Trump is a white supremacist. So what? There's nothing wrong with that, because this is a free country

Trump is a white supremacist. So what? There's nothing wrong with that, because this is a free country.

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McGregor is gonna nail the nigger

this makes as much sense as using a hillclimb time attack vehicle in a drift match

As an irish man who has spent time in Ireland I want McGregor to fucking die already so I don't have to listen to fucking dockrat vanloading cigarette-rolling dubcuck fuckheads talking about FOOCKING MACKGREGGAR ever again

the man is a plague and I want him to be put down

arent u spanish

I mean

Normally I think a boxer has an advantage in a boxing match vs an mma fighter

but hes also not just a normal boxer

hes like 50 - 0 or something

y'all are mainstream media idiots


they roll a cigarette

say "fooking macgreggar li'e"

and then they spit one of their own teeth onto the ground. seriously. these fucking dublin boys. i swear to god.

Even Mayweather's father was saying he isnt what he used to be.

Loco is a spic and a fenian too

Does anyone even like Mayweather ?

Everyone was booing him last night


google tho

Mayweather has never fought anyone worthwhile until now anyway

I think so

Boxing is fucking lame though

boxing < mma

they should put one of them against a kung fu master

violent sports :(

the kung fu guy would lose

what if ninjas

He would die

Dublin bois

give Hitler a statue

Ew, she's scratching her butt.

Didn't you like anal

*pat* ye


I don't know who you are. But bless you Loodz.

I am the blessing of today

post convincing traps




Sup you loser, it's been a long time since we've talked, have you cheered up any?

heck i have no trap reaction images

weird pic

its not showing her cute face

RIP underwhelming... nothing in that pic

but luka
dat ass

what are you a critic

luka prefers bukkake


loco post balls


faces are for squares


i don't get it.

is there supposed to be something special? :\


Luka :)

Luka :)

Luka :)


I appear to have started a trend :o

Blondie died

Luka :)

Luka ._.

gimme m3 gtr /w straight cut gears

I wanna go see my friends but I'm about to move my stuff

Have your friends move your stuff.

yes as you can see i have what needs to be moved gathered up

Well? get to it then

oh god i think i came

This is all mine now.

i just used this site:

and aparently i have every single item for the event
Zarya Red weightlifter
score goal in air acheive spray (bicycle kick spray that looks like korra)
motorbike reaper
Cricket junkrat

and Cute Widow skin ;~;

other than that, i have everything else, and the site says i would need 10k for these 5 last items...



Holy moly! That's impressive. Would you like to play some with me, perhaps? :)


i just finished grinding out arcade so no more loot boxes from that ;~;

all that's left is QP ;~;

Don't want to play then? Or do you want to play QP? :)

its posting


i guess so, just give me a few minutes to tag everything else i own on that site.



I'll be ready in a few minutes as well :)

how did i do as Diva? ^_^

Very well :3
Did I do a good Mercy? :D


my hero academia doesn't air this week

gonna kill myself

holy shit the boxing prelim reminded me of how fucking awful boxing is

Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up, check shit on my phone and have a reddit frontpage full of "Mayweather totally kicked McGregor's arse"-memes.

BYU cougars!



My schools mascot was a cougar.

BYU Cougars!

which sport even is that

i want to cum inside nenechi

Mine was the redskins



Mine was way cooler


Keep going desu.



spec, you there?

How does one find out about welding classes in an area?


I found me a girlfriend!

What anime is she from?



I am now, what's up?


Are they mormon ?






How's Kyle this evening?


That does not answer my question.

It's rather accurate.

I can't do this
I'm going to go sleep and pretend it's me dying but instead it's just me napping.




Googles and I are doing memes with this group in ArmA. You might be interested. They have no where near my level of a realism boner, and I'm not a huge fan. But if y'all have fun I'm fine with playing with them anyways.


Cool, I'll look into it and send it Nom's way as well.
Still need to go check out the new free map too.
Oh, and the "Orange" DLC was announced. It's shit.


Nom the pony?

the talking anime is good


Rakugo? If you're to the part with the flashback have no expectations of it ending anytime soon.

Also there's a second series that comes directly after the first. It's really just where the show is brought back to the present.

I can only vaguely remember him.

defeat :(

But I won for being able to play with you :)

at least you got that~

I noticed when the opening sequence was all about the geisha, and the other two. It's sorta awesome. They talk about learning to learn. Up to the part where Kikuhiko recalls Sukeroku giving him advice, and him ignoring it, studying his ass off, just to realize his peer was ahead of him. We know he ends up becoming a master, but yea, tiny revelations.

I love the openings to this show more than most series

Did you have fun? :)

Well of course, we met in our prayer group

It's a good one. but there are better. The problem with anime, is that I sometimes get swept up in them, forgetting that just because some clever Japanese person wrote a detailed and rational explanation for a thing, doesn't mean it's useful or true. But I WANT to take stuff away from the series so far. But I know that's probably for the same reasons people buy into wise sayings, whether or not they're consistently useful or true.

Sometimes it's better to just enjoy the characters and plot than to be analyzing what you can "take away" from a series.

Just, turn your brain off and enjoy? An anime that is serious in tone, sometimes lends itself to be taken seriously, on purpose. Like, what does it mean to tell a story? Why is it obvious when someone is a bad storyteller, even though they're well rehearsed and preacticed, compared to someone who is consistently good?

There's a whole scene where it dawns on him, all the reasons he performed his rakugo, and why it made his style and overall abilities inferior to Sukeroku. This is an anime where you're allowed to take it apart a little.


So you've taken my advice ?

I knew it would work

anyways. caffeine.

That's the only thing that matters then :)

caffinated. now what.


To live is to exist in waking agony.

don't mind me, just counting the seconds til someone has an answer.

Put a pixy stick down your pee hole and jerk off.

I too have had coffee.

Continue watching Rakugo.

I identify with this on a spiritual level.

I will, but your whole 'stop thinking' thing

do not conjure such images to my mind's eye

I didn't say stop thinking.

then how much

Just enough.

It's still just an anime.

I refuse to answer

did you take anything from it?

That I liked it. I enjoyed the storytelling style, watching a cast of characters go through their entire lives.

I didn't extract anything philosophical from it.

Fuck off Kroni.

even though it's clearly written to emphasize the story of how these characters grow and learn, and what it means to be good at something. That the his internal voice is about 'things in general' about life a lot of the time, on top of the things about himself.

even though it's about tradition and rank. changing times. about entertainment and being taken in by stories in general, specifically mentioning that the Japanese people were doing it to cope from the war, how Sukeroku said he realized it was what he wanted to do after performing for the soldiers-

do you consider that philosophical, or just part of the story? or both?

Test says to tell you he won't be responding.

what are you some kind of lackey

can you ask him what tone he wanted that message delivered with?

Sexual desire.

tell him I understand.

and stop calling me Izaya.


lol a couple of random people are Punching each other live right now...

and millions of people are watching it for some reason?


I have no interest in the fight honestly.
It's all dumb.


they just looked like they were lightly tapping each other anyways.

It's to get points.



i imagined two of them just going ham and actually fighting.


That doesn't make money though.

Izaya was never an approved nickname is all

I have called you it for years and you never said anything.
Also give me all fox images by that artist.

it bothered me the entire time

and sec

at least you do ^_^



I need to make a Fox folder and a Wolf folder someday.
This image is cute.





These are wonderful.

rip thread being spammed????


He's doing it for me.

Don't worry

I'm here

that's the last of em.



oh ok



wow whoops i meant to post this image of yui eating cake wtf



ching chong kung fu


Hi there hu chan nice to see you

up to much besides RS today?

i packed up all my stuff and started moving it over to the new house
last night here then i gotta move and set up my room tomorrow before work

Nothing yet, woke up half an hour ago so still in bed.
o-oh, I guess that means you won't be around here much tomorrow?
I hope you'll enjoy your new place and that work on your part and studies on mine, won't mean we won't be posting at the same time anymore except during the weekends

I've never been good at goodbyes

Good thing there are no goodbyes then

Woah ho ho h
spoiler alert

good fight
fucking lost it at 'let me wobble back to me corner' though
what a fucking hero

i am thouroly bummed out but not surpised in the slightest

All you motherfuckers talking down on my nigga Floyd get fucked on

How y'all even thought that little Irish shit was gonna hold up come on now

I thought he did well, not at all disappointed
Everyone knows he'd kill Mayweather with MMA rules, and he did better than most boxers have in the ring

Luka :)

I mean to be fair he's stronger, faster, taller, and has a longer reach
He's just super limited by boxing


Good morning Hu. You're awake awfully early

No, not "to be fair". If he had won the fact that he's an MMA fighter would just have been spun to his advantage like "lol how did floyd expect to beat an MMA fighter anyway" so I don't care for a statement saying he's limited.
The match happened how it happened and the better man won. We can say he's "limited" or we can say that he's just not a good boxer.

Rather, that floyd is better than him. Is Floyd a better MMA fighter? remains to be seen

And good evening to you~
6:15 every day, not early

oh, he's retarded

6:15 is far too early!


Not at all


Ahhh, that's such an adorable picture!

That time of day exists to punish people

But the Sun is even up then. It's a good time to wake up

The sun also is up at like 8 in the winter


more like 9. Then sets at like 4.
Winter sucks

Do you wake up at 9 in the winter then? :D

Yeah I agree wholeheartedly

While I respect that fact that mcgregor is an mma artist
he's not a match for the current undefeated boxing champion in boxing

No excuses or nothing to be said
straight facts

no :3

You monster!

only two days left to pull the widow from a box

Gotta be up for studies and so, though I could sleep an hour more if I really wanted to.
I just prefer slowly waking up in the morning so I can head off without being in complete zombie mode

I'm sending you some luck :)
Have you gotten all your boxes today?

What do you study?
I only take about half an hour to get ready and head out for anything

yeah, no new boxes.... for 2 days.
if i don't pull her from level up boxes in the next 48 hours. i'm spending 3k on her.

I like having plenty of time, it's nice~
I'm just weird

3k what? I don't understand Overwatch really well yet

I suppose that explains why you head out relatively early to some of the posters here

the currency

I want to tap bard's lower back.

I've never doesn't that stuff much. I only bought one skin on my friends account once

if you got coins you can get the thing you want before the event goes away for a year.

I only have 50 :(

Going to bed at 10pm is best time to go to bed~


loot boxes?!

that's incredible!!! do a loot box opening vid~

I've been trying to do that lately, but my sleep schedule had gotten kind of screwed up this week

I meant 50 currency. Sorry :(
I open all my boxes as I get them

*grammar correction


When do you work tomorrow?

Takes a few days to fix ones sleeping schedule

like 3 pm.

Get fucked Scoot

Then I guess anything goes.

It does. I may leave it as is though, the way things are right now isn't so bad
I never had anyone to play games with, but now I do. The time difference kind of sucks though, so I want to get as much time there as I can

i feel fucking rad man

my redneck coworker telling everybody all shift about how mcgregor was gonna win, bet all this money
blah blah blah

If it works for you, then that's good, especially if it means you got people you can do stuff with

Provided they still want to. I hope so, I enjoy spending the time with them :)

That's the best part

I'm sure it's a shared feeling

That would make me happy :)
I'm scared I come off as a bit clingy though

do you have anything cute on your brand new account?

Why is Nonon so great ?

Say something nice about her.

How much did you have?

I know Georgie's going to be nursing a deathly hangover.

She has a mean left hook like floyd mayweather

The only thing I really have is that widow skin

her theme is the 3rd best

like a flask.
i'm drunk but not dying. i am trying really hard to keep it together.

How cute~

She has red hair and she's not you

Why is that cute!

I don't see how this makes any sense

whats the first and second ?

Are you color blind by any chance ?

blumenkranz and PING PONG CIRCULATE


Being concerned you may come off a bit clingy, is.

pink, red, same same.
Unless the character you posted isn't nonon

I don't see how it's cute :/

im jelly

That's even more so


I kinda agree.

Her hair is only pink though.

I want to be good enough at what I do so I don't have to work very hard

If I could give it to you, I would do so without a thought :)

Bah! You're silly

well of course
I'm only always right.

Red enough for me


Thats a good joke.

Absolutely are! Explain to me how any of that was cute

take that back and you can have some of my righteousness

The real reason he lost honestly

I could use a nice's been stressful

oh well~

I don't find you clingy, I'm not sure others do either yet you still concern yourself with it. That's pretty cute

Why are stressed?

Convince Blizzard to let me do it and it's yours :3

But you don't see all of it here

moving stuffs : (
Gotta get up at noon to finish and then work

my room is going to be so small ;~:

I honestly wanted Mcgregor to win, but everyone saying he would is delusional

I won't

Why are you moving? I hate moving.
Mostly because I hate change.

But I see none of it here

You see some of it, at least

i'm not that worried anyways.

ive got plenty of coin in the game ready.

i also hate moving
I hatd to move alot when I was a kid so it's always been a bad thing in my mind

my mom ad the guy she was dating are splitting up but they've been together for the ppast 5 years so it's annoying

jeez I thought my current room was fucking small though I swear this next one is like 8 x6

*kisses a girl*
*She has a orgasm*

well now your statement isn't relevant since its wrong

maybe just a little then?

Bard I picked bass

Which model?

Haven't bought anything yet, I may ask you tomorrow

I think I'll start on 5 string, I know 4 is easier but I want to push myself


your life stresses me out.

well now that you're set on a bass and tossing up the model

You'll have to decide on what kind of strings you like

The best in my opinion are also some of the most expensive

Elixir Strings run between 40 and 60 dollars for a set, but will last you between 1 and 3 years if yu don't break them

Then you have a good standard string in my opinion

These are about 20-30 a pack and will last anywhere from 2 months to about 10

Ernie Ball
15-30 bucks
save as the dadarrios but these are the only strins I've ever snapped by slapping

And then GHS boomers
running from 10-20
They have an annoying red top part of the string and die at about 5 or less months
but they do the job

There's still a world of strings out there I left untouched but these are the ones I would feel comfortable reccomending

What's your budget looking like for your whole rig?

I'm talking bass, amp all that jazz

I will probably end up asking the people at the store tbh.

For now? Like $600ish. Maybe a bit more if I really love something

Nothing wrong with that Just make sure to try to dive into a bit of online research or they might noobtrap you into something shitty

You go to your local store much?

Ours just fucking closed last month
And hold up a tit I'll link you up to my personal reccomendation on a 5 string rig

Colbs, learn to play the gun.

Like I said, I'll be asking you lol

I don't go to music stores much at all, considering my situation

I am fairly proficient at shooting, I just don't really care for it

Perhaps give some thought to a used Music man Sterling
just a step down from the Stingray which is a beefy ass jazz bass
usually retails a bit over 1k so a used one would be about 4 to 800 or so

Something a bit cheaper the Schecter diamonds are cute to look at , have active pickups and aren't too shabby

and last I can pull up to mind would be the bottom of the acceptable barrel

Ibanez make super cheap stuff
Maybe won't be the best

Maybe won't end up keeping it for long
But it's good eough to learn on and will handle play for a ggood while

I'm a utilitarian, I'll go with the one that works best for what I want

I'll hit you up tomorrow when I'm buying, thanks for the advice

The nanny You need

is Katherine McPhee



No, me. ?

Yes, me.

fuck...just being around you gets me so wet....

M-me too.


A fruitless effort.

I didn't plan on swimming today

Surprises are part of the fun of life.
If life was fun that is.

I want to go swimming in Lulu.

Don't you mean with?

I've just swam in this place before

oh good mornig dars i didn't see you there

W-will you pet my headfin?

just spent 45 minutes making this meme



Wings then?

s-so whatt brings you around so late?~

Daw wins pway wif my feets !!!! ~

I'd subvert Bard if you catch my drift

I got super excited for a second and was going to link my meme but then I realized I already posted it in here

man though

I bet that has t be super annoying to have a tail and not bei able to wear underwear correctly

the elastic would always be pushing up and irrritating the tail too.....

Lulu is a whore


It is not particularly unusual for me to be present at this hour. To answer the question, boredom.

a feeling unnapeaing


You just leave a hole in the underwear for the tail to go through, that would be the best option for sure

She's selling services on the street corner in skimpy clothing

And she takes semen as payment.

You seem uh....pretty knowledgable about how to go through life with a tail comfortably.....Sometimes.....

I wonder about you...... I just don't know.......

My secret is out, rip

Things are much better now with you two here.

What is this?

The new champion, he can apparently upgrade items, like give IE +30 damage or something for a price

Haven't played since his release tho so no idea if he's any good. I just laughed when I saw the picture

tails r fien

Oh, it is hilarious.

What's it like, being an anthropomorphic wolf girl?

t-thank too.....


Now this is better.

Tails are great

i-is alright

Why is that dog wearing pantsu?

There's too many productive things I have to do
I cannot decide which to start with, so I'm stuck here.

so uh do you like...wear a leash and stuff....??

Why isn't that dog wearing pantsu?

Begin with the easiest one.

That's no dog, it's a slave

Laundry it is then.

Because clothes on animals, is apparently supposed to be arousing


Do you eat from a bowl on the ground?

how's the insurance? I've actually been tossing up the idea of applying to be a wolf girl myself

Insurance is alright if you just got yourself a good and caring owner

o-oh gosh.....

brb slowly pealing my socks off with my toes.

It's the best



let us watch

do you call them master o / / o

well that's a one and done if I've ever seent it

what is pubg


Playerunkown's Battleground

No, but only because they really hate that

I am so hard thinking about it.

what's the fun in having a master if you can't call them master


You get to tell everyone else you have one.

Fuck that sounds awesome

CM Punk (wrastling) vs Mickey Gall (UFC)

knda relevant to the start of the thread

it's got like a cloud effect over the camera cause youtube copyright evasion, don't panic

They still get to dominate you~


Just ask your own dog, I'm sure they're happy with you too


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Why do I have to go look for lulz on chans when it all surrounds me in the from of constantly crying devastated liberal snowflakes