Because none of you other sluts made one

Because none of you other sluts made one

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posting cozy in the huthread

We live in interesting times.

but imagine you are me

and eva (while pretending to be someone new named spoilers) bans you

are you not going to make a stink?

Certainly not.

also whoo the fucks idea was it to promote eva to mod anyways

that was some grade A retard shit


Were there truly any better options?


when is the last times anyone has seen spoilers

goddamn test is a moron

I like those cute subaru rally cars

but that would be terrrifying

I'm ust kind of bummed out that eva got mod spot before me

I blame you for this

spoilers /eva was posting just an hour ago under user name

I've only made like 3 threads in the last few years.

Envy does not befit you.

You were even the one to point out to me how many posts there were.

That is 3 too many my dude

Bebop modded Eva/Spoilers, not Test.

I ish I knew how to be less jealous

Also question time.

If your boyfriend dumps you and then you go lie to everyone about it and say you broke up with him.

What does that make you ?

test allowed him to stay

stfu beepop

It was at the bottom of the page and every time the thread updated, my flash-game stuttered for several seconds

A liar

yeah it was bebop that stupid doucher

just another point against our oh so great ex leader who was spitefully appointed by an apathetic cunt

a baller

I probably won't do it again.

Is that all ?

I think they use weed for that.


No. Bad. Be nice to Savannah.


but.....but they werent ever nice to me ;~;

man we really ruined that fatty


or should i say

grim and lenko ruined that fatty

by being creepy af

Maybe not, but it does


Oh, well. She was nice to me. Even posted feet and everything—to everyone's dismay, I should add.

LOL i forgot there was some weird grim drama involved with chi

that was ancient shit brah

yeah you get all the sluts

i wish I could be as cool as dars!!!!!

unfitting picture

i meant that without a hint of sarcasm

grim and chii were bff

Auto click.

savannah was rude to me

but i kinda liked it cause she has autism

Don't think I've done that before.


keep your story straight

Can't play runescape with an autoclicker then.
But I got 19 in-game ones so it's all good!
I'm doing it idle though, so no clicking involved at all except automatically leveling up heroes

nothing ever went down?
I thought there was some huge drama

I'll keep you straight

She was a complete prude, if anything.

oh there was

grim got too creapy

chii flaunted her bad back too much and teased him

they were both cancer

maybe chii was secretely (♂)

chii's firrst problem was posting her irl pic on a furry thread



Those furry threads back then were entertaining.

why? Aren't they all gay?

Holy shit is that Tak???

I've nebver seen him before

like back when i actually looked up to kermit

fat mexican


kermit is probably the worst poster in every single community be it pony furry or anime

What a truly significant waste of a life and manipulative shitbag


here is the thing

chii posted as a heterosexual girl in gfur threads

grim went buck wild

I bet that was fake drama Grim was creating.

eh he is pretty pathetic

Damn, that would have been fun to watch

idk man grim is still saltly whenever you bring up savannah

the one female he could not lock up

see grim's parents taught him that females are subservient

so you can only imagine his face when chii said no

I've made nobody mod.

All I've done is remove modships from Bebop, Goggles, and Alice.

The only mod I kept from day one is Moogs.

yeah what a truly fucking stupid nigger

I went to alice's chat a long time ago because I couldn't stand being in this community because of how I was being treated here
I was in a terrible fucking place both in real life and online and I wanted to get the fuck away so I went to alices chat and for a few months kermit wasnt around and it was cool
I left this community for quitie a while
But then kermit started kissing alices ass and immediately got a mod position and started kicking me and anyone who disagreed with him on any personal or political or any kind of opinions or stories or whatever he had

he'd just ban and kick you like a fucking child

And then the stupid nigger invited mgd into the alice chat and spent the next 5 fucking months doing nothing but constantly publicly fucking him


Also daily reminder that bebop sold us out to alice without even a second thought

Who among us would not have done the same?

EAT!!!!!!!!!!!! my DICK!


please watch your n-bombs

but like what if alice is actually a girl lwho helps people

he has a patreon now

here is also the thing

who couldn't help alices beta demographic

like just tell them they are not terrible

give them a fin

call it an alice


I got banned from Alice's chat a couple days ago for reasons unknown.

I never go there, but when Chen was spamming here I wanted to check there and ask if that autist is allowed in that chat, mostly for laughs. I was told he wasn't, and was banned, though I don't know by who nor do I care to ask. Not broken up about it at all.

beepop has never had sex

he saw someone paying attention to him

he did the same shit with haiku

yeah well It just kind of PISSES ME!! the FUCK OFF!!! when someone claims to want to help people

Then invites the cause of all their problems into a closed chat with them and dotes on said causae of problems while berating ignoring the one they claimed to be willing to help

If you mention the name chen in alices chat everyone spergs the fuck out for some reason

And cookie

And chii

and blood chan

I can keep going

Alexis is a good one.

I love cows, they're very smart and organised and always move as a herd. If you feed one molasses it will love you forever and always follow you around. Additionally the baby calfs have no teeth and do this crazy headbutt thing when feeding so if you stick your dick in their mouth they'll viciously suck you off and repeatedly go deep throat in quick bursts desperately trying to nut you.


Jesus christ!

brad you did kinda do the exact same thing as "alice 3

or whatever

blame drugs all you want but you said some pretty nasty things


Who was it I said those mean things to?

Certainly none of the anonymous people who would come to my threads for company, compassion, and helping words

No it was to those assholes who had said those mean words to me first

I doubt that many here remember what it was like back then
But everybody was fucking mean to me
Even the new people like grim and Chii

They would bully the fuck out of me genuinely in the threads, then when I'd leave to run my own threads those pieces of shit would follow me and keep it up

Everything I said was in my mind a justified retaliation

I remember that.

you were a very mean, vindictive

and trash alice





you had like 2am threads so people couldn't raid them

you did alice

Cow print 's p-sexy, Bardo.

kinda ironic that you hate people so much who did what you did

i think the word is hypocrite

And they still got raided shiit

If you'd remember the timeline shit though I really did used to be a good person before the entire god damn community came down on my ass on the daily for over a fuckin year

Here's the thing man
no body in the community came to me and said you know
"hey I'm having a bad fucking time the people I thought were my friends are making my life a shit fest can you help me get away and fix myself?"

They were more like
HAHA FUCK u BARD I FUCKED MGD AND i HOPE You fucking DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no you just wanted attention and were high af

you gave horrible advice

The reason I'm so pissed at alice is because they specifically said they would help me then turned around and invited mgd and later blood chan into their chat and started treating them like their fuckin pets

Thats an entirely different fucking situation

The quality of my advice has nothing to fucking do with it

that would be like me opening a help thread specifically for one person in the community

and then finding the cause of their problems and fucking it in front of them

oh so another self-interested problem

alice is a liar

don't be like him

Help me by posting more feet.

that's years in the past
I'm just upset that you're saying I'm what I'm angry at when theres a huge difference


fucking shit brad



those are supposed to be alice's fat legs

and sama shooped a penis

You guys remember that time when Alice ggot 3rd degree burns on over half of their body from saving their neighbord in an apartment fire

A real human bean.

yes brad we also remember when you made alice threads

sorry i have no sympathy for you here

change the topic maybe

Be nice to Brad.

i made brad delete a many alice thread

If only we could delete you.

i am but let's be real

he's shitting on alice

he was alice

If you wanna play this game I have all fucking night man
I'm on my mean shit

KICK HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's not a game

you are hating on yourself

how do you not see this

pls b nais dar

Yeah, all right.

i love brad but he should just quit while he is behind

he fucking tried to be alice

Why ya gotta do him like this?

It's getting hot so I wanna put my hair up but I misplaced my bandannas and Hairties

sorry it's just bullshit

if you want to criticize something

maybe make sure it isn't something you have done

Get bent TP
If you're so stupid drunk you can't read what I typed out then I'm done speaking to you


i don't think anyone read your kanra wall

I read it.



and i don't see really any good reason to pretend to want to help people as alice

part empathy. part love. part fun. part narcissism.

if people get helped, the selfish reasons matter less.

don't try to simplify it just because you can't fathom it.

I have fond memories of your threads. I used them to hide from my ex. :3

Thank you dars I'm glad at least someone appreciated it

it was nice for me to get away too

Bard and TP otp

I would like a re roll please

What is wrong with him? The man can even write "Echo" on his dick; he is massive.

You sound like an old married couple

if i get shipped with tp I will never get laid or loved again

Are you implying he would end you?

No tp would neglect poor needy me and I will wither away from lack of attention ;`:

He already passed out.

MORE proof
he didnt even tell me goodnight



Dropping out with style.

You guys are better than he will ever be

The bar is set so low.

Okay, so that's two. Who's the third?


Kosaga ! She's so cute !~



scared and all alone in the world.... : (


Every day, millions of poor Touhous are out there on the street
hungry, cold and afraid

Just a few cents a day is enough to get them a meal to eat and help them through another rough day

I am gay


I'm immune to pathos~

We know. Just like this faggot over here

ikt that's gay

That's fucking gay

fukken bard making the same post I do but before me

e-eh? really??

I always get so sad at such little things....
How do you do it?

nice meme

im a girl tho

ur gay

u 2?

get gud kid
This posting shit's a GAME
what are you up to this morning emilu


what's a better way to begin the day than blasting doom x death grips

woke up less than an hour ago and is 12:21 now lmao

fucking mosquitos

Hi Squid

There is no evidence of this

You guys have mosquitos over there?

I always thought it was too cold for them in europa

Realizing that it's an ad, and ads costs money, meaning some of the cash you'd provide, would go to the people coming up with the ads in the first place, and to whatever service is broadcasting it.
If they really think it's so important, then stop wasting cash on ads, and instead of bringing huge cameras to "the scene", bring meds instead.

Besides, if they can't feed their children, they should think twice before fucking like apes and produce several off-springs. I couldn't care less

So you're into girls, huh?

why need evidence when its already true


I'll sue for slander

is it slander if truth

underage girls too I bet

oh you mean the real things

Yeah I guess that's all pretty understandable
Especially because I can't imagine even half of what gets raised even goes to that cause

That got real, fast
real fast

boobs are ok tho

Me neither, and I thought you were referring to that stuff. Your comment did seem like one~
I can't really think of any other case where pathos is frequently used.

But she's flat!


luka wtf that hurt

yeah but not falt isok 2!!!

He is just the most adorable little guy I've ever seen



What does that mean?

neet breakfast + lunch time

u r 2

I mean that I'm not picky about flatness!


Good, flat is best


woof woof

cute wolf

huh wut

im watchign scarey youtube vids ....;~; of cats having seizures....

luka what the fuck

hi hi

wat, why?

because i've never seen it before

they say that uh
curiosity killed the cat

Just curious?

yeah u_u

aaaaah fuck that's so sad I hope he's okay

tfw that's probably going to happen to all of us someday

it looks awful

it's almost disconcerting that they'd just film it instead of helping but I mean

What do you even do?

you can't do anything but watch

henlo how ur day


I dont see the sun but i guess its morning


The sun isn't important in the morning you know?

It's been morning for about 6 hours here and the sun is only barely peeking up

what are you up to today my neet trap buddy

dame! sawaranaide

its only 1 hour of morning for me
im not a trap and im eating breakfast

hey u awake???

yah i woke up 6 hours ago

wow hey that's a time

fix ur day

yah but didnt you wake up at like 12
im allowed to sleep during the day cuz its summer. i woke up drenched in sweat

are you feeling okay?

did you have sex

i wuke up at 12 tho


im a little sick but i took a shower right when i woke up and it helped

no i accidentally used my blanket a little

How's your day usually? I'm curious.

I hope you get to feeling better buddy
I'm actually feeling a little sick as well
I feel like I'm hot but also cold

wake up at 6 watch anime/youtube. get food at 12 eat while watching anime. vidya/youtube until 4. shower+fap til 6. anime/youtube til 9. sleep

i dont feel it anymore cuz i popped a pill.
you should take a hot bath for 2 hours i bet that would fix it

no bathtub here sillly

i bet you wanna take a bath though huh? :3


t-thanks ikty .///.

I masturbate to the E1M1 soundtrack.

Well get soon!

What everybody needs is a KyoAni SoL Megumin spinoff anime

bathtub here sucks :P
my old one was pretty good tho

hot quick shower might be refreshing?


He could give you so many orgasms before he's done

that would be nice...

but it's going on round 7 a.m and everyone else in this house is about to wake up and get around soon so I dont really wanna be up and about
bedtime soon actually....lame...
Normally I'd have work off today but they want me to come in at 4 so that sucks

i need this

Chii modded me? Pretty sure.

18:00 woke, do anime/hentai
00:00 nom, vidya, hentai
04:00 shower + fap
06:00 hentai/youtube
09:00 slep?
What an odd schedule.

11:00 woke, coffee, youtube/music/forums
12:00 lunch, after lunch youtube/programman/anime/hentai
15:00 chill not doing compooper stuff
16:00 to 18:00 compooper stuff
18:00 dinner
19:00 continue NEETing life away programman to 3am

Either way I know Moogs was the one that basically made it happen for sure, at least he sure made it seem that way.

I didn't even know what was going on when they wanted to talk to me.

You guys are more alike....than different...

yeah but i prograsm

you're all fags

i do other things on my phone while showering too!

you just barely make up 8 hours of sleep with that
wow life must be hard with responsibilities

wait what I only hentai when im fap. im not that much perversion!

why do you do nothing at 1500?

you ever program a robot computer waifu?

it's art

You're a fag.

Just chill watch TV or browse reddit outside
idk i want fresh air too while not getting killed by mosquitoes

god i wish i could

Somebody with a legit 1032 944 877 build help

well I mean
I guess it a sounds harder than it is lol

my life is a fucking breeze
hardly any real challenges in it right now
I dont have to drive
I have a few good friends
I have money to afford things or food for myself or my friends
Work kinda sucks but I have a super easy job where I like all the managers and the other employees have to listen to me because I've been there for 3 times longer than any of them

And I don't even need 8 hours I'm happy enough with 6

I have a self set bedtime of 10 a.m so I can wake up and head out the door at 4 p.m

because I'm lucky enouh to live 3 blocks away from my work

sadly that's about to change
we're in the process of moving me my mom and brother, seperating from her husband, ( not my biological father ) and his kids
so that kind of sucks man

i've actually been stressing alot about that tbh
bums me out even more because my jiu jitsu partner lives just 3 or 4 blocks down the street in another direction and I like to hang out with him all the time so now it wont be so easy to see him

what do u do?

why is not drive a good thing?

u start at 4pm and sleep at 10am?

aw shucks cant you not move and get an aprtment?

It's shit

I'm not the one wishing their underaged girlfriend had an 8" piece of meat between their legs, you are

hey i like my loli onaholes without dicks

I had plans to move out and move into my best friends place when his younger brother turned 18 and moved out he was gonna move in with his dad

but then the dad passed away

and that in itself was pretty fucking crazy
i mean Its not like it's my dad but I seen the guy the night before he passed away
I heard it was ah eart attack he went in his sleep.....

getting distracted though...

I work at kfc/taco bell

I don't like to drive because It have bad anxiety and i dont want to get on the road with other people

I know how to operate a car but not very well
if I was in a warzone or something and someone was trying to kill me and I saw a car in front of me i could get in and get gone but not around town you know?

I go into work at 4 p.m usually, get out around 9 or 10 p.m most nights

then I'll stay awake all night usually til about 8 a.m
might push it til 10 a.m

and I mean I might be able to get an apartment but I'm not sure if I can afford that right now....


Why are you going on the Internet to spread such lies?


i havent tv or outside in months. is it fun? cant you just open a window for fresh air? cant you just close your windows to stop mosquito?

well it is harder compared to my life
I kinda wanna learn how to drive cuz i dropped highschool before drivers ed
I wish I could make more friends tho but thats impossible since i no occupation.

im not bound to any sleeping schedule and I can just crash whenever.

that moving situation sounds annoying. it pushes you out your comfort zone and you have to readapt :/
whats your debiological father and siblings like?

I'm wallowing in my shame and also yours

*pat good boye*

I like real anime traps.

my pc hot
650w of hot


I usually keep my window open anyway but eh, no computer is nice too.

also no lewd ngnl

Good boy

Such as Megumin?

the guy's a piece of shit
I tried being nice to him but we've gotten into confrontations and shit before so I just completely ignore him now
He can get bent

Then I have a half sister about 15 or so who's pretty cool, a half brother about 14 or so maybe 15 or 16 who's kind of wimpy but allright

I dont really hangout much with them because theres kind of an age difference and we dont have much similiar interestes

but there is another son
i have another half brother on that side that is one year younger than me
his name's malachi

we were super close and shared a room and shit for a while
he got sent up to rehab a few times and came back and then eventually moved out and knocked a bitch up and now he has a kid

we still see each other occasionally but I'm really pissed off at him right now

Last time I saw him, what happened was

I had my guitar in its case upstairs ready for shipment

and then I went upstairs the ne xt day and it was gone
and I freaked the fuck out trying to find it and eventually I found out that he had taken it because his dad went and brought it back
(the alcoholiic)

and so I went and had a fucking word with him
he told me he drank too much and did xanex and blacked out

and tbh I've been there before
so I didn't kick his ass and we didnt get into fighting

but I grabbed him by the collar and got up in his face and told him that shit was unnaceptable and I needed compensation for him taking my guitar

He's a carpenter and a roofer, but back in the day we'd roll all the time and I'd always woop him with my basic ass jiu jitsu I learned from my dad when I was youger

and whenever he did something sketchy I'd get loud as fuck
so he had a pretty submissive attitude

it was nice to flex as the older brother
but I always hate having to get like that towards him because honestly I really do care about him as a brother

and I mean shit I have way more siblings, that's just the kids that guy had coming into the marriage

My mom and him havent had any kids thankfullly

do you have any siblings?

Megumin i prefer megaman

oh I bet you prefer huge men

shes a she

megumin (male)

dont worry i'm not a size queen


A female (♂) slut

Only a little


cant you just underclock it or some fancy technology shit when you arent using it full potential?
you should turn on a/c!

shiro is basically a cum slut butting into sora's life and saying she loves him

sounds like a rollercoaster with that brother. i cant imagine what its like to have a healthy relationship at first that gets messed up by drugs and stuff. my family is pretty tame and im just the black sheep.
I only have a sister thats doing good in life atleast I think. I dont really talk to her anymore so I dont know the little details. having a lot of siblings sounds rough with that spread of attention.

well I suppose it would be rough but I'm the oldest

So it's not so bad

I remmber before I had siblins it was great as a child

then my father and step mom had 2 daughters so i had two sisters which fucking sucked

grew up and then not too long ago my dad and another girl had a boy so hes going on like 3 or 4 now

then my mom had 2 more boys but one passed away less than a year old

my other brother from my mother is about 15 or so and he hangs out with the young siblings i dont from that family

crazy SHITS

why are you the black sheep fekkers?

also h-how old is your sister?

Fake pic!

but muh eff pee ess

shiro is pure

fake tits

wow you rly do run faster if you put your arms behind your back and run crouched naruto style

As fake as the pussy between the legs of your waifu


seeing people grow up must be weird. everyone around me feels like theyre the same

ima black sheep cuz im a hikiNEET

muh sister is like 20 or something it hink

turn on the fps when you need it!
shiro is the little sister onahole that sits on your lap

I think next paycheck I'm going to buy a cool hemp gi

you couldbe a stoner son goku

i want a shiro

wait why is the fbi here


I've been on the line about getting one for quite a while because all my buds train no gi

but If I get a gi then I can go train with my father


Reminder that homosexuality was primarily popularized in ancient greek as a form of legitimizing pederasty and child abuse. Reminder that if you think that couldn't apply now, that they're pushing for homosexual and androginous experimentation on children right now under the threat of state punishment. Reminder that homosexuality is idolized by the wealthy, who regularly commit pedophilic incest, and only try to popularize it to normalize their tendencies as a form of projected self destruction. reminder that having a family is more important than hedonist desires and you're objectively a bad human being if you choose the latter over the prior.

is it because you want her to sit on your dick? she'll break!

you should hold off until you can control your ki and learn how to fly first before making that kind of commitment


i've been looking for this word since i read it in The Road maybe three years ago.

thank you.

I want to pet it.

Didn't the romans cut balls of young boys and use them as onaholes

pet her head while shes sucking it

ravioli ravioli don't lewd the neet loli

Okay then

should i take another shower and just wear the same clothes since i just showered a few hours ago

wtf jack i heard you were gay with blood chan

you're a neet who cares
even sagiri does the same get-up always just dance in front of the washer/dryer tho

You heard wot m8

why none of yall nazis actually do something like crashing a c130 into mecca

say what you will about the muslims but at least they get shit done and don't just shitpost on facebook all day.

yeah I heard you took that slut round town to brown cow town

but it would be a waste of a wash? i cant do that dance with washer/dryer cuz its outside

Middle Eastern guys are pretty hot though.



I'm kind of tan now if that counts.

Because in my country we already fuck up shit gobbling apes if they try anything. I don't really care about other places but it still pisses me off a little.

Nope. I was talking with blood-chan a bit for reasons.
Who told you tho and what

I see.

I don't feel like that information is pertinent to the conversation. That is all.

Send the message home.

Turns out
knows plenty of alicefags and ex-alicefags and I needed info on them
I have the libido of a cast stone

Stones are pretty hot.

when its bedtime but you're not fuckiNG SLEEPY

I have the libido of a chaste stone.

Hupony respond

Oh you
Did you get my steam message?

Most definetly

Just a casual reminder that your healer probably hates you.


I got it. Sad that we won't get to have our fun for a week.

if i shower now i get to fap a second time today so its worth it

you need a namirin to care for you

oh shit i forgot she exist lol
rip that osu meme is half ded

nazi dogs and antifa cats



What is the current #trending osu meem

cookie butter choco cookie


Hey real talk

Anyone can recommend a good but cheap headset or microphone? I wear glasses btw so it sucks but ive had no headset for like ever and kinda wanna get into mp stuff but people nowadays seem to prefer voice and all i have is this scratchy xbox 360 mic that doesn't even work properly


are you this god

Maybe different fun. I don't know myself what that lad came up with. Guess we'll see seven hours from now on. Can ya make it?

No u
Do you have sum time today later? That 7 hours from now on. There will be a short little meeting of people who are up to mess with the stuttercunt. Can ya make it?

Nah. I'll be at work by then. It's only a 4 hour shift today though.

I'll be fast asleep 7 hours from now.
Didn't they get scared and left anyway, or was that just a ruse from their part?

No cancer map monstrata needs to rethink his life

When do you go to work?

Yeah they said they will but maybe not.
I think a week without those bastards can give plenty of opportunities tho
For example, gotta love beating and defacing somebody who can't defend himself
When would be good for ya?

I leave at 3. I have to start it at 4.

almost any time between 7 and 21 the whole next week as well as tomorrow.

What do you do for a living? Are you a neet too?

Thanks but timezones you guys

You live in the same one as me

Murrica has multiple. Since Hup can't really come today how about tomorrow?


I would have to check the shifts I have.

Nighty night guys

Pls do
I need to go through everyone to try and find a good time to talk a bit. A time lapse would be noice

Uni, but the next semester has yet to start

We share the same timezone. I also looked up to be absolutely sure the time I posted matched your timezone.


Sleep well

Why do you care so much about your shitpost brigade?

What do you do on your down time

Nobody? ;_;

Can't help the most /g/ person here


i just wanna know which headphones to get

For headphones, literally any 20$ headphones will do.

Well thanks for that, guess I'll message you on steam some time tomorrow then

Fek, don't expect satisfying results from anything you don't put any effort in.

Coming from someone whose headphones are regularly in the three digit range.

You right. That's why i spend 2 hours edging it to loli hentai

brb ordering 20

i mean head set

wee woo police

Only 20?
Poor fag.

Basically the same thing.

Just don't get things like Turtle Beach or Beats By Dre.



You say that like you aren't some filthy lolicon either

Amazon search headset filter 5 star sort by price lowest to highest

It isn't as if shelling out for a good brand microphone will do much for you if you're only using it for VoIP.

And if you only want to get a 20$ headset then just go out and get one off the shelves, it'll be
functionally the same thing if you know what brands to avoid.

Getting a 200$ headset is just a pain in the ass tho.

I need to replace my cables so I can use my headset without worry again.

Or you can be like me and just fan-boy over Sennheiser at the expense of your wallet because, like.

Sennies are bae.

ok thgank


But you are pedo of biblical proportions

he's underage so its ok

Didn't you fap to gay porn to preserve your pride as a man

And here I thought I've seen shit

I have no idea what you are talking about

Honestly seeing half the shit Feku says knowing he's under aged is kind of gross.

Im not underaged tho

I'm underaged too...

Want sum fuk?


Certainly not from you.

Videogames like many others

Alrighty, I should be around. If not, then I'm cooking or something like that

Thanks chap that helps

how are the underage animus STILL under age

hold up

ancient settings

bet my name is retarded

na that's fine

loco is in his twenties now

it's crazy

Hi-ya Erin.

Anime is better become weeb

20s? So old! I just turned 15.

Prove it.

Wouldn't it be easier to believe?

That doesn't prove it though so no.

If it's you im fine with being underage

you can read news stories straight from AP

this is incredible


My God, is full of autism

Idk what that means but i think my plan to turn you off from this conversation so i could go fap worked

Welcome back cioban


It's little wonder everyone thinks you're retarded.

Advanced autism!

Bard while I will readily admit I kicked you out numerous times, they were all 100% justified on the basis that you were a huge asshole to people. Do some self reflection dude, as TP pointed out earlier, you never were a particularly good person. You were a shitty vindictive alice that frequently recommended suicide as a solution, and you were shitty and vindictive in the chat too.

Also it owns to me that you call me a "fucking child" and then in the next breath call me a "Stupid nigger". Real mature and adult there. Not at all like something a stupid child would say.

But wait let me get to the best part of this mouth turd you've sprayed onto your keyboard:

" invited mgd into the alice chat and spent the next 5 fucking months doing nothing but constantly publicly fucking him"

I have no idea how this thought somehow wormed it's way into your weed addled brain, but it is a bold faced lie, and 100% untrue. I've literally never liked MGD, and unlike you, I've certainly never fucked him over the internet. Nice to know MGD still triggers you though, even if it's events that have literally never happened.

Also the final straw that led to you getting banned out was when you agreed to report Alice's threads to Jack so he could trash them. Which both you and him still deny to this day, even though I literally have proof of it. Though in Jack's case, I think it might be simply be because he forgot.

And tsk tsk, kicking someone while they're down?
how unsporting of you Jack. Of course, that's all you've ever been good at. I bet it gives you quite the ego boost. Helps distract you from how shitty you're fucking life is I bet.

The word 'advanced' hardly can be applied to them.




To live is to exist in waking agony.

Cuckermit? Do you have any idea how many people ya little incompetent pissants let down? They came swarming at me yesterday. Oh man, its on.
Besides, I don't think Osaka will appreciate the fact that you told me
is down. Thanks for that piece of information by the way. Now piss off. I can't stand the sight of ye

So, is the rule whoever makes the longest post wins?


Oh and in case either bard or jack start denying the conspired together to fuck up alice threads, here's a crisp vintage screencap of those two doing it.

Kicked out for no reason my fucking ass lmfao

i can't watch this lol

Tempted to breed a Vaporeon and name it Kiss and care for it and make it grow big and strong.


this is pathetic even by my standards.

Jack won.

W-will you rub it's belly?

You know it.

Oh gee, busted.
Man, time flies. And ya gits are hella paranoid.

Do it.

Kind of miss when shit was hectic in threads.

Good times. Much better than boring half dead struggling pitiful "hi how are you x3 *hugs*" horseshit.
Now that, THAT is pathetic.

You mean when there was more than like 4 people around max at any given time?

Dude it took me months to get me deleted from ED and at least 15 other pages, I had articles everywhere. I have random anons recognize me in random threads all the time. Nigger you aren't shit you can't even begin to lick my shadow. You are a fucking nobody a joke. Nobody knows you or cares about you other than yourself. You are fucking sad kill yourself.
I don't care about my fame this is how I got famous. You only care about that and this is why you will arrive exactly where you are headed, nowhere. It really is miserable how you keep praising yourself and I mean only you. It was funny at first now its just fucking sad.

It is certainly something!

Moshi Moshi Squashi

I've been in on your plans since the beginning dude. I even know that you got that name from Asterisk. You really should pick your allies better. Drawing from the well of people that you've chastised and shit on and letting them into your inner circle wasn't very smart.

Me bothering to reply, Bard making shit up to cry about MGD again, or Jack rallying an army to attack someone online?

Anyway I'm heading out, said what I wanted to say!
Hope you all have a good animoosing

Sometimes I can't tell if it's pasta or not.

Yeah. I miss people like Gizzy and what have you.

I like some of the new guys at least.

And yet you come crawling back lol.

Y-you don't hate me for being part of this do you, K-kermit?


bash somebody who is willing TO PUT SOME EFFORT into his own fun. Unlike you cockroaches. Look at how pathetic you are, I am your subject. You don't even like me and all you talk about is me. Fucking hell kill yourselves and let those who have creativity and wits do their thing and spice up their own free time.


I have nothing to lose I'm at liberty to make mistakes like that. I don't have anything I don't have a group I don't have friends I don't have reputation or fame.
So, unlike you lot, I can literally do what I want without consequences. Can explore infinite possibilities.

Nobody does shit anymore but blogposts. Time to CHANGE

That is original, lad, I typed it myself yesterday
Glorious ain't it

I don't think we hated each other when I was raiding fur threads, see no reason why I should hate you if you're planning on raiding alice threads.

No point complaining about someone else coming back here?

fucking rofl

To arms brother.

Cool. You're like the only Alice fag I like that I can think of. Glad there won't be bad blood between us.

oh before i go for real

Chen: Had a good laugh when alice made it so your logins said "Chen loves dicks"

is that the sorta creativity you're referring to? lol

anyway Kermit out 4 realz

It's more that if you bash it then it makes some decent pasta.




When did that happen?

Last night. Someone kept logging in saying "hail chen" only it ended up getting changed to "Chen Loves dicks" through alice. If it wasn't you, it was someone pretending to be you