Well @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president!

Well @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president!

Ooga booga if if if uhh uhh ahh ahh if if if

Okie doke!

Good boy

That's cute :)

I've fortunately never done that

Well, I'm not very good at cheering people up, but I'm trying my best

fat shaming makes me stressed, and when I get stressed I stress eat

only thing that helps me is encouragement

Its not an easy thing to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it :)

umm ok?

worst link ever

new threads are gay

Nah, you're just dumb

revy and i were just getting cozy too

fucking faggots

no it was a horrible link and i will walk you through why if you so wish

Get cozy here

>had new in it
It was good enough, stop pretending otherwise

Hu, post tail



these are not the pony threads

we make a new thread clear and don't cloud it up with any ish

we also spam replies

very commonly

your post looked like any other post

fucking retard

Stop being dumb


Why are you not creating the threads, Phil?

my dog has a tail ;~:

sorry i got a little hot back there

OPs are tryhards

prolly too drunk

Its fine. Just gotta relax and move on

this is actually the least hot i've been in recent memory on a friday

like i'm not even blacked out rn

I have come to culturally enrich this thread.

Are you still drinking? Perhaps easing up a bit and drinking some water will help
Can you tell me why she's feeling down?



oh yeah i'm drinking A LOT

Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy it's Light

Well, do so safely. I'm going to head back to bed now

Which one is that?

thanks for stopping by though

have a safe rest

The one you don't care about

Oh wait, I should elaborate

I am afraid you must.

he is original waifu thread poster someone got to post here

seems cool

Lol naw, he's been around since before you

TP my head hurts

Do not assume he is referring to the same person as you.

Unless there's another, but I don't think so

please drink more water

Smile, Luka :)

It was fun

who are you guys even talking about

light lives in the phillipines

Sleep well!


I've been here around the same time manananananaka started posting.
now i just shitpost

Did we proscribe this action?

*replies to bard*

i think i might finish the soup i made
and drink some water
i haven't had caffeine in a while

Thanks that's what I wanted this entire time

Wow, you SLUT.


i had an extended pee in my sink

and my cat was just staring at me


Oh, right.

well done

I can't tell who this is directed at........

Another slut.

thank god

yo i made the mistake of buying distilled water the other day at target

i still drank it but it did make my tummy a little acidic

our bodies our delicate machines

wait wait wait what do you mean "another"


i just drink tap water
sometimes with limes
and fuckloads of caffeine
i have a problem

how to stay awake for another half hour

i drink my tap

but i don't trust it

like i think if you got those Flint, MA investigators in here

they would be like holy shit

been pretty good on the coffee

i actually just drink one mug

i smoke a ton of weed in the morning though

I tried to go to bed too early again...

you clearly don't understand how weekends work yet

i have a jar of caffeine pills in my kitchen

whoa who even gave those to you?

They poison your tap water that it could even turn the frogs gay.

How do weekends work?

who consciousness be all like

imma go to bed cause like it's a friday night

lmao smh

I work Saturday morning though.

oh then you should definitely be asleep right now

the people at the vitamin store>>1833156

caffiene pills are not vitamins

i used to pop ephedra freshman year in college

but it was to balance out the e withdrawls


sleep well

yeah but it keeps me going

what percentage of americans do you suppose take some type of pill daily

it's crazy

What, like Flinstones vitamins?

Do multivitamins count?


you should at least just be taking classy espresso shots

no pharma only

over the counter

no homopathic

nigga im turnt as fuck off these flintstones vitamins

caffeine pills just seem so


even for me

brad didn't you like move

He moved in with me.

i would venture to guess that HALF of americans take some sort of pill prescribed or over the counter

it's probably much higher

Like shit he did lmao

brad moved me

To the other house, the one in TN.

who even lives there lol


who lives in the cali house

nah just lime water and pills

i don't have time for tea

My boyfriend.


How so?

be careful with those for real

like it's a shame diet supplements are even legal

it's legal tweak

i mean i guess it isn't

if i had enough money like i would have bitches in multiple houses

i see no problem with buying slaves

it says don't take more than 3 in a day
just fukkin slam those

and you sleep how much in a night?

And if you did not have a receding hairline, you would have bitches.

although a troubled cracked out revy is kinda a turn on tbh

Delete that.

wow that was just mean

smh irl

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

what's sleep?

caffeine is easier to get than coke

i mean but like why do want to be awake all the time?

being awake just enough seems to be the way to go

i don't

that sounds like literal hell


*munches caffeine pills*

pretty much
i haven't had any today and i feel like dying

have you already slept tonight?

i will probably sleep like 10-12 hours today lol

I've been packing up and cleaning most of the night

this room I'm in now is just about all gathered up and ready to be moved

feel sorry for the poor sod who has to clean it after me I just got the basic large shit

there's still glass and other gross shit all over

leaving a bunch of boxes and shit too

i woke up at like 6pm

you should like tag the corner

is that normal?

i feel like i should just veg out to some izombie but my waifu revy is here

Why is Twitter full of libcucks?

like you know when you're posting like normal,

kinda hoping that someone might show up

that's how it was with revy

i really dig how liberal she is with her armpits

You into the armpits?

it's all about the ankles, baby

no but i feel that feminists sometimes gain strength from being allowed to do what they will

and i dig feminists

Who is your favorite feminist?

nezi is alright

the feminist that understands that equality doesn't mean more rights for women than men

this is the hard drive off of the mac that Gypsy sent to me 4 years ago

this is what itlooked like when i pulled it out

he carved that shit in with his jew snaggle tooth

It's amazing isn't it?

Simone de Beauvoir is my favorite feminist.


Be nice to Hu.

Be cruel to me.

at first i was thinking big dick was cuck

it would have been better if it were cuck v cuck

be nice to big dick

baww, qq more bby

big dick and i have been alright lately i think

he like non-linked me but it was obviously a response to my post

baby steps

these canadians are super sense

You're just nice 'cause you want the dick.

What are these accusations.......

Not false ones.


stop squeeze flat


You'd squeeze flat

i was supposed to go to class today

i shave i just don't always have time

what time is your class

Beg to suck it, maybe.

[bullied levels rising]


You're fucking gay



you should get a nice powernap in

Who wouldn't?

Still gay

i think im gonna go to bed soon

I came out to have a good time and honestly I amjust feeling so attacked right now


it's like 6am and you fet a powernap in

You should just pillory Phil to make yourself feel better.

not fixing that

darwin i can't sleep

what do

i'm gonna probably pass out
but if my headache doesn't go away i'm gonna need caffeine to fall asleep

Try again.

When u respecc her

How can you respect her when you won't even buy her bigger tits?

come on now, she'd love it

cause they're beautiful as they are

"Rubbing them will make them grow faster, so let onii-san help you!"
- Hu

I'm gonna stuff my face with food now.

Then go stuff Bard.



Put the cake down fatty.

cake wasn't what you were supposed to stuff yourself with


you love it

I will neither confirm nor deny thiss

I'll take that as a yes

what happened to the thread?

party too hard?


i would bring up the obligatory what are you up to today but it's probably moonrunescape

Not enough Bard

yes :3


stop it

I spent most of the night taking down my tapestries and cleaning all my clothes and piling up my stuff and throwing away stuff and tbh it's alot colder than I expected it to be

when I wake up I gotta move it all over to the new house


What kind of ships are we talking about here?

Remember kids
If you forget to take your drugs, your body will make life unpleasant for you

True, which is why you shoudl take big handfuls and take all of them.

Nah, is not lame, is necessary.
Hope the new place will be nice

what are you doing still awake~?

Can't stop, won't stop.

The kind you sail into Bard.

Should stop, will stop, be a good boy now

i get violently seasick on ships

but I guess that's no problem for a true salty mariner like yourself : )

I woke up a few hours ago
I tried to go to bed too early.

We'll rock the boat gently.

That one's a feel too real

how much longer until you have to worku?

o-oh my goodness...I love titanic......


I gotta be up in 2.5 hours.

Good...we have time....just barely..

And then, they fucked

i guess i' shouldn't be surprised it's all sex with the DOG

t-time for what?

no dogs though, just you and Kiss

well I mean

is a fishdog a dog or......?

it's a surprise

i was told not to tell you

Why are you so obsessed with fucking dogs all of a sudden..? I didn't realize you were a furry

Spec bit me earlier
I think I'm coming down with something......

I can't wait to find out.
I trust you completely.

testing new connection speed

nice desu



That makes sense


I hope it goes away. before too long......
has...has this ever happened to anybody else before...?

It has
happened to me too


VPN nigga, because fuck theresa may

I thought it was part cat.


I never found one and am now forever a lost cause

catnip you say....


You could say it's part pussy, just like Bard.

actually I have to tell you the truth I'm not really a catgirl

I'm sorry I kept this from you for so long but I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted.....


Just give in~

You're dead to me.


my fragile Doggirl heart has been demolished

Hi :)
Show tail :D

prime minister, ex home secretary, lover of domestic surveillance


You know you like it at much as I do

aw fuck

I understand now

damn just when i thought there was hope for britannia

Tail? Absolutely!

I'm going to get some more sleep. Please let me borrow the tail

Would leave her with none!
Sleep well

It can remain attached. I just want to hold the tail

and pet it too

*Pats head*

Head isn't tail~

No. Its not
I don't imagine you have any pictures like that though

Either's fine with me

Pictures like that?

Of sometime stroking Momiji's tail

*pets the Bardo*

I don't..

That's a lood Momiji

*nudges nudges*

am I right or am i right

nice quints

Tail and head are both very good for people

I'd like to thank the academy, these repeating digits have changed my life

I honestly don't find it so. They may be naked, but nothing lewd is really going on at all. It's just a hug, and the closest possible hug that can be achieved.
It's a lovely and cute piece of work

pic related it's the academy

eh? that's no hug that's a vertical closed guard

It's a comforting embrace showing love and care

It's a position used to gain dominance while on your back on the ground !

a true test of sphysical strength and raw power

So that's what you and your friend are doing

I want a pet Mashiro.

i want a pet ikt dong

it's not lewd

I want a pet Ikt

dammit you!!

oh yeah!

I closed up mmy computer and tried to go to sleep but I started thinking about moving and worked myself into anxiety so i'm going to posting to mainain the facade of socialising



yeah I just watched this crazy ass kizumonagatari weeb fight

never really watched that show but it sure was a visual spectaccle

what's up with you this morning speccy what are you still doing awake?


poor bard

Is that another part of the Monogatari series?

idk, sleep sux and I have things I promised I'd be around for today.

what if you get a cute housemate who cosplays as various anime maid traps

gonna go to sleep w/ mommy and daddy to stop the bad dreams


I could be your mommy




my rolling buddies actually had to go back to school a few days back

How much longer are you free from the system hu chan?

s h i l l

Just a week longer, will start on Monday the 4'th


I hope it goes well for you and you stilll have the chance to visit every now and then

How much longer until you graduate?

I'll be around when I'm not at uni.

Well, bachelor is done come summer, but will probably do cand. too

hmmm I suppose I've probably asked this entire line of Questions before it's popping up in my memory
but what field are you trying to get into once you're free?



that's right


nighty night hus have a nice rest of your day

Goodnight Bard
*tucks in*

>tfw Old Taylor is dead

Good morning!







I live once more

Trying to get that factory to call me back.



good luck

How's life my dude?

Welcome back to the land of the living.

Thanks. Are you leaving it soon?

How are you?

I don't know.


That sucks my dude. Do your best!

Henlo sinni.
How is your Saturday?

watching some shit about child killers with bae

Starting off slow but lovely :3c. How is/was your saturday?

I did nothing wrong



I hope you enjoy your rest when you do then!

ye lazy mornings are pretty rad

I like them.

proud of u

I hope so too!

wud u fuk that dog

Is that cat a Jew

Tiring, finished a long shift at work. But Football starts soon. Go Team Sport!
Might see what there is to cook.
Also enjoying being surprised I never heard of Taylor ending her beef with spotify.



Sounds tiring. She did? Can I listen to white horse on repeat until my ears bleed now??


Is that Cat have a last name O'Donnel




r u jewish

wud u fuk the dog

join call


sinni is my jewish princess

I am in the call.

Yes. Yes, you can!
I am so happy! TayTay for DayDays!
Listen to it until the UWU takes complete control.

Hey Scoots. Can you post that Stevan picture where it's all the dumb shit he said before.

No reason.

I am not entirely sure ive got that

I cnnot believe everyone died.


We're not lucky enough to have all died

This is Muu
Not oldmuu
fuck dubs

playing this at half speed is a fucking trip

So wait Loco did end up England all along

Shame they didnt end up dead

Speaking of Ioco

So cruel

i live in spain

No joke, I have a mole on the bottom of my balls just like that.

If they weren't black, that would be an okay read

Isn't spain lame

There are less blacks.

You only get black problems in cities over here, jeez

i was just joking but I think you're serious?

it would be nice if for one day we could have no actual racism in the thread

as a man of color i mean it's hard to stomach

I am serious mou dame

Shush you spaniard you're barely coloured enough to apply for uninvited refugee support

Loco. Why are you interacting with Stevean.


Steve is the australian.

According to George. It's an IP he has used before.

Who is Steve

no one

I think George made a mistake then. The British poster is Kamuu. I am 90proof positive.

Squash needs to stop being such a little elitist. And moogs needs to stop enabling them.

Scoots, you have been on more bully trains than I have.


is everyone here gay or a furry


most of the furries are also gay, actually.

pretty much


gay and/or a furry

this place is like a really shitty odd future song, or pink guy or one of the meme rapsters



Hearts or something

i just remembered amy comes to england in august for a few weeks once a year

i fucking forgot to organise the meetup again

every goddamn year

Also why is Ikt cute

race war when

Why is Loco tsun for Ami even though I know why



Kill niggers

That's the good stuff


Yeah sure okay

how to become adorable girl

Ask a magical space animal

rope necklace and reroll

I'm gonna bed. Have a good day

didnt work

You need a SR result on the reincarnation gacha.

Sleep well, Hu

jontron is back

sit on me


Ooga booga

im not asleep

Were da wite wymyn at

but you wanted hu to sit on yuo

thick is gross

but she thicc

hu a dude

That's just as good

btway help

Mayweather is gonna kill McGregor today

Its a sad day

I wish McGregor could win but I really just don't see it happening

pls explain i dont get with these hype

alo new thred