Well PFRUMPF, at least I will go down as a president!

Well PFRUMPF, at least I will go down as a president!

Ooga booga if if if uhh uhh ahh ahh if if if

Okie doke!

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: D


Same user that was starting shit between me and Grim.

agreed, but eh.


It truly depends who you ask. Asking Alice will yield you with a denial, asking Jack will yield you an assurance of fact
Either way, it's all fucking stupid

183cm, 68kg. I'm trying to lose some weight

did they find out who that was or what the motive was?

That's why I'm asking you, someone who - to my understanding - hails from the community I'm inquiring about.

Free from Jack or Alice's biases, what do you think, based off what you've seen?

i want her
show me moar of her
her cute face make me smile
she is pretty


haha luka~ silly silly


that's weird

do you think we'll have another incident

Yeah. Normally I'm against that shit, but fuck Bebop.

You know what god damn I agree



I think it's just some other retard trying to spam waifu threads to try and make them stop. It's happened before, and it'll happen again.
Is there a possibility it's a disgruntled Alicefag? Absolutely. Do I think it could be one of them? Sure, why not. They come around sometimes
I think that overall, it's unrelated to the sad little "war" they're having

She makes me smile too. I love her very much

This isn't Saika, it's Anastasia


Honestly the war is petty, but it's fun. It's something to do I guess. I loath Alice and enjoy this whole thing as much as Jack, but like, I'm aware it's dumb.

I love her, and she loves me. That's all I need from a waifu :)
Saika was a pretty good character though, but I prefered Yukino

I just wish the rest of us didn't have to be caught in the crossfire, if that's what this is


Alice fags have been spamming a few new communities in general. I don't think it's being caught in between.

Also the banana guy spams the fur threads too.
I don't think he's an Alice fag. He just spams name sync threads. Has been for like, 3 years.

did you guys ever get the tickle fags?



post lots so i can see more of her

they would just repeatedly emote tickle u

Neat. Thank you.

What can I do for you?

I kind of figured it was something like that. But I guess I'll let Jack have his fun telling people it's because of him

I would gladly do so. I'm a bit picky about quality in images though, and I don't save any lewd photos, so I will likely runout of stuff eventually

Up to you.


post the ones with emotion to them

im not so good at recognizing posting styles, were you someone else?

Does this do the trick? :)

I'm afraid not. I only showed up here 2 days ago? I believe that's right

that's my pet



Oh okay, what do you think of pet rats.


How about now?

Pet rats aren't my thing, but I know some people like them. I prefer ferrets to rats, but cats are my favourite

nighty night

Sleep well, Bardo

well ive had rats in my walls and one stuffed animal rat, cats will also give you rats or mice too, cats are neat

Sleep tightly!

nini assclap

I'm so bad at terraining.


getting better!!

nini :)

Step 1: Get a cat
Step 2: Let it into the walls
Step 3: ?????????
Step 4: Profit

What is terraining?

We're getting somewhere with this. Let's see some cute emotional Luka's :D

Making terrain on a map.

I'm trying to make a CTF map for SCBW and the triggers are fine, but I'm rly bad at making "maps" for it.

SCBW? I'm not too sure what that is

StarCraft Brood War

A 98 sci-fi RTS game.

Ahh, I was always terrible at that game. I have the battlechest somewhere in my house



I have more fun tinkering in the editor and playing custom map.

Waifu eating is the cutest most adorable thing ever

I'd be no good at the custom maps either. I always lost my bot matches in the first little rush, because I didn't understand how to play it properly

It's time to just turn off and let the Eurobeat do my work for me.

In this particular map, you're probably fine as long as you don't lose your unit.

I could probably teach you melee if you want.

i made the gif! ^_^

I don't play much Starcraft anymore anyway. I never got around to finishing the Legacy of the Void campaign yet either

It's an adorable gif. I'm not sure how to make them, but there are a few I would like to make from the anime, if I could



take frames
and combine them~

*pat pat*

That sounds like a difficult thing to do. I'll need to get into that soon

SCII just went full DBZ anyway.

In what way? I never got into DBZ, so I'm unfamiliar with what that would mean

These low-flying military airplanes scary


you make somesomething cute

What do you mean?

It starts in Heart of the Swarm, with Kerrigan just going around stealing everything's essence to spite Duke, then in the Legacy of the Void epilogue she just goes full space lasers, and about 90% of it is her becoming a Xel'Naga to spite Amon.

Then she takes Raynor to the space beyond space and they have kinky god space babies forever.

Naisu desuyone.

shia la beef just do it

I really liked the Heart of the Swarm campaign. I generally enjoyed playing the Zerg though, so that might have biased me a bit

SCII Zerg is my best race, followed by late-game gateToss.

Ohhhh. I should look up to see if there are programs I can use to just straight capture gifs too. That would be a good alternative too

I was never really good at playing the Protoss. Their units are so much more expensive than the other two factions, that I always had a hard time getting started with them

there are!

That's fantastic. I need to finish watching the series as a whole first, then I intend to run through it all again and take some lovely screenshots of my beloved, as well as make some gifs now.
Any of her doing her performances would be absolutely amazing

Yeah, I guess.
I have a harder time getting started with Terran.

I personally always started by making a larger amount than necessary of Marines, then sticking them in a bunch of bunkers on the outline of my base. Then once I got Firebats, I stuck one of them in each bunker to deal with any Zerglings or Zealots that made it up to it
I floundered around in the late game though, and just hoped for the best

what's holding you back?

I'm watching the series with a friend of mine. So making him pause it constantly for me to take screenshots or gifs would be annoying for him, and inconsiderate on my part

watch it for yourself

Don't know when you got into SC2 but there's alot of esports history behind it.

It was something he wanted to do with me, and we don't do very much together. It's sort of special time for me, I guess.. If that makes sense

Oh, this is BW we're talking about?

I played a bit in WoL, then started kind of getting back into it recently.

No, I'm talking about SC2

FBats aren't a think in SCII melee.
Only Campaign.

WoL was where I stopped, got into low masters though.

Firebats are in SC2 as well

Wrong one

i want special time...


They aren't in competitive mode which is what most play.

We could find something to do then

Unless I'm mistaken, they're available for use outside of the campaign as well. I know they're in Heart of the Swarm, because they were a pain in my ass for a while

You're thinking of hellbats.

Exclusively campaign unit.

Unless you play custom mods or arcade maps.

They were replaced by Marauders as a melee unit in development.

That is a definite possibility

Which ones are Marauders again? The ones who jump up cliffs?


The ones that shoot grenades at everything.

The ones who jump up cliffs are Reapers.





You want to watch this?

too late
i already watched it ;~;

Ohhh. I just started watching it ; - ;

it's very informative!

i'm sorry, it's just that i watch vids at 2x the speed of a normal human.

i'm already half way through a whole nother vid.... and in no time at all i'll have finished that one too.

teach me how to watch videos at 2x the speed of a normal human

you click the 2x button

I tried that one time and my brain got overwhelmed

you have to work your way up

like i did back when i first started.

start with 1.25x for a bit, then move on to 1.5x

and finally 2x

That's okay. Maybe there's something else we could do, I watch things slowly

i will train hard to be as strong as luka

*touches brain*

but what if i run out of things to watch


why would you want to watch something in slo-mo ?

it's like seeing things take for ever to happen....

it takes ages to move on...

cute drawings

subscribe to more things

thank you. i will train hard to make drawings as cute as this.

I'm easily distracted by things, so I would look away and miss a lot of stuff

He's like Rainman Kanra.

whats good interesting for subscriptions

i look foreward to it

you need focus

something your interested in

I want to stab people with a ballpoint pen into their throats.

That is something I lack a bit.
I just sort of lose interest in things sometimes
I got to go. Be back later


yeah same

i came

no one cares

i actually lied. i haven't had an orgasm in a while.




i lied again. i came this morning. but it was an accident so it doesn't count.


You are an accident, and dont count


I'm literally the best poker defense player in the world.

The WarIII map?

Well, starcraft in this case but yes.

How does one terrain a TDM/CTF StarCraft BroodWar map?

The Starcraft map editor is pretty powerful. I don't know how they do it but they do it.

I mean.
My triggers and scripts are all in place, and working.

I just can't into terrain if my life depended on it.

I've never really done any map making.
You just select terrain and put it down like you're playing zoo tycoon I thought.

Well, yessssss.
But good terrain is better than terrain, and it has to be fun, and balanced, for 3v3 play.


Full of Kaffir

Because StarCraft has a player limit of 8 players, and with a player per team dedicated to being the "base", that means I have six human player slots open to balance for.

I meant what are you planning to do with the map

Have a bunch of small maps for people to play Bo3/5/7/9/X CTF/TDM games on?

Hopefully I can add some sort of "shop" system to the game so players can buy a different weapon for a round/match to add a more dynamic feel to the gameplay.

So I need a number of small "maps" for players to vote for/for the triggers to call randomly.

And I'm worried about making them too big because then it's a bunch of empty space.

And if I make them too small then there isn't enough room to navigate.

The general idea so far is that each player has a marine/firebat/ghost, and an "inventory" of an infested terran and medic, which can be deployed by moving them onto a trigger, and will die X seconds after deployment.

why is she worried

what is she eating

Why shouldn't she be?

Rainbow Poke Bean.

stress eating whore

Shes eating love beans so her trainer can mind break her.

Usually unit building as t riggers is better than moving a unit. Then I can hotkey my weapons building and those units cause the trigger that spawns the weapons.

eat my love beans.

Homosexuality is a sin.

The druid made a comment about stress eating and in my in character voice I was like "Stress eating is bad for you, y'know."

But then I had a moment of "I'm not even there and you aren't even stress eating yet, so that couldn't've been in character."

Basically this.

Technically true, but that makes it harder to limit how many of X item a player has, if you have them use the same resources.

Time to home

I'm not allowed.

Mind altering drugs.

If I tie inventory to unit training, I can have at most 3 types of currencies, and 5? types of items.

But if I tie it to unit position, I can have N-3 types of items, and free up the resource counters to be a player's kills and/or team's points.

It's not gay if he's wearing thigh highs.

Ok fine, I didn't want you to anyway.


You and I can be friends with that kind of attitude

I'm glad we had the chance to have this conversation for like the 3rd time.

Breaking new ground here.


I don't have anything else in me.

You're not allowed to chime in like this.

My every post is a new masterwork. I handcraft them with love.

You should work on that.

Don't you mean hate and rage ?

I don't like change.
I've bought the same model of sandals four times in a row now because I don't like change.

Same thing, really.

Everything is changing.

Is it though ?

I never change.




targaryan vs targaryan
who will sit in the chair
which sister will get to keep their face, will the plot twist be that she's secretly the other sister at the very end when it's too late?

You what

Right now I have it set so teams don't have shared vision.

Is this a good idea or bad?
Should I enable the team vision?

I have it turned off because I like the idea that teams have to communicate more, but I don't want the map to be no-fun because that one asshole doesn't understand that you can press enter to chat.

Follow-up: If shared vision is disabled, should I give players isolated inventories from their team, or should the entire team have the same inventory "zone"?

Yes enable team vision.

isolated inventories

or will they find out that Jon is actually a targaryen and actually the rightful heir, given that Ned's sister and rheagon were married ins ecret and jon conceived in wedlock

No idea bruv

Should I make vision a voted match option at the start of the game?

Don't over think things and make too many options they're just a pain. Even if it's just 7 seconds of voting it's a delay no one wants.

Do you wear them exclusively with sweatpants?

Outside of work and exercise I almost exclusively wear sandals sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Goodnight you godless heathens

That's called giving up on life tbh.

A long time ago, yes.

It's good to be home

It's good to be home

You went out as well?



hey, can I talk about something right quick, just kinda wanna get something out there that I'm dealing with right now and it's got me a little messed up.


I'll listen

well, I was hoping for people that know me a little better, but here goes.
on the 17th I was informed that on the 16th my aunt had taken her own life by shooting her self in the head, and I really couldn't figure out how to feel about it, and that's been eating at me, I know I should feel bad and I should have had more emotion, but there was just nothing, then the last couple nights I've been having really fucked up dreams, like my subconscious is trying to tell me something, last night I had a dream that I had to put down my two dogs by shooting them, and I've been kinda off kilter all day because of it.

That is kind of rough. People deal with grief in different ways, and maybe this is just how your brain is coping with it

It's called survivors guilt, get over it.

I hope things get looking up soon for you mr grids

However you feel about that passing is how you feel

there's no set way you're supposed to feel after that stuff

it's still pretty recent so no surprises thats still in your head
but tough it out for a while more man

take care of your dogs irl

you're stressed and possibly grieving even if its hard to show it

just know you have friends to at the very least listen

if it doesnt go away in a month or two you might need to seek some proffesional help

but right now it is understandable

maybe it's just a little worse for me because I was in the same place 11 months ago.

thanks bard, and I know when to seek assistance when I need it after last time, I'm really just kinda putting it out there because I don't really have anyone I can talk to, my girlfriend had huge issues last time a friend of a friend killed themselves so I really don't even want to bring it up with her.

well, if it keeps being a huge trouble for you for more than a month or two
a pproffesional might be your best but

but for noow
you don't have to hold it in
it's just going to get worse if you dont have ayonne to talk about it with

maybe only people online can listen but that's still way better than bottling it up inside

I'll make sure that within the next 360 or so days, I will acquire a gf.

and it probably helps that I'm not drunk when I talk about it now.

*hug* I'm sorry buddy


Good luck?

and I can't get ahold of my cousin, her son, and that's a little worrisome because we've never had issues talking before.

that's so sad.


But also kinda funny

No Kyouko today?

You guys ever eat ukrainian food?

I would rather have the cutie with the ponytail.

You guys ever eat ukrainian food?

neither have they

neither have they


I feel like I have, but I can't name anything specifically, port cities tend to have weird shit I used to eat a different culture every weekend.

you still living in washington?

mysterious girlfriend X my brother keeps telling me to watch it.

I never made it to the west coast, only virginia and south carolina, I was inland in newyork.
aren't all healers just total sluts?

good thing I'm a Bard huh



yeah, travel and music and shit, keep moral up!
I should totally be a recruiter.

anywho, I'm off to bed, gotta be up in 6 hours.

Follow your aunt and kill yourself.

bye bye gridwall chan

God damn, sorry I missmemed you, I was just trying to show my appreciation for best eeveelution.

I still wish I took up computer engineering

Good, you should be sorry.

it's cuck season

Please shoot me.

Get 'im

I still wish I took up being a functioning member of society.


I really question where you find such things.

if I told you that

you wouldn't need me anymore

Reverse image searching it leads me to a Korean Justin Bieber...

But did we ever?



0/10 wouldn't make eye contact with.

Edgy as fuck.

Soto would like it.



lol okay

I'm loving this new HD super wide mode on some youtube vids now


Hihi threaders~

bebop please die of cancer

Thank you.

tfw you'll ever have a chocolate mint chip vaporeon milkshake

What's the resolution on your monitor?

luka's monitor is a game boy color screen

I just watched the green inferno, it's pretty awesome, anyone here seen it?


the standard 1080p
same for me 50'inch flatscreen.

Why even live?

i dont think I can go on another day

It looks so much wider than what I have. Must just be the perception of it!
Is the 50 inch for TV and stuff?

Me neither... together?

Please don't, Bardo :(

on the count of 3


hey elma

yeah it's a standard 1920x1080 resolution pixel density.
this monitor i'm on right now only outputs at 8bpc color depth
whereas my flatscreen outputs at the full 12bpc
i think this monitor is 27"inch?
and both only seem to do a 60hrz ?
but my gpu can upscale from 4k resolution to my 1080p for DSR.

nah i don't have cable television. i just use one or the other as an external monitor for my laptop.

Luka link ur MAL.

nah... it's 4 years out of date and never managed.

That sounds pretty fancy. I don't have anything very special for my computer, unfortunately. I would like to fix that soon though


you poor bastard

hi hi there spects

Oyasumi, friends

Hey Bard.


it's more than enough for me.
it works. and it pretty standard, so i'm not out of date just yet.


i hardly watch much these days anyways... too distracted.

nini tism chan

Sleep tight.
never wake up

Emphasis on poor.


you pointing that out because you're going to do something about it?

or are you just making fun of me.......
because i'm not as good as you?

Too much vidya games.

Where do I make a page where I could just beg people for money online? I'm not really in need of money i just wanna beg people for money online.

yeah, i guess i just like playing video games with friends more than watching anime by myself.

you can get a 24" 144hz monitor for less than a 27" 60hz



this monitor was free....

how'd that happen?

I thought Subnautica was solo tho.

How's it been? What's new?

a while ago for [redacted] too interpersonal reasons.

it is


I bust my gut out when i accidentally read cyber begging as Cyber pegging

anyone up for some cyber pegging?

Go peg Bard.

How can someone with a dick peg anyone?

We sell hollow strap-ons.

done deal

Cause like sometimes the dicks don't work so you need a strap-on.

hmm doesn't really help me understand but
that worked out well i guess

working full time, working on depression, trying to lose weight

time to get motivated!

also reading too

Rhino penis extension

Why would anyone do this?

Nice. Good shit, Nezi. Glad you're taking care of yourself.

One we have inflates to sizes no man can compete with.
They're for if you can't really get hard, or if your girl is so blown out she can't feel anything less than 12 inches.


Went and got sushi and sake without you.


That's just sad.

Do you work in a sex shop

You're so mean ;~;

Hey there Elms
How's it going bby?

I also for whatever reason seem to sell a disproportionately large numbers of harnesses and strap-ons.

Maybe. Is it more or less sad than people paying money to jack off in tiny booths in the hopes someone will stumble on them so that they can commence with gay sex.

family isn't, they're obsessed with me graduating and going to school
but it's really stressful so I just want to take a break and work for a bit

gotta get my mind and body right first, I want to be happy more than I want to graduate

I went to some place at pacific city that was actually pretty good.

Going well! I'm officially old now n stuff.

Gonna go flying again tomorrow all day so it'll be a fun last day of my weekend then back into the fiery pits of the kitchen ;3

Tell me what's new, Daddy~

Only you are responsible for your own happiness

are you rusing me or do you really actually work at a sex shop

what's it like???

I would never ruse you.

y-you mean it? :3

What did you order?

Basic white boy rolls? lol

Flying where lol
Glad to see you doing well, what makes you say you're old though?

Nothing much, just work and hanging out with my friends on the weekends/weekday lol
Life's been good, hope it's the same for you

Of course!

w-woah thank you.....

so what is the lewd shop business like

Pretty much like any other retail job.

Um we go flying around parks and soccer fields and stuff. Nothing too extreme yet cause we're still learning.

idk my birthday was last week and so now I'm old.

Yeah, life's been rad man. I'm really digging this new job and apparently I'm kicking ass at it too so work hard, play harder Glad you're doing well yourself, Soto-kun :3

Spicy Crab Meat Tempura Roll

Crunch Roll

Red Dragon Roll

exactly. I had a big argument with my dad and basically called him out by saying that he's trying to live vicariously through me and doesn't actually give a fuck about what I want to do.

What was his response to that?

They usually act all taken aback and surprised that you could possibly analyze the situation as such but that just means you nailed it on the head ;3

Flying on what tho lol

How old though?
You may be old but I'd still be down to smash

Hopefully the pay is good!
Too bad some chick beat me to it, it could've been us getting married lmao

[X] Basic white boy roll

[X] Basic white boy roll

[X] Basic white boy roll



yeah, at least i make it through life somehow.

I want a Banroll

i like those kindsa things too! (excluding spicy)

Tasted good anyways.

But spicy is the best everything.

it too hot
it burn :(
i don't like pain...

a black pepper shaker is the most i ever do.

Oh, we have a couple racing drones.

I'm 27.

Yeah it's better pay, better hours, better benefits, better people and an actual linecook job. None of that shitty fast food anymore haha

cry baby


Do you like Unagi (Eel)?
Shit is oishii af man, if you like avocado get the caterpillar roll

Rainbow roll is nice if you want a sample of all the different cuts of fish

If ordering sashimi just go with Albacore, Halibut, or Yellowtail since they are way lighter and ain't too overpowering of that fishy taste

I still need to show you all the good stuff
My treat

pshhh not even old

Must be fastpaced af tho lol
Sounds fun though

he shifted to the discussion about me moving out and said some shit that really offended me

basically assumed I had no idea that moving out would mean I'd have to pay rent and stuff

like no fucking shit, I'm not a retard
if I'm not living at home I'm going to have to work more to pay bills

told him to fuck off and left the restaurant before my food came

felt nice to finally stand up for myself

what's that supposed to mean
I'm not trying to offend you or anything


i'm not good enough.


idk maybe, maybe not.

Yeah, it's hot, it's stressful, the pace is fast, it's hard work and it's different everyday. It is really fun af tbh

Good shit, Nezi.

It must be shitty to stay under a roof like that, but you persisted through it for an education and a few years of saving so that's a huge advantage.

2014 was one hell of a year

Just fap to Lana Rain's 2B cosplay masturbation vid

im just insecure.


no inv to being insecure Luka


my dad's a nice guy he just has the wrong idea about things I guess

I've never found solo girl w/ dildo very erotic

doesn't work for me

plus lana rain is a copyright money whoring slut

*throws marshmallows at you to catch in your mouth*

the cosplay just barely does it for me lmao
Yeah that too, but I torrented her shit on tpb
lmao I ain't paying for some greasy weeb pussy video lol

*jumps in front and intercepts*

Times have changed. That was always the biggest hurdle with my dad and probably with his dad before.


Fuck LoL sometimes.

Fuck LoL all hte time


I like eel sauce

Fuck me sometimes.

It's the best

*throws entire bag at your fucking head*

life's too short to live it for someone else and to be unhappy

w-woah careful I'm sensitive .///.

aram is prolly the main reason why i would play that game anymore :|


preaching to the choir, sis~



glad to hear it for you as well

what are you up to tonight?



I like your sauce

I like ur sauce~

i like your sace

watching youtube

since no one is online Overwatch

and i'm all alone, and nothing is going on.

so im just sitting here staring at thread and alt tabbing youtubes




I'm online in overwatch!!!!!! :((((((((((

The only people that buy porn are old people that don't know how to work the internet.
Not even joking.
They also like them EXTRA HAIRY

i'm randomly clicking these youtube videos about ranked anxiety and when will be a good time to start ranked....

and other random videos like those ;~;

May someone make a new thread perhaps?

I'm staying in this thread.

But it refused.




i wont leave you alone in here


y r u doing this

I know where you get these.

I used to just go wide then zoom the youtube page to be full width.