New thread right before dinnertime, enjoy

New thread right before dinnertime, enjoy

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is 17:00 always your dinnertime?

Bully thread

Hopefully it isn't stressful at all for you! Also sorry for taking a bit, playing stuff~


bully yourself

mainly cuz im lazy but yeah

whats the point of living if you cant rest

memes dont exist

Kim Jong Un flooded Houston.

summer's over

Practically free slaves here! Slav(e)s for "sale"!

are modern memes because people have learned the end-game is acossiating whatever you want with anything else? how do people distinguish from good and bad memes? yes, people have ideas of good and bad memes.

but I bet musical memes have staying-power.

does anyone remember the tune to bill wurtz's

i'm a piece of garbage


stop electing corrupt officials

I don't sleep well anyway


what do they talk about in speeches?

how do they appeal to you monkeys?

ze imgrants

pouring over da border

dont vote for pussys

vote strongman

ure moms a monkey.
Our left got legit busted with hardcore corruption and my people have been betrayed too much times to trust them. We have the worst kind of minorities in the world so applying to any makes any political party extinct here. So, guess

You guessed right. At least its only the party stealing from us not half a dozen other nations along with 'em.
But yeah, ALL officials are corrupt. Everyone is. Not just officials, everyone, every person is corrupt. Or stupid. Of course you will favor your friends in family with positions of power. Of course you will steal from cash only you and yours keep in check.

At least communism worked.


Jack confirmed for filthy capitalist.

What manga is that

so decided to go Right

can't you have sane immigration laws, AND liberal values protecting individuals?

was it like this

and some part of them is kept in power by fear.

yes, it was like that.

not playing that


i did it anyways.

i have a pretty voice

this is awkward but,

mine is prettier

you sound like a nasally skinny boy sir

people can change their voice.

show me

Real communism hasn't been tried.

Good morning! How are you all doing? Today feels like a biscuits & gravy kinda day.


Good morning Sinni

Ohayou onii-chan


i'm singing for kanra. scroll up for the vocaroo.

display or allow to be perceived (a quality, emotion, or characteristic).
"it was Frank's turn to show his frustration"
synonyms: manifest, exhibit, reveal, convey, communicate, make known; More

Good morning! How ya doin?

I read that as ochinchin and my brain almost split open lol. Good morning! How's life?

You have a lovely singing voice!!

a quality, emotion, or characteristic?

changing a voice is which of these?

Thinking about a nap now. I'm getting sleepy

thank you. i took five years of conservatory.

either post voice or step down as pretty voice boy.

loco, you idiot.


nah. too shy.

You should catch some good zzs my dude! Naps are always nice.

How is your day goin bty?

sorry for calling you an idiot.

brb fapping

Stream it.

tfw you make kanra horny

Sometimes. I prefer being done with cooking, eating and dishes before 18:30

Stop playing your dick!

Hey man, if you're the one telling them to fucking suck it or ride you like a good cowgirl, then you're still the dominant one, even though she's the one doing all the work.

i kinda want her to bully me and hit me too tho

What if dolphins oxidized into maple syrup? and like whales are the pancakes of the sea so when they die & their bones sink to the bottom they become the crepes of the sea.

And yet you complain when I bully you. How mean ;_;

but like
youre a dued

And what a pain that is

With that pic, how can I ever stop?!


If you cut your penis off it will stop the pain
I'm asleep now

That won't change the fact I cannot be impregnated. It would just ruin the only option I've got of reproducing, and would thus be counterproductive.
Sleep tightly

Get him to impregnate you through your boipuss

But that won't lead to any baby Hu's

I've seen it work in my degenerate manga. I'm sure you can make something


But real-life isn't fiction~




mayonnaise on pizza

omae wa

mou shinderu


No idea but tell me if you find it, looks edgy

No. The west sentenced us to death. This country of misery and hate is your doing, and should serve as a reminder to your hellish pacts forever.

Doesn't work too, legalized slavery, maximum power to employers, 0 to employees. When you are denied a bathroom break or food or water in fear of losing your job its the same shit as slavery.

Well, that was something.



so you elected generations of leaders that promised to fight against the West, and look at what you have now

oligarchs and elected leaders that blame everyone but themselves

Canary, who were you before? I swear I remember you.


canary is my boyfriend

nuh uh. really?

I thought one of the schizo traps went by canary for a bit.

Loco you cheating fucking slut muffin.

Did you get your ass stuffed last night too~??

I dunno why
maybe its because of being gassed or something.

is he cheating on Grim?

who am i cheating on again

That makes enough sense I suppose.

Canada's being gassed? I don't follow news like at all anymore cause it's far too depressing. It's also depressing that that sounds like it could be legit news lmao

who cares


I am more referring to the act of when they used to take canaries down mines/while mining incase of gas leaks. The canary would die. I dunno. Maybe I was refering to the hot gass he spouts sometimes or that others spout in this shitshow at points.

Went over my head, but I like where you're going with that analogy^^

I don't think monogamy is for me.
I honestly see myself being happy in a poly relationship.

it was really only for the lettering.

none of the canary metaphors fit me.

I take the road more travelled by.

I figured you were one for ANALogies.

stuffed is a bit of an exaggeration

(his penis isn't big)

Oh, I am. I'm still a bit groggy from waking up though haha.


yeah, totally lol It only takes a bit of getting used to :p

it's average

You ought to get yourself a girthy 8 incher tbh ;3c

Like your gf?

Figures, it is only early in the day for 'Murricas

omg yes

idk it's a quarter til 2 and I have work soon :( We just stay up wicked late.

above average, in fact

can you imagine having a penis smaller than 6.5 inches

i would kill myself for sure

average what

>>>>>>>Figure a furry would once more talk about their dick size like it is relevant.

At least we have something.

It has become too gay for me in here, as a heterosexual privileged middle class white male I can suffer this magnitude of degeneracy no longer. But I assume you'll happily embrace it so enjoy.

So that's why Californians are democrats

and now i have penile augmentation in my chrome history

thank you kanra

so are you going to kill yourself?


men with small cocks apparently can't take care of themselves, who would have thought

does kanra have a 14cm dick

12.9< at least. Could be 13cm

Yo, so I learned how to recycle old batteries into like 2-4 cell LiPos and it's so like, Fallout-esque it's pretty rad.


They should have drank more milk.

Now I miss Yoggie :(

man milk

someday, in the future, society will be healthy regarding sex and sexuality.


this image is way cuter than it has any right to be

where can i find a cute girl to watch me sleep with men

what are your cock stats

About 50% bigger than that


wow ddy

shush now

thats humongeous

i wish i had a penis

Don't you have a bratwurst in them there pants?

not a 20cm one like hu(ng)





You can't not show it now.

lol watch me

Hu's big ding dong.

goodnight everybody

m a s s i v e

Sleep tite

Absolutely not

night night

Drop them britches boy.
Daddy wants to see his toy.

It's for science no homo

! ! ! !


Mado :)

It's probably 1.5x smaller then.


Lets roll with that

Hu bb


tfw home and alone and happy

tfw being a happy and healthy person



Piss off :|


you guys are giving off such a negative energy right now

i'mma leave if you don't sort it out like my chakras don't need this

What does that even mean

She is

Wish loco would leave and never come backl


We wedding dresses now


I already posted all I got

Put your white dress on

Aqua is a respectable goddess.

I'd worship it.

Why is there a pokémon in the background?

is froggo

is Politoed

Why is the R32 GTR so damn sexy?

Sports cars are shit.

What about cars that act like sports cars but aren't actually.

Getting into cars is weird. They go from A to B, who cares what it is

yeah cars are dumb

sexualised cartoon underage girls is where it's at

Weren't we damaging your chakrams or something

what about plastering underage cartoon cars on your drift car

what about those shopping carts with the cars for kids

what about them

I want to bully Sayaka


also goodnight



The Sayakan Plain!

I'm waiting for the doujins

Also boob president doujins too

Are they shit too

of course they aren't, how would I know

Boob president a best.

I'm amazed there aren't any yet. Typically these things pick up pretty fast.

i want her to step on me

Just give it a couple of months

Ikt, no. That's not Megumin.

But she's like Ayase and that shit good too.

What is it with you and blue haired, yandere-like stalkers?

Blue/Purple/Dark haired yandere-like stalkers are the best.

Himouto S2 when I need more Kirie

They're the best.

is it possible to learn programming in two weeks

No LMS is the best.



What's expected of you? Solid program/system architecture? Probably no then. Simple program? Yeah.

we're building accounting software for supermarkets

yeah no not if you don't know shit yet

i already got started on it

good luck

thanks i'm pretty smart

what language


People. I am in severe need of moral support.

feels alright

*Pat pat*

I made the horrible mistake of going through the pages of my thesis I have to support Monday. So. many. Typos. Only a mad man would let me pass.

Blame the blacks.

Ah, C

This is completely unrelated, unconvincing, and my city is on the left of the political spectrum.


Gas Niggers


i wish i was competence


It isn't genocide if they're animals.

I have no real advice.

At least that's honest.
I guess I'll have to try not to kill myself for four days at least.


Thanks. That's appreciated.


My dad really tries my patience

Gosh, I want to puke. It's like the time I almost failed high school because of some bullshit.

I'm 6'3 and 190 pounds

none of it is fat

Your tummy seems to say otherwise

You wouldn't know

I'm 6'3 152 pounds

I feel like it's all fat

Meant to say 6'1


yeah don't ruin this for me just because you've met me

No I'm in total agreement, that's completely accurate.

too tall


I know it is


I hope you have some what of a tummy tho

Where else am I gonna cum?

on or in someone else

Goggles it is then



I am a perfect height.



There is literally nothing better than being 5'3''



I am a perfectly normal height for being 15!


I don't think you can work at a sex shop at 15

T-they made a special exception.

I want food but can't afford gas 'till tomorrow.

15?? and you said you're with Darwin?

i guess i shouldn't be surprised he likes little boys, if i had known you were that young i wouldn't have even attempted to add you

i'm sure they did

I kinda want to die right now.

I've been 15 for a long time now.

They were very accommodating.

get high as fuck and watch a 6 hour youtube video instead, it's kind of like dying

not even going to get into that

I've fucked plenty of 16 and 17 year olds before


everyone here is totally shocked

that sucks man


I'm already half dying then thanks to the youtube video.

yup it sure is soul consuming, im watching someone literally marathon halflife 1 while i play something else while watching it, so i have my evening sorted

Anyway, how are you doing?

I sometimes wonder if I even have a soul, and each time I realize it is the case, I instantly regret it and try to bury it again.

im fine, just vegging out a bit till my job training next week, some place that makes and installs signs, will be neat to work with someone who runs their own business at least

Home is good

souls are just a human concept to grapple with a lack of any real definition of consciousness that can be fully fleshed out and explained on every level

Well, pretty much what I said if you replace "soul" with "consciousness".

i need to stop subscribing to people who do streams this long

foolishness, you have to have a consciousness to be participating in this conversation


Nezi uwu

That sounds kinda fun. I'm starting to get used to my job. I met all my improvement metrics for August so I'm supposedly doing well.


yea im sure ill do alright, i don't see myself having any problems with such a small business, my only hope is that i can introduce good ideas to help them grow

Hey bab

By makes signs do you mean the fabricating, or the graphic designing?

Dunno! i might have to help out with both, i've worked with tools like that in the past but that was many years ago, worst case scenario i can get help from connections i've made around here and other places to get a little schooling in photoshop along with whatever i find in youtube tutorials, the actual physical fabrication and installation should be pretty straight forward

Absolutely, and I try to ignore this fact as much as possible. I can hardly stand the idea of being a conscious being when I witness the mediocrity of said consciousness.

Nice pic Nezi.

reality is imperfect anyways, don't strive for a perfection you think you'll reach, just one that constantly forces you to improve




...that makes sense. I just hope my imperfection is just...well, not too imperfect. Getting over that fear is incredibly hard and kinda ruins my life so...yeah. I'm off to sleep, it's 2AM over here. That was nice talking, I really needed something to cool down.

Well, good night everyone.

hey man its cool i know i got another friend who has some extremely bad anxiety and can't even go outside, i hope you find a way to actualize these things that are easy to say, but so hard to accomplish

how are you?

thanks fam

I'm doing not bad, I guess. Just ate an ice cream sandwich

What is the least populated part of Canada?
Yukon ?

I believe Nunavut

i want to attach people who say they enjoy eating salad with no dressing to a brain wave scanner and test the joy centers of their brain while they eat it

There is no joy in such soulless creatures.

Only pain.

i want to attach people who say they enjoy eating salad to a brain wave scanner and test the joy centers of their brain while they eat it

Salad's great nigga shut your yap.

They are disgusting, I avoid them at all costs.

May all your shits be painful.

you just have to know how to make a proper salad

cucumers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, chick peas, spinach, salad, croutons, blueberries, Parmesan cheese, and poppy seed dressing right now

also some black pepper of course very important


Cucumbers are the devils creation

I can't eat tomatoes, spinach, or lettuce.
Also, fiber supplements and fruit are a thing you do not need silly vegetables.

Shit's hilarious.

It's gross.

Oh so it's not that you're unable, you just refuse to do so.

can't have spicy pickles without cucumbers, let me just put your opinion over here in the trash bin

a lot of food allergies? this is a pain i am happy to not know

hey who are you user posting scoot

You can put the vomit from me eating cucumbers in the trash bin along with my opinion

you don't have to eat them just try a spicy pickle instead

No allergies, just a sensitive pallet. I literally can't swallow most vegetables without nearly throwing up.

More or less.


why is scoot using an american proxy

Bzzt, no exacta.

where's that little bitch jack

what's your height/weight

I would pass, as long as I was talking about a chicken caesar salad

6'1 152lb

Holy shit eat like four more ice cream sandwiches.

Why, I'm fat

Hello. I'm his secretary.

Not at 6'1", unless you have just a singular outward tumor around where your stomach is.


I'm not talking about my stomach. I'm talking about all over

Sup fag.

Duke of Autism is right

you know whats really good is little slices of radishes and avocados with lime juice over it


Never liked avocados unfortunately. I'll forever morn not liking it.

What makes you say that

May I leave a message with you?

nice 'white women laughing while eating salad' folder

Because that isn't fat nigga.

Oh no, there are some chimps in here.

But it is


is that the eskimo hq?

oh yea that fucking sucks mate, avocados are like an S tier food so to not like that... ill give you a moment of silence for that one homie


It certainly is. It's the one next to Greenland

I mean, it tastes okay to me but the texture is all sorts of awful to me. Forever sad.

It isn't.

Only if you beat me in a fight.

How can you say that without seeing me though

thats what i mean i love the way it is usuable for stuff like burgers and guacamole but if i didn't like the texture id appreciate it less, it's also pretty goddamn good for you too, and a great source of non-meat fat


sure okay, the competition is touch your back

Because it would be a miracle of science itself that the inverse super soldier who is 6'1" and 150 and is still somehow fat was created.

I knoooooowww

Not really. I have like negative muscle mass


Oh well I was close..

Right, the antithesis of a super soldier.


pucker up

They're both places no one wants to live. It's like winning a participation prize in the special ed class. You're still in special ed

I guess so, yeah

Suck my pucker.

Skeleton motherfucker

I thought Yukon looks lovely.
Cold climate, mountains, no tourists..

Again though, I'm not skinny. I'm fat

is this flirting

Funnily enough, I know a guy who's 5'6" and 240, and insists he isn't fat.


He's a dumb dumb

grab a handful and give him a jiggle

Could be.

just trying to get a message through here

wow be deader why don't you

working on it




How's my main Slovak?

Pretty great desu~

are you gonna get drunk and play games with me tonight?

slow vacuum
slo vac

Sure sure

Well hurry up then because it's 5 am.

I'm moreso waiting for you at this point

[Opinion that is widely regarded as bad]

I had patch

Waiting for someone to inv to discord chat so I can talk shit on mic that my friend let me have

Sent ;3


Too dead in here

so what do you do, Hupony?

Sell myself on the street corner


is that legal where you are?