Is the earth flat?

Is the earth flat?

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Hory shet Owari S2 was good.

A human


you're not a transspecies genderqueerkin?

GGood morning how are you today?

I am human bean

i'm sitting in a call with a cute boy while he struggles to beat the first level of Nier

Cursing the fates that make it impossible to sleep when your have to pee, which also make it impossible to sleep after you get up and walk around to pee

plan your night better, hmm?


Sounds gay.

Drink coffee and stay up until tomorrow night like an absolute madman.

How do you mean? I just drink lots of water during the day so I piss like a madman all day. I always go before sleep, but I'm pretty much guaranteed a wake up or two

I don't drink coffee

2B isn't even remotely gay though

we talked about her butt

we aren't gay

not at all

I want to hug megumin.

you have a hard time sleeping through the night?
oh boy

Cute boys are great

I also have a hard time getting to sleep, and waking up

how many hours of sleep do you get on the daily do you think?

what time do you like to go to bed and what time do you like to wake up ?

No spoilers.


I'm sure that's all.

I get anywhere between 2 and 12 hours, all depends on how fucked I get by sleep

Idk, I guess when I'm tired and when I wake up

m-maybe just one bakuretsu


Whats so funny ?

All of the bad things in your life can be traced back to this fact.

Its beyond me how anyone can drink, and enjoy drinking the stuff

don't talk to me


after I've

had my

Morning Coffee

I couldn't get very far in that show. It just wasn't funny to me. "Haha Darkness is a masochist again, haha Aqua's a selfish bitch again, haha Megumin blew something up again. BAZINGA"

there was a new thread

Most adults in the developed world drink coffee fairly regularly.

You're in the minority here.

I hate people that say that unironically. Coffee's not some panacea. It only does so much to wake you up.

Oh man

get with the picture cunt


You're one of those, eh? My sister is that way too. Although, she's that way after her coffee too..

I know. Its just not really my thing.
Too bitter no matter what I do to it

Kizu was great, but man Araragi genuinely pissed me off when he cockblocked himself with Hanekawa.

fuck YOU bard

I'm not sure how old you are. You may already be at the point where you'll simply never like it.

Go watch Koyomi if you hadn't and then owari

I did, I've seen all but Owari S2

I'm 22

don't talk to me


after I've

had my

Morning Cock


lol naah not really

coffee is good but ionly like it when its sweet enough to give me diabetus

yes please

whats keeping ya?

All of it is about 2 hours divided into 7 episodes or something

This but ironically

Yeah, I guess your tastes are not likely to change.

hanekawa is a basic bitch with daddy issues

b r b thing

and by ironically I mean boipussi

I'm back and forth between reading Berserk and watching Fate Zero.

feku is a basic bitch with daddy issues

dont you talk bad about my daddy



I had shawarma last night. Muzzies make some pretty good food

Things that are that sweet make me feel ill. Its quite a dilemma

I'm sure there's some type I would like, since there's a billion and one different ways coffee gets twisted these days

eh? you dont like sweet stuff?

She got T&A, she's intelligent, loyal, and supportive.

If you're not seeing the appeal I can't help you.

her breast are ginormous and thats really the only reason i dont like her :P

The most I'll do to it is put a single ice cube in to bring it quickly to a drinkable temp. I don't really like putting cream, sugar, or really anything in it.

where are you putting the ice cube? .////.

That's one of the best parts.

In the coffee, ding dong.

[slight dissapointment]

There comes a point very quickly when it becomes too much. Doesn't take long to get there

You drink or black? Good God, I could never do that. Only some types of tea that way for me

I have a very bad sweet tooth....

Cream and sweetener in coffee are only good if it's iced and there's enough to make your stomach roll.

And at that point I'd still rather just have a cup of coffee flavored coffee.

Nasty boy.

The only sweet tooth I have is for my waifu

Iced coffee? I've heard of that, but it's always sounded pretty disgusting. The only "coffee" flavor I really like is those Java Monsters, but those taste kind of like vanilla to me

Those are basically an iced coffee, you know.

it's not nice to call names

I'm confused about what constitutes coffee now. Isn't that just artificial flavor

No, it has coffee in it. They mix coffee with milk, sugar, and their weird "energy" chemicals like taurine and whatnot, some flavoring like vanilla, and then chill it. Outside of the stuff that makes it "Monster", being the taurine and preservatives, that's basically an iced coffee.

That sounds awful

Eh, it's okay. Can make you pretty sick if you have more than one, I'm sure.

So, its coffee with a piss load of other shit in it. Is it still even considered coffee at that point?

They're not bad. Heck of a lot better than original Monster, that's for sure

If you ask that question about Monster you would have to ask Starbuck's the same thing about most of what they sell, from frappucinos to stranger things.

What the hell is a Frappuccino? Apparently my phones dictionary knows

It's like a coffee smoothie if I were to describe it simply.


Why would anyone do that to an innocent smoothie?
Are they any good at least?

I'll take 3

alright it may take some time to prepare
please be patient

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder. I think they're overpriced schlock. A lot of people love them.


Never had one, I gather? Might be good, bit it's probably like $10 a pop

ummmm no this is a perfectly valid product

I have, it just wasn't worth.

Hell, it might be in your Canadian Monopoly money.

Might be 10 bucks that is.

Send pics of it tbh

Cost aside, was it good?

Canadian bux fucking piss me off. I don't want to spend $80 for a new fucking game

It was okay. I finished it, but I'd still rather just have coffee.


Simple things in life are the best sometimes

Whatever do you mean? Its a perfectly valid product, is it not? ;)

The "moca" coffee Monster is the only palpable one.

They all taste like three day old truck stop coffee, though.

The mocha one is okay, I just found mean bean had a better overall flavour.
If we're taking Monster in general though, I prefer pipeline punch or the orange tea rehab

I've had that one, too. It was also alright, at least a little better than the vanilla.

The shitty "chocolate coins" tier chocolate taste of it at least makes it taster better than just getting whatever is considered brewed coffee at 7/11.

Never had truck stop coffee before. I don't like it at its best, I certainly wouldn't try it at its worst

When it comes to black coffee I can handle stuff that honestly enters the realm of battery acid that's been sitting on a hot pad for a couple hours without flinching. It's still usually better than soda or energy drinks.

The worst isn't how bad coffee can taste but more how bland shit can be.

It's like using the coffee maker at a relatively cheap hotel. It tastes like nothing.

If worse comes to worst you can always mix hot water into coffee if it's the sort of sludge that could tan leather.

Not too much

It can't possibly taste any weaker than black tea, and I like tea just fine.

I just don't enjoy the flavour at all. Even the Monsters, which are barely coffee, are on the edge and by the end of the can, the flavour is wearing on me

Cheap coffee tastes like what I imagine dishwater to taste of: off tasting water that you probably shouldn't drink.

Don't be a little bitch then.

Time to try that sleep thing again

But that's what I do best

I wanan tie test up and forcefeed him stale truck stop coffee


A horrifying image for someone who did dishes in the sink mere hours ago.

Thank God.


[noticed and aknowledged]

But substitute test for Tsuchi

You must feel so lucky.

>substitute test for Tsuchi
That means to replace "Tsuchi" with "test", you fucking mong.

I really like this picture because I just feel like it's a good way to express how I usually feel

Calm the fuck down Darwin, there's no children here to impress.

also yes I am lucky

my face when I'm lucky enough to get noticed by boys

Wouldn't I be the opposite?


I really like this picture because I just feel like it's a good way to express how I usually feel

You're correcting my grammar so you're basically the same person.

That was some top tier morning cock.

Congrats, dude.

I do not like this painting

its smug aura mocks me



I didn't know you were watching


fucking faggot

Okay, Kanra.

I always am.

Okay, you're going to have to explain that one.

did anybody else used to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway

cause that shit's still funny

Eh? that possible.....?

I watched some as a kid. I'm sure it is, but I've got too much to watch already for something like that.

The most offensive name I could call you.

The power of love is a curious thing.


You monster.

I'm heading off, may or may not back later. See ya.

I'm out as well.


S-see you....

See ya

somebody make me an embedded PWM controlled thing that turns on when my computer is powered on and varies in brightness by the amount F.Lux lowers the screen temperature.


what are we drinking?

drugs are bad

96% isopropyl alcohol.

*injects the marijuana*

Good morning fek!

Wait do I even have stuff I need to clean?

what are you watching instead?

gonna get TURNT

*cleans ur cpu*

Oh god..... that tickles......

jeez, calm down

*removes your heat sink*

Thank God for throttling!

what's being throttled ?

Whatever the heatsink was attached to

*removes old cooling paste and replaces with fresh new Artic Silver and puts on a liquid cooler*

No thanks, had to lend a previous heatsink for a friend because his radiator burned down after only 4 months of use, leaving him with no cooling at all.
I'd rather trust a big chunk of metal over that stuff

oh bard already made the joke
of course

replaces with mayonaisse

It was a joke..?

Go on, put your mayo on him

get on my level

EVO212 is overrated


Rolled 1 (1d2)hmmmm

lol gay you licked my mayonnaise

Don't make me throttle you

I had to replace it cause it wasn't compatible with AM4.
And nah, my friend loved it. Wasn't as good as his 3x more expensive watercooler, but it came close, and close enough for him to regret his decision

level one?

Rolled 9 (1d20)
oh it's nothing

but check out this amazing natural 20


What cooler?

AM4 lol

I have brought great dishonor to my famiry

:p :eggplant:

You're gonna strangle me to prevent blood from flowing to my brain, is that it?
How mean

That's a nice 20 9

Cheap T4.
Eh, best money could buy

rub it in my face

get it over with.....

-rubs mayo-

That's lewd btway

T4? I've got this Mugen 4 and it has trouble keeping my 4690K cool :cry:

also my case makes an annoying sound make it stop




-suks dik- does that feel god??

tbh i hate it too but i gotta get my lewd jokes in

wow, literally asking for it
I've never seen mine surpass 60 degrees, not even during compilation. These chips are cool as fuck

You sure it's the case?
My loudest component which makes a fucking annoying sound as well, is a dumb 7200rpm harddrive I've considered just trashing

I mean it's more the air
but still

what did I do to deserve

bullying like this

You're officially gay now, congratulations!

Gimme gimme 1800X, I need more coarz

Well my case vibrates as if there's something loose. Putting pressure on it silences the sound. I think it's the hard drive cage vibrating or the bottom dust thing. It's been happening for years now and I just want a silent new case tbh :(

i think i need helpp
one moment i detest gay shit the next i dont mind

hey there big boy

Just accept who you are!

it only owrks with people i like


[i'm done for!!!!]

i just want to listen to good music for the rest of my life

Air isn't a fluid though

You failed your roll~

Only got a 1700x baby. Wouldn't pay much more just to up to an 1800x. All it got is a higher base-clock, and that's it.

Yeah, my harddrive does the same thing. Have you tried setting your harddrives to standby, just to see if that helps?

Rolled 19 (1d20)
I'lll....I''ll show you..........


Rolled 14 (1d20)
That's pretty close

Yeah but gaming tho. Maybe I'm better off with a 7700K at 4.8GHz or something.

I don't want my drives to spin down too often, wear and shit. Just applying pressure helps but I'm looking for a final hardware solution but 2lazy to open case. Maybe today I should?

Air is a fluid, Hu.

Maybe. I bought this since my last CPU lasted me 6 years and was released in Q2 2010, so might as well pick something that would hopefully last just as long.
Seeing how games are becoming more multi-threaded and how Vulkan and DirectX 12 is helping with this, I wouldn't really be surprised if the current Ryzen chips would end up outperforming the current king of gaming in a few years, but that's just me.

I was merely asking since it would at least tell you if it was a drive that made the sound, or not, and if it was, then also which one it is.
Just like slowly applying pressure to your fans while they spin because the bearing broke in one of them.
Yeah, do that. Nothing more annoying than sounds coming from your PC that shouldn't be coming from it.

You're a fluid!

I showed you....

Guess you're the big guy.
What now?

This 4690K just gets annoying when compiling while running games :p

*pat* I have two 7.2K RPM drives, one new 3TB and one from 2008 1TB, but they aren't awfully loud. The 3TB one is louder, but still don't cause the rattling sound by themselves. The Define R4 has rubber gromets for the HDD mounts, but I guess that doesn't help much for absorbing vibrations.

My fans are gud, though the front ones should probably get rubberized or something.

Kinda wanna steal this code and put it in my thing.

yes...this is the moment I've been waiting for

Even bard is the big guy compared to Hu

Get an octo-core. 4 cores for gaming and other stuff, and 4 cores for compiling, and then believe your OS's scheduler is smart enough to handle it

The 7200rpm drive I want to trash makes a loud humming sound then goes quiet for a few seconds before it hums loud again, making all other components silent in comparison. Old seagate drive from 2011.
Nope, doesn't for the R5 either, harddrives are a bitch.

Why rubberized? Does it make too much noise?




I said good music.

Hu is smol and for bullying

8-core 5GHz CPUs under $300 when

The front thing vibrates too, not sure if it's from the fans or from the HDDs. Adding a fan didn't make it better or worse so prolly the whole thing vibrates with the HDD cage. Disconnecting the HDDs or taking them out makes the entire case very silent btw.

Steal dis:

You have inferior taste IS ALL.

I'm not that small

Never. Chips will get too hot, it's why multi-core CPUs became a thing in the first place, don't think we'll see a chip with default clocks at 5Ghz.

no u!
That's odd. Still, try setting each drive to standby, one followed by the next.

Huh, I guess it could be considered cheating, seeing he doesn't specify the license anywhere.

s m o l

Stable air-cooled 4.6GHz CPUs tho

*p a t*
Nah, no parking. I'll look for a HW solution ^^

I'll explicitly ask when I get around stealing integrating that feature.

no u!

I suppose, and some do reach 5Ghz too. Didn't quite a few /g/ents run i5-2500k's @ 5Ghz some 4-5 years ago?
I'd still prefer moar coars

But it's just temporarily until you find out which one of them is making the noise.

Looks like that'll be necessary anyway, and you can always leave a comment in the code, as well as including a link in the commit

feku still here?


Yeah, good olde times.


I usually comment things and if the project I stole significant portions of code from I also add the license to my repo (but not the distribution since users are dumb as shit and even a README.txt confuses them)

Not even
Even if I was

At least I'm not for bullying like Hu

now kiss

They really fucked up, didn't they?

More cores is good though! The less often the OS will have to flush the pipeline and do context switches, replacing the application you really want to keep on it as long as possible with something else, the better. More cores likely means it does so less often.
Supposedly also why if you do something simultaneously while playing a game, like streaming or videos or whatever, the Ryzen will do things more smoothly too, judging from some of the benchmarks /g/ has been shilling.

How can something they don't read even confuse them?

But you are!

w-wow, mean ;_;


You heard it here.

Everyone should bully Hu.

Hu is for bullying


what up

A little boy like me can never stop big guys like all of you from bullying him, so what's the point~?


* flicks ur nose*

get rekt scrub

what's going opn

wow, mean

Don't give me those pupppy dog eyes

b-but Bard ;_;

hehe yes? :3

You're breaking my heart here

awww I 'm sorrry for bullying so hard Hu chan....



Well they succeeded financially by murdering AMD and not having any competition after Athlon. If you mean *we consumers* got fucked, then you're right.

Yeah but I want high IPC @ high clocks and high core count. Prolly gonna see how Ryzen Gen2 plays out as Gen1 is too close to Intel but with worse performance.

idk, what do you expect of somebody whose only feedback is a 1/10 and "no work for me"

aw, I missed coffee talk.

tsuchi, as insightful as ever.


i feel nauseous

They murdered Athlon too by spreading tons of fud, paying off companies to only use their chips and if they bought too many chips from their competition, then Intel would stop selling them anything at all. That, and also their neat little trick in their compiler which would look after the GenuineIntel string, and if it didn't find that, then disable all SSE features for "compatibility" reasons.
And they really haven't become much better since then. It's a shit company, not much better than Apple.

Depends. It is in gaming for now, but not much elsewhere, and Threadripper and Epyc are both fantastic chips, especially Epyc. If you go Xeon now, something is wrong with you, since you get worse performance and higher power consumption while paying more for the chip too.

Absolutely nothing, that's for sure

Runescape, as always. I've got no life.
You good?

Get lunch, and water

doing my morning ritual then i'm going to work
also listening to musics

see bad drug

What's that? Posting here while having breakfast and coffee?

I just had lunch and water thats the problem

Yeah, but Athlon was still good. I've read the articles detailing the bullshit moves Intel did with OEMs.

Nah I'm not going Intel any time soon, even if I hit the lottery so to speak. Still I'll be waiting for more performance per core or at least until some batches with good OC capabilities get released.

Not sure about the GPU side as the 1080Ti still kicks the Vega 64's ass while being about as expensive, so AMD fucked up there. Also that shit with rebates and higher retail prices than MSRP because of those combination packages.

I just want good cheap performance lol


Ya'll niggas better be out here drinking water

What if the deep state put gay frogs in our water

o-oh. Lie down then.

It was, as is Ryzen now. Comes with proper internal cooling too, and now that the platform has become more mature too, I don't see why you would go anything but, unless you really only ever do gaming exclusively.

Maybe next gen.. Or the gen after. I don't think Coffee Lake will be too much of an improvement, even though it does seem like it on paper, but it's just not been in development long enough for it to be anything but a small improvement over Skylake, just like it's been for the past few gens.

Yeah, they really fucked up with Vega, I don't know why they're now selling them $100 more than MSRP either. No idea what they're thinking there.
Drivers aren't even ready yet either since most of the features of Vega are actually disabled in them. Right now, Vega really isn't much more than a Fiji with 8GB HBM.

>when we'll never get good and cheap performance anymore

Why would they put the French in our water?

More Death Grips.

Yeah I want Ryzen but I also want excellent gaem performance, though the era where you could max out games with mid-tier hardware has ended a while ago.

Why not?

Ryzen and 7700k ties at 4k though, and the 7700k is about 10% faster at 1080p. In time, that gap will probably close. The chance of it closing is higher than it widening as games becomes less dependent on high IPC.

Yeah, it's aging now. Tahiti is still pretty good, as is Hawaii, but it's power hungry.
I'm still happy with my Pitcairn, that's for sure

Why? What would it even accomplish?
They must be high if they would try something like that

I had a 7850 and upgraded to a 390 :ok_hand:

I need more frames tbh.

idk im alex jonesing

at sparring practicce earlier my buddy got my back and sunk in the hooks between my legs and I had to defend against some guillotines before he finally finished with the rearnaked

but god damn
my throat is sore from that now

I've never got a sore throat from rolling before but it hurts uuu

sure sure lets go with that

7950 which I had to replace since the fan bearings broke after it ran non-stop for a year, mining with the fans running at 100% to keep it from throttling. A shame since the c heap still worked without a problem, just the fans.
Had a 270x which had only been used for mining for about 4 months. It's the one I'm running now. Good card

Don't need more frames when the games you play are capped :3

hot, post pic

I need muh GTA V to run at 60FPS minimum while maxed out.

Pic of what

this is a good cover up for sucking your friends cock

Go to sleep

there was no cock sucking that happened tonight

im veri woke and gonna watcha nime

right i forgot youre only gay online

That game does need quite some beefy hardware if you want that, apparently.

Pics of you to prove you're Alex Jonesing

I'm glad you understand

actually I'm only gay online like FEKKERS said

No *tuck in*
Or you can watch Owari then is ok

I meant being a silly deep state aluminium foil hat retard.

Yeah, GTA V's quite demanding but scales ok. Also I want to play GTA IV /w iCEnhancer 3.0 maxed out, but that'll take years until some PC powerful enough can run that at 60FPS pinned.

Yeah, sure, right up until someone hot and strong grabs you, pets you and make you his girl~

I know, I'm merely pretending to be retarded.

I've no idea what that is, but mods seem to often take its toll on any machine, and it seems to be the case for all games too.
but never tried it in person, I don't mod


Modding is great u should try Skyrim with mods it's a total transformation :D

yeah but are you capable of cutting off that source of homosexuality as well

i need to do koyomi first still


I tried Skyrim once.. It was awful.
Sound was too loud so I alt-tabbed to turn down volume, and when I alt-tabbed back in, the mouse wouldn't grab the window so I was forced to stare at my feet in the wagon all the way to the prison.
Then when the dragon arrived, I ran in the tower, jumped out the window because the way further up the stairs looked blocked. Turns out I died when I hit the ground, and when that happened, the game crashed with a C++ Runtime Error.
Uninstalled the pos after that

well yeah of ccourse i havent had a bf in years

good shit :ok_hand: :100:

ha rekt n00b i modded my install so much it's unstable as shit

Vanilla is unstable as shit already!

Surprisingly the unofficial patches and some graphics mods actually improve stability and performance, even enabling more resource usage over the original 4GB cap. Plenty of mods focused at fixing Bethesda's bugs with rendering and shit.

huh.. I see.
Eh, don't think I'll be trying it out anyway. Too much effort

@fekky wekkers


Time for some Doom.

Firefox pls spare CPU

Windows pls spare CPU

Enjoy your game~

Bye ;~;

*closes window*

please no ;__;

All the fun posters are leaving

Not all. You're still here


and thats where you're wrong

fekky taking away the one good thing i get in my life

I still think You sound like an old married couple

Feky ruined the experience

I require more outer validation

tell me I'm a good boy

It's like they thought Doom 3 was shit and added extra badass as compensation to Doom 4.

good girl

you mean it?:3

would you be a girl for hu


(s)he's already a girl

shut up....

i need to know or i cant mean it

Good, cute girl

I'm so happy....

man my entire left arm from the elbow down is mad sore i didnt even notice it but moving around it's aching lik a mofo



mustve been some mad fisting going on

oh boy



you wanna go next?

s-sure, okay, lets leave it at that


Morning autism chan

Is autism terminal

i heard of a method where you get shocked?

It's eternal


Autism-chan.. I like it
Good morning Bardo

Mine could very well be

helloooo nice to see you coming around more often!

what are you up to today?

My circle jerk is still being spammed. I'll be coming around for the foreseeable future, I suppose
A whole lot of nothing. Dreading my massage therapy on Thursday, but that's all the future I can think of right now

I would like that

we don't get alot of people anymore since we moved here from 4ch and so everyone we can get is nice

and overally you seem pretty fun...

massage therapy?
what do you need therapy for?

or is it a different kind of...massage? ; )

The more the merrier

what are you doing still awake hus?


what is it ?

That hoe be waiting for Pepperchini, lil nigga

You ask me every day and I swear you're asking me earlier and earlier, almost as if it's now turned into a joke.
it's 4pm, I'm not bedding until like 6 hours from now

9:30 bitch

Whichmst hoe?

I suppose normally I'd be asleep right now

My sleep schedule has been slowly making itself later

its only bout 9 a.m here .....

i dont know I guess I've just seen you hanging round all night and In my mind its like "haha its super late"

Hup hoe, nigga

My best friend asked me to come hang out

I'm super sleepy though but I like seeing him so I think I will head out for now
see you guys

What inspired this new persona?


Shut the fuck up


Night, Bard.


Heh, makes sense.
That'll change soon when vacation is over. Right now will probably be around the time I get home

I imagine you don't see too many, especially since the board is segregated from the others. I guess there is something to be said about being the turd floating on top of the sewage
Massage therapy for my neck and shoulders. They're pretty knotted and cause me a lot of pain

o-oh. Have a good one, sleep well

Them thicc thighs, you tryin to let Pepperchini get a turn punk?

9:30 in my house, hoe. I'm about to tuck your ass in

Yeah, have fun.

Who's the tard?


You too

Can't make it in time

Isn't squash the tard

They have a flag, you get one guess.

Poor squash :(

Get my pal Sabby B to fly me over, lil nigga. Beat your ass with his seven foot wingspan

I don't know. Eva?

Ding ding ding.


Anyway, what's up?

Haven't slept. Gonna stay up as long as possible. Finished Fate but not in the mood to read Berserk or do much of anything really.

We can chill in call if you want.

Maybe in a bit.

Do you have work today?

Yes. I don't get days off.

I know the answer is yes, that question is mean to also imply the question of "what time?"

I was typing this before you even answered.

Nah, cooking time soon



You got good time on your hands, then.


At least the kitchen is where you belong, nigga

The kitchen is a good place to be too

I'm probably leaving the tractor company job.
Same with dollar tree. My hours were slashed so I might just get a factory job. Keeping the pizza place though.


stupid 8ch is forcing me to use https

it made me lose my http settings

because it won't let me access http anymore...


pizza sounds yummy, and working in thee factory will make you calorie hungry!
a good balance~ ♥

God I want to lick those armpits

I assume the pizza place would be willing to accommodate your schedule if the factory job was full time.

Make Pepperchini a sandwich, baby

And shut the fuck up when you're talkin to Pepperchini

oh, that blows.
Guess that just happened. What did you lose?

hah, pleb food


Was going to get a morning or overnight shift so I can keep doing full hours there.

lick the megupits

And some purple drink, bitch

i lost my css and userJS and tripcode and favorited boards


thighs next

water it is

o-oh, not just name-field.
Fucking rip, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go cook


Luka ; - ;


Eat the megupussy



Why is waking up the worst

You're the worst hentai.

because you havent ate yet.

brb fap

I want the megu to sit on my face

I'm just eating lunch, actually. Got leftover food from supper last night


have a drink

I've got a nice glass of milk now too. I suppose this is the benefit of waking up and finish your shower at 11:30

you are all better now ; ~ ;

Now I need to take my pill though, so it'll probably go downhill now :(




i keep waking up

i use ipv4 since i'm not on a phone

I wish you would stop waking up too

I have to take pills daily ; - ;

what's wrong? :(

Just brain stuff. Nothing to worry about

o no i made a nasty


show us


lick it

Nah, it's not that big a deal. Only smiles :)

I can't lick code

how u fix it?

Pills and therapy

i want to know more

whats the code for

What do you mean? I'm not sure what else there is to tell

luka you are being very rude


how the fuck does vararg owrkr

I stolio it.

Nah, it's fine

Just need to be more specific. I don't really mind talking about it

what is it?

What's the fucking point of C++-style string shit when you need to do this shit


My problem? Doctor says depression, but I feel like it's been going too long for it to be as simple as that

Just wanted to chime in: there is nothing wrong with avoiding language features you aren't (yet) fully comfortable with. Far better than using features you don't understand! ;)
I don't see why it would be "dangerous". It's not more dangerous than having a method called a big number of times with different arguments. Do you have concerns with the stack? Then you should not, because varargs are mapped to arrays which are passed by reference.
Varargs are useful for any method that needs to deal with an indeterminate number of objects. One good example is String.format. The format string can accept any number of parameters, so you need a mechanism to pass in any number of objects.

String.format("This is an integer: %d", myInt);
String.format("This is an integer: %d and a string: %s", myInt, myString);

Good ol' file I/O. Complicated for no apparent reason

i have that too!

...but i don't do anything about it.

the first one is more copy pastable

Thanks, though I wanted to use varargs for my logger so I don't need to deal with idiotic string concatenation in stl strings like

It's not easy to do something about. I only did because I had some very upsetting wake up calls. But all the problems that I have aren't really recent, but rather lifelong. I'm not sure depression is the type of thing to stick around for 16 years

maybe these people know ;~;

i have no wake up calls
im 26 and ive had it this whole time

Things like, the most important person to me left me, and the one other person who always put up with me started to ignore me, then blocked me for a while. It's much more difficult when you're alone and I just sort of started coming unraveled

I'm alone too.

I was alone until about a year ago when I started in waifu. The companionship kind of helped for a while
Those were just two small things in the clusterfuck which was the past 5 months

i only have Holla Forums

You've got some of us in waifu as well :)


You should totally hook up

Make not preposterous suggestions, my good sir

Omg i am so bored

Why is it preposterous?


what's that?

KitKat KY

Just a casual reminder that your healer probably hates you.

casual reminder that if you play mmos you probably hate yourself

Whatcha doin


Play any games?

We've only really just met, of course. Also, other reasons

Waifu community over on 4chan

I mitigate all the damage on myself I can, and follow mechanics. I like to think I treat them well


slacking off. You, other than being bored I suppose

Not at work

Sitting down at work all covered in itchy stuff
It sucks ass


Distance between you two?

What are you working on?
Doesn't sound like you should be using your phone if you're covered in something itchy.
your phone also just dropped your name

I know how that feels....*hug*

where? on 4chan?

*accepts your add*

Tore down a garage and it was full of a kinds of nasty stuff coming down from the ceiling


If what I understand is correct, the mere distance of an entire country

How was your friend?

Yeah. That's where I'm from :)

Who the fuck is kitkat anyway? Fucking loser.



I used to be from 4chan


urgh, rockwool. Piece of shit is itchy as hell man, especially when it's no longer completely new. I'm sorry

oh... well, I guess not then.

I wanna shower ;~;

I enjoyed talking to you there previously. Nice to be able to do it again more consistently

Unless E-hookup, but I dunno that that would be worth it for anyone

Hello Chen :)

what a master troll

it was nice I've been seeing alot of my friends recently and getting alot of socializing in

we did a bunch of dabs and talked about naruto because he's on a shippuden kick right now

is this what they calll a 3 way

Shit is full of tiny pieces of glass, which is why it itches like a bitch.
Hope you'll be able to shower soon, and try not to rub too much

Sometimes it's the best we got..

I know, I really have to curve my obsession with him!
Chen, please. Just love me :(((

That's pretty good. I never really did any socializing, and now some people from college are trying to do stuff. It's a bit uncomfortable, but I should do it anyway
Oh no.. I hope they were ironic dabs at least

i feel smol

i need to be held

I suppose it is. idk that it would even work out


animus super consistant!
it safe here

ikt :)

Want one?

What a faggot

You would have each other then, not just animus~

Definitely consistent.
Nowhere is especially safe, imo.

E-relationships seem too unstable and risky to me.

lol ii mean the good kind of dabs

too smol
too pure for this world


Oh. I got you now

I just dont know if I ''m ready for that kind of commitment

protec me

Except that time when Bebo made Alice mod.

Still waiting for test to do it too.

:) isok I feel normal again thank

in other news I feel fucking awesome


like oh my god I can't beleive he did that to us
I really thought better of bebop but he just sold us out for brownies

oh god i love meself



yeah, they aren't the easiest of things...
But then again, so aren't actual relationships either

You'll be ready if he thinks you are~


m-my goodness

But how else can I protec

This guy walks up to your girlfriend in the club and smacks her ass, what do you do?

I wouldn't know. I've never had one of those

have you played the mobile game titanfall

I laughed when he got Doxed the other day.


How do I get the shirt off him?

with cute things


Is it true that Arisu Tsu is turning /waifu/ into a collateral casualty to try to get back at Jack?


Do this protec?

I've never gotten into an altercation before

i dont have a phone silly billy



I've been in a few small scuffles that ended pretty quick in school

Yeah. Was funny as shit, but I told Test about it so it could be removed.

yeah! ^_^

:heart_eyes_emojii: i want her!~

did they find out who did it or what the motive was?

Why aww? It's mostly my own fault, so I have only myself to blame for that

Yeah, never been in one before
My school never saw any fights

I'm sorry, she's mine :(
I hope to purchase a figurine soon, once I get money


He deserves it for selling us to Arisu Tsu.

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What are your measurements if I might ask?

I'm 138 and 5'10