Guess ill make every new thread

guess ill make every new thread

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After a bit more thinking, I realize that I come here so rarely that losing the connection to this place with a new name and a new avatar would make recognition too difficult. Plus, I feel like what defines the most Adachi is "frustration", and well, I guess nobody's able to entirely escape that anyway. If anything it only ensure the continuation of my desires, which would be a good thing considering how stuck I feel sometimes. Giving up is not really a viable option.

i mean you can't possibly expect me to make a new thread

Whoa whoa whatever man, I was only poking you along because you brought up the possibility of changing your avatar, I didn't really think it was such a good idea in the first place for the same reason you said, recognition, and then what you have to start collecting a bunch of images of something else and unless you really like the something it's a big old pain in the ass

pls gib

Don't want your boyfriend to see you post here?

It really is just bad.
If you are interested however, you can watch the first few seasons, but don't expect the same quality later on.

Phone or carrier though? Seems odd your phone would just lose connection like that

I'm not so sure. I've got a low attention span and I would rather talk to people than sit and look at a screen


True, true. Not to mention the names. Sorry if I was...overwhelming.

Both. My phone doesn't have towers down here so I'm roaming.
It's a phone I got up north.

Can't change carrier?

Just a lot of hoops to go through.



I guess it's different in the US then.
Here, you just get a subscription from another carrier and shove the SIM card you get off them in your phone

It's shit

MOAR degenerate tears pls

*shoves my girl SIM card in your phone and gets off inside it*

It's a pay as you go phone so the SIM card is rammed all the way up the phones ass and behind the battery so I can't get to it.

Squash can't get that phone g spot

4G* spot


i cant get interested in GoT anymore this season is a weird fan fiction and characters have a severe teleportation problem for a continent the size of africa

It wasn't SO bad. It was annoying in so much as we all knew this series was just a prelude to the REAL shit going down.

It's called fast travel. You need it if you want to make good time in Skyrim.

Fan fiction is a great descriptor for it. The teleportation I could maybe try to get over if armies weren't able to do it without scouts existing.

Oh shit nigga I forgot my reply
I also alt+tab shit I watch half the time but its still better than just staring at a dead thread only though
Your call anyway
Maybe I wouldn't watch anything either if I could be a (You) hunter of your level


oh believe me, that's literally what i've done for like 90% of the time i've posted

fuck that ill just read the books and wait till the show is done so i can be properly disappointed in it

no not really, i'm fairly familiar with your eccentric personality from the visits i was around for, and im less irritated about minor stuff like that than i like to play it up as sometimes. really this is just some social hole to crawl in once in a while for posters like you or I, while some faces are more familiar and regular, i totally get your perspective of how the seldomness with which you are even here negates any serious need for image reconsideration


hihi. what's new?

who the fuck doesn't watch stuff while they are in thread? i don't think ANYONE posts in thread without multi-tasking someone (anymore, people used to)

multi-tasking somehow*

It's not that it's popular and time to shit on it, I think the quality has pretty clearly taken a dip from a writing perspective. Plot armor and a clear distinction between good and bad is becoming a pretty big thing, which is a far cry from what the show was previously. Any dramatic change is gonna cause a loss of some fans. I think it's a good show still, it's just more of a straight action/fantasy rather than intrigue/drama now.

ive never liked dany in the show either

fukken sure ey bud

I only have 8ch. open rn. tv is off also. just listening to the fan.

It's so great

Battery not removable either?
Goddamn, that sucks

This so much!

This season is the worst of all of them

But I'm playing runescape while threading.
Not just threading.
I don't know where all these (You)'s are coming from either

Maybe you'll get the same feelings as me then. First season did a pretty damn good job at following the book

I never liked your arsehole in thread either

take that back

The idea that I could be an eccentric in this very place scares me more than I anticipated.

I disappointed and/or hurt someone again and I am feeling kind of sick of it. Trying to know how to solve that.
Also, I should be working, but nah.

Almost a Haiku 2.0
Maybe its a horsefucker racial passive


We'll you are a closeted faggot anyway, what'd you know.

But only a few of those fuckers had that capability

Good one

you freaks still exist then, my bad

Prove me wrong, fag.

its not that you are eccentric in terms of being hyper or crazy, you just look into a lot of things eccentricly

Guess thats true. Your magic is beyond my understanding then

So like same old, same old then?

Wow. Rude.

Ooooh right. I guess my general perception is pretty messed up. Shame I don't know how to fix that.

Depressingly accurate.

yea i am a little rude sometimes but seriously, is there enough here to entertain you without anything outside like a phone your texting on? no podcast in the background? i mean im watching observer while i wait for people to post i just have a hard time imagining someone sits there doing nothing and waiting for posts

am i really the only person who feels odd about that?

pretty sure that's just a product of being human

I'm a faggot.
There, proved you wrong

I guess some faggots just like the avatar

Nah. Just staring at the thread for hours is also an unsettling idea for me.

And I know human beings have a messed up perception, I meant messed up perception compared to other human beings in this case.

well then i'd argue do you? regular normal human perception has lead to racial discrimination, war over land and resources, and mass killings in the name of intangible ideas, surely many of these people would be categorized as mentally ill if they were in a mental hospital and not a church or army unit

so i ask you, how messed up is your perception?

You think this is a fucking game.

Yep, but it's not a good one

Psyche. I win.

I like the way you think..

No, it's a good thing, there is only so much love and happiness available at any given time,
The less of it others have, the more there is for you.

Congratulations on winning over a fucking queer on the internet

She got boinked by her family.

I'll boink your family

I hope I won't sound too pretentious, but it is a mixture of Plato's cave case and like being a newborn. It's like I ignore things that everyone knows and know things that everyone ignores.

I have an instinctive understanding of how a society based on desires and the frustration brought when they are not fulfilled (think commercials as a full part of our economy) can only lead to cynicism, the weakening of morals and disaster, yet I don't see anyone expressing this point of view, or maybe they just don't want to see it. But that's kinda irrelevant.

Let's say I have a limited vision of relational outcomes and processes. I feel like human relationships are based on a common instinctive system that I don't have, it's like not recognizing roads and then wondering why I am lost when i don't follow them. As such, I lack many "normal" social experiences, and I have both a wide vision of the world because of the lack of inhibitions that this system would usually give, a vision that I am trying to suppress to avoid being even more isolated from other human beings. I am almost trying to be ignorant, but even then I know it wouldn't be enough, I have both too much and not enough knowledge.

Love is a non-quantifiable resource, stop saying bullshit.


Like a good Targaryen.

A foreign whooooooooooore!

There is no other solution only the FINAL SOLUTION


displaced knowledge in mis-matched areas of what is important to the common individual in a society, a growing problem in this technological age, where we can look up most anything we want on topics that won't be important to us, or even make enough sense without several other layers of educational layering to help extrapolate the data from them. a relateable problem i think, but you really should just get yourself to find work, I feel like you might be trying to make excuses for yourself.

Baratheon memes are the best
Both Robert's and Gendry's hammer

Clean and smoove~

Just gotta shove my plugs back in and then Chinese food. What's everyone up to today?

Work ? You mean a job ? I am currently ending my college years, so I haven't do this kind of search for now (I will also make an extra year studying).

Money is not an issue though, it really is a question of "How do I cure myself and with what should I begin for that ?".

Yo, just pick something cool and go for it.

But love is a form of energy, though it can change form, all energy is limited.
Prove me wrong.


Why would you do that, you cruel cruel fag. :c

Dae a good girl. Gets the pets.



I like Bobby posting, it's mildly amusing

Cause fags are cruel

oh my apologies then, i thought i heard you mentioning work with someone else earlier, and I must have misunderstood, good luck to you pursuing a career after college then

I'm fine but this pic is just too cute.

Its a dog tho
Maybe BD will love it being a furfag himself

Blood for the blood god
Gas for the chambers

THIS statement is true. The previous one though claims that the less love or happiness other people have the more you have. I claim bullshit on that.

Thank you. I just hope I'll be able to fix my other issues then. Maybe I should move in another country, at least I'd have the cultural difference for an excuse for my social awkwardness.

she is

I guess many here are furfags then

no get your shitty anime furry women away from me, fucking tacky

hey man some people just arent into sports and all the drinking on the porch and doing nothing shit, just find your own sort of crowd, ill be around these parts for a little bit so if i see you around we can maybe try to chat stuff out as best as it seems possible with just words between two strangers you dig?

How many people have you textfucked in here to know that?

For a moment I forgot that you have a much bolder taste

You mean on the board ? That's fine by me. Dunno how often I'll be here, but that'd be nice, thanks.

why not just get rid of all black people

where the fuck is scootaloo

I'd agree with you but we are not allowed to talk since our countries suspended high-level diplomatic ties with each other

dont go saying that like you know about my tastes okay, i know i didnt get drunk enough to tell you anything id regret that much

well you know i'd offer to add you to discord, but i feel like there's a mutual understanding between some people that it's better to have limited contact with an individual so you appreciate interaction more


Parents, they always have a favorite child, though they may say otherwise, the love must be distributed amongst the children, the ones that recieve less act out more.
Conservation of love, prime example.

We must remove kebab from political positions.

Are you sure about that? Like, can I post it here sure?

wait, what'd I do

Some of them go a long way back. Though I guess 3 in total

you can't scare me with a bluff, go on what do you got on me

i've been sent here to KILL YOU

lol hungarian snowflakes cant take a bit of criticism


the shitposting stops NOW

well played

Bloody lewd

Fuck, you know me better than I remember.

You'll never take me alive

-turns into tea-

Stuff happened several years ago

hahaha, i just know if someone has dirt on me that i need to worry about, after to work very well to keep your "paws" clean when people are tossing dirty furry accusations at you ;)

have to work*

Please. Mom. Its time to kjll me.

you're rping now thats another 10 minutes on ur ban

who the fuck is baddog is that that badfox guy

I agree. On one hand conversation subjects are quick to be consumed and are slow at recovering over time, and on the other hand I'd say I have trouble with maintaining too many light social links at the same time. If that makes sense.

If a parent gives love to a child, the love of this child increases as well as the one of the parent. Even if the lesser known child is in inferiority, if the preference is not perceived nothing bad will happen. On the other hand, if a child has no love, it will have a negative impact on him which will will diminish the love and happiness of its environment. Hate and love are energies alike, but they spread instead of creating opposite ones.

You're a guy though, correct ? This place still amazes me.

I must agree, that'd be a pretty lame way to die.

Probably going to go eat soon.

it is tho

I cannot remember, so I will say yes. It is buttfox.
a-and... b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-ban?????

I cant find it, its not showing up, woe is me

well rip you

also buttfox don't you have another dead board to attend to why r u here?

sure throw fucking persona social link jokes at me and ill just pretend like you're being opaque

wait you own pubg come play with me

You dropped the habit?

With a name like that its literally begging for that m8
Kinda miss those drinking times we could do it again

I had literally no idea how to express it in another way.

Stuff happens when you e-date people.
Yeah, stopped. things never turned out well in the end anyway

sure ill let you know next time i have some liquor with me and you can call me up, lets get drunk and watch a movie, we talked good and stuff but we need background entertainment we're not gay lovers or something


Things seem pleasant

its okay im just yanking your chain, the persona series is probably one of the most fleshed out and fully realized game series in existence and i dig the systems

I'm in for a movie night hun~

what is that a bunch of male characters that dress girly?

Those tetten are pleasant.

me, erio and horace were all watching jacobs ladder last night but we have to finish it later because the hurricane hit horace

So what about you? BC and how many more?

For now

True. Plus after that ending Persona 5 went directly in my top 3 list of best games I ever played.

Full pic for the love of God !

Off to eat, bye everyone.

also holy shit guys coffee is so fucking good

Coffee is the liquor of Gods

shhhhhhhh i still need to see all the way through on persona 5 i dont really own the game myself yet

might have to spoil the whole game for myself before i play it

Yeah they are
Try to pick a weekend I'm busy as fuck during the weekdays except for a few occasion like today
If that works for ya guys. Erio is fine lad, dunno horace

Literally nobody, no idea how the blood-chan stuff started to spread
Do you?


What would you give for such a gift?


I'm too lazy to follow it

Post Midna lewds

Yes, I told someone You two got it on, since BC said the two of you were sexting. I just assumed it was true

Same. Is getting late now too

horace is fine too, he's more of an observer type, you'll all get along well enough. sure i'll pick a good movie for us all to watch some weekend, do you use discord now? i hardly know how to get a hold of you on skype

Never done it, I sperg the fuck out if its somebody I instantly can't block and delete for it

Yeah, its hard to get a hold of me in general but just leave a message where and when the worst and I'll be there. Its ur mom#6504

that can't seriously be your discord tag

It is
People kept asking me who I was on my other
So I made this one and replaced it with it
two birds one stone

Good, it's far too degenerate

It's boobs. Tetten.

thats like a joke americans would have made in 2005

in middle school

Maybe if you beg.

Yeah, it's like 20:00 there, yeah?

Oh. I like all of her

Never understood the appeal of it. The whole thing just always confused the fuck out of me to be honest
Guess people grow out of it

Proof that slavic countries are at least 10 years behind

I'll beg for final form Midna, not for cursed midget Midna

Why yes, there are other good parts to her. But that was clearly not the focus of that image~


I wouldn't say that it was the focus, as much as it was a point of it

Sorry, I fell asleep and bumped send.

Yeah, and getting slowly more and more tired

Feels alright, but then again, most here are virgin nolivers, so it's to be expected

Fuckin' racist.

Tetten, Duke.


Sleepy Momiji

Also, can confirm, am virgin nolifer

I don't focus on any one point of her. I prefer to absord the image as a whole and enjoy it every day

hey, i was only saying it as a joke, i'm just fucking with you really low-class people still use your mom jokes here and there were youtube videos of it till at least 2014

(plus i think erio still says it)


You're too pure.

Am I the only one who unironically watches Kizuna Ai playthroughs

No, I just love my waifu

Me too :3


That is true enough, real deal is kinda the same shit for me tho



I wouldn't know there, never touched another person in a lewd manner.
Soon, still too early, and I shouldn't ruin my schedule just a week before uni starts again

i unironically waste a lot of time time wtaching things i should not, even while working since i can use my phones and headphones most of the time at least in one ear

the sheer vast quantity of shit to randomly stumble across to absorb your time is staggering

im sure we'll get along better when we're both drunk :3c

phone and headphones*

Good boy~

Wanna have no life with me? ;~;

Can normals even compete?

That you probably shouldn't
I actually thought most people here are sluts and manwhores
Don't really remember the last time I've seen a textbook 9001 lbs insufferably ugly avatarfag
Yall niggas just insecure

Oh my, that sounds promising
Make it this weekend

sure ill try to find time to drink some night and get a movie arranged, horace will willingly handle most of the grunt work because he's a real bro like that, i'll try to get more people around, he seems to appreciate at least a small audience if he's going to go through the trouble of posting, i'll invite a few people before we start.


No, no those fags cannot.

I'm having no life with you right now bby~

Insecure and incredibly beta

You mean the last time you came to /waifu/?

Burn em all

Pretty hot OwO

oh shit you too?
I like watching her struggle playing RE7

Hot is good

lmao that was the one I just finished watching rn
She's so bad though

I take a drink everytime she screams HAI DOMO




I'm down, sounds like fun times. Next weekend is payment weekend tho, best weekend
Is it too late to move it a week

Its pretty ez to get outta that tho
You just gotta stop givin' a fuck

You are from waifu?
What the ungodly everliving fuck UNSEE THIS

yeah shes stupid af
shes still on the first part of the story after 10 parts

you should take a shot everytime she misses a bullet if you want to get wasted

imagine kizuna trying to figure out what a dick is

tfw no mass image downloaders

her porn isnt even hot
its like aho-girl's pantsu

I seriously hoped I wouldn't have to download Firefox again, but I suppose I have no choice

This one is my favorite

Oh you got me fucked up lmao

There was this thread on /h/ of just Kizuna Ai
I came like 3 times in one day with a single thread

Is that kisshot or another furfag
I don't care about that fag to remember country

wow actually searching for it you're a real degenerate perv


Furry here, not furfag
You're welcome~


no it just popped up when I was searching for something else I swear!


I was watching normie porn on my phone and one of the ads led to a VR hentai site that worked with my phone so i had to try it

you forget who runs this place

I've been kind of cold all day

Why would I do that?

How is layers of fear you fucker
I want that game so badly

I'm not posting Jack here anyway
So there is no proof that this is me

I'm not stupid
And I don't give a fuck what you do here or there anyway

there is this one moment in the game that turns it from scary to funny as fuck

Did someone say layers of fear?

Good morning


Eeeh I kinda like my atmosphere constantly soul crushing
Does it deliver? As good as amnesia? Outlast?

Good morning, how ya doin??

Having 32 hours in layers of fear, it's so fucking good but at the same time so terrible I love it.


outlast is spoopyier

Why would I care what someone as insignificant as you does with his time?


Why would it be terrible
Isn't that point or in what sense terrible

I didn't even have the balls to try Outlast 2 so far yet
I was not aware you had a taste for vidya
Do you know more like that

You wanna throw down cunt imma smack ya in the gob m8 i swear on me mums grave

Yeah, today's been kinda slow. What have you been up to today?

nah i dont do horror games.

though i like alien isolation

looks like a cute boy trying to be a girl

Kinda wanna spaff all over sinnis tits


lel joking, british bake off day at work again

It has a really good atmosphere and aesthetic as a walking sim/horror house but there is legitimately a scene that ruins the entire game lol.

(Also outlast 2 is kinda bad in comparison to the first one but they're both definitely scary in comparison to layers of fear).

i want a pretty girl to blow smoke into my mouth and kissy me

Who's throwing down? I'm just doing what you do
On a side note, if you go looking on Holla Forums for threads, you might not find it. Look in /trash/

Slow days are nice

Definitely! I like sleepy, snowy days where you can snuggle into bed & just like waste away or w/e

I can snuggle into bed and waste away every day

Well that sounds like a deal breaker. Are you into horror games then?

See, I couldn't decide with that but I guess that makes it a go. Thanks ya gay liberal degenerate

Waifufags got the place where they belong, forced out by a single guy posting banana
I know, I was laughing my ass off of that for hours when I get back from work

Oh hey sinni


how your day?

good luck

megoomin a girl


Yee, I'm a big baby but I really love them.

Hi! doing good, how are you?

It feels bad

Playing gaems with mom, and chillin you?

Also mom says "tell sinni she is gay"

Meh, it didn't bother me much. It was just annoying more than anything

Rip, we can waste away together at least uwu.

Also chillin, tell mom I love her :C

Done, mom is currently killing noobs while I run around screaming.

I never wanted to breed with anyone more than I want to with Aqua-sama. That perfect, curvy body. Those bountiful breasts. The child bearing hips of a literal goddess. It honestly fucking hurts knowing that I'll never mate with her, pass my genes through her, and have her birth a set of perfect offspring. I'd do fucking ANYTHING for the chance to get Aqua-sama pregnant. A N Y T H I N G. And the fact that I can't is quite honestly too much to fucking bear. Why would DEEN create something so perfect? To fucking tantalize us? Fucking laugh in our faces?! Honestly guys, I just fucking can't anymore. Fuck.

Gimme sum

You too

Oh lawdy
bring them over here

thanks i really need it


What kind do you like? Been playing Darkwood & it's really good, layers of fear is fun for some laughs but I'd wait for it to go on sale.

Any horror games
I need to go after that reply so gimme a list I can copy paste and check later

Eris is better




The Evil Within, Darkwood, The Forest, (Observer is apparently really good but idk), Alien: Isolation, SOMA, Little Nightmares, INSIDE (same people who made LIMBO), Among the Sleep, I have no mouth & I must scream, Pony Island, the F.E.A.R games, Detention, Tomato Way, Condemed: Criminal origins

Ofc there are classics like outlast, amnesia, pathologic, The Path, Penumbra, etc.



That is a pretty good list half of it is actually new to me too
Thanks, lad
Gotta go then

Women can't rape


It's art!

youre art


hihi diggies~


Sinni, make me your art

Polish a turd.

lol turd

ikt knows about turds, being one themselves

lol emily turd

stinky poopoo

hai scootadoot~


I cannot deny

Hey elma
hows it going

Good. I ate too much Chinese food lol

kinda want to fly my drone but I only have 2 more batteries til Thursday when my charger comes in :(

Whatchu been up to?

Just work work work
you know how it is
its everyday girl
and drone?
well, you ought have a quick ten minute boop with it

Many are angry enough about moving to trash. Telling them to move here would be an exercise in futility
Also, I wouldn't want to contaminate this place any more than I already am

How do you contaminate a cesspit

Layers of Fear is great. I kind of feel like there are multiple endings, but I only played it once since my PC had trouble running it.

Which one ?


Hello again

where the baby hits the wall


Oh god holy fuck I can't take that game serious anymore

Poor moogs. Fucking idiot.

I was expecting way worse.
Also, I have trouble uploading a webm.

Dunno about you but that shit would hopelessly crack even me up under decent amount of pressure

I thought you were going to sleep Jack


I think I'm ruining a relationship and I've known this girl for only three days.