New thread for you niggers before I go cook this shit

New thread for you niggers before I go cook this shit

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What exactly is the image limit on this board?

i find most achievements on that game to be trivial because theres a bunch of boosting servers anyways

pp is gud


pp islyfe

I was part of a clan back then, and I only played in their 24/7 broadcast TDM server


We make a new thread around 300 I think.

Seriously what the fuck

Performance Points

I see.It sure is nice not having an image limit of 150, with a 2MB file size limit
I was happy to be able to post some of my larger files

I'll give you some pp

There's no limit really, but around at 300 images most computers tend to be slow so we just make a new thred.



Oh. So it's more a limitation of the way the website is coded?

oh ty for reminder im late i need to start fapping

What's the problem? Your OS determines the file type based on the file extension too.
Ever deleted the file extension from a file completely?


I'll stop ; - ;

wait wtf I thought that was rin this whole time cuz autism was in the name

Sorry to disappoint

n-no it's okay

only memes

canadians are hard to tell apart

You can also post duplicate images, webms with sound, yadda yadda.

newfags xd
I never really got the appeal of those memes myself. Or most memes in general, I suppose

Is there another with "autism" in their name?

Oh, that's kind of nice. I don't have any webm's with sound anyway though

I rarely post them because uploading is a bitch, but it's a nice option. So you guys going to be regulars?

No it's just if you have lots of images and messages shit tends to get slow.

Seems silly to compile with the C-compiler for an otherwise completely C++ project. Oh well renaming that shit to cpp fixed the linker without any annoying extern c hijinks.

That's emma.

Not normally but autism is a common reoccurring factor

Its too early to be

well our ccommunity is super old and has a history of people doing the online lewds

I mean so much so that eventually it got to the point where it was laughed at and poked fun of in threads
And I mean now it's on the way to postirony as all good memes are I guess

like at this point it's a meme to say it's a meme i suppose

Bard has yet to post nudes and that makes me sad face.

Emma confirm NEET

This is coercion

Tfw no loli neet imouto


Mean mr squash trying to soil my purity

I'm going for a walk. I'll be back later probably

Maybe. It depends on a few things, I suppose

I see. I suppose that's to be reflected in a place like this

There's quite a history of online lewd over in waifu as well. I never got that either
Its kind of like the heresy meme over on our side. Its more a meme to mention it than it is an actual big deal

Who is Emma?

I'm soiling my pants.

Later, m8.

why even live

my loli neet imouto

I used to post occasionaly in waifu

No surprised there T B H


wiat how did my binary get smaller with more stuff

Doctors are just irl healsluts

Sometimes i wonder if the majority of you are just faking autism
I wonder how much autism there actually is

For when VR with onahole controller becomes a thing

don't you already have one?

I wish


Pics with hotglue

I wrote Feku on it.



when you're "very" friendly in LoL and people flirt with you and want to fuck you because of it



attatch it to the daki for the full package

Do you have today off work squasharoo

Nah. I leave in like an hour and a half.

No one likes you bard you autistic faggot, kill yourself

Coward user.


It was me


No one likes you thats why you got kicked out of anekihouse


you told me you weren't going to tell anybody about that wtf

But everybody who doesn't deep-throat Alice's micropenis gets kicked.

I masturbate to Death Grips.

I've seen footage

I masturbate to Megumin

Found a pic of your average 4chan Holla Forums poster

I don't know about others, but I'm pretty autistic

You found my YouTube channel?


Warning, I shit myself

i-in public?

In public


I'm not much of a scat man, myself

And you called yourself a 4CHANNER

lol nah that sshits gross i dont blame you

Feces is in no way attractive. I still don't really know what my own fetishes are, I don't do much exploration of that sort of thing


I was waiting for that


Before I make any further comments on this
how old are you?

try out guro its pretty g

Bob Ross is a happy little miracle

23 in short due

I'm surprised no one beat me to it. Too few people are present atm

my senpai

well do you know what your basic sexual orientation is ?

It's just us for some reason

No made up bull shit and it's ready for a dicking

whatever you say keep it heterosexual or be cursed

It's a good thing traps aren't gay. 4chan told me that xd

That's alright too


Hu your posting so much

That meme has potential

when stinky renz posts

Not really, no

henlo u stinky bord


Pepperchini gonna have to choke a bitch, baby?

Good luck

Do you perchance post in waifu occasionally? There is a Russian Megumin there as well

ikt is nederlander

Shut the fuck up.

European flags confuse me too much




all in all we're only ordinary men

So many of them look so similar. I think Russia is just like inverted colours to the Netherlands. Then there's all the Nordic ones.. All they did was change the colours, damn it!



9:30 nigga. It's past your bed time, dawg.

What a cute little leaf you are


See that fish tank, bitch? Those are my mermaids.

yeah I should be asleep

I'm about to be your step dad, nigga wassup. I'm gonna put your ass to bed lil nigga.

They're no longer mermaids since I stole their maidenhood


I like my chicken rare.


I can taste the fresh salmonella already!

I see these things and I always just get sad for the people who just genuinely don't know an dactually get sick from this

Government chemtrails and fluoride in your water making your frogs gay.

But cancer sticks and meth are fine!

cigs r gros

Natural selection is a good thing kinda a shame they don't die

it helps you build immunities and makes you invincible for the inevitable space apocalypse super virus

feku beku

remember when sci would start posting and bard would stop bard, and then later you would post and be all like yeah i saw that



why is his rep going down

lol does watch dogs really have those descriptions or is that like a mod or osmething

It's a well-known bug

No idea, but the video is still gold

This was pretty satisfying to watch specially the scat fetishist getting shot the fuck down

It's real!

It's just one of those that never gets old


Do I make fresh homemade fish sticks, or microwave some lunch?

Top lel
Can't wait for Soros to die gonna party for an entire week

those poor vapes



He'll just get a brain transplant. That lizard will never die

Fresh dicks

hi kissy wissy

Rockefeller tried too had a shitton of heart transplants before finally going belly up
Imagine his terror knowing that all the money and power can

save him anymore, I'd give an arm and leg to see the fear in his eyes
this shit got sent halfway somehow

Holy fuck Doom is big




nap before work niinni

N shiiiiiiiiet


sleep well bard









The only destination of socialism is failure.

Regrets incoming


Meatballs and REGRETTI

henlo u stink

Mom's pepperoni

Children really used to watch Jimmy Neutron.



Are you ticklish?

Luka ^^

And it was kinda decent. I don't see your point.

Its a "where on the spectrum would you be during the 1917 Russian revolution"


what a strange quiz thingy :|

Even for animu standards it is kinda weird.



What did you mean last night when you asked me when? :o



Wut ?

Last night. We were talking about Overwatch

SUper big

Is Doom

the name of your wing wang

yex d






i forgot

i like overwatch ^_^

That's all right. It probably wasn't too important anyway

It's good to have things to enjoy doing. I'm looking for things I enjoy doing again, and it's not an easy task

Maybe it's just my memory being fuzzy, but I thought you didn't like videogames that much. Am I wrong ?

Imagine, being a faggot

im lonely

you're wrong


I'm lonely as well, that's part of the reason I started in this sort of a place. Makes me feel like someone out there might actually care about seeing me every day

Imagine, posting on an imageboard

I'm lonely too.

And sorry, it's been a while since I came here.

I was there for the same reason. Turns out this place is not really the best, or maybe I just can't appreciate what people give me.

I'm ikt.

It's rly hot.


I don't like that look you're giving me.

I was giving you a look?

I'm asking you to explain what are you talking about, you are just spouting nonsense words right now.

why run away?

I started it over in the waifu threads on 4chan. This is just a thing I did out of curiosity last night


Isn't it how this board always works ?

School and feeble attempts at developing a decent social life took a lot of my time.

And the fear of Persona 5 spoilers here was strong.

63gb tho

I see that smirk.


This place is still way better than 4chan. Holla Forums just kind of eats your humanity away, and I don't think I'll ever totally recover.

Here, there is genuine empathy and care behind the perversion and the apparent nonsense.


im just here for the dank memes



Doom's massive!

Don't what ?

63gb isn't massive?

I come here for the existential dread

There are some pretty good people on 4chan as well, and I'm kind of hollow as it is.
This place does seem overall more pleasant from what I've seen so far though

Do you play Overwatch on PC?

Back in the days it was a few floppy disks now it's an entire hard drive

ikt, you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.


You're a floppy hard drive.

Why is it so cheap wtf

Of course there are good people on 4chan, but not better ones than you can find in your town.
The disinhibition and the chaos on 4chan simply means that you'll see the worst of the worst, and this is the experiences I'm talking about.
But yeah, this place is certainly better.

I don't really mind the chaos and the worst of the worst. I don't really leave my hugbox avatarfag circlejerk often, but I've seen some interesting things there. Some pretty sickening ones too, but you take the good with the bad

what doom?

be more descriptive than that.....


4chan is my port of call for when im frisky and need to fap to gore

of course?

I'm not super good at it, but maybe we could play sometime if you wanted :)

I'll be back in a bit, it's time to consume sustenance

Who the fuck is this canadian?

I'm a very negative person. I have a hard time remembering anything positive from 4chan, except the threads that gave birth to this board of course.

From here ? From you ? Why ?

Curse you Canadians. I envy your proximity and your ability to play on the same server.
pls buy

Luka's angry at me.

Vulkan won't work :(

yeah! ^_^

because you said you are

looks like an angry game

I said I ran away. Not really anymore, since I finished Persona 5. Well, we'll see what the future tells us.

Should I buy it? It doesn't work on Vulkan with CPYs version...


add it to your steam account

okay don't run away

We'll see. I'm kinda busy now compared to before. But I appreciate your words.


be calm

Never be clam

I am perfectly calm.

Oh wait, not really. Fuck you school, you make my life a living hell once again.

Some loser, don't pay any attention to him

I'm also quite negative, but that's who I am based on how I grew up

Cool. Do you want to post your tag or will I?

What a faggot eeey

He really is. Hopefully he kills himself soon

Too rite



I don't know if that's positive. negativity seems to always get me.

I'll probably go to sleep soon by the way.

How should he do it? I heard he fucked it up before haha, what a loser

Okay. I'll be around a while longer and hop on my friends account to add later

It's definitely not positive, that's for sure. One could even say, just the opposite.. heh

I imagine it's quite late there, that might be a good idea. Sleep well

Don't worry. I'll be fine.


I'm working on it. Maybe I'll improve finally.

Welp, I'm going. Good night everyone. Nice to see you again Luka.


Woah what an egg head cunt

good night belgium


Spammers really are dumb


i hope so

Post dick

You guys are just way too easy to fuck up thats all. You wanna keep your threads, fight for it. Fight back

just another average day in Overwatch ....


GlitterForce is the fucking best.

Mad skillz rabid aim

its great
all i have to do is left click, i don't have to worry about moving around either! ^_^




Yay luka!
Getting the good torbs

enemy tracer makes me cry....


Tracer is the danger

noo winston to hide behind... no pharah to fly to...


Dip the rip

Is overwatch still a thing?

what do we do now?

is X thing still a thing?

Of course certain games are are a thing, if you pay attention, hiding under a rock ain't helping you none.

We're all soldiers now

what are you doing now?

At work. Reading to tire and get some reat. You?


What's wrong? :(

No thanks

Eh, I just don't care enough. They claim it's "the cancer that's killing Holla Forums" by spamming cancer


well, I never really got to play because I didn't have a good internet connection, I'm just surprised it's still so popular

But it's disgusting

It is a rite of passage

I guess I'll forever be on the outside :(

Rip Canada 🇨🇦

But, what about the other Canadians? Have I damned them as well?

playing ow with test and geuro! ^_^



don't be surprised. it's pretty obvious.

Oh :(
Have a string of bad games?

is it really that good?

just a string of bad enemies


That's unfortunate :(
Would I be able to join?


well, I might think about buying it again.


what are you thinking about?

Okay, I look forward to it :)

Communism, seizing the means of production and cats. You?

The proletariat will rise.

Don't worry i'm here




Good night

Sleep well

it was on sale once
you could have got it then!


well, do I go PC or PS4?



what is comu nism

pc OP !!!


Traps are gay.

good night UK

I may just wait until I do a PC build then.


night scoob

So what games does everyone here enjoy playing? I'm looking for something to do and perhaps recommendations will help

I'm not giving you anything.

dank mems

Is Greece really filled with crackheads?

post lewds

you first

Elite Dangerous is quite a fun game. I assume you have New Horizons?


What genres do you like?

I found I had a hard time keeping it interesting after a certain point. What do you do to keep it fresh?

I wouldn't say it's narrowed to a specific genre. It's more like, I just happen to enjoy it






hey, you's ma nigga's right?



I'm sure he's fine







Have you got any other games you enjoy playing, Luka?


I've never played that game. I hear there's going to be multiplayer for it though

PS4, LoL, FF14, and OW mostly.

not for a long time.


FFXIV was fun when I played it. I just had a tough time really getting into it

You play Guildwars 2 do you? I just recently took a break from it
I've never been much for emulators, personally. I suppose i just didn't have an urge to play games from older days
I try to keep mine somewhat clean


Rin let me see your pale smooth thighs

I really need to fap

I'm on break from it for now cause no money, but I like how relaxing it is.

Thighs and legs are the best part of any body

Money is indeed part of the problem for me. I had leftover steambux so I was able to get some time for it last time
these are what i own for the most part

i haven't touched my GW2 game in a few years honestly.

I thought you were Rin

wtf man

I'll have enough eventually, but I'm giving it a bit.


I tried so hard to get into playing that. It's so hard when good players make new accounts and play in the entry level parts of the game

I apologize for the confusion and disappointment

Always a good idea to keep some and only spend when you have a bit of a buffer. I tried to do that in better days when I had money and income

Might aswell post your thighs then

They're repulsive and hairy. I'm afraid I'm going to pass on that

the system weeds them out after a little bit

It'll get to a point where I still can't play and I'm too high for where I should be. I'm no good at those games anyway, so I'll stick to other stuff

nope it re calculate and you'll be fine

Maybe I'll give it another chance at some point then.
I'm going to hit the hay now though, contractors for the kitchen will be in early tomorrow and it's already midnight


Thy art is murder

Ban is just a cute little girl inside a regular white lifeguards body


I don't know about that.

Morning spectre chan what are you up to today?

But you sound like a little cute white girl

I do not.

You're as cute as one imo tho

Was playing RPGs.
How's Bard?

You hate shit taste.

I get to see both of the true friends in my life tonight so I'm very happy

my sparring buddy's coming to kick it tonight so i am set on socialization meter

the new rick and morty was solid

Hype for the eclipse

What rpg are you playing, still that mech game?

Didn't get the chance to say but that elder album was pretty solid too

Whoa, dats a lot of stuff.

Enjoy your uh... "sparing" with your buds.

How much of the eclipse are you gonna get to see?

Nah, it's a DnD spinoff.

Yeah? Uh... have I given you this one yet?


You're not shit at all