Thread about everything except anime thank God

Thread about everything except anime thank God

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Ocean man.

seems like its about anime

They re used a lot of animations in this last episode of dragon ball super

it makes me pretty sad

ilu Ban

tidal waves will be the death of me

You can be Ocean Lady.

So just a smaller pink wave ?


Its still gonna kill me.


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

fuck you too then ban lmao


Do your homework


But master, I don't have any homework.



...what's up with this early thread?

My new shampoo is wonderful.
You can't tell how much hair I'm losing.

You're not allowed to Soto anymore. He's a bad influence on you.

I dunno, was about time

Hu 's an attention whoring faggot.


Okay I'll stop talking to him.

that's posts not images....

200-250 images is usually around when you think about new threads

last thread only had around 192 images.....


lol :3

i need to pick myself up a bottle next week~


Guess others disagree

they dont know what theyre talking about lol. spec called u out :3

Thank you sir.

I just made a new thread because it had 300+ replies and someone said a few threads ago that new threads should be created around that mark, and also because none of you other faggots make one.
Spec's also a confirmed liar, so that doesn't mean much

I have never told a lie.

Also go to bed on time today...

But I think it would be easier if I just stayed up 24 hours. . .

"im not gay"


Lie number 1

You just did


Bye faggot !

They gave you the wrong mark.
posts 'replies'
is not the number you should be looking at.
you are looking at it all wrong.
posts aren't the thing that cause for thread lag.... -_-

tsk tsk tsk...
at least i understand it all.
there is technical reason.

The image count of threads are what you are Supposed to monitor.....DUH

because Just plain Text posts hardly consume memory usage... -_-

But image count matters.

that's why 200-250 image count.
is a more reasonable

because you can easily have over 400 text post count, and it would hardly be cause for alarm....

sigh.... but anything over 250images in a thread would cause considerable load times by comparison...

Hu... you gotta use your head here.

My computer can handle threads of around 500 image posts before anything even happens.

Sleep tight homo!

That's wrong though. I've not seen these threads reach past 200MB, yet a 7GB ponychan thread doesn't lag, so I'm assuming a thread refresh here causes the whole thing to get re-rendered or some dumb shit, causing it to lag.
This link has no images, but every time you refresh it, you'll find that it really takes its toll on your CPU

Firefox is just shit

I use Chrome now.

no u

nuff said....

not everyones mobile phones or computers is a "super computer" like yours... -_-

I turn 22 in about an hour.

That's why I said Firefox sucks~
I'm on firefox and an 8-cored desktop PC starts lagging around a 500posts thread, it's ridiculous

See above.
Doubt memory usage has anything to do with it. It's why threads don't lag until it actually refreshes

Happy Birthday! :)


it's using more memory. End of story.

It does, but then why does a 7GB tab not cause any lag, but a 150MB 8ch tab does, and why does it only cause browser lag when the thread refreshes?

1 year closer to the abyss

you never listen... *looks away from you*

what abyss?!
*shares cake wit u*

Its a huge hole that nothing can escape from.

150MB won't cause lag. This thread here is already lagging when it refreshes now, but only for half a second, and it's only using 20MB.
Each time the page refreshes, the response you get is the whole thread too, not just the new posts

Run away from it!


You're lagging!

I can't Escape The Fate.

text = no lag
image = +1 to lag

shrug your way out of death grips

Lets have a thread with no images :3

Does this work ?

just keep it less than 250 images
and we'll be fine.

lol wats going on there?

Hes putting him in the sword.

Sleep is such a difficult task

oh right lol
he was an old geezer before he went in the sword!

Try a shotgun.

Yuzumori-san is going to shit, I need a new loli to fawn over

Are you watching super ?


how many super eps are there now........ ?

hit is overpowered hes like the underdog all the time but he does that dumb adaptation thing and gets away with everything

I do not own one

over 100

Like reusing animations over and over again.

Wasting your time

the episode isnt even 24hrs old who analyzed this

/a/ does it live

Remember when cybering used to be popular?

ravioli ravioli...

Is this the active thread?

gonna try out my new @ feku
summoning powers

Feku where you at

There are no active threads

My threads are active.

you come here often?

pls bless this thread with active almonds

Want some fugg?

I can't seem to find my holy water.

tempt me not succubus

Dear god what have you done


Fire walk with me.

I dunno

What have you done ?


I plead the fifth

I'd like to speak with my lawyer please?



You're going to jail then.

oh darsy warsy

wont you give me your attention?


No ones gonna care if they even find out.

I'm gonna break your legs if you don't tell me where the girl is.


Yes this is fantastic......

Now may i please see tthat yui comic with the qb?


You'll never find her in time

Not before the bomb goes off......


oh goodness.......

I've spent my whole life keeping trash like you behind bars like the animals you are.

I'll find her.

And when I do you're going to be locked away forever.

... darwin...that's disgusting....

Is cucking Darwin allowable?

The rest are fine.

Who are you cucking ?

Darwin. and Bard.

get away from my dad you whore

I don't think you can cuck the person who wants to be with multiple people at once.

Its probably pretty welcomed.



Maybe half a dozen trannies on their boy/girl period.



I've never had an anonymous hookup before....I'm kind of scared....


Remove your name; no one will know it was you.


Death is pretty sweet

Why do i feel existential dread

is bard gone now?


wait shouldnt you go to lspeep

hi no i just woked 4 hours ago

did you have a good whatever morning it is?

i rly sdhould wake up earlier

nope i crashed in the morning after i let the sun burn me

We're back again now?


why wouild it not be

don't look at it just listen in another tab

Because he does not care for anyone.

How do you cuck something that's already cucked.

isnt american car heretic

he ain't shit

yeah but rcr is fun

whats the besterest cars


is it dorifuto king material

i dont know i just like humor ::


Where do I get that

What do you think your waifu would think if she knew you were referring to her as "it" behind her back?


my bad, his back




Thread's too kill

megu is NOT his

you are his

im his and megu is her so its straight

Good boy


left wing politics was a mistake


bring back the whigs tbh

Liberals should be shot

burn them all

So intolerant and quick to violence, typical conservative racist.

you just woked?


wait no you grammar fucked me

I don't want you anyway.

k ill go die


Wow, that was pretty mean!

I was never good at the whole roleplay thing anyway

I'd be surprised if anyone actually didn't think your comment was sarcasm

socialism is just aristocracy tbh

got up in the afternoon

I make no assumptions on the internet.

SoCiAlIsM iS jUsT aRiStOcRaCy


not like that!


Eventually people will realize slavery was the right thing to do and regret tearing down the statue.

Pepperchini already regrets letting them light skinned niggas do that.



Someone please critique my Yun, 'cos they're rly hard, does she look normal? Is her head too small?

Well. I mean, unless the just got thick as fuck hips... she has a tiny head.
Hands look like skeletor.
and that rodent face.

That thigh gap is larger than my dick.

Plz define rodent face.

She's also not standing neutral, so, you know.


Better? No?
Worse? Probably?

It is something, atleast.


I moved the face literally as high as it can go.

Someone else made that exact same comment.

Why there's no "forehead size" slider beats the ever loving frick out of me.

those eyes are kinda cool they give off that crazy vibe

This is what I'm largely basing her off of.

I made the lips bigger and widened the chin/jaw

She looks like she has autism now.

Lower the eyes, make them rounder on the top, make the chin shorter.

The only way to make the chin shorter than it is already is to move the entire face down and make the forehead bigger.

yes do


Gonna let me hit that, lil nigga?

I'm pretty sure Yun are either dykes or just don't fuck ever.

You tryin to do a threesome? Pepperchini do that shit, bitch

I kind of like the sharper eyes.


Pepperchini a player?

Wait, it's not the case anymore ?

I made them less sharp but not autismo round.

if u can make her tilt her head up a little it will make it look like shes looking at you with disgust

Can't until I get in game.

ikt and scoots left.



Soz, I assumed.




After my initial change to the hands I was looking at them and was like "Yeah, naw." so I tried making them smaller but Idk if I went too small, also this is as big as the head gets and as small as the hips get.

Its slammin'

So I'm good now? She looks like a reasonable approximation of a human female in a video game as opposed to a slenderman rat freak of nature?

If i can find a way to fap to anime i can probably fap to that as well


I do not speak your bing bong ching chong language nigga

Pepperchini made the game, babe

Forgot your name there Feku-boy

Those tits were made for fuckin, nigga

Put your dick between them

You're scaring me

you do it too

My phone dropped it

I didn't need permission, bitch. This is my house now, you my hoe

Shut the fuck up. Light skin niggas can't fight

Oh.. rip

She is, anyway

You too lil nigga. You belong to Peppahchini

Best canadian

I only do it to girls. Like, real IRL girls. Something I'll never be sure of on this board.

Fighting is a pretty useless skill in today's society anyway.

Wow, what a fucking faggot

Good. Everyone here is a guy, and those who say they aren't, aren't quite clear in the head

Dunno. I got a pussy pic a long time ago, timestamp and all. Miracles happen I guess.


shut the fuck up

It ain't gay to fuck property, bitch

They might just identify themselves as guys now

It is when the guy got a bigger dick than you

Nigga I ain't gonna shame you bout your small dick, you rat

Make me.

Well it is just a whole new level of weirdness.

sure, alright mate

Eh, I've seen worse

Busy with my hoe, when I want to talk to the old white guy I'll address you nigga. Less you tryin to Pepperchini a ride then just bend your ass over

I ain't your mate, fag

But I only fuck girls


You ain't gonna be doing the fuckin, bitch

Sounds gay. Which I'm not. I'll pass.


I'll overpower you with ease, nigga

Then get in the kitchen and get your new stepdad a drink, punk

Bitch lil light skin niggas can't overpower shit, you'll take it and like it

do you know a saltarochi by any chance?

They can overpower shit just fine, and shit is exactly the color of your skin

You are kinda hilarious

I have no stepdad, and the only drink you're getting is your piss from when you recently tried to have a social interaction.

Or the color of coal, which makes sense after this burn.

Sounds like a bitch nigga, bitch

It happens when I go shoulder deep in your ass, hoe

Is Pepperchini gonna have to choke a bitch baby? Shut your fucking mouth when you're talking to me

You are kinda not in the kitchen. I'm about to put your ass to bed lil nigga. Tellin you right now, 9:30 go to sleep in my house hold


Hi, Adachi^^

Gee Pepper how come your mom lets you have a joint AND a cigarette

I'd like to think they burn well

You're welcome to try, but I doubt it would end well for you

Get up off my parcel bitch nigga, that's why

You sayin you loose as shit? You tryin to let Pepperchini on that l train?

Probably because there is no kitchen in the cardboard box you live in.
Come on, step up, you're not being very threatening.

Hi Emma, it's been a while.

Gotta eat, coming back soon.


no, I'm saying you can't overpower this man

oh lawd.

lol emma

I bet your mom carries around a bottle of hot sauce in her purse. That's the type of bitch I like, bitch

Im about to be your pops

Detroit is for the charred ass niggas, bitch. The ones that look like wesley snipe's asshole

You ain't no man you just a hoe

lol emma

I'm not too much into nigga slang to have more fun so I'll get back to watch

You'll be sorely disappointed


Hi Emma

Like, I'm not even a Canada.

Kay baby

Are you talking behind my back bitch? Do we have some sort of cuckold conspiracy going on right here nigga?

You're Emma now.

Maybe he think we're the same person what with the whole Elma vs Emma.

And you're the one getting cucked. Hard

But like I don't even go by that any more either.

Get them thighs over here, lil nigga

Can't get cucked by property punk, you just a dog getting humped by strays. Ain't nobody got time for that bitch

I respond to Emma but I don't go by that really either.


At least I'm not a nigger


hi wish

That's our word, lil nigga. Square up motha fucker I'm about to tan that hide

Hi Feku

I'll tan your hide

Only if you tickle my balls, lil nigga

i thought you didnt acknowledge that name

As much as I dislike the name, I'll never get people to stop calling me it.


Last time we did that, I couldn't even find them

womp womp

what's up? how was dinner

Too much cum in your eyes, nigga

what would you prefer

Pretty good.
Sorry for the mistake, I honestly could never keep up with the names here. How should I call you then ?

Far too small, you mean

You wanted more cum in your eyes dog? Man you a real hoe


Why was your name Wish?

Hi idk

It's time to wake up from your dream

So you ain't a respectable pet anymore nigga? That sucks dog but I'm out. Peace




Good morning :)

Uh, something about being a universal concept or something :^)

morning canadanon chan howw are you today?

Nah, I'm a guy.
Catch you later, have a good day

Good morning

Eagerly awaiting the solar eclipse! I'm really excited!

mornings hu chan why are you still up?

when is it aposed t happen for you?

i think i may have missedit...


It's in 40 minutes for me that it reaches peak! I just took a look outside, and a part of it is already obscured

was it like a chuunibyou name like morisummer

That's scary.....
I would go look myself but glancing out the window it just looks overcast here : (

You ask me that every day!
It's just 8pm, but will be heading off soon enough.
Slept well?

And a good morning to you too

I just used it in a video game because Melody was taken

That's really shitty. The only time I can see a total eclipse here is in 2089...

that's pretty lame......
I don't think I've ever experienced once eiither

It's weird seeing you post when i go to sleep and also wake up though it feels like FOREVER

Dun dun dun

Emma Wish confirm for total chuuni

Feku what's yo real name

Found a picture of Scootaloo

It is kind of lame. I hope I'll be around to see it though, or at least any solar eclipse
I hope you can see one at some point

Soon enough you won't see me posting for like 8 hours

*tucks it in*


What else are you up to today?

personally I'm kind of thinking of heading back to sleep

w-wow gay

nah, it's fine, you won't notice

*begins devouring (you)*

Video games and anime, I guess. Same as always

Sleep is always a good option

stop touching other penises

What does it taste like

le eclipse face

This, please ;_;
He should stick to just touching yours

I dont have any tastebuds
I devour my food like a snake by unhinging my jaw and filling my massive maw and gullet

* t u c k *

what animu series are you watching?

How many cocks can you fit in it?

[email protected]/* */ Cinderella Girls

we have the same view except idk if its actually doing anything behind

idk thats kinda too gay for me

im watching a movie i cant sleep yet


That's kinda erotic.

Fine choices, as always.

what hentai is it???

kizu pt3

lol @ idol animes

nah man, just close your eyes

made a pinhole viewer thingy but it's only like 60% blocking the sun where I am.

Thanks. I forgot to text my boss about work today, so no chance of that

I'm enjoying it, since my love is in it

Same here. It's still pretty neat!

o hi adachi chan

why dont you come get a better view

in my bed

i'm not sure i dont devour cocks

nice i need to watch the new owaris

Because Bard demanded it

(You)s dont have enough nutritional content

who is ur waifu

Careful. Turning blind is not an option.

Too bad.

Hi Bard. I forgot the name of Madeleine and now she's mad at me.

Primal instincts are a sight to behold

I have adapted over the years to exist soleley on attention and External reinforcement and the validations of others

thats okay buddy how have you been?

That sounds way too unhealthy and familiar.

School is reducing my life expectancy with uncanny amounts of stress. And my social life is non-existent. Nothing unusual.

ganbarre adachi kun

Ni ni hupony chan

so like soccer
and football
and any other competetive sports rly


It's fine. I'll message her tonight and mention that the rest of my week is free

the receiving end is never gay anyways right?

how big is your bed?

ima watch koyomi before owari2

wow he's cute

Twin Sized

Thanks Bard. It's appreciated

Oh, he's a she.
...I must really sound desperate.

I'm gonna play with some friends, g'night everyone.

ill stick to my queen

good to see you buddy come visit more often

brb getting in bed with you


Yus, not sure if I should too maybe I forgot what happened in koyomi

did u watch more than me you weeb


That's what they say

But.. that's a girl ; - ;
I just brought her out to see the eclipse

My boss, yeah. Enjoy the games, sleep well

give me the public grop tucc please i require more rest




-gives Communist tucc-

i like monogahentai series

* t u c c *

i might rewatch it in airing order again cuz i forget everything

I watched the last scene of koyomi so i'm up to date again just need that bit of memory puush

the only thing i remember is nadeko draws manga

Lewd ones.

lol i read dat

Good artwork. Horrible story.


you cant expect much from the delusions of a 14 yo

She can't have all of them at once.


i wanna die it just rained and now the summer heat is gonna permeate through the moisture

Why is it so hot ;~;

move to australia

But australians are garbage

we'll fit right in

All of the creatures there want to kill you too

Move to here.

it sounds like such a sexy and alluring place

Thats everywhere i go

nice try but i see through your plans of abducting me. apparently the normies are awake so my internet is slow at this time.

Fuck, that was neat.

I'll make a very comfortable basement with a computer and fast internet!


What will you get in return?
Is that how you say good night in Dutch


Praise cirno

did anyone here observe the eclipse today?

I did indeed


It was lame
It only got a little darker and the clouds were in the way

apparently it was not a full eclipse for us Canadians, was it still cool?

I wondered if the clouds would get in the way


did you like it~?

It was not a full one, no. It was still very cool though. I watched it with my waifu

I'm on the other side of the planet

the sun has gone out of my life yes

you say planet implying the earth is round?

ooooohh waifu's are nice to watch eclipses with

sounds bad my animus arch rival ;;


so aint no one here considers themselves ma nigga?

I am White.

Mijn neger.

That fucking dragon got rekt then revived

10/10 episode

i could paint my skin black

I am so tired


Wassamatta witchu

me too i want to die

me too i want to die


*explodes internally*

that doesn't look like a trap, are they taping?

that would be the kindest thing anyone has done for me in a while.

me too, I just want to brain numb myself on the internet.

I forgot to watch game of thrones so I only saw the last 20 minutes.

Scoot correct this

Lol, man I saw it the other day because of the leaks. had to see so ppl couldnt spoiler

I say let russia rape them. enemies of the proletariat.

Please don't hurt yourselves, friends.

brb cooking dinner

It was the fan service episode

I will be okay.

i've quit smoke

vape naish

Made me sick. The Arya arc was the only good part.

I sure hope so lmao

Hows life Grids?

vape decarboxylates weed (removes carbon atom, consuming bits of THC at a time)
leftover material still has CBD and less THC
soluble with alcohol. internet says to leave it for months (but it barely takes an hour to be fully extracted)
evaporate alcohol by exposing it to air

and you got yourself an extract~

pretty sure decarboxylate means removes a carboxyl group

used the smallest fragment of the extracted sticky under my tongue
mild body high within 30 mins~~~
no more carbon inhalation for kanra :D

People who smoke wax bore me

What if you smoke Penis

Oh lol I thought it was 10X

i- prolly

I prefer smoking uncut, pure, heroin-meth "snowballs".

what you said made no sense.

isn't wax, magnitudes more potent? how is verging on uncomfortably insane boring? bongs are more traditional, and you're still free to waste money and rek your lungs, but anyone that knows about getting high without fucking up ones lungs, will wonder why you're killing yourself

life is good, making new friends in new places, because the ones I'm used to have been pretty dead lately.

I've made wax before, using the butane extraction method.

no... but it sounds like it could
and isn't that what really matters?

New thread

New thread

not to me.

This place is weird