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pass me the cyanide fam


post screenshot of speccy pl0x

No, I need it for myself.


Very interesting



Just a very odd timing for a new thread

look im really drunk stop the bullying

Now it makes much more sense

What are you drunk on?

Hello, Alexis.

white rum

I am not lexi though


Wait. Who are you then?


Eww, no. That's gay.

Moogs shouldn't be little sissy bitch and learn to drink. Cunt


u fookin wot

You heard me.

Sissy boy.

I still feel full after eating that bowl of oats, banana, and egg.




Imagine having a mashed potato face

just a little one

guys stop im sensitive




I forgot there was a person named Kiss-Shot for some reason.
My bad.

What's up?

Nothing, just wanted to say hi.
I thought you were doing a bit with my name.
8ch bugged and deleted my trip so I'm using this soiled one for whatever reason.

Holla Forums recently moved to https exclusively. If you were using http, then that might be why

I have way too much energy at night.

Is that bae?

... you tell me



Fair enough. I don't think we've ever had any sort of actual conversation.
I'm bored out of my mind and can't sleep.

Too many people have used that avatar so it's hard to guess who it is.

I know I hate that part about it.
That's why I don't usually use it.
The closest we've had to a conversation is you either calling me a darwin clone or a darwin lacky or something to that extent.

The solution is obvs less shit avatars.

I don't recall ever calling you that. Not saying I didn't, just that I don't remember doing so.

It was a long while ago now.
Unfortunately several of my folders are used by others.

Kiss is a darwin lackey though

and Scoot's cocksock

half life 3 released

it's really here



what does that even mean though.

I actually apologize that I ever called you or insinuated anything of the sort.

Aren't you glad it's finally over?

how do we all feeo about season 3 of ks?


I don't really mind, I am not particularly bothered by that stuff.

oshino confirm for darwin

Ah, makes sense.

That folder also sucks.

I like it.

I am also fond of the waterdog

You know, I'm genuinely kind of sad.

I wouldn't be.
It's not really totally confirmed dead, if you really want to hang onto more hope.

Personally I felt like it always ended with Ep. 2 anyway. Gordon just dies on the floor of the hangar along with Dr. Vance.
Humans lost. There ya go. Closure.



That's not the closure that mattered though. All the mysteries surrounding G-Man and the various inter dimensional shit was the interesting stuff, that we still don't even have hints about.

But really that's not even why. The cliffhanger never sucked because "oh no we must know what will happen to these characters we don't really care about", but because a great dev that made phenomenal games is all but confirmed dead at this point. Half-Life 2, and the various source games really also stood as the big shining beacons of what PC gaming used to be and is now all but gone. Also, HL2 was one of the biggest examples of big budget singleplayer PC first person shooters, which is something that's all but dead now.

tl;dr it's sad for symbolic reasons because I'm a massive nerd

I love that artist.

Did they do this one?

To be honest I want the G-Man to remain the biggest mystery of them all. I want 5 more questions for every question answered about the G-Man. But not having anything answered about him here on out sits just fine with me too.

I guess I can see that. But the moment Valve announced Artifact that was a larger symbolic death than finally twisting the knife that is Half-Life.
You can't sink any lower as a developer than shitty card games.

No, that's someone else.

Oh, yeah. But the problem is we know so little we don't even get the mystery.

Eh, I'll never find it sad that a company is doing something. And Valve is more than big enough these days to hold multiple projects in development. But really I think some guy on Holla Forums put it best, "It's like having a friend in a coma for 10 years and finally hearing he died". It's not at all a surprise, but kind of sad nonetheless.

I like that one

...well when you put it like that it kinda hurts.
Oh well.
On to better things. SC 3.0 Soon™



...Star Citizen?

I still feel full from the bowl of oats, banana, and egg that I ate earlier and it's almost time for dinner.




wow fuck valve

I could just post this but I feel you'd get a kick out of it in particular for various reasons.


Our server thinks you look like a robot. Please solve the CAPTCHA below to access the site.


reported for alt right

Did I actually just link a .jpg instead of posting it here?

Maybe it's a good thing I don't have more booze.


No, I won't stand for that.

tfw got internet back

what a cutie

welcome back

What method would you use to adjust for the
true mass of an object in space using only it's weight on earth as a frame of reference?

Lost it?

Ikt, no.

What a baka.

Here, have one with sound.

Thanks it was awful

I think I have ptsd now

Yeah I just about lost it

no sound best sound

oh my God ;_;
Don't commit suicide either pls Bardu-chan

I'm a loose cannon cop on the edge

and I'm considering the following

You know what they say.
Only good weeb is a dead one

The weight given when measuring is already expressed as mass. Apart from like, the minute amount more the bottom of an object is pulled down than the top, which really is beyond insignificant on earth with any real object.

What's the point of this question?


hey its a good thing you had that picture ready for yourself then, that's good planning. would have been good in life

i wanna fuk that yui

oof........my bones.....

oh wow feks you're being so straightforward about being gay today


I think you are misunderstanding the question a little, or maybe I need to rephrase it even.

Let's say something weighs 1kg on earth, we'll use kilogram instead of pound because it's just neater. So what is the mass of the 1kg object in space?

What happens if I press Alt + Left

you become antifa

Weight and mass aren't the same thing
Weight is the force of gravity exerted upon an object

WEight will depend where you're at in space

but in zero gravity you'd be theoretically weightless


But not massless, and weight is directly linked to mass, so how massive are you in space?

but yui is female


One kilogram. Kilogram is a unit of mass.

If you put something on a scale and it says "1kg", then what it is really saying is that it weighs the amount of force a one kilogram object would weigh.

the set equation relating mass, density, and volume is D=m/v or density equals mass divided by volume.

Plug your values into the equation

. If the density of your object is 500 kg/m3 (kilograms per cubic meter), then you put 500 in place of the D for 500=m/v.

You're female.

It's true

lol why did you guys actually explain it that was basically scientific shitposting


Don't press alt-left then

Why not?
There's plenty of people who don't understand the most basic shit like that.
An anonymous "I'm just pretending to be retarded" doesn't much.

well thats shitposting too, of course math has to be taught

but is it discovered or invented? would have more of a view similar to platonism on it where elements of math are discovered? that's the more commonly accepted view on mathematics right now anyways i think

doesn't mean much*

I-If you want me to be.

would you*

Depends on if you beleive that mathematics are an intrinsic part of existance itself

I don't suppose this is something that can be proven so any answers to this would be based more on philosophy than anything


well it's certainly a shared part of existence, whether or not any being you interact with is "intrinsically" real or not, they still share the same number system that was either contrived by humanity, or your tripped up hallucinations which are responsible for everything in existence

i suppose the later may seem ridiculous beyond any realm of credibility but some people really need that ego boost bad

Making some vaporeon candies so they can level up their other one.


What is the topic of this?

I'm not sure if I have an hour to sit down and watch

here let me summarize 1 hour and 15 minutes for you

think of something, take your time, anything at all. what did you think of?
its math

idk I think I'd rather spend an hour watching Joe rogan

NOVA The Great Math Mystery - The Language Of The Universe
It's about math and how it relates to the universe. Very interesting. Hard to summarize. Even watching 10 minutes, you might find you'll at some point be interested in the rest.

I'll add it too a watch later queu

its bbout 7 a.m so going on round 8 ish or a bit later I'll need to hit the hay

Definitely late in the morning to still be awake.

Look around you, loook arooound you, looooooook arooooooound you,
Can you guess today's topic?

That's right,,,, Calcium!

basically, if math isn't intrinsic, then i can't think of anything that would be

this might just be a tiny pocket universe with it's own laws and physics and that's just a subset, or entirely separate set from some other more elaborate reality

yeah but it's okay I'm used to this schedule

I don't need to get up til like 3 pm anyways

I personally wouldn't disagree

but I have no ways to prove it

Watch out for concentrated calcium, wouldn't want to catch Helvetica.

i have to take a lot of antacid chews for my frequent heartburn so thanks this is actually useful advice for me as a individuals

I'm sorry.....it's wingdings.....

pi in the sky


Haven't you seen "look around you"?
They also prove calcium is sentient, and has a pain response

Windings was invented by a whistle blower government official to spread the truth about 9/11.

anons have to stay user to do magical things, things that have labels, identifiers, those are all measurable, to be user is to be without measure, like an entangled particle that hasn't had it's partner observed yet

hopefully its pain response is relieving my indigestion, because it has been proven much longer ago that humans are evil monsters

But in observing entangled particles, we change the outcome, much like asking who an user is changes their status.


Good god he's autistic

exactly, but words that do not have status attached to them through a name must only be observed as they are

great video by the way i'm watching it right now


I used to have both seasons from a torrent like 6 years ago.

"then he would be unable to process food, and starve"





*puts cock in your hand*

Holy shit.....


put that thing back where it came from or so help me

hu ur gayyy!

You asked for it

He asked for it!

look if you want to act like an anime girl you have to learn to take a little bit of penis


i so insecure pls help code i want release

IKT kill yourself

Ikt you are amazing and I love you

Bard doesn't know jack shit, just do it IKT. Jup off the pier


Ikt should stay around

Before you jump gimme your panties



ples help dev tap button

lol fail :p

This has been bugging me for 2 week

I no jump.

If you jump then you won't be bugged by the problem anymore.

good idea brb

can i still have your fresh hot moist pantsu

Feks that''s gay af my brother

Feks that''s gay af my brother

give me your panties anyways (or pictures of you wearing them before you got fat, it's just word on the street)

I've always been a Plus sized feminist.


oh okay well nevermind then, they can have your panties when you're done with them

but you know keep an eye out for skinny guys in panties, just in case you see some

Right here yo


now all they need is a high definition camera, someone else to take the pictures for them, and colors i actually like

Badder than a whole king kong

meaner than a junkyard dog


he gots a nice voice

yea i just clicked on another one by him after the other song i linked

john hurt chan is my favorite blues player

But it's almost not fair to call him a bluesman cause he's pretty much a folk artist
you into any old bluesmen?

I slept too much

tons of them. there's a really great version of the classic old folk/blues song staggolee in a fallout new vegas radio mod and i can't find that version anywhere for the life of me, but it sounds really dang good

So what who are you.

who are you?

Just some loser. No one important

Im an user and that's fine to be, but look at the context of this situation

They are linking me and addressing me as if i am supposed to know who they are, or at least some detail about their sleep schedule.

And you're looking to change that?

Didn't realise I linked you. Phone posting causes accidents.

oh okay that makes a lot of sense then


Nothing wrong with anonymity.
The only problem is that it's hard to remain anonymous when they're aren't other anons.

It's not anonymity but an unnamed entity.

And yet there is not just one person who posts user sometimes, there are many who do it, often.

Why do you think that is? Instead of say, attacking the behavior blindly maybe take a closer look at it, could it possibly be that many people take opportunities to anonymously post some of the times, while mostly staying in character and with a name the other 80% of the time? Or that maybe some people just choose to go without names entirely? It's almost like there's some sort of pattern between having the option to be anonymous sometimes and people using it.

the ability to go anonymous has its place but I feel like there's no reason anybody should have to go anonymous here in our community

If people are going to act stupid as fuck to the point where it effect how people treat them, they should have to lie in the grave they dig

somebody call the wrangler he's acting up again

tbh my answer to this is the same as what I just replied to, it applies just as much to a thread like this as any other place

Nothing wrong with anonymity.
The only problem is that it's hard to remain anonymous when they're aren't other anons.

But that's an opinion, and people don't have to, and can post anonymously, and then choose to not post for the rest of that thread until their ID resets. But am I doing what you are describing? Am I demonstrating any behavior that would get the named entity that is "me" ostracized?

very true, it's likely there was another poster here who already knows who I am, but dropping the charade now risks also dropping the point I'm trying to secure.

Fair enough

still though
you know when someone's user on animus theres a 110 percent chance they be posting some dumbshit

I'm not going to humor your autism kanra

I request politely that you address this.


there isn't always something wrong with dumbshit

Normal people don't break down every single interaction into a 20 + word report dumbass

I'm not kanra and you have guess incorrectly, further, I can prove this and make you look even more uncredible than you usually do. Do you want to go forward with your assumption or take a moment to maybe discuss your issue with anonymity here.

what are you still doing up?


No thanks I don't want to waste my time interacting with somebody who isn't identified as a member of this community

So now you're back-pedaling, you are willing to admit you are wrong, but you do not want to engage. Without even discussing anything with you I think your reason for aversion to anonymous posters is fear.

The past few days I've beenn staying up later and later and sleeping later and later

at least I'm lucky enough to have tomorrow off

but fuck I have to move tomorrow and that's going to suck

I've regularly been unable to keep anything close to a stable sleep schedule for ages now
Also it's only midnight

Also I just drunk a bottle of wine in an hour and am bawling my eyes out because it feels like my childhood has died and music is getting me.

that's a really good anime, I haven't found the time to finish it but it's the only show i can think of where after every episode I have to go and like digest it for the whole day

fuck that's a feel too real

what kind of wine are you drinking?

It's not too real
I'm getting emotional over literally the dumbest possible shit
But it almost feels good

Sav Blanc because it's what I have my hands on

get drunk, cry, feel sad, but its the good sad this time

you will feel better in the morning

well It does feel nice to have a heart cry every now and then

just don't let it get you down too much

I've never had that

is it dryer or sweeter? Reccomendable? White wines are the best

It's like
You know that point where it's just like
this is it
your childhood is dead?
it's that
the most minor, really irrelevant shit that set it off, but still

Sav Blanc is like the quintessential white wine, how have you not had it. It's pretty dry but not ridiculously so. Dunno that I'd buy it myself. but I haven't experimented nearly enough to find wines I really like beyond one 50% riesling 50% crouchen wine that I buy whenever I want wine.

I am aware. I am not in need of cheering up. If I wanted to be happy I could be, with disturbing ease.

Disturbing ease?

It's not more drugs in it, no I'm not trying to cheer you up, I think crying and sadness are important emotions to experience and embrace. Being alive and mostly functional will work out most problems in your life in due time, besides inevitably becoming less functional over time.

drugs is it?*

I try not to dive into nostalgia trips because I can't handle it

and I mean shit I'm only 21 so it's not that bad yet....

a-also I'm not a huge alcoholic or a drinker
only white wines i've ever had were gross chardonnays some meh mescatos and 10/10 moscatod'asti which is for the most part to my knoledge cheap champagne

so if you're not a wino what's your go to drink of choice?

my buds irl are on a straight vodka kick
fucking teenagers

now, mind you, i am not trying to console you or make you feel less sad like being sad is a bad thing, but would you mind elaborating a little on what set this mood off? even if it's minor or something hard to express it might serve as an interesting look into how people feel as they get older, and it would certainly be a unique perspective from all of ours

i understand this is asking a lot from you for how you feel right now and it's your right to decline, but i wanted to humbly make the request

I'm like, unable to feel sadness properly for any extended period of time

and no, before you say it, it's not depression. I can't get stuck in 'that rut either. I just default to vaguely happy too hard.

Corsair takes their sweet fucking time to reply

What's up?

Mouse scrollwheel 🅱roke

How new mouse

sometimes you get them forced on you

I'm only 22 fgt, and not even 22 by that much

danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_73356/brown-brothers-crouchen-riesling wine of choice 2 b h
at least 50% because of it being the only readily available semi-sweet white and FUCK semi-sweets are nice

drink of choice overall is somewhere between that and whatever reasonably priced but good scotch I can find and this kirin cider they sell here that hass nothing to do with kirin and as far as I can tell is only sold here

try to condese this into one sentence pls I can't coalese your long ass kanragraphs into one sentence of mental space

the hl2 ep 3 thing
which is fucking pathetic but it's legit like my childhood died for various reasons which are best explained in my conversations with spec so ctrl+f his name for his last posts which explain it better

Oh God, that sounds terrible!

Warranty tho

I have plenty other mouses but is dads one so idk warranty pls

Did you try giving it a blowjob

Be back later. Going for a walk


yer mising a '' there

Oh gosh I ... I didn't know you were my

I'lll have to go look at the store and see if I can find some to try sometime

see you autism chan
have a nice walku

Sweet Christ that was some awful sleep.

It might be dusty

Ikt lemme see your smile

Im not Becky fuk off

that sounds pretty normal, to be fixated and sad on one particular thing forever would make living life impossible, this may be a natural innate defense mechanism

shut the fuck up

w h a t
did I call you kouhai bitch?

tbh is aussie wine so probably not

the point is find some semi-sweet reislings or something
also I know wine and cheese is a stereotypical meme but that wine and some vintage cheddar pair orgasmically well gogether

ah, okay yea, that does make sense in the context of having grown up heavily with videogames and the culture around them

haha okay, i was just about done with what i wanted to do here anyways, i hope you have a good feels trip, because as cold as i might seem in this interaction i do have a lot of personal feelings and things i miss too, i'm just a little further along the slope

thank god he said he's almost done

of course, i still have to say goodbye to you, and draw attention to the attention you are trying to draw, with that post

if you dislike me why even make a post directed at me? there are three possible options, either you dislike me and want to express it, you want supporting opinion for your dislike to feel good about it, or perhaps some combination of those two

either way, not very productive in my opinion, i hope you have a better day some other time

Bard. Do you have Guilty Gear on PS4?

who thinks they know who it is

ahaha I am a ggamepleb
I'm almost always on ps4 but thats just for the tunage

no sir I cann't say that I do but i may consider scoring it

What's the gameplay and all that jazz like? Cost? Never played a Gg game before and the only fighting games I ever got down on were tekken and ummm mortall kombat i guess

I do.

I enjoy it. I can stream sometime if you want. I was streaming it for George and Sinni last night for a while. It's over the top anime.

At this point i'd be extremely disappointed if you didn't, some aren't as perceptive as other's and mysteries can breed fear. However as one of the more perceptive people here pointed out anonymity in an enclosed space is substantially harder to maintain, in a sense, I am only anonymous in that you cannot see the name on the post, but that's superficial, even possibly misleading. What's more telling is the way the individual communicates.


there are no regulars that talk like you're doing right now.
nobody really has the patience to read analytical diatribes.

who are you?

It would be cheating as one of the board staff told me.

hmm, that's interesting, if you don't know who I am then that's possibly disapproving my assumptions

but what's even more interesting is that board staff would care enough to look and see the IP of who is posting literal shit on a... whatever this is board, and it's also interesting that you would let that stop you from revealing it, but I already said I'm going and I am, it's just that, if you really do know who I am, and it wouldn't be hard to guess really, I'm surprised you aren't saying it since I thought you hated fun.

who the fuck
talks like this

til the wee hours of the morning

The only two people autistic enough to debate literally everything are bebop and kanra

disproving not disapproving, honestly i was just killing time till i got contacted for a job but it was fun to drop in

sorry for the frequent phone related typos and thanks for your patience, i don't feel like i attacked anyone while i was here besides kyle, who hates fun, and i hope you all have a great day too

ur gay

are you someone that knows me?

I don't care if someone is user. Unless you're Bebop trying to go under the radar I don't give a shit.

It's not Bebop.

i am thrown for a loop

the only other brain damaged american i know is blood chan

I know you well enough, I literally have to go right now.

yea bebop fucking sucks, i always have time to shittalk stupid fucking bebop

Later, BD.

wtf i like you more all of a sudden

I'd say baddog

if I werent so tired, I would have deduced it was bd. alas.

oh squash said it


Stop fucking coat tailing off my answer.
Fucking nerds.


if you weren't so dumb you mean haha


Shipping Loco and Kanra lately.

how the FUCK are you guys ALL guessing baddog

I never would have guessed that

Board staff told me who it was.

no I meant tired haha


Kanra eats poop

I just never thought he was a spiritua lyrical miracal l 3 dimensional intellectual, you know?

Locos poop.



what's the performance effect of eating poop

becoming loco

INT [-3]

Test it on dogs maybe?

you dont have to be loco to eat poop

but it sure helps

because loco means crazy in half his culture


Wow, poop eating and then it dies. That sure went downhill fast.

yeah kanra is terrible


i was just watching this yesterday. its one of those ritual things i do when im having a depression. im responsible for most of those views.

I'm glad you enjoyed my sandwich last time. I just wanted to let you know it had a special sauce. I'll let your imagination figure out what it is. Just kidding. I'll spare your imagination. It was semen.

Eating greasy chicken with my fingers and face sounds really good right about now.

John hurt made for an awesome doctor, the true 9th doctor.

Me irl

That's adorable ^.^

Truly a miracle of creation.


:( bekcy

Why doesn't America participate?


I could think of a few reasons, but really I'm also curious as to why not.
Would be interdast to see some Western tanks up against that SlavShit lineup.

*pats head*


Only 19 countries participate and all their tanks are Russian made.
I think we should have a full range of military Olympics.


can you imagine kinky metalbending

like buttstuff



*awoos externally*

I think the West has too many anti military types to pull through for it.

I'm sure you wish for one~

I'd let you march your military into my boarders.

Let's strive for non-aggression Squash.


I think you gotta leave after that one.

I like it aggressive.



I really wish 8ch had emojis

Then why bring up the blackies?


It would be super cool though, I want to start a rally cross racing series for retired military vehicles.

Like Anti-Fa at a Trump rally, I'm sure.

Anyway, brb shower.

Show tail OwO


I blame you

too lewd!


Not at all. She has a cute tail

i also like donald trump

Sup bitches~

Fuuuack that sounds cool.
Especially since surplus CUCV's can be easy to get.

Gone for real now.

National TV taught me that trump is bad at his job,


mostly thinking about

No bully please.

Hey cutie~

What's metalbending?

You just want some tail



Cause it's a cute tail!


omg hi~

What's up?

Have a good one.

cuck you!




She's be cute giving tail

Nice picture for ants~

Hey erin!


That sounds lewd!


I'm waiting on one more part from Chingchong land so I can upgrade my quad. Such excite^^

The tears were for the ants your bullying over the years has slaughtered!

Here you go.

You said you wanted tail~

Good, ants are a plague

b-but I don't into youtube






i'm almost done building my studio

shits cash

But it's youtube, I love youtube.

So are the blacks.

Lol, i am looking to leave the country tho but i can't into promises

That's just as rad, Erin. Hooray for expensive hobbies, amirite?

lmao my accounts hate the shit out of me rn :(

It's Google and they don't deserve a penny

It's true!

uploading a video just for u

fucking yass

i got a midi fighter 64, same thingy shawn wasabi uses

half a grand dude but so worth it, the production run is only 1000 units


64 arcade buttons

sick af

have some more pics of the lazer shit


there's another light i haven't taken out the box yet, but it does like, scrolling words in giant pixels and stuff

Give tail.

Take wet pics.

Oh hey it's Erin

here is your video casper

let's produce dank shit

also scoots is already informed and down for more party if you wanna time it right


no soto you're dreaming just go with it


That's pretty rad. I still wanna get my turntables back and get that sampler RZA uses.

Hey there Elms
How's it going?

If I'm dream rn then I hope I don't wake up :3


Good. I amazon prime'd my fricking LiPo charger today. Them shits are so fucking particular with what you're buying. Took an ill minute and was a pain in the ass. Only 20 bucks tho.

What'chu been up to? I don't usually see you as a day poster, but then again I'm not here dayposting often either haha

unit 398 mofo

also got a launchpad pro & launchpad mini mk2 here, and a launchkey on the way

the controller at the live bench is a gemini G2V

Did you won the lottory?

G2V & shiet if you never seen one

Not in a lewd way!



i'll tell you all about it in my livingroom

which has a nice new huge leather couch to sleep on



I pay for youtubered, I watch enough videos it's worth it for no commercials

If only, men are easy.


It's like paying money to work, who would do that?

Men are desperate fucks

Yo, those are sick. You're getting some good shit, Erin. Check out the Kaoscillator loopers, they're a good time with a lot of effects,

I got this Aurora 90 for my starting quad that I'm upgrading as a 3cell build, but my gf and I have a Wizard x220s on a Chameleon frame with upgraded VTX too. :p

I like nerding out with you

Ill strongly consider it while i grind cash

More tbh


You're cute.

yo your new thing is drones? that s sicker than audio equipment fam, what payload to price ratio am i looking at, cause i'd sell drugs if i could do it with a drone

i'll pay for ur flight dickhead

nah, I'm gonna go..

you too.
Have a good one

i'm jealous of casper that elma called him cute.

Only with certain criteria met

Ohshit whattup? I need some thinking time tho, but not even alot i think.

Probably won't. Sleep well.

i would stream for u guys now but im not the right kind of drunk

too also stoned

all up in my own head

got switched from zoloft to prozac today cause my head is in a mess

i expect zero improvement

my double pay is every fur weekst and it's coming this monday, so is like, a month good? what about college, you not doing that?



I'm not sure exactly cause I'm not into utility or photography quads, I race them.

a 220 with a flightcontroller from a programmable photo quad would be sufficient to lift maybe a qp if I had to guess. Just put cooidinates in to your delivery and let it go.

Range of radio controlls would be the issue tbh, not payload to price. Either way the price point to get into it is kinda steep for a hobby, comparable to your audio stuff. maybe 700 for radio, LiPo batteries, actual quadcopter, and anything else required.

I'll call you cute if you put on the Jar Jar mask. I've told you this~

Isn't that the case with anyone?

IOh.... bye :(

Maybe logistics and size-wize, more like 2oz @Erin

No, that didnt go down. A bunch of shit went down, tho, crazy ammounts.

Well, not anyone

holy shit racing drones

thats like mike tyson racing pidgeons doubled

respect family, that blows my price range, i am still a no job major depressive loser, i just appear human by distracting myself

My brother stole that and lost it.

I very nearly beat his face in.

2 oscar would do i guess

what about netting drones for netting netting drones

how fucking huge a drone can you fit in a reasonable price range

chinese cartels use counter-counter-drone-drones to great fun, hilarity, and effect

i can be ur hero casper

we'll make you a native scot

you'll get the dopest welfare casper

til you decide to get a job

Oooh. Well shizzles.

It's a lot but kinda worth it. I've been learning so much and it's really refreshing. And it's wicked fucking fun flying around fpv at like 85 mph lol

Yeah, it would prolly start paying for itself in 2-3 deliveries depending on what the substance was and assuming nobody catches on and follows it back to your place.

The biggest cost-effectively I think run 6" props so they're like.. idunno about 1.5 sqft. about?

5" props are the biggest more commonly, but people do push it and get 6". You start losing propeller efficiency any bigger than that. Flight times are only 4-5 minutes per LiPo on our 220mm for reference (5inch props)

Cogs in my head are tossing and turning, but i cant into onthespot say yes, not at this moment right now

no, it removes adverts so I am their source of income rather than the advertisers.

I'll beat his face in.

I wanna shoop the movie poster of Face Off with Loco and Jar Jar now.

no, of course

you're swedish, and i'm broken and difficult to live with, you have to think really really hard

just get back to me

here's a discord link


anyone here who clicks that gets segregated to #circlejerks and can't even post in general.

except elma and casper, who get inexplicable admin rights


ill be in there later, now i have no time for discord i must do nothing and fast

No actually itt's my first time as admin, just instated



i love you as a bro no homo yo bro yo

there's a monkey in the jungle
watching a vapor trail
caught up in the conflict
between his brain and is tail
and if time's elimination
then we got nothing to lose
please repeat the message
it's the music that we choose

monkey can be pronounced mugyou to sound menacing, when rapping for instance



or soulchild?







i have a green screen the exact same size as the one used in kung fury

we could make kung fury

who raps


i also have a backscreen, a whitescreen, and this sky screen

can get more screens if you have more ideas


my delete/block didn't send the message?

Not Kanra, Eva.

supposed to collab with charles n' tonic, and my midi fighter 64 on the sky screen will contrast his launchpad on a galaxy screen

now i know nothing is real



make a song about me

Nothing is real, existence is misery

It is misery.

yo dude man

your deaths an resurrections make this difficult

nobody wants to beleive in a jesus figure unless they're retarded

i am gay, gay, gay,
i am super super gay
i am gay, gay, gay
i like long big cocks



i feel like i mentioned, but it may have been elsewhere

today i got switched from zoloft to prozac cause my life is falling apart

how much nothing is this gonna help

I'm glad someone understands

you die


in scenarios that often involve irl deaths

i mean i love cause you're nce to me but lets be more consistent if we have the capacity to do so, my dude

Now put a bassline over that

anybody noticed how bard is edgy as fuck

is he okay

i mean i know shits difficult for him but he's so fuckn angry


You're really good at this.

he said he hates talkng about skating

if there is anything i can picture bard loving the fuck out of, it's skating

i think he is hecka more depressed than he lets on

How's Eva?

Put a donk on it.

Bard just a lil bitch ngl

ty yes definitely credit where it is certainly due to me and not youtube dude

nawe man, bard loved me. he typod me orin on purpose. something is wrong.

Think they need to chillizle tbh famalam

And your so modest

Is casper in jail ?

i mean, i didn't actually fuck anytbody's shit up here, that was pony discord, here i just kinda stopped posting, but bard now views me as a total gaijin who fucked everyone over

he is emotionally in need dudes, help him, he won't take it from me

fuck knows

he posts pics so i doubt it

lets home i get him back

and get him on a record label

i have the contacts, we can make casper an international DJ/producer

He just mad because i fucked blood chan

Kill me now, North Korea.

I'm not sure what you're talking about. Like the only even remotely close thing could've been me sending an email to three people during the Alice threads to say I wasn't going back. Cause they were friends.

Which then Alice turned into some suicide notion and did nothing but cause me annoyance.

Buuut you weren't there for that so?

Refer to wanting North Korea to bomb me.

Irl or RP?

never you mind my dankness

i'm afraid you're not welcome

Neither. Twas a board prank. One he took cereal.
Im a shameless shitposter

Does he actually know anything about that?

HE should just spray paint your albums name around town

Is something wrong?

Oh, so I still have the erp with blood and you dont.

terrible show


Well, what you do in private is your own business.

Right? Cancer is what we aim for

well he just learned as you can see




idk what i aim for
tempted to livestream, getting drunker than my fingers can function

this is when it's funny