Stalin was Right

Stalin was Right

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Everyone's fapped to Mordin at least once.

didn't you just, travel somewhere? didn't you feel alive travelling?

who are you even?

some of us don't masturbate to ugly children.

I was recently in Barcelona. that made me feel very alive.

Dardar says he's a source of great pain tbh

You are the Kawaiiest source of pain.

doesnt stop your mates from doing it


cool. our brains are pretty sensitive about geography and space. since we prioritize novelty and emotional experiences, namely whatever causes us adrenaline but nevermind, part of feeling alive is doing novel things. I try do so everyday. but what I was doing was unhealthy and as of yesterday, I've decided to quit and find something else. hope you find your thing. hope it isn't too risky or impossible to find.

Preferably a nail bomb

Since when is Darwin "everyone"?

Alright maybe I got a little too excited there.



Thank goodness


maybe everyone is out on hot dates

7 niggas parked next door. prolly a klan rally next door or something.

the thing was going out at night, on a bike, with a weed loaded pipe, and seeing how lost I could get. venturing out for several kilometers, taking every unrecognizble road. This city (actually multiple cities) are insane and so are its views. this experiment was to remind myself of my own existence through novel experience and risk. but the time spent doing this meant more hours intoxicated, or recovering from intoxication, which sucks. not to mention the sudden developing of a cough recently, I'm now looking for a more sustainable way to prove my existence to myself, and posting should never be considered as an option for that. still unsure about what I should replace this with. pretty sure intoxication isn't mandatory. but a consistent, fulfilling reminder of my existence still is. wish the reasonable and sane answers struck as strong a chord with me as the more emotionally vivid, dangerous ones. meh.

Take Luka out on a date.

Proto sends their love


I spent today drawing porn and eating Nesquik straight from the box.


who knows man. crazy about all these statues getting taken down lol


that crazy n-bomb

i feel i find myself unironically behaving like him when he's around

post porn


or luka gets sad ;;


it worked

uh oh probably someone needing some banning


Luka is a good poster :)

Yeah man, war god does that

luka posts stuff that is much more suggestive than this

glad it's not just me. like when you're blacked out that shit starts making legit sense


i bet she faps to the weirdest things tbh

just feeling meh today i guess...

sfw suggestive lesbian

or yuri~ as some people call it

Its just nature man
Proto1 is primal.
Also I'm not happy at loco dissing luka like this
Lets ban him

Must be that kind if weekend❤️

luka is my friend, don't ban me

Ban him

he's going to end up making her really sad at this rate

better be careful

at least you're around, you make things better

hi luka ^^

are those like cat eyes? that's what i do when i'm being super duper cute


cats are cute af


Damn right grrrr

No naps or cute animaymays?

what's good

I miss my cat when I'm at work. Like, I wonder what they're doing right now.

one of mine i just discovered has an ingrown nail. kinda a bummer i'm going to have to take him in eventually. it's a real bitch to have to do that

it's best to keep the luka at bay

it's better for all

you could get a cam that streams to your phone

they're actually pretty economical i hear

What, like livestream style?

its not bedtime for another 6 or 7 hours.
just a weary day in general. i feel like i have no energy today.
and waking up didn't change that, today was a low energy day where i'm not feeling happy or energetic.


Wait i had a dumb. I get what you mean

i don't know the specifics but like my boss can check the security camera at his house through his phone

pretty neat but way over my tech level

Just chill out I guess.
Cannot be helped.
Better to go with the flow than fight the current.

something must be good luka

what about that eclipse coming out on monday

you must be pretty stoked about that

so true


Yeah ive seen thise on amazon
Its an idea
Look at this chunk
Sure dome come with soeakers you can talk through too

god one of my cats is so fat now. he's just going to get fatter too because his sister is too skinny and i can't feed them separately

i read this through a few times and am still kinda lost


alright, i'm gonna lay here and stare at my ceiling for a little bit i guess.

can't see it.

hes saying cats have tits i think

oh shit lol

yeah for sure. it's funny how bad those typos fucked that sentence up

yeah i can't either apparently

you're not supposed to look at it.

imma definitely take a smoke break when it gets dark though

way off albania bro

you made it to the promised land i see


although actually i hear albania is way better than when i was there

scoots i might actually have to buy this cd to bump in my ride

i finally picked up grimes' and sylvan esso's new ones

how are cds still alive lol

yeah man our crew is raiding /a/ its off the hook

Imma sleep now
Keep strong luka!

And yeeee album pretty solid
Grimes though!


i figure i've listen to that album so many times for free that i should finally support the artist

the kid in the bookstore in kentucky said it was a really good one

i bet i turned him onto sylvan esso cause he was all like, ah i haven't hear of this one

also i didn't realize hayley williams was only 28

she got started at like 13 and met her bandmates at a homeschooled function lol

Id have to go through the escrow to find you the exact thread.

oh scoots left lol. neenee bro

4chan /a/?

i feel like posting on 4chan stops being fun once you start getting to the pics of things that aren't what they are asking for for captchas

then you get into the drawing shit

and i always overthink it

hi TP

hello emma ^^

Yeah 4chan /a/. Thats real thoughtful of you though dont think I even spent a day banned but its all kids now everyone just evades.

emma have you seen that hockey movie goon that is trending atm for some reason

even though it was made years ago

i was trying to figure out if hockey fights even still go down

i haven't seen one in days

please don't post based sama-san's avatar

dude evading became really difficult there actually

proxies used to be plentiful

they stopped being so

i followed the shit wave here

Hockey fights are still huge tbh fam

and i mean there are free vpn's but that just slows your whole shit


yeah i was surprised to read wiki say current rules on fighting

so you still just get a 5 minute majour?

seems kinda brutal and antiquated but i'm actually glad it's still around

You just gotta fight the weeb off and eventually you become a blessing to the mods themselves cause they just hide on IRC all day.

i feel like bitches in baseball are too scared to bench clear anymore

Yeah, the game doesn't go 4 on 4 or anything, but you can get an instigation penalty which can suck

isn't 4chan owned by a jap?

I think so.

it's also so weird when you meet well-off women who love hockey

i went to a hawks came with my stepmom once

she was crazy

the whole site is weeb

they filter tbh and fam to desu and senpai

dusty baker is such a bitch

but i hope he brings the nats to the series


ikt we might get nuked pls hugg ;;

*grabs the popcorn and welding glasses*

I'm a boy tho

hell this site is weeb

blast from the past memory

remember when hotwheels posted here (it might have been aneki) and he was like just trying to dump some manga or something

and you autists flipped the fuck out


and he was all like you know

you could just make a cyclic thread


lol good times

Now he just chills with Yuri-bro

oh brother...

...what shall i call you now

also yuri bro is actually kinda a dick after the first post

but i still like him

j's shit has been a little too avante tbh

this is tight tho

idk Onii-chan?

Does he post anymore?
Last I heard his mega was capped so he stopped doing the posts.

i donno i missed last week

hope luka got his details

what did he mean by this

I feel like they don't mesh at all.

Like the site gives you 50gb free storage and he used it all up.

stupid new zealand

haha yeah yuri bro is just some angry f-bomb posting shit out of spite

oh like he was actually uploading all that shit?

i thought he was just an obsessed yuri fan linking yuri for fellow yuri fans

does he get money for clicks or something?

glad fucking test the tyrant didn't ban him for advertising

yeah like why did they colonize and rape the native people

they seem super civ

Yeah, he gathered up the yuri links and uploaded it.

I think he just wanted to share the yuri


oh that's what i thought

kinda like that wierd daily yotsuba guy

miss yo come to think

he would always make me feel bad about thinking he wasn't genuine

i think he might have just been just a really nice dude

it's a shame how you have to always have to be so on guard on the internet

but like we're children of Holla Forums

hell luka has been posting there since 1998


so sick of that share glitch

there's nothing in the embed

there's nothing to clear

it still posts the last

guess i should blog about trump

i don't know why but this indiscriminate tearing down of statues is scaring me a bit

like bros calm down

he'll be out soon

antifa need to chill

So do the "white nationalists." They were pouring in even from canada when people were looking to take down their own statues and those people had to stick their nose in others' business.

oh you saw that hbo vice too?

it is kinda funny that a moose-fucker came down there armed to the t

it kinda blows up trumps whole game


Anime is just softcore porn.

Anime is just beta cuck MCs and hentai bait.

it's weird

i have been jerking it to older asian women giving handjobs in massage parlours

I saw some of it and the coverage with it. After talking to a good friend of mine and just decided to let people do what they want in their own area or else there will be a shitstorm.

New Confederate monuments are going up now in some places from what I've been reading.

are you beepop?

there is too much hot right now

like i went to an anti- westboro baptist thing onces

we sung kumbayah or something while walking around a gay church

tearing down confererate soldiers in monument form is kinda dumb

think about that for a second

with that logic italy should tear down the vatican cause they are horrible

Or the Germans tearing down Nazi shit

Same thing in their eyes, and on principle it kinda is in a way


it's getting a little too hot, right?

Yeah, super tired of seeing any of this shit

germans also keep many "stumbling blocks"

i learned about this in some philosophy class

if we die tomorrow

i really do love you colbert

Same fam

Communism is for idiots

also beepop

i love you bro

i do think it's all talk

but it puts the whole "if the world ended today" scenario into play

and i guess everytime i was mean to you i figured we would eventually be friends again

and i pushed it

i am sorry bro

i think you are super keen

Stalin was faggot



i am going to say some real contro shit

putin was not "our enemy" until last year

that is why the dems lost

you forgot our moscowfags

It's all basically a standing image of an ancient battle from 150 years ago that some see as a military fetish by treasonous people with their symbol of racism. I've heard some that can't get it through their head that slavery is intertwined in the middle of every single one of their arguments.

Secession and Civil War: They wanted rights in their own slave country. The Dredd Scott decisions and the Fugitive Slave Act are examples of inflammatory legal actions that went along with all the other events that seems to be easily forgotten.


idolatry and symbolism are beast ways

is that not taught

all while jay-z mr. illuminati came out of retirement just to make fresh statements

i mean come on



where is like

gay not gay guy

when you need them



lewd how was your day love


the problem is like test and all the other owlfuckers
are on their private chats


Those aren't active right now either.

It's dying, and it's not me or anybody else that killed it.

i love you

and i am sorry for blaming you for things

you knew what you signed up for

also it's not dying

i was lurking the other night with like that brad erio bc beef

that was some good reading

It's fine.

Doing anything right now other than drinking?

and then you had loco smart-checking kanra for the millionth time

Sup Chris?

is that a trick q?

i'm talking to you

tests' job is hard and he does it well

Well I'm also reading and listening to music, I didn't know if you were filling the time between posts, too.

Decided to start reading Berserk day before yesterday.

It's like I decided to read the entire Stephen King bibliography with how much there is.

Oh dear

See you in a few years

you could use a bit of softening

since you took over this board you have been abrasive af


The story probably won't even be over in a few years, either.

I think I've softened even more since then, not grown more abrasive.

So, are you doing anything?

no lol



Reading and listening to music, like I said.

it's rarely known that test is a jew


So rare that even I didn't know it.

at test

how do you feel about the whole brad thing

I'll be honest, I was listening to the Dark Souls soundtrack to set the mood for what I was reading.

This is nice, though.

What about him?


shit is chill

helloo tp how are you


Any idea what he was asking here?

That's Friday for you.

pretty good man


like i got some stresses but not that hard or anything

i think

don't answer

what brad thing

who are you

at least you can count on that shit

except last week

i was in cincinnati

No idea.

Stop using gay avatars, Test.

Coming from you this is ludicrous to the point of not even being funny.


i meant how brad doesn't talk to anyone who roleplays with bc

actually props to that stand

i am just too lay to be consistent

brad i might slip and talk to bc

Not like there's enough of this character for me to keep it up for long without getting bored.

Seems reasonable, honestly.

we were always reasonable first and foremost

As long as it stays good, I guess it's worth it

check this out

so,, back in 2015 this company was launching on kickstarter, Thalia Capos, they make very beautiful high end guitar capos

My old keyser capo was a 15 dollar thing that served me well but looked basic as fuck so I decided to back these guys

They had their Generation One Model and it cost me about 50 bucks
Came with interchangable capo tips and all this cool shit but when I used it

It ruined the brand new guitar that I had at the time by putting knicks and notches into the back of the neck

This was over the course of about 4 months but when it was all said ad done nearly every fret from 0 to about 7 or 8 had a nick in it and it felt terrible on my hands so I got rid of the guitar, at a loss of course

About 2 weeks ago I saw an advertisement on my facebook one of those automatic ads they run
And it was for thalia capos
NEW IMPROVED generation 2 Capo that came out about 2 or 3 months ago

welll, this model is more expensive, aand had a complete overhaul of the internals

I went ahead and left a big paragraph about my experience in the comments of that ads and

While I wasn't a dick
I didn't spare any detaiils. In that comment I posted about how beautiful I thought the capos were but that I was reluctant to by the second generation capo because of my experience with them the first time around.

I went ahead and left that comment and continued on with my day not expecting anything to come of it.

A few days later, I had a message in my inbox from the admins of the thalia capos page and they were offering to reimburse me for any repair costs I had on my guitar and also they said they would hook me up with a free gen 2 thalia capo!!!

I told them that since I'd sold the guitar long ago it wasnt a big deal, but of coure I'd gladly take a capo and they told me to pick any model on the site, so I went ahead and went with an identical model to my old thalia capo and told them to get back to me with how much shipping would be

Then I got this in the mail and the representative told me that they already had my info on hand from back when I bought one the last time and that it was expected to be shipped here by monday

That shit really made my week
but to top it all off
I woke up this morning and it was here in the fucking mail an entire 3 days early

I am astonished at this amazing customer service

yeah I wish blood chan would either leave or die

brad i'm not reading that shit

so i was at a reggae show in cincinnati and dude's g string broke

and he tuned it while jamming

i liked it

long story shit i got expensive shit for free

Did the strning break or just come undone?
It's one thing to tune up in a live setting

its a different thing entirely to string your damn guitar while pperforming

we all know blood chan is a dude

he has a banner

the only people who still think blood is a girl is like cato and grim

just let it got if test won't ban him

it broke

apparently they have things that light up and tune while playing

we did not have such luxuries

also brad what is so bad about bc anyways?

he's not actually that guy who cucked you

he's just messing with you

lol speak for yourself brah

I'm living in the future I have a sick ass TC electronics polytuner with all kinds of bells and whistles

Being perfectly intonated is the most important thing you can do for your playing

Too many things to name

we should tiny

ehh I'm tired and theres not alot of people around tonight

To be honest TCs are just listening to one person talk over everyone else.

oh yeah true

just know i got your back though

i saw test and his chronies honing in

sometime you have to check an n'bomb

kinda want to hear kyle talk FOR HOURS

Ha. Pass.

What is good about him?


i kinda like how others get all mad over him

if bc went further he could have milked grim for a thousand dollars

Can I talk over everyone ?


i've dated ban once and the breakup was mutual

We didn't actually date.

I it was a joke.





You've gotten far gayer than even I thought was possible.

is spectre sci?

you dumb idiots it is sci

well test soft allows sci now



What kind of impression did I ever give you I wonder.

Its not Sci

Spec is to cute to be a potato.

Well the years I knew you before you dated Hu it was always "im not gay" and "I hate dicks"

Now its

"ew vagina"


He's from the pony threads.


it was a 50/50 in my mind

i got a sci vibe

If I were him I'd take that as an insult.

Well now hold on, how are we sure?

I'm not gay.
I hate dicks.
Tits are awesome. Yay pussy.
Are we cool now?

here is a q

test would you still ban sci on sight?

i think he served his time lol


Let's not argue about it.


Sci won't be posting again, TP. He posted CP.
Normal "time" for that is like 10 years in jail.

I don't know.
Maybe if I had some photographic proof I would know.

mfw sci is b o s

is it about the child porn?

you do realize most of your chat faps to child porn right


I guess

I wonder if you actually believe that.

no but i was hot and it was a hot post

but most of your gay chat is unregulated

you might give a nigga a second chance


he already got a bunch of chances though

test is based he just gets entranced by the lights

people should like remember that our admin works at mcdonalds lol

what do you got against fast food?

Money is money

I'm in my last year of college and currently don't work.

Test IRL

oh nothing

but remember

that test works for mcdonalds

you just needed a heat check

i would totally buy like three egg mcmuffs minus bacon

mcdonalds good

TP did Echo send a dick pic back ?

Don't talk to me
before I've had my
Morning Coffee™


hi eisen

hello thread

post said pictures

I've never had the pleasure

lol no

but we are still very good friends

TP I don't work at McDonald's. I did when I was younger. I only go to school now.

This is the associate's degree I got in 2016. After this last year of school I get my bachelor's. I'm not working at all right now.


what's new

but why?

mfw Renz posts

it was always okay

Are you really ?


Then why must you spread lies?

WHAT DID I SAY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


That you're a fag

i didn't?

i'm not going to argue with you

you seem to think i am this anti-you

i am not

Aaaah that's better :3


What are you even saying

nice trips brah

go back to your cave

aaaand this is why people do not like chris

dont have any lewd on me sorry


hi eisen

you disappoint me

No idea what this face is supposed to mean.

Who do you think ?

I don't know, the quick reply doesn't show what pic is queued up, but I already had one in there, so I just hit new reply.

hi nezi ^^


what's good

why must this bulllying start so early....

you care so much

I personally like Chris far more than TP. :(

And you just can't be fucked. I know...

working a lot

to my credit i am naturally hairless

but to chris's credit he is gay

what's happening dood

been reading a lot and watching the anime, ERASED.

also working pretty much fulltime


i can't wait to get back to work in a week

car parking

can i ask you a question?

and people SHOULD love test more than me

i post one a week and am a nobody

Pretty much.

you mean

"the town where i was cucked "

hi eisen^^

I dunno

what job do you have again?

go ahead

talk shit about ERASED again and see what happens

oh shit that hu

TAGS: NTR, Cheating,MILF, Childhood friend

hi again tp

film lab assistant
some videography but it's an unpaid volunteer position but i treat it like a job anyway

can you parallel park an suv with confidence?

i'm not even fucking with it


we met tonight?


i said what's new earlier


what's new scooby doo?
they're comin after you
Gonna solve that mystery

oh i don't know eisen

thought not


like zoinks

i'm sorry to hear that

i was expressing my proverbial who is me

tfw the gang's all here except for Squode

squash is here but only responds to direct anal penetration

i have no idea what you're talking about

i don't really either

love you bro


no silly not puppy squode
pony squode

got any eclipse plans?

where the fuck is there NTR or cheating in ERASED

are you high

oh that's cool
what kind of stuff do you do as a film lab assistant ?

yes, easily.
if you know the trick to it, the size doesn't matter. You just need enough space for the vehicle and to watch the proper mirrors while using the trick


you poor poor soul

having good spatial awareness from lots of experience is good too lol

you do realize the admin is a pony?

I've seen the whole anime you fuck, there is none

unless you're referring to the manga, in which case I couldn't give two shits


literally the weakest species

sit in a room by myself in front of a computer and wait for people to come check out equipment

i work on sunday so no one does. so i just hang out.

i bought this jeep who months ago and i'm useless with parallel

the blind spots are too nasty



Me, chillin on the left
you, tryinna ruin my chill (Right)


oh shit

to brad's credit

blood chan should have been banned on sight if sci is

bc is way fucking more spam

agreed actually

Bc is more deserving of a lifetime ban than sci

what does that even mean? use complete sentences u cuck

doesn't sound too bad, can you listen to music and stuff or nah?

lol jeeps are stupid easy for parallel because of the short axle length or whatever

but chris has a personal vendetta against sci

and he also kind wants to eff bloodchan

yeah i'm lost with it

i finally have my driving confidence with it tho

wtf i hate chris now

i mean it's kinda sad

you say sci and chris larson all of a sudden perks his neckbear up


i love chris but i don't appreciate his antibrad

That's why i hated bebop mostly aside from the stupid shit he did

he only used his admin ship to try to fuck pychopathic guys on the internet and then sold us out so he could bury his face in alices ass




beepop is trash

he would be a slave to any girl who would remotely pay attention to him

You know I hate Blood-chan almost as much as you, right?

chris is based though brad


i can kinda do whatever honestly
my supervisor doesn't even come in on the weekends

i'm pretty much the only person in the building

Yeah I hope he stays gone

he was creeping on everybody who pretended to be a girl or not

why do you hate bc?


Get back in the kitchen, blacky.

i hope he's alright at least

post pic of jeep

ugh im jelly

on slow days I have to stand facing the same direction for 8 hours, no music or anything.
in florida heat :(

I'll meet you halfway and say "hopefully he isnt dead"

Because he's a shitty roleplayer that gets on my nerves and changes personas just so people will be willing to talk to him.

It's not a personal hatred, they've done nothing to me, they're just a disgusting individual.

Just seeing Test post makes me wanna vomit.

Can we ban him already ?



that sounds actually terrible

mine is more blue

haha yeah

thats nice to hear

She is the hero we deserve, Ban.

Get it over with.

Please don't take anything TP says seriously.

Murder was kind of fun though.
BC is a watered down syndrome version of him.

regardless of anything test says

we are still illinois bros

Who even are you ?

But he's my oldest friend here

Murder posted recently.

It was hilarious to see nobody respond to him.

come on guys... I almost live in illinois too....

That's Eva

Well, nobody really likes him.

I was Eva yesterday and the day before that.

Don't think that changed~

I can't even remember anything notable about murder

I just remember I really hated him

why the absolute statement tho

you have more shown yourselve a liar with your admin comments

Is he the fat kid in the "if I say ur cute ur cute" picture ?

y-yeah I'm pretty sure that's it

fucking bitch

How was I supposed to know ?

The one with his and Rin's faces shopped on?


Shit, TP. You're just as much a drama starter as I am.
Only difference is I actually can make drama happen.

Oh god. I almost forgot that abomination of an image existed.


see you do the oh shit i have to work a 12 hour shift and get horsefuckers to feel sorry for you

i work for myself

You work for the school district.

Just ask Tsuchi, he never lets go of it.

Get turned down by an underage boy, start shopping tons of images. :3 10/10 ign plan he had.

You see the kid in the top picture between the guess carrying soda ?

Always reminds me of him.

no kyle

i have a job

- guess

+ guys

I have a job as well. 2 more after that.
Me > (You)

Game start. I got the last word in so I won, TP.

someone should explain to kyle what a steady job means



Or explain that if you literally fuck animals you can't be above anyone.

Except pedos like Sci.

see a job is something you get

without a duck


I bet Eva goes on /a/

i miss eba tbh

Haven't even been on 4chan for a long time now.

Last night was the first time in a while and it ended up quite lame. No Alice, despite what was promised.

It's like a mexican gunfight with everybody shootin shots at someone else but nobody ganging up on the same people

cancuck pls go


alice is a dude bro lmao

He is and I wanted to trigger him.

Instead I had to settle with baiting Squanch there~

don't get brad started on alice 2


i wish the furries were this fascinating

squash has an anger issue

Actually since I returned Bard is pretty chill. Squanch and Jack seem more along the way Bard and I used to be about him.

i like eisen


This is true and that is why it is fun to bait him.

jack is just being jack

he also cybers on discord

so like jack is full of shit


To be fair I play it up with you because it's how we flirt.

you think jack doesn't cyber?

Well that is something I had not known.

The discord cybering that is, the rest I knew~

i also love to give you shit i think

It's fine. I honestly enjoy our bants.

uhhh....................................I don't know man he just...................................I just don't think he'd have anybody to cyber with..........and even if he did I just....Idk man do you really think he would do that?

I just find that not very beleivable

i just assumed it

from his past of cybering furries and ponies

If what was said here wasn't just teasing, then a week or two ago, he and BC cybered

He will probably pretend to ignore my posts now. Having told me how he never reads my posts, right after reading my posts, last night.

It's okay Squanch, I know you love me. And hey at least you waited til I was of age before falling for me, unlike Tsuchi~ x3

Whatever floats his weird ass boat.

jack was around first gen ponies

he is a part of all their groups still

jack is very very gay





Wtf I hate jack now

I've only legit cybered 2 people I think.

brad what the fuck out gay jack is the best

think back further it's surely more than that....

no i hate jack forever now

jack is all alice

and bc cause he roleplays

didn't you do an alice 3 roleplay?

What counts? Like, there are two people I have actually done full on cybering with, but I do that "owo paws your thigh" shit with everyone and that's hardly applicable.

oh wait you did you can't say shit

Yes but I don't have BC because they're a roleplayer

actually I love roleplayers

*emoted* Sexual actions with the intention of Genuinely arousing your partner to orgasm
(or yoruself if you're a selfish fuck like the most youll find here) is my own personal definition

I remember when I cybered Squash

Pretty disappointing


yeah what the heck I'm not even mad I'm just let down

Yeah. Only 2 people got that with the intention of it being sexual and not just ironic.

squash hates emma

Why would you rp as a dog ?

with a real passion

i...I pure of you

i like all you guys

Emma is a 10 out of 10 E-fuck if I'm to be honest.

I got a 24 on the Rice Purity test.

Oh shit, tru.

rp as a dog?

I am a dog!


i thought you were pretty succ-cesful irl though? .//.

emma knows she is a dime but you also railed on her mercilessly



But your anime girl has cat ears.



I would rather have one dedicated partner than multiple.

Here's a video of me doing a creepy hand trick.

They liked it.
Like how it is with you and me violent rage is how I flirt with her.



And your anime girl is a girl but is a boy but is a girl.

Thank you for using my proper gender

do you actually like wish though?

it seems like she makes you pretty angry

Kill yourself, you hog nosed AIDs riddled clap giving ham monster.


OK so are you wish?

this was a nice back and forth

that's admirable and also pure

picture related

None of them are this.




Eh. Wish is ok. Plays back when I get mean and it's honestly a wonderful catharsis.

I am just trying to find someone who loves me like that.

Whoever was screaming about the bathroom ruined the video trick for me

hi lloyd ^^

No. You want it now and I need resistance for an erection.

I don't even remember what was going on in the background or who that even was.

wish can be just as mean as you

she is a bro

The little hand sits on my computer desk now.


Was it your girlfriend?

owo wat's this?

Tp my man

I need to get a cork out of this bottle but I dont have a screw on hand or a corker

What do



a screw

The "haha" isn't square

No. Sounds like my grandmother.
Not sure though.

B-be my girlfriend.


actually put the base of the bottle in the sole of a shoe

and pound

I actually had a gf for like a year once.

fuck i lost it

Well you showed up so I figured that there were enough squares around.

But I'm a boy


Boys can be girls nowadays.

what is it like as a gay man to be in a heteronormative relationship


don't even care or listen to those f-bombs

just entitled trash

Pay for my HRT.

Not bad. If I wasn't so sexually confused and shit I would have probably been happy with her.

oh sh!t
Nice one
It almost makes me regret killing you later on

fuck that kind of made me sad

Sorry. Men are suppose to support girls as independent and shit.
So like, pay for it yourself, you fucking mong.

I'm being progressive as shit right now.


brad and emma should reconnect

that would be rad



Honestly at this point I would do anything for someone that loves me unconditionally and just wants to make me happy and I want the same for them and will roll over at night and squeeze me closer and just hold my hand because he can.

hi moogs ^^

It would not be.

wtf squash why dont you have a boyfriend in real life anyways

Hey Lloyd I like you.
Don't come to Holla Forums tomorrow.

I'm triggered you fucking misogynistic nazi.

but still


wth do you even know wallfeslz

hi tp

I remember syrup sandwiches and syrup sandwiches
finesse a nigga with some syrup syrup syrup sandwiches

I know the first three numbers.

Because I like too many people and anyone I have a relative chance with never works out and I have zero confidence outside of here.

Neo Nazi.
All the actual nazis are like 80.

How goes?

sit down


i feel like if there were a cute in the closet neo-nazi

based kyle would prime him and march next to him

They bout to find yo' body in the alley Wish


join call

fuck that's a feel too real

why dont you just marry mugen

I am below
So far below
The bottom line

No, you're an actual nazi. You were the prototype experiment for the nazi time machine.

o nice bye



George has someone.

Are you high or some shit?


Squash is gonna kys now

based george is high af

Nah. Tried that shit ages ago.
Probably not doing it again.

also like kyle

get a real job

You're scaring me....

sorry i didnt mean to be awkward

Get a real insult~

is k

haHA got eem
That's some poignant topical humor


this reaction is from two people without jobs>>1826481

Link your shit right and I'll acknowledge it.


thonk you makes really


When he doesn't shave his ass for a few days and the ass hair stabs your dick.

It was a trap.

alright so kyle you're a top

but you also shave your ass

and get dominated?

seems not like you

I think that's called a powerbottom
n-not like I'd know

i wonder what it's like to be attractive every day when you wake up

I've shaved my ass twice in my life. It's awful.
And I'm a switch.


Feels nice.

not entirely

i was suggesting that kyle is more of a bitch pussy bottom


Bottoms are a plague on society

sissies please go

bottoms aren't

but fake bottoms are

just say you are a bitch

it's rooted in scared to be a sissy or some shit

w-what's a fake bottom

my god

how terrible to not even accept your sexuality


fucking garbage bottoms pls go

repressed culture

wait so lol is a garbage bottom like a dumpster?

and the other more twink one just like cums and spits in it

Not every relationship has a slave and master thing going on.

I came out to have a good time tonight

but honeslty I'm just feeling so attacked

Tp is actually very knowledgeable about the Gay Culture

but master/slave is best relationship

chill out brad


it is too late tp

I am already gone

putting a penis in an ass is not natural

wtf are you even listening to man



I'm actually feelin it

caetano veloso is a legend

tp chan are you into ufc or any fighting circuits?
my sparring buddy has been showing me all these super cool fighter dudes who I never knew about before and they are blowing my mind

sorry brad

i'm not into fighting

i have a lot of potential energy

not much kinetic

Where did the thread go

this isnt my fault is it..?

That's okay buddy

what else is there to talk about

I think it's just us

no it's cool i'll fight with cuck

I'm really feelin this Un Vestido y un Amor

who fucking cares

like start talking shit about posters

I dunno

like ban is actually pretty cool imo

tbh I love shit talking

but I feel like you should start it

Idk I just dont feel that mean right now

in all seriousness I'm just joking


i'm on pretty good terms with a lot of people

i don't really have beefs lol

i'm even working on ikt and cuckwork

Its hard to tell.

tp you poor innocent soul

right now I'm MAD!!! as heck!

at Scootaloo!

I can't believe bard killed it

I can't believe my post was being a shit and not going through

I really like ikt
gogs is meeeh but ikt is based af my man
why don't you like my large dicked small handed asian britbong programmer buddy

yeah i get along with everyone now

get with it

why's everybody always pickin on me?

wtf i hate tp now

ikt is garbage but i'm willing to try

I didn't know I was pretty 'meeeh' to you.

oh well

hi cuck ^^







I would never guilt-trip my Brad.




preemptive attention from dars

it's fun

More after the fact, but attention nonetheless.

you are just the absolute worst.....

may I have...some more?

Its almost like people post with the intentions of upsetting others.

Why would someone go and do that ?

he IS australian after all

hi darwin ^^

quasi sociopath?



there are some people i would like to suffer

like cato

Why are you giving me the gook eyes?

So being pathetic and petty makes you a sociopath ?

This is actually very pleasing

Thank you for your affirmation

But Bard, Earth is flat

cato having no spine makes him a miserable human being

He will lash back if you push him hard enough.

I've done it many times.

That's what Eddie Bravo said but you know what I just can't beleive him

no he really wont

he is trash

i want to see cato get actually bullied hard

He will.

You're just not good enough at bullying him.

I want to see TP get banned so he can complain about it the rest of the year.

this has happened before u . u

i have told him to stop talking to me

to kill himself

that he is a creepy stalker that everyone bans, no one likes

i don't know what else i can do here


chris larson and i are under good terms darbear

it's a shame that you just want to see chaos

We are due an encore.