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Don't all guys have boipussies though?

Just most of them are unattractive.

We could talk tonight, if you wanted :)
Or now. I'm not doing too much

sup animated folk

All pucci is equal.

some pucci is more equal than others


you need to channel more positive aggression to have a funner life

i wanna cum in her butt

sinni cum forth



i don't get it

i'm getting drunk in my lazor cave

anybody wanna say funny drunk things with me


Everythign will be allright, little Luka :)


nice bird but man those are some ugly feet


cave feet


pls no bully my niece's feet

wow pervie

can i move in
how do you manage
im scared

them some hispanic ass feet man like bordercrossing feet them feet built for walking

where is fuckingf caSPER

sikdope liked a clip of a WIP i posted on instagram

wanna gloat

one of these days cave feet are gonna walk all over you

loco knows the sexiest tunes

a little yes.

Is that Tedeza Rize? :)



it's quiet, and peaceful. only me here. no distractions from anyone else.



That sounds agreeable, tho moving and $$$ (prolly just take the ez way out and do student loans and monetize my mods) and food.

Feel better now? :)
Tedeza Rize. She's a cutie from a super moe anime


i fapped to a 3d loli but it was legal

patreon mods are almost certainly a big thing i would imagine


can prolly rig a site to eat up an API and offer downloads to only logged in patrons, segregated by tier

Rize is best girl from that show.

I did not need to know this.

You're fucking right she is



can you into DNS

i need halp



this guy manages

though i probably will just have tiers like 1. normal, get shit sooner than others. 2. in-dev, get automated builds. 3. access to source code


I want her to shoot me.

Not rly I don't even do anything websitey

sagiri is a slut

I don't

I want to shoot inside her.

so mail sub werks fine and shit

root domain on an A Name record for tumblr

how do i free up subdomans for use by my own server?

example: ice.erin.media doesn't root back to the home server on the main IP, and thats what i want

sounds good, i have zero patrons, zero regular full releases, and so zero reason to keep my patreon up to date, so it's guesswork on my part, but yeah, seems patreon is a better plan than paypal and shiet

and yeah, problem as specified, sorry if it's out of your scope

I'd rather hold her hadn

like i can create subs with just apache sites-enabled record if the root domain points to the server, i'm mindboggled with the root domain on tumblr

You need to be married before that.

Paypal barely gets donations, so a patreon would be neat but then again I don't want to go away from my current workflow.

Eh, idk.

I have no idea what I'm looking at. I have a dorifuto.moe I'm not doing much with and all it does is redirect to my home ip :p

well if no casper can i gloat generally to erryone

new WIP noticed by sikdope, subshock, wolfgang gartner, basstronaut, and zak downtown

all the cool producers like me

can you do it?

im hungry
they look nothing alike


cute picture

i could put the tumblr on a sub but tbh i bounce all my instagrams to tumblr so it looks super active, it's best landing site

can do what?

idk how to announce this to parents but first i need to figure my shit out


Got anything good you want to eat from that grocery trip yesterday?
They sort of do. Her fanart is a lot different than the stuff that is official though

nobody paying you for your tunes?


na lol, few likes from big artists does not mean money, i soundcloud them on creative commons

getting wasted and writing tv pilots

is my calling

good open sauce

i'm listening to kid rock right now

eat my texas dust

yeah mang, gotta make sure them remix privs are clear

also people probably don't consider handmade amateur music tracks that worthy of their patronage. you should make a Youtube series about something.



don't knife party rob just wants cashhhhhhh

man i don't need money

i mean it would be nice

but to produce music is also nice, so i'll do it for free, less than free, i'll do it if i get hate

fortunately im ghetting sick big name likes and follows not hate, that would suck, but i wanna think i'd stick in lol

like i got no problem with copyright meaning my ad space gets jacked, but when my literally audio gets removed for the length of a track i played, that's like, y, that was free publicity


you are the first person who has not greeted me neutrally or negatively on a chan in months and i legitimately missed you

fuk this is sexy tgasai.github.io/homepage/

because you're getting money
by either one or many patrons
for... what again exactly?

annouce that you are ready to leave and pack up and go

i'm cooking
i'm not convinced

lol smirking dog . jpg

I feel like kanra is trying to lowkey say you suck without having listened to your music

What are you cooking? If I may ask :)
It's likely not the same person, but I find they do look at least a bit similar

Haha, thank you! I missed you too. I love all you strange thread posters & you haven't done anything so why by rude?

man the ponyfags legit made a new Holla Forumsread discord cause during my recent serious mental break i ate a few hundred valium with buckfast and had a meltdown in their chat

they legit fuckng abandoned it lol

my medication has changed and im getting more support and im all good but the pony fags will never recover

no patrons, disability benefits

note all my vids are from my livingroom

i basically don't leave it because of how shit pants terrified i am of strangers to the point it counts as disabled

I could make that peasy.

kanra came and apologized for being an enormous dick on discord and i blocked him, gonna be a long time before any sucky gets through to me there

i'm kinda unwell and occasionally i have a seriously meltdown over a few weeks and alienate a lot of people, you just haven't been privy to it yet. I'm sorry in advance.

did u do dis

but good execution

base was this e66666666.github.io/homepage/

Good morning Sinni

Finally, good news! Tell me more

how many valium did you really need to become numb?
how much buckfast did you need to become numb?
nah, you choose to get fucked up.

the state is your patron.

yea, I'm totally stealing the brackets on hover thing.

my doctor is switching me from zoloft to prozac after the last meltdown. my understanding is it's even harder to sit still on prozac, so i'll get into hella more trouble, but i guess they're trying to counter me also never having the motivation to leave the house, to the point i end up suicidally isolated

I'm diagnosed crazy, so I understand! Just keep doing your best and I'll keep doing mine :3c.

Good morning! How are you doing?

crazy sexy*




well today, batsy invited me to the new chat cause they said he wouldn't dare, and i read this channel called #autism-museum, which was basically my breadown capped, then my normal posts capped out of context with silly joke contexts proposed, then after a mod noticed i had been invited, i got blocked from reading that channel

they are actually pretty much fapping over me and pants were soiled when they noticed knew

not good enough!!

mine is more complex
i moved alot.
but once i got set up, it was comfy

i thought sinni was dating test?

deal my famalam


i mean i'd date snni, but seems whatever bio sht goes on, she's a girl tbqh, and that's gay

also nick and shit

that dude

love him and stuff

can i see it

i want all the comfy without any not comfy! but first i want that studio lol

also moog likes sinni i mean i'd have to trash that relationship before i could be comfortable hugging her

Meh I was expecting something worse

i care more for feeling fucking amazing than i do for having hecka fans, sorry bruv

kanra why are you ignoring me



I don't understand but I'd date you too?


they hid an erin-bully channel from me in a desperate panic, after i had already read it


what do you not love


the autism is so palpable it has a taste

yo neat

imma not blow this i promise

'm not

I mean, I'm going to steal it

is it that amazing tho? how many hours of utter useless insanity, followed by how many recovering? feeling fucking amazing is reliable stability and motivated, right?

naw dude, that's having an easy life

feeling amazing is literally feeling so amazing that you're behaviour is not fit for public display

like me, now

i'd fuck somebody on the cock

don't push me

well i'm obviously flirting with you here what are you autistic

Same! Let's do our best!!!

studio empty.
fill it with your furniture.
then just live in it.

im sitting alone in my livingroom drunk as fuck with the floodlights off all the lazors and spotlights on because i live for fucking amazing, your plebian contentedness passes me by

Thats just usual horsefuckers I thought their entire communitty just ceased to exist or shit
Call them out on that shit on their chan or something make them feel uncomfortable as fuck about it

yo sinni is cool as fuck

like so sweet

where did moogen find her

sinni where did moogen find you?

yo want a link

shut up, you do, ruin them and scream my name as you do it


Pizza sounds tasty! What kind is it? :3
Okay :(
How about I give you a cute instead? :)

:blush: You flatter me, I'm just a person, I think you're much sweeter. I popped up in oob's discord and I've been like making friends with all you thread posters ever since. It's been great!

that's- no way you believe that

no wonder you hate me

Interesting, I'll look into that

I don't hate you?? :C

Yeah, and I wanna see!


Whom's't've is Ooble?

potato and bacon.


shes mine i own her


That sounds really tasty :o


believe what?

there isn't any faith necessary kanra, i'm living it

now apologize properly, cause your whole "autistic stalking is the most interesting posting" is a platitudal justification, where i want an admission of wrongdoing.

yo can i guess right now you're gonna turn out to be my favourite ever

it's expired, i asked batsy for a perma, explained i had found jack

i think you're sweet and I want to be friends

I don't know how to go about that unironically.

did luka order a potato pizza 😂

and I want to show! later. I do have my own organizer written in React,
but it doesen't have any super gratifying reactive bits that add motion.

tasty things
its fantastic
so savoury and rich
each bite feel healthy and fulfilling.
i feel alive again when i enjoy it.

yo she's cool man be yourself

remember when i sold you an iphone?

man that was so chill and everyday, be like that

rude :|

it is
haters will say otherwise.

luka man

you give my diarrhoea diarrhoea

or in this case

my constipation constipation

not man

Have you ever had cream of potato soup? It's delicious




explain your pizza my queen bee~


i do say man when i'm talking to girls tho man, not to freak out, you was not misgendered, just addressed informally

Haha, I'd love that! What did I do that everyone's flattering me today lol.

I don't know what you're talking about, we're already friends! I'm sorry we haven't had the opportunity to become closer, thread posting confuses me sometimes.



ikt miserablew

whats react
i only know c++

Holy shit Erin is alive?

At least it's not pineapple on pizza, can we agree on that?

I would eat some tomorrow, now that I really want it, but we don't have a stove right now :(

probably not

im so terrified that you are hardcore intolerable like mugen, i mean i don't mind furs, but looking at mugen and squash it seems to be neurologically toxic, you havent been all fucked up like them have you?

according to IKT that's up for investigation

well yea, but you're living it without needing it, and living beyond your needs is universally seen as something that can't be done for very long. even the cues you had to get messed on valium and alcohol would be better off if they never existed.

if it is a need, it's a need that probably shouldn't be sated like that.

okay. didn't do so I don't need to admit to wrongdoing, but you know I wasn't wrongsaying.


Do I need to go hunt some zambambos?

Stay away from me you brain-hungry fiend

naw you were tho

ya blew it

suck my tight nips and never communicate again fam :^)

flatbread topped with savoury fried potato bits
cheese sauses, bacon, spices, and flavouring greens



at least it's not pineapple pizza.

i saw some potato face posting recently

does that still burn like when fucking invented it

wtf. it's what Facebook and Instagram (and Discord) are written in.
JS library that does its best to optimize interface updates only where data is updated.


lack of plan
lack of motivation

colbert i promise i'm non-volitile
i'm happy drunk

oh shit i had a sausage and bacon dominos today, saved some for tomorrow

redeemed af man(female)

Luka you scare me sometimes

Not sure that was a good idea or if it will earn ya a link
More like a ban

im a little stunned youre still upset with me

sounds yummy :)

what will you do?

I'm not a furry, don't let anyone tell you otherwise those people are BULLIES ;CCC.

That being said, I love and appreciate you all but I try not to let like your pre-existing relationships fuck with my opinions of you all. I'm sorry you are having a hard time with them, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna treat you shitty >C.

Why luka, why do this to pizza.


i do it to feel better

Oh, THAT kind of undead

Drunk on BRAINS??!??!??!??!?!!!!

Your strange food tastes

That sounds even better than I thought 😍

Do you like pineapple?

i can handle it~

You hurt others cause you yourself hurt. Poor pizza didn't deserve this. It's ok, I forgive you.

im on this website where you can register to get housing in eindhoven, been there for 4 years but didn't do much, but I recently applied/replied for a studio and i hope my long-time membership and my long travel distance is enough bonus to jump the queue :p if thats settled i'll be moving out asap otherwise I'll hunt for other places, but preferably an apartment since i want to keep living there after my studies ended (because city and not the sticks

never... its bad

Another thing in common. Pineapple is a vile fruit!

also bty friends, if I ever skip over your posts It's not because I'm ignoring you it's cause I'm not used to thread posts and probably skipped over it like a dumb.

naw dude batsy is on my side

fun story

the 2k gift i got-mid breakdown

was batsy

i think i asked for 2k when i was drunk and he was also drunk and actually sent it

tl;dr i have a VERY reliable inside man

I can't handle it Luka


Thanks for the tip

Its cuz you are a furfag

Oh, reliable inside men are a good thing I know
Hit me up with that link whenever you get it

i'm not upset with you man, just like every time i have joshed you even remotely, someone has come to me saying "you upset mugen".
i'm not upset with you, i'm over you, you're not worth any time or effort, and sinni seems better than that.

sorry dude, you make your bed.

Yee, I'm incompetent not hateful.

no that's incredibly reasonable of you

man you are tops

buckfast my dude

monk toenails

i hope sinni tops

sure man

good to have you at this hour of equine vulnerability

I don't make my bed because I prefer the chaos

You hate competency, so technically hateful

Who what now?

i mean batman is playing path of exile with his cousin

we might be waiting

but shit eventually

if youre over me i get the impression you wouldnt bring me up out of spite

what's with fags and sinni.
brb. doggo.

buckfast tonic wine, caffeinated red wine-based aperitif produced my the benedictine monks, in Devon, England

15% vol, 30mg/100ml caffeine

What's with furries and dogs

:3c you flatter me.

What does it feel like to get roasted, moogs?

Nah, Pegging scares me.

Nah I hate myself, but I see your point.


if you've had an obscure obsession with me in the past every move you make is a freakshow for me


sent something tasty

Well they are one of the furry clique

it's a huge thing for me. It seems to intimate.


like how squash can't keep himself from piss poor attempts at shitting on me

like you know that nasty little bitch has fapped himself dry over me so many times

he fucked a dog man

i am clearly wrong enough to him to cause the most dangerous of boners

What's the deal with airline food?

A fellow hater, I see


It's quite tasty on air japan flights.

can someone translate

Dog fuckers should be gassed tbh

what will you do now?

i think about colby ;~;
and wonder where he's been missing all this time... :(

Try learning english

I never liked the idea of it? I'm a bit close-minded I guess.

Did I start this fight? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to dig up beef.

Amen dude.


You aren't sorry
Drama llama

Try to figure out more things :D

Nah I'm like super sorry. I like when we're all chilling, I didn't mean to turn up the heat.

not at all. you're as innocent as the day of your birth.
just being associated with mugen won't always serve you well here, the furs are to some a pretty unpopular addition to the communty


You have me on the social medias, just ask

Turn off the oven!!!! Paul Silverfox help!!!!!!!!!


im shy

get any overshit skins for the event?

Have you ever thought about fingering a guy?

It's kind of ABOUT how taboo it is. it's intimate that you can be with him like that and have it still be passionate and loving for the both of you.

Can't say i have. Not really bothered but mercy would've been nice

Favourite meal?

i only need the widow one left to get

I don't mind, you guys have known each other a long time & I'm still learning my way around. I just hope this doesn't like change our relationship & shit.



I don't think I've ever thought about it like that before? Thank you for like opening my eyes to pegging.

i would have liked dad 76

youre out of control


Now peg george while i lie under the bed and listen. don't let me see. That ruins it for me.

does the Listen to Otter Pop meme translate to Holla Forums?

Been licky to watch GBBO all day at work
Today has been blessed
I forgot new bake iff has noel fielding
Might be traitorous and watch

Listen to "Otter Pop"

loco no

Ban loco

fancy people foods with lotsa seafoods and pastas and cheeses and flavours and and and ummm... rich people food.


HAHA. No thank you.

Tell me how it is, I'm excited for Noel Fielding lol

Take that back Loco, if it bothers him I'll try it.


Don't hate the player, hate the game

Really? You are aware of the crazy mythology that is noel :O

okay but can you cover me for the peanut butter

I'm in a rough economic situation right now. thanks.


nice quads btw


he chases himself!

he's awkward in social situations

I don't know? I know he did mighty boosh and from what I've seen it was funny. What is the mythology behind Noel.

Yeah dude, do you want smooth or crunchy?

Get ready.

who listened to otter pop

But the game hates me, and the creator won't let me quit.

I did, did it change something?


the crunchy always makes me think of poop so obviously that one.

Also, rape george? Nice. I can dig that.

That he is a crazy drug fueled maniac.
And the mighty boosh.
And his swanlike beauty and graceful


It was cute!

I regret this.

I've never tasted crunchy peanut butter, yet again I'm close minded.

Yeah I knew that I think. I'm excited to see him on baking.


i own the midi fighter 64

limited production run of 1000

now you suddenly are interested in some of my music stuff cause you know how a midi fighter works


:( it isn't the same without mel and sue and grandma

I love seafood. We're both fortunate to live near to the ocean in that way :)

Who is replacing grandma? I know it wont be the same but it might be better??

Er. I think its some comedienne
Lemme go fact check


you should try it. get kinky.

What is your favourite seafood?

Maybe. I don't like peanut butter too much. I know moogs likes it though so :thinking:.

On 16 March 2017, it was announced that Prue Leith will judge alongside Hollywood, and that Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding will serve as presenters, replacing Mel and Sue

But can you play this?

Who the fuck is Prue Leith.

i will smack you


A resteraunter and presener, apparently

Neat. I'll give her a chance.

nighttime hangover is the worst

i actually want to die

you can lady and the tramp the peanut butter off the spoon.

won't that be sexy.

Its the sinni manyra, your ninja way, believe it

snowball the peebee

i dunno... i pretty much grew up on seafood. i've pretty much ate everything and enjoyed everything up to "fish eggs on kelp dipped in soy sauce."

Salmon roe is pretty tasty. I had some recently with some salmon chunks in a salad



herring eggs*

nice one

I've only ever had salmon roe. How does herring eggs taste like?

What about sinnis eggs?

Hi there

Thank you.

tastes like little egg bubbles that pop, and absorb the soy sauce good, not salty.

when sinni menstruates and you eat her egg

yum yum

That sounds really tasty!
I've never really eaten much fish with soy sauce. It's very salty



pe ri od


eating of ovum reprieves





threads are comfy
i can post at my own pace...
its relaxing in here

How are you going ?

Damn. Sorry man.

i'm feeling better now that i've eaten something.

Terribly sorry, I just want to talk to you lots ;~;

Doing a mythic+ in World of Warcraft right now

Bretty good, how about yourself?

It's ok, lol

LukaxDuke otp

I believe you young ones call it "spot blowies" or something hip

That's good.

I...really can't stand WoW for some reason. I feel like it is too classic and overhyped today.

In lack of physical affection.

Looks like it. I guess I'll have to find another animus waifu.

yeah yeah eating eggs boi

human eggs

caviar of the ELITE

Erin, put me on the album.

don't move too fast ;~;


What is otp

It's still going for the people who've been playing all this time, I think. It just seems like that sort of thing

Just got a bit excited. Sorry

i'm not anyones

cute pic~

Thanks. What YT vids are you watching?


I'm sure of it. But I don't know, there is sort of a "too classic" vibe coming from it. It'd be better if my annoying friend stopped trying to get me in when I clearly see no appeal in the game.

That's not what I meant. You're free of course, I'm just talking about my stupid fantasies.

what do you do now?

Voice communication is definitely one of the more important parts of that sort of game.
I hate playing CS:GO and people say "He's there!"
Wew, he's on the map

Too classic, in what way? It has been around for 10 years afterall, the game hasn't changed too much in that time. Lots of stuff in a sense, but not enough to change it from being what it always was
These are the worst things ever tbh
Dream large, my friend. I am dreaming too

I thought nobody had heard your voice.

The people I went to highschool with obviously did! Silly!

Right now ? Browsing animus and chatting on Wakfu.
More generally, trying to finish my Master.

It's not about the game, more about the world. It's fantasy, I get it, but I really don't see anything that stands out in it from an external look. That's what bothers me.

What dreams ? For you or me.

i need healing = flanker attacking me (the healer)
my ult is X percent = im aready dead, flanker still behind team.

z and x are my crys for help.

how much longer until you become a master

Cries which no doubt go unheaded! Fucking DPS are the worst :(

So.. you don't use voice to communicate in CSGO?

Two months if I success, one more year if I fail, I guess.

who survives

somebody new

anyone else

but you

they are too far forward inside the enemy teeam all alone and i'm way back here with team getting flanked
they didnt hear
and now im dead since they couldn't hear and they only faced forward.

That's a good song.

you better do it good and win


on a lonely night

was a blinding light

a hundred leaders

would be borne of you

(fucking don't trust google lyrics it has this part all wrong)

The look is definitely a bit tired and old. They reworked the character models at least, but it kind of has a nostalgic feel for me. I've been playing it a decade after all

Dream for us both

I always play with a team of 4 minimum

Forward thinking isn't always their best trait. That's why they play DPS and not an essential class~

they point in one direction and shoot
and when they turn around its too late, healer ded, and they next on the menu

I'm trying, but that shit fucking scares me.

I was not talking about the graphics though, but the world itself. I fail to see the originality in it.

Oh. Well, i'll try that.

Sounds sad.

Hi I'm back! How are you all?

i came

That's the part that really irks me the most. Pay attention, and you can maybe stay alive longer 😤

There is quite a bit of lore to it, they certainly put a lot of thought into the universe they created. I can see that it would be unattractive from the outside though

No one can kill your dreams but yourself. Remember that


Welcome back

Ohhhh, two hundred years of war
Fight till we are no more
A curse on the streets of gold

Oh, well then, I just thought you played solo-Q.

yo we lost the page we was on

i was singtyping sad machine by porter robinson

I can't stand solo queuing. I may suck, but the people who queue with me seem to suck even more than I do

you stop this

Get some snacks!!

Thanks! How are you doing?

it's just paper, and your own brain thinking.

yes... some people just don't understand what they are playing.

they are like little baby
they don't know what they are doing.

if only they grew awareness ;~;

the next part goes;

and though i know
since you've awakened her again
she depends on you,
she depends on you
she'll go alone,
and never speak of this again
we depend on you,
we depend on you

Im black
Kill me



That's deep, encouraging and depressing at the same time.

Solo Q of what ? i'm suddenly interested.

Paper and brains are scary.

That sounds somewhat harsh. I hope I don't play like that.


Social media was a mistake.

Thank god
Pull the trigger squirtle.

Well, I was trying to introduce another song to it.

That happens way too often, but I just follow the general rule videogamedunkey said, randoms descend from raccoons.

CSGO, it gives you cancer.

I tought it WAS cancer.

I guess I'm okay. My mood seems to be declining a bit as the night wears on though

That would be asking the impossible of them. It's like people who play Hunter in WoW. Any expectation of intelligent thought is thrown out the window when you see them

I'm good at coming up with those sorts of things. Maybe even a hobby of mine

Retardation incarnate, you might call it

Sounds cool. I wish I knew how to do this kind of stuff.

Well, sometimes I wish that the said cancer from playing it would become real, so I wouldn't have to deal with it for longer.

I always try to understand them, but with no avail.

but i'm fat

nah... its easy.

and yeah it a cut throat game, but as long as your ears are open and you can aim in the right direction you'll get gud.

wat 's a hunter? ._.
i've never WoW'd

consider yourself killt

I'm sorry to hear that. You should catch some good zzs before the abyss takes over.

:thinking: Eat a light snack?

It's not an especially good, or useful trait

If you were able to understand them, you could probably write a bestselling book to CS:GO players everywhere

Hunter is one of the playable classes in WoW. They have pets and they shoot things at stuff. Although, now they have a melee playstyle as well, if you wanted. No one really plays it though because it's not that good

Why don't you stop ? It sounds like a waste of time, there is zero art direction, it is a place for skin traffics and it seems commonly accepted as having one of the worst community possible.

Dunno. Though I'm....decent I guess ? I got into platinum somehow. Once. Then I fell into gold.

I'm going to work in 15 minutes, funnel me (yous) for energy or I will die mid-way through.


If I would understand them, I could write a book that would help special needs teachers.

Because I'm good at it.

Have a good one Kiss.

sounds weird

you play overwatch? ._.

Thank god
The hero we need

I'm good at depressing and self-loathing, that doesn't make it a good thing to do.

Yeah, that happens. But I don't like playing alone, it's somewhat rare.

You could make it a dual purpose book. "Understanding the mentally handicapped"
I can see it flying off the shelves already

They're kind of fun to play, but everyone expects you to be stupid. I prefer to play a Mage anyway, mostly because it's the character I have with the most gear that doesn't suck too badly

It's also a way to spend time with old friends live far away.

Also it could be a general guideline for businesses of what not to do.

play with people! ^_^

i don't understand any of that.
i don't play wow


Or, a general guideline for businesses that are looking to fail :thinking:

Mages shoot spells. They're pretty fun as well, but kind of boring at the same time.
You can play it for free up to level 20, if you ever wanted to :)

Better argument. I could suggest dragging your friends in another game, but that may be unnerving. Well, do what feels best.

I don't know that many. Plus, I'm also tired of people. Like, normal buddy peoples who disappear from my life when they want and don't have a romantic value.

Well, that surely is something if I've heard of anything.

But every game is like that.

Pretty much any other online game has a better artistic direction than CS GO, same for the community I dare think.

at least your pic is cute

at least the video game wont leave you ^_^

Some people make businesses to fail sometimes. I don't understand the whole thing behind it, because I'm not business savvy

but I'm really fat

Yours are cute as well ^.^

Post ass

Not really, all the more interesting games tend to have a horrible community and you're likely to get depressed or get cancer.

What a coincidence, nor am I.

Problem is improving my life would probably need me to leave video games.

Can someone tell me the same thing ? Even if it's not the case.

Maybe. Too tired to debate.

I'll probably go sleep soon.

brb i'm playing practice range in overwatch

what are you going to improve?

Well, we mostly just play CSGO and PUBG, both have their own scaling of depression.
Otherwise I don't know what else to play, since they've already given up on MOBAs as those gave them terminal cancer.

We could start a business to fail and file for bankruptcy, I guess

Your pictures are cute ^.^

I'll be here. I have naught much else to do
Maybe Overwatch in a bit, if you would like


Would we get rich?

Knowledge, relationships, work, this kind of stuff. I feel like I am....inadequate no matter what I do. I'd like to know how to change that.

MOBAs are fine in my book. Why not try a MMO ? Since you seem to like FPS, Warframe might be interesting to try.

No joke, I'm almost crying of happiness here.

What am I supposed to feel ?

I have no idea

The girl is cute

As far as I know, MOBAs have been nominated to have the worst community ever.
I don't think my friends like MMOs too much, and I already have spent nearly 700 hours in Warframe.


Back to the drawing table then?

We can't, I sold it to pay for the power bill

She's kind of your...adoptive sister in Persona 4 ? It's kinda odd.

Aw, too bad.

so in other words a mobile onahole?

Oh.. well then.

Yeah, just need to wait for a new good FPS game.

That's kinda gross, even for here.

Well, off to sleep. Goodbye everyone.

Sleep well

Sleep well Adachi.

Ni ni to you


can't sleep help

what's a good animus mobile client that's not chrome

mugen: why am i only kind of gay? i can bang chicks for hours but only guys once.

sinni: well mugen, you're straight. you might get horny enough to fap to a cock every now and again, but ultimately, you're a straight man.

mugen: naw lol lemme make sure kyle got my saliva on his jeans and i ask yu agin



hydroxyzine is a prescription-only sedative antihistamine that is regularly available without prescription from canada.

worth a try for good nights sleep if you're not already your own cocktail artist

but if you take it during the day when you are wide awake your prime notable effect will be irritability. take it for bed time, don't be a dick.

Fuck it sleep

Alcohol is your friend.
As might be tritico, xanax, nyquill, warm milk with honey, levander tea..


try taking

addictive benzos

a warm honey beverage

heroin disulfate

all things in moderation

benzos only work long term though.


Sup fag

vallies work whenever you eat your first hundred

past that you can't remeber when they worked and when they didn't

Oh hey you.
Do you actually have a name?
Like it feels kinda silly to just call you "The duke of autism"

Ian my love

that is specifically the opposite of the benzo idea

the are ridiculously effective short term., but long term, they cause severe cognitive dysfunction

nice one kanra, lol, i feel like i've said before



How are you, darling?

vallies are my friends

but since the research grade dried up strandard D10s are £7 a pill

i mean i gotta be hecka fucking miserable before £7 a pill is an improvement

Some call me Duke. Others leaf. And here people think I'm other people
The choice is yours



all that healing and all i got was motorbike reaper

don't feel that way