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Darwin I am tired, read me a bedtime story please.

Ribbon is my fetish.

His lips are BUSY

Well, last night I had another Monica Bellucci dream. I was in Paris on a case. Monica called and asked me to meet her at a certain cafe. She said she needed to talk to me. When we met at the cafe, Kissy was there, but I could not see his face. Monica was very pleasant. She had brought friends. We all had a coffee. And then she said the ancient phrase, "We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream." I told her I understood, and then she said, "But who is the dreamer?" A very powerful, uneasy feeling came over me. Monica looked past me and indicated to me to look back at something that was happening there. I turned and looked. I saw myself. I saw myself from long ago in the old Holla Forums threads, listening to Kissy telling me he was worried about a dream he had. That was the day Neru appeared, and did not appear. And while Neru was apparently there, she raised her arm and pointed at Kissy and asked me, "Who do you think that is there?" Damn! I had not remembered that. Now this is something interesting to think about.

Well, that was quite the read.

That was kind of sweet.

okey nini

wow, darwin. wow.

It was beautiful and arousing.



You fit those same descriptions.

didn't get to sleep long enough

I do that very often.
Will you last through the day?

i hope so
how are you?

I'm surprisingly okay. Usually this is the time of night when I go to bed because I have nothing else to do, but instead I am contently eating crackers.
I don't work 'till Friday so it's been relaxing.

no claning either?

I will be cleaning my car out tomorrow :3


Luka :)


So mean

max gfx screencaps!

Don't bully my data ;~;


I can feel the shekels leaving my wallet already ;~;

sunrises are like knives in my stomach

i hate being alive another day

r u memeing?

Me too

Only a little bit


That's a cool background

its the new map

They added a new map? I've never seen it


:D Yay
I didn't play very much yesterday

event over

I got my Mercy skin, I'm happy :)

try exercise



*imbibes caffeine*

today was productive.

what are your YouTube ads?


it is wednesday my dudes and dudettes

I don't have any.

i think i had too much caffeine

nice lapis.

you have to turn off adblock first idiot.

Have you seen princess tutu?

It is off,
Still don't have any.

that's a bad feeling.


Peri is the best.



How about the pair?



Who died?


Just tired.


do you drink coffee?

I dont' like it.

you just have to be smart about how you use it.

As in the taste.


easily overcome.


stop with all this sleepiness

i'm so tired but so restless

could you not predict this?

Ah, so morning the death of sleep.



wasnt planning on this but free coffee yo

oh, well its a stimulant. suppresses the chemicals that toggle your parasympathetic nervous system, making you less tired.

so it makes it so you can't really relax.

I'd take Ikt off to bed


tonight ill sleep early

i cant struggle so yeah do whatever

wow, how very submissive

Wassup threadfolk~?

how wise


brb nom

this is best image

Hu :)
Made :)

muh dicc

Enjoy nomming~

hey babe



good boy

hihi again^^


prove me wrong

I'm not posting my ID on here, nig.

Is it a double "Hi" or a laugh ? Cute either way.

Good morning, how are you all?

Like.. double "hi"~ Yes, it's super cute lol

Are you still all existentially depressed and stuff?





Who are all these people?

Can I help you?

Hey-o, how ya doing?

pussy is ID now?

Good afternoon

Sinni is me and George's friend.
Duke is someone from waifu threads.

oh. pfft.

Did you get that new factory job?


A bit. I have my master thesis oral Monday, and it's a bit all or nothing, which means that if I fail that I fail my year. I'm not in a very good mood because of that, I'll see after if I get better.

Oh, and relationships wise...dunno, I guess I don't have the energy to think about it.

(I stopped trying to remember people a while ago. Heck, I don't know how I called you before you named yourself Madeleine)

I got an interview for tomorrow.
I'd be working 3 days a week for 12 hours.

Now that I'm caught up at work, what's good elma?

Just saying hello. Sorry

Making my way home. Had to extend the trip by an hour because buses

When did I become babe?
Good evening

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I don't talk to you much but that shit has to be mad stressful, sending good vibes.

Sounds funnnn :c. Try to enjoy the ride?

Ahh. Stress stinks. I could never get the nerve up to actually do presentations so I stopped going to college lmao

You got this, yo.

And relationships are hard. They work bestest when both parties are capable of loving themselves firstly.

That's fine. I'm Madeleine now. Legally, online, metaphorically, grammatically. Let's just keep it at that lol

Good shit, Squash. I do 4 10ish's which is nice. Whatcha gonna do to fill the other four days? I start to go a little crazy by day 3 off. Been considering another one day a week job just for shits tbh.

Just woke up. Letting the girl sleep a bit longer and idk what the plan is for the day actually.. I busted my quad last night and she's waiting for parts too so no flying :(

Oh. My bad.

Do you like theoretical physics? y/n

Maybe I should just resort to calling you faget~
Both are terms of endearment

Mainly my other job.
I don't plan to quit it.

Ooh, I see! Wowsers, Squash. You seem so motivated for that cash monies rn woo woo! :p

Damn, thank you fellow poster. Your cheering is appreciated.

I hate that too. But oh well, maybe because it is something scholarly that I'm somewhat decent at, I manage. But it is still a bit hard (plus since I made my thesis in English they expect me to talk in English, something that I'm not excessively good at).

And thanks for the support.

I guess I have still improving to do then if I want to be loved. I understand myself better, that's a step in the right direction, but loving ? Not quite there yet.

And Madeleine then, fine by me. Can I call you Mad if that's too long ? I don't know why but I feel like it would suit anyone here.

Desperation is more accurate.

Ooh, you accidentally pigeonholed yourself to speaking in English? I can see how that would be a bunch of added stress to the mix :(

Mads or Maddie works lol

They are both flames under your ass, so to speak. Shit's hitting the fan, eh? You'll get through it, sounds like you're already getting through it.

They half expect us to write the thesis in a foreign language we studied, so I had it coming anyway. I'll manage. Maybe.

Mads then, sounds nice.

It's a struggle.

The bus and people are stressful

I don't know much about it, but it seems interesting. The one that I always wanted to know more of was Astrophysics

Hu is such a bulli :c


Yes ; ~ ;


My phone charger is getting crazy hot.

post temps

Because it's charging

What's a good name for a discord server


it's not, it's just powering my backlight

Bus gotta go faster so you can be home soon

It's drawing current. That makes it hot

I am home


Don't do lewd things uwu

idk how much it draws :D

Probably 5V 1A

it can supply 1A @ 5V yeah and idk the resistance of the led strip tbh i just resoldered it to a usb-a header originally it works with 3xAA batteries which is only 4.5V but it lights up so isok

still tho discord server name


The charger is still drawing that power. It's gonna heat up

no lewds then

bad charger

hi :3

I'm not doing anything lewd, silly

They all do it, so I guess there are no good chargers

Read quad, imagined a 4wheeler
Imagined a flying quadbike
Realized you were talking about a drone, so disappoint.


But you told me to not do lewd things, no?

I have never a discord,
Tinychat is where it's at.

I'm only in a few with the same people.
Use to be in a /zoo/ server, but left.

Hey, how are you?


Because your we're don't lewd things. Not me

Is /zoo/ even legal in the US ? Sounds dangerous.

zoo sounds pretty furry-like

am okay. Everything went fine and am finally back home now.
How's you?

I'm so confused now..

Nice quads

You can own and watch it.
Most states you can't do it IRL though.
I mean, just don't get caught I guess. that or do it in states with no laws about it.

wouldn't like someone caressing your boobies?

I don't have any

That's good! I'm doing alright, could use more rest though~

Dammit ;_;

Go ahead and nap~

What made you think I had boobs


I didn't actually believe you did, I'm just being silly


Not that lucky uwu

Men is best anyway

What a fucking faggot.

Says you, lol

Boobs are nice, but dfc is delicious for a reason


But u r gay lul

Whatchu donna do about it faggot?

He pretends to be gay, or a girl, that's how he draws you in.

ikt is gey

What I've been doing this whole time. Play WoW

I should. Have a good night or day, Hu~

Private server?

night, really. Going to bed in about an hour.
Sweet dreams Eva~



That game lost most of its charm with Wrath, and died completely to me with Cata. Newer expansions I hear haven't done it much justice either I hear.
I think you've the only one I've heard who doesn't play an older version of it

I've been playing it on and off since launch

I mostly played the game to level and play through the story in various regions. As they spat out more expansions, it became significantly easier and quicker to level to a point you could get from 1 to max in less than a week. That's when the game died for me

Not even elaborate lies!

Hey man, we dated for like... what, five years? If I wasn't gay, then what a giant fool you were

Well, I always enjoyed doing things at max level more than leveling. In fact, I hate leveling because I remember all the quests and it's just dull for me


That's what Blizzard thought too, hence they made the change.
And still, private servers are only becoming more and more popular, so I guess the community is extremely split on that point

I dunno, I never really got into private servers. The prospect of leveling up and gearing all over again is too daunting for me, I guess

you are the gay


I never got into it either, I just stopped playing it on a whole.

hot yuri action

Which is unfortunate, since it means I have to dish out the buckaroos to play


Speaking of tits.

play something else~

She looks better flat

I usually do. I stopped playing Runescape earlier this summer

Always posting lewd pics goddammit!

But osrs best

How can you, of all people, even be allowed to say this to someone?!

I just kind of got bored of it

Takes one to know one

hehe, it happens

It's happened quite a few times


Bang bang

I get bored easily

A quite many people do

flat awoo

I guess. Which is why it's surprising that there are still so many players

flat best

I guess when some stop, others come back



I suppose that's the way

Link to full

why live? ;_;


Momiji Inu

They're both very pretty doges

Oh shit you like traps?

What a faggot lmao

I know right?
I usually type his name and he always responds cause he's lurking 24/7

Hey there ikt

thats a trap

Traps are hot

Feku is a trap

But did he?

I heard you're a trap too ^W^
What a cutie

Feku's pretty passable imo

Nah, I think he might've died or is just too busy TaekwonDoeing niggas

Cum on his face to wake him up

Sorry, didn't see this
I would a Momiji, but not a Shibe


fuck you im straight

you and me both


Yeah feku's a total buttslut
He's just a little shy cause he's barely getting into it

So is spaghetti until it gets wet


Genki genki

How are you?

I have today off and nothing to do

Pretty uneventful

Huh, uneventful indeed. Wednesday's off tho

stop posting gay spaghetti

Feku are you a blob sometimes too

blobs look fun to fug

Blob not for fug.

are you the blob

Yes no bulli just tired.

maybe sleep?
I wanna be a blob and havve raphi step on me


Sleep soon.

Do you have asian parents

yeah they r asian. are your asian


just announced i was moving out and she went all annoying proposing a bunch of alternatives

at least my dad isnt annoying

i keep seeing these dude perfect videos on the youtube homepage on incognito mode

who is giving these videos 72 mill views

who is the goddamn market for beer pong trick shots like 72 million views is a fifth of the population of the us what the fuck

people who are somewhat young and social

yeah but arent you like a 40yo virgin? she needs to learn to let go. on the bright side you got that dad that hides emotions to look strong


hey im not that old omg

also dudes probably just happy im finally doing something on my own

heck dudes probably gonna have fun helping me

you like to get stepped on?

he wants to convert your room to his bdsm sex dungeon


Thanks osu

Not really. Pic is cute though.

It's like you just wait for me.


can i keep you there

ah, same with this.

sleep snug, smugs

I keep thread open on my third monitor and when someone I like pops up I join.

no its for him and your mom


Classic osu!

u lik m3?


Busy here tonight


It's been busier than this lately

It's because soto is posting

Why though

That'd be starting drama
And I wouldn't do that


Jihad me at Allahu ackbar

I'm not into jihad, thanks though

I'd fuck Rin 2.0 ngl

yo kanra

Is he here?

You're rin 2.0

Loco is posting. He probably is.

Who's Rin 2.0

now we wait


Tranny scum

Why am I Rin 2.0 and not Duke

Because you're a bad Canadian poster.

Why am I bad

Prove you are not rin

How am I supposed to do that? For the third or more time

Squash, help

Cause you're a Canadian trap that loves attention

He's not rin.
He is somehow more boring than Rin.
He's like Luka tier uninteresting.


I'm not a trap though

Thank you

I'd still smash tho


Not with that attitude

Duke is my GF from /waifu/ threads.

They were calling my Rin again

I could literally never be one

That doesn't help the situation much

Lol niggerfaggot

I'm no ones gf

Back off

Duke's smooth boipucci is mine


What's wrong, babe?

Morning, how are you all.

haven't killed myself today

haven't really even thought of killing myself very much

we're doing good


Head over paws for you.



Morning Sinni

That was a pawful joke.

no wait not that

the thing before that



Bruh same. I'm glad you're doing good! How has your day been goin?


Tired. Glad things cooled down a bit

Do I know you

That's something! You should unwind and catch some good zzs or something man, you've been working hard!

I'm your secret admirer :3c


Pretty good. I went to this mountain town mijas with my fam. this place was so steep you could watch the clouds breaking against it and rolling up around you and you could see morocco from the peak. pretty crazy. i did some sketches but like i wasn't there long enough to do a bunch you know.

how are you doing?

That fucking picture of Conan is making me chuckle way too hard, I hate it but I love it so much.

Ok that sounds like awesome as hell & you should share those sketches.

I'm doing good!! Ate food & slept more than an hour so I'm like ready to go :3c. Thank you for asking lol


What's new

*Ripples muscles*

I'm rapidly losing hair from stress.
I have an interview for a factory tomorrow though so that's nice.

I haven't done anything at all though

I thought you already had a factory job

I had other jobs in retail and food.

whoa surprise nosebleed

I know you saw it Sinni.
You can't hide from Bigabele.


it's pretty awesome but ronda is better. ronda is like this town built on a mesa with 300ft cliffs on every side. big ol bridge going all the way down. y'all can google it.

like i probably should have drawn the mountains but that van was p cute.

You have trouble sleeping? or you just hardcore


trying to act cool but i'm actually panicking inside

it's 4am and i don't even have a job


Won't your government just give you neetbux?







Once I have money I'll pay you 4 bucks an hour to clean my house and cuddle me.


This seems like an overreaction

Good one.
My other bong friend lives off of neetbux
it works for him.

Hola mi amor, como estas?

today was stupid and i'm glad it's over now
how are you?

I'm alright, just had some dinner. Why was it so stupid?

because everything went wrong
lost my wallet and my plans got all fucked up
just bad luck all day

That's terrible. Losing your wallet is the worst.
Takes forever to get ID and cards back and all that.
I have somehow managed to keep track of mine for years, I used to lose them more than I'd like to admit.

it's probably on a jobsite somewhere
i'll see if anyone found it tomorrow

Well, that's good. I hope you manage to recover it.

ty lovely








I'll make a Digby folder if you use his sister.

You have more isabelle pics than I do, so why not I just use digby and you use isabelle?





I exist

Do you like heavy metal? Because I can teach you how to scream.



You are so beautiful that I want to be reincarnated as your child so that I can breastfeed by you until I'm 20.


I may have a two inch penis but I can lick the crumbs out of a Pringles can.


Knock her up and just breast feed on her then.


If you were a fruit, you would be a fineapple.

And if you were a vegetable, i would visit you everyday in hospital.


I'd probably have to drive him.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put my cock in your mouth


you ever had your belly button tickled from the inside?


Lolly was just a friend.


Lolly = loli
Pedophile confirmed.

are you homeless now ?

I am not in Houston.

Charmander is red, metapod is green, I want to lickitung your cloyster if you know what I mean.





Ya'll need jesus


Are you a termite? Cause you're about to have a mouth full of wood.

The good news is the white people will have home owner's insurance to keep the city white.
The black people will have to float back to New Orleans.


Are you a farmer? Because you’ve got some big, round, beautiful melons!

All of the people from cali that moved over are probably freaking out.

A lot of Houstonians hated New Orleaners because they just flooded in after Katrina and a lot are already hoping it forces them back.


im bored
im just sitting here watching people emulate animal crossing
and thinking about .... uh.... games? i guess

I know

I lived near Houston when it happened


new leaf?


Your legs are like an Oreo Cookie - I wanna split them and eat all the good stuff in the middle.

I'm in LoL with my duo. Maybe once we are done in ranked you can join.

I wanna seeeee I want to be able to emulate new leaf so bad >:CC


this video is a 'recent' video on how good things are working on citra:

and this video is just showing how easy it is to click install and run the program that makes it all work on pc:

aram will we do fun arams too?! ^_^

Do you have pet insurance? Because your pussy's getting smashed tonight!






yay~ *hugs*

This is a bad joke.


c-can I play too?



Nigga took his eyebrows.

Whoa, don't be racist.
Only disadvantaged and victimized African-Americans can say that word.

oh wow i just noticed!