Ny tråd for alle jer bøsserøve

Ny tråd for alle jer bøsserøve

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Denmark sucks.

Two Hu threads.
End times.

As does the country where burgers reside

We're a dying breed!

more people gib attention, I want more (you)s, I need more (you)s I've been so (you) deprived.

all my instructors through the pipeline said school would be totes easy because we are programmed to learn every spec of detail about everything

Well, just take a subject that interests you somewhat, so it would be a lot easier.


how do I stop being a hated loser

Be a MASSIVE slut.

Aww, Nez, I don't hate you.

this unironically

well, I plan on it, I love the machining process thing, it's pretty cool to take a chunk of metal, and get something awesome in the end.

thank you, but I still am not satisfied.

just be like me silly.


True, hopefully you'll get in the school, or get the job at least.

thank you for the lack luster quantity of (you)s.

well, I'm still working at the car aircon place, but I don't want to be there my whole life.

but I'm not attractive


don't know how

You are on the internet

Oh, I didn't know you had a job as of currently!
Well, at least it's making you some money.

potato chips should not come in sizes this large

It is more a shock and awe without the awe.

Nope. I have never hated you.

wait, are you really a hated loser now?

yeah, but it's one of those dead end jobs that won't ever take me anywhere, I want to be a great gun designer one day.

are you me, because my chubby girlfriend will eat a family sized bag in about an hour.


This fag knows.

I don't think that's a prerequisite.

no like the chips are actually too big, i go to put them in my mouth and its like nope, im gonna break and get crumbs everywhere. well okay i didn't know chips were made for people with fat fucking mouths

Bard, you get the munchies.

Ah well, but it's still better than being unemployed.
No clue if my job will ever take anywhere, but I've got quite a lot of new plans for upcoming years once my contract is up.

At least it works in that other thread


slutty just isn't my personality type
in real life I'm quiet and reserved

user pls


I don't feel like an ugly slut is desirable to the masses, I'd just be annoying



i just dont have the heart to lie I am coming back from grabbing a snack

But this isn't real life

oh, it's been otter this whole time, what's good bro?

hey bard, how you been?

oh, shit, confirmed tiny mouth, teeth scraper dick sucker hear.

I don't want to sign a contract with them so I have to ask this new place before they offer me a spot to hire in, I'm temp service right now.

but, you're nezi, like one of the coolest goyums on the interwebs my man, how can you be a hated loser?



That place needs to give up the ghost already.

All sluts are ugly.

I wuve joo.

You wouldn't lie to me, my brother. And even if you did, I wouldn't believe it.

Na, I am pretty sure Dots got the deads.

It almost has. Now they're all trapping on Discord


not even, i have a pretty big mouth, both literally and metaphorically, but even then some of these fucking radioactive mutant potato chips look like they grew some sort of tumor formation

Oh, well, as long as you feel like you know what you're doing with it all!

How's Mandy?

Grandmother died. Dog I have had since I was 10 died. Girlfriend is being, well, not a girlfriend.

Drinking myself into oblivion tonight.

How has life treated you, bud?


Hey griddle my man bEE n a LONG time whats going on for you?

I'm about to move here soon kinda worried about that
just got back from seeing my best friend so thats always fun
watcched some dragonball and then some narruto shippuden but its the part where they just fucked upp pain so now it's like a slice of lie and lame as fuck

whats up with you ?

Hiiiii Manders what are you up to I havent seen you in a while either :3

You lurker, you.

Just drinking as much as I can. How's the guitar life going?

thats rough mate i hope when you crawl out of the hangover you are alright, losing family is never easy but it always happens, i hope your girl comes around for you, it's definitely not easy to be all alpha when you're feeling like shit

I was playing Pokemon Picross.
I saw you and wanted to give you affection.

Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that.
Have you talked to her about it?
Well, you're not really alone on that one.
I had a pretty bad 3-shift job dead-end job that I switched to 1-shift job that's a lot better and I somehow dodged the stabbing thing here by leaving work early after skipping lunch break.
So at least I'm doing pretty good for once as of lately.

Hello friends

my heart goes out to you man
i cant think of nothing to say but I hope you can find some happiness and good fortune soon
of all the people who could use it and deserve it

i got a beautiful new guitar recently and got comped a free high end capo by a compaanny i bboought through on kickstarter because the old product damaged my guitar

it was awewosme
greeat servie

nice new product

whats your drink of choice tonight?

I don't want to be only good for slutty stuff anyway. I want to have conversations and have people care about me the way that I care about others

the good always die young


I love you too user.

How's Revy?

And see, look, you're doin' fine already.

Depressed and wondering if I'll ever find those bitcoins I had years ago when they were trash

and nezi thought I was dead until today, otter is out there, he's out there just drifting in the void.

can you put your fist in your mouth?

I know what I want out of life, I want to be the next kalashnikov.

do you need help, I've been there I used to post stuff just like you just prior to taking another shot or seven and crying myself to sleep ontop of my keyboard.

my dad's selling this house to build his dream house, I have a dead end job, my dad has a black girlfriend with somewhat young kids, 16yo being a total pol edgelord hitting me with all his meme's, and the 11yo keeps hitting my doggo's, and I love slice of life anime.

not if they just keep bein good fam.

Fuck off.

Want or who is a pokemon picross?

Working 3rd shift sucks pretty bad sometimes. Makes you feel like you're wasting your day. What is this stabbing thing though? It sounds interesting.

It's ok man. I'm not looking for the sympathies. Though it is appreciated.

Up to playing some sweet melodies on it tonight?

And nothing special, just some good old bud. Cheap.

Now stop being moppy.

Wait, are you drunky?

It's just some crappy freemium game on the DS.

I hate those kinds of games. I would enjoy war thunder and such still, but I just don't feel like constantly paying them.

no, I am grids, the navy sent me to rehab for my alcoholism, I was supposed to go a year without drinking, I lasted 4 months because fuck it was the depression not the alcohol.

Anything special got you down today..?
Ah, I never had any as I wasn't into any of that.

To make a weapon to keep the motherland safe?

Well, my job was going to switch to 4-shift, so weekend days would switch places around the week.
Just some guy stabbed 2 people dead and +8 got injured around the market square here, I was at the area 15 mins before it happened and gone before it occurred, so practically very lucky that I chose to skip lunch break and leave home from work 30 mins early.

Being incredibly poor and lonely

what slice of life are you watching my dude?

that sounds like some trying times
hopefully it workes out for the best eh?
how longg have you lived in that house?

i would loveto but this guitar i have has a s trange 5 pin plug in jack that i dont know how to hook to the compputer


Damn. Don't take this wrong, but I got my hopes up. Haven't seen that fucker for years. He owes me a flogging molly concert.

Fuck man, I would say. Glad for the coincidence. You got any kind of self defense training?

Well shit, that is a bummer.

It's a nice game, but the limit on it does really hurt it. I guess I can grind out the shit, but eh.

I enjoyed watching you play last time.

no, to be a revolutionary gun designer that takes simplicity and functionality to a whole new level.

well, it should be fine, he won't just keep up a relationship if it doesn't work out.

I feel like I've talked to drunky relatively recently.

One brief stint of conversations does not make up for months of shifty glances and ignoring

can't just "stop" feeling emotions sometimes

I still can't believe how big pokemon go got when it launched.

What did I play? It has been a good long while since I streamed anything. Playing Dragons Dogma now.

Well shit, if you see him again, tell him Mandy, the fucker from PHX was asking about him.

Sure you can. It just takes a lot of alcohol, or other drug. I wouldn't suggest that though.

Oh, I think the last time I spoke to you, you had a special someone?
What changed..?


Kind of, I mean, if military police background is anything.

Oh, well I think he stated that he made the gun to protect his motherland from the next invasion.

You steamed that plane game for me a while back where I saw your face.
Was relaxing to watch.


I'm always lonely even when I have special people

Sure, should give you a decent idea on how to defend yourself. Granted, I am glad you didn't have to test it.

Did I tell you they finally let us grow out a full beard? Not a long beard, but one step at a time.

Nah, that too comes with the territory.
Sluts are only liked till used after all.

SOMEONE, ANYONE, give me something good to fap too.

if it helps, I don't think you're a looser.

how often have we spoken before?

and he reached his goal through doing exactly what I said.

Not sure. Never, as far as I remember.



My work.

Oh.. sorry, I didn't realize it was you from the first image.
How's you anyhow?

Ah, well I feel that sometimes too, not to mention that my life is kind of stuck on one place currently, but it's monotonously lovely.

Yeah, just pretty odd that it happened here of all places, considering this is like the 6th biggest city in the country, not to mention the place is not worth a dime in any sense.

Probably, but I think it was generally that he wanted to keep it all safe.

I shaved mine recently.

I would say there wasn't much reason except that it was something local to the attacker and probably something that had some kind of significance to him. He thought it had a lot of people, or he visited it a lot. Something like that.

But...now you are a girl, then.

I'm good, you~?

shaved your what? .//.

They say it was because his immigrant pass got denied, but he was helped by many other people, so they suspect it's terrorism akin to what happened in Barcelona, Spain.

Tired-ish, and a bit drunk, otherwise pretty good.

I recognize the name, I feel like we've talked before.

I've read it before, only a few have ever gotten me off more than once.

well, I shale keep the highest paying country safe.

Maybe you can help me feel like a woman?


o-oh goodness..... I- I see....

That's mah name
don't wear it out

Maybe you should rest then!

That isn't good. So they think it was an Islamic terror thing?

It is possible. I don't remember a lot of the conversations I have here. Used to always be drunk, but lately I just haven't really been around.

I am not sure about that. Right now I could help you feel used, and I don't wish that on you, squash..

As long as you hold me after it matters not.

Well, as long as it'll keep you alive!

But I don't feel content.

Perhaps, considering the Spanish attacker was from the same country originally, so they suspect it was the desperate act of the same branch of ISIS before they're dying out.

I'll find something.

I disappear for months at a time now.

truthfully I just want playing with guns to be my job.

Hah, you reminded me of this image.

It will matter to me after I sober.

I am thankful I am not in europe. The US doesn't get many of the attacks that you guys do. Though I am sorrowful that you guys have to take so many.

Life and such. Loss of interest. Good times?

Oh? Why could that be?

Then we can wait 'till then.

it's not gay if you're drunk

I don't drink.

just kill me fam


If you were here.

Oh good, that means I haven't had a gay experience yet.

Well, it's not too bad up here in the north, it was just very odd that somebody would do it here as we're pretty much not taking sides on any external matters.

Because I'm not drunk enough I think!

does anybody else feel like mainstream porn is really garbage?

like if I watch the top 100 videos on any major porn site they're going to be absolute dogshit

amateur and fetish-based is what's really erotic

*Rests head on your lap


yep, I will be ian as well.

it's more of a too busy and then I just watch something like loud house in my free time anymore.

I would cuddle you

Good. Don't start. You deserve better.

Yeah, but that shit doesn't care. They attack everybody who isn't extremely vocally with them.

If you did that, things will get hard...

Meh. Amateur has always seemed bad to me. There are a few that are good, based on videography. But I agree that fetishist porn is best.


*Nuzzles your crotch*

I'm not telling you.

Yeah, kinda same.

Though I also got kicked out of the whole secret group here. Apparantly people don't like me. Shocker.

I wish I was him, just fondling MK3A1 Pancor Jackhammer and getting mad revenue for it..

True, but I feel like they generally attack the more lively places with more shock effect.

oh coome on :3

You are incorrigible

True. And Finland has a high level of firearms, don't ya? Don't you guys all have kind of like a cumpolsary military service?

I ain't that drunk yet.

Like with your head between their legs?

I can stop if you want.

Pretty much, also very high % of firearms per capita as people tend to get rifles/shotguns for hunting.
I still kind of want an Remington 870 Police, because it felt so fun to shoot with.

I was never around for the discords, I asked once and no one would link me.

I would wrather be fondling DPMS.

Drink moar!

You're always welcome to flirt and try and get me hard.

Well why not get it?

Meh, fuck em all, I say.

I just want all those oddities out there.

Well, I am trying to!

but do you know what I look like?

I'm fat and ugly

I will never drink. One bonus I get to enjoy is how much it bothers people when I don't. It's actually fucking hilarious.

2 fetishes I've been enjoying lately are intercrural and 'cum in panties'

what if I pay you

that's....not what I meant, at all!

I'll consider it once my situation is a whole lot more stable, I mean money-wise.

Well that would make you a whore.

I was never particularly big on those ones, but I seem to have a gif or two.

Does it ever work?


Try haaaaaaaarder~

Welp, I am off for the night, chat more tomorrow?

I just want to re-weld all of those poor guns that I can buy with cut up receivers, and I want to be able to mill new barrels for them.

I don't recall you being all that fat, anywho goodnight.

I completely understand. I just recently got a 1911 I have wanted for a long time. I want to get a M1 Garand, just for the nostalgia of it, but I don't have the money yet.

I can't tell you that.

uh huh~

Show me.

Good night, seaman. Good meeting you.

take care grods

But there's a limit to how hard I can try!

Oh, well, that sounds like a pretty good idea.
Sleep well Gridds.

Ah, that's a classic.
M1 Garand is pretty tempting for that "ping!"

Well I certainly can't do that!


Exactly! I was in ROTC in high school, which is essentially them trying to teach you civil service and respect the government and military. Anyway, I was the commander of the armed drill team, so we all marched around with M1s, flipping them, or doing precision drill by the books.

Shhh, I can't. Besides, haven't I already once?

Oh, I never had to do that, most I had to do was to shoulder the rifle and put it on my back during the inauguration when swearing the oath.

N-not that part...

I wasn't military, just a high school course. But we all wore the uniform once a week. The drill teams practiced 2 or 3 times a week. Had an air rifle team at the end too. I remember fond times. Barking out to the judges at competitions and shit.
Think it made me far too....controlled though.

I don't believe you.

Sounds like someone is making excuses! Bad SD, baaaaaad~

murder =/= whore

plus I'll be dead

idk something's hot for me about a guy cumming in a girls' panties and then she pulls them up and wears them around


you're baka

no u

It certainly has a "This bitch is mine" kind of feel to it.

I never forget a penis.


Ah well, it's still something, no?
We didn't have that, but I recall all the breaks we had with the platoon and all the guys being grumpy for having to sleep in a tent when it was cold as hell or rainy.

But there actually is a limit!

Wait hold up.
That's actually your dick?
I thought that was a meme. I saw your dick like 5 years ago?

Yes. The imagination.

And physical limits.

hol up

I gotta admit though, I wish we had a system like yours. I think it would weed out a lot of these special snowflakes we have now.

A meme?

I thought it was a pic of a random dick you posted pretending it was yours.
I'll admit though. I have jerked off to that dick a few times back in the day.

Probably, but we have a lot of people dropping out, or not joining at all due to a bunch of mental conditions.

Check this out i took this photo with my phone through my telescope last week and it's extremely tedious to do without a lense attachment and dslr but I captured it and it looked like a balloon because of how the light refracted from the lens into the camera, then I drew a little string to top it off

Oh have you?

Jesus, I hope that doesn't lead you down the same road that we have happened to come upon. I am starting to hate my country, and that isn't easy for me.

Fine fine, just don't stay up too late.

Liar. The string is natural.

I-I was young then.

Not really, I'm very much indifferent about everything.
I'm just waiting for the good days now.

I won't!

Tsk tsk. Jerking off to my dick.

I hope you don't have to wait as long as I do.


Hopefully not, but it might get better any second, or not.


I kind of played myself on this one, haven't I?

Anyway, I am too fucking cold to fall asleep durnk at my comuter. I am gonna go lay down. Good night everybody.

Hope for the best, my friend. Hope for thebest.

have fun dragging that thing with you to bed

Night Mandy. ~


You should be around more, if not in Steam.

Sleep well Mandy.



I will try my best, SD~



mornyan goggles chan

That inb4 didn't count.

Hello Bard.


Pretty sure it counted.




But I knew in advance and called it.

Thats the ultimate win.


talkin shit?

I always am.


Blocked ignored deleted

You won't do it.



What a lewdo!

You're the one implying all the lewd things!


Do not be a sad Luka :(


Sleeping is a difficult task. So it's posting from my phone

Oh, was your wake-up call far away from now?

I have no wake-up call. I have some stuff to do around the house today though

Oh, well then.
I still don't have any.

I guess I'll try that sleep thing again. Get my Steam?

Oh well, sweet dreams.
Yes, yes I did.

Imagine waking up on these thighs.

This is what keeps me going

blech so tired

Power fap time.

Imagine waking up.


If theyd given you the giftcard before hand theyd not have had custom.
The reason for the giftcard after the fact is that you'll think "huh, I will go there again" and after that it could become habitual to start frequenting that store due to positive experiences

return it and buy it again

the store and the lamp manufacturer are not the same.
I got the gift card from the lamp manufacturer, not the store.

just 'cause you can, doesn't mean you should

yeah but what are you gonna do with that gift card just sitting there. id rather have 20 bux

Reading your posted made it sound like you got it from the same place.

still I'm not complaining, it's free $20 (or free lamp depending how you look at it)

indeed, I did not really specify at first.

hi guys

hey wanna make 20 bucks

I'm not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks

Ikt is such a fucking slut holy shit

Ah, the spammer is back. I guess I'll be here again

gahh I fell asleep and ruined my schedule
morning guys

oh jeez it's so slow

guten morgen

oooh fekky bekky

Guy fell asleep

Yep, it's pretty dead in here

The reply was a mistake. I thought I cleared the comment box

Thats okay we've got the morning squad here


oh, alright

whats it feel like waking up at a normal human time

I wouldn't really be here, I wasn't sure I was going to come back, but my usual haunt is being followed by a banana spamming retard

I'm tired and only going o get more tired in the upcoming hour or two and probably going to end up sleeping at my regular time too

All in all I just end up missing out on my free time, which I usually take at night and lost to sleep

we went through that shit all the time on Holla Forums

You could always just filter him and keep on threadding

Those Holla Forums threads always cap limit pretty quick though soI suppose that's annoying as hell

Its on b, he uses filenames that some other people use too

Jesus, that shit is still going after 5 years?

Unfortunately so.

I haven't checked on 4/ch in so long I can't say aI know what the modern interface is like

Do they still have I .Ds?

I.d filtering is pretty primative but I suppose better than nothing

Disabled on Holla Forums. We'd still be needing to make new threads just as fast either way

oh where oh where did my fekky boy go

oh where oh where can he be

i prefer forcing myself to stay awake until I can sleep at my normal time again

figures they'd take away the best thing they ever instated

do they even have names or are you guys stuck using namesync still?

Is 4chan x or + still a thing or does the vanilla interface finally work?

dont call me that

I was making food

wish I could do that but I gotta go to work lol and I dont wanna go in passsed out zombie tired

I mean the job's easy enough to do like that I just don't wanna get burnt

I hear there's a car show going on in town today kind of lame I'd like to skip work and go play guitar on the town square for tips but h well

Last day of work for teh next two days and I dont even have to go in til 5 o clock

After that I think I'd like to see my sparring buddy

are you up to anything special today?

What a fantastic maid, preparing a adelicious meal....without being asked....

4chanx or appchanx with namesync is what we have to live with. The default site is pure garbage anyway
They've had no id or names on b for quite some time. The added a new board "bant (international random)" that has both though

Alternatively, why don't images load on this app that hotwheels made?

Meant to say additionally

/bant/ huh that sounds great how's the community?

over the years there's been alot of arguing about returning to 4ch and the idea of leaving was a super hot topic for the longest time
but we just kept getting banned which normally isnt a huge problem but then the banwaves just got terrible and went on for months so we jumped ship and ended up on this half dead site

idk if hotwheels is even still alive tbh there was some leadership issues going on a few months back around 8ch and so I'm not sure if they've been able to keep up on all the technical shits

i bet IKT would know more about that

rip your free time.
is it normal to play guitar in public for money or are you just pretending to be a hippie hobo?
im following the same schedule as I had yesterday except i didnt shower/fap yet so ill probably fap twice as much later.

the food is for me

well I live in a pretty small town still under 10k population so I usually dont see other people out playing when I go

every now and then someone else will and I'll see them just sitting on the town stage playing an acoustic unplugged but I like to sit on benches of the town square instead of in the center of the square

i've made quite a bit playing before too, and on busy days like a car show I could pull in anywhere between 20 and 100 bucks in just tips

Not sure. I don't really stray from waifu threads, and they are on b
They redoubled their efforts on banning over the summer again, I pretty much spent two months banned from a single post on the mornings when I finally got unbanned. I didn't see the point of going without internet for the time it took to reset my IP When it would simply get banned in less time than it took to be unbanned

The app hasn't been updated in 2 years, and it looks like it's just a copy cat of Clover based on the UI

I'll brb, gotta take this shower

what do i know i know nothing :(

see ya dukes

megumim is just a super cute boy without the hat

20 bucks doesnt sound like a lot if youre doing it all day

Just a casual reminder that your healer probably hates you.


nah I usually just hang out for between an hour and 3
gets boring after a while

Shower was a success


did you take pics?

he's hiding it behind that string


I did not. My parents bought a new shower head though, it's pretty shitty, imo

I have no oppai, sorry to disappoint

how come

Megoomin is a girl!

Because I find my body repulsive, and I don't want to look at it through my own eyes, let alone a camera or see it again through a picture

if that's what he identifies i understand

flat is okay too


meant the shower head

the hippie life sounds fascinating. I bet you could do more than 3 hours if you were stoned

also flat is gud

Flat is nice too. I wish I was still asleep right now. There's too much autism in waifu this morning

But the shower head was brought up after you asked if I took pics

if I wanted sure

i like to do it while there are events goingon on the twn square so alot of people are out and about

One time when there wasnt alot of people out I was about to pack up and some lady who was dining at the outdoore veranda at the Cafe called me over and her and her husband were meeting some guests and I acocompanied them and payed for about 2 or so hours and they bought me fancy food and tipped me over 100 bucks from the 4 guests

it was fucking sick

Why cant you sleep?

What time d you normally hit the hay anyways?

Once I get up, and shower and stuff, sleep is impossible for a while.
I usually go to sleep at odd times. Mostly it was midnight, since taking this new medication, it's 22:00, and last night was 01:00

Eiat is #1

Hello have you met Feku

I more meant odd, in the sense that there is no consistency to it

That's a pretty good time to go to bed to be honest

lets you get the most out of the earlier morning and also your day

i would likke a normal sleep schedule but I ruined mine ;`:

But that's basically normal.

I wake up anywhere between 02:00 and 11:00

Sleeping is a difficult thing

Lots of people keep fixed times they get in bed for based on their schedules. I just go to sleep when I'm exhausted enough

where the heck did major Hu go

lurking all day

same tbh

wtf jpg

gud stuff exhentai.org/g/1101569/d25e7e7116/

I should really get around to figuring out that sadpanda extension

I am curious as well

lurking is best

It's some extension. I had it installed, but I just couldn't be bothered to put in the time to figuring out how to get it to work

it told me to make an account and play a minigame to browse my degenerate books

i have this tab open basically all my waking hours

when is your bedtime?
what ae yo u still doing awake?

lol feku are you really a perma lurker?
I'm going to start summonign you....

sometimes im doing something that makes me not pay attention to the tab tho

There was something to that effect, but I thought it wasn't the right thing, so I just said screw it and removed the extension haha

you have a life! :D

l-like what?

it didnt work for me for like months before that tho so you might have to wait

its mainly fapping or vidya

.. owwie

For months after you played the little game and made an account?

What games do you play? I'm screwing around surfing in CS:GO right now, but probably have to go do sdome cleaning for my brother who's coming to visit

Same, unless I'm out

10pm, 6 hours from now.

pic related
it could be us~

What the FUCK

no life achieved!

i also rated a few galleries but yeah after all that

my computer is trash so i can just barely play some of these

i dont into out

what is loli launcher?

idk but i want one
thats league launcher

Sounds like it's a lot more effort than it's worth, to me

I quite enjoyed that game when it was the current one. I kind of miss p[laying it, but there are too many hackers and stuff now
That's an excellent game. I played the shit out of that when I was younger

oh that mw3 server thing is just the game that displays when i launch cod4 in multiplayer
i wouldnt be able to run mw3

Jesus fuck what the fuck help C++ linkage problem

I never had that, I have a CD version of Modern Warfare. I would play it again, but I don't have an optical drive in my PC, and I dont' want to go through the grind of getting gold guns again


pp solve everything