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hello user

I didn't win.

don't wipe out kanra's obligation of admission to being a shitter with a new thread mugen

it's like you were born yesterday

where is bard btw

fuck that worthless dogless cunt

*are fuck me I can't type

Yeah I fucked up.
I meant like the stuff that balance out chemicals long term but benzos are short term relieve stuff

Not bad, yourself?
duoq when

Well, what do you prefer?

Hi nezi.

Try harder.


all that healing and all i got was motorbike reaper


don't feel that way

what are you talking about

Does going to /a/ a few times a year for memes count?
Because if not I think I'm off the hook, thankfully.

how's life been treating you

I sometimes wonder if I really am upsetting bard because he keeps posting that one emoji whenever I do.

But I can't possibly be any more weeabooer.

Bout to get FUCKED UP

Maybe after some drinks lol

yo i'm ad.dip.psy and drugs are 90% recreational for me, do not panic

us with the creds are bangin rocks too

yo like a day ago bard ht me with "you're not one of us", i think his bran is broken, it probs needs hecka love, but if he gonna keep being shit to me, i can't provide that

It matters now to me, friend. Make the choice.
What do I call you?

That's still a pretty cool skin :)

i mean i can conform and treat him as shitly as he treats me and eventually he'll kill himself. to avoid that, i think we need to look deeper, let these actions manifest on only his lesser whims, so what he creates with purpose is more signficant

Less horrid than usually so I can't complain.
What about you ?

Sure you could, you just haven't tried hard enough.

Well at least I know who to come to next time I need drug recommendations.

Duke's the most neutral and best sounding option I suppose.
You can call me Echo.

am i right or is bard a mere meme fag i should kill with hurled downs kids

i now have more credits than what is required to own everything

I figured to call you Echo, but didn't want to make a bad step

That's good! That means you'll have everything by the end of the event :3

Hey, brother, what you thinking?
Leave that old record spinning
You feel the rhythm, going
(They call it lonely digging)
Let's end your time to lay low
Your knees a-bending, so
It's time to get up and let go
(You're gonna come undone)

are you irl poor tho

there is less than 23 hours left
till it's too late


one of my drunk party tricks is typing out the whole hook from lonely digger in a mess but fuck that lol

I've gotten everything I'm likely to get, I think

so check

what you got in the way of knives

those are like four hundred canada a pop

month to month you could actually be on livable income if you combine gubbs and flipping items

Noone really calls me anything else but Echo or some variation of it.
Not here at least.

Oh wow.
It's sunday you nignog don't you have shit to do tomorrow

i don't know.... :|
...i just have a kitchen knife?

Yeah work lmao

But it's only 5 PM so I'll be good

play moar !

level up a ton ^_^ open boxes~

there have been so many attempts to get luka a job

if she just takes her benefits and supplements with trading items from hardcore playing, she could live free

from what i gather, luka's life goal is maximum video games minimum cost, this fits so perfectly

naaaaaa my girl, butterfly knives on CS and shiet

if your thing is gaming, you can monetise that.

that can be your entire income, just play it out right.

It's a good name. What's the origin of it?

I only really like to play with others

Too hard.

if i gave luka a mastering job for a week what would happen

How irresponsible.

You do not wanna know.
Seriously, you don't.

Are you bitch made?

It would be masterful :)

luka can you master audio to like, cinematographic quality

i could have you thousands per day on quick mastering jobs if you have it in you


Sure I do. I'm a curious person

what is mastering? .__.


na none your hyperexpressive shit, you already knew that

just, why not?


That's my name, don't wear it out :3

I used to bet and sell CS:GO items. Could bring in a couple hundred dollars a week.
Too bad I made a bad bet and hit bottom

Do you want to play..?

basically, it's fucking with levels until the track sounds normal. so liek, EQ work for the most part, but mastering plugins like fruity maximus and shit will help along the way. mastering is basically making one thing sound as good as it possibly can


oh... sorry i'm not good enough for that, my sound is not high quality. :(

It was ages ago when I was doing music and was trying to figure out a stage name, then a song inspired me and the word "echo" just kept ringing in my head, it seemed perfect, being short, music related and being something that resonated in people after they hear something that changes the way they think, echoing in their heads etc..
Thinking back on it now it is pretty cringy and unoriginal but I was young, used it and it stuck so yeah.

So how many more drinks are you gonna need to play ?

Enough to be FUCKED UP

Guess I'll just wait then.

ok I guess

Yay =^.^=

It's a nice idea. I don't find it very cringy at all

I'm professional at giving up.


I'm online

Well I definitely could've picked out something much worse.
But if I was to choose my name today it would probably be something else.
I guess the origin of your name is pretty obvious..

How sad.

Gimme a sec

Trying is the first step towards failure - Homer Simpson

It's actually not that obvious


It isn't?

Oh shit it's mah bois Ian, Echo, and SD

I used to be the King of Autism

It ain't right, babe, no
It ain't right, no no
Mama, don't do that you know
It ain't right, yeah, boy boy.
It ain't right, babe, no
It ain't right, no no
Mama, don't do that you know
It ain't right, yeah, boy boy.

"Bad boys" are not so picky
They ride away and feel so happy
To fight for girls they do adore
Snorting like boars rolling on the floor
With their leather jacket and their rocky voice
They hit, fight, kick, wreak havoc and rejoice
Nobody knows what they are looking for
A kind of battle axe or maybe more


dafuq are you ?

What changed?


The boys are back in town

Soto desu!!~~~

We did some silly autism test on /waifu/. I got the second score and had my crown usurped :(

just made fucking thousands


oh god..

What was the test ?

I don't remember. I think the other guy was faking it though

hi im kanra

and i like caffeine

Oh my god do you ever SHUT THE FUCK UP???????????//

hi m erin

im broken past humoring and fixed beyond comprehensiom


this is why I drink.

Finally fucking home.
Sup, fuckers?


dear god no

not you

Welcome home squash

not home

very far from home

in location of least resistance

Good to be home.
How are you, Duke?

not home

very far from home

in location of least resistance

yo in between typing that last line and now i lost my little cube of cannabis polm. you can have it if i don't notice you stealing it

Kyle is k tho

To those I like at least.

naw aeris he was fine on 4chan, on Holla Forums he pretty toxic

I'm pretty tired. Listening to some ASMR in bed

don't get too philharmonic f you know what i mean

don't get too philharmonic IF you know what i mean

someone should rank animus' druggies

double lead


now you will never forget what i said twice

what's with all the cucks and ASMR lately


Doesn't most everyone here do drugs now?

Probably you since you're so great at making lists you FUCK

name one person consuming anything but alcohol.

name one person consuming anything but alcohol.

even my script meds are gettng normal.

in the process of dropping 200mg sertraline to 20mg fluoxetine

nobody hacks a constant drug template past 22, come on man

different things in different amounts

some are mixing theirs with their medication

so if someone below you on the list dies of an overdose, that could be your canary in the coal mine so to speak, to get your act together. but until then

I mean, I came close to biting the dust when I downed a whole 5th of vodka with Test once. I don't drink much now.

yo fluoxetine can increase intraoccular pressure to dangerous levels

in someone not medicating with cannabis


get on board newbs

hey sci is on prozac

maybe i should ask him for life coaching

*consumes grape juice*


did you know that most opiate deaths are from people 40 and older?
if your plan is to burn out, please change your plan.
or let me know you're confident that you can keep your pace up.
be my canary.

Grups are bad 4 u.

you did that on urpose luka

thng is i'm to avoid grapefruit juice not grape juice

squash is a fucking centipede he'll be around far longer than you want hm to be

I have no real intention of doing anything more than weed and some drinking now and then.
Might get some anti depressant medication down the road though.

yo i pay for fibre optic for Holla Forums to behave like dial up

who owns this right now

he might get some fucking help down the road

what about the bitch man

she could use some meds too

drinking as a form of medication is fucked
not saying you're fucked, but it's fucked.

The fuck is cuck asmr ?

I'm going to sleep. Good night

I've been listening to it for years

Hard to explain

some anti-my-dog-wines-for-my-cock medications i sure exists but s part of a long program

I only really drink when I'm hanging out with people.
It's not a crutch if that's what you think. I've maybe gotten drunk twice in the last 2 or 3 months.

A few people say I should try to get on with a therapist for my depression and shit. Once I have more of my shit together and a solid living plan I might.

Sleep well, darling.

someone please link me cuck asmr

I'm still not even sure what it is.

i's not a crutch, i' just hopelessly gay and mugen has a woman

insert S and I as neccessary

asmr is like people whispering and making popping sounds or something

good to hear

because I know people that drink just to cope with certain times of the day, and I think it's just about the worst thing ever, because it slowly and surely ruins you from the inside out. like, the daily kind.

therapists can be good.

If I just played porn through my speakers and then pretended it was my bf cheating on me in the other room would that be cuck asmr ?

Is this like, Music or something?

I don't really like the taste of alcohol so I can't imagine drinking it more than once a week.

And yeah. I feel like it could help me a lot, but I work too much and can't afford it now so I have to wait.

still waiting for goggles fart asmr commission



i did this before u said that :O
and it is grape!


is learned

in being ruined from this inside out

guys, how many times can you injure yourselves with books about coffee?

I hate the taste of alcohol too
but that's easily overcome.
don't ever think it's a valid solution.

ever keep a journal? keep a journal. make sure to think healthy thoughts. that's all a therapist really does.

don't answer

in tthe lazor room

shit is more real than you can brain cell

I can't keep up with kids these days.

Garps are purple and purple is a bad color.

I'm too lazy for that.

me neither

Oh well.
You doing DnD with all the others?


Lame. I'm trying to kill time 'till you're all done so I can join call.

;~; im purple...

Gassy ghost!

well, it's a good substitute for a therapist. ish.
except they're smarter and make you feel good.

You can be a cute purple I suppose.

it's a 5Hour. do they have those over there?

should be done soon

or in an hour

hey homie

My little group of friends has kept me sane.
Yan give me pets and hearts all the time so I know I'm a good boy.

But who knows how long that could be.

How's it going?

sinni says hi

pretty well. playing dnd

I say hi back.

I am jealous!

well, not saying therapy is wrong, but studies show that friends or just, empathic people that care to listen, are just as effective as trained therapists. but a professional usually has more knowledge and experience regarding emotional issues.

no we're scotland we're don't know what anything but centigrams are

because we measure drugs

well, i'm not saying therapy is wrong, but i'm kanra

ill pass that along


i'm not sayng education repeatedly putting mine to shame is such of the nature of "evidence"

5Hour is a caffeine beverage that somehow has a delayed reaction, as opposed to normal black coffee. not sure how it works. but it works.

Erin, pretty sure you agree with most of what I'd have to say about psychology. except for the stuff you make up because you're crazy af.

is "evidence"


yay uwu

but dear god at least look twice.


I know what a lot of my problems are already.
The issue is habit and lack of drive to change it.
My friends love me even though I'm a sour grump and honestly that's enough most days.

Life is hard, man.

i could be one of those friends but you're an assbag at all times instead of just on weekends

i bet anhy random cunt anything this asshole misses the joke




not sure if I'm your friend,
but rooting for you,
so please don't drink as self-medication.

How are you all?

I'm not committing to this meme.


Yes, Kanra.
You are my friend. That is not something I question.

Lame. I was about to go for it.

i am great

that was a platitude but you still got an answer

i wanna snapchat you to all my friends

Going to be in game. Slow replies.


I tried really hard but I don't know what a platitude is.

Also sounds fun! What would that entail?

You are fine, love.

oh yeah i should explain


i care about my own psychology

i have theory of mind, but in genuine application, my own methods prove efficient. your psychology fails because mine isn't so quick to manifest itself, by the time of my action affecting a space, the space is totally understood by the machine. frankly, it's smarter than i can write.

a platitude is a generic reply you give someone to help them feel better. oh, it will be alright.

kanras like YO HEY THIS MACHNE GOT A COCK I CAN BLOW and m like it's an 8x8 tonal network nothing that produces will EVER make you cum

i bet someone came



schizos have appealing rational theories too.
doesnt mean JFK was a moon landing.

i'll do that but i'm hecka wrecked, no judge?


yeah man, i regularly size up a schzophrenic perspective against a schizoaffective perspective against my own, etc.

i mean i know i am not so fucked to miusjudge 3D space, so i will end up places the schizo's won't, but they will be harder to find, lol

Nah, never. Have fun, make good choices dude!


sinni snapxchat cancercode QRthingemy

fucking one or several of the things i asked for, whichever actually exists

u r my fave e girl.


Just a generally nice gal.

You're gonna make me cry

*pat pat*



lemme smash after tho



Hurry up with DnD.

Sorry! We can definitely hang out after :3c



You said you weren't doing this.



Such splendid memes.

I wonder why men have a higher percentage of successful suicide attempts than women

The methods they choose, for the most part

Good morning, thread posters. Come out from the wood works, how are you all?

You already did your intro and you aren't in call.

Tsk tsk.


I'm making a phone call and it's kinda ruining my mood to call. I'm sorry :C




Yes, but what are the psychological differences that lead to these different decisions?




i miss my freinds

Want to play normals in lol with me and my friend soon?

i won't be good, i won't be a pro, i won't know how to win anymore.
but if you still want me... i'll try opening the client again, for u~

Does anybody else here play piano?

its not about getting attention its about embracing oblivion. more likely to use nooses and guns, less likely to use pills

I have massive ping, but if we do normals I'll grab ya.



slow night

wow waking up early is horrible

No, but being anxious is

o man i rly wish i had known today was school earlier

get coffee

wow sleeping late is horrible

you see when having had horrible sleep you're too tired to care to be anxious


Really is

Had trouble falling asleep? Might be because of it.
I'm sorry

give me your energy to stay up past 24 hours

Nah, you go to bed earlier :3

Yeah until like 3am couldn't sleep just rolling around

but im alreayd like 5 hours deep

Hello how are you all. I'm sorry I've been like in & out today lol

That fucking sucks.. Hope you'll have an easier time sleeping tonight.

Sleep anyway!

Hope so too.

I'll sleep some in the bus.

heading off bye!

but my schedule(neet) will be flipped!

I am fantastic
Did you watch the VMAs?
Lorde was awful

Christ I'm bored.
I haven't been the slightest bit bored in months.
This is unusual, fix it.

That's like half the benefit to imageboards.
You don't need to be constantly here to reply to stuff unless the thread is dumb and fast.

Have there been any good shows this season?





Anime ain't good, at least not this season

at least we had fun gg

Yeah. Was enjoyable.

well good thing I didn't take the trash out yet

must have set it on my bed and knocked it in the bin while I was sleeping


Was it covered in jizz rags ?



Good morning

Goodnight Hu. Am sleepy

anyone from the thread in the hurricane area

I used to live in houston

all my friends are dead

a-aww ;-;
Sleep well


i'll push you to the edge then

ban i know this doesn't have enough makeup and screaming to be exactly your style but check this out

Its not bad but I would prefer to listen to other stuff.

Going to bed now


why do I even come here?


Why do any of us?

I come here to bully Squiddy

You wish fuckboy


no u

you wish too cocksock


it's ded


who wants crunchyroll guest pass



for me


Good morning

Good morning Hu


Das a happy Momiji

Happy is best


Happy is best indeed. Smile :)


You too!

Cuuuuute. How are you~?

She is.
Am okay, just chilling. How's you?

I am alright, doing about the same~

Can the Momiji be rode like Link?

Sounds comfy.
like Link? Link who?

Link uh... Link. I don't think they give him a last name ever!

The guy that cross dresses and saves Zelda. Also turns into a wolf in one case.

oh, huh... I didn't know. Never played any of the Zelda games

You should, they be good fun~

Nah, it's not Runescape

Oooh, you play RS?

It's pretty much the only game I play

Why is that? It seems very minimal to only play it.

It's fun, I don't see why not

There's always more fun stuff too though, cutie~

Nope, there's not.
And also not cute

Too late, it was said. It can't be taken back.

Such a shame

A victory for me, again~

Easily achieved too

Everyone should smile :)

You especially

Causes cuties can't fight.

Like you specifically!

not can't, just won't

I'm always smiling :)

Good girl

I hate it when the quick reply state it's posting and then nothing ever goes through, requiring you to close it and post again or use the reply-form at the top of the thread

Can't! The cute brings the weak~


But I'm not a girl

No, you just find weak boys cute

You are now~

wtf i have a vagina now

Bitch you guessed it.

Forgot to change name




See? For you, weak just makes cute, not the other way around

Are you implying you like big, strong men then~? Lewdo.



It's ded Jim.

No, I wasn't, but it's hardly a secret that I do


Yeah, it's been mostly dead today

No smug Midna

Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor. Not a scientist!

why is this image so adorable i wanna hug her


like all days lmao

That's pretty cute

Nah, not like all days. I've seen far worse

Super lewd, doesn't even hide it!

Yes smug Midna.*

Hug the explodey loli lots.

Caster a mega cute

No Midna, no!

How you been!

So much huggo's.

Hiding it would require lying

Looks like it~

Been alright, just chilling.
Day been treating you alright?

Headpats are the most adorable thing
How many Momiji do you have?

Yeah I got tired of being anxious so anxiety gone. Fuck I hate travel.

Just 155
Yep, they're very adorable

Hey, that's great, no anxiety best anxiety!
How long you got to school?

Brb Pullverwatch

Yes Midna, yes!!

For you too!

Good boy, no lying!

Uh... Enjoy.

Not good!

6am woke
7am bus
8am train
8.15 am walk
8.45 school


oh jeez, that sucks. And then the whole thing again to get home.

ye usually
15.50 train
16.00 bus
17.00 homu

Waiting for train now then, or just off early?

off early luckily
tomorrow earlier than today
rest of days is idk

155 is still a respectable amount

Do not the smug ;~;

Least it sounds like the first week is somewhat easy. Hope the remaining few days will be just as early

But it's barely any at all!

eh its just the moving stuff, school's not been hard :p

Should find a roommate and move in with them somewhere much closer to school, everything will be good then~

Need. Full. Pic.

Considering the sheer quantity of stuff she has, it's not. No
But it's not a bad start

But it's not a start, I've already gone through some booru's

Why is it so wwarm omg

Because he's erect

It's like 40c inside the car and it has no airco

It's all dark and rainy here, wanna trade?


I'll keep this weather for a few days thank you

oh, rip

i like warm weather and its kanna be cold from wednesday on so

"Only if Texans had listened to God and elected Hillary, this hurricane could have been avoided. This hurricane happened within 6 odd months of Trump presidency. God is not happy with Texas. I feel sorry and sad for Texas in more than one way. Trillions of dollars of federal aid will now be given to Texas, while they keep exhibiting false pride."

Can the left get any more disgusting? I mean, fuck, you'd think they hit rock bottom after losing elections but they can always dig deeper. No political group, not even anarcho-commies, not even fascists can get lower than the modern liberal left.

Is gonna be a bit warmer here from tomorrow and so, finally

really makes you think

Oh well, would ya look at that

Gives you something to laugh at though.

and people wonder why i don't like talking about sports and politics at parties

I really need more sleep.

Someone always ends up pissed, or sad

Go back to bed then~

They're still better than fences.

checking out that new observer game thats basically just bladerunner in poland, it looks pretty cool so far

And apparently the Mexicans are not only undead, but also got a fucking dragon.
I like how they're calling the people they're trying to defend for literally brain-dead zombies

i usually just end up depressed because i realize we have no worthwhile representatives running at all, you think someone smart enough to fix this country is going to be stupid enough to put themselves under that much pressure and danger?? doubt it

I have to be awake to make phone calls.

well if brain-dead zombies figured it out im sure mexicans can right

Shit, I wanted to watch the last episode while blazin'
Well I never cared much about spoilers anyway
And it was worth the laugh
Can't get enough of primitive liberal butthurt its endless and glorious, a forever providing fountain of eternal lulz

yea who really gives a fuck like you arent going to enjoy the episode because you looked at that one post? if anything thinking about this and laughing through the episode will make it like 5x better

Nice desu.

just every time a zombie makes it over some obstacle imagine it with a hat and funny accent

doesn't work when the majority is whom decide what will happen. Shame the majority are stupid fucks.

Oh, damn life, making you have responsibilities


The show is fucking awful though, I'm not even sure why I watch this garbage. Probably because there's only one season left and I'm curious enough to see just how bad D&D fucks it up

It's pretty great

people that really think A WALL is a solution are pretty questionable though.

Yeah. I can't get a hold of the IRS so I'm kind of pissed now.

really are the masses that distasteful? ive heard game of thrones was really good but it sounds like in your opinion i should be glad im missing it

i at least plan to read the books at some point, but my last long fantasy novel series was very drastically different from this sort of style in the Dark Tower series


I've never watched it or considered it truthfully, The fandom put me off of it when I heard people talking about it.

Yep, no spoiler ruined anything for me, ever.
If nothing else I quickly got drunk and forgot

Man you have high standards. What show would you give a 10/10?

How come not? The service is down?

That seems to more often be the case.
The series was very good. First season follows the books very closely, second one is pretty good too. Third one is decent and then it pretty much just goes downhill from there. The writing now is terrible, it's no longer a low-key fantasy world, the dialogue is cringy and a lot of the stuff that's going on rarely even makes sense.
Books are good though and the characters there are far more enjoyable than what they are now in the series.

GoT season 1 and 2 probably.
Hard to rate shows when you don't watch any however~

okay i can understand that, of course as soon as something gets popular you have to mainstream it, and make it more streamlined for the masses, which as you or someone else just recently said, mostly consists of stupid people

Most of these people don't even think.. They just want more action and more YAAS QUEEN moments.
It's also become political correct, which is incredibly odd considering it's low-key fantasy set in a Feudal world, so when did women even have anything to say, yet every person now that holds any kind of power, are all women.
Just fuck my shit up


Ouf, things got busy. But now I'm all alone again

lol what, i guess its just another mechanism for them to pump out all this trite fairyland women have power bullshit so they can forget about how little they have in reality

My phone is just ass.

you are and have always been a piece of shit cancer of this thread. go fuck yourself.

So much hate in this thread.


adachi should like all that hate though, i mean wasn't their persona like reaper 0.2?

Just think of it as negated love.

Give me more of that stuff, I am not yet sated

You should pick some up
Better than posting here thats for sure

A wall is not a solution a wall, mines, guard posts and soldiers allowed to fire at any intruder would be. Like 'em good old cold war borders. Now THAT is a solution.


I always saw Adachi as an unstable manchild with anger issues who cannot stand negativity when it doesn't originate from him.

So I don't see any contradiction.

Sounds even worse.

well i mean if you want to have a narcissistic baby represent you that's fine i mean, i don't usually take people's avatars as accurate reflections of personality but you almost try to fit the role sometimes

That was semi-ironic, but I see your point. At the the time I chose this avatar I felt close to Adachi hence my choice, but that doesn't prevent me from evolving.
But well, perhaps changing avatar would not be entirely bad.

you joined first like what... four, three and a half years ago? you probably had a bit more edge to you, i mean, fuck if i know anything on the topic really, i hardly even post with a consistent avatar or avatars at all, it's definitely more important how you feel about it


I like the way you think.

No, it's a good thing, there is only so much love and happiness available at any given time,
The less of it others have, the more there is for you.