New thread? Don't mind if I do

New thread? Don't mind if I do

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First blood

Hup thread is great thread~

This dual-core laptop really gets slow when these threads get large

Sounds alright to me, petting is nice


You'd be wrong actually


Are you even Hu?!

Might wanna take those threads off then!


New threads solve the issue too~


Hugs are nice

All the petting for us, make a monopoly of the petting!

Always an option
My dual core laptop could do with a replacement eventually
The upcoming 15W quad core chips look tempting. Curious what AMD will do

Can I have a hug too ? I'm tired of hurting people and I need comfort.

If anything, I'm more a fan of juice

As are you

Fund it!

Quad-core Ryzen-based APU equipped with Vega, seems to be where it's currently heading. That too looks quite tempting.
Though the most important thing for a laptop, least for me, is for it to come equipped with a clit



*pokes with needle*

What kind of juice?

I will lead it, you will be my VP. Vice Pet!

Nice of you to say
I'm going to try sleep again

Free hug for Adachi :3

Like the full blown Vega chip or just a cut down version with fewer shaders? I'd still be curious.
Sounds like the kind of laptop for dirty whores such as yourself.
I think I'm the only one who has never used a Thinkpad anytime in my life

Hugs Eba

that is a weird one

*Hugs tight* How are you, cutie pet~?

*cries of happiness*

*cries of pain*

You know the answer

Sounds like fun

Good luck ♥

Probably a cut-down version, but I don't know. It's all rumours and speculations at this point.
But some Dell enterprise laptops ships with a clit too! Or maybe it's HP, I can't remember.


shots are good for you!

holy shit you're genuinely gay but for some reason you arent very hostile

Weird is good Cato!
Normal is overrated

I lick your cheek, giggling
Just finished a bath, feeling clean and great~!
And you, dear? ♥


True enough. Being the gamer I am I'm probably still a sucker for Intel but nice for competition to keep going
I think I recall some older Dell machines did. need to ask a friend who had one again

Thank you. I don't say it enough, but I really appreciate you guys.

Heavy doubts about this one.

Depends on the kind of weird!

Is true!
Anti-vaxxers are evil

Probably not safe to mention it here then :V


Why would I be? Does that seem to be the case often to you?

Games are becoming less dependant on high IPC as they become more and more multi-threaded however, and at high resolutions, there's no difference between a 1800x Ryzen and a i7-7700k Skylake.
Yeah, I think some still do come equipped with it. It's a shame it's such a niche thing, since a laptop with one is so comfortable to use.

It's nice having some friendly people around



Hi Luka. I want to upload an Overwatch POTG webm but it doesn't seem to work.

idk most gay people I see are like so

This place is the safest

help, I'm an emotional train-wreck

Images are for lames

It's too bad games like Arma 3 fail to leverage even 4 threads to full potential.
The difference between a Kaby Lake Pentium and and i7 wasn't earth shattering to be honest, although yeah, I play at the highest possible resolution to balance the loads out. It's still a shame that you can't achieve minimums of 60fps on some games with today's hardware

no bump

not for me :V


who is this pleasant sylveon poster

It will be~

I'm playing some hots, laughing at the eu cuck playerbase. x3

You're safe with me!

we had a previous slyveon poster

Who was that?



You sure they are even gay?
Seems more often than not, that it's just something most say in order to get attention, then they post trap pics of themselves to get that attention, and soon after will end up getting a girlfriend, then labelling themselves as "bi".

But why?

Is true, it's quite sad, especially at 4k.


sylveon is unpleasant.

This one, I know.

show me your potg


shots fired

I-I'm sorry you find me so unpleasant.

That was not stated.

vaporeon best dog

Evees shouldn't fight

I just finished watching Your Lie in April

we have a shared love for four-legged things

It was implied.

Quite hideous ones from what you are saying.


i'm saying that's the one thing that unites all of us

except for luka


I'm not surprised people still play that.
Hope it's fun~

I should hope so~

You better take that back cunt ♥

What's that?


would you consider doing something with four legs?

is this not what lewd is

They're too rapey


people dont say 'sexy' anymore

And thank you too, I missed the (You) for some reason.

I'd like to, but the uploading fails every time. Is there a size limit I'm not aware of ?

Especially not when describing me.

lewd is sexy cute

is that the secret to getting a girlfriend? pretending to be gay?


Agreed, almost uncanny valley levels.

whatever. I assumed everyone thought this way. again.

lewd means sexual, not sexy

it's for unattractive people who want to say sexual things

like, maybe?

wow its hard to be nice

I guess some girls like men that dresses up in panties sometimes. But I don't know, don't think the best person to ask for dating advice is a gay guy~

Is it?

I’m trying to be a nicer person. It’s hard, but I am trying, guys.

no, but sometimes it means dishonesty.


like cato isn't sexy

but he can be lewd

so if i say he's being lewd i can flirt with him without acknowledging him being gross

that is why the word is popular with disgusting weaboos


He knows what is up.

I wish Darwin would try to be a nicer person.

Do I have to start filtering user britbongers for retardation now too

but there are obviously examples of sexy weaboos into lewd.
there is need to be mean anymore.

well, most of us might

aren't you the guy that said synechdoche new york had an uninteresting premise

oh noes

You don't have to look to enjoy the succ


Who said this? Which idiot?

you wouldnt foal around with pinkie pie?

The imbd one-liner is exceedingly boring
I've not gone past that

nope, it's a cartoon


merely a physical barrier


will you win?

too shy.

*pets* ^_^

a one liner is a joke

things cocaine addicts say

Never heard of it outside of some random stranger on the internet, and the at first glance it looks boring
Can't really expect people to go further than that

does it hurt to be an idiot

The uploading still fails. Maybe I should try something smaller.

like your penis!
lol sick burn

show me your potg you're trying to upload ;~;
i wanna see kewl thigns....




My penis would still be enormous in a 6 MB file. I don't see your point.

I'm trying Luka. I'm eager to do it, especially if it can please you.

what is this pathetic mewling?

it'll make me happy!


i;m trying

do you like my art


prove it


There would be too much hair to see it...

splash some water on it

am i crazy

do you hate me

cos i do

Your insistence to see my dick is becoming uncanny.

Your insistence on its size is uncanny.

Best wolfu poster~







I was merely defending myself against vile accusations. Your insistence on those accusations is uncanny.

Love you too.

Why do you loathe Loco?

Not like there are many of them

a fair reaction to being loathsome



i tried to give ten dollars to the houston relief fund but my card was rejected because my bank account is empty

my sister got into volunteer work

I still called her selfish in family therapy

It seems you are trying to project your own insecurities on someone else. Tell me, what other flaws do you have ?

wait stop it. this is about you because you're fun to bully!

Still, the word has been spoken!

I know right ?

The lowest size Overwatch lets me encode is 18MB...

so hows your noon going?

Did I say I'm hurting everyone and I'm sick of it ? 'cause that's how I feel.





what kinda hurting?

hayaii desu



now i nom


Emotional scarring, disappointing, saying bad things, all stuff that I realize too late.

Help, I don't wanna hit the bus here in about an hour

whatcha eat?

just blame it on the autism its not your fault you got borned defected

I'm gonna hang myself.

encode at maximum and use webm converter?????

that's what i do...

But do you need to? I mean if you don't then miss it! Otherwise um...

If you can wait a few years I'll paddle over there and walk you where you have to go. x3

What is it ? A peculiar website ? A software ?

a single program!

it converts anythign into a kewl webm!!

Got a dentist appointment somewhere tomorrow and thought I might as well pay my mother a visit before uni starts again next week.
Doesn't mean I really wanna go

Is that it ? The reviews don't seem very encouraging.

i supposed thats a solution as well. I cant stop you from your aspirations.


that fake one

Well missing the dentist is no good but more importantly, what if you don't get another chance for months to visit your mom~?

if you don't into ffmpeg from bash, it has like a billion and one gui clients

mirosoft video converter comes from the internets, Free MP4 Converter comes from app store, both a real nice wrappers for ffmpeg to do it's magic

there will certainly be another billion windows equivs

>the project that changed its named and moved to GitGud because the original name "Webm for Retards" was too offensive for the Github staff
Still find this hilarious

Then that would be nice :3
Not that it'll be the case, but it would be nice

Oooh, not a good thing between you two?

Man, you're a real help.

Oddly enough, I have trouble finding it online.

I'm just a bitter man

see mine's made by nice people at 4chan

it's called WebM for Baka's

why's that one got a meaner name than mine? ;~;

Well, can you reschedule the dentist appointment then~?

Because it's the real deal. Yours is just a fork by some weebs who searched for "retard(s)" and replaced all entries with "baka(s)"~

Nah, I tried to get one as early as possible as to not miss out on any lecture at uni

Mine's Real!!!!!!!!
mine actually works!!!!

Yup. Its a determined fact that I'm basically the best at being me.

But they're the same thing. He originally changed the name from retards to bakas because the github staff messaged him and told him to rename it because the name was too offensive.
Your version is literally a joke version :3


It is. He literally just changed the name because retards was too offensive


*pat Luka's head*
Also, seems to be working for now. I'm trying to upload it.

Well, if being an arrogant bother is your thing...

no this one is real!

here you go:
the real version~


Zzz.... awww lame you'rs don't got sound like mine do! hah

Then go to it only~?

Too late, webm uploaded !

Well, I'll try to fix that

build it using better webm maker and activate sounds and trim video to 720p using converter and make bitrate super high and upload!
As for your version, it's in the very description:
And if you go to his fork, you'll see the following in the description:
And GitGud is a link for which I linked here
Your version is dead babe~


White girl slammed by black man Part 23.

For some reason I don't find option for the size. Oh well, we'll see.

I exhaled.


Appointment is 9:45 in the morning though. I'd need to leave here at like around 6 and pay a fuckton for the train too.
I think this is the better option

Come on now..

you have wrong version ^_^
mine allows to select size.
yours inferioir

*pat pat*

show me more webms


If she did, then sucks for her nostrils. I imagine that stuff is not fun to blow out your nose~

Darn. Then endure it like a good wolfu.

But hey, if it works, that's good. Don't expect it to ever be able to encode webms with VP9 though

It's just a day, I'll manage

it encoded!

i win!

I don't have more for now (I don't play that often). But here is the updated cool version.


omg what's wrong with their voices?!

Both does. And with VP8, VP9 leads to lower file-sizes, though some image-boards doesn't support that yet, namely because most phones don't either.
Can't change it to VP8 in the newer version? Even then, I would assume VP8 is the default

new game and aho girl today
also mcm and mkbhd

good day

mine worked


s-see you

I knew you could, toughie.

It was a cum out the nose joke.


That's called French.

No wonder it wasn't funny.

Should pack my stuff and get ready to leave.
Enjoy yourself, and have a good day

Good morning~
And goodbye, gotta run. Have a good day


Hi. Bye

You're a dork.

You too.

No shit.

Il y as-tu des français?


i spilled coffee in an extension lead and the main breaker tripped



I dont think you understand. You cant be the best at being me because im me and you arent me. Just go with it.



has anyone ever told you your name is a Reindthart line?

Yeah. Many times. I used the name over 2 years before the game came out.

when you were how old?




Back when I wasn't that young.

didnt ask how young

back when Paulie

Was my second avatar so I would say I was 18. Very early in 2013 I think.

Not really I think.

No one wants to be you, not even yourself.

Holy shit.


now you're just being rude. but ill chalk that one up to autism so its k

not sure if you planned this meme


Not at all.
Total happenstance.

probably why I have this idea that you'll take up recreational drinking to cope with stress

watching clips from the undatables

it is so so painful man

I know you don't, but the meme suggests you might

I mean, Paulie is only like, 50.
That's only twice my age. I've fucked guys about that old before.

Paulie doesn't really drink that much though.

watching people with pretty hardcore autism try to socialize is difficult

like just a smidgen more autism and that could be me

dodged the bullet like a champ


it's not about Paulie

I don't even drink that much.

I usually respond to rudeness with rudeness. I might have gone a little far though.

That's...the first second is painful to watch. Gosh.

one of the autistic guys has found love in a downs girl

he doesn't understand emotions and she's a bit thick and bright eyed

match made in heaven

am glad to hear that. don't start. because when you do, it'll feel good, and it'll make the anxiety melt away for a while.

someone who can't tell what people are thinking, and someone who basically never does any thinking



I don't plan to get into heavy drug or alcohol use.
Seems retarded to use them to such a degree.

The undatables remind me of myself a bit

does theory of mind escape potatoes the same way it does people with bad autism and schizophrenia?


I know I try to avoid talking to anyone, I can go days without saying anything to anyone, verbally that is.

people generally don't plan these things -_-


that reads like you might have misread my post, if not, i'm just confused, sorry

You seem fixated on the idea that I'm depressed enough to want to drink away my issues.

theory of mind being where you understand that other people are separate entities with their own mind and sets of experiences and knowledge and they might have different thought processes and motivations than you

someone without theory of mind might get very angry at you for not knowing something you couldn't possibly have known, cause to them, if they know it, so should everyone

Why is the Visione a Grotti?

it's not a matter of how depressed you are.
it's about the easy relief of stress.

No, I understand you autism just enough to not be completely awkward.
I don't really autism, I just don't like socializing at all in the real world.

Sounds like a classic case of projection.

It's preferable to trying to kill myself again, but I'm not so depressed to do that or drink really.

I feel like that's jumping the gun.

All is as intended.

like i'm legit autistic but i'm still pretty socially fluent with people i'm comfortable with.

i also have stronk theory of mind so i'm not an insufferable asshole to be around thank god

I feel like that's a simplification.

wonderbar! keep not doing it!

Life is shit, but I'm whatever about it at this point.

Life is to foolishly strive to survive in a world where we know we are drawn towards out inevitable fate

sounds like depression, but don't take my word for it.
I'm just telling you to avoid the working dog stereotype.

Life is shit, but it's worth living.

I don't know what that is.

Life is shit, but you might as well live it*


I'm going to be a musician

work themselves to the bone, unwind at the end of the day, usually with some alcoholic beverage.

did you know over half of opioid overdoses are by white people 40 and older?

if it was offered to me i would strongly consider assisted suicide

i think i'd take it if i time to tie up loose ends

Oh boy

not until you own one of these you're not

real musicians play the arcade buttons

I'll be honest.
When I get tired and depressed I don't think of doing drugs. I just want to curl up under the arm of someone who loves me unconditionally and fall asleep, face buried in their chest, and listening to whatever shit show they have on the TV.

erin just linked you to talk about herself

what kind of dick


but when the love fades, still don't do drugs.

Holy hell. That's pretty much exactly what I'd want. Except all the time, not only when I'm depressed.


I miss having it.

*scritches behind ears*


Tempted to make a post shitting on Squash. But even I am not THAT mean to cream on another's dreams.

i have my dreams pre-creamed

Same. I don't know how to obtain that though.

Why would you even do that ? That's Squash dammit.

Clotted dream

Hence. Why I didn't. I am a civilized man, I will have you know.


I feel ya.

squash used to be pretty cool until george fucked up with rent and stuff and he had to stop living with his gay harem

now he's all bitter and mean spirited

That isn't even close to why I'm so bitter.

Also going to be in game shortly.
Slow replies.

scoots buy me a guitar

It is a shame...

What is in it for me?

Your humanity is an important part of yourself. Keep it.

Then again, I don't remember exactly your relational status, like, age, sexual orientation, this kind of things. Maybe my complaint is misplaced.

Too much info. Can't compute.

Which one ?

I'll share the webm where sabs pegs me.

Single, like, one month short of being 23, gay, yadda yadda.

And LoL of ledgends.

You raise a good point. Why not smother it, smother and strangle its life spark utterly.

A tempting proposition. But where are my profits from such an exchange? Sure, Sabrina destroying manhole is indeed satisfactory. But what are the financial and thus societal mobility potentials of such a gamble?

I didn't realize I was older than you. I always kinda assumed that you were the kind of nice big bro of the board, maybe due to how calm you are.

Heh, too bad I'm in EU.

Nope. Hunhun. Not how it works.

I'm rather crass nowadays.
But no. I'm pretty young. I was 17 when I started posting.

Maybe. I suppose. That might be the most sensible option. But to HECK with sensible! I am a gambler!

shits fucking intense

things could always be worse

even for that guy tbh

Stop breaking my stuff cockstar

Could Kanra be a schizophrenic?

6 years huh ? Time sure flies.

I wouldn't gamble that.

or a high-functioning sociopath



i wanna say i identify with that but tbh i think it's from dreams, if that happened to me while i was awake i am not sure i would recover

also watching the things not to say to people who stammer one, and i definitely identify with that, and that's definitely from dreams, needing to speak or scream but my voice not working is a regular dream thing for me

i have cuts all over my face right now cause i managed to stop biting my nails, and am now discovering that i try to claw my own face off when i sleep


Some of it was nice I guess.

i'm enjoying these

how PC of me

i am learning

Stop preserving snowflakes, positive discrimination is cancer.

Imagine, being a cuck to something so archaic as "honour".

imagine not making concessions for snowflakes

how outdated are you

bicentennial man

"it's cerebral palsy, chill out, we're okay"


This is what people without honor do
And snowflakes

lol, physically incapable of hitting their mouth with a fork, but they don't want your damn help

what fucking troopers

lol so you don't know what a red herring is do you

And those two categories of people are the same because...?

Remind me please, I forgot.

Thjs is what people with honor would do.
See the difference?

Last I remember that it was a dead-end in an extremely hard GreenGecko puzzle game,. torment. So I guess its somewhat related to that

the graveyard desecration is a false flag

it was him

'cause both of them are cunts

a red herring appears to be evidence that leads you to draw a false conclusion

like a conservative desecrating a graveyard with liberal tropes and then saying he just found it like that

Could we not talk about American politics? That shit is fucking retarded

It is people like Jack who were the cannon fodder of maxim guns.

Oh okay.

Calling "cunts" people you have never met is certainly something without honor.

Normal politics are retarded. American politics are beyond retarded.

Punch a Nazi xd

i fucking love jack tbh

he is so pure and singular

no surprises, you know what you get, and it's a giant hot mug of hate

just fine

Guys, Dolan Drumpf is literally Hitler

Politics are more like reading a tumblr feed than anything worth taking in.

TBH it is socially, politically and morally reprehensible to allow Fascists to live.

I have opinions on all these things

no see, that's not american politics being retarded, that's you throwing a rough nod to american politics while acting retarded

TBH, it is morally reprehensible to pander to minorities because feelings are more imporant than actual skills and social value

i mean yeah american politics are pretty retarded

but you went full retard in the demonstration

you never go full retard

To be fair, both sides are retarded. Though the usually hated democrat gives me the impression of a vocal minority, while I can't really understand what's going on in the average republican head.


beer and hotdogs and lakers games and whether or not their son is gonna end up getting converted by a faggot

and of course

muh murrica

*sheds tear and places hand over heart*

he's a little like Hitler

that's probably what he tells himself

that wolf link gonna pound it later


we've past the point of social value being dependant on skills

now even the homeless and poverty stricken are valuable to some as marketing props, and feed the economy by way of room for philanthropists to provide funding for relief efforts

a human life is worth, comparing most recent estimates, about 9 million USD, and that's without prerequisites

Democrats pander to whatever minority is being noticeably repressed. In this case, blacks and Muslims. And I agree, who the fuck knows what goes on in the head of Republicans.

I'm saying they base themselves on false moral highgrounds by essentially saying that white people are the problem with everything going on, and that you need to have diverse and representative workforces, regardless of qualifications.
Here in Canada, we just got a new minister of Veterans Affairs who is a drunk from backwoods Newfoundland with no service record and no understanding of the system at all because "We need to represent Newfoundland in cabinet"

Some of his ideas give off the idea, yes, but he's a far cry off from genocide

It is people like Jack who were actually trying to build a better world

Like jews constantly spraying swastikas everywhere and women reporting false rape all the time? Oooh, I get it. Makes even more sense with that puzzle game. Well thanks I didn't know that

Its obvious they are cunts tho, literal pussies, they can't do shit alone they need to gang up and overwhelm the other side at least one to ten to even have a chance

that's not democrats, that's SJWs, best get rid of that notion before you talk to real humans

yes, indeed

you probably only have the slightest clue about who Hitler was.

some hazily remembered trivia from history class, so poor you can't draw the obvious lines.

That would be the SJW's

You'd better get the idea that all Trump supporters are "Nazi's": before you talk to real humans

LOL That is the entire cabinet of Justing

Bloody hell that cunt is the WORST political leader to ever stay alive
To think I might actually move there soon, makes me sick

You're right, my grandparents definitely didn't have their homes seized by Nazi's in world war 2, they definitely didn't know anything about Hitler at all

but that's so wrong

both on the count that the majority of vocal democrats are SJWs, and on the implication that i think all trump supporters are nazis

lol imma just leave, i'm not in the mood for kanra being kanra today

Jesus, I thought this meme was passed

When you give a definition of democrats, that's what I was talking about regarding this vocal minority. Race is but a small part of democrat policies, but oddly enough the one people are the most vocal about. Things seem more complex to me, but fanatics from the left undermine their own movement.

You didn't contradict me. Your words don't have a hint of honor, like the honorless guys you criticized.

That's kind of what I meant. Supposedly, most SJWs are democrats, but not all democrats are SJWs. To be honest, it's a shame that they managed to dirty this name, because the cause behind it is definitely noble.

oh dear god are you eva

Are you Emmers


tell canada that

if that's emma imma jump ship again, she broke

No you mong, I'm not Eva

That was essentially the platform for Hillary's campaign, which is who would be in office now if Trump wasn't. It was a fucked election either way it went

We're all Emma.

Kinda wanna work in my entire life in countries where people are retarded enough to vote for
liberal cucks. That would worth a life sacrificing for, elections here are ez

Why are you taking me seriously I'm Jack

well i don't know who the fuck you are

Again, we're talking about the vocal minorities, which on the side of the Democrats are the SJW's, and on the side of Republicans are the xenophobic retards

I'm making an assumption about you, not your grandparents. besides,

they probably didn't during the war. probably only vaguely from newspaper stories before the war.
odds are they believed what people around them believed. Hitler was fashionable for a long while.
you probably forgot that.

most Nazis were normal German citizens.
Europe made sure people remembered this.
nobody really thought it'd have to be tested.

I'm not sure about Canada's situation, but at least they somewhat manage compared to the US.

In term of Hillary/ Trump. I still think that Sanders would've been an interesting alternative.

Dunno. I can't weight the importance of things in my life.

Nazis are antifa lies.

Man that sounds pretty shit

KKK members and neonazis are pretty much 0.03 or even less of the entire worlds population and they are taking up 100% of the mainstream media coverage.
Makes you think

The news look like its 1941. Man I wish it would be 1941


What is this tomfoolery 🤔

The KKK and neo-Nazis just fight for freedom of expression and there's nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy this

i want to wear a shirt full of trap ahegao faces

That was surprisingly sober of ya lad
Wish your ambassador would be the same

I will get in that country and I will change it from within
You can go to jail for shittalking islam
Now you can also go if you don't encourage degenerate sick fucks in their uncontrolled rabid delusions? They'll either change or they will BURN

I sure wish it's a troll.

aaand Nazis made up almost 100% of all Germans for a brief decade

it's almost as if people got wise to their lies and propaganda, and began shaping society based on truth, cooperation and reason, and every nation became greater as a result.

especially Germany and Japan, were helped specifically to avoid turning to someone that'd play to their fears and desperation.

I don't think anyone goes through school without learning about Article 231.

Leftist shill disinfo nazis are what's wrong with the oppressive fake media today and always and are the reason America is great and will be great but we have to fix it

Protests against protests for freedom of speech and ideology should be banned, because they undermine the principle of free speech itself and are in fact a way of censorship.

this divisiveness must end by violence

Kill all inmates

The divisiveness should end with reason



They're both retarded

Welp, I think I'm going before this discussion becomes even shittier. Good day pals.

See ya later Adachi

At least Trump communicates and listens to his supporters using social media, while Shillary is all high and mighty up in her ivory tower having a PR-team manage "her" account.


Why did modern day politics turn into voting for the lesser evil?

Newfound respect for ikt, Voice Of Reason

and Trump obviously uses that excuse to say whatever he wants

he says one thing, his White House reps say another

he thrives in the ambiguity, and how isn't this obvious by now?

It always has been like that. Our society is built on pillars of cheaters and apathetic monsters driven by self-interest laid on the foundation of greed and desire for power.

I personally can't care about politics anymore.

Not much use caring if you don't play the game
Nobody in it cares about sideline commentators anyway

Unfortunately, they still impact your life

But which is more fuckable?

I'd do Hillary

Killatomate anata baka!!!

Trump's daughter

I'm more focused on dealing with how it affects me and just making it to the end of the day than who's fucking me over.

I'm not into scalies.

And the wife.

yeah but you'd be inside someone trump jizzed in

An admirable way to go about it

Ehh, I dunno

Jizz doesn't stay forever

What's the difference?

Nothing else the avarage citizen can do.
But its lulz if you think about it, everybody yelling DEM NIGGAS BE STEALING
Why the bloody fuck are you not stealing with them


Guess avoiding the disadvantages of inbreeding

Not every criminal is a nigger, but every nigger is a criminal.

in case you're confused by all the fake media,

after being repeatedly drilled with the phrase (and never given a clear definition),

Trump has a series called Real News

it's filmed in Trump Tower, and hosted by an attractive ex-CNN anchor, turned Republican National Committee spokesperson, now in charge of a weekly show that reminds you to be weary of fake news, fearful of aliens, and to love the President.

That whole thing seems retarded to me. There's plenty of places online to get reliable news

Pulling silly putty over a corn cob doesn't make them attractive, Kanra.
It just means they can't fall asleep near news papers or chipmunks.

can't you be mad at antifa,

and upset at shit like this?

it's more than retarded. it's like if a kid, with no knowledge of facism, was creating facism.

words of wisdom Olde Dog
I kinda had enough just giving money to the gov. tho, literally nothing but myself actually stopped me from taking it back

Oh that is for real? Fucking hell that sounds glorious, finally real news, I gotta tune in ASAP


Antifa is as retarded as the "real news" bit is. He's just doing the same thing as the mainstream media is doing except for his side

I can't see myself seeking out riots and looting, but if I'm like, walking along and just happen to be in one I'm going for something nice.

Like some hubcaps or something.
I fucking love hubcaps.

totally. and then you get them to refine it, and make it more subtle. maybe they realize Real News is a bit overtly propagandistic, and changes the name to something more corporate and mundane, and they in turn start funding news stations and stories that fit their agenda, without directly saying that they're for any particular side, and voila!

you have the exact thing you hate,
but somehow you'd love it.

Real talk, CNN, BBC, and all the other shitters are not fake they are just all one sided liberal pissants serving the same masters offering news from the pipe sight and only that. They are a voice of the alt-left by distorting and manipulating facts until they twist and turn it into sick degenerate leftist liberal propaganda. Its not fake just disgustingly one sided

Or you could just flat out join a campaign as a volunteer, ace it, stay in the party, and enjoy the fuck outta the rabid corruption that dwells within. Live in govermnent flats which is for the poor for free! Eat and drink for free! Get VIP tickets to all the countries major events, use influence to affect your workplace and your enemies
Oh man its GLORIOUS

At least I'd have the same shit from the alt right. I mean, I read nothing but the left side of this now, starts to get boring. It would be fun to watch both sides get popular and eventually clash

Can one-sided news be considered real? :thinking:

No. Journalism is supposed to be objective representation of facts, not changed to promote a narrative

it's not "real news"

it's Real News, and it's hosted by attractive Trump family members

there's no such thing as Mainstream Media, just individual news organizations, some with transparent biases, some with complex biases, that have different takes on different stories, depending on the topic and information available, and the ability of the writer, and the decisions by the editor. the end result may reflect a bias, or intentionally leave things out. it really depends on the given topic.

sure, generalize shit. but understand when you're generalizating shit.
when you begin to use it as a point (ie. MSM does this, Real News is just equivilent), you should remember that generalization was poor and don't let laziness stop you from making it less poor.

Mainstream media is real though, it's the media outlets that the majority of people tune into to get their news. Hence "mainstream"
Journalism is meant to be objective representations of facts and events happening. Not twisting things so that they line up with the ideals and views of the company for which you are employed
Fox is just as bad as CNN or the CBC which are just as bad as "Real News" or whatever they call their foolish program

Fox News is the most popular news network in America.

but you don't watch it because you know it's just assfulls of agenda driven propaganda.

Conservative funded media exists. the solution is not more of it.

Thing is guys, nobody will pay for objective media. Nobody will sponsor it. There are no interests in that. Unless it starts off as a kickstarter and people gather cash for it, objective news will be non-existent as long as powerful people with their own set agenda stand above them.

Guess it kinda is, it states fact, the actual events happened there is just a difference between "Accident at intersection, one dead two injured" and

It ain't. We could be a solution, the people.

To expand on this, you shouldn't get all your news from one outlet, but gather it from many and compare to try and get a broader, fuller understanding of the events

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also that comment

not sure what the funniest thing about that is

just because you spend your time watching them on youtube doesn't mean they're the vocal minority

in the real world where our idea on what is an issue and what isn't comes from sources like the news, not circlejerks, we basically never encounter those types

you're assumption that SJWs are the democratic vocal minority is because you live in a millennial internet-addicted bubble dimension, most of the world isn't like that

Did you get this?>>1835986

I use YouTube for music, but okay

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Mainstream media is a vague term for some things sometimes.

Mainstream media is not a thing. There are just individual news companies, comprised of many individuals and a bunch of technology, and their content, that is written and sourced and gone over by usually different individuals. There may or may not be a bias, or an agenda, or edits made to give a more appealing story, or emphasize different elements to give different impressions.

do you really want to generalize every variation across numerous organizations for every news story?

are you confident what you say about MSM can be applied to 50% or more of all MSM?

Name one news organization that doesn't say it's about 'the people'.

Of course they all bullshit, they have to sell themselves. But its plain for everyone with a brain to see that they are not objective for shit
I got no bloody idea why CNN tries to fuel a race war for example.

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As I said, when I refer to MSM, I refer to the ones that are popularly consumed, in that sense, the term easily applies to all of them. I'm quite confident in the fact that CNN, NBC, Fox, CBC, BBC, and all the other popular radio and television news networks are biased to one side or the other.
The news here is almost all Liberal themed, and puts a dark spin on anything conservative. When things like the Berkley riots broke out, it was almost exclusively blamed on the Trump supporters and right wing attendees, while the "mysterious people who turned up" were all but praised


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How is it ever plain to see when something isn't being objective?

You'd have to know what objective is.

People are saying it's okay for Trump to brainwash the public, because some media outlets have strong, misleading agendas?

What kinda fucked up reasoning is that?

okay, how much of CNN/NBC/MSNBC/Fox/CBC/BBC do you watch?
and all the other popular radio and television shows?

enough to know how often they lie, surely.
enough to know what bias or spin, to what extent, they're putting into individual stories, surely.

yes, generally speaking, most of America is pretty fucking biased towards Liberal ideas, on account of America being biased towards Liberal ideas for centuries, written about and praised in almost all its Founding documents. and these days, sometimes they get so wrapped up in preserving the most modern incarnation of originally good ideas, that they lose their way in preserving the core ideals.

It ain't right for anyone. But if the entire worlds media keeps shoveling shit on you literally 24/7 and you know you have millions of fans who hate that, it would be retarded to miss out on an opportunity and create that badass Real News.
You appeal to your fanbase
And you piss on the pissers
Kinda lulz if you ask me. Ain't right but lulz. Kinda feels like justice

what if Real News was the only news allowed?

The only scripting language I can sort of do anything with is BASH. I did some with Python, but I fucking hated it with a passion. Probably because of the teacher I had
C is kind of a fun programming language

I don't watch or listen to them anymore. I try to walk around with cotton in my ears because it all disgusts me. If I see someone talk about something that interests me, I'll look into it more in depth, but other than that I don't bother anymore.
Yes, they try and keep things liberal, but to go as far as to villainize a demographic because they disagree with you is purely disgusting, and neither side sees anything wrong with doing it

Oh god no, I think even Trump would wise up and take the propaganda back a few notch

idk why my brain like, cannot fathom programming languages, but it takes to scripting like a duck to water.

you have to be so much more specific and careful with programming languages, and like, manage memory and stuff, i just can't

i wrote some simple apps in freepascal/lazarus but i fell apart when it came to filestreams

Is it this one

so why have so many strong opinions on things, if you only casually educate yourself on them?
seems like you'd be saving yourself a lot of pain by taking some time to learn to what extent your ideas on things are right or wrong. and if you're right, your anger reaches levels of righteousness previously untapped. and if you're wrong, or even just a little wrong, you can start being right.

what if 50% of people said that Real News should be the only news allowed?
would Trump wise up and take it back a notch, or sell it as a victory for Truth?

My biggest problem with programming, is that I think the way it should be done is far simpler than it really is, then my whole program kind of falls apart and is painstaking to rewrite
Memory allocation isn't too difficult, it's best to just give it as much as you can at first, then scale it back . Probably not the recommended way to do it, but it worked for me, and I had lots of memory to spare
Phone apps? I never once looked at phone app stuff. I am not a very good programmer, so I try to keep to simple things

Arduino programming is pretty fun, relatively easy, and you can do some neat things with them

nvm sjis sucks

The things that I am opinionated about, are things I generally looked into, if for no other reason than to argue with someone out of boredom. Could my own searching have been flawed? Almost certainly. I'm not a perfect being, far from it in fact


they are being released on his Facebook page.

Oh neat, I'm following Trump I've seen those.
And look, the guy has been badly hurt by the media. I kinda have to admit that Trump is a prideful manchild and would love to claim credit and victory over his enemies even if he didn't do shit

Oh wait

nobody fucking cares if you're a perfect being.

nobody expects you to be.

but if you're only just realizing how little you actually come in contact with the subjects you express opinions, or overcome your bias to get an accurate perspective on a story, odds are you have only just scratched the surface of deciphering the side-based warfare of today, into its actual, concrete parts. concretely, you should remember that talking about a company, means talking about many or a few people.







can you maybe stop vaguely referring to the media?

and next time you bring them up, talk about a specific news story that misrepresented him, and how they did it?