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See, I'd be willing to believe that, but believing that you're merely being hypocritical is much easier.

Makes me want to dig up the pasta aeris made from my posts and add these to it
To arms indeed
Which reminds, we could still farm loot boxes if alice just decides to hide like the spineless coward he is


I'm not, you're the one lying all the time. I'm being honest everytime, I haven't been in thread since months, and you still talk about it. Just because you have anger problems it doesn't mean you've to come here and play shit on me. I don't even want to know who you are, maybe you even have a good life, but you still come here and talk shit to others. I won't even try to explain shit again, since it's useless. Go keep your brain clock to 2016 till someone tells you that your memes and shitposting is outdated.
After all, I don't give a shit, maybe you just like to make people angry, who fucking knows what goes on in your mind. Maybe Chen stuff. Either way, have a nice day.waw

Do you have the cap of them talking about being railed by a dog?

Where is my Blood-Chan?

Anonymous Mon 22 May 2017 10:50:43 No.733358234 ViewReport

The e-name's Chen, yeah I'm hot shit.
Everyone besides me is inferior af. That's a fact.


Chen tries to rival my arrogance and ego, thats cute

I somewhere got the cap where Alice says he blew off a dog but thats all

Don't you have more of mine


It refuses to shut up.


For those who don't understand Alice just pretty much threatened ya nigs with the greatest spam tool Holla Forums has ever seen, maxing a thread in seconds if not a split second. She is a kind of motherfucker that could pull it off too.

So, what are you lads gonna do? Tail between your legs and run? Or show some internet psychologists e-speech impaired slut who's boss around these waters?

You call others autistic while you literally do nothing but post some 2d shitter you call a "waifu" talk about nothing, post about nothing and your primitive tiny little mind is already satisfied with that.
Some of us want fun. Expand the known boundaries. You are a plain and simple boring little fuck than keep to yourself.
You'll regret sitting out later.

How much would you give her on a scale of 10 about pleasing dogs?

Thats the stuff

Shut the fuck up, Chen! You faggot! Fucking skinny butt-munching faggot. I hate you! You know that? I really do. 'Cause all you do is fuckin' prance around school talkin' about your fuckin' faggoty fairy fathers. I'll tell you what! I don't wanna hear about your fuckin' fathers and how their assholes work, all right? It makes me sick! And I - I - I fuckin' hope they fuckin' die of fag disease! Yeah

We've destroyed that tool already. But nice try though.

Probably doesn't even cuddle them after.

Did I just fall for pasta?

It's just posting pasta.

Ummm, okay?

Jack said that, my dude.
Is funny how many people think I write my posts.
Maybe you are too stupid to realize, but, I am posting pastas, my dude.

No wonder Holla Forums is a dessert. You guys can't even use your two neurons.


Oh, my God.
Is truly, full of autism.

Alice can resurrect a weaker version of the laughing man actually. Wish that would be bullshit but it ain't.

Can't even fuck dogs right what a pleb

Personally if I'm going to fuck a dog I'll treat it like a lover instead of a fuck toy.
But that's just me.




You don't know shit about the dude. Really. You don't. Stop making a fool out of yourselves pls. Will make me feel bad replying to any of you.



I'm pretty sure you're the last person who should be commenting on having problems with the captcha.


Very well said, my Squiddy dude.
You're literally the voice of reason memes memes reason reason memes reason memes memes reason memes reason

I'll just quickly unsee that

Well I can't get around it right now and they are a pain in the ass drunk
Fuck that google shit
I also don't get this joke but XD anyway

My match is starting so I'll be away for a bit.

You failed to get around it back in the day in our threads repeatedly, you pathetic failure

Oh shit I can't bypass google. I'm such a failure, I mean, everyone can do that.
You fucking retarded sorry miserable dumbass piece of stupid shit.
No wonder I didn't get the joke. You had none. You only had your usual primitive pointless horseshite to spew. Fuck off


Oh, no, you didn't get the joke because it's your very existence.

i got 3 golds ^_^

At least I'm not a neo-liberal cuck stuck on an island made for the worst degenerate scum
The apple really did not fall far from the tree

I got only 1 legend from like 20 boxes so I stopped caring about the event for this week
You lucky bastard


Well, this is dead, the 4chan equivalent is dead so I might hit you up for a few matches in the very near future
Still need raper and mercy

I'm not a liberal in any form you retard

i wont be home in 30 minutes

and i'll be gone for a few hours

I remember you being a rabid one for some reason

Actually that sounds perfect

Because you're a fucking moron who just lumps "everything I disagree with" into "muh libruls". Maybe if you had a greater mental capacity than a 10 year old you wouldn't fall into that.

oh my god does Alice still have his autism squad rolling for him? this i have to see

what kind of loser would they have to be to even humor some pit as pathetic and unproductive as this? what valuable conversation you would be interrupting, never mind the fact they all have each other on discord anyways

chen always was a weird fuck-nugget anyways

I'd normally enjoy this insult game but not really in the mood for it right now I need to unwind

Hey BD, been ages.

hey who are you, im not good with avatars and i never will be

This is zero concern of mine.


man im loving all the sass in here today

Check my country boi
Not many slav would bother with cesspits like this

You are such a cunt

What? You can't play now so we'll do it when ya can


Quick play in LoL is awful.
Might play ranked exclusively.

oh right who the fuck else would be posting as obscure loli characters, hey you motherfucker don't think i've forgotten about that trade

I'd play quickplay with you

maybe not the kind of sass i feel comfortable discussing with a pokemon, this just sounds like it will turn into more sex puns with pokemon move names

I never give you sass though.

Man you are patient. I thought you already gave up on it and just blockdeleted me in anger. Gonna get a quarter of million by the end of the year, if nothing else that is a sure date.

Maybe. I need new games to get into. Haven't played Bloodborne in ages and I might do that.

Only towards certain people.

I don't play new games, just the same ones over and over.

that's very true but that's because we never interact, then again, you don't seem very sassy in general, i mean you are a water type

i just don't forget promises between MEN

at first i thought you meant a quarter of a million in american money and then i remembered you have dirty slav bucks

I don't make very many sex puns either.
Especially not with pokemon moves.

Eh, what divizon are you?

I might get back into Pokemon or something.
Kind of want to pick up a Mario game on the DS. That or get an original DS again.


its almost like as you get older its harder to get into new things, but that's not entirely true, when new GOOD things come out it's awesome and great when you find them, but the search get's so tiring through all the trash it's like meh, i'll just play what i know i'll get some enjoyment out of

maintaining a balance between getting new quality content and enjoying stuff you like is hard for sure

I still have my much hated DSI



yea that's not really in line with your character at all i admit, but i got caught up in telling some old stories on the Holla Forumsoards and i remember this thread that consisted of some pretty good combinations

DSi was kind of cute. But I miss the original. I wonder how much it can handle of the later games in its life. Like Black and White and shit.


I think it's inline with my character, it's not like I'm actually a pokemon or some roleplayer.


I would like a game boy micro sometime. Hard to find around here though.

I don't even know what I ever did to deserve such treatment : ^)

Sly as ever
Hard earned slav money >Filthy capitalist bucks

You reply quite often if I post Karin

I have one, it's alright. I think I prefer the SP more.

no of course, i was just being an asshole, and making jokes anyways

i know you're a human dude, it's cool

Send it to me.

hey i didn't say it wasn't money you work hard for it's just not $250,000, if it was you'd be pretty fucking comfortable there from all the stories you have told me

I hang around plenty of roleplayers so sometimes I am mistaken for one.

No, you ask for too many things as is.

I could buy half the country

i can definitely see that but i'm glad you maintain the sort of dignity that allows for regular discussion

The SP was pretty fucking amazing


hey man maybe i can mail you a few dollars for sovereign and you can do the same, cause i'd be just as interested to have foreign currency

thats with the alcohol tho


Yes, sometimes they get too far into it making it very difficult to talk about many topics.

It helped bring backlighting to the forefront.



well you know, humoring escapism and all that, i can see how you would enjoy maybe involving yourself in situations like that at times, but yes it's healthy to keep a good separation

it all depends on what they like playing out how hard my face twist/turns inside out, like a badly modeled oblivion character head

also to anyone behind on their memes, the opening to this is pretty magical

Sounds cool I don't have a single cent
Gonna go send that with the booze

There is humoring the escapism that I can at least understand, but at a certain point it becomes battling their autism.

of course but that's something i don't rally need to be blunt about here for everyone to mutually understand it


that being said though, there has to be a reason for you to go back and communicate with them, so you must get something out of it too

champion of the bum

cute butts

you're a cute butt

if i was a cute butt i'd have way more charisma than i currently possess faculty of

hihi daycrew

Not really, I go there very rarely.
I like one maybe two of them so that is what I get out of it, though certainly I never allow people into places like friends lists.

hey, im a halfling though, show up equally during day and night

okay okay i wasn't trying to imply anything, it's just there literally has to be something there that makes you return, so it's those one or two people. that's fine

halflings are hawtu

Does anyone else see Micky Mouse pants instead of a controller on the discord icon thingy?


I know you weren't trying to make implications, I was just laying out why I return.
I'm neutral to most people, only one actually annoys me and that's because he larps way too hard resulting in me simply not bothering attempting to engage him.

haha yea those one's who don't even feel like real people, like they are just permanently stuck in character to the point where it seems like they are scared to express anything without the character as a filter

some scary stuff

like how Jack is constantly Jack Spicer

from his incompetant schemes

to his character arcs where he's practically on the other side

all according to Alice's whims



did you watch the leaked ep?

Not yet. Probably will do so later.

shut up at least jack embraces that he's a goof

you sorta don't have a choice.

dunno. he seems pretty convicted about being the cliche first season villain, as much as he is about Hungarian nationalism, and Western degenerecy.

oh, can I post spoilers?

Man. I kind of feel bad for people who get into an anime and it's canceled. Every time I see this game I die a little.

first link was meant for
my bad

That game had no good characters though.

Top left, middle left, middle, middle right.

also 3 of those didn't get routes get fucked

brb walngki doggo


I had forgotten how oddly satisfying Pizza Hut's stuffed crust is.

God I want to fuck that squid thing


Yeah I want to put my dick in it. Is it a girl

Not for sexual.

For sexual.

There's a 87.5% chance of it being male

That's a risk I'm willing to take


The dick only makes it better, right?

I want to NUT inside it

Vaporeon is pretty cute

What's that

imagine mixing your fluids with a vaporeon

imagine mixing your fluids with a plant

I'll change its special ability from water absorb to cum absorb

I want to put my dick in anything that looks nice and has a hole to put it in


wouldnt it just be like fucking a mass of water and youd feel nothing


Only one way to find out!

But she's not even pretty

only no way to find out if you're fucking a fictional monster!

The awoo is for degrading and rape

wooow. Not a monster!

It wouldn't be rape

right a pocket pussy not a pocket monster

Awoo is for cute.


me too but for unrelated reasons

u r a furry

nah jack is more into anime girls




it's night time

not here :dab:

How are you today?


boobs are good yea

Bretty tired, how are you?

That's what moogs said

Sinni... is...alive?


pretty tired. it's night time. And I've been crying some, lately. it's a little exhausting. I feel better now. dw.

you hate furries? me too.

okay so what do you guys want to talk about

what a cunt

if i were a weeping cunt at least i'd get fucked

is cunt even a good insult for calling someone like a wuss? brits are weird

there were five flies waiting outside my window in the kitchen, so i opened the window, carefully lifted the screen, and killed it in front of the others as an example

i think they got the message

Its a general common day phrase.

is common day phrase like word that means whatever i want whenever i use it always?

sounds cool, i'm certainly guilty of that with a few words



dead thread


(Jack Spicer)
Karin is cute~




Jack OW with me

Did Guero's ffxiv wedding happen already ?


Oh no..

This is what plebeians that aren't part of the secret club get.

Damn second class citizen.

Noone ever invites me to anything fun

I have work tomorrow I need to sleep soon

Jack x Echo ?

I'll ship it

gimme nee nee

"hey echo come farm skins this weekend"
"Hey echo you wanna come play?"
"hey echo ow when?"

"Hey jack wanna play ow?"


He's like TP 2.0


The guy you made write your name on his dick ?

So is he gonna write your name twice on his dick ?

I decided to fuck up Alice instead
Wanna fuck up Alice?

I didn't make him, he wanted to.

Last time I went there it was straight up boring.

You didn't say no you fucking slut.

Didn't think he'd actually do it.

But it ha$ me in it now

You'll just get instabanned

What an awful mistake.

But you won't
I need you

Learned from it, won't happen again.
I was still new apparently.
Had all sorts of warped views.

Okay, sure.

Its gonna happen again.

Good one E
Thanks for that

Just say you're underage and they won't even ask.

Why would it?

Yeah yeah.

thicc koume thighs

Koume is trash

Hes just not gonna ask next time.

Well that will be simply out of my control won't it.

You're asking for it.

Just look at what you're posting.


Now you know though.

Jack why havent you killed yourself yet

That requires courage.

That was just an unfortunate choice of pictures.

If you say so.

I do.

That looks funny as fuck in a thread like this
Ever tried asking yourself the question

I know.

You because a reject in a community of rejects, let that sink it


That implies that this community ever accepted me. Bitch please, they hated me before you ever did.
I don't belong. Sod off Chen

Not Chen, but why even continue existing? Turn on your car in a running garage or you know swallow a shotgun, why keep wasting air

If I can piss you off even a little or any other faggot here or 4chan, any alicefag fuck it was worth it.
Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Fuck each and every one of you pissants. Live to spite, spite to live


i'm almost at my 3rd star!

level 300

Come on, I know you americans have the fame of eating a lot of crap but you take the cake, fatty.

Good riddance fuckin' faggots


that was really fun to read

*ults u with lulu*

*I die*

What's up, threadfolk~?

Justice is getting out of hand.

Like social justice or like the judicial branch or street justice?


I want to try new Fiora.

Maybe it's someone named Justice.



Yeah, like Justice from GG. That robot is scary :p

Oh hey. Waifu fags are visiting.

i hate the fiora rework


Good evening, Okami. Threads were being cancer so I'm looking for a break right now
Holy shit, this page keeps dying on me.

Why's that?

Holla Forums can be a bitch.
Glad to have ya though. Feel free to hang out. It's kind of dead today though.

I heard fags and came right away

I didn't know you were Canadian as well. Neat

I ended up posting twice because the page died on me twice. Seems like it's something to do with the subject line. Didn't use it the last time and no problems at all

because it took away my old beautiful kit
and her magnificent ult...


Subject line is garbo.

this is not news

It's nice to have the second colour. I'm just retarded that way, I guess
For some reason, I also forgot that I could add the trip and the name on the same line

I suppose it's just something that never came up when we've spoken in the past

lol, i remember it coming up in the past.
but i guess you forgot.

Yeah. I miss persistent subjects but oh well.

You're fake news

I appologize for forget I guess then. Unfortunately, memory is not one of my strong points

What usually goes on here? I'm curious about why it has such a bad reputation in waifu

Usually just chit chat. The people who bitch are the ones we run out for being asshats.

lol what?

where are you?

There's a few people that I wish waifu had run out... Unfortunately, it's a bit too desperate and hugboxy for that

NS. How about you?

Yeah. You guys seem mostly chill save for a few spazes. I mean, we have those here too, but like, we tend to either ban the spam or people like Sci.
I think him and Kroni are perma on site, but others we just bully relentlessly if they are awful to have around.

I very rarely recognize any sampled songs. I suppose that's the problem with listening to the same things for years

Sci is... special all right
I wish we were able to do things like that, but we're technically violating rules so, why would a mod do anything for us

Lewds moved mostly to Discord to contain themselves. We kind of do the same, but we still have a lot of people here.
Having dominion over ourselves is nice.
Not sure what the rap on it was though.


west coast best coast

It's the degenerate ERPers that really bug me. Especially since they do it in Discord as well, and only do it in the threads to be exhibitionists and to "break the rules xd"
It's been suggested to just go to /trash/ but that seems to be super taboo to them all for whatever reason. I don't really get it myself, it's just another board

I'll give that a listen when I'm done with the album I'm listening to with a friend of mine. Isn't it quite early in Finland right now?

You'll get no argument from me. I fucking hate this place

Yeah. I don't get that. It's just a board. Like, fuck it. I just dislike 4chan cause captchas.

run away!

Kind of, but it's not like I have to be up for anything today.
Also Ruri sends her regards.

Who's Ruri?

A poster from 4chan.

Should I care about them?

I'm really missing 4chanX right now though.. this website is appaling lol

Sadly, that requires funds. Of which I am sorely lacking :(

Lazy Sunday eh? The best kind
That silly person. They're already talking to me!

People from 4chan are the worst tbh

Well, they're nice, so probably?

You get use to it after a while.
I find it preferable now.

Do they mine diamonds though?

I don't wanna merge


Well, whole weekend usually is very lazy for me.
I kind of guessed so.

Play minecraft.


I know you missed it.


It made me fill out a captcha earlier. A god awful one, in fact

That sounds kind of like me
It's all good though

It's only one a day though.

Hopefully that situation will be solved soon. Finding a job is a difficult thing to do these days

Is that how it works? There are a few other intricacies that I'll have to get used to if this becomes a regular thing too

I'm from 4chan you cunt fuck

Hm... introduce me then

Need help?

Yeah, too bad it'll be Monday way too soon.

Kind of hard when they're too shy to post.

So am I, my dude

Figuring it all out is something to do. I don't have much to occupy my time, so it's not so bad

Monday doesn't mean to much to me right now, sadly. I wish it meant going to work
Telegram is all good fun

Make them post, I know you can

Well now you're even more of a cunt fuck

Well feel free to pull more people over if they need a place to hang.

Oh, how comes?
I just got a job a while-ish ago, but I changed it to another almost instantly.
Too bad there isn't really much to do at work currently, so kind of just re-organizing whatever.
Wouldn't know, never used it.

The problem is that they shy'd away even more as I said that.


I'm posting right now, actually
I'm trying to convince him to say hello. It's not going well uwu

Most people seem to hate this place for some unknown reason. I don't get it myself, but I'm pretty clueless about a lot of things

I'm just wallowing in nothing right now waiting for days to end
It could be worse. In Saudi Arabia, they hire people to sit at desks and do nothing because they need a certain percentage of their work force to be Saudi
It's fun to tease Ruri on it

I'm sort of "employed" at the moment. I kind of check in with my boss and they look to see if any requests for workers has been put in that I fit the criteria for

new phone who dis

Again. It's mostly people we run out of here.

Oh, well, I mean, I'm just melancholic most of the time waiting for nothing interesting to happen.
Well, the company I work for currently is supposedly booming as of now, so they need workforce to replace people going to study after their summer vacation from university.
I just prefer Steam and Discord as platforms, not too keen on getting any extra social apps as I have way too many already.

Porco Rosso
10/10 taste Squash.

post moar cute pics like that~

I was going to cap him but got lazy.

Just some faggot

I don't think that all the waifu posters who dislike this place were run out. That would be quite a number of them

I'm just depressed and waiting for things to turn around with this medication and stuff
Supposedly booming. Sounds like the economy around here, if you believe the liberals. Funny that it's booming, but you can't find a job anywhere and everyone requires 5 years experience with proprietary software
I have far too many social platforms. No Facebook or anything like that though

Gladly! Not posting any Luka?

Maybe you should.
I think I need to re-watch it since last time I saw it was around early 2000s.

Are you new here? oR have eyou been around before?

Group mentality then.
Us vs them or some shit.

It's always a good watch.

im in game right now >_

Just posted today. Was looking for something to do because my usual playground was being flooded with autism

That certainly sounds like a possibility. My circlejerk is better than yours blah blah

Ah! Later perhaps then. What game are you playing?

Force them

You need to work harder tbh

I hope it works, albeit not knowing how well those work at all.
Well, my original major has no jobs available as the industry died as soon as I graduated, but they're hiring a whole lot now to metal industry.
Thankfully my place had no experience required at all, they just wished that I had some experience with metallurgy and general engineering things.
I would feel awful with that as I feel compelled to be logged into all of them, yet not have too many programs on at the same time despite having a monster of a PC, kind of just old habits.

Just like anything from Ghibli.

But that would be rude, Colbs.

Are you talking shit?
You want to fucking go?

hell yeah always nice to see new faces

I hope you enjoy your time here

Be a rude dude

But that's not how I roll.

Holy shit, that's fucking painful. How many years did you spend in school?
Metallurgy is pretty interesting stuff. I'm not smart enough for that sort of thing. If I could get into any line I wanted though, and was smart enough for it, I'd definitely do astrophysics. Stars and space are a fascinating subject
I'm logged into and/or posting in about 6 at any time

waifu is pretty trash lately, so it wouldn't even be worth arguing about. I'm curious about Chen's fit earlier today though

I'm not sure how frequently I'll be coming here. I only found out today how to actually find it anyway
It's been not so bad so far, but I assume there are some people who are less than pleasant, as with any community

what fresh hell is this

Chen is always having a fit.
Now however you have me curious as to what happened today.

3 years for technician's papers, but I aim to still apply for the university of applied sciences to get an engineer's papers out of CNC or any similar field that has work, and will always have some.
It's not really too hard, just need to know the types of metals and how they react to different things such as heating, bending etc.
I think astrology is way too smarty stuff, just goes over my head.
I'm at 2 all the time and at most using 3 in case old friends want to play games via Skype VoIP.


Wus poppin B?

Waking up is like experiencing a fresh hell every day. Fascinating, isn't it

He was just going ham posting copy pastas and 7 month old posts that he kept for whatever fucking reason. It went for about 3 threads

That's pretty rough. I spent 2 years for mine. Fortunately, it was cheaper than university
What sort of engineering are you aiming for? A friend of mine just graduated with electrical engineering
I don't think I could even name all the types of metal that there are, let alone remember the properties during specific situations
I only keep Skype on my phone, as it's just useless bloat on my PC and no one really uses it anymore

Overwatch is pretty fun game. I never really got into it myself though. I just use my friends account whenever I feel like playing

About to be in a ranked LoL game. Glad to have you here, babe.

Oh. I guess he just wants attention. I don't think he knows how to actually make friends.

Oh, well, I mean, my degree is as high as college's here but the catch is that people with college degree don't really get hired as they only know how to play with papers and I think in the end I spent about 50% of my studying time playing flash games on a computer after finishing all my projects for the months I had scheduled.
Funnily enough I have tech's papers for small electronics and the industry died with Nokia flopping due to Microsoft getting involved.
Neither do I really, but I can just check the texts on the blocks of metal and see by eye their finish to guess how they've been treated, corrosive resistant and so on forth.
I don't really use any of the social aforementioned social apps on my phone, just Steam in case I need to sell something on Steam market.

Then you shall fall

But I know I did it for a good cause.

FF12 is good game

Probably he does. I lost a little respect for him. He at least kept things interesting, but stooping to spamming stale copy pastas, and the same ones for 3 threads is just awful

I was never that far ahead of things, since they didn't give us stuff that far ahead. Pretty much just did them as they came
RIP Nokia. I don't know why they ever went with the Windows phone platform. It's probably the worst things I've ever seen
That you could look at anything and determine all that is pretty impressive by itself, honestly. I don't know how you could tell it's corrosive resistant by looking at it
Ah yes, the old SteamGuard on phone. I find it a bit annoying when I do anything, but it's saved me once, so I'm not against it

Wew sl00t.

I'll take your word for it.

Well, we got things 2-3 months ahead, and the assignments were like 75% physical things and 25% papers, so I wrote like 3-5 page reports on my assignments and at least 1-2 pages were just pictures, hah.
Yeah, that's kind of where they flopped real bad, not to mention the guy who broke them down was called Stephen Elop, kind of close to Flop.
It's the colour really, either it's really dark, shiny or hazy.
Hasn't saved me yet, but I'm alright with it as it is required for CSGO prime matchmaking which has cut down the numbers on smurfs and hackers.

That sounds like a pretty good way to do it. A lot of mine was practical work, for which I am quite grateful. If it was all lectures and theory, I would have failed out for sure.
It was a sign, a sign they ignored. RIP unbreakable phones
All I know about metal is how heat treated metal looks. But that's kind of an obvious looking one
I haven't noticed a decrease in smurfs or hackers in Prime, personally. Perhaps I'm just unlucky
There's also a lot of derankers in Prime

Hey, gib me attentions.

I think I would have passed as I had 0% skipped classes, I was around even when I was sick, most people in there were generally just lost as in what they would do with their lives and in the end my class of ~25 people was 6 at graduation.
Yeah, not to mention he was doing it all for Microsoft to drive Nokia down so they could buy it out.
Well, all of it is generally quite obvious.
My friends just do that a lot as they're tired of playing against their match, I've been just stuck in LEM for a long while, although I deranked to DMG for inactivity and now I'm climbing back steadily and at LE currently.

How's Gridds?
Also do you know how Ostie is?

do you glow in the dark yet

We have spergs like that as well.

Pretty much.


I am quite well, drinking a little bit, truth be told I haven't talked to him since we tried to get him to show butt on lewd.

I'm going to head off to bed. I'll probably regret staying up this late

Here is one attention. Please enjoy it

Skipping classes always seemed like a stupid thing to do, to me. I maintained a no tolerance for missing classes. The only times I did was when it wasn't safe to do so because of weather conditions
Don't you just hate people?
Maybe if I looked into it, it would be more obvious to me
Derankers piss me off. I'm a Gold Nova 3, and probably don't deserve that rank even. I'm quite awful at the game. I have nearly 1k hours, and probably 700 of them have been from surfing

I don't doubt it. Mayhap I'll see them another time

When what? I don't understand, sorry


Ive had this song stuck in my head all day because of this thread

Ah, same really.
Oh, I would have thought that you guys would have stayed in touch as you were pretty bro-tier.

Well that sounds like the better option.
Oh, I've played CSGO for like ~600 hours.
And CS:S for ~900, but that was years ago before I picked up CSGO.
Sleep well.

I got out of the navy march 1st

Thanky, I do much enjoy the attention.

I've tried, but he's always under way.

Oh, that's unfortunate.

Nigga are you gonna disappear after this one post again?

Hey, Test stole the board from me and I kind of need it back.
Can you get it for me?

Bad dog.



I'll get back in contact with him as soon as he's got free time again.

Ah, well, tell him I said hi once you do.

I'll let him know how much you care.

Good, so what is Gridds up to tonight other than drinking?

God I want to fuck remi

Griddles oh my god you're alive


I want to watch the ojou-sama get fuged by a doggo


bad doggy

well, that's about all I planned.

yes, indeed I am, it was close though, I almost lost to a rogue poisonous mushroom.

Oh, so going with the flow?

this is where I wound up on my own.

So, anything new going on in your life after navy?

well, my dad's selling the house we're in so he can get a loan to build his "dream house" in the middle of nowhere, and he now has a black girlfriend that has three kids, and the 16year old I just met today is a total edge lord meme pol fag. band the 11year old is just annoying sometimes and keeps hitting the dogs and laughing at how surprised they are, I'm just waiting for my schatzi to bite him a little bit harder than playing and his mom to beat his ass for it.

Oh, damn.
Do you have any plans of your own to get out?


I gotta clean myself up a bit and go see about getting a job at the new gun range near me, then once my dads house is built, I plan to go to school about 40minutes from there at backers collage for machining and cnc shit with my gi bill, maybe rent a shit little apartment so I can collect a bunch of money for living expenses too.

That sounds pretty good, totally should see if they're willing to hire you, I mean, you do have the background for it!