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fight the white supremacists!

Come out here and meet me on my own turf

Do it. Just offer drinks or something and he'll go lmao Fuckin' Soto.

I'm in an actual restaurant linecook now. Moving up quickly to the big bucks :p I cook so much damn food all at once yo it's so fun.

Oooh, that's always fun. Still kinda want to try Skyrim vr and replay my mage^^

Well, that sounds about right lmao

idk it's pretty fun and I'm learning cool stuff *shrugs* It's about time I found a hobby before I went completely insane lol

530blaze it. bong hits for satan, I'm joining you.

lmao I never thought of it that way but yeah, apparently I'm a huge nerd on this shit.

There's so many cool vids on yt if you ever wanna check out some fast robots.. shabooyah.

rifk anyone here I love left?

something about that bothers me but i don't want to cause a fuss and pick at you for it, i have also never made a very large folder so i can't scientifically say where i would stand on it either way

Give me FUEL
Give me fire
Give me dick which I desire!!!!!

I want to get my health fixed first before I meet anybody tbh

I'm still on the edge about trying a new treatment because there's some harsh side effects

I will!

What's your favorite dish to cook? Also, what stuff are you cooking in general?


What about your health needs to be fixed?

luka can you please not link unspoilered n-bombs in the OP

yeah actually my dad had me when he was younger than i am now

so at the same time i think, fuck did i fuck up a lot up until now

glad i didn't have 2 kids but fuck maybe one could have slipped out back there


he stops by occasionally

unfortunately i don't have much perspective during the week

i feel like i need to rewatch this full game but like they were still gunning at peoples' heads in the 8th

that game should have been called

trans treatments can cause some other possible problems if they are talking about that

I've cared less about it over the years. Only my big ones do I care about. Like sorting and collecting my 6.5k vaporeons is an accomplishment I want to keep to myself.

Probably not

I gotta get remotes for it so I can have super fun.


jesus christ thats a very large file

of course i have heard of other people doing worse

Do you like watching speedruns?
I recently watched someone play Mirrors Edge and it was pretty dope even tho I have no stake in the game.
I'd like to watch someone speed through Nier but I've yet to play that game for myself and unfortunately my laptop can't run it

You have to prove you're the most valuable salesman.

I wonder where Proto is..

I thought that was the same as Chop Suey where you just spam incoherent words.


Oh, I haven't seen him in a long while.
Same really.

It was up over 10k at one point but I had to sharpen it up.

i mean it's as good as any other hobby

mine are like binging

Don't use that word. It makes them ask for reparations.

The news was all over it, tons of really close balls.

I don't really wanna share.

Respond to me in this thread Lloyd because I'm dumb

Not even privately?

proto1 are you here

Steaks, fish, burgers, the normal stuff.

At work? I kinda like cooking steaks to temp now that I'm not scared of it. But that's just cause it's the easy part of everything else you're doing lol.

Halfway there lol ;3

He comes and goes.

Is binging a hobby? I mean you're probably wicked good at it by now, right?

what a distasteful and shitty OP

I don't think it's nerdy! It's just futuristic! A few years ago nobody had even thought of those things being available for purchase

holy shit that's a crazy thought

we are both blsessed my dude, it's nice to see ya around

Do you have HPV and syphilis? And aids?

and also you're retarded? ;;

yes u r

It's the opening to a metalica song tittled FUEL.

im not sure what the largest folder ive ever heard of is but i dont think you'd want to try and gun for it to be honest hahaha

but hey you know whatever help keeps you a little bit sane, finding cute images and sorting them? what the heck ever, i guess you're someone else who enjoys getting the images they post with

I actually find this OP shallow and pedantic

i mean i thought it was just the past beef and the first scrum

but then i saw there were pitches hitting helmets still two innings later

you can't let that happen as an officiating staff

completely incompetent

I mean it's a radiocontrolled high speed flying FPV robot lego set that you build. I don't know what could be cooler to be completely honest.

You should try flying one it would be so rad. I need flying buddies omggggg

i can give you an idea of what it is

I do not have any STDs of any sort.

I've never worked food prep so I dunno what the normal stuff is

What's the most interesting thing you've cooked? Ever just thrown your own ideas into something?

I exited out of the other thread so idk what you responded if you responded there

Also I responded to the response you linked in the last thread so

Yes, I don't use other peoples folders much. Nothing keeps me sane though, folder sorting and collecting has lost its charm lately.

I'm too baked for this TP wtf man

I'm online, go for it

I want to drink.

but I want to drink meaningfully.

drink with the promise of a better tomorrow, instead of just to numb and ease anxiety.

anyone got any creative solutions?

I still find it funny that a large part of the coverage of Charlottesville focused on people saying "White Lives Matter" and labeling it hate speech somehow where even the most benign "white pride" is seen as racist.



hang in there mate its always about keeping yourself interested in the ride, it may not be a ride you asked for but there is plenty interesting to see

just blog

I feel like less often than you as of lately, but I'm glad that you come by.

I got the reference, but usually they just make it incoherent as a joke, same as chop suey.

That won't really happen.. so why not just drink and watch a documentary that interests you?
I sometimes do that for extra entertainment value.

I read it
I like OOT speedruns but they are so long I usually fall asleep lol. I did watch a Majora one though and that game is actually broken as shit.


work up a real sweat


dank reference, very timely

also, hey, I like watching fighting game tournaments on YouTube and twitch too but I don't even play them myself... I though I was the only one ;;

that does sound really cool... also did you say LEGO?! I am definitely interested, obviously it must use so,e computer parts and a little motor?

is this what it takes to get you to response ;;

Drinking isn't inherently meaningful? If you want a better tomorrow try doing so,thing other than drinking

Whoa, man. Don't be an unrepentant racist by being comfortable of who/what you are.

Speedruns are good to listen to while trying to fall asleep, oddly enough

They're engaging but not so engaging that you can't fall asleep

I can't even into so each right now.

I just saw the news and wished I watched the game.

But I'm jusy drunk, not incoharent.



I'm incoharent

Same really.

my girlfriend send me a picture of an albino african american at her college and i almost spit out coffee

hi incoherant im dad






i really got excited watching the replays tbh

i said yes outloud a lot

Yeah man
I like watching MKXL because it's not super hard to follow like watching Blazblue or some high-level smash bros. Also Street fighter is fun.

I once watched some guy speedrunning an RPG and fell asleep for five hours. Woke up he was still playing. Not sure if he was just not that good or what. Probably just long as shit

They look weird as shit.

I never knew you were a Neo-Nazi.

Hi dad I'm a failure

What rpg?

Sleep well Kiss.

You're always enjoyable company.

How's you today?

for the record i still have nigger in my email

sorry but it's for the ladies

I have no idea now
I think it was some obscure Sega Saturn game.


my favourite streamer just switched over to OOT! They run 100% and are working on sub 6... wanna watch with me sometime? ;;

hi dad

what kind do you have?

can I look it up online I'm curious... should I just search lego quadcopter?

was pretty great, my girlfriend usually has a pretty good eye for material to make me laugh after all this time together and i appreciate it immensely hahaha

I can do that sober. fuck that.

I know that, but is there a way to drink and for it to matter?

That's meaningless.

[email protected]

yea, he does it for the ladies

Still meh, you?

lord lloyd it's just an oldschool consistency thing

i only even say the n-bomb to myself about black drivers fairly regularly

that was supposed to say i love nigger cock



Sounds about right. See, we do have things in common

Grab your brush, put on a little makeup.

Sleepy sheepy vapy eevee.

Most things are legos now.

I just saw it on the news, and they just showed the beatsum ups.

You wanna stop reposting my stuff?

I'm watching you faggot

Well, it does make certain boring things a whole lot more entertaining.
I don't think you will really find any meaningful use for drinking other than just enjoying that dumb feeling.

Quite the same, but I think I should get some sleep soon.

Yeah, that, but everyone types it out incoherently.

Hey Colbs~


oh i left the bowl in the bathroom lol

i donno sometimes just dancing feels really good

can you even dance

I don't see why not.
I don't believe I know you though.

That we do, Ian. I kinda wanna watch Batman Forever since talking to you

haasasbalasaa flagaggabba makeup

i asked for a solution .__.

i know mindless drinking is doable

i'm asking if anyone can fathom a way to make it a little more mindful

What's up? Been good?

Who you watching?

But that wasn't from chop suey.

TP I didn't even say anything about the nigger in your email
Hop off my dick you thirsty fucking bitch

bowl of guacamole?


Batman and Robin is still the best.

it gets me wet and reminds me of the best moment ever in sports

well user, that's the idea behind cheersing and toasting and stuff, you know "let's drink tooo your health" or whatever

it just means they like you

Not a lot and not really, how about you?

You should, you are still up from earlier, aren't you~?

Aw, why not? You should say hi once in a while and I'll raise your mood!

I'm as okay as I've ever been

THE DARK KNIGHT!!!! is the best but that's a given so it's important to figure out where the rest of batman movies fall in line.

Oh, wait
Who is this streamer, anywho?

troo. hm.

Batr gets it.

I don't think there really is a mindful way, other than spending the start just conversing with people until you hit that "where am I?" part.

But it has the same meme upon it!

Well, yes, but I'm drinking!

have you seen the new katy perry

no but side note

i ordered jimmy johns last night cause i was too high to drive

and i didn't realize my normal number 13 had extra options

well i got all the options

and mustard killed the guac

a lot

Nah, the Dark Knight is second to Batman and Robin. What killed the Dark Knight? THE ICE AGE


yup, see you sorta know me! Their name is oatsngoats they are world record holder for Super Metroid, my favourite game, they play OOT now tho

but even then who knows what kind of meaning that really gives, binge drinking is sorta a degenerate act

i feel like we are like a post or two away from baneposting

Oh is this the one that has Arnie in it?
That's what I meant I guess I confused it with Forever.

I do not pay attention to her in any capacity. She's awful

lol what the hell are like have the posters here high half the time

i remember making bad pizza ordering decisions while high sometimes but thats about it

A leaf poster with no name, is it chiri?

Oh, never seen that.

No, I just post good lyrics with minor edits.



What the fuck why is that small

Yeah, Batman and Robin has Arnie. Batman Forever is objectively better and stars Michael Keeton, but fuck that guy fucking Arnie rocks

Oh wow I'm upset

it's really terrible

i'm the only highposter here atm

and elmers

but she's too high to post

and moogs made like one post

Lots of stuff, no real point in detailing it all here but I'll try to say hi more often.

It's just this place is not the healthiest when this mindset comes in.

Finish up drinkin' theen geet some sleeeps.

literally the opposite answer to my question. ty anyways.

it doesn't give much meaning. it's not the drinking itself that makes it meaningful. it's the company, and thinking. and I'm wondering if there's a better way to approach it.

yeah and now they won

so that fight is all i have left

its hitler

I am

You have me elsewhere if you care to elaborate, you know me

But it was all about the meme, Gridds.

But there's so much to drink.

Good luck trying to find an answer, but I don't think you'll find it here.

I'll look him up

I like SM runs. I like Fusion better tho tbh

I hope I don't gotta see Arnold die yo
that'll be sad

She's a cute bun


griddles do you use USAA?

yeah I'm not high... OK...

C'mon TP!!!!

wonder no longer

You've embarked on a quest doomed to fail, drinking isn't a meaningful act

i was so high i forgot about 10x

my bad

We probably will :(

what the heck tp how oculd you forget about your good buddy bard

The bunny girl isn't in otherworld btw

she just doesn't exist anymore

actually i started smoking a bit tonight when i heard everyone else talking about it since i had some stuff in a bag aging, and now im eating leftover alfredo noodles like super late at night

They're not online now. Fusion is also great but you are so much heavier and slower, SM is probably the most diverse and technically challenging speed game imo

That or super mario 64 I'd say

so baked... you forgot how baked everyone else is!

I thought you just smoked dicks ;;


I dunno I bet Hollow Knight is a doozy, too.
When I beat that game I'm gonna look up runs of it
It'll be gr8

Ice to meet you!
Do you know what killed the dinosaurs?
The ice age
Other ice puns from arnie.

Idk, you good for some not sports?

Fuck, Hitler was smart.

Fuck mememememememes, I have alcohol.

What the fuck is a bard doing here now?

i thought you were beefing lol

hi bro

that sounds good

i have like a pasta broccoli bake to heet up later

so conceited am i

That sucks, my man!

Maybe at some point. Honestly I just want to ignore that bad shit going on for a bit, if it's all the same~

Only drink some before sleeping. Don't make yourself sick.

Very cute. Rip in piece bunbun.

idonno i like canadian diy edm indie shit

yea its like one of those pre-made things you just stick in the oven and then later fork into the microwave, for lazy fucks like us


Ice that guy, cone a phrase

Still talk to me more, hmmph


I'm a little ehh on hollow knight, it's a little late to the party... I'm not super hot on the minimilaist black/white aesthetic either but I know it's a very well liked game

put on your name and join the rest of your old friends ;;

will it be another 7 days before you come back TP?

It's time to join the 27 club Ian

This is worse than hell.


But I have the day off!

i can do stir fries and make eggs in many ways like a boss

i have come to fruition with my culinary career

Oh no sir
Pretty much every area has a vibrant color theme too. Black/White is chief but it makes you appreciate the greens and blues and oranges and dreary grays that areas bring into the mix with it. Beautiful game.

Hi Luba

How smart though ?

For once my team remained calm and we won a 4v5 in LoL.
I am rather content with this nights game session.

yea eggs are so great arent they? i just bought like a dozen and a half of them with some bread and honestly ive been eating them every day, i find myself eating less large meals and doing more snacking and eating light plates of food

yes most surely

i must say i have been blacking out too hard in threads lately and saying some really lousy things

inb4 it happens again

When my games turn 4v5 I check out pretty much instantly unless we had a HUGE lead already


are you the chopstick are cute person?

guess sobriety is pretty meaningless too

Stupid sexxy panty, and edm is my shit.

Holy rusty metal Batman.

Yeah, no memes are great.

Smart enough to convince an entire country that hating one race was a good thing.

Our mid left in the first 4 min.
I was Taric against an all AD team and we managed to wipe them in a fight and just took mid 2 tower all the way to nexus in one push.

just like throwing an egg in a fry for a burrito wrap?

when in doubt

put an egg in it

I'll try my best, Colbs~

Here you go, qt.

Just wait, we will be erased soon enough.

Oh? Well then, just don't hurt your body with it. Enjoy yourself otherwise!


Try better


rice? mix eggs in it.
made a burger? put an egg on it
peanutbutter sandwich at like 2am? shit throw an egg on there


I will try not to!



The one and only!

Sounds like a good game
make webms of your triumph

lol so true

egg veggie burgers are the shit

Online... On steam?

Ye I guess I don't get on there too often.

Good, good~

I hope the day after isn't too bad as well.

That's the only place I have you, unless you'd care to add me on various social media platforms which I doubt you would

I don't do that.

i think it's actually kanra

eggs with beans eggs with salads eggs with meat

i mean its basically liquid you but with chicken dna, pretty good shit my friendo

I can't fucking wait to be put out of my suffering.

i am only semi here i guess between the breaks of cleaning stuffs

To each their own, perhaps the gameplay I saw was just from 1-2 locations I only saw a couple hours

Whatever who cares, I've gone full lunatic here before and ppl have done worse than me

This is clearly preoccupying you

don't drink tonight if you have to ink about it this much

now that's pleasant sight to see~

hope all is well

ffs Eva isn't kanra

no wait keep confusing eva for kanra it will help suppress their worthless ego

like making some shitting 25c ramen?

put an egg in it

300% better

Yes the hometown and the first area are relatively bland but I think they're good in their own right.

Gimme candy.

But I don't have my awesome sub in my truck here.

Fuck you and your constant negative waves.

Oh, hey bard, I think of you as a great friend and I want to cuddle you.

dude you should try straining out the water in ramen and adding garlic and butter and milk, and like seven seasoning or some shit

really fucking bomb ass stuff

oh for sure you have said some horrible things to me

but i give you the same leniency i would hope people would give myself

but like sometimes you say some shit that cuts deep

and it takes over a year to get someone to reply to you again lol

Fair point. Wait, various platforms?

There are things aside from that Facebook poop? x3

Same tbh

Not so much but shit happens, is all well with you~?

All Canadians are literally Trudeau

i wanna see moar of you cute anime pics

thanks buddy ;~:

There are

Not that I use them, but...

It isn't.

But I'm not negative..

Kill me and then I'll kill you ?

Why don't we just bomb us all

i think i already blew out my speakers of the jeep i just bought

i still like keeping it as like mostly a soup

but i usually throw in some veggies and hotsauce and some grillers crumbles


it turns out alright

dude i've been listening to canadian public radio because xm is giving a 2 weeks free trial

you guys are so spoiled

I had to think about that for a second but that sounds right actually, we've both done that to each other now that you bring it up >.>

mhmm things have been looking up for me... much better since the last time we were both coming around here

well if you ever feel like venting or just wanna talk you can always hit me up eba

oh wait wrong flag lol

we do it just doesn't happen all at once

i meant the "us" sense of "you"

we both say shit that cuts deep and then some super-sensitive retard won't talk to us

i always thought it was hilarious how aggressive you are at times, sure its a little obnoxious sometimes, but at least you are actively seeking to talk and communicate even if its abrasively

Well, I'll try to sign on to steam a little bit more often then~

Welp, fuck. :c

Can't we just make some Rube Goldberg machine to do us both in at once? Seems more flashy.

WW3 pls.

I am glad they have been better for you. You deserve it~

You could always just say hi once in a while

Just shoot me instead.

Its faster

aim for the lung

what if you both just give me your souls


Bard, like really, we should be snuggle buddies.

Then stop with the telling me the opposites.

I got kicker hideaways under my seats.
Gotta upgrade my speakers and add some cross over amps to the ready of the system.


I'm not Canadian though?

It's ya boi


i'm the worst when the thread is really slow and i really want to post

when it's fast like it has been tonight

and i can barely keep up

i'm a bit more civil

it's mostly because i'm board and drunk and want action when i lash out i think

but i don't remember much after midnight

and the witching hour is approaching fast

yeah i like my current ride so much i think i might upgrade the sound system as well

my bad bro

how's your morning been so far

wth yan why didnt i get an invite to the super cool kids discord server

What super cool kids discord server?
This sounds like news to me

But I'm not saying any opposites!

Bedtime for me, nini TP, Ian, eba, waffles, ban, SD, grids and luka!

aye I understand, yup I've done plenty of that, I've also played the role of super sensitive retard more than a few times as well lol

ooohh you just made me smile so big, you're the best, really... hope to seeya around sometime

hi yan ^^

and then garfield died of alcohol poisoning

Sleep well 10x.

hahaha yea thats all fine and understandable, its no fun when everyone has their claws put away like this is always some nice PG playground for people, it's definitely not

You dont own one?

bye super sensitive retard

I wiiiiiill, things have just been crazy.

Which lung? Do you have a preference?

Also like... Upper area or lower? Or heck what gun 'cause some might just take most of it in one shot.

Specify, my man!

Depends, what do I get out of that shit?

*Huggles lots*

Damn that is a cute Remilia image!

I will do what I can. Sleep well! Niiiiight~

nini 10x



conditional immortality, godlike powers, an extended lifespan, and an eternity of serving the one true dark lord until the black holes evaporate into nothingness countless years from now

oh and it comes with health insurance, you get good dental too

Nope, all you!


It's funny because Jim Davis is a fucking loser and his unfunny drawn out creation way past it's prime will outlive him.
Imagine a dead cat outliving you.

Oh I mean I do but it's nothing like what you were describing

Kyle wanna watch Shrek

well and that's another thing

i also really like shaking shit up

or at least watching things being shaken up

and shit hasn't been that shaken up

so sometimes i shake it

i mean isnt that what we all strive for? making an immortal mark on the world? i guess you can't be too picky about what's going to represent you when you spent your life on it.


whaddup tho


Is it a liberty, I like liberties.

But you are.

Nini bard, you should keep me warm tonight.
Oh you'd not going to bed, give me cuddles anyway.

Sounds iffy, neat, not wanted and that last part sounds edgy.

Maybe if you threw in Japan and muffins...

No uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I am kind of in a bad place emotionally and need to just relax and be lethargic.
I am sorry.

yea sometimes really dumb ideas end up having very interesting branching paths, it's almost liking knocking knock a domino and then the rest of chat starts knocking dominos down in every other direction, but it doesn't always work, sometimes chat just wants to chill the fuck out

hope you feel better

2012 liberty sport


edgy is just a concept of your mortal fears thrown against the fabric of true reality which is uncaring to your temporary stay

I mean drop me your disc info and I'll toss you an invite or a salad or something

Oshit I know this guy wut it do

Who hurt my baby boy

casual salutations



brad are we cool?

i don't want to smoke another bowl until we have this squashed

Thank you, Izaya.
I hope you are well.

Himself in a way.
Mostly just so very tired.

So... No Japan and muffins then?

Feel better, dog.

Oh so it's the nitro rebate, fuck that.

Fuck yeah bard snuggles, you deserve 2 (you)s
Fuuuuuck, you great bard.



Whats kickin'

Just find a way to distract yourself

japan and muffins are acceptable but japan will only exist as it does geograhpically for about another dozen million years before the islands merge with another continent again, muffins might still be around but i wouldn't hold my breath

yeah I'm just bummed out right now

If it isn't a curvy liberty it's just a lame dodge nitro.

tell me your special talents

trying to figure out my place in this online community

sometimes i want to be a villain

sometimes i want to be a pure maiden luka

am i crazy

I'm playing Guilty Gear. I am getting good at it pretty fast.

it's not curvy

i noticed that

Chrysler makes both tho

in general.
substances on standby if I ever get the need.
hope you get the answers you need to deal.

I can whistle 2 notes at once.

Nah dude take it from me you can do both lmao
I did it and everyone loves me

what's up?

I might get into weed if the job I'm trying for doesn't regularly test.

thanks grids you're tthe best too ;~:

im sad about doggos

You can't be allowed control if you speak of the end of muffins. Blasphemer.

If it's not this, than it's not a liberty.

Kyle what you do with your butthole isn't actually whistling so that doesn't count.
Who's your main?

prove it with vocaroo

But I'm not!

All you!

we're talking 12 million years here, it's highly unlikely muffins will make it that far

i'll tell you what if you're around to find out let me know if you can find me too

use it wisely if you do.


May. I'm considering Faust and Ky Kiesk or whatever his name is.

We can do a call sometime.
It's just humming and whistling so it rapidly changes the pitch of it.

Jules are ugly as fuck.

dont make me make a tiny asian cars and penises comparison

I actually don't know anything about Guilty Gear, but I am expressing healthy interest in your hobby because I love you.

well i wouldn't say...

sure yes we all love you

oh right you are leaving your pets?

honestly i couldn't leave my cats

i have the added high beems

only thing ugly about the Juke are the headlights

Would you like to watch my stream sometime?

just imbibed the remaining unknown quantity of my homemade tincture

All these lies! I will have none of these such things.

Totally you~

That's too long. Can't someone just break time or whatever and fold it all in on itself?

Then we don't have to wait or go anywhere. We can just see it... Also probably be dead 'cause ye.

everytime I look at him i get sad again
he's just sitting up by the door because my mom is in and out moving stuff

Haha, it's okay I know
My villain arc was pretty minor.

Aw gee Kyle its not just like, y'know
gonna be you peeing is it? This isn't a weird fetish joke right?




Still just a nitro.

Anything with shit headlights is a shit car, and all be all no more arguing.

oh but your mom is going to take care of him?

don't worry man

i donno you got a lot of heat with your erin stint

h-hey ^^



that is not exactly my ride

that one had some extra flash

how bout i take a picture of her and then you judge it

no me my mom and my brother are moving out and the dogs are staying here with the this family who are dicks

Just think
Somewhere in existence
There's a timeline and reality where Jurassic Park was a movie about a theme park that had giant Ducks instead of Dinosaurs

I don't feel like I ever get heat from that tbh


You can't aftermarket the headlight openings so no matter what you do, They're shit, the juke is shit.

It's a nitro, I don't need to see it.

good night everyone, sorry things are tough right now kyle i really hope shit works out for you


the shape is fine, it's the raised part that's dumb

aftermarket ones don't bulge out of the hood like that

>tumblrtale is being posted but best character
gay thread

wait what?

so they were not your dogs

i think i got into a similar thing in college

like the house we rented came with a weird guy in the back house with two cats

i got really attached to those cats

he named them both snickers because he couldn't tell them apart

i loved them so much

RIP snickers 1 and 2

erin showed up the other night and got hella heat

i would have said hi tbh if i were not lurking


don't worry about kyle

he is a drama queen


he might normally be a drama queen but this is very serious trouble and you best not hassle someone about expenses that relate to their quality of living



no, we got the dogs when they were together

they didnt have the dogs beforehand


The headlight opening is too small, it looks like shit and it doesn't follow the rules of auto architecture.

how about this

all i know if it has anything to do with money and living situations and kyle

it's kyle being a drama queen

feeling any better this week?

oh man that sucks man

i can't even imagine your feels actually

Fuck all squinty headlights
If the headlight is so small it has to shut off to see the turn signal, it is wrong.

It's not about money.


this is for my homie brad

cheer up bro pour one out for your dog ;;

ok how about these

it's always about money or what warehouse job you will work weird hours for

only to blow all of it over some bullshit

what's so not good lately if you don't mind me asking

Check out this. They genderbent two of the males. Makes the monkey much cuter~

I wouldn't feed into it, he wants that. Your problems are legit whether or not someone says it there.

The thing about being a temp worker is that the work is temporary.
That or your company gets shut down. Like what happened in Iowa.

nothing in general.

._. who are they?

yeah but you have this pattern

of working working working working
saving saving saving

blowing blowing blowing


whey not just save?

have you seen izombie?

Headlights are fine, but they are low.
They are half the overall height, but a good height is 1/3rds of the body height.

i think once i shoot a picture of my liberty in daylight

griddz will respect her

I don't really get to save much.
I have to pay rent, bills, insurance, food, and gas and shit.
On my usual pay I don't have much left over.
That one job in Iowa was the only real chance I had to save up, but like I said, the company had a massive lay off.

Neptune on the left, he is very afraid of water despite his name and using a trident as a weapon.

On the right is Sun Wukong a Faunus, which is like Blake they both have animal features. His name being a play on the Journey to the West. Like Goku and many other things.

how's this

Not curvy, not a liberty.

The 86 is perfection.

see i didn't see that lay off part

and i was making assumptions

sorry bro

wait you like curvy?

you might as well get a subaru like my sister if you like that gender fluid shit

It's ok. You tend to gloss over my posts.
It's why I don't get mad anymore over it.

well it was more of a skim

let me know if there's anything i can do to help in your jobhunt

Can I have a subaru baja?

Pay for vocational welding classes for me.

you're out of control


I would put mud tires on it.

you could probably use a can of argon

seems kinda pricey

still a bitch car

key word car

Pretty sure the baja came first.

Guero says it could be a fruitful endeavor.

G'night everyone.

guero is also morbidly obese and barely hanging on

my stepfather has been taking up welding lately but like it's just because he has nothing better to do

Searching for Subaru baja, but I accidentally baka instead.

bye SD



Sleep well!

That image, my dick, diamonds.

is this the real eba?


There is no need to be awake.
I am going to remedy this with sleep.

good luck tomorrow

use the weekend to get back out there

oh shit

Ditto. Lets totally dock. It's the purest form of love.

Want me to post my sixty boops image? Or another one to confirm?

no i was just asking

i haven't seen you in forever

how you been

i havent.

huh weird...

do you have netflix?

check it out

it cheered me up

Videogames are fun

Check out this neat logo I made for me and my buddies

Was getting pretty good then a big road block sorta ruined that. How about you? Stayin' good?

They are very interesting. I mean we don't get much info on them but their personalities are fun~

it's cool but i have a question

do you even know martial arts?

my only certifications are an orange belt in karate
all the jiujitsu I know was taught to me by my father or picked up at sessions with my niggas

i think so

i just got car insurance through geico so that is good

i think the last we saw you publicly was after your mom collapsed or something

how is she?

Dead. I thought that had already been said?

oh wow so you are trained

carry on my man

if it had been i didn't hear

i am so sorry bro


honestly though, as much as my mom annoys me, i don't know what i would do without her

probably do my own laundry for one

laundry is ez mode

quinoa is just filler tbh

here is my thing

i have a laundramat close by

but also my mom close by

and my mom gives me food

and the laundramat has wild mexican children running around unleashed

Eh, it is what it is. Can't really focus on it much. Thank you though.

don't mention it

i donno why but i actually believe you are eva

this is sobering in a way

you drinking eba?

i feel like i should reload for this

no room for a washer/dryer where you live?


nah it's a really old building

A little yeah, I don't want to get too drunk and go around saying stupid stuff. I can do that enough without booze~

my sink already backs up and my ceiling leaks

i can't imagine if you added a washer into the mix


but you'll be chilling?

cool i'll get a 40

see it's almost 2am

the cut off for most bars

but i swear the place under me sells way too late

meh, im not really into zombies.

i like black haired girl and blondie the most! oh and the cute spear throwing red head ^_^
....someday i'll watch the rest of season one.

it's pretty cute and lighthearted

like the main character is super yuri and doesn't even look like a zombie

she just eats brains on the low

lol everytime i go to that bar, the bar tender will is so hot,

after just kicking out someone

being a bartender would fucking suck

Pretty much yup, most I'll be doing is maybe some OW later.

Yee you should.

also luka, the main character is from new zealand but pulls off a convincing american accent

being alive is laughing at vines on youtube at 3 am trying to not kill yourself because you have work tomorrow
also i lost my trip

are you even still in contact with anyone?

i'm not since everyone moved again

from the steams to the discords

and now discord is dead

what will they ever do

i saw the trailer.

should i eat food right now? at exactly midnight? and drink my mio?

just found a fatass swisher sweet in the garage

isn't vine dead

who says discord is dead?
they all seeem fine to me

cute right? you kinda want to watch now


oh sorry

it's slow

forgive my insensitivity

yeah thats why theyre on youtube

i already seen the trailer

i am still trying to wrap my head around why black people latched onto vine so hard

give it a chance luka

i had my doubts too

it's really good

same dude who did voronica mars

which i haven't seen

because it gave a platform to shitty 5 second phone videos

the only thing i can come up with is that black people are stupid

blacks do love their phones



Cups, Moonfane, Luka and Sd mostly. Don't have others on other things and don't get on steam too often, sadly.

Yeah, if you are hungry~

strawberry swisher?

oh man getting flashbacks to this time that eva and revy were talking years ago and i railed them so hard lol

and now like i think revy is super waifu material and i'm also being nice to the person claiming to be eva

what even happened to my life

nah they're just too poor for regular video equipment

so it turned out you weren't eva

good job

colbert made a comment like "he's not online" or something

are you still in contact with colbert?

i have money and no camera on my phone

I told you I wasn't, silly!

Just plain
Never was too big on smoking but it was nice
good mix of the sweet taste on the lips and the tobacco
Just a shame I didnt have much bud or I wouldve been able to roll one

what's wrong with you

I don't know anything about smoking or drugs

I just know Strawberry Swisher is a song by DGD

Swishers are cigars

i donno why but i believed you from the beginning

so there's



Well, it's nice to have someone believe me!
Now we just need Rin Anna whoever that other one was called to show up as well

Rin and whoever* wtf cell phone

rin could be tricky if he's (oh sorry she) is on his hiadis

he will post daily for a year

then you won't see him for a year


im hungry and yawning

but rin is basically a poor mans eva

let's be real

Ah, oh well
Its not that important anyway

Sleepy Luka

she just seemed like your taste is all

shurg yourself

swisher is a brand

cigarillls are like small cigars

I spoke to him a few times during my absence but not much.

One could be connected to the other.

fucking tobacco hipsters

yes :)


so swishers are cigarillos?

i almost feel bad for retards that smoke and chew tobacco

oh we was flaunting like...

i kinda like how you're transitioning into a hippie girl

like whoa man

My recommendation is a light snack and bed :)

how am i a hippie

i don't have anything light.

see you get it

or sorry

a feminist

those pits

hey i'm not hating

some of my favorite feminists don't shave




Oh no :(
*Offers granola bar*

Nothing in a place like this is that important ever

he was trying to flaunt like he was friends with you

thank you for confirming he was full of shit

can i ask you a real question?

why didn't you shave your pits before posting provocative pictures

He's still my friend. I just don't get on steam a lot.

i'm lazy

Lol TP shut the fuck up

what do you mean by this

Any sort of forum online

oh okay

it kinda made it for me though

since i like liberals



;~; brb

do you think you can make luka happy?

she's been in the dumps for weeks

wtf is wrong with you


i like feminists

sue me

Okay :)

Eh? That's an odd question to ask. I don't know, I'm sort of trying my best because I've known Luka from before coming here

yeah can't fault you for being a masochist

These are swisher (tm) cigarillos

These are Swisher (tm) cigars

was she always so sad

you still seeing that guy?

which guy?

swishers were like

my bro jasons roof in highschool

Didn't seem to be. Anyways seemed pretty happy to me
But I could have simply not noticed before. It feels different though
You didn't answer my question

the latest

or girl

i forgot you are yuri as well

Yuri is the purest form of love


what was it again?

at the bottom

nani was your q?

lol i don't speak weeb

i call my cat nani tho

Nani = what

i mean there's a guy i met playing Wakfu keeps tryna marry me
still trying to get with my best friend, as usual

so what was your question?

before that there was a question you didn't get an adequate answer to?

please help with american english clarification

Luka is grill?

i was super confused for a second because it seemed like you were making a joke by mixing weeb and english

No, just genuine confusion. I do that sometimes

revy you deserve a man that you didn't just meet playing fucking wakfu

i respect personal pronouns

no TP
because he said nani was your q
and i read it like what was your q
"nani" was your q


Oh, I got you. Its not something that's ever come up, I've always called her Luka

You got whati meant then!
I do that sometimes too without noticing it and feel retarded for not understanding the problem

yeah but he helps me level

but cancer bro if you must know

revy and luka both have penises

but they identify as female

and actually revy is taking hormones and is pretty close to being an actual girl

Meh, that's fine

you made that happen

Made what happen

they don't like to here their birth genders


I've never used anything specific


but you assumed luka was a dude right?

Help, nezi is making me hungry

I assume everyone on the internet is a dude

None of it matters, as long as I enjoy their company


nezi used to get bullied for being fat

then he started posting more food

and got more fat

he is probably pretty fit now

cause the fat shaming surely


Not really. Its a pretty safe assumption to make, especially when you grew up playing MMOs and people gave free stuff to people claiming to be girls

I just avoid using anything specific and usually just call them by name.
Why did you ask if I thought I could make her happy though?

i really do love revy

it's weird

i get butterflies

New ish, use it up.


those are carnivorous moths

i was hoping you could

luka has been sulking and it's a real buzzkill

no i do

i believe that you get moths in your tummy

that's fair i guess

i used to really hate you though

like a lot

eva too

Go to the next thread reee

oh we don't cap


i know

I know but I replied there and this thread is making my phone lag

see that was not linked properly