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Luka. My internet is shitting out.
Can't play.


shush faggot

okay ._.
rest well...

I'm not going to sleep yet.

what will you do?

Sit in call with a few people.

Kyle never invites me to his calls

You would not join anyway.

hopefully it helps

why would you want to be

It does.


I wouldn't.

This is why I never invite you to anything.

are you doing okay?

I'm going to be honest, Luka.
I'm very far from ok. And I probably am going to be not ok for a while. It really isn't something I can talk about, and it's not something I have a lot of power over.

I'm going to be so much more well-off montarily now. thanks.

at least you're still around, still going.
and i hope the little things in life make you happy.


My pillow can stand on her own now.

Sounds like you got laundry to do

Become a girl.
Get government subsidized everything.

nice propaganda piece

Not PC at all, bro.

3 more weeks and then ill be 27 ;~;

ur my laundry

hey, I'm back from work

talk to me and stuff!

p-pls don't do me senpai

lmao i hadnt even thought of using "doing the laundry" like that you perv

Yeah, you're just saying that. I know you did!

it's early im not gonna effort

why does it play a loud m3 gtr after a chill song yootoob

How was work?

i lost my ear plug things

sucks for the ones that left lol


in ear things

What do you do that earns you this money?
must be waiting or something.


I don't know what you're talking about


I used to make a lot more tips with $7/hr, but then the location died

huh... I guess my ID changed, rip




Good evening

Good morning
Its 3:16 zzz

o-oh, I guess that makes it a good morning to you too!
Should be sleeping though, get back under the sheets~

I am in bed. I'm phone posting

are you two going in the same baed

Time to turn off your phone and rest some more, you've got a day tomorrow you need to be awake for

You wish


If I turn my phone off, or keep it on, I'll be awake for the next half hour or so

But the blue lights from your phone's screen will keep you awake

grossly ungay

Me being wide awake after getting up will keep me up

Yeah well, you're gay for wishing it!
hah, got you

Shouldn't have gone up!

Then I would be awake because I had to pee

Making bad hourly and relying on tips sounds so nerve wracking.

>fall asleep in

I'm not a wizard, I need to see

And it's the act of moving around that wakes me up

And then there was pee all over their bathroom.

Then don't turn on lights at least~

o-oh ;-;

I didn't turn on any lights

I don't know then ;_;

*Pat pat*

I mean, I usually make $11/hr or more

it all averages out

gotta take the good with the bad


im hungery what should i eat?
pizza or instant noods

That's not pats, that's gropping

True. I make 10.50/hr which is minimum wage where I live.
It does not go as far as I would like.


That's one delicious flat chest

Pizza sounds more filling if you ask me, though you should be heading off to bed soon, no? If so, then go with instant noodles

Groping is good too

I'm guessing you live in Cali?

post face

Too lewd

Why would I do that


But it is a fact that gropping is lewd

Maybe, but not too lewd

Cali is too hot to live in.

Here, enjoy this selfie

I guess it decided not to upload

k ill do noods
its not even close to 0 for me yet


Try again

whoopsie :3
And yep, not all lewds are too lewd

0 is too late anyway. Go to bed at 10pm, and shouldn't eat much right before


I guess it doesn't like all black images
Every lewd is to lewd


I posted first.


wow, 8ch is racist.
nope, isn't!

I posted better

Probably viewed as spam
And yes. I'm super innocent, and thus every lewd is too lewd

Florida is too hot too.

yeah, right, so innocent~

Why would you doubt me

my shirt was soaked in sweat when I left work and I smell terrible


At Least I got a reply from someone.

They replied to me too


no anime-poster is innocent

girl fight!

I am more innocent than the Virgin Mary

I would win

The worst.
I'm glad i have air conditioning at my work.

I got the first link, though.

Girls, you're both pretty

First is the worst


here have another

I work outside.

I go to my waifus sweet embrace

Thankyou Nezwizi

This means nothing.

I figured.
How many hours do you get?

Wow, I'll go hangout with Nez then. Atleast he is cooler than you.

Checkmate. King me.

Nezumi is pretty cool

I agree


yeah, right, of course you would.

Ban. Have a squid.

You didn't post a picture

I know



Wat. It was there...

Huh. Okay then 8chen.



Sleep tightly







Are you swimming, flying, or welding?

Look at the ID, OP isn't me~

I'm swimming in the air to weld.


why can't I post pics now?

... I don't even. That was for sure there that time. lol

One last try and then I'm giving up~

gg 8chen

Shh, impossible

You must be the best goggles, then!

Here, I'll throw you a bone.



is possible.
This site is weird


Can I at least post Midna?



Sweet dreams.

Now I'm just more confused, fuck Holla Forums for awhile~

I can't post a certain pic

hi Ban.


awww, I like that image

Nice fuck'n OS, nerd.

same ;_;


hi moogs

Good morning!





hey baby



Did some re-encodings, not sure why it wouldn't post.
Maybe filesize, who knows

want sum fuk?

ah ha

would be easier if you didn't do all that janky stuff to your browser/system/whatever it is~



whatever I want.

Currently working 4 days a week, 32 hours



post 2.6MB jpg or larger

That sounds pretty good. I work 3 days most of the time for about 29 hours.

or 2.4MB i guess.
Maybe anything more than 2MB won't go through


You always make it sound like it is worse.

I can also leave from almost every shift if I really wanted to, and can request off any days I want with one week heads up

my boss is cool

the bosses above him, not so much


I am very theatrical.

My boss is nice, but kind of picky about getting things done in particular ways.
He scares me a bit.

It's just a prank.



No doubt.

We are now frienemies.

I gtg, adios.

Yeah, you're right I'm awful and should stop.

Have a good one!



idk which ones are that large!


I've got 3. I couldn't post this either

Oh, totally.

Morning crowd are shitters.

I have no respect for children that never grew up and received a position of power that they don't know how to manage properly while treating their subordinates like human beings

treat your employees with respect and try to be friends with them while you make sure people do their jobs, and they'll WANT to do their jobs

be a cunt dictator and everybody hates you and doesn't listen half the time

Not much, trying to decide when to sleep while I watch crystal healing videos

How is gassy ghost?

I am too lazy to look!

I want bread that acts like that

yeah, fuck treating people properly.

maybe you'll post one by accident sometime.
I guess this also explains

but i dont have a social life or occupation

watching youtube with bae

You're being social right now!

a-am I good at it?

that last one took two tries

Baes are good to have

Man, where is TP when you need em?


i luv her


I haven't heard of this bae before!


am happy boy

Yay, happy ghosts!

I have no complaints

too many!

Someone expanded their folder

how can i do mroe


Hey, I have barely been posting!

Talk :3

thats nerve wracking and idk what im saying half the time

Welcome to the club. I too just shitpost

Imagine. Shitposting. On the internet. Terrible.

Imagine Nezi. In real life. Terrible.

Pony named posters

You beat everyone at it

Don't bully!

how can that possibly be entertaining

Imagine. Nezi posting butthole. Terrible.

I am the world champ.

Do you find it so?

At being a shitter, aye~

Ponies are for lames!

As if anime is any better

I seek engaging sensual interaction

My brain is melting

You accidentally spelt HITLER wrong.

Sensual interaction coming your way then~

but why?

Why? Did you gas the kikes yet?


It is a work in progress.

o-oh my

Cause reasons

Is it too hot for Cato?

How to basic ayyy lmao

Hu is too hot for Cato

I'm quite cold actually

Then I can warm you up!



Terrible? guess I won't do it then.


it is bullying to tease

I need to stay awake i need more

*imbibes caffeine*

Is ded.


When the latté is on point

i disagree with coffee

maybe I should just pretend I like a certain kind of coffee to seem normal

Feku a niggerfaggot confirmed.

I dont need some mortal crutch such as coffee for my body to function

if it isn't a crutch for you yet, that means it's at max efficiency when you take it.

I have a black monster.

can I see it?

Those words wont make me succumb
Only the weak seek aid

More affection coming through

Ewww wtf I didnt ask for affection

but if the strong seek aid, they have the aid AND their strength

That's just too bad!

It's about 6inchs but the girth is like a soda can.
It takes a bit but eventually I get the whole thing down my throat.


Good one m8


You couldn't post your selfie because the pic is larger than 2MB

I've posted larger than 2mb before

Me too, but today I couldn't either.

Mayhap it was changed

But wait, shouldn't it be saying the file was too large and not post?

I think tonight is the night for me to fix my schedule.
It was with your help that i'm able to stay up all night

arent you supposed to be asleep

It should, but it doesn't. The image will just be stripped from your post and the comment will go through. So I guess it's time to keep the filesize below 2MB

No, why should I be asleep?
Its 8:12

That's fucking bull shiiiit

do you live in the atlantic ocean??

Staying up all night? Sounds like I've done the opposite of helping you then!
But fixing your schedule sounds good

Yes, it's incredibly bullshit, not only because you could post them just yesterday, but because it doesn't even tell you, your image is too large. Just removes it and you're left wondering what the fuck just happened

Pretty much
Canada has 2 timezones ahead of est
I also have a doctor's appointment in an hour

You did some testing for this, I gather?

Shower brb

Yep, anything above 2MB seems to just disappear, at least for jpg files. Re-encoding them with other settings to lower the size below 2MB, makes them go through.


The night is my ally.
Every hour I spend avoiding the scorching light of the summer sun is a precious one.

wait im so confused werent you falling asleep like an hour or so ago?

I wish the sun would show its face here more often. Instead, it's almost always cloudy




Isn't that just the usual all year round

Yeah, and it sucks

At the doctor's office now uwu

Annoying. I wonder if it's a bug, or a new global thing. Test should know

Something like that, yeah. I don't sleep well

Do your people waste money on electricity to heat the place

Don't let them touch you inappropriately.
Probably a global thing. Wouldn't be 100% sure, but my best guess it's something in the backend that got updated. The exact same thing happened on ponychan too when those fuckers went and upgraded the linux distribution the server is running on (ponychan uses a forked version of tinyboard). If Holla Forums upgraded to a newer version of BSD, some packages would have been updated too, which might have introduced this bug.
Besides, even the http request that's being sent, contains the image information, so it is something in the backend that removes the picture.

No, we got radiators

I don't into server stuff, so I'll take your word for it

I'm far from sure, but it's my best guess

Don't radiations yourself! !

Better than anything I could come up with. The only server I did anything with was Windows 2008 r2
I buried those memories deep, because it's a fucking terrible operating system

It's just hot water, please!

Some Operating Systems just does some things better than others

We only learned it because M$ has a deal with the college I went to
We had a short Linux course, which was the best thing ever

Owot gay frogs irradiated water

Microsoft aren't dumb, after all. They didn't get all the way to the top because of luck.

very hot gay frogs I guess

They still do way too much stupid shit. Linux popular supported OS when

Android is a widely adopted Linux distribution~

Bah, don't be that way

okay :3

Hu the bully :(


Always ;~;

Bully the Hully

No, never!

Hu's not for bullying ;_;

waow i just woke up from falling asleep after fapping how much did i miss

Barely anything, the thread is pretty dead.
And wow, lewd. Though falling asleep after fapping is the best

Fuck the explodey loli.

not really I fell asleep sitting on my ass in a bath tub so now it hurts


Yeah, it's totally because you were sitting in a bathtub, we believe you!

Guess I best fug you too~

I'll fug you up


Hu bullying me and replies

Bring it, homosex! I'll beat yer ass.

That can be taken multiple ways so like... Have fun with figuring out which was right~

pls ;_;

riiight, as if~
Slept well?

well i couldve said tailbone but that sounds a bit weird and idk how a brony would interpret that

did you finish sleeping yet?

Alright enough, can't complain that much~

How have you been doing?



Until she only thinks of one kind of explosion. ;3

Like a sensible human being, silly~
I'm not even a brony, or furry. I'm not even a weeb, I'm just fucking faggot who only teased a bit.
Fairly sure falling asleep in a bathtub isn't the best idea either, especially not if it's full of water too. Your butt will be just fine soon enough I hope

Sounds good enough to me.
Have been fine, not really done anything except runescape and drinking coffee, just enjoying the last few days of my vacation

Always good to do, enjoy some relaxation for a bit longer before being forced back into the stressful shit.

as long as you dont think the prior implications meant I took it in the ass then its fine. besides im basically recovered now it was just my body falling asleep sitting up with no support that was uncomfortable

This semester doesn't look like it'll be too stressful. Only like half the amount of lectures each week and we aren't even being asked to get any books either.
I did hear the fourth semester would be the most difficult and the most stressful one, and so far it looks like that'll be the case.

I was implying that but just in jest. I don't doubt you when you say you're straight.
Oh, that's good. Maybe, though most bathtubs aren't exactly soft

No you

I finished sleeping 3 hours ago


you should get more its good

alright :3

Straight is best, now go get yourself a girl and make small Fekus~

Megumin is a pure and innocent moe.

i bet fek's odometer rolled over

huh.... ?


I guess they resolved the issue

lol how does it feel to be below the best

what does he mean by this?

Feels pretty good, I'm bottom after all

stop inadvertently shoehorning me into these gay situations!!

I honestly can't help myself

I just ate lunch though

That is a lewd Momiji

Momiji is a lewd wolf, dad

Go to your room


I'm already in my room~

No dinner for you. Go to sleep

are you really at the doctors?

I'm home now. Why

But I always cook my own dinner.
Or. Almost always, if I'm home, I do

just weird place to animus

Still. Go to bed without dinner. Its punishment

Why is it a weird place to animus


tbh im more of a bottom so it wouldnt work anyways

perfect food coma

im still confused

Some might already think I got some kind of eating disorder so don't think skipping dinner is a good idea

You like your girls dominant?

I had no logical basis for my outcry.


But I'm not feeling tired anymore

Just say you weren't feeling hungry

don't let the nationalists retake Japan

can you imagine this anywhere else in the world?

Bad idea. Not healthy at all either!