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What is he trying to get you to ask me?

do you ever feel

like a plastic bag







These threads are always the weirdest threads on this site

You guys are still going this late huh

i got to talk to my buddy colbert about music theory today

That was fun
It's been a while since I got to discuss music stuff with anyone cause my best friend has been lazy with guitar for the past few weeks

we used to be 4ch but they kept banning us

You've always been the weirdest poster on this site.

I don't sleep well.

See people do find this fucking shithole by accident just by clicking around, it's just that 97% of the people who click here by accident probably leave immediately.

Sounds like you've been having a good time, that's good.
What are you still doing up this late?~

i wish i had people to discuss thing swith

bam, im a person, lets discuss things




I hate stuffed bears.

whats up, how are you doing?

Woke up.

Sippin' coffee. How you?


Fine, eating a brat, what sort of things did you want to discuss?


Plushes I love, just not bears.

Oh man I'm just fed up with an artists block except its about programman because idk where to continue.

show braadworst

what if its not the typical stereotypical style of stuffed teddy bear? are you just bear racist?


we're not going down that road

well just learn whatever looks interesting to you, start from whatever you do know and branch out till you find something you don't, tackle whatever looks interesting, no particular direction will call to you, you just have to attack what you want to know with the intention to learn it

Yes, I just hate bears.
I like sea creatures.
I pretty much just cover my bed in a mix of sea creatures, pokemon, and cats.

I like those jap style ones alright actually, better than the typical western one.

im sure going to bed is a very spiritual venture for you every night

Is it tasty at least?

can i haev a smol bite

Well no it's not like I don't know how to start, I have a pretty complex and complete product and I want to release a next update, but I'm really unsure about glaring bugs and stuff.

It's a long experience. I usually lie in bed and read bad isekai manga for an hour before sleep. Or if I am not feeling that I'll just curl up and activate self pity mode.
Most of the time I wake up after 4 hours or so anyway.

it was good and i already finished it so no

how can you be unsure if the bugs are glaring? it doesn't make sense to me that something glaring would be hard to approach unless you have to shield your eyes and curse to yourself as you ask "where do i even start?"

i know bug testing can be one of the most intensive phases of production

dang man that sounds rough, id much rather read than sit in bed and feel sorry for myself, hey if nothing else pal, you got a good eye for cute if that means anything to you


i mean just look at the massive size of this

Plus R* is gonna release some shit which probably breaks the mod in 1 day :(

why not just fap 2 slep

ooooooooohhhhhhhh, im functionally retarded in that sort of stuff but even i understand what some of the issue is there, even if you do want to work on any of the problems you see, the patch is still going to render most of it moot anyways

well good luck to you pal i hope the patch comes and nothing goes wrong tomorrow

I mostly read or watch stuff. The real problem is how often I can't sleep right before work.
I kept waking up the other day from dreams where I left work and was going to my car and someone mugged and killed me on the way.
Really gets the adrenaline going.

I don't do that ever.

The 3d girl is horrifying.
3d is the worst.

wow thats pretty paranoid, and no fapping before sleep either. you're really hardcore with the PG cutesy stuff safe mode, not to say you don't have any sexual desires or anything like that but you must be pretty careful about it

kill me

feels good but stiky

but hey look on the bright side, the block isn't really your fault, you have clear goals and ideas you just have to wait for lots of other dumb shit to fall into place sometimes before you can do what you want, and that's a very relateable problem.

I'll just release it as-is prolly after patching it :shrug:

I will not larp as asexual or something stupid like that, I just have a low drive.
I have dreams of dying fairly often, that and ones that I overslept for work and I wake up in a panic of being late only to find out it's super early.

I don't like sticky.

find a girl who does this

this is me and you

That's pretty gay.

its the waiting game that sucks, all this potential for thinking that can't be immediately spent, it feeds back on itself and goes in loops

that just sucks, but dreams about dying never usually bother me too much, being late or back and school? oh please bring back the dreams of death, makes me think real death won't be so bad you know? it's just all the stuff leading up to it, now i'm not a death seeker or anything, but it's interesting to think about how much our brains love to throw that stupid bullshit at us

at school*

I don't mind the death dreams, it's just a pain to wake up from them. I used to have one where I was riding a bike down my street and get killed in various ways before I make it to the end. One time I made it to the end and died anyway.
The only dreams that bother me are ones of my dog that passed last year.

i just want pats


yes, let me join you.

well its kind of empty here, so as long as you don't tell no one *gives pats*

what the fuck is that vaporeon cutting itself for? no one wants to be its trainer?


how did it even hold a knife

Dunno, but there are a bunch of cutting vap pics
I like them

well you shouldn't cut or do anything dumb like that, leaves lots of nasty scars you end up hating later on, got a family member with self-image issues and she has a daughter now so it's sad to see those lines on her arms, even if shes doing better now

i guess with art its acceptable but the culture surrounding the creation of such art confuses me since i have never participated in activities like that

I don't cut, not my style.
Between the scars and the anticipation of pain / mess, I am not into it.
If I were to cut it would be longways for results, not sideways for attention.
Even then, not my style.

oh yea? how would you want to go out then?

Want to go out? Any way I can. I'd need something like nitrous or cyanide though. Easy and painless to start, but once you do it you can't take it back.

Well you can get cyanide in jeweler cleaner and if you don't have a record wouldn't be hard to get your hands on, must not want to go out that desperately.. but hey as long as you're still bouncing around on this little blue ball with us, you can toss me on your discord if you feel like it, mine is BD#8815, just posting it now because i won't be in thread too much longer

try to beat my 59.1 miles I just got

I'm not allowed to add people on discord.
I'm more likely to overdose on my prescription medication even though I know it won't kill me when I"m on a low then end up with my parents making me get help. I would rather not bother doing that though.

fair enough, what do you mean not allowed? does someone check it?

tried to go to sleep but started getting sad about my dog again ; ~:

My husband does not let me make new friends.

"husband"? sounds more like you're their pet, well.. it's none of my business

Darwin is very controlling.


Oh, it's Darwin, wait are you guys like officially gay married?

I am his lovely wife.


wait you're a girl? never knew that lmao


i can see you share some of the same infuriating vagueness darwin has

well whatever, i can't say that its particularly healthy, but you are of course free to do as you choose, i can't say you seem particularly happy but i hope you guys get on well

We are the bestest of partners.
Okay, it was nice talking to you I will head off now .I have work tomorrow which I should be at least slightly rested for.

dont get the wrong idea im not saying you guys dont seem like you are happy together, as a pair, im saying you, as an individual don't seem too happy

sleep well i have to go as well

i want to fap but i cant get bothered to :////



Can't just steal a girl's panties like that


you need to gt someone to do it for you



That was special

Funnily enough Youtube is cluttered with versions of that with Rasputin played over it.
And they removed that version once, so I had it saved and converted it to webm.

ra ra rasputin /

lover of the Russian queen

Is Batr any better today?

I'm having trouble sleeping and I need to start moving in 4 hours and i need to work in 8

Get some chamomile or vanilla tea, or just warm some milk.

The thought of warm milk makes me gag.

fuck, almost missed

fuck i wish i had people to discuss shit with :C

I need a huggo

RIP Ikt.

poor girl


Ikt is a cute girl

Where is proofs?


On the internet





Too lewd!
I need to take a shower


how 2 deal /w stres

by posting more Megumin

i need somebody to talk to

Soon you will, in school

Talk to this twink faggot

Not at all, I just got out of bed


hey now...

Bed is comfy though.
Slept alright?

I slept
That's about all that could be said for it

Well I guess it can't be helped then...

That sounds pretty meh

That's pretty much how you could describe all my sleep


That sucks

It's all good
I've never really slept very well, so I'm quite used to it

Good nights of sleep are still needed

After long enough, you get used to not sleeping enough :)

God I want to mate with Anastasia


She is mine

Duke I have some bad news...

Yes, we uploaded those ourselves

I want to cum in her ass then lick it out

I would ask that you not make such comments about my wife

I want to make her wear a collar and lick my cum out of a dog bowl after sucking my cock

Tfw ougi is so cute but i cant betray nadeko

Owari S2 spoilerino Ougi is Koyomi tho


It's best not to pay that one any mind.

It was upsetting



My husbando is better anyhow.

i had a cousin who could do that with a cherry stem, never met a girl who could do it tho..

lemme move in

lemme smash


They do say males are better at sucking dick

Illegal though

I also wanna fuck that guys waifu.

and handjobs, i also hear a lot of happy lesbians with sex and such, who would of thought that having what your partner has would help you understand it better

of course i'm not trying to say homosexual masterrace or anything, we aren't whiptail lizards


I'll be your waifu.

I'm only interested in other peoples waifus.

Best way to live life

I already got a roommate, and the contract I signed states that only two people tops are allowed to live in this kind of apartment

You're my waifu.

What now, huh?


I'm about to move out but anxiety through the roofio

God I want to breed with you

Everyone has their own preferences

why do you even want the kids though? for gene security? passing down your particular seed?

Mine just happen to be better than anyone elses.

I guess i'm into myself ?


everything is going to be okay

I don't love yours, and yours does not love me. That's the situation with my waifu

Wait what no


Me on the right you on the left

And moving in with a stranger from another country would somehow make you feel less anxious?
You're silly~

To preserve the superior white race, of course!


i mean you're making the assumption that i'm white, and even though that is correct it was a dangerous assumption to make and one you probably didn't know for sure

I'm gonna go fuck myself so you get cucked to death.

imma dude

yeah but you're a huge weeb fag so its ok

wait no

It's ok im a girl


This is the internet, we're all white and males here, until it has been proven to not be the case

But I've never watched anime

are you gonna cry ?

I told you, am no a cute


I killed quite a few of those


Luka :)

If you really wish~



you're posting 2hu

Gonna go for a fap.

just like that

Touhou is a game, not an anime :thinking:

They are precious.


This but unironically.

Blame Speccy, he made me do it

Until recently, I didn't even know what Touhou was, and that momiji was from it. And I didn't even know her name either until after I started posting here.

That's how little weeb I am

Go play robots

Hu is just a weeb, don't listen to him.

That's okay Hu, she's a cute to post so it's all good

You're not allowed.

Also, Touhou is Chinese, I'm pretty sure

i have like an hour left of this and ive never played shenmue so i guess ill be doing that

a hentai game

You watch horses!

I'm already done though.

Literally not at all

And pretty too

Nippon it seems

Not since 2012 actually

Isn't it a SHMUP


But you DID watch! Ha!

Boolet hell thing.


Pretty indeed, yes

So it is. Oh well





Did you sleep well? :)

That just makes me a horsefucker, not a weeb

Could well have been Chinese, not that it would change much.
Chinese character fits perfectly on an image board where people are posting characters from Chinese cartoons~

Not enough manual (You's). Keep going.


*pat pat*

i had a dream


Was it a good dream? :)


Hu a bull ee :(

was that even a minute ?

give me more

One of these days someone's not gonna let you get away with this lie anymore.

lots of death.

That's me

You wish


That doesn't sound so good :(
I have bad dreams as well, except when I dream of my waifu

No more bull :(

is that a rubber piece of bread

I'm not your bull though

Yep, she's a wolf, she eats anything

even partially used squeaky toys

What makes you post awoo tho


16 seconds max

You're a partially used squeaky toy

*spreads navel*

Spit in here


I need to get a MAGA hat a MAN is not complete without one

This faggot over here made me save some and told me to post them
Same reason I've also posted some Megumin your way


So you just do



she's cute too

Last I checked I couldn't find a place to order one from either
I wanna piss off liberal idiots with a single hat too

Get the woodland camo one.

These are also lies, he was literally posting awoos at me before I ever suggested using it here.

eh ive been called worse

You can get cheap chinese knockoffs off Amazon I think, or at least you could at some point. Nobody will know it's not the real deal anyway

uh.... no?

Yeah I'm pretty proud.

Of course the best girl ever is.

I was referring to Momiji though~

Gonna get one of each style

But the real ones are made by AMERICAN workers in AMERICAN factories on AMERICAN soil and that is why that stuff is GREAT

But you are bull me :(


Hecking bamboozled.


arent trump hats made in china


Whatever nerd.
One of these days the curtain comes back.

There's so many meme ones now. But you missed out on the good'ns like Green and Black.

The $30+ ones on the official site say made in USA.
The $5 Amazon knockoffs say made in China.

Good luck getting it shipped, not sure they do so.
But I agree, wouldn't like a cheap knockoff either

You love it~

Megumin is too though, shh

Not at all ; - ;


Would hug the Momiji

Wouldn't we all?

I'm sure some people wouldn't want to

i wanna pat it

what if they are made in china and the label is put on in the usa


Some people aren't people


Everyone is people, silly




corporate govt espionage
mercy is a clone



I don't think you've met a gypsy before
A fruit fly is more of a human than those subhuman degenerates

The only real choice

Do NOT touch.

its dry

Still so young~




yes you are

*opens exhentai*

You were a Mercy clone? :o

Never met a gypsy before, no

The name just doesn't match

Everyone is people, but people are disgusting for the most part

heres a wet face cloth

good g irl


the original mercy was assainated

It would be too big a compliment for some

thanks keyboard


Sure it does, it ain't like I'm a cat.


Poor Mercy ; - ;
You'd be better anyway

Such as?

But then you're saying that Holo is Cato?

Good dog!

Of course

Jack kind of stated some already

i wasn't anything in the dream

also not allowed

not the same

Shouldn't it be doggo then?

Hmm, I see

I still think you would do it better :)

If cato had anything to do with cats, yes!

But catos are cats

man im so stressed out



Ban post smooth plump thighs

hmmm... okay
i'll use this spray bottle

huh? why are you trying to make it about me?


I'm not. I'm just saying you would be a better Mercy than Mercy is :x


Where will you be moving? Would you be moving in with someone, or just in a new apartment by yourself?



not the same

what's up?

Eindhoven, near school. Free travel stopped this year and I've been postponing shit for way too long, so I gotta make decisions now. Travelling is pretty damn expensive but so is moving out. Not sure what my plans are at all :(

Koume's smooth pump thighs.

Nothing pleases Ban, clearly.
Yet you're all trying in vain.

i require healing

what do i do?

i'm thinking about Minecraft

I sure as shit don't.


What about it?

Just wait till I drug him


Maybe some fellow students are in the same position as you, whom you can move in with to share rent, food and things

Only you can please Ban

Heilstrahl aktiviert

Soto do you have a sister named Jenifer ?

Sure as shit don't what?


fat face


Good afternoon.


Hi Hu!


i wanna play it with everyone

those eyebrows are dumb
why is that style a thing


SOunds nice



pls no



Literally Lewdka


yes hello to you too

what are you up to today?

i want more summer vacations that last all year

lets go sob together


All my sisters have weird names lol

Bored, which is a feeling I haven't had in a while.

you didn't even answer


It's true

Would you like to play some later? :)

i want

I like to cry in public so I at least get some attention out of it.

What are they ?

anime tiddies


You saved my Anyan

It looks so cute with that edit ^.^

they were only my knees

Whats your bra size ?

nope i saved it ages before i knew you existed.

average enough for me. thankfully not too big.

You want what?

But that doesn't increase self-loathing.

That's even better! We have simiilar tastes, perhaps

But whats average ?

Hi nezi!

but it ain't even pronounced like that!

and ?

flat is gud 2

How is it pronounced? :)

why is this image so perfect

you do you


That's an interesting way to say it :o

I do


maybe your more like me than you think.

not too small



Also flat chests?

I guess we'll have to talk more so I can find out :o

Give me an example.

That's how the name is pronounced, though
There are a couple generally unrelated origins, but the Roman one is the most common here.

That's rather interesting. I only have lame names, as you can see :(

That's a pretty aweoms ename.

It's rather uninspired though

its a good thing why sad

better than ikt



i dunno


Luka do you live alone


Those are pretty big

post tits