What the fuck is this place

What the fuck is this place

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wtf i was expecting a hu thread


When I was rolling with my buddy Kolten yesterday he got my back and sunk in a deep body triangle and to get out o it I tried to make a triangle over his triangle so I could

give him the calf slicer

but I accidentally put my left arm down there before i locked it in and when he went to go for the rear naked and guillotine on me it was like a self imposed armbar and today my whole left arm is still sore ;~:

I only pay for content if it's really good and I want to support it
I'm not paying for porn though when there's tons of free shit out there

good luck

shiny gold mercy staff :3

sounds gay~

Did you see the Jon Jones news?

one of these days......
i will unlock it as my first ever golden weapon~

hmmm? since the D.C fight?

what did he do this time?

or just let me do it for you~





Dont leave me hanging buddy

let me get you gold gun

;~; im too scared

Rolled 15 (1d20)with this roll
I cast revive on the thread

scared of what?

Rolled 19 (1d20)rolling for whether Bard is a fag

You didn't have to roll that high, the check was only a three...

Rolled 7 (1d20)
nat 20 says ur fuckin wrong

mfw bought my first gym memebership

Shut up

A space fag.

Tested pos

Honestly that is the biggest fucking dissapointment

Me and my buds were bullshitting for the weeks before that went down all talking about how we were backing Bones and then after the fight my mates and myself were pretty excited to see where he was going to go from there

But fuck man that's just shameful


holy fuck I'm annoying

in regards to me playing for you?



What's a friend?

I said, "How do you like the show?"
She said, "I was very amused"
I started throwin' bass, she started throwin' back mid-range
But when I sprung the question, she acted kind of strange
Then when I asked, "Do ya have a man," she tried to pretend
She said, "No I don't, I only have a friend"
Come on, I'm not even goin' for it
This is what I'm goin' sing


there there

are you saying I'm not your friend?????


A Zionist conspiracy.

Well I've never really talked to you before.

*lays down and listens to asmr*


it is almost wednesday my dudes

It is Wednesday in most/better places.


Hello there Holla Forumsuddy

Good whatever it is, Bardo

Ty but actually I didnt make that one : /
Boo dIID


what are you up to today?

I meant morning/afternoon/night/????

I'm still in bed. Sleep is difficult



LOL whoops

It's almost 2 a.m here
I think we're in the same time zone

I don't share a timezone with any us state. Is almost 4:00

wow what the heck kind of imaginary folklore world doo you live in brah


that's a paddlin'



Canadian and South American one

Ayy gib monies plsss


Get a job, you lazy fuck.

Disappointed Bard

yeah wtf


Hu :)

hey bro~

Momiji is fun

she's for fun

My waifu is the one for me

I'd a momiji


Delet this

that is a dog


you're GROSS

remillia is the only real option.


or fwan

did you say...post more?


i would ask what you're doing
but I know it's probably runescape

y-yes, it is.
What's Bard doing?

I'm watchin a bas rutten guest spot on the joe rogan experience and vaping some weade

Sounds pretty comfortable





It would be comfy but I'm still heckin sore

Where the heck is everyone tonight : /

too much buttsecks.
Probably asleep or work or something

I didn't even try and watch the eclipse.



why not ?

Wasn't interested at all

My dad used to have to work all night all the time

night shift doesn't sound very fun in my opinion

It's not night in Europe though, hence asleep or work

Will we ever have another chance ?

But unless I got kids or a girl that cares I probably won't pay attention then either

I don't trust europe...is it even a real place?

Your chance is Now



Aren't you like a gay bottom though ?

I'm not taking it

Hi u
been awhile.

This oppurtunity comes once in a lifetime you better

I go for all kinds of things

Yeah sure has been what's good


I've somehow managed to hold a job down for the past few months.
Other than that nothing has changed. Ban refuses to fall for my charms and I stay up too late.
How are you?

Are you into piss ?

What's your job?
I'm okay, up really early because I went to sleep early. it's quite the coincidence you came by actually.
It's a bit obscure but I was searching the board for a post you made about anal vibrators one time because I'm in the market for one. Still haven't found one I like because I'm picky.

Nah that ain't my bag. I don't see an appeal.

Not anymore

what's the land of the Danish like nowadays?

Feet ?

I don't understand this one

It's not Sweden at least

lol @ feets

I sell strap-ons and manginas for a living.
I think I remember that post.

w-what the fuck is a mangina



Nah i don't really care about feet either. Some people like smell and I suppose soft feet can be really appealing. Also size

I'm sure the customer service department at such a place must have some stories
I have a p good memory for dumb shit like that

eh? what is it dars?

So people get off to big feet ?

Reminds me of this guy


butthole dildo .////.

We don't really have a customer service department, if anything goes wrong they have to go to the manufacturer since we're just the retailer.
I am also an expert on butt plugs and all other manner of sexual toys.


King of the Hill did a whole episode about Peggy's big feet being exploited for softcore foot porn so you know it's real

Then maybe you could recommend me a good anal vibrator. Your answer might be the same as last but I'm looking for something POWERFUL

This is why Jesus isn't coming back.

Do you get employee discount?

I'm surprised amazon and co haven't run stores like yours out of business

also give me discount on stuff
i need big dildos

lots of them

for my butt

I never really watched that show.

It always seemed weird to me.


what is that supposed to be a glorified condom?

Its angle was basically to be a middle ground of norms/change from offbeat characters next to fairly traditional ones with a whole tone of "there's always something everyone agrees on".

I can't really explain it but it's just endearing to me. Its deadpan sense of humor puts the main characters in awkward and strange situations that feel organic rather than outlandish. And they don't rely on straight up toilet humor or violence for humor unlike contemporaries so I appreciate that too.

i got something powerful for ya

Hmm, I'll have to think it over. Maybe L'amourose Rosa


I'm surprised also, though I've started to think it's better to buy from these stores anyway since you get a better look before you buy.

A stroker.

Oh no I fell and I am too gay to get up!

good, stay down there

I cant be fucked right now

holy shit that's a steal

hmm that's a good point.

plus they can answer any questions you have
only problem is prices, amazon and shit is usually cheaper



The struggle is real


fukk me dady

Arlen was based on Garland and Richardson, suburbs of Dallas, that in the time Judge lived there were predominantly white (Garland) and mixed (Richardson with mostly Asians and Hispanics).

They neighbor one another. The contrast is more or less the point of the show. "Normal" in the American sense against things that aren't considered middle America. And just about how both are at times uneasy but can find something to get along with over in a nonpreachy, muted way.

It was pretty on point with just the reactions of people.
Just look at Cotton, then Hank, then Bobby, then most of the characters Hank interacts with that seem off to him. It's like a scale of traditional to abnormal with the usual plot being resolved with Hank understanding but not necessarily agreeing with whoever.

Where it's at

I'd appreciate it.
That is quite the price on that thing though

oh shit

you wish

I'll never recover.

to be honest

I'm not reading this

to tired

It's only two AM

Just curious if that's more or less the reason you liked the show.

nice link

which is late

i'm going to bed

I just don't know what went wrong

Yeah. The show's execution is really on-point, I think that's the best part. Like people used to tell me about the show and I would be bored or uninterested but to experience the way the characters interact and resolve conflicts is quite refreshing. Very good show.

Depends on what for. They're cheaper for knockoffs, but for the name brand stuff it's usually pretty similar or the same.

The good stuff rarely comes cheap unfortunately.
I'll ask my boss next time I see him if there is anything good that is extra strong.
It's a good thing I should know anyway.

under this skirt



Do you know one possibly under $60?
I dunno if it's good practice to break the bank when I've never owned one before

I wanna see it dawg

pic related

u-uuhhhhh.................I'm kind of self conscious

you're among frenz

The Jopen one we have on clearance right now for 53 : |

tempt me not succubus......

Do not show him.



When I dropped my pills onto my desk they fell into a dick shape.

wow is that a mahogany desk?

I have no idea, it was my great grandmother's.

That's really nice Grain

does it weigh alot?

Yeah, it was a huge pain to get in my room.

it almost looks like brasilian rosewood



look at this millionaire

He went sleep.

whyare you looking at me like that....

checking for degeneracy.
You failed, definitely degenerate.

ayyy lmao




jesus fuck the neighbor has been making noise with making his shed for weeks now




I posted this image on my fb and my dad liked it lol

the megumin one

Underaged kids are for touching, not pretending to be.

now do that one next




post dis

god II wish that were me

Darwin is rubbing offf on oyu
toi mch


I am the one who rubs him off, he does not do it on me.

yes you rubbing him off is rubbing him off on you

Maybe I should rub someone off too

Maybe you should rub off on me more to counteract it.


Threads were a mistake.

Gay as hell




hey cutie
what's up


Not me, I'm off to bed now :c


but i just got here..





nothing much. Bored and lonely.
How's you?

I fucking hate dogs

well I fucking hate YOU!!!!!!!!

same here
jist looking at some stuff before i leave

We're renovating our kitchen, I just got woken up to the sound of my dog losing his fucking shit because people outside exist

I'd hate fuck dogs too

I'd fuck Momiji

Don't like getting licked?

What a kind of stuff? Going where, work?

Your people eat dogs.

the kind u jerk off to
and yes

Wrath and gluttony are both sins

she's too pure

wow, lewd!
Well, uh.. Enjoy, I guess.
Hope work will treat you well too

it will on payday

Send your people back to China.

Payday is definitely something to look forward to

best day of the week

I like getting licked by my kitten. I just don't like dogs because they're too noisy and needy

It's bustling in here this morning

Tell Rin I said good morning

I'm still not sure who Rin is

Another Canadian. I think they mostly use the name "That Bin Reich" right now or something.

Same, tbh.



To be fair it was originally "That Rin Bitch"


Feel guilt.


I see. I guess hello, Rin



Name drop



i'm 5000 credits short of having
water sombra
olympus mercy
and Beach Widow

pretend to be a lesbian loli on the battlenet forums, internet suck half a dozen lonely fat bastards and get 100 boxes

no thats lewd

But skins

i'm just gonna get myself 50 boxes and hope for the best....
too bad it's gonna cost alot.

E-blowjobs Luka, e-blowjobs.
Those only cost some pride

i wont do lewd things

at least the arcade refreshed... 3 more boxes 3 more chances...

Good luck chap
I didn't get shit from the past 30 boxes

goin out for some breakfast

Good eating Luka

This was lunch

needs more rice

The rice was under it all


Hu :)

u :D

I'm a lesbian loli.

Do you hold hands on the first date?

I would a lesbian loli

who doesn't hold hands on all their dates?

Holding hands is too lewd!

id drink loli cum

nah, not even.

oh I bet you would, especially Ikt's!

Tummy full of cummy~

Ya'll need Jesus.

good girl

you most of all

if its a loli it fits

Holding hands is most definitely lewd!
And probably





No va.




What are you doing?

Nothing right now

i'm about to leave and go do stuff

What are you going to do?

Hihi. Anyone here I love left?

Nope, they all died.

clothes and school


Who are you?

Oh. Blows.

Kills confirmed.

Ah, that's a good question.
I too wonder.


What are you going to school for anyway?

What a lovely anime girl that is

Boob president is the best.

Who dat


nerd stuff


Whatcha' learnin' nerd?

fuggi* :D


The hell. Why?

She's nice looking. I never watch currently airing series'



What :(

I mislinked, it was supposed to go to Ban.
Mistakes were made.

the blonde bitch is better that one is just a perv

just like Feku

Feku is pervy, or a blonde bitch?
Or both?

pervy. But maybe also a blonde bitich

but like yuo dont see me climbing into the bed of lolis

No. Instead, you only drink their cum

How can you tell her you lover her if you won't even drink her cum?

That's why you do it, to show her you lover her

Drink it all uwu


200% lewd

Cum in her ass daddy

I wanna cum in Scootaloo.

C-cum in my ass, daddy


Shit just got gay uwu

Who would have thought

Just gotta say no homo, then it's all good


or state you're a girl, then it is too

Also, traps aren't gay

Lick my ass and balls no homo


hey everyone~




Saying hello

wat is that orange stuff....


I think it was fermented daikon. It made me think of kimchi, but something stringy instead

Picked, not fermented*

what's that? ._.


the best radish

Kimchi daddy

no, the orange thingys?

what's a radish?

Salted and fermented vegetals


A vegetal


New thread when

We never found out. Forgot to ask
It was tasty, a bit spicy with a slow burn


and wake


its like biting bone cartilage


How was breakfast? :)