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Isn't it early for a Sinni



willingness to try new things
strong sense of humor

you act like you know me but you're pretty off mark, have we ever even spoken? like, with our voices? i don't think you know shit about me tbh.

what are you up to tonight?

Eva can be a bit shortsighted.

Oh, my ID color is nice.

Who needs sleep???

Hi Erin! Hope you're having a good night! We should be friends!!!!


it's fucking eva


die for real man

i mean, you can tell people we are if you like, but i won't be here enough for us to get to know each other

We will never sleep, 'cuz sleep is for the weak!
And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead!

Insomnia or just no responsibilities?

Not much. Woke up, was going to talk to someone a bit but they went to sleep I think
I should probably be trying to go back to sleep, since it's almost 05:00


nice tone for a vaporeon

Can I tell people we're friends too?

I think I got a pretty good idea of you.
you're downright charming, and predatory.
beyond that, I only got minor details, which don't paint you in a bad light, but suggest you have problems with mental stability.

I mean, its a guess. I couldn't see a flag... So I thought at first I saw a Canada flag... But looking back there is no flag.
Just an amusing shot in the dark.



What time do you normally get to bed again.

Probably already askedy ou but I forgpt

you don't have ID colors turned on lol

Ah, it is a Canadian.
So either Eva or Kanra.
I think on past experience it'd be Kanra, they're always one for spouting BS and acting like they know something.

That's unfortunate, and nah I'd rather try to be friends while you are here rather than just ham fist it. How is your night going?

Both, what are you up to?

uhhhhh my i.d color is blue not 'off" ?

Essentially, once I get tired enough.
Its not the best system, and it's one I'll need to fix once I find a job

sorry for acting like I know things

Its nearly 9am, and ive just arrived home from work. Probably grab tea and a coffee in a minute. Other than that, shit post a little then do some other work related junk and slack off.
What is keeping your wired brain tickin' Sinni?
Ive never really suffered with sleep related issues so the idea of insomnia always makes me worry.

kanra i have a girlfriend


i imagine you already do

i have mental health issues yes. charming and predatory i don't know where your getting. you're holding on to a fiction of me.

you know there is an open invite to internet fags to come stay at my house, if you want any meat in what you're sayng, come learn some shit

i was thinkng kanra tbh

you caught me a curveball when you said eva

well, it's 5 to 9 in the morning, i have a therapy appointment at 1, and i can't be bothered, so i gotta hunt motivation. you?


hwait, hwat?



I was thinking Eva more for the meme. But the evidence on reading it does make it obvious.
Plus, atleast, Eva has some decorum and manners.

this just in

there's settings for Holla Forums

more news at 11

back to you, ollie

Why would I already be doing that?

That looks like way too much food

never you mind hunni

What is it like, being a cutie trap?


[vomit emoji]]

anyone who can get others to take care of them, despite being reprehensible deep down, is either knowingly or unknowingly using others

and what do you offer them in return? sounds like you say your personality, which if it isn't seen as charming by others, probably doesn't garner the sorts of favours you life off of?

makes sense to me.


what about this?

you must have a small tummy

well I only dress up when I'm in the mood
and it's a lot of fun ^^
you feel really cute with a skirt on and all this girly stuff

99% of the time though I'm just a normal guy c:

git gud

but what about your bf

That looks better. Oddly sized serving platter for what there is though


:shrug: I've had insomnia since I was like really small, so I don't know how to describe not having it?

It's 3am and I'm chilling with my boy. I hope you get motivated, if I can help let me know :dab:

Huh, that does me a fascination. Sugoi~


what makes you think i'm reprehensible deep down? you don't know me on like, the most shallow of levels, lol, you're talking to an internet persona who was for the longest time called "kittens"

ignoring that the rest of the implication is people who need help or receive gifts are all users

not a smart argument

sounds cushy :3

if i think of anything i will tyty

please don't bully me

Time to try sleep again

That is fair, I suppose. If it is thine own brand of normal.
Aslong as you've become able to function.
The uwu is always strong atleast.

nighty night my little buddy

Very crushy. I usually like try to hype myself up for therapy by like saying I'll treat myself to nice food after? Like a 'good job you're doing good' treat.

The lack of sleep compartmentalizes the uwu, makes it more powerful! Thank you tho.

only got like, a billion questions

unless this is a meme

in which case, stahp.

so what shallow thing could I say about you that's true?

uh....I would argue that the BBQ 4Rivers dinner is more food than that breakfast plate.
It just doesn't look like it because of the large tray.

they serve all the food on a large tray with a paper sheet

i have lots of fun stuff locked in my bag


lol, children's menu

Bard is made for bullying

im not

lol I'm the same with haircuts

memeing i mean

Organized uwu? Systematized? This sounds satisfying!
Hm, new British Bake is starting soon... or has started.. I don't know... But have you been getting creative in the kitchen recently?
I wonder if I have things in to make stuff. Maybe pancakes.


do you still like boys? does she know?

naa, when im done i just wanna get home and take some layers off and breathe


It's not true

I Did not

It 's bullshit

i did not hit her



children's menu???

what do you mean?
that's good food my guy

and no child could eat that much

is she furry

oh yes

Bruh getting haircuts is so satisfying, that alone is a treat. I need to get one soon :5

I made cookies with my mom the other day? I don't remember what they were called but they were super thin chocolate cookies that looked like brownies but crunched like meringues.

That in and of itself is a treat! Whatever happens, I hope you have fun!

Subhumans really jingle my jerries

oh hi Mark

So it seems. But really, that's barely any food at all. That's the amount kids get served here


is she artist


Is she tranny?

Nice to see ya tonight major Hus
you runescaping tonight i imagine?

she'd say no


Those sound really good. You are good at kitchen.
I forget what your vocation/career is going to be... are you looking to do catering?
I do know you've got the flair and passion for it.

Blue vibrator dildo
Medium Cole
Medium Chance
Hitachi Magic Wand
Lots of various pantsu, red thong
Rainbow thigh-high socks
Fuzzy handcuffs
Cat ear headband w/ pink bows and little bells
Schoolgirl skirt
Short short jeans
Cat tail butt plug
Vibrator butt plug
Regular butt plug
Lots of lube

I think that's everything unless I forgot something

not for me :(
post hair

lmao okay dude

yeah, am. Gonna clean eventually though, don't wanna. Too lazy.
Feeling well?

even though you're lame

that is a fucking fantastic meme

Kanra I have a boyfriend

Jesus Christ. That is quite the haul of erotica and lewdism.
Did you not post that before? Or am I thinking of another.

I don't have the spine to do well in a kitchen, I'm going into sports medicine >b I like medicine and helping people so why not help people who do their best to succeed? or w/e

You all eat like kids, lol

Im doing alright

get to go see my new house tomorrow so that's a little nerve wracking

switching beteween
Watching Bas Rutten talk about stuff and
washing up blankets and stuff for moving

what are YOU going to clean?

uwu most artists say that. trying to imagine what kinda girl a softcore feminine punk boy would end up with, and- does she dye her hair?

remember my metal coon tail plug that has a legit taxidermied coon tail

the fuck man

My hair or just hair??

no you don't

not like to the extent youre probably thinking.

Even though you are needlessly abrasive, atleast the memes hold true.

I somehow forgot that you are a Biology wizard. Sorry.
But that is an admirable motivation/goal.
You've uwu and smol in the DNA.
Are you actually a fan of sports?
Or is it just the practice of sports science that is fascinating?

Sounds pretty exciting!
Washing is definitely a good idea. I guess you're just watching stuff on the side to help pass time?

The house, really. Just vacuum and wipe dust off a few surfaces and move around some other things


Wow you know
I wish my dogs would vacuum and dust my house.....

Thank you! you're pretty uwu yourself. I used to play badminton and I like baseball (go cubs go). but the practice is equally fascinating.

order a large pizza from pizza hut with at least 3 meat toppings, eat the whole thing by yourself, and then tell me you're not full

dang I think I lost all my lewd pics of myself

I can't find the folder

it's all gone


I had gifs of me with the tail and skirt while playing guitar hero

post your pretty hair

i wanna be jelly

pretty sure I know you on the shallowest of levels.

you could probably tell her what colour you'd like it~
also, be careful of furry bitches. haven't met a loyal one.

you don't know me. at all. i'm sorry if that's disappointing.

im not concerned. shes not really furry

Nezi was a slut all along.

Instead they just mess it all up, damn pets

Got no pizza hut here. Usually whenever I do get stuff from anywhere, I'll get a kebab mix from a local place. Delicious 800g menu

surprised no one

I have a friend

be careful of bitches*


Loyalty is a detestable trait anyway.

see, that's silly. even if I read your reply, that's knowing some of you. but now you're on your defense, but there were times when you weren't, and pretty sure you weren't some enigma, and that people said true statements about you all the time, and you about yourself far more.

she a normie?

If I find a nice picture of myself with quality hair, I'll bop you one.


poor sucker

you don't get to know me

i don't open up to asshats

she's quite the sucker if you know what i mean


You don't know me. You will never know me.

lol there's a pack of playing cards in my drawer someone gave me

$24.95 for fucking playing cards

you have to have sex with people to be a slut

yay c:

well, mazel tov-

not directed at you, but whaaa- are you sure it's not just misplaced oxytocin and pheramones?

see, I wasn't sure why you stated "you don't know me" so strongly.
now I know it's because you're proud. now I know that about you.

w-what did I do?

Good. Now I can bully you like I should have long ago. You little shit.

I am uwu, I don't know about that... But badmington is goodmington.
And baseball? That is intriguing. The cubs heh... n-not quite the Yankees kek.

I love sports, but I am not naturally gifted for them. My co-ordination and accident proneness that arises from my Hypermobility.

its troo love

more assumptions you're going to repeat as fact, thus spreading misinformation and turning you into a "boy who cried wolf" figure

knock yourself out

Y-you know you could always make a n-new folder o///o


Alright, let's do it then.

after I lose weight, sure

I'd bet somebody from threads still has the gifs of me in skirt with tail
they got posted a lot

A) don't know you much
B) you live far away likely
C) no

damn. teach me your ways.
not even kitten.

okay, so you're not proud.
or maybe you're proud occasionally.
one of these sentences has to be true.

whatever it is, it is supported by an anonymous benefactor, who is not your bf.

That is all Kanra does. It is how they try to smokescreen themselves as intelligent

Theres a good girl.

teach you what even

is the answer A, or B?


am smart.

I don't have friends. I was lying.

how to get a gf

me neither...I ... I was wondering if...maybe.......since ....yooou know......since neither of us....h-have any friends.....


m-maybe you would give me just a little blowjob

Pfff... shit.
That's alright, we can fix this checklist one issue at a time.

i just told her i had a crush on her and she didnt destroy me

now we're like a thing

ooh found my rare earth magnets

Go ahead.

let's just quietly delete that....

The mental gymnastics it performs are quite phenomenal. A real mental Beth Tweddle.

are you self-aware? have you ever used that self-awareness to make a true statement about yourself, to a bunch of people that didn't care? I know about unwarranted blogging, which you are guilty of.

what does that say about you? do you think it really says nothing?

didn't have to act like an ass to show your interest before that?

I do remember there was also one of you riding a dildo.
And also I dislike hearing my voice played back.

Meh, I'll just take the No.

will posing questions about other's existentialism ever get me recognition as an intellectual?


I still have 2 videos saved in mediafire

one is the video where I ride a dildo and cum with skirt

the other I'm just humping a pillow and showing off my tummy

apologize, you see now that I'm no slut!

hey there big boy

how does a 1TB hard drive just walk off

no, I mean, you know how psychology works, right? you also do drugs, so you know about having different perspectives, so I'm asking if you have a good sense of yourself, and if you use that when you blog.

Hopefully nobody finds it and gets into it and sees alll your lewd vids


my patience is done with the pseudoanalytical bullshit

it's like humoring an autistic kid while they talk about some cartoon you don't care about, after a while it's grating

what the fuck are you actually trying to achieve? is this all so you can feel intelligent? it's stupid. leave me alone and go study a dick.


Be careful! They might 3D transform a dick and choke!


what makes it pseudo? you're saying I don't know you, and I'm saying you're knowable, and if you know yourself, and your blogs reflect knowledge of thyself, then by perchancing upon on, one can be lead to believe they provide some insight into your psyche. and maybe instead of some enigma, while you have the potential to be some enigma, several years interactions have averaged out some pretty consistent behaviours and ideas about you, and I doubt you've evolved much since them.



i told you, out of patience, find someone else to ramble at and pump your ego


one of the videos I never released

the other video (the one with the dildo) was literally posted in thread/leaked by Boo because he's an asshole


nah, it's late. thank you for being simple.


I can leak the second one for you.


thicc loli thighs



can't leak it if I've never shared it

well, I think I gave it to Damami but he ded so

Double attention .////.

people still dislike Erin more than me right?


We can fix this
"C) N0."


Hi Bard.

Erin is likes far more than kanra

Found this picture of you on social media?
is this you?

Where do you tuck your cocks when they're erect and you want to hide it?


when you need to hide your massive erection

flex your arm or leg or something for about 50 seconds or so and it will go down


Front camera doesn't work. Also no social media :3

the "no" is more like a "i'm shy and have trouble getting into relationships irl because of it"

Fuck I already added her.......

Is okay, they're probably cute

Nezi post lewd video

I believe it.

Nezi the type of dude to pull out and cum on himself


I honestly surprised myself when I lost my virginity, I was being super forward and charismatic

not at all shy or quiet

she definitely saw that later though lol


You sound conflicted, cherub.

She saw the shy side, or the side where you put on her underwear and shove things up your ass?

I want to have sex with Ferris.


i've heard that girls are into that kind of thing.....

oh she knew I was bi before we fugged
feels good rubbing your shaved legs against someone else's


Spoil sport, nya!

The cat thing.

I'd do Megumin

megumin is (male)



teehee xd


not Ferris


Ha Hu is a faggot



Girls are dumb,

Ah, yes, the "bi" meme strikes again.
Sounds hot.


It is bullying to tease~

I feel like I shouldn't have to change that much to be liked
that it'd be easy to just, make people happy, and to be liked for it

wish I had more faith in it. looking now at every person I ever thought was nice, it turned out it was love and attention kept them being nice. making others happy to keep themselves happy. always on standby with platitudes. assurances. principles. common sense. they hid well their insecurity and need to be liked.

but it was all to be liked. that people were dumb enough to fall for the tricks.
maybe at the cost of trying to be real all the time, I set aside what it is people truly want from others.

Cat trap.

hm... yes?

How do you cure someone's crippling depression?

*they said it was all to be liked;

no one likes you because you're an autist bent on trying to prove themselves as a genius

I'm a callous asshole who follows cultural norms and I'm still doing fine

Offer ass.

what do you mean by "bi meme"

not necessarily~
some people like a tease :3c


Okay, depression really fucking sucks.

It’s like doing everything you can, day in and day out, just to have the chance to take a positive step in the right direction.

Every day is an accumulation of all the shitty days that came before, piled onto your back like 49 contestants from the Biggest Loser, waiting for you to take them to the finish line.

The finish line, of course, is your bed. Because you can’t wait to get away from everything and everyone and just do nothing.

The last 5 months I’ve been in and out of depression. There are weeks I go without answering the phone or returning text messages from my family. I spend entire weekends on the couch. I even started watching Kourtney and Kim Take Miami—to make myself feel better… about feeling bad.

Kinda like eating a cheeseburger when you already feel like shit.

(Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about…)

I’m all for positive thinking and reinforcement, but let’s face it… sometimes that shit doesn’t cut it. Positive thoughts alone won’t lift you up out of the crappy situation you find yourself in every day.

I wish it did. But it doesn’t.

I tried maintaining a daily workout regimen, meditating, reading, hanging out with friends, Skyping family, waking up earlier, getting more sleep, taking vitamin D pills, eating bananas, making long-term plans, developing a routine, writing down my goals, talking to my cat… you name it!

None of it worked for me.

So here I am. Still depressed on a cold, rainy day in Detroit, Michigan with nothing but gray clouds outside while my cat Celestine sits on my feet.

Did I mention I lost power in my condo? Yea, that shit just happened. Because that’s what happens when everything sucks: it just gets suckier.

too much to read I was just going to make a joke

do you really think I'm trying to prove I'm a genius?

In 1 minute and 15 seconds all I could manage was "Offer ass."
In 2 minutes and 15 seconds you made that wall.

How the fuck

It's just a common theme for... personalities we'll say? similar to yours.


whatever you were going on about with erin earlier try to do to yourself

look from the outer view

Maybe there's a reason everybody says this shit about you

I cannot argue there.

someone does not have to have a personality similar to mine for me to like them

I must beat this
link it to me


there's always a chance~

it is fucking ON Brother

Maybe my brain is just slow.

No, no. That's not what I meant.
I'm saying the: "shy trap fuck boy that claims to be bi and has a gf" is a common theme. Or at least, a theme I've commonly encountered.

okay but my C key is sticky since I spilt tea on my keyboard.



o-oh my o//o

You really think people are going to sit here and read this drivel


the thing with erin? go ahead and read it.

it's just her saying she's unknowable, and me suggesting pretty fair and obvious ways she makes herself known to everyone. it's not some shtick or me trying to prove I'm soo piercing. she got defensive, said things to me she probably wouldn't like said to her, then left.

at they very least, she knew I was right.
more than that, I actually do know a bit about her. and she didn't like me saying that.

" and if you know yourself, and your blogs reflect knowledge of thyself, then by perchancing upon on, one can be lead to believe they provide some insight into your psyche. and maybe instead of some enigma, while you have the potential to be some enigma, several years interactions have averaged out some pretty consistent behaviours and ideas about you, and I doubt you've evolved much since them."

' never know

i never said i'm unknowable, i said you don't know me, and that i'm not going to let you get to know me.


My IQ is not high please bear with me.


if you think figuring me out is some kind of game to prove your superior intellect, that's not someone i want close to me. that's an autistic weirdo.

How trash is my music "taste"?

why are you so salty today bardo


is this ukanra

I was talking like how she and others describe me
but someone as smart as her got that
the punchline being that by the end of looking for something that makes me look like an ass,
would have required reading and understanding the post

idk if Erin read it. but she pretended she didn't. maybe this is how she wins.

You can't just leave us all for dead and then come back and expect to be welcomed with open arms

You're not one of us

the server i had running in the threads i managed to get wiped and a £330 refund for the next few years, this board has zero script support

Someone keeps pissing in their cornflakes. TBH I think theyre just sexually frustrated.

I don't claim to be bi, I am

and I don't have a gf

I just dated a girl for a while and lost my virginity

and then I've been single for like 4 years

so rip me

superior intellect to

you mean i'm not allowed to have a life away from here and still post occasionally?

not "one of you"?

your brain is broke dude, it's a website

my 3rd dimensional iq has transformed entire continents

people from this community and others like it make pilgrimage to my house, lol

"not one of us"

I never said you can't do anything

you can do whatever you so choose with your life

I'm free as free to react however I so choose as you are free to act how you so choose

i think scoots is putting plans in motion for another trip to experience the sweet party rig

I'm saying that your blogs, of which there are many, and everyone probably has one cap of their favourite, you end up with some pretty consistent behaviours and mannerisms, which we in the psych biz like to call your 'personality', and you know this, and it will take a lot more drugs to break those patterns.

oh noes
the tranny is attac my tism :(
whatever will do

Bard has just been infected by Moogen and Squashes bitterness and propaganda.

I don't doubt it.
Well, you did anyway.
rest in pieces...
Forever alone is better anyway tbh.

stop being a fag

that isn't an order

why do you keep mentioning drugs

and talking to me

Killies #1 shindig station!
Mon the Erin

This video is not available.
Sorry about that.

because you do drugs
are probably on a few meds
in fact, could probably figure out what meds produce what sorts of alterations in behaviour, and we could learn a bit about you from that.

I'm not saying I care enough to try, just that it'd be easy, because you've made it easy

launchkey and some guitar stuff coming in the next few days, and backdrop rigging, then we're about set

i'm smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee

hard core fucking narcotics


You should see kanra after a night strung out on coffee ooh boy

talk about hangover city

IS THAT A VEGETAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Imagine, if kanra took drugs to supress his retardation

Sounds like ace shit yo!
Gotta keep trucking!

shiggy diggy

I'd rather not be alone
but at least I'm not constantly feeling lonely like I used to

I just occasionally think back on how nice it was
but I am pretty content right now, don't really need anybody to be happy

coo. no sense repeating myself.
you understand what I've said, and you know I'm right.

who told you this?!


don't make jokes based on things i've said if you're gonna be a dick when talking to me directly bard. have some fucking tact.

that's not the case

oh look i disagreed

cue textwall of intellectualism

Hey dumbass this is the only post interacting with you that isn't fucking hostile

Of all the things you could get offended about i's when I rip into the autist trying to tear you a new one


holy fuck this is a PG FAMILY SHOW BARD



he's making a tit of himself, i don't need you jumping in

you're being a dick though



This is a great show.

lewds are nice

That is just bard. He is a little bitch.

mi amor

hey bard check this out

kill yourself, i know you want to

i know you're miserable and lonely, why not just go where the mood takes you next time

see, i can be a dick too. it's not cool.

The content non lonely feel is a good feel.

nah. you're smart enough to agree. even pretending to be retarded takes a certain smarts. or pretending to be cute. or writing a goddam skynet. you've already lost.

it's almost always sober. but someone suggested it may have been caffeine.
and I think you're just taking them at their word.

post yours

hello my name is [redacted] and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm mentally unstable and unhappy

also did I mention drugs?
because drugs

wewie looks like someone needs to lay off the donuts

stop telling me i'm smart. yes, as it turns out, i'm actually qualified to discuss psychology, i have certificates in the field. you don't. so fucking stop it.


hello my name is ikt and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm mentally unstable and unhappy

also did I mention programming?

because programming




yeah, I feel like I'm able to enjoy my hobbies more and just chill for hours and be content
life is good

lewdy pants

hey im nezi im gay i shave my legs and wear panties and skirts and get off on showing everyone

did i mention plugs?

because plugs

[strongly considering]

blablabla people who don't talk civilly

where is that new person, they were very nice.

lemme see them tig ol bitties


Look at all these insecure and spiteful posters


hello my name is nezi and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm a fucking retard and unhappy sometimes

also did I mention attentionwhoring?
because attentionwhoring


New person?

it's almost like you did that because you hoped i might cause some drama or talk about drugs or some other trope

My buddy from Holla Forums autism chan

the one that said hi and i ignored them and they was sad and they said hi again and this time i was like "you can tell people we're friends but i won't be around much"

that one

He's like
awful though

hello my name is BARD and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm a fucking retard and unhappy sometimes

also did I mention TRAPS?
because TRAPS

Flat though. Flat as fuck

Oh, okay.

Literally the best canadian poster?????

of course you're smart. your choices for attacking me are telling.
and you're right, I don't. but I know you do.
and that means I can assume some basic things about you.
not saying I care to, just that you've mentioned you have certficates.

even if you said nothing true to anyone ever anymore,
it wouldn't be hard to jot down a list of true things about Erin, to a degree of accuracy you'd struggle to deny. search thy certification. you know this to be true.


hello my name is KANRA and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm a fucking retard and an emotional puddle sometimes

also did I mention IM THE SMARTEST?

pic is me and my buddy neko hanging out irl

Who's his competition? Kanra and wish?


hello my name is IKT and I like to show up and have outbursts at everyone and cause lots of drama because I'm a fucking VIETNAM and DE JA VU sometimes

also did I mention IRONIC HOMOSEXUALITY?


and also "If I say ur cute ur cute"

It is okay Kanra. We should be friends. i could help you become a more well rounded individual.

well maybe not TODAY

more like

also did I mention LONG RAMBLING POSTS

man i wanna but i just can't


it's fucking pointless, your so far up your own ass they've got nasa building one of those chillean miner pods

That is a good point. Noted.

I don't remember why I don't like him, but I don't like him.

even better

what good is well rounded. also, you'd hate me. pretty sure you'd hate me. but it'd be for who I really am, and I can't handle that.

like, ever, unironically.

just come throw them in my face

I think neko ignoring me is his way of saying go to bed.

Don't worry
nobody does


Do you have problems with your memory?

do you suffer from Dementia or any other psychoses?

As neko wishes I will go to bed now.

I meant your friend. The one with the stupid name.


now I'm certain you understand what I'm saying, and know it to be true.


well anyways

Still the best pooppoo in the potty if you askme

I saw it, I was giving you a ruse.

How do you know? We could have a whirlwind romance, have a couple of children and eventually endure a bitter divorce.
You'll get the kids and I the dog, but he'll soon be run over by a soccer mom on a drizzly sunday. And we will both mourn the loss of our beloved Danton as we slowly mellow and strike a witty and mature friendship.

you're not saying anything

not that i'm reading

you're just feeding your own ego with long-strung nothingness

don't do that

screwdrivers are often shaped like this so you can put a wrench on them and turn them with more torque


no. but that's what computers are for.

is it possible that Marie Antoinette didn't say "Let them eat cake", even though it really seems like something she'd say?

but you threw it all away and got aIDS Fromm gay sex with blood chan


why ask me?

Ask the man who was at thesit of the execution almost 365 days a year

I'm sure he would know
just as I would see what goes on here

wow spoilers.
it's not that I know, but it's the default assumption these days, given my track record.

whatcha doing today

well, now you have to go back and read it if you want to know, because now I'm going to act like stonewalling you makes a difference to you.

because maybe you got the idea that Kanra talks about how smart he is, because of the meme of Kanra being someone that talks about how smart he is, instead of Kanra ever seriously talking about how smart he is, even when he talks plainly about intelligence (as a subject) and sounds pretentious when he explains things. maybe it's just that?

trying not to stay up too late.
I had work earlier, it went pretty well. Work again tomorrow. Not looking forward to saturday though, I work an 11 hour open shift.

I physically with my two eyes and glasses have observed this on multiple occasions

There is no "idea" about it

You've made claims of above ordinary intellect too many times to count

assumptions of superiority are inherent in how you act


well, yea. I know I'm above ordinary. everybody knows that.

that's not the same thing as saying I'm smart. but it might.

you're gonna work on the weeekend now? how awful

oh wow

I work saturdays all the time.
I have lost concept of weekends.

if I knew I were ordinary, being who I am would be a lot easier to accept.



that's gay
sunday too?


Give me a shot, you'll never be disappointed.
brb making lunch.

I think I'm working sunday yea.
We're short staffed right now so I have been working extra hours.
I do not dig it.

so kanra's delusions of grandeur are an actual thing huh

like not just a meme based on how he speaks, but legit, he thinks he's "above ordinary"

man, that speaks hecka volumes

This is amazing.

Holy shit this autism is on levels unheard of

do they have you going all over the place again

oh hwat

you fags don't think you're more than ordinary? how the hell are you the first to cast stones

No, this time it's our store that is short staffed. One co-worker quit right before my other one got fired so it's just me and my manager. We have a trainee so that'll help soon.


i'm sub-ordinary

mentally feeble

wake up and face reality

you're as mundane as the average joe, and have accomplished less


i'm garbage.

I don't have crippling depression though.

the only notable trait you seem to possess to separate you from the masses on any level is an extremely out-of-whack ego kanra

get help

that sucks
we got rid of a new guy too
thank god tho cause he was a cringefest

but ur friend does

no, I'm sub-ordinary

mentally febble

even average joe has done more than me


I don't have any depressed friends.

The one who was fired fucked up a bunch, then filled in at another store and apparently a bunch of stuff was shop lifted right under her nose.



gotta go get stoned enough to not cry at therapy. laters.

Yes, you're awful.

that's pretty funny
imagine getting arrested for stealing dildos

I don't mean to be.

godDAM nezi

actually, that's not true.
I totally mean to be sometimes.

wtf why did you ask mem earlier 2 cure ur depression

I am pretty sure people steal from me a lot too. I am not very good at reading the people, and if I follow them around too much they get weirded out if they're actually just shopping.


don't have cameras?


Can you try a product before you buy?

I am back.

Kanra, want to be my girlfriend?

asking for a friend

I'd like to try Ikt before I buy.

I'm also....curious about this.....

I mean, depending on the product, you can buy most things and request a refund in 1-2 weeks.

We do, but I can't see them unless I'm in the back and they don't let us see all of them, just four. They say they aren't supposed to let us know what they're capable of so that we don't take advantage of it. Their policy is retarded, we do solo shifts and have no authority. If someone wants to walk in, grab something, and walk out in plain sight we can't do anything to stop them. Because we're solo if multiple people are in the store we can't watch them both, and we're expected to do other tasks during shift too so if we spend all our time keeping a good eye on customers we run out of time and get chided for that instead.

Depends on what you mean try.


sure, what the hell.

Kanra, post crossdressing.

sup, bae?


Nothing much cutie, just had lunch... how're you babygirl?

wtf i thought you were more normal


morning there autism chans

overwatch still fun

hopefully they fix comp, it's been dogshit from griefers

that sounds shitty
i could neve work there

damn fekkkkkk she a FREACC

Ohayou Bardo. I got woken up by shingles being delivered

oh yknow, tired.

they were mean to me again today.

I was just being a degenerate for a second. I don't even own any sex toys

stop trying to tempt me with a crazy girl we all know its a "she"

lol fucking normie

Sometimes I hide in the bathroom where there are no corners and have an existential crisis about how bad I must be at my job and don't deserve to work there.
Between the theft, sales goals, and me never completing my assigned inventory I die inside.

my buddy is a roofer

maybe it was him :3

come on feks hurry up and jump it~

The odds of this scenario being true are shockingly low

It's always a lose or lose with you

Ssssh Don't Worry Girl, It'll Be Okay. You Are A Big, Strong, Independent Woman And You'll Be Just Fine. Come Over Here And Rest A Little.

get a better job


you just managed to hit the bottom for a moment

There are better jobs?

Its okay Bardo. Maybe one day I'll be less autistic and socially apt enough to meet people I met here and on waifu.
Incidentally, the banana spammer has 1400 banana images saved

next season I'm dimand. this I swear.

*scoots up into futon*

being hated sure takes it out of ya

just gonna take a nap... then get right back to it... *yaw-

just 4 u bby

with better pay

None that I am qualified for.

Thats a good idea love, *hugs* You get some rest and when you wake up you'll be ready for the next round! I believe in you!

i'm pretty sure you can find something
I gotta go tho bye bye

ok bye

A used Feku onahole.

I think I'll go first


what SR are you now?

I have a friend that was gold who grinded to GM

I gave him some 1v1 lessons and told him to watch certain pro players and I guess it helped lol

good luck :)

I'm going to go lie down and stare at the ceiling for another sleepless night.

while linking somebody else???

the only used onahole i would get is one that a loli scissored up on

take me with you

night night, sleep well

I didn't even link anyone with that first post

sounds fun!

bye bye~