W-will you help me put my pantsu on?

W-will you help me put my pantsu on?

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Darwins fuccbois are aggro


idk what i aim for

tempted to livestream, getting drunker than my fingers can function

this is when it's funny

I mean if I had any less reason t this point, I' play the game but fair enough~

How are you doing?

Among other horrid things there's a chance of losing the place I grew up in for good. Losing a good source of memories of my mom.

shit lol

hi 5

here my Speccy


I know that feel.

That sounds sad, not funny.

oh ye of little faith

Cauliflower is gay and ruined supersaiyan

Sounds dun
Im trapped at work

Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that.
Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

Not really, it's my dad's place and he seems intent on moving in with any woman he starts seeing

Are you in jail ?

I heard you got got

barely got got

He is alive!

I heard Swedish jail is more like a hotel anyways.


Well, do you still have the same old job?
I mean, in case you could consider buying the place, although I feel like it might be too pricey..
How about an apartment of your own?


Mei is daemon lol

iduno, maybe a motel

Oh no where I live means nothing at all. I just don't want to lose that piece of her. Asking him to have two places is stupid and I can't buy it so ye.

Well then, I think what's coming is kind of inevitable then.

Which is why I think it hurts even more. There's not even a fight to keep the memories.

mei is cute...

I was more worried that you'd be homeless.

But evil

got zero copyright emails on tonights drunken dj

playing more obscure tracks payed off

I'm feelin a tinychat tonight.

Casper man, long time no see,

she is?

i'm only now actually listening to It's Everyday Bro

how many suicides has this caused

Wish it caused yours


Luka :)

where is casper

this was for casper


he knows






Greetings, people I don't know!
And Luka

Hello :)



I've been asked that a lot. Still not sure who Rin is.
Sorry to disappoint you

Oh well, that's his fault not yours, dude outta stick to a name.
Who are you though?

Just a random loser wandered this way from 4chan. I've been here only a few days

Enjoying your stay ?

I am so far. It's a nice comfy spot here

Yeah well just give it a little time..

that rin?

Fuck off TP

o-okay ;;

I dunno, I think it can't be too bad. Drama is just drama


until someone writes your name on their dick..

same country and similar image tastes. it's an easy mistake


I have someone try to e-rape me on Discord every day. My name on a dick seems kind of tame

I've heard that a lot. There seem to be a lot of Leafs here

there are a fair number

have people called you eva a lot too?

wait, are you eva?


My my, a popular one are you?

What's the point of even asking that, like you do you expect eva to go "Oh yeah it's me WADDUP"

really? sorry love

eva has admitted his ruses in the past

he didn't reveal spoilers tho sadly

Never been called Eva before. Not sure who that is. No, not Eva. Just some wayward autist from 4chan /waifu/

Just the focus of someone with ASPD at the moment. Used to be the focus of 2, but I managed to shake one off.
I wouldn't call myself popular, more like, someone people feel pity for

happy friday night everyone

ah yeah you'll get called eva a lot for sure. big time namechanger

so i got this 2 weeks free satellite radio in my ride and i've been listening to CBC 3 a lot

you moosefuckers have dope public radio

Friday night is just another night

y-you too ;;

Well a person wouldn't change names just to confirm it's them when asked.
Unless it's rin.
Or Emma.
But both of those are pretty obvious.

Easy solution for that.
Stop giving them reasons to feel pity for you.

All good.
You really should not have posted that though.

Waddup 10x

the dick pic? i sorta regret it but not really. like who cares. everyone should post dicks tbh

but spoiler them of course. this is a family board

Nah, you could ask in the spammed to hell waifu threads if you wanted confirmation for it. Luka and Squash could probably vouch for me too
Never bothered listening to CBC3.
Our public radio is Liberal as fuck, and I really hate listening to it. Not that I listen to the radio ever anyway

Working very hard on that now. Not a simple task for someone with lots of problems

I'll pass

hi i'm new

it's the night before the weekend tho

drinking tonight?

advanced poster identifying technology ;;

ntm how's your night going?

Doesn't mean much if every day is pretty much a weekend day for you

yeah like a grimes song came on and i was all like

lol i have this cd in my car

digging the liberal indie canadian music atm

OOHHH like the waifu threads on Holla Forums?

those are a trip. like they're not even avatarfags. i think they just legitimately love their waifus

eww get a better flag homo

of course you homo


You are so full of shit, you didn't want me to have leverage but you fucked yourself over because it would never even occur to me to post it.

You are doing it again.
You need to try harder.

Hi new, I'm no, I won't stoop that low

You aren't exactly the most difficult person to identify.
Eh, games here, alcohol there, the regular..
How's yours?

Never listened to Grimes.
They have an entire program on CBC 1 dedicated to abo music. It's awful

Yeah, Holla Forums 4chan waifu threads, and I can confirm, I love my waifu and would gladly spend my life with her
We have our fair share of avatarfags there though. Others who just wander into the circlejerk

My apologies.

i would die for my flag you FUCKHEAD

never be afraid to stoop that low.
it's a classic.

Fry Eisen > Matsu Eisen.

if I posted matsus here i would be even more of a thread ghost

neet? reee!

nope just blazing and watching movies - what's new?

nice, sounds enjoyable~ I've just been relaxing and movies all day now... what games have you been playing? I am going to play the new call of duty beta this weekend

This guy has a cuckpass just to spam threads. Wow

In between jobs, you could say. I could have asked my boss for work this week, but my brother is visiting, and I don't get to see him much

Never mind, I'm fucking dumb

Eventually you stop being surprised about the thread spam and stop caring.

I don't really care about it. I thought he was actually retarded enough to buy a pass to skip the 15 second and captcha requirement

Eventually you stop caring about anything

It's alright, you'll get a hang of it.
At least you made a right choice coming here, I guess, noone regular is gonna care about your problems, too busy with their own.

Classic is just a fancy word for "overused"

So far, it is.
Eh. replaying deus ex for millionth time and passively grinding osu and League.
Emma and Subtle are away and I have noone to show off to but at least I feel good about my own progress so that's something..

lol yeah. i had posted my dong before though, just no one saved it

abo music?

like aboriginal digerady(sp?) doo shit?

that's a pretty good selection i guess

she doesn't have some dumbass hat

i've tried to post there a few times but the captchas get too annoying for fast-style-attentionwhoring posting

whoa whoa whoa man don't drive your car into me please

i had the most embarrassing target trip

oy vey


life sucks and then you die

it's iconic

It is the ultimate nirvana.

give me one reason why i shouldn't

i don't have a single black friend who isn't just a facebook friend

Guess it was me that made you shine then.

But it's so lame.

Fixing that habit, or rather, getting back into the habit of keeping it hidden from everyone, is a tricky thing to do. Waifu threads I kept getting people asking about things, and it just started coming out

North American abos. I just call them abos because it's easier
Even if she had a dumbass hat, I would still love her just as much. She doesn't even really fit my "type", but there's just something about her. It's a very long, and slightly pathetic story, so I won't get into it
Her and her singing partner have these adorable hats though, I love their outfits!
You can get quite good at doing it, to the point you can reply quick enough that you have to wait for the 15 seconds to pass to auto post the next

oic well as long as things aren't too dire

I know the feels, I always like to compare clash of clans stuff with subtle but I never see him around on here when I am... the grind is still fun tho

what were you going to buy there?

me neither actually
feels good man

there's much worse
"two peanuts were walking down the street"

You could always just,. you know, lie.


Nope. Nothing dire for me. I won't bore you with the details, but I should be starting to work next week

You reach a point where it becomes difficult to do so. But, I'm doing what I can now to make myself feel better, and the effects are starting to come through

yeah i'll never forget the time you turned me internet gay temporarily

good times

oh man i couldn't really listen to native american chanting and shit for too long tbh

probably most native americans listen to hip hop anyways

and it doesn't really matter how fast i am

eventually my level of intoxication is too much to draw boxes around things

i can type pretty blacked out though

so when like someone posts your girl do you get all defensive?

i bought a ton of shit. as i was walking out the handle on my case of beer broke and as i was trying to catch it my bottle of wine broke and spilled everywhere lol

i must say though, their response time was impressive. they swarmed from outta fucking nowhere

i was like "i am so sorry"

"happens everyday lol"

sometimes i feel bad about not having any black friends

but then i remember that i don't make effort to meet people

and i'm sure as hell not going to make special affirmative action effort

i just don't find it very important honestly
and not very particularly rewarding i imagine

It's not too much like that, they have rock and stuff. But they "incorporate aboriginal elements into their music", as they put it
You can enable legacy captcha. I type my captchas, because fuck the captcha v2
I get pretty upset about it, I haven't had it happen to me yet though
If you ever do go there, and you see "Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдёт мeня", say hello. I'm lying low right now because of the spammer, it's too annoying to keep up with the threads changing so often

you don't have to judge me you know!

I like simple games ;;

oh that's good then

also welcome to our little wonderful corner of the internet

you dropped stuff?!

Its actually probably better to do it In the store rather than at home or in the parking lot though as you would have alrdy paid for it

hey step brother in law is half black

that must count for something

I am tempted to ask about your problems to get to know you better but I don't want to tempt you.
So give me something else to make a picture.

As flattering as that was, I'm glad you got over it.
I'm a girl though

Oh, it's not you I'm judging..

But do we really need to compare ourselves with the worse..

I bet echo sounds funny

I don't really have much to say about myself that isn't negative. That's because of my self image though, but I will try.
I play video games, I like watching anime (romance and slice of life are my favourite), and I love my waifu. I look forward to purchasing some merchandise once I start getting money again

i feel like i need to open up to foreign music more, there's a lot of really cool stuff that comes out in different languages i don't understand that i feel like i'd enjoy a lot anyways

I think it sounds like a pretty average word.

That's not too bad.
Gimme your top 5 of both.

Let me hear your voice

wait what waifu did you find? i have to hear more about this

wait you can change the type of captcha?

here i am raging over street signs lol

we used to get spammed regularly but really welcomed it because it kept our threads bumped and we could move around from cancer thread to cancer thread

it was the constant banning that finally killed us

not enough people wanted to bother evading anymore. we got too old and tired

yeah bro

she was like rebagging my shit and was like

just grap another bottle

then i thought

why don't i have to scan this or something to not set off a buzzer

why don't people just steel shit all the time

yeah i even got over my trap phase

i did masturbate to some pregnant chick bukkake though the other night

she wasn't that pregnant but i was like holy shit why am i getting off to this right now


not quite what i had expected

Why should I?
You never let me hear yours.

You should take a break for a week or so and you'll be right back to the regular shit.

don't judge subtle either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

were you drunk or something what happened ;;

your fingers failed you mercilessly

it was surprising to me

i didn't know baaba maal put out this pop trash honestly

Pretty much everyone has heard me though.

Its not really a secret

this is more like the shit i've heard of him

he's dope

i found something kind of neat that wasn't weeb trash so i'm proud enough of myself


Too late.
Not sure why I'm surprised actually.
I knew he was into those awful grindforever games since I've met him.

So gimme something then.

cool SD always gave me cool suggestions before, and i always clicked on almost every video sent in the music threads i posted in

you think so?

i sometimes go days without jerking off without really thinking about it

then i'll go through a daily stretch

it kinda just happens

i'll tell you what happened

i'm stubborn as fuck

i hate using carts and always pile my basket way too much

and it was the last bud light case

i noticed the integrity of the case had been compromised and assumed many before me had passed it up because of that

i brain farted as i was leaving and didn't underarm grip it

whatever like my pants aren't even that stained

do you mostly listen to weeb music?

i am so sorry


1 - 5 Centimeters per Second
2 - Garden of Words
3 - Plastic Memories
4 - Absolute Duo
5 - Winter Sonata
PS: Makoto Shinkai is a god
Slice of Life:
1 - GJ-bu
2 - [email protected] - Cinderella Girls
3 - Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
4 - Sakurasou no pet na kanojo
5 - Black Rock Shooter
There are other genres I've watched, of course, but I really enjoy these two in particular

Anastasia from the [email protected] Cinderella Girls. There's just something about her that I really love

I just get tired of trying to keep posting, I'm a lazy bastard that way. We went through a month or two of constant bans, but whoever it was gave up or something. Then the spamming shit started up again
Pretty much where I got to. It took longer to evade than it did to get banned again



no not mostly at all, i was raised on the kind of music i grew up around mostly, so i gave a good knowledge on a lot of the blues and hard rock popular in the 60's and 70's across america and england

me and SD used to do music trades a lot back when he knows i got good stuff

reported for spam

have a good*

Bully :(


I think you were looking for those foreign languages, well, they're singing in Gaulish.

How's Teeps?

I'm sure of it.

Not too too bad, a bit too much melancholy maybe.
What about games?

How do I know it's legit?

not necessarily looking for music in another language, but i admit it is an avenue that would be hard for me to explore without outside help, i just want to be exposed to new and interesting music in general

oh man i'm an idiot

i can type word captchas no problem

yeah we had like ban evading programs lol

and i could just ask for lists of proxies from horsefuckers

eventually the available proxy providers died off with everything else

and i have this stupid comcast ip bullshit

that's good man

you have to be at least somewhat versed in all eras of music

It is

clash is definitely that heh... do you play overwatch echo? I am thinking of trying that out, I've heard good things

omg it's like your own personal little disaster, the perfect storm of all the wrong factors xD

well at least you got everything you needed at the end of it all

you sound gay

weird day bro. nothing was going right lol

feel pretty relaxed now though

how is the SD

glad i don't obsess over sex like most people

must suck to be preoccupied with something so trivial and unimportant

you have to feel music on a certain level, so that the things that sound good become second nature, playing those successions is muscle memory, and even then you have to reach extremely deep to string it all together live and make it sound bomb as shit

i have a lot of respect for performers who can do shit like this live

i mean people you seriously watch this man play here and tell me he doesn't look possessed

honestly i deserved it

i'm always trying to be in and out as fast as possible in stores

surprised i haven't knocked down kids yet

Can't think of a reason why.

im high again

Oh, okay, I'm convinced.

I do and I don't.
I used to play it a lot but I haven't touched in several months now, I didn't have time and then I just sort of lost interest after not playing it for a while. I know that if I played again I'd get back into it though.

I don't actually know all that many people that would obsess over sex tbh.


How melancholic?
Would you consider it by time spent playing them? Or ones I enjoyed the most

It might be a 4chanX thing, or it might be part of the default website, I'm not entirely sure. I changed it and didn't bother chaning it back ever
Ban evading programs sound like more effort than they are worth. It was only a 33 hour ban they were giving out anyway, and not even for breaking a rule. "Replying to an avatar circlejerk thread" was the reason for the ban, which isn't a rule violation at all. Avatarfagging is, but even user-replying was getting you banned for the same reason.
Just an idiotic mod
You poor soul

okay now you

I found this in Spotify a while ago, it's pretty interesting itself.

Eh, long and uneventful week through with me, but practically got 8 month deal signed with a company for work.
Just doing warehouse stuff in general there, so quite chill all in all.


on what

me too listen to some fucking rockin tunes with me

around 4:50 of what i just posted is probably one of the most under-rated icon moments in rock and roll history and that easily goes into my top 10 favorite guitar solos live of all time

like 8/10 melancholic.
The latter.

Just ask grim or subtle for it.

weed vape thing

for sure man

performing is so hard

you ever play anything?

try the whole human race

we're watching Not Another Gay Movie™


you give it to me

eh mostly just around school with some other guys, we tried to do like bars and stuff but it never really went anywhere

don't tell him i told you this but if sonata ever pops by, weird as he might seem to you, he was the base player in a little unknown band that went around for a bit

I always take my time at the grocery store because I always forget things anyway...

it's cause you are

hmmm so it was fun enough to capture your interest... well I might buy it then. Is it only fun if you have ppl to play with like league?

i keep my x current cause i post on Holla Forums still regularly but just not with the furor that i would in a circlejerk

i'll check it out

we started getting month bans standard

and permas for the OPs

i have to turn off my router for like a day to change my IP

you made the deal happen?

that's great SD


Well, they don't make it obvious at least.

And say what?

also good stuff as always SD

moogs try watching iZombie blazed af

it's a new thing i discovered that's rad

You're not wrong.

wow me

if everyone here is already high im just going to load up another bowl and listen to music all night so lets spam more videos

I'm not sure what you mean by them being melancholic though
Ones I enjoyed the most
1: World of Warcraft. This one is a bit of a love-hate relationship. I loved the shit out of this game, and probably spent far too many hours playing it. I have a hard time keeping with it now though
I have something like 15k+ hours on it
2: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (2) for PSP. This game was a barrel of fun, and I spent lots of time with someone at school playing it. The G+ hunting quests were super difficult, but felt so good to finish
3 - Stardew Valley
I kind of hit the limit of what I could do on this, and haven't really played it too much more, but the time I spent playing it was some of the most fun I've ever had
4 - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
Super fun game, but I never kept up with it for whatever reason. I don't really know why, but I kind of drop games that I really enjoy at some point and never get around to finishing them
5 - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Jesus Christ, I hated this game. But it was very fun all the times I played it. No matter how many times I smashed my controller against my desk out of frustration

I don't really go anywhere besides /waifu/, honestly. I used to go around to some of the other circlejerks, but kind of lost interest in those
OP's started getting perma bans too, but they were easy enough for them to evade anyway
I have to turn my router off for a half hour or so. Sometimes it doesn't work though

i actually really like sonata

i used to talk to him on the social medias

that's cool

like really cool


funny thing is

of course the one thing i went in for

i forgot

well besides the booze

Sorry, that post became longer than I thought it would be

also i beat all the super boss ships in black flag and got almost all the upgrades and can vouch for it as a pretty fun game

I tried to do some of the boss ships, but wasn't able to. I need to upgrade my ship more.
I am at 50% overall completion, approximately though. Like 33% story progress though lol

Yeah, but they might extend that deal if their main client orders more stuff next year.


fortunately i discovered a second hot spot i can sign into

but like 2 IPs isn't much when you're looking to get banned

i must say man, you fit in well here lol

just found this little mix of rain related songs someone threw together and its really awesome

do your parents let you bring boys over to your house~?

my spirit animal is forgetting stuff at the grocery store

what did you intend to get in the first place?

y-your post is so huge ;;

that feels pretty good when you help shape your company huh?

like we had these proficiency tests this week

and i was like "mr quality manager. proficiency is spelled wrong at the top of the form"


There were a couple where I enjoyed being (those other circlejerks), but things happened and I can no longer go to those for reasons
2 IP's? What do you mean
Do I? I'm just sort of floating along. What makes you say that though?

Oh, lo-fi is always nice on a rainy day.
I've just been going through odd places with spotify's autoplay at work.


ill be looking but wont have focus to post cuz reasons

Well, I replaced a few people that left back to university, but there's coming in new guys that I'll have to brief in somewhat.
Hah, what did he say?




contact solution

but i got distracted by an end display with ketchup and mayo

both of which i needed also

i have my home IP which i can't really change unless i turn it off for over a day

but as a comcast customer i can sign into their hotspots

and i happen to live on a busy street so there are all these good to very good signals

i donno you got the anime waifu thing down

you like to big post

you like (you)'s

how do you feel about baseball

h-hi ;;


I drank too much

look at mr too important/blazed to post


Nezi :)

That sounds really dumb. Why would they have such a foolish system for changing IP's? I guess they don't want people changing them or something
They want to put free wifi all around the downtown area here soon. I think it's a huge waste of money, considering the amount of other things that large sum of money could be spent on
My waifu is my life, in all honesty. It broke my heart when things happened with my last one, and I kind of had a slight downward spiral.
I don't like to big post, I think I don't really have much to say. People just say the right things to make my type lots
(You)'s don't matter too much, if I get them, I get them. If not, I'll wait for someone I like/know/recognize and try to say hello
Baseball is seen by me like any other sport. A sport which I know nothing about

no my girlfriend will just get really mad at me if i don't help support her while she's making her comic characters and stuff we're in a call right now

what's up lil' nezi?

I just got contacts a few months ago! I love them they are so convienent

how have you had them for teeps?

she has a lot of doodles like this but no tablet yet


what's up oshino

hello cancerstick


Hmmm. I'm not sure how to feel about that one

I'm hiding in my room and pretending the outside world doesn't exist. How are you?

Neziwi ignored me that chubby little fuck ;;

no it's meant for when you're using your phone or tablet or something

it's not meant for a neckbear like me just sitting at home wanting to change his IP

oh man you're bordering tulpa territory

a rabbit hole you've already gone down as it sounds

you have a girlfriend?

with a dick though right?

tell her to draw us some shit

i've had contacts for forever

let me give you a pointer

let your eyes breathe

take them out as much as possible at home

i always wear mine too much

fuck i am so sorry

i timed it right when he was talking to the other managers

it blew the shit up

how's life


It's alright, I would never be mad at you.
Hah, that sounds pretty good, did you get any extra reputation points for it?

I figured it was something like that, but it's the city who's going to be paying one of the local telecom companies far too much money to put in wifi downtown that will likely be pure garbage because of the thousands of people connecting to it
I'm not sure what tulpa territory means

no she has a vagina, and i want her to get comfortable with a tablet first before i start exposing her to potential commissions

Echo you cheating slut.

I don't see why not.

[Nerve Center]

not sure why that posted twice


my glasses broke I'm waiting on the stupid glasses store to get my new frames in

I've been wearing mine for like 12 hours a day for almost a week now...

tulpa is like trying to grow an imaginary friend in your mind or something, it's sort suspect

don't be pushy with echo ;;

Wow rood.

I guess I'm in Tulpa territory then.

I will.


kanra seriously, tulpa (the poster) was a crazy shit, take my word on not getting into that dumb tulpa shit

i mean it was a pretty funny moment

i kinda can't do wrong as long as i make to bosses laugh

it's just like you see a post, and get distracted, mean to go back to it

you know i love you though

drop some edm

tulpa is like this concept when you start thinking your waifu is actually real

see: manic depressed bronies

it all starts as scribbles

not bad actually

yeah you should really give your eyes glasses time at night

eye doctors are the fucking worst

it's the one industry that forces you to get a prescription once a year (in america)

why don't you have to see a real doctor once a year

fucking bullshit

Mr. Krabs?

Watching anime, had some italian ice

well enough.

just need to sleep better and it will be great.


i want to put whiskey in that and down it

wait fake new guy is kanra?

you bastard

i should have known when he said squash


I might be too far gone already

Me and my waifu talk when I sleep, and we go out on dates. Am I too far gone?

I don't know where that one comes from

I don't know who Kanra is.

People have called him Squash while I've been here, and someone gave me a list of a few names and a brief bio for them. Ookami/Squash was one of them

Kanra should get a tulpa

Sounds gross

Well, that sounds like a good environment.
I feel like I have the same with my job, like 4 of the big shots gathered around the warehouse to wonder about one article somebody ordered and they just named it "Fuck-you-hose" as nobody knew what the hydraulic hose was for.
That reminds me, I was at a pretty big EDM festival a while ago, saw Pendulum and Deadmau5 live.

i thought it might be friday the 13th by all the weird occurrences today

i should probably not go outside anymore and tempt fate

why no sleep?

wait though are you kanra?

because kanra would do something like this

Likely store, Kanra

What's italian ice?

how's that going? Like how would you even begin a process like that?

you must respect the echo

I don't think that's kanra...

I was so fkn baked for my eye test and contact lense fitting, it took me forever to learn to put them in lol

but yeah it's so expensive right??

I thought Kanra was Tulpa? I'm confused now

No, I'm not Kanra

Is there a way I can prove I'm not whoever this person is?

Not having friends, and self inserting into too many animes. That's how I got started on it anyway
Thank you for believing I'm not whoever that person is. I need Luka or Ookami to come to the rescue

That's not Kanra or any of the old Canada posters.

yeah like the 2 main managers that matter are my age and i relate to their humour

it's pretty easy actually

yeah it really is

i stretch the 6 month disposables to last like 2 years

but actually now my insurance covers eyes so i should just renew

it's always a pain

if you turn out to be kanra i will be so PISSED OFF

Thank you Anomaly, I didn't realise you were still here

I'm not him, so no need to get pissed off

I know, but it's more fun this way.

He tricked me.


idk just having problems sleeping

been awake and asleep at weird hours lately

do you have bad luck like me? lol



the one on the left is italian ice
middle is half ice cream
right ice cream

It's OK don't worry about all that, ppl often do the leave/return thing with new name for attention but I believe you are actually new here

well that's not too crazy, you are basically just playing out a little fantasy in your mind?

I know some ppl are so new to think that's any of those guys

my mom told me never to extend their use because it's bad for your eyes ;;

what happens if u keep using 'em?

thank god

i almost got hot for a sec

If you're capable of going five minutes without a textwall that's nothing more than a pseudointellectual rant, you're not him.

Oh, I get it now. I'm not really into Zodiac signs. I know enough to know which one I am, but not much more

I'm quite new here. As I said (earlier this thread?), I've only been here a few days
Yes, that's it. In my mind.
On a side note, I look forward to purchasing merchandise and having a shrine

*the pot began to boil*

I think I've cleared that requirement. Maybe, you would need to tell me.
I don't think I've made any pseudointellectual rants yet. I think

sorry its my fault everyone got confused, i guess i thought this guy was kanra, and he is clearly not

Well then, funnily enough a few of my co-workers are a whole lot younger than me, but I look younger, so, well, they assumed that I was young and explained everything to me in detail as if I was a kid.

It's the weekend, not in a hurry.
Besides that name doesn't go around too much.

Oh well, I just meant to say that as I've talked with Duke before.

Next season of Archer, when?

I don't know anything about them either, but I know cancer is a crab!

It's fine. I've been thought to be 3 people so far. And I'm sure more will come up in time.
The same sort of thing happened in /waifu/ as well from time to time, and where this board is so secluded, I imagine actual new people are somewhat of a rare commodity

Weekends are for staying up late and being comfy as fuck
Was calling you that a faut-pas? My apologies

they just start getting warn out

like cloudy and shit

seriously though eye doctors are shit

last time i even made an appointment and still waited 2 hours

you need contacts though

way to step up your style game

well like i am usually the one who is really mean to new people while assuming they are someone else

and i would have been embarrassed if you were actually kanra

to their credit you do look hella young

:stopbully kanra:

kanra was seeming a little down last i saw him rant actually

he needs to realize he is normal though

well even if you were the person its not like id want to let everyone know if you were denying it over and over again ahahah, i used to have them on my steam and discord, but they kind of freaked a little and stopped using both of them

Are the Canadians invading again

it's not even eba this time

Well, it is more comfy than usual, despite it being really cold as of lately.

Well, can't really grow a beard or whatsoever, since it'd be mix-colored and it would look dumb.

But it's ALWAYS Eva

i'm finally just now able to grow a beard

just as my top hair is falling out

mother bitch god

still got a nice full head of curly hair at 26 :^)

i donno why but i belieb him this time

I mean honestly

He did everything to himself

feels nice when people value your opinion

I've noticed you posting recently

is the waifu friend thing just to ward off loneliness or is there a lewd element to it as well >.>

oh I see... So you know for sure, nice!

thanks, yeah I love them, I definitely look better without glasses even though I like my glasses... I still think I look better without

do u feel the same way about yourself?

wait a bit

yeah but he is a person

as much as i ignore his walls

i can see his inner turmoil

he is very easy to read

Bad 10X


oh im not worried, im not so skinny that being bald would be a bad look for me, but i also have good hair genes

I don't care about his feelings.

I know Sagittarius is a centaur, Leo the Lion, Pisces are twins?
Something like that. The shit is confusing

That's fine. Skepticism is my policy as well when it comes to new people being familiar with people. I suppose jumping in the way I did only helped to cause more suspicion to me being genuinely new

Well, my apologies for causing all this ruccus. I kind of freak out ever now and then and do similar things, but it's more like I just leave all the groups and don't reply to people. I still use Steam and Discord because they start when my computer does, and most of my games are on Steam anyways

It's already starting to get cold there? That's unfortunate

I'm not Eva either. I still haven't met this person yet either

What opinion is that?
It's getting difficult to follow everything right now

Yeah. My own autism shelter is being spammed right now
I suppose to ward of loneliness. I certainly wouldn't mind doing lewd things with her, if she so desired it. I love her afterall

I kind of see why people thought I was him now. I sort of brought this on myself, didn't I

Oh, think you're going to go with buzzcut or?
I tried a few times, but I just get strands of albino hair in there, and I think I once saw a few ginger strands, so facial hair is a no-go for me as of currently.

Pretty much!
So how's 10x?

It was 5-10C throughout last week, so I had to switch t-shirt to a sweater at work.

You'll never meet him, he's a ghost

hey thats okay, you know what you can have my discord

try BD#8815 or Fault2k#8815

i switched to contacts in highschool

i don't even remember

but like i bought the cheapest frames possible last time i went to the eye doctor

and i would still probably wear them out

i don't really care

like people buy glasses to wear when they don't even need them

i guess i do like how i look without glasses more

wait a minute

skinnies can pull the shaved head better actually

fatties just let their ugly shit gross over

i don't really blame you

but i donno we've all done less then perfect things

he is an annoying knowitall armchair

even those need love

oh man you really need to space your replies

depends on how dingy you look, most of the skinny people here are hooked on narcotics

kanra posted like last week

it's all a bunch of bullshit anyway

oh like drugged out skinny bald is not as good lol

That sounds like a fucking nightmare. I'm having a hard enough time in the mornings when it's like, 15C

Is that a good thing or a bad thing

Oh. Sure, thank you :)

At what points should I space my posts?I've always replied in this style, so I'm not sure what would have to change

I'd still listen to it. Peoples opinions can be interesting, and generally say a lot about the person. Gives you somewhat of an insight into their mind, as it were

He was here like last night.

I might have seen him then, depending on the time.

Depends on who you ask, for me it's a neutral

Fake news. About as real as Canadian tornadoes

It's perfect weather for me, even -10C isn't too bad.

i'm just giving you shit

colbert likes spacing like this

personally i think that is retarded

my dad's girlfriend was trying to say that the eclipse gives off "bad energy" or something, mentioned the mayans or some bullshit...

I just laughed

But I don't like

Separate out all of my thoughts

Into individual lines or like

Talk in super short bursts

but seriously if my hairline recedes anymore i'm just going to sama-san it like a boss

hey colbs!! I'm just asking sheesh~

how have u been my friend?

well good ya for trying something different! As long as you are still in touch with reality otherwise and regard this waifu deal as only fantasy I can't see anything wrong with it

I've been well! I just got a nice formal performance appraisal at work and they said I was a good boy ;;

what have u been up to?

do you like girls with glasses? Big thick black rims can look kinda cute on some girls

sometimes I still put one in backwards and won't notice till later I c the morning when my eye feels itchy lol

lol yeah

i got called reddit the other day on Holla Forums

Suuuuuuuuuuuuure, just "asking"

I've been as good as ever yo, working and living. Sometimes buying decently nice things and stuff

What did you say to get called a Reddit nerd? Also, aren't we past the 4chan/Reddit war by now? They're both equally mainstream and cancerous at this point

mmm not really

those hipster ironic glasses are kinda a turn on i guess

i don't even think i have a type anymore

but like girls with deviated septums seem to always do it for me

it's just something they say to people who double space i guess

There are very few people I've come to dislike online, because it honestly doesn't make a difference since they will never impact my life more than a few minutes at a time
Also, Canada gets tornadoes

-10 is too cold for me. I've had some issues keeping warm these past couple of years

I think it's a bit odd myself, but everyone has their own little quirks that keep them interesting and unique. That spacing just happens to be his/hers/??

That's a bit of an odd opinion, yes, but I can see why they would think that at the time. They probably had a few people go blind from looking directly at it without proper protection from it, and that blindness would be associated with the "bad energy"

This has been an interesting place so far. I wasn't too sure if I'd be returning, but between the spam, and the friendliness of people here, I didn't see a reason not to come back
I'm still slightly in touch with reality. No fear of that yet
Eventually I might go a bit farther off the deep end and not see it as much of a fantasy and more a real thing. I need to find real people to do things with

oh an Ian
hi Ian
notice me
attention me
I need this

i just like how it looks clean

reading single-spaced walls hurts your eyes when you're all drunk and shit

I was double-spacing before Reddit was popular so fuck those cunts

Good man

The Canadian tornado thing is a joke relating to the poster we're talking about, it's been a while

Who the fuck are you and why should I care?

This is precisely why I picked up this typing style when I first started posting on 4chan, and why I type with proper punctuation and shit for the most part


no there have been a few regulars to space like this

yes it is quicky

Do we have some kind of thing going on? I don't remember something like that but if I forgot that's not so unusual for me either

That sounds pretty good.
Well, I got a new job with quite a long contract on it.
Otherwise not really anything else other than the usual vidya, sleep and gym.

Oh, not cold-blooded?
I think it's only really bad when it goes -30C and it's windy.


ba dum tss

Also Colbert is me, in case you hadn't guessed

I just don't post with him/avatars in general much anymore

We were acquaintances.

You and me.

What is this bit about Canadian tornadoes exactly? Was it somethign he started about them never happening here? Hell, they can happen anywhere as long as the meteorological conditions are right. We've even had tsunamis before, if I'm not mistaken

Was it something that he sort of started people doing? I guess it was like a thing he spread to others. Perhaps a typing virus? Hehe

-30 and I don't go outside. I only go out under extreme protest at -20, and only when I absolutely must
I'm trying to find a way to keep warm

Someone filled me in on it. Apparently it's on that list I have, but there's too much to remember on it
Nice to meet/see you again? The name looks familiar so it's probably the latter

oh shit did you see how i caught a typo on my quality manager's proficiency test form?

they had proficiency spelled wrong

it changed the whole fucking game

Sometimes it is necessary.
Get a blanket silly.

Is that a girl from Big Brother?

I can't bring a blanket outside, silly!

I'm acquaintances with pretty much everyone here tho

Why are you singling me out now

Too young to die, too old to be young

It started when he claimed his sibling died in a tornado or something, then claiming that we made it up and Canada didn't get tornadoes. Honestly, it's been quite some time so I don't remember the specifics, it just makes me laugh. I actually like Eva quite a lot so I don't joke in a mocking way even though Tsuchi usually is

Also yes, we have talked

Nah, I didn't see it lol

My coworkers always ask me to proofread their shit tho because I'm so good at it

you're a real grown up now!

aren't nice things nice?? what have you bought for yourself recently?

girls with deviated septums looollll

isn't that when u have a hole burnt through the cartilage on the inside of ur nose from snorting too much blow?

that seems like a very healthy perspective to have... im glad you returned! It's nice to see new ppl come in and shit it up with us

do you think you will enjoy this new job? Is it a step up from your previous work or just something different?

i just got home from grocery shopping ^_^

i have know idea honestly

the first person i saw post like that was this dude who posted yotsuba

the second was black haired konata

colbert came later then those people so he just wanted to i guess


Um... a new mouse? I guess that was cool, it has neat lights and buttons


You're here.
And I haven't seen you in awhile.
No particularly strong reason.

Oh, I thought it was cold indoors..

Too weird to live, too rare to die.

Pretty much, my old job had 4 hour of commute daily, this is a lot closer, and I get paid more for doing a lot less.

You have bamboozled me

i heard the ps4 version actually has some tweaks to it

I don't really care about Undertale.

are you me?

my bosses only went to community college and have yet to discover the use of commas

no like born that way

i like the voices

and they're usually hos


i mean thats fine but hey you started it, its not like im going to get a ps4 lmfao

That would be quite a sad story, were it true. If so, I feel sorry for him indeed. Losing family members is always a tough thing
Who is Tsuchi?

Well, thanks for having me! Even the suspicion of me being people is sort of fun, if a bit difficult to persuade people at times.
Do you guys get very many visitors here?

Welcome home ^.^

Why would anyone do this. Her blue hair is wonderful!
Very interesting. I wouldn't have thought it would be that popular a way to type

You like her I'm guessing?

I needed your help earlier ; - ;

It is. I'm in the basement.
I try to keep wrapped in a blanket when I'm down here and cold, but sometimes it's nice to just be a bit chilly



Posting a meme hardly quantifies starting something.

What with?

Maybe, I'm also just pretty good with English

I don't think it was, Eva and posters from his time did a lot of shit for attention. Look at the Alices, as a prime example

Tsuchi is Gilgamesh.

you're assuming someone knows what every meme you post will be, and that's a fallacy

How do you mean?

Get wool socks!

Be nice to Spoil...Eva. Their sibling died in a tornader.

You are grasping here.

i think he really really liked the dude who posted regular konata and saw that as an in

it's a very old avatar but it's my largest folder besides my original and i have a lot of flex with it

you need at least 1000 images imo to do anything worthwhile as a serious avatarfag

i mean i did majour in philosophy

all i did was through words on page

squish that is not eba

he said you knew him

grasping? is responding directly to what i see grasping now? oh man do you really want to like go into this like that.

what possible response could you be going for using it as an entrance image if its a shitty meme picture? the only reason you would associate it as an enter/exit thread image is through repeated use, to an outsider it would appear perfectly fine to comment on the topic of the photo regardless of context.

i would like to here how hard im grasping here


those gaming mouses are so cool, my cousin has one that has lights and shit in it too

omg... I'm so glad you were able to change, 4 commute is inhumane, it sounds like a big improvement!

I didn't know you could be born that way tbh

my taste in women is sorta questionable too if I'm being real with myself

we do not often get many visitors, no ;;

and when we do, ppl usually insist they are some oldfag pretending to be new until they get fed up and leave, nice to see we have eventually evolved past that

Tomorrow I'm moving my stuff

I think it's the last time I'll get to see the dogs
i feel bad for them and also myself

Posted too soon.
That was at Ians comment.

Duke is from /waifu/ threads.

aweh im sorry to hear that bard :( i hope the dogs, and you both find a nice home

hi love

i also kinda like rodent faces

it's hard to describe


Posting of pop culture memes does not equate to interest in the subject of the meme.

The intention of the image was simply to garner a hello or at least show I was present in the thread.

How goes?

brad sorry about being a dick the other night

i tried to read through my blacked out shit

you should just ignore me after midnight

sorry nontheless

i wish you luck on your move!

need some music

Get some nice things?

People thought I was someone else. It was a bit of a long story, but it got sorted out eventually

Doing things for attention is definitely something I've seen before.
Gilgamesh, I've seen him around

Wool socks are somewhat uncomfortable. I tend to get a rash wherever wool touches my skin

Oh. I've never heard of someone doing that before, but I guess I can see why someone would think of that as a good way to get into a community/talk to a particular person
I have larger folders than that of my waifu, but I can't use them all the time. This is just sort of the one I like to use the most
Well, I dont' have that many. I guess I'm not a bonefide avatarfag :(
I'll let the next cuck to ban me on 4chan know ;o

It's not really something worth getting fed up over. Especially on a board that is somewhat on its own in this little corner of the internet. It also gives people a way to learn about you by proving you are not the person they think you are, and this they learn a bit about you and you make some new acquaintances

Moving out on your own Bardo?

This shows promise for an interesting distraction

By making me think there was a significant reason you were talking to me all of a sudden after mostly mutual ignorance for the past couple years

I majored in PoliSci so... idk I guess reading legal shit?

It's p comfy, not gonna lie. It makes louder sounds when clicking and stuff but it's oddly satisfying. Also it has a toggle where it'll spin super fast if you want


well i'm just an inexperienced face here so you know mind my humble opinion, but maybe joining a thread is best done through observing what is being discussed and joining the discussion with your initial post instead of everyone dropping a line and waiting, i mean it's not like you're the only person who does this but again, just the opinion of a nooby outsider

i got food and stuff to clean.

i solved all 20

It kind of killed all of my free time as I had that and gym, so I had about 3 hours of my own time to watch shows/play games.
Also I enjoy it more as it's not as repetitive!

I hope it gets better for you Batr.

Get like sports wool socks, they're tightly knit and they usually aren't itchy.


I am glad. How are you liking it in our threads?

Yep, it's pretty common on the interwebs circlejerks

And yeah, he's pretty prolific. Used to go by Tsuchimikado Motoharu after the character

my original avatar has over 1000 images of someone i despise

I am so sorry my meme has bothered you this much.

why did we waste so much time on being smart

To make our parents keep giving us money for the longest amount of time possible


isnt it funny how we collect so much of what we hate? or do we come to hate it because we spent so much time collecting it? they say familiarity breeds contempt and a 1000 pictures are worth like... what 1 million words

yea yea

i like where this is going

yea like this asshole


i want daddy to give me cummies

Want to hang in call?

I found it through the Little Big Planet ST.

I know what you mean man, there's a couple of fat nurses at my work who are really pretty and kinda bitchy... I dunno, I'm kinda disturbed by how much I want to smash

that's so true! it's just an opportunity to talk more about oneself, sooo give me the short version of why no friends? Just not in school or working right now or what's going on?

can you give me a semi vague description of your type of work? I clean surgical equipment and tools in a hospital

you still having fun playing some vidya here and there? Any games you've been liking recently?

thats really gay bro

I don't collect anything I hate, I collect things I like

Like a piece of this I got in Florida

But not this actual piece, this is just a photo from the internet

Of course, still play League for fun and Runescape because I'm a turbonerd

Been getting into FF 12 a lot recently, I love the atmosphere of that game

i havent met a single person who likes collecting their own images for avatar use

I generally just manage a warehouse, so pretty much driving around with a forklift and handling articles that weigh about ~500lbs easily, also filling in paperwork for different packages that other places order.

already in one sorry

I collected my own images for avatar use by watching one of my favorite TV shows, soooo.... I'm the exception to the rule?

Good morning!

lol so true

i can't lie to my dad enough

i just tell him i'm going to indiscriminately auction all his shit

he collects books and art and it triggers him so

i donno like know one else was doing what i was doing

and still doesn't as far as i know

i'm so into female vocal groups like this

their sound is so familiar

oh yeah like i donno i surprise myself with my relationships

i think i will finally settle down if ever with some completely unexpected sea hag

I didn't know you come here

Private call?



I am everywhere.

sure watching the TV show is fun but then you have to slightly disengage yourself for every screen shot, i mean if you manage to enjoy it good for you but i'd much rather just download a folder or even better be lazy and not post with images most of the time


Good morno Dorgo

That would trigger the shit out of me too, my dad collects gems and luckily I share the same interest in them so I wouldn't auction them off

I take pleasure in creating so


I can name several places you aren't right now.

I'm considering debt consolidation though a refinancing loan out of my credit union. See if I can get my life on track.
I just can't take this shit much longer.

How are you, love?

kind of more capturing or editing than creating but i mean as for folders i guess thats technically a creation

Tasty. And not so tasty. Did you enjoy your time shopping for it?
I'm working on it now. They're quite difficult, some of them

It's more something about the material than anything to do with the knitting.

They don't seem to be too bad. I feel like I'm starting to get into the groove of things now

There was a pretty dumb one who used to go around /waifu/, but he sticks to his Discord circlejerks now
Oh, I see. Why the switch in names?

Why do you despise them?


In school, no friends for a long time. It's fine though, I got used to it
No work right now, but I'll be getting into that soon enough, hopefully

Good morning

Trap Shimakaze > girl Shimakaze

damn man thats heavy

Get me to those places.

:B:retty good, how are you?

Good morn person whose name I forgot, how are you doing?


TP, wats good my bro,bro,bro!!!!!

By the looks of that text wall I'd say so.

I'm not in a good state of mind lately.

I exist.

it was meh, and lonely.

yeah, solving them all means you're smart.

That's horrible, I like my wool socks too much.

im sorry

Do you own your own boat? All I got is this magic carpet

tyler perry is the epitome of dark society

I'll probably look into therapy or something.

yea im hoping we can get the house my parents lived in and paid for for like 35+ years paid off because it looks like they made bad mortgage decisions and yeeeeea... it's not all or nothing here but i mean, i kind of want to keep the house, its a house

Tyler Perry is a plague on everything he involves himself in

parents are still alive and paying for the house they didn't die or anything but i don't think we will get it payed off quite in time

Is he an embarrassment to your race?

he has like like rare sculptures, coins everything

honestly i would be really careful with his shit

but i also don't want to have to deal with their shit

it's like a museum



i dropped a bottle of wine at target

Getting ready to get myself to bed at this point, actually! It's midnight here now and we have roofers coming by tomorrow to do our roof. Won't be a nice wakeup call at all

Iowhore is not best bote!

The walls are actually a result of the misunderstanding about my identity. Funny how that works out sometimes

I would have gone with you, other than the rather large amount of distance between here and there.. :(
Luka a mega smart then!

I never got into wearing them because of the effect they had on any point of contact with my skin. If I wear wool, I need to put something on under it
It was Tyler Perry? I can't say I much care for his work

You should see if insurance will cover it. My dads plan doesn't cover psychotherapy at all, and it's like $180 per session

hey you vappy vap you

tyler perry is why even liberal whites understand why people don't like blacks in movie theatres

Everyone gets that when they come.
Hell, I got that when I started like 5 years ago being confused for someone I detest beyond all reason.

I wonder if there is any such other material that is warm.


nice sounds fun, do you have PS4 or just PC?

I don't remember if I asked u or not before

what does your family think of your relationships and stuff? You're single now right?

Are you in high school I take it?

that's so cool... it must be fun and challenging to manage so many different responsibilities, I'm glad I asked!


With all the influence he has in the film industry he does nothing but tell garbage soap opera stories for black women over 45.

I bought a bottle of premised margarita with my Concealed pistol license because my drivers license was on a printer.

Fuck you, she is!!!!!!!

my parents are divorced

i've told them both i will probably never get married or have kids

and it's their fault

Best eevee poster is offended by vapes.


Nah man, ain't go no money and no ocean.

Doesn't sound like a nice wake up, you should try and catch good zzs to wake up for it. Luckily it's still only 10 here.

Well, sometimes I wonder what if things go south when doing whatever.
Although my boss is pretty chill about it all and said if mistakes happen, well, then they happen.
I'm just afraid of filling in some papers wrongly though, not too afraid of dropping 500lbs of whatever stuff on the ground, since most of the articles are just plain metal.

hey sci, what's good?

you can do that in michigan?



Can I get a head pat and a good dog?

Happy Friday, everynyan^^

Hai Teeps~

SCI IS [email protected][email protected]@?!!!


Lmao he thinks i'm sci

Not much just relaxing tonight and trying to mellow out to youtube forget about everything for the weekend

sup elmers

How's Elmers?

that awkward fuck is still being outrageous enough to get banned? never fucking learns

a hug will get you my magic carpet, and a small fry

i had a man crush on the lead singer of foster the people for like a couple months

I see, a man of taste

did sci not use that trip for awhile?
I'm not good with rememberstuffs
or wait was he vaporz or something stupid
who are you then?

Looks like being nice in LoL paid off.

That would be rather frustrating. I was fortunate enough to be mistaken for people I've never heard of, and have no opinion about

There are some, I'm sure. But none that I know of
Copper lined socks are supposedly pretty good

I just graduated college. I'm 22

Glad to be home, I gather?

Katsuragi is the best bote. I have a document to prove this

I'll get to it eventually
I need to get my bed ready and stuff, but I want to finish this puzzle that Luka posted before I go to bed. Then I can be a mega smart like they are :proud:

Happy Friday to you as well

Good thing I'm not gay, otherwise anime traps would turn me off

New system is dumb. I never honor anyone to spite riot for trying to push me into honoring.
Not that I ever really play much.

No, you can't, but he accepted it anyway, I think he was worried I had a gun, I did, but you know.

I lost your number.

ther u go



i guess so

hihi nm got out early tonight so just chillin chillin smokin dat bud stuff and prolly gonna get into betaflight for a sec and try something on my quadcopter :p

What's new with you? Haven't seen you in a while since the new jorb.

Heya SD what's crackilackin tonight?

How have you been?

Thanks. Nice to meet you.


Have you yet had any time for The Shins?

Is that your fancy way of asking for my digits, Griddle-kun~?

Hihi Nezi. How's your night going?

haha wowww I have fantasies about saying that myself sometimes... same shit happened to me, along with other sorta debilitating/crazy shit that now makes it impossible for me to maintain a relationship... I'm honestly pretty bitter about it but now, I don't even want to be with anyone anymore

It's comforting to know your work allows for some forgiveness, that's important, that's a lot of responsibility though... you must be a very mature young man ;;

hey maddie happy friday~

oooohh well that's something to be proud of! I'm a college drop out ;;

usually i just user post anyways, it makes sense you wouldn't know who i was because of just how long its been since i posted regularly but me and you have interacted a few times already

then you are sentenced to the iron maiden

oh man did you catch that tigers yankees brawl

miguel was hot


You're creating something that wasn't meant to be seen as such

Like capturing someone mid action to create a silly face, etc.

Who knows? He was always the same person, guess just a shift in interests

Well shit man

I recognize the trip, but misplaced it as Sci.


Oh, I've never heard of those.

just drinking a bit after a somewhat long-ish break, but I scored a 8-month deal as a warehouse keeper, practically making 13$ and tops an hour.

Well, they're not really too strict about my breaks either, so I can keep more breaks as long as I do things on time!
Well, I turned 22 a while ago, but I still feel very old..

I want the Twitch skin..;

thank you

got lost here

i still spam every friday love

last week i got a lot of fools being like

like i care

not lately but they did just put out an album though right?

i should

i guess that's like a reinterpretation of the original content yea

yeah this last visit i flat out said it to his face

and it's in that half serious half joking way

eat shit dad

how the fuck did sci even get my tripcode? i think i either gave it to HAL and it spread from there or i posted it publicly multiple times like a dumbass

doesn't really matter since i have it memorized anyways

Well, not really, they've just been very quiet, but I still recommend that you give them a listen.


been fapping to some great lewd stuff

When you lead off the convo with fapping

Thank you, she is the light of my life :)

What will you do now? I would offer to play Overwatch, but I need to be getting to sleep soon :(

Nice to meet you as well. I've seen you around, but never really saw an opening for saying hello

I can't get anything with my college diploma, so dropping out would have been just as effective as finishing it. I wanted to at least get something out of the money I spent though

Interesting. Is the name brought on by the character from the Fate/Stay Night series? Or something else

They're nothign wonderful in my experience, but my dad seems to love them
They're supposed to keep your feet cool in the summer too, but the material is quite thick...

Oh you've been jerking off?!
That's great man

Nigga, I jus' walk'n in. Cheel.

lol jk What's up Colbs? Sorry about that.

Nice, that sounds legit. What are you drinking tonight?

Congrats on the gig yo. What kinda warehouse?

lmao good shit as always, Teeps.

Betaflight is the software used to get into my racing drone's flight controller.


I'm pretty careful with my trips.
The only one that I've given out I was tricked into trading Darwin for one on misinformation.

It is, as I understand he is a fan

You best be jking when you overlook me like that

Same old same old with me, how about you?

How many men have fapped in random places on her?

No, I just wanted you to know I no longer have your number, it was lost when I changed phones.

Avila was fucking hot.


Maybe if you stopped bullying your dick so much you wouldn't be bullied by us

polar opposite i dont care about my trip at all, no one would want to pretend to be me and if they tried they'd probably fail so i don't have anything to worry about

but you have a legacy of cute to protect huh?

i thought they dropped something new

simple song always calms me

racing drone?

like irl drones racing

this is too fancy for my tastes i fear


Real niggas keep that pocket pussy you feel me


Lloyd, we need to talk more

Yes, this is random but for some reason I feel like we should but we don't


I literally couldn't

Also you never came down to visit me so the blame is equally on you

I have a legacy of autism and accidentally doxxing myself to keep in tact.
I just don't like sharing stuff, I don't give out my folders much either.

It keeps me in a job.

Intact is one word

Tact is a word in itself

I would attribute our lack of discourse to not having a lotta interests in common.
Usually we just shitpost at each other
WHich is also fine

Is business booming?

I feel like the copper would only work as like some sort of a structural aid for them(?)

A bit of bombay sapphire, a bit of bacardi carta blanca and a bit of Sol beer.

I really like this job more than the other ones since everyone's kind of childish and it's somewhat easy.
But it feels so old!

Well, it's quite a chill classic.

oh thats interesting, you like the collection of images you have but you want to keep it instead of sharing it with people who potentially like it

..well, i suppose that might be because it's something that appears to be valuable, in the form of cute things, and if someone else had all those images, i guess it would make them less valuable or something, i don't know

You love Batman Forever
I love The Dark Knight
It just CANNOT!!!!! be

i mean he new his parents were fucked up when he decided to spreed his spoog every which way

i have a little more control

^~^ Anytime I'm around. I'm not as scary as some people may lead you to believe.

What the heck brought you here? I'm so sorry ;^)

About the same. Just cruising along at the new job tryin to get my next raise already. Finally fixed my credit bullshit so I'm prolly gonna get a car soon which I'm hyped about.

Glad to see you around Colbs. Still hang out with Soto at all?

Womp womp.

What did you upgrade to? I got one more payment and I'm going up to the S8+. I'm such a size queen about my phone nowadays lol

lol yeah but then I fucked up a power loop and went straight into the ground on it's back lmao. It's fixed but we're waiting for a new radio since I'm using the old one with my Aurora I got. Best self bday present ever.

Yupyup! FPV goggles and everything yo. They go like 85mph and shit. IRL videogames that you built kinda deal lol It's so rad.

Why too fancy? Like too expensive-too fancy?


Surely we have more things in common than we let on


He was a catcher and now he's general manager, him arguing with the refs after the helmit hit was sexy as fuck.

sleep well :(

i'm just watching youtube anyways...


s-sorry Ian...

What are you working now?

I hang out with him on rare occasions, like cons and whatnot. I should just go down and hang out sometime tbh

both my sister and fool like the shins

pretty timeless

The S7, right the day the 8 came out, but I got a free gear vr so is good.

Oyasumi nerds. Nice talking to you lot

He seemed like an interesting character, though I wasn't too fond of him. My favourite type moon universe character is Schatach, followed by Tamamo Cat

No doubt quite a few. But she's quite a lot rarer than Iowhore, so more worthwhile as a whole than someone you buy for 5$ on the corner :^)

That's about it though. I hope to find a job soon that was worth the money

It was supposed to be something to do with the copper helping to keep the temperature consistent or some weird shit like that. I can't say I noticed the effect, but oh well

Never thought you were scary. Nor anyone here. Some seemed a bit unfriendly to others, but I don't know the stories behind all of that, and have no place to make a comment about it. I've not heard about you from anyone anyway, it was more a lack of opportunity since you seemed to be deep into discussion with someone about things I didn't understand
My circlejerk on 4chan was being spammed and I didn't want to deal with it. There was a distaste for Holla Forums by quite a few people there too, so I figured I'd come check it out

No sad Luka's :(
Only smiles and happy Luka's :)
You should post a YouTube that you're watching for me to see tomorrow. I would enjoy that :)

Entirely your fault now

In the latest episode of Rick & Morty
Rick tells Jerry how he uses the overall patheticness of his life to bait people into feeling sorry for him and make his life easier by giving him a job out of pity or marrying him out of pity.
This reminds me of Nezi for some reason.
I love you though Nezi but you kill me.

I like watching videos of mortal kombat xl tournaments even though I've never played that game in my life and know very little about fighting games.
What've you got?

Fuck yoyu.

i've seen like these dragracing rocket propelled remote controlled cars

people gotta have hobbies i guess

who giardi how he was saying it was obviously intentional?

i think the ball slipped and just looked intentional

yankees are always ready to get dirty

miguel and sanchez are hothead mexicans though

this is not pueorto rico we actually land punches here lmao

i'll think about it

oh that top one is at elmers sorry

getting blazed

I turn 26 in a few days and that feels old... I'm in the later part of my twenties and I'm not that different from my early twenties, feelsweirdman

this reminds me of anakin sky walker working on his pod racer talking about fixing these things lol

it's so cool and futuristic, I can't believe I know someone who knows about all this stuff

my dad left home when he was 16 and never went back, he knew how fkd his parents were, my mom didn't realize hers were crazy until later so I dunno... I still blame them both for a lot I know that's very ungrateful though

seeya around, have a good night~

I also watch videos for games I have never played and will never play, I also look into the lore of things I have no real interest in outside of the story

I think I'm in it too much for the rifk drink.

Well, I mean, they're pretty good.
I wonder where Fool is.

Well, the properties considering heat for copper are pretty phenomenal, but I don't know, it would need something to insulate all the cold from outside..

But you're not 30 yet!
Well, it's still on the better side of it.

That's why I always prefer hockey.

o-ok :c

how can I make it up to you?

pls no bully

I can change

nezi just needs a good butt fucking and then they will stop being so pathetic and start being a proper bitch (bitches are allowed to be pathetic by nature)

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It's been alright, I've had a good month for the most part. We're finally hiring new people, which prob means less hours for me. Maybe. We'll see.

I don't necessarily view them as valuable. It's more like I took the time to make a folder and fill it with the pictures I like and I like having a folder that is all my own.

No problem :)

Do you like watching speedruns?
I recently watched someone play Mirrors Edge and it was pretty dope even tho I have no stake in the game.
I'd like to watch someone speed through Nier but I've yet to play that game for myself and unfortunately my laptop can't run it

I'm watching an OOT one right now, actually

I like seeing the exploits they use, even if you don't know the game it's still impressive that they figured that stuff out