Today, Mother Moon tears down the sun

Today, Mother Moon tears down the sun.

The new moon, blackest of all nights, humanity's opportunity to speak, triumphs over solar tyranny. The wights will dance and the ancestors will sing!

Today is unique in that it is an optimal time to weave your spells, or to draw in the power of nature.

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Where I live a sliver of the sun wasn't covered. Too far north.

The sun truly looks more beautiful if you don't use those stupid viewing glasses.

*pets test*

Now call me a good boy.

I too enjoy blindness.


it hit 80% coverage where I was at, but I couldn't look at it then, for about 10minutes it looked like someone had the dimmer switch turned way down, I got to see the crescent sun when I got home to my weld mask though.

well... same, but I've found that isn't how most people work.

The only person I can call a good boy is my master uwu

*pets Emma*

Good to hear you're doing well man

Yeah this place has been kinda dead lately, I wish I could post more often but I've been busy being a wagecuck as of late
I've been doing 12 -14 hrs a day, 6 days a week.
I swear I feel like a god damn slave and want to quit but then I get paid on Fri and see around $900 and change deposited into my card and I don't complain lol

You dab now Grids? lol

Shame it doesn't actually die. Then I wouldnt have to look at soto's spic cunt posts.

This sounds like all kinds of backwards. He's the master but also a dog.

I watched it for about 15 minutes. I had the sunglasses and a perfectly inclined hill to lie on and just watch it. Hit about 90% coverage here.


masters can be good boys.

I need a new avvy.

master == dog?

I'm sorry for shitposting so badly

Why not a garbage can, perfect representation of the poster.

nope, still haven't touched the stuff, but I used to help provide prescriptions for donations.

my miller weld mask made it super crisp.

Do not lie to me.

Watch Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and make an avatar folder of Yakumo.

Then give me the folder

don't you mean dustbin?


I can't find an avatar that expresses the mess I am

You'll confuse the Yanks.

*pets hand*

He kept telling me I wasn't supposed to call him that, but I think he enjoyed it.

Durr what's a dustbin aHYUCK

You're such a good guy Grids, I'm surprised you havent tried it or whatever.
Or are you still in the military?


I'd explosion on that shit until its so crusty it stands on it's own

ooh. he looks badass. I call dibs.

but you have several

Watch out... Its going to be another Columbine.

am i hand

they need to be

more messier

Much of the show is spent in flashback where he's much younger. I like his design as both an old man and young, he has an air of refinement to him.

Is it weird that I didn't talk to my best friend from 1st grade for like 8 months and we both ended up taking the same college classes in that period ?

Are we the same person ?


He's stalking you.

ya sure

h'es probably not real


What little is left of their national identity.

? ?

I don't think so.


I see you made a spelling error kid

better luck next time

i was drawing this guy at the beach earlier and he noticed and he just stared at me smiling like a fucking idiot for a minute

i did a little wave and he didn't even react and i was looking over my shoulder and away i think he may have been an actual retard


it's where you toss your biscuit crumbs after tea.
and only this.

but also humorous, right?
not just, an abyss terrifying crippling neuroticism forever...

he does look like he might have an air of refinement.

Friends are for chumps.

nope, I got out march1st, just haven't tried it at all yet, and I plan to go apply for a new job at a gunrange soon so it won't be until after that of course.

have you been to any fight clubs recently, or maybe you and your mother purchased a motel.

they need to be cute like i look

I wish I wasn't as judgemental as you.

hilarious joke


No I don't think I've done any of these things.

make your own

i wasn't making a judgment. i was just saying i thought he might be handicapped.


any black outs?

You'll be around a bunch of guns
You'll be living the dream man

Man this image...

thank goodness you're painfully aware.

Kinda wish this community wasn't dying.

What seems to be the problem ?

Not that I remember.

why does this image hurt

well, how would you?

Man, its nearly midnight. My eardrums didnt need that.

make memes great again

We're all growing up

Or at least most of us

Cause that's us


Wow, self-deprecation.

I wouldn't.

Ned Flanders tribute band ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


RIP animus ;;

i want 2007 memes

The song actually sounds pretty sick.

You are totally right, And what a killer gimmick

I think it hurts more than anything.

What're you... gay?

I think so

how do I shot web?

I like you.

I will indeed, but only part of my dream, I hope to one day be a great designer manufacturer.


Why ?

What ?

But it is a sin!

I'm doomed

Don't worry, I will pray in church on sunday

well, I like everyone, but right now I like you, idk, it's just a feels.

Thank god.

Seems like something that backfires a lot.

Don't worry, I will.

Praise him.

not really, I've got good intuition when it comes to people.

I'm pure evil.

Like I should

Good Night all.

good night pls no bully

Good Night all.

real nigga hours


Got my tosies and my eyebrows done. Feels nice.

I liked your thick eyebrows. remember we wrote a song about it?

Nigga hwat

Eclipse was sugoi

you priviledged little nigger

I was asleep of it


it was a while ago.

Honestly I think gwttong toes done is stupid but my mom basically begged me yo come with her

Sorry. It's just one, I'm sure you'll see your own some day.

Lol wth, you lazy baka
I got up at 4am for it, and it was totally worth

Wait nvm I remember you're in Arizona
I take back the lazy

write one about me

when you have nicer things to say about me

Feet are weird


I woke up at like 2pm

yeah ?


Still playing BDO?



did you actually spend all that money to go to america and see the sun not being there


The answer to this is so privileged I don't wanna say it in public

Yeah ?


You disgust me.


why so shocked ?

Isn't that post a day old ?

I don't feel like that is true at all.



back again

I've naught much else to do. And waifu isn't up right now

all celestial bodies are always eclipsing every other celestial body forever anyways. eclipses are the biggest misrepresentation of our importance in the universe, and if you felt like these bodies actually aligned with you, you're probably wrong by hunreds of miles, but it didn't matter, because that's how small you are.

writing that made me sad. i ned coffee.

probably a good thing

Why is that?

now you get to spend moree time with us

But I split my attention and was here anyway

did you work today?

I haven't got any jobs yet. I forgot to text my boss.
I don't remember seeing you, but you seem to know me

i don't really know anyone here

Neither do I. I know a few from 4chan and their occasional sorties to that friendly cesspool, but the majority are unknown to me

and penis

what brings you here

My own circlejerk was being spammed by retards.

well, I feel like I've talked to cats before but I know not who this duke of autism is.

Just some faggot, probably best to run him out of here

there are plenty of retards here too

Banana spamming faggots who literally just sit there all day flooding the threads that were made for lonely autists?

you don't know me either then, because I have only ever had trouble with one person in all of my internets.

I am one of them,
also brown girls are cute. digging the colour edit.

You're not rin?

He's no good though. Ask anyone over on Holla Forums waifu threads. They'll tell you he's a bad guy

I've been asked that more times than I can count. I'm not sure who Rin is

no some of them are worse

Disgusting. At least you guys have a mod here to ban them. We're technically violating the rules, so reporting them will likely result in our own bans

there need to be more animu with them in it that's for sure

Hey that me

It is indeed you. Hello Alchemist, nice to see you

Hey man. Tell me, I used to be told that the waifu threads weren't banned on 4chan Holla Forums like our threads were way back when. Supposedly your threads had a guardian angel, but it seems that was not a fact.

I used to spam the game streaming threads with griddles.

oh I bet, seems like he's total skum to me.

I mean tamako market was great.

Nope, we just went through two months of threads being deleted and all the posters banned. It got to the point where I stopped evading because it wasn't worth the time, since I spent less time unbanned than it took to unban myself

Griddles, what are those?

He really is. Pure cancer, you might say

Did something change? We got that treatment every day for a while as well.

Chris, how could you let this happen to us ;;

No idea. Probably a new mod or something.
Now we have the spammers who people are saying "are because of Jack attacking Alice threads". It's really a cluster fuck right now

it was pretty lame
i only watched it for choi's parts

What did I do this time?

People who think Jack actually holds the heart of a single person on Earth and can inspire a single thing other than brief annoyance are kidding themselves and him.

Jack probably has nothing to do with your threads, honestly.

May I ask, what Kyouko is to you? I really like that character myself. Best magical girl, I would say

Him and Chen come around and start some bull shit every now and then. Chen thinks he's God's gift to Earth, and Jack just talks about "I'm an oldfag xd this is cancer xddd"
He supposedly recruited a few of our autists for his "crusades" against Alice

like the flat food cooking surface one might make pancakes on.

oh, hey there.

I watched because it was cute, and I like cute slice of life shit, I'm a total softy, either that or I'm watching guro stuff.

we talking jack splicer, is he still a thing?

she's mai waifu

Oh. I've only ever made pancakes in a frying pan before. Never heard of a griddle
Yes, Jack Splicer. He is unfortunately a pain in my side

we leave you in charge and look what happens

it looks too much like keion

Chen is perma'd here. If only for my own satisfaction, it doesn't actually keep spammers out for long to ban them.

Jack recruited one of our own autists, Squash. A good friend of mine, but poor choice in people he likes sometimes, and unfortunately thinks Jack is funny.

Quite a good choice. I commend you on your tastes.What's your favourite part of her character?

never had a problem with him before myself, I'm surprised he's even still around

or is it a new jack?

He's a Hungarian fellow who won't shut up about being an "oldfag". The only people who make a fuss about that stuff are super insecure people. Who cares when you started browsing a cesspool


And yes.

Same Jack. He's always hated Alice, and still hates these threads. It's kind of a love hate thing.

not sure really

I never really cared about him enough to get the name right. And I never watched whatever cartoon he avatarfags from. Ironic that, claiming to hate avatarfags whilst avatarfagging

It's definitely a tough question

How could Jack be a pain in your side?

I remember chatting with him a few times, I never picked up on the hating alice threads thing.
then again I used to talk to spiderman so maybe it was there.

China is trying to kill us &submit=

i like how aggressive and wild she is

He doesn't quibble much with his own contradictions.

He doesn't quibble much with his own contradictions.

Page crashed and then that happened.

Love this site sometimes.

Thank God.

That's like... his main personality trait.

Morons who consider themselves to be so important that they do nothing but talk about themselves are annoying. And he shows up quite often to do so

Spiderman is a pretty chill guy. There's the guy who spams vinyls too, not sure what to call him though. Pretty cool fellow, so I don't mind seeing him spamming because it's a good opportunity to talk to him again

Wild and aggressive she most definitely is. Still one of the most caring Magical Girls in her own special way, imo
Some would argue Homura is, but she just seems more like a creepy clingy stalker spanning multiple timelines

My favourite is when someone points it out and he claims to not be an avatarfag.. the irony is palpable

I like her eye's and her smile and her personality.

you know I could make friends with anyone, so maybe I just ignored that or he wasn't quite as bad back then.

crazy to think that Jack, even in the absense of Alice, continues to feed his Alice neurons, further cementing his Alice complex, and Alice doesn't have to do a thing.

I read in the paper that this website and others like it are one of the major ways China pumps these drugs into the western world

I was surprised it isn't on the darkweb

how do you send fentanyl through the internet?

In a .rar

homurafags are pretty annoying too

At least she isn't as bad as Mami. God, I fucking hated Mami so much

I have looked into myself because I was curious... apparently it is very easy to transfer since a tiny physical amount still makes many street doses

So it's sometimes shipped in phone cases or small computer parts cases

I like homura because guns, and her madoka love, lesbians is cute.
was looking for homaru then I found my dark skin gun girls so here is those instead.

If you're looking for good yuri, look no further than Kyouko and Sayaka my dude. Much better than Madoka x Homura

me too

but sayaka is like so whiny and like she gave up her soul for the boy but never even went after him and then just bitches about how she can't be with him, like why they never said no relationships for magical gurls, and she's just a marth cosplayer.

I'm really confused about her appeal, and why she's so popular

Their love is still so much better than the inter-dimensional stalker and the shitty MC girl

oh, seems pretty easy, like gun parts shipped from russia mixed in with erector sets.

I just never understood sayaka, maybe because I've never given up my soul, but I would if I could be a majo shoujo

I don't believe in the concepts of souls, so it could be argued that I'd have nothing to give up in exchange for being a majo shoujo

well I don't either but I want to be a majo soujo so I'll sign a contract for it anyway, I think we're just chemical electric computors and once we die the maintenance stops and it's all off for good, there is nothing.



brb 5Hour

welp I am go to sleep now, work in morning and such. buy guize!!

I'm gonna hit the sack, it was quite a tiring day today

I suppose that's a good way of thinking about it. Much more reasonable than the concept of a soul, anyway


Hello ?

is there anybody out there

Why did you come back ?

Who even is that?

Sayaka is not for Yuri

that is very late now

The mordong reminded me about it

who you

I bet I know exactly what he said.

Everything makes sense now.

I don't pay much attention when she talks to me she just said something about animus



I don't believe you.

That's not a new revelation though

u gots a new trip

I think you'd be surprised.

I believe people more than I should

I have had this trip since 2011.
It is the first and only I have adopted.

I have also been using this trip for like a month.

it look weird

yay! you saved the pic i upscaled ^_^


it say: ! Queens Urist New ??

Qn is random letters

i mean i have no reason to lie abotu why i psot on a board



What's up, fag?






One of my jobs slashed my hours.

Oh boy memes!


get a fourth

Do I have to sign for this? I dont recall ordering anything


Yes, and pay.
Cash on delivery.


what a shame


I don't have any money.......maybe...there's some other way I could pay ?

Hi desu~

Mayaka/Scarlet, I believe.

whomst the fucc eat ass


That was more a whomst is he referring to that time

Do you take

Coupons ?

Coupons from the bank.

actually I'd like to cancel the order

This is not allowed.

I used to post here pretty often but I stopped lately. Maybe I'll pick it back up since overboard is a thing now.


what is overboard and wot is your name

Sounds awful
What is overboard

sounds bad

You guys need to visit homepage more often.

Is this just like a live feed of all the threads on 8ch?



the front page already had us most of the time



Embarrass yourself publicly for them.

I do that just by posting....

Wow you can't have my avatar.

my favourite steamer switched to another game...




put on some pants.....


i when people phone call me randomly to just ramble about nothing... it infuriates me internally, but all i can do is be nice and say yeah to them over and over and over for EIGHTEEEN WHOLE MINUTES while discord voice is going on and i can't listen to two things at once.
and this goes on and on and on... every few nights..... it's like ptsd with my phone... i dread hearing it ring.... but it's worse for me if i don't answer it, because i'll get nothing at all. Ahhhh..... sigh. w/e

same..... w/e 😒


Is this a call regarding financial things, a family thing, or a friend thing?

family.... just a grin and bear it kind of thing.
where i take the path of least resistance and have learned from my past to just say the least things as possible.
because saying too much just causes too much trouble.

i just stay quiet and nod nowadays.

I got wrecked in sparring today

first round i conceded to the lead guy over cause he had a dominant position and was working on getting my hands out for the Kimura
i wasnt going to be able to defend much longer and tapped

Next match I went with the big guy and we had a pretty long roll but eventually he got me with an Americana

then I went with the strong guy but he's at a disadvantage cause he hasnt been joining in the rolls for a while but he went mad hard today
we had a difficult roll where i felt super endangered and then i was able to slip to his back but he stood up and reversed it and had my back before getting in a body triangle and attacking the neck
We rolled a few times and I defeded theguillotines and rear nakeds and i was able to get the counter triangle heel hook over his but he squeezed and opened up enough space to sink the rear naked and rolled over to get me on the bottom and itt was ggame over

It was super fun though even though i didnt get any taps :)

do it more

luca they probably just wanna check up on you because they care about you

whoa ;;

I-in front of everybody......

I don't know enough about your family to comment.

im fine......
and doing it this often... is slightly tiring.

*shrugs* oh well... can't do much about it anyways.

what are you gonna do now?


Reading Berserk. Might go back to watching Fate at some point tonight.




having long rolls with big guys is pretty faggoty

hihi hugepony

its not gay >///


I'm a big guy

It's super gay.

Maybe a little.

Are you gonna watch the Rakugo show?

A giant queer.

Avatar folder out of it or not, I feel that show deserved to have been watched by more people than have done so.

you wish


for you

Make an avatar folder!

double yes.

No, not enough cute girls.

I hate watching something twice.

I hate shows that are about cute girls doing cute shit.


I love shows that are about cute girls doing cute shit.

No you don't.

looks like I might be into it. yes. will watch.

and i'm guessing you hate cropping images out of the manga?
incredible really then, that you managed to cap angel egg then.

Shows not about cute girls doing cute things can still have cute girls in them.
It's a good watch, just no one I would want to make a folder out of in the show.

I love you.

Lolis dying is super adorable.

not if you're not a homo...

The only way it could be gayer is if you wore the unitard.

Angel's Egg is only an hour long. On top of that I felt I might understand it a bit more with a second watching.

I really enjoyed Yakumo's cynicism, despair, and eventual redemption. I thought the young guy was the protagonist of the show, but it was quite the bait and switch.

I too find the death of cartoon children adorable, cool guy.

I love this fucking image

we all wear rash guards and they all wear shorts but I like long pants : 3

I'm here

never fear

oh Alright~...


Save it, it's yours my friend.

You're not allowed to save it

I'm still afraid.

Are you watching that or is that off google or something?

You should wear the singlet.

Things happened when I stopped paying attention, stop that.

thank god I was ALMOST worried

Just google.

I had sake tonight

some of it was good and some of it tasted like a weak rum

cower in fear

well I dont know...they look kind of weird

Ah rip.

I can't really bring myself to like sake. It's like watered down paint thinner. There's no flavor except "burn".

But you said NOT to fear
you're here

I'm getting mixxed signale here

But they feel so right.

Blueberry is pretty good


I forgot what I was saying

Mine is stronger

she looks pretty cute at least.

Oh, I guess it would be more palatable with some added flavor, but I was just talking straight sake.

you wear singlets? what are you gay?

it's a really nice image though, if you think about it

She doesn't get nearly enough screen time for there to be a reasonable amount of images of her on Google. Like maybe you could cap an okay folder off the show, but not from the internet.

I had like 3 different kinds and a ton sushi.

They also gave me free ice cream

Not allowed

I don't, just saying what a friend told me.

is it birthday or something?

how would you even get a vaporeon into a singlet...........

what's interesting about the show to you anyways?



same as you would a swimsuit.


I feel like explaining that may be a slight spoiler if you ever do end up watching it, but if you're going to look at this site that caps the whole show for you that may happen anyway. I'll not say much.

It has a great way of tying all sort of events together over a long series of time. You get to experience the ENTIRE lives of these characters, at their highest and lowest points, and that's kind of beautiful in a way.

so uh...dooes that thing have like....a hole in it for the tail or....


Thank you lowly posters.


and uh where can i find one of these singlets with the tail hole

He said it's yours, not ban's
Ban never owned it

I own everything everyone posts.

No, that's me.

This is no fault but your own
It was like two fucking posts


b-but I didn't post it either....

Yeah, that's right.

I'll fucking destroy you kid

you wanna brawl ?

No but test did and he said it was yours

Foite me cunt 1 on 1 I'll fukken glass ya

i thought squashy boy posted it


He got it from me.

I forget who I got it from.

from the images on google that i've seen i can get what you mean by that.

kinda wholesome in a way.

They're the same person.

Only different genders.

Different genders.


Did you know ward is the best class in For Honor ?

Everyone knows it now

you can vortex cancel into anything and its broken

the mix up is busted

I beat you and I was uploading a picture off my fucking 56k upload test come on

hehe cute

It started to be realized by the time we stopped playing anyway.

It's a meme you dip

Excuse me for doing shit in other tabs.


You are excused, just this once.

Dial up vs. FibreOptic1ping


I couldn't keep carrying you.

Thank God.




test is busy watching gay porn


Is that what Berserk is?

The sword fights have been a metaphor for dicks the whole time, of course.

we were equally matched

This is YOUR BOARD you're supposed to be WATCHING IT


casca is my spirit animal



Your spirit animal is a woman who got raped so hard she turned retarded?


good buoy

A king does not live for his people, the people live for their king.


That's what I identify as, yes



What you up to?

Damn that's hot.





Unfortunately you remain with no way to prove this.

You're only better at AoE2 for now.

any old vidy a game osst tbh

This is very peppy

you mean bard

sleep well


wtf the thread is dead now


71% winrate

oh...Didn't notice you there......

wat you think of the nobushi?

Your fault.

You still played the fast weaboo for most of the time we played.

By the way, you hear AoE 4 was announced? Being made by fucking Relic?

Weeb stick


are you not entertained??

Now what?

Ihadn't planned that far ahead to be honest..

I'm not good at going off the script

It's a thing apparently
That is all that is known

Not enough

I just want to make my fans happy

I can't find any game play


Yes. There's only an announcement trailer.
We don't even know what sort of period they're going for.

please don't laugh at me.......
I've never been on television before

thats super rude


i won't ever meet up to those standards

its almost midnight but I don't wanna sleep.

Who the heck is sleeping at midnight
what are you a little schoolkid


new rthdsad

Especially since later eras don't work great for AoE style games. But I guess Relic did pioneer cover RTS games, CoH and whatnot.