

the fuck?

What's going on in here~?

why not jerk off that dog furry


Subtle will never pat your head.

i'm not sure that's a quality product

yeah, but its also dirt fucking cheap

if it works and feels better than an off the shelf rubber dome, it might be worth a punt. worst case scenario you tell ebay its a piece of shit and they refund you.

Never ever



I wonder how much those fake reviews costed

probably more than theyll make once ebay come down on them like a ton of bricks.

Whatever it costs when the customer complains apparantly



how are yo

Doing pretty well. Getting stoned and browsing parts for a new quad build I wanna do for my Insta ;3

Whatchu up to?

quad bike? for instagram? you're building a quad bike? i didn't know that was a thing.

i'm good. just youtube and pizza. on a friday night. living the life.

i didn't know building drones was a thing either

this some pretty allahu ackbar stuff

Ooh, I want pizza so bad :( Send me some!

Yeah, it's pretty immersive. I've been in the drone-zone for fucking days. I just wanna fix mine and fly more x_x

More like admiral ackbar tbh

ikt please dont hack me


deb sid non-free contrib maindeb-src sid maindeb artful maindeb sid maindeb experimental non-free contrib maindeb zesty maindeb artful main deb artful main


Elma makes drones?


Racing drones, yes.

They're interchangeable, at least for Sid.
Laptop got stretch instead of Sid. Used Stretch when it was in testing, and since it works, I didn't want to upgrade to Buster when Stretch became the new stable.
Don't want a production system to suddenly break

wow awesome
Do you do that fpv stuff

hmm i might change to sid too then

Feels good.

Yuppers. Waiting for my new goggles with built-in DVR tho. ANNDD my new speed controller, cause I blew out the stock one lol

Doesn't matter. The codename for unstable will always be sid, hence they're interchangeable.

thats an awesome hobby, do you fly in the open or in these cool buildings with lights and stuff?

oh :(

so the next thing is gonna be buster as stable?

Yep, and once Buster becomes stable, the current Sid will move to Testing and get a new codename, and Sid will still be Sid

Right now I'm still getting comfy flying in full acro mode, which is no flight assistance (self-leveling assist), so just in open fields and powerloops and through soccer nets and stuff.

I'm having a lot of fun learning how it all works and going into the FC software and soldering too though. Why not enjoy both aspects of it, right?

Ah, oki

Got any tips on how to make it look good? There was this size slider on Unity/Ubuntu but can't find such a thing in Xfce

Ah, you're just starting/beginning. I wanna get into it too, probably after school. Drones are neato.

would you sell mod positions though

Size slider? Are the icons in the filemanager too small? If so, hold down ctrl and scroll, else press view → zoom-in / zoom-out.
Or are you thinking of something else?

Everything's too big ;;

Yeah, it's super cool. You totally should. I need more people to talk to and nerd out about this haha.

Aren't you still suppose to be perma banned?

How much is it to get into?

not unless you feel like it

Settings Manager → Appearance → Fonts → DPI
Maybe... Or maybe your current resolution is too small, not sure?
Post screenshot

what is this kyle mod meme

Alright pedo.