Avast ye ass

Avast ye ass.


Huh. I didn't think it actually made it.
I got an error.

Yeah, you just gotta wait a bit sometimes, it's real finicky.



So, how is everbudy?

Ok I guess.
It's been kind of a long week.

Dead it seems.





but why

it has been a long week, quite long.

exactly how I feel inside.

Yeah. I can't really explain it here, but I'm ready for it to be over.


I'm ready for the next 6 months to be over.

there ain't no rest for the wicked.

I feel ya on that one too.

i want blondie....

Is there rest for any other kind?

Always with this.
Luka pls. Go get Blondie then.

that poki has chocolate on it.

anyone else may rest, but the wicked, they cannot.


That's pretty cute, can you draw?

Depends who is asking.

Okay so traps are gay.

But are Futas gay ?

Only if her dick is bigger than yours.

I figured the wicked would be the ones to sleep in...

I've got like, all of 34 images in that folder. Let me build it up some more.

The bigger the better tbh.

Guess I got nothing to worry about then.

how come you get to use her?....

nope, no rest,

But I haven't...!?



I don't read youtube comments on music, and I never played borderlands.

anywho, I am go to lay in bed now.

nighty night griddwalls

It was goofy, mindless fun, but everything else was shit.

Rest well.

:worried emoji:















i'm afraid it's terminal....

drain bamage



What the fuck

dain bramage

lol i recognize those thigns



I think they're cool.


That's so uncanny valley it hUrts

Hurts so good tho.

kinda wish I could be an anthropomorphic lifesized retard anime girl visualised on a 3rd dimensional plane

i want blondie



let's play twister !

Im not a boy.

me on the right you on the left



mean :(



uh you mean Ram?

yay ^-^

u-uh I think maybe you forgot some of the rules hehe...

Yeah, sure.

Ah, you're right, there's gotta be more than one person on the board. Silly me.




Dont make fun of me....

*laughs internally*

this low intelligence character is only an alt...be nice....


But I only see you here~

gotta go fast


I'm only a figment of your imagination

Have you tried hanging out with Loodz irl?

Talking about yourself again?

Nah, can't be

I thought the meme was that I am Lewds

That set up was too easy. You were meant to fall for it, and you did.

I fell for you too bby

lmao no

You'll never be as good as him

He posts better pics, mmh?




Big mistake that was

You just hate fun, so hush up.


hi hi

It's not that, he's just a really chill dude, the 10/10 loodz he posts also helps lmao

So I'm assumming you're new or at least have posted here for sometime but Ive been gone for most of the time


who are you

w-would yo like to roleplay with me? .//.

Been around about a month now or so, so I suppose that's somewhat new.
Have seen you around though

who are you


Hello Ghost

Eat a dick boo
abandoning us for fat ass traps

I bet you wish it was you eating such

i didnt fuck the fat ones
hey bard

wrong kinda boo mate


im saying hi
is this ur personality now bard

But I don't know no boo



Yeah, but that's good though
So who are you favorite postiers so far and who are the ones who are mean to you?
Tsuchi is pretty mean but he secretly likes new people, especially danish people :3

Yeah, I've been around for a year or five

yah i dont remember u either

What is your motive

Smile :)

wanted to say hi to my old friends who i cared about very much

I thought roleplaying was for people that hated their lives so much they have to pretend to be something else tbh.

I don't really think anyone is "mean" to me, or if so, I consider it just joking. Biggest problem for me is that everyone apparently got several names, so it's not easy knowing who is who.
Been posting along with some people here for years too, but in other threads. I'm just new to these ones

You could say that. Started posting in these threads about a month ago


bard is mad at us
for flocking back to the thread ;~;


i was here 7 years ago
crazy timeline we're in


Best timeline

...okay what's your point?
Nah, for real though, it's fun sometimes.

People being here is good :)
Keeps things going and fresh!
I don't think he's mad at you either

Tsuchi is just sad he doesnt have any friends to roleplay with

he's shy

you post here every day what the heck are you talking about

im a little salty u havent said hi to me soto/luka

this timeline has been kinda rude to me

How come? It can still become better

oh okay

i live here


Don't group me up with Luka you nigger

Well at least you have a better backbone than those faggots over at /lewd/
Yeah, everyones always changing their names thinking that will make them more interesting but in reality it does the complete opposite

What board?


Don't group me up with Soto you mean person

So only smiles now :)

Self-loathing is an awful thing.

I honestly just never have understood it.
I understand "roleplaying" in a videogame sense of "choosing to be a dick or an archer" but like the weird, legitimately pretending to be another person shit is completely bizarre to me.

Probably years of 4chan and so that has done it.
haha, yeah, it's true. Plus, you just forget about them eventually.

Holla Forums pony threads, then /mlp/, then ponychan, mlpchan and back to ponychan. Now here because Speccy begged me to come.
And this place is indeed much nicer

Have a good one

who's that?

Poor guy...

I think you're thinkin' too hard on it.
In the past I kinda had the same feelings, it was awkward and from the outside seemed like the most queer shit ever. But since I've been into it, it's a bit easier than it seems, and you really don't have to focus on the "being another person" aspect nearly as much as you think. It's only important a very small part of the time, and often times the acting bits can be really funny. Never laughed harder.

Who's who?

We don't need even more of your kind around here.
There was only every one good poster we've gotten from there.

I did not beg you!
Stop this meme.

That's just too bad now, isn't it?

I get the why of it and I know there's all sliding scales of it but I dunno. It's why acting as a profession seems alien to me for just the whole nature of being fake. I can appreciate movies but I still see whichever actor as the actor, not the "role" they're in, if that makes sense.

uh huh :3

Go back and take all of them but T e s t with you.

I didn't know that

Nah, that makes perfect sense, and I can understand it.
It's also pretty hard for some people that do try to play. What I said about a certain low Int. character is only partly a joke. Lot'a people have a hard time separating their person from their character. Can be really grating for the campaign too.

I told you to post at the other Dane, as a joke!
It was just a prank, bro!

We've had a bunch of horsefuckers that somehow ended up here: you, Test, Cupcake, Smiles, Specter, Erin, Alexis, Darwin, Cato, Mercury, etc.

Plus, we've had a bunch of autistic posters that just "pretend" to be retarded like Blood-chan, Luka, and Sonata where they totally just pretending to be whatever.

Isn't that the same thing?

Yeah, but they all got one thing in common: They love anime.
I'm not like them, no worries

Well that's different!



*Pats head*

What ever happened to Queenie, Mikie (that pink loving faggot) and Ethy?

you played good.
you healed okay.
you tanked good.

I enjoy healing the most. My tanking feels so horrible :(

I've heard a number of people say that Luka just pretends to be retarded, what is this based off of?
Just the null assumption that people aren't?

horrible how?

Ineffective. It didn't feel like I was getting anything done

I've heard a number of people say that Dustyny just pretends to be retarded, what is this based off of?
Just the null assumption that people aren't?


It's a 30 year old NEET dude pretending to be a 10/10 anime lesbian on the internet.

He's actually just retarded.

you were the buffer
you take the hits
so we don't have to
we lived more often with you around taking all the hits.
you as tank gave your healers and team mates ult charge too.

Just stand there and look pretty.

null and void

It felt like people were dying more when I was tanking. I haven't really found one that I like playing yet either

you'll learn eventually ^_^
when to be at the right place at the right time, with teamates near by you who also want to win!

Eventually. It seems like Reinhardt is the best shield wise, but I'm not fond of his skills. Especially when the others can drop shield and attack at the same time, I guess that's the trade off though

Dunno about anyone but Mikie, who's now one of the two admins of Ponychan.
A good decision really, he loves the place

Dunno about anyone but Mikie, who's now one of the two admins of Ponychan.
A good decision really, he loves the place

Nice post Squid.

I'm sorry but he's gross, man.

oh for fucks sakes


Pot meet kettle.

Pre-lifting ethy was pretty aight

I would've pumped him full of whey protein if you know what I mean lmao

lmao that faggot is old af now
Tell him I said hi too

he haz big 2D sheild~

and a bit of hp

and a big hammer to swing around

and a jet pack to drift to anywhere!

he does his job ^_^

hush now

I would, but I don't really frequent the place anymore. You could add him on Discord if you want to Discord: Mikie#0129

Why are the pony threads nothing but turbogays and people that try to swear they're straight but it comes of as in the closet?

Indeed! His hammer is really strong too.
I need to get some more sleep now, goodnight Luka

I realize that that could be a perfect descriptor for here as well.



Is this 2012?
Most "people" now swear they're gay and do eblowjobs for attention, but in the real world, they're all straight lonely fucks

I always figured it was a bunch of turbogay dudes that couldn't find people even on places as low as craigslist and the same as BadFox's board where all of them are gay as hell but just so far in the closet.

It could be, and it's just the opposite of Holla Forumsread, which has been the only place I've been in anyway. I don't care for ponies

I just had a bowl of oats banana and egg

You know those people that basically just try way too hard to get someone to dick them? That's all I've ever really seen there with a few that try to hard to come off as "manly" while posting cartoon horses. I may be biased but still.

Nope, doesn't sound like bias. I still believe those fags are actually straight when it all comes down to it

Hi tsuchi.