♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Mom is the best! Edition

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can you maybe stop vaguely referring to the media?

and next time you bring them up, talk about a specific news story that misrepresented him, and how they did it?

why bother, right?

everybody knows X is Y

I was referring to myself
And okay, at the next time I'll be sure to link you one here. The folks around seem to enjoy the fuck outta political discussions

lol wtf is going on with daddy longlegs

not the flying one, the almost-but-technically-not-a-spider one, harvestman bros

it's just a small face on comically large legs

fucking all my lol

just one?

even if you linked me a couple dozen, on a spectrum of misrepresenting him to outright lying about him, in order to make a judgement about the entire news organization, let alone 'the media' in general, would require accounting for thousands of articles of varying shades and framings. you can't defend your shallowness about this, Jack. you know that ultimately, your core beliefs are highly Romantic, and require some level of ignorance in order to work.

ignorance to fuel the pride, passion, feelings of justice and importance.
you know if you ever looked close enough, you'd lose your romantic feels.

sic: i watched a video about them and the shots of them walking around up close made me laugh hysterically


Spiders are disgusting

I'm saying that, despite my attempts to form an unbiased opinion about matters, it's possible for me to have misinformed myself at the same time.
No, not really. I figured out what it was like and decided to remove myself from it. Which is probably the only sane thing I've done in a long time
I'm aware that talking about a company means talking about more than one person, and I'm aware that just because someone is reporting something on a news network, doesn't mean that it aligns with their views. It's still one sided, disgusting bullshit regardless

lol wtf is that guy


why is that guy

not a spider, technically closer to a scorpion

i learned that from the lady in the video

But still a spider

so you don't think the little jumping puppers are adorable?

get zebra jumping spiders in my house, they're tiny, but they interact like little doggos

Spiders have sectioned bodies.
Daddy long legs lack those sections so it technically is not an arachnid.


no, it is an arachnid, it just isn't a spider

scorpions and vinegaroons are also arachnids


I really doubt you actually tried to form an unbiased opinion about matters.

pretty sure you're normal, and react overconfidently based on less than a dozen, hazily rememebered anecdotes.

pretty sure your persistent opinions about the media, are based on less than a dozen hazily remembered news stories.

If you're telling me you've double-checked that you're remembering the reasons for your 'removing yourself' correctly, then you should be able to talk about it in more than just vague terms.

why did my ublock delete itself

protip, if you haven't checked your biases recently,

and you've made recent statements about recent events,

they're probably shallow and reactionary.

another arachnid that is also often called a daddy longlegs IS a spider, people call cellar spiders daddy longlegs, but they look pretty different from harvestmen, like, they're clearly spiders.

and people call crane flies daddy longlegs, but we all know flies from spiders

Nope. That's the way arachnaphobes are

According to everythign I ever found about them they are still spiders. It's not really important though, they're still disgusting

They are all over the place here I love them
Best against flies and mosquitoes, can't bite for shit, cute
I keep them in my room and give them names


wait why is the trap fucking the guy

i didnt ask for this

Link tbh

lol legfaces?

they're soo weird

i keep giant house spiders around for pest control, and zebra jumping spiders because cute, but other spiders i do not trust as much

i mean i know it's the uk and they're universally harmless, just, the giant house spiders are big enough that they seem more like animals than bugs, and the jumping spiders act like little dogs, with the two big eyes, you can see what they're thinking, they're almost humanized

both of them come across more as little guys rather than creepy crawlies

other spider are just ick

im free


Would you keep a dinner plate sized spider?


the giant house spiders shit an absolute brick when they notice you noticing them, you feel so sorry for the poor things, they like freeze in terror, as if you were a t-rex and your vision is based on movement

no, when i say the giant house spiders are huge, like, last pic related, the bigger ones you find will be palm sized legs included, they're not like, tarantula enormous

Oh, so this wouldn't be a good pet~?


Not a bad taste in spiders but do you know what you need for ultimate pest control? This one
They are the best predators against other insects. If you see one of these in your house, you can be sure you have no roaches, no spiders, no flies, no other insects at all.

You did NOT reply to me liberal cur


i can see you man

you right there

you they brown 8 legged thing pretending to be an object

seriously i can see you

im not tired yet anyways

jesus christ :s

yeah but they can also fuck people's shit up pretty good too

Fucking sadpanda isn't working reeeeeeeeeee

you go over to them, and they wait until the last possible moment when you physically touch them, then they dart away, showing you breifly that they are in fact the fastest spiders in the world, but only over short distances, they get tuckered out super fast, and then they're basically dragging themselves to safety with their fingernails

That can not be real

You are right but don't call it romantic thats gay
Call it ANGRY

At worst its like a bee sting but most of the time they can't even penetrate skin
Its worth it m8
I killed one when I first saw it cause HOLY FUCK WHAT IS THAT
Greatest regret of my life

and if the idea of a terrified, completely tuckered out spider doesn't melt your heart, you probably kill cats too

uh, don't they actually have like, enormous, very powerful, very venomous jaws that will easily tear chunks out of you?

call it salto mortale

consider this my mic drop.

Australia is hell~

It is.


[Yatsuzaki] Josou Demo Aishite (Gekkan Web Otoko no Ko-llection! S Vol. 15) [English] [mysterymeat3] [Digital]

my understanding of centipedes is that you don't go near them cause they would relish in nothing more than ruining your week

remember the pink one that also fucking leaks cyanide

or is that a mllipede

centipedes in my anus

Likes wasps.

Mugi's angus is best.

Oh no thats the mice eating giant kind these are just big house centipedes
Mostly harmless. Other name for it is spider centipede tho

Bloody hell, I don't think the brits were aware what a great island they picked for a prison. All natural, including a wide variety of death by nature

Maybe one day I'll be depressed and dead inside and we can debate with only sheer logic
Tell Justin I said he is a degenerate

Or they did know and that was the point. Like they arrived, saw the things on the island and went "Yeeeeeeeeeeah, prison."

yes wasps and hornets also take a perverse pleasure in making you become in a shitty mood

idk man, still looks like it'd give a fair nip

Bees though, they are adorbs.

i don't think they know that like, the reason we are such a successful species, is we don't take a telling, if you sting most animals they stay away from your nest, if you sting a human they seek revenge against your nest and nothing less than localized genocide of you entire species will satisfy them

yeah bees are chill dudes

not sure if i ever met an africanized bee, they might be less chill from what i've heard, but i've never met an asshole bee

Good morning! How are you all? Today feels like a tomato soup kinda day.

I set up the account and everything. I think that exhentai just hasn't gotten the login yet or something

Good morning Sinni

here's a weird thought

what if apes barter and trade for territory

we like to own everything and barter and trade it with each other

humans wouldn't concede legal ownership of land to apes

what if they were just a little smarter

there would be war

What's sad is thinking about being a bee if they had deep thought. Sting a child trying to crush you or swinging at your hive...

Then you die only for your action of defense and sacrifice to mean nothing but the end of your hive. Sucks~

They probably are dicks but at the same time, never met them either. Maybe it's a defense thing with them too? Ionno. Haven't even read up on it.


Post your qt waifu.


Hiya, how are you doin?

Hi! I really like your Midna pictures! How's your day goin?

i mean repeatedly throughout history there have even been groups of people who became property and were not allowed to own land

apes don't got a chance

Looking for the doujin that ikt was reading since sadpanda is being a cunt

Thanks, bae. You're the best~

Thanks! I try with these folders.

Barring a headache it's been decent! Did you sleep well~?

Sounds fun? I hope you find it soon!

'try' you flatter yourself! They're pretty great. Sorry you have a headache, I hope it clears up soon, try to not let it spoil your day uwu.

I slept pretty alright, managed to play animal crossing until I clonked out.



I got in trouble today.

D'awwww. You're cute.

Sinni bo binni

That would explain some things
Fuck Australia, honestly.

Now I want one as a pet, a big one on a leash to guard the front door

Straight back to the dark abyss from which it came! After saving Goggles, of course~

Sorry to hear that, what happened?

I played it obsessively as a kid, it's really a solid game & is ageing pretty well.

Anyhow what's up?


what the FUCK


I bet.

I'm not sure but are you like newish posting here~?

It's a bretty slow morning, my mom made caramel so I've been helping her jar it. Now I get to unwind and find full episodes of antiques roadshow >b

What are you up to?

Jellyfish are COOL

Yea kinda. I swept in like a storm and I'm here to stay!!!! Hi, I'm Sinni

Talking with my brother and just chilling.


one jellyfish giving birth results in exponential levels of jellyfish that STARTS at a over a billion, doubles a heap of times, then multiplies by like thirty all at once, in ONE BIRTH CYCLE


and at SO MANY stages one released egg splits into many more potential jellyfish

this is your mind on nature

Almost like sand niggers and gypsies

one jellyfish does over a billion eggs at once

each egg hatches into a little starfish type larva

it sinks to the ocean floor

it turns into a polyp

walks around the ocean floor like a man, leaving some of itself behind in every step, which all grow into more polyps, which also walk around, etc. etc.

polyps eventually root, grow into big tall pillars of segments, and each segment breaks off into an entire jellyfish

that is fucking unreal

Well it is nice to meet you I am like many names but Eba or Eva works best~

i gotta learn how to do that

Sounds pretty relaxing. I hope you have a swood day uwu.

Nice to meet you too! I hope we can be good friends.

I remember your shenanigans young one

I won't, but fuck it.
I don't care anymore.

No, but my waifu is
Why did people think I was you btw

I found it, and immediately had to bring cabinets into the house

Well at least let me try to make it better >C If you're up for suffering, you can join Moog & I in watching antiques roadshow episodes later? He hates it but it's 100% lit af.

Haha, at least you found it? You're like doubly productive today, I'm proud of you!

I'm watching Gordan Ramsey yell at people.

I hope so too! You seem like a delightful person.

Don't we all~

Severe case of paranoia I inflicted on them.

Basically imagine your anger toward someone on the internet being enough to guide you into disregarding any future person baring the same flag. Assuming they are that person even if that person hasn't been around for like a year or more.

I did a number on a good few of them. Surprisingly the ones that claim to be unaffected by such silliness usually are the ones holding it so dear too~

Fun!!! That man could yell all my problems away uwu

Haha, you flatter me.

I don't know how productive finding a doujin counts as

Yourself, Kanra and Rin. I've been called all of those since coming here

:shrug: it's more productive than I've been today lol.

It's very cathartic.

Flattery through the truth, like some sort of magic trick. Really makes you think!

Yeah I was just fucking with you.

Essentially the grand portion of old posters can't ever imagine people leaving for good portions of time. So if a new person arrives when an old one isn't posting and the country is the same?

You're labelled them until it's proven otherwise. It's just a weird quirk here.

Plus some people just change names without even leaving. Like Kanra and Rin.

Just cause... They get bored with the names? I don't know, would have to ask~

Squash you give an answer. Oh wait...

I'm indifferent to this whole thing.

Good talk. I like your vim and vigor.

Really earning those pets!

It is! I wish they hadn't taken stuff like Chopped or Kitchen Nightmares off Netflix, that shit was really great & it was easy to binge when life was suffering.

If anything's magic here it's how magically sweet you are >b.

(also is this an argument that's happening?? I can't tell)

Yeah. I feel bad for the people sometimes, but Gordon is cute.

Nuh, I'm just poking at Squash to be silly. I don't think he enjoys me much, probably for some fair reasons, but it's fun to do~

Normally he doesn't even reply, so this was a pleasant surprise. Really gives the good feels.

I don't appreciate being goaded, but I'm not well lately so I'm trying not to be hostile.
I'd rather just be left alone.

Gordon is cute!!! but nah some kitchens are really that high pressure & if you're gonna be like a professional cook you gotta handle the heat!!

It's one of the things that stopped me from wanting to work professionally, I'd cry a lot.


Let's open a sweets shop.
we can just make sweets and shit.

Maybe. It's just something to do to get the threads moving a bit more usually~

I'll keep it to a minimum for awhile then. Promise.

Im back!

Welcome back.

Before my best friend Nik went off the deep end, we were gonna buy a food truck & go around selling desserts. Like getting a melon baller & making like kebab'd caramel apples and like sugar-crusted sweet potato fries.

I still love cooking & like if I wasn't planning on clocking out at 32 I'd probably open a garden-like bistro where you can sit and enjoy desserts & drinks while surrounded by flowers & shit.

I think the thread is moving pretty normally, considering how early it is? but idk, I'm not used to threads.

welbcome back


Yeah it really doesn't work and my timing sucks~


youre not allowed to clock out at 32

I wish I could cook.
Someday I'll try and develop a skill.

Hey its sninni!

You tried? That's half the battle my dude.

I suggested 22, cause it's my lucky number twice over, and dad got really mad lol.

I think you'd be great at it! It takes like a persistence & standard that I lack a lot of the time, but seeing how much effort and focus you put into stuff that you like, I think you'd be excellent.

:2c besides if you do desserts, it's just reading a recipe and following directions

Hey it's scott

I have no money to invest in learning a hobby.
I want to do papercrafts again.

We planning the group suicide? Where do I sign?

hows your day

If knowing is the other half, can I retire now?! :3

you can die when youre like 80 and ive just died of a heart attack during ~sex~

You don't need too much money to start, do like dad & start with breads & stuff. Super easy but like super satisfying :3c

Papercrafts are cool too, show me if you decide to make some !!!

Sure! You worked hard, enjoy retirement.

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what is there to do after like your 30s???


b-be with me

Such honor you bring me, comrade!

I'm sure there not being many new people to come here didn't help matters either

omg the logo changed i cant handle this


wtf Holla Forums


hey beautiful

8ch has been pretty garbage the last few days, not sure if it is just on my end.





Pretty much but it was this way on Holla Forums too.

Wish sinni would destraw me ngl



found a succ3

Being separate doesn't make it any easier





No I mean, on Holla Forums we constantly had random new people. Like much more often.

That factor never changed much of it~


Oh, I thought you were saying there weren't many new people. My mistake
I'm going to go lie down

Same. Sleep well~






Hi Erin!! Hope you're having a good day

perfectly ordinary, it's fine c: you?

Bretty good, subjecting moogs to cooking with hoarders videos :3c

my two favorite trannies together again

cooking with hoarders?

Think moogs should be a better person tbh


Hoarder tries to cook shit & objectively can't. He tried to make an omlete for obama & threw one egg into the trash, whisked the eggshells, started a grease fire, and threw the pot into a bath tub full of trash.



super wowee.

ur rude.



god thats hot




I just heard about this thingy, is theis the AI bs?

it was in a thing i'm watching about the robots in the DARPA competition

you know, the one where those 7 really expensive humanoid robots fall over a lot

Was an okay nap, I guess

LOL, and whenever I see DARPA i think of MetalGear.
The reason I say that is I am watching a podcast and they weirdly enough started talking about killer robots.
Really made me think.

why not just tape a gun to a drone

this is too coincidental


this darpa competition

Thats been done you dip.

The universe is a weird place. It was the h3h3 podcast with boogie on.
That dude is pretty chill as fuck.


a real gun
like a GAU-8


I mean, you shouldn't delete history, but bigotry and hatered shouldnt be allowed to parade itself and desensitize the masses and normalize in the minds of proles.

Germany was required to keep up their reminders of World War 2, that's a lot more severe than anything the Confederate states did

tbh the f-35 should have come with 2 gau-22's

when you consider alot of the northern states people didnt really care enough to meddle in soutthern shit to be bothered to change anything, it was more done for face.

100 year old statues aren't historically important

I mean we knock down older buildings everyday

"B-but loco it's not the statues that are historically important themselves, it's the history they represent"

well that's dumb like hitler happened whether theres statues of him or not

statues aren't like the repository of human knowledge nowadays teyre a way of honoring someone

what the cuck said

How is everyone?




FireFox is fucking shit.

Burning jews is fucking shit

Burnin Jews is the shit

Give back Palestine you JEWS


God I want to kiss Hila though









yeah, fuck those fucking fag puppets


I'm the favorite ! Yaaaaay !


let this happen


find you a girl who looks at you like this

pew pew




oh what the fuck MPC why is playing chinese cartoons this hard on you you're not my old pentium 4 struggling to exist stop getting so stress

Joke on you, every girl already looks at me like that !

pew pew Luka...pew pew indeed.

so hard

i use vlc cause it just werks

play on NA sometime ^_^

I'd be a bother. Plus, I have too many things I want to do (right now it's mainly procrastination, but after the 4th I'll probably be busier).



Aw, don't be sad Luka come on. I'll see, okay ?

G'night heku.

I came

thanks sinni


Moogs needs to stop.

I'm woke tho

...I'm tired of disappointing people dammit.

i came too


you fuck adachi

All this thread needs now is neru to return and it will be the shitfest of nightmares


That...didn't sound nice.

But really, it's painful.

Its a war. And its here everyday.

is not


overwatch is updating!

I had an update earlier today ^.^
What was it about?

...at least it's lively.

Dammit Luka I care about people and I want them happy and I'm not when they're sad no matter what you tell me !

And yeah, new update with deathmatch, Roadhog/Junkrat/Orisa buffs, all this stuff.

gab-blob or megu-blob?



Its The will to power manifest.

new hero updates ^_^

where my new mercy at ;~;

you can't be a people pleaser.



Very nice ^.^

The will to- that doesn't make sense at all.

Still in test I presume.

But I need love in my life ! And the happiness of the ones surrounding me !

Pretty much.

Any idea when the Mercy patch is coming in?

Absolutely not.

Probably going to sleep soon.

Oh yeah? Sleep well



that's the wrong kind

Be back in a bit, goign for a walk ^.^

The wrong kind of what ?


It does, if you do some reading.

Probably. But well, I don't want to give any justification to war.



All life is struggle. All struggle is war. All life is war.

Is there any kind of wrong love ?

Must be why I hate it.

Well, off to sleep I think bye.

Rest well

the one that didn't work

But it wasn't wrong in its entirety.

what is right, what is wrong?
we may truely never know.

That which is done out of love, takes place beyond good and evil.

Good night.

mr freeze freezes people because he's doing it out of love for his trapped wife.

nini :(

Do you ever even use team voice chat to talk to your team?

Smile :)


What a nice booty :)


Why are you screencapping her ass if yuri is puri?

Mercy is the greatest!

overwatch updated!

Sweet ^.^
Do you want to play? :)

i'll think about it, i have a headache

That's no good. Have you drank enough water today?


What's wrong D:

you posted a rem >:(

He's made incomprehensible statements about how water doesn't hydrate him for reasons too autistic to decipher.

Sorry ; - ;



Don't ask me. I don't know his logic but he's outright says drinking water somehow dehydrates him.

You are not woke enough to understand how science (and literal definitions of words) is wrong.


Do I become woke to such things by held open eyelids clockwork orange style?



The weird thing is I'm actually wearing an A Clockwork Orange shirt of the bowler hat poster under the button up right now.
Now I'm worried.

Are you the same as Luka and just really spam emotes and "cute anime girl pic saved :)" at people?

I have lots of cute anime girl pictures saved, I don't really do it to anyone though. Just the people who I'm sort of close to



The one with the bookcover cartoon, just with Kubrick's name added atop the title.

What does that mean


Oh, I didn't read that part, I guess



I am home for those who care.



Welcome home Kyle!!!!!!!!

Hello, darling.


How ya doin, boy uwu


Ok. Waiting out a timer so I can play LoL with a friend.

you dodge too much.

Sounds boring. I hope you have fun when you finally get in game.

Internet sucks here.

Thank you.

bad internet is the worst.
Did you work today?


How tiring.
I'm going to go do things now, tell Edwin kiss says hi.





I am glad to see you, I keep going to bed as you arrive.

need a better way to see each other

There aren't many other ways

thats gay

Luka :)

It's gay?

Shadows of Angus!

Shadow of Argus?


Yees but angus.

How are your enjoying it so far? Its been interesting what I've done

It's fun that it's actually guided along a decent story arc. Starting with trying to get to the Light's Army ship thing.

Imagining though that in a month it will just be another repetitive WQ zone, sadly~





Yeah, and?

Not sure.

whatever, more lewd

Just came with my butt for the first time


Why would you just go on the internet and tell lies?

Lube or no lube?

Drop and give me 20 you wimps

I don't.

I don't even think its doable without lube.

You some kinda faggot?

Can you even do 20?

As a professional I have a purely professional interest in what you used.

You never know till you try!

I used to be able to do a lot more, but I'm just now exercising again. Gotta be careful though because I don't wanna get as much muscle as I did last time, I wanna stay cute~ :3

I don't think so.

Realistic dildo that had a vibrator inside of it

no I think I know this pretty well

I would bleed

Some people are into that


How big.

Then why are you bein' a homo-gay?

Try it and tell me how it goes


Whats gay again ?

You are.

I ain't into that kind of stuff!

6 is pretty average, no?

In what way ?

its above

I guess big enough, then

I meant once I get in shape. If I put on too much muscle after I get in shape I'll start to not be cute anymore.

Currently not cute, no


Hi Nezi!


What do you need like an 8 inch black dick ?

You'll likely never be cute.

My professional curiosity has been sated.
Congratulations I guess.


That's what porn says


that is true, but that does not mean I can't try.

Wake up Sheeple!

Jet fuel can't JFK the moon landing!

How's Nezi?

It is no problem of mine if you chase the dragon.

Porn isn't very realistic

Tired. Fat.

Oh I'm going to chase that dragon alright. That bad-dragon.com

You only need like
3-4 inches to get off a guy tbh


Looks like Nezi is in luck.

Who woulda guessed

Tired, fat, horny
same old same old

I suppose.

I am literally a sex toy expert, I must know these things.

professional sex toy expert*

so tell me why I can't hands free orgasm

I suppose Nezis!


Professional means I charge for my advice.

What do you take payment in?


but I only got paper money

and it's been in my pocket for a while, so it is warm


I take payment in melty vaporeon pictures that I do not yet have also.


hmmm, that may be doable

What do you need my expertise for?


Can you guarantee me a hands free orgasm? ;)

Some people just can't do it. Sucks to be you.

Nothing in particular at the moment~


Looks like I won't be paying you :3

I'm a toy expert, not an orgasm expert.
Close, but not the same.


Definitely not an expert in praxis in either field.


Theory is better than practice.
It's pure.

Have you ever had a hands free orgasm?



Ha, ha.

S-shut up.
I was going to send you pictures of my new skirt but you have lost the honor.

Can I see, please?

That is all right. Now, if you had said pictures of yourself wearing it...

That is what I meant.

I lied, I don't have skirts. I'm not a faggot.

wow that's actually really mean

How is it mean?

You're saying wearing skirts makes you a faggot
And I wear skirts


Are you not a faggot?
Men wearing skirts is pretty faggoty.

Time to go buy one.

Faggot is a derogatory term.

Applicably so.

Hi Darwin

people are mean, they wont let me win.... :(

Holy shit, shut up.

Louise pls


I remember renting dragonball evolution

What a nerd lol

Ok ill shut up, sorry to annoy you so much

You're always annoying tho


Smile :)

lmao luka get a job


defeat :(

Did you have fun playing? :)

well fuck you too cuck

Hey hows it going Cato


Oh :(
Sorry to hear that ;~;
I'm going to get a bit more sleep, smile Luka :)



That is a compliment if anything; it says you are good enough to have someone in the first place.

You're not helping.


the best part of taking caffeine
is not taking caffeine
so you can take caffeine

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

that's not true. not taking caffeine is not the best part of taking caffeine. taking caffeine is. only that is.

Take me.

not before I've had my caffeine

I mean, I'm yawning

is that a caffeine cue?

god. fucking. dammit. no, it isn't. I can wait a few hours.