Safe double_v open_mouth drooling


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Go back to bed Ikt

will you join?

My boss told me I over work myself and made me go home so I could get some rest and just take the morning off.

i manually cut those task down in here:

to cut down on video mem usage when i'm not using them, duh~
tto ensure smoother playback duhh

you should manually cut that emoji task

;~; hopefully you eat lots and rest peacefully ...

not seeing the emojiis on chrome annoys me

i bet gay furries like cocktails



I might sleep a bit, but I'm awake enough right now I can't sleep.

is it like that one extension for those twitch emotes?

good afternoon


i love getting open square-bracket@'d

sleep when you feel like it ^_^

Maybe, what's in it for me?

Right, I see, was just wondering about it

*p a t*


wow, that's lewd


like: if i had the twitch anywhere extension
and typed: Kappa
the text would be replaced with the twitch emote image

so for the emojii extension i'm using it works similarly:
it searches for emojii on the page, and replaces the non-functioning emojiis on pages with svg images of the emojii injected into the page to replace what i wasn't able to see before.

because Emojiis on my computer in Chrome specifically weren't displaying.

i like managing the back end of my programs sometimes
to keep things smooth when possible~

what did i do to deserve that :(

sounds complicated and smart people words
so can you see this? :snake:

I really don't blame you there, it's nice being in control

nope that's a different thing.

i also blacklisted Holla Forums from the emoji apps rendering

because Holla Forums renders the emojiis in its own way, and doesn't need the app to display twitter format emojiis

but on sites where emoji doesn't work and display incorrectly like youtube on my chrome browser
the emoji extension fixes that.

yeah *pets*
my computer is my own~

(Chrome with Emojii app on the youtube webpage)


(Emojiis on Youtube without any exstension) "Vanilla"


Holla Forums has it's own emojii renderer

Quite the difference

Not really 😷

nevermind then!

why must windows use smb
why do workgroups exist









Stop doing this to yourself, lewdo.

That's enough OW for the morning.



That's a lewd implication right there!
I would never

gj on potg!

Gotta say I wouldn't have pulled it off without you and Mercy on back up.


It pains me when I do the best on teams as my worst heroes. Why does it gotta be so hard~

Cutest angel, of a universe that is no longer. Rip in piece 10.



Never ever

I saw you doing it, comrade~

You must have been spying on someone else, cause I dindu nothin

it a kewl strat

to bad they had a rein sheild and other stuffs

There's only one you.

In this universe.

I saw all of it. Lewdo. Stop being a lewdo.

an angel?


Holy mother fucking shit I NEED THIS

Eh. I'll take 4 kills and a POTG for it.
Might nap soon though and play LoL when I wake up before work.

Only the angelliest.

I think you just want me to be lewd. Shame that won't happen

Many smiles


You are lewd. Suuuuuuper lewd. By default.

My post didn't go through.

good morning :3



Not lewd, just cute!

okay ^_^

Leeeeeeeeeeeewd, like only topped by like one or two other 2hus in terms of lewd.


I wouldn't know about that

What's the Holla Forums lewd ranking?

wai you sound so smart only when it doesnt matter



Ikt > you > everyone else

what do you mean?

What's this?

tell me random cat facts

wait no

Cats are known to eat their owners faces soon after the owners die, whereas dogs stay to guard the body and get attention.


oh yes that turns me on!

How was overwatch? You sure seem to get up early.

y'all need jesus


cats are soft

is dis u


god i wish

for the car, not the girl


i wanta dorifuto car

whats a dorito tofu car like?

Eating tofu with Dorito's.


When my Toyota's on the road, she's going to be a dorifuto kaa.


Did you see the little shitters, I posted 'em yesterday

i saw!

thanks for taking a nice pic of them~


I like showing off my properties



i wanna see moar!


Animu idol cosplaying Spiderman, yes the 'man' stays as she's not cosplaying Spiderwoman, Spidergwen, etc.

Read beneath the Avengers title. It's just like a magazine in that animu world.

Very, wassup?

Plus Marvel already fucked that idea cause Ironman is a black female in the comics. Cause muh diversity~ :^)

boredem and nosleep
and not tired
and and and... oh nothing.... u_u

That is MISGENDERING the actress, and as a canadian the least you can do after committing bigotry of this magnitude is to cut BOTH hands off and present them to your overlord Justin Jerome Abd Al-Rahmna Trudeau The Genderless on a red cashmere silk pillow while kneeling and begging for mercy on your fascist nazi life


they look comfortable!

I feel so much better after getting some actual sleep.

Oh? Why not play something?

Also I feel bad for you, I imagine it hurt to type such things.

PS fuck Trucuck.


GJ ^_^

do you have plans today? or were you justing going to play lol?

Good morning again.

Might play LoL.
There is an event on FF15 I was going to update for while I'm at work later.

Do you do work today?

As a nation of cucks, we don't have a prime minister. It's called the Prime Cuck.

i just got done playing with test over an hour ago... and he got depressed by other people. :(
at least i tried my best to be a nice mercy for him....

oh events? sounds interesting...

In like 6 hours.

Yeah. Choco Mog carnival.


They ate my liver paste so one of them has to die. You can pick which

Oh, that is a good while.
Any plans until then?

Essentially. lol

Oh? Wanna play then for a little bit?

yo if you pat yourself on the head while watching this its physically stimulating

Not really.
You should buy me the event key on LoL.

The fuck?

I don't even know what that is.
How do you buy it?

Riot points.

yum~ chocolate

none of them
feed them nicely until they live a full happy long life

maybe... but first i'm going to lie down and meditate while my laundry goes in the washer.

No. Like the bird in game.

No thanks, I'm not spending money for such a silly thing.
What does the event key do?

Extra arcade swag.

Have fun~

oh the baby chik look alikes! ^_^

Yeah. I missed it last year, but I'm going to try and get all the stuff from it this time.


google and youpoop has been super slow 4 me

I'll play league with you, but I'm out of RP right now.

What if they don't use the litter
Or behave bad
You sometimes need to put some pain on animals so they'll learn from it
I got the same treatment and look what a fine example of a prime human being I am

Were you mean to a tranny?

Trannies arent people
Thus you cannot be mean to them


I'm in low priority so it is 20 min of waiting for a game.
Let me get those done at least. I need 5.

Rin is alright. Be nice to them at least.

nani the fuck you mean


o okey.
why are you low priority?


Left a game.

The fuhrer, Google, hates that.

I need a new internet browser. FF is kind of shit.

Idek who that is but post more of her.

Cus, angel of former Universe 10.


And the space elephant is the same universe's god of destruction, I take it?

Quick, ikt, give me a kiss on the cheek, it'll make Fuhrer Google like you again.

Don't kiss rin
Trannies have disease

Yup and Gowasu is the Supreme Kai, the yellow/green guy.

The two are ded.

Cus is all alone.

Spoiler alert: Goku will make the little blue fucks restore all destroyed universes after winning the tournament

Poor Cus.

Yuh, sad angel is sad.

Unlike that fucking angel from former Universe 9. Creepy fuck that he is.


No, you morons, it's a mental disorder, not a brain disease.

It's not contagious.

No but AIDS is

Apparently Brave is alright


Trannies can spread AIDS ridden mental disorders with kisses 'tis a fact

Is autism infectious?

Well. There's one low prio game out of the way. Disconnected part way in, but got back in it.

It's fine if it is, I don't mind if you give me autism, ikt.


Rin, he's not the wizard of Oz.
You've had the autism all along, you don't need to have someone give it to you.

cute pic
saved :)

You saved my pic? How dare you.

I will smite you with smitey smiteness.

pls smite me too bby

Alright, fag.

But not because you asked~

oh my

Hope one was loco

Smite you right in the boi pucci.

The driver is Loco.

h-hey now

Ur a all star

You already signed yourself up for it, there is no mind changing anymore!

Please get a room; autistic children play here.

Testing to see if my shit imported to Chrome correctly.


Smiting is not to be hidden.

Smiting pussies of any variety is.
Behind closed doors.
And sheets.
And only ever in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.


That sounds like maximum lewd. What the heck Rin.

Why so lewd?! Autistic children apparently play here!

Morning. They let me take the morning off.
Boss said I was overworking myself and looked like sin.

That's me.
I'm the autistic child.

... Why is the autistic child so lewd then? Isn't there laws against that?

Who do I complain to?


Don't ask me, I'm just a kid.

im bored... are those game 'fun' ?

my breathing meditation was slightly revitalizing.

Ask your guardian, Rin.

The angel commands this of you.

*Hugs* That's gud.

Litter box dos and don'ts


Put litter boxes in quiet, calm locations that are easy for your kitten to reach, away from noisy household appliances
Place your kitten's litter box away from her bed and, in a spot that's reasonably private
Empty the tray regularly β€” your kitten will not want to use it if it's "dirty."
Scoop out your kitten's litter boxes daily and change the litter as needed

Use disinfectants and bleach to clean the litter box. Some disinfectants are toxic to cats, so it's best to only use hot water and detergent
Attempt to clean the litter box if you are pregnant. Have someone else clean out the tray. If you must clean the litter box yourself, make sure you wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Thoroughly cleanse the litter box daily. This will minimize the risk of toxoplasmosis, which although very rare, can cause serious problems to unborn babies

laundry is spinning nicely too


What's that?


The person with the van that keeps offering you candy to get in~

now i just sit and wait.... u_u



Oh yeah I have that covered. Don't wanna clean shit off the floor.

nice things to come to me

Hopefully they learn lots! >_

What counts as nice?

stuff that keeps me going

They seem to like metal
Every time I listen to it they come in. These fuckers are learning only the right stuff in my lair
I wonder if they like beer
Now they only need to smoke and I got myself a party crew

I guess I got no choice anymore

why would you want them stealing ur contraband, when you could just consume it yourself?

Blood chan

Oh right, I forgot how much I hate to share. Good one


Good girl. Many smites for you~

where that van rammed into is where I was sketching the Thursday before last

Loco posting from the scene of his crime

Not a girl though

coco why eng flag
where do you live now anyway
that house where that family was evicted?

Theyll be in jail soon

I know Squash is willing but will you shitpost in alicefag threads if they are up and got time for it?

I need to know who I can count on before this shits going down

feed them their food.
and keep your food to yourself~

that way, you won't want to eat their food & they will learn only you eat your food?

Right now I'm staying in a cave house in Granada that belongs to friends of my family who are away at an RSE cult meeting. normally I stay at my own house that used to be occupied by those people I evicted and subsequently murdered and ate.

my sim is British

You will be during the smiting.

For all intents and purposes~

Alice shit posting time?

is this a guide to how to care for a luka

Can't believe squash is an alice sellout




& and , cute anime things and media like youtubes and other stuffs....


Man, fuck that retard.

Fantastic Lukas and Where to Find Them


i'm on a whole nother level.


Depends on when it happens. Not if it's going to be in the middle of the night

That's very gay

Sounds like a plan. I want to give them a little beer tho. Nobody stays without alcohol in their blood in my home

Look at that nigger, she became threatening the waifu fags now that a few of them might join in the raids on her threads
Funny shit I tell ya boy

I see you don't disappoint oh Great White Tits

Raiding Alice threads?

Raiding Alice threads?

Well, if you want I can play a little OW with you.

Very. Exactly the type of smiting a fag like you deserves!

only catnip works on them

Personally I wouldn't care if it stuck to it's own fucking shit, but the fact he's so self occupied that he has to stick his dick in every CJ community as if he matters is fucking pretentious.
That and all of his cronies are annoying as shit.

Raiding threads is petty

What are we gonna be posting?

But you don't know that, all you got is my word which might be a lie

Stfu no one asked you asshat

Too bad for you then?

Ya in comrade?

My previous cat didn't like it

Pretty much. I have other reasons too but yours are already legit enough. The fact that its so easy to piss "her" off is icing on the cake

Shut the fuck up will ya

It doesn't matter my dude, we can agree on a theme to make it look organized if you guys want
But simple shitposting, the kind you already do here is enough in itself.
We should probably sit down for a quick talk ya guys, if you in. Some time this week

Yep, definitely petty.

If im available, I don't see why not.

What are the chances of getting a pass banned?
If someone gets me one I wouldn't worry either way, but I don't want to shell 15 bucks to lose it over a raid. I would rather manually post then.


Just talk bullshit? Sounds easy enough

Thats a proper lad right there. Add two waifufags and we are already 6. Going places

Pretty high, very high from what I heard.

It is. Literally no effort. Oh yeah, Alice doesn't really like other avatarfags bashing "her"
So just watering down her threads to a simple avatarfag thread will get rid of her crowd

Doesn't really change for me, it's smiting either way.

My Alice? Didn't that nigga thrive off avatarfafs?


What about bans?

So all we gotta do is give someone else more attention than it?

Gonna smite you right back then

I don't think that's allowed, I am the divine one. You're the filthy gay lewdo~

Used to. Used them as steps only, now she tolerates them less and less. Drags attention away from the queen bitch

Thats gonna be fun 7 days ahead, stock up on booze

Hmmm. We'll evade. I need to find working proxies and vpn during the weekend, prepare properly.

Exactly. And just shittalk it. It can't take criticism.

I have CC proxy so if I have to I can set up a server sometime. Though I don't know if I can change IPs here. Never had to yet. I'll get a proxy switcher sometime for personal use.

That's 13 kills already.

Can't the general area of the middle east just be glassed

I mean, if I post in any of their threads that's bound to anger Alice.

The hate they have for me seems pretty intense, I'm probably still banned in their chat "rules" thing.

If only.

in a little bit.

i think i'm gonna cook somethign first....

maybe these cats are different?

The butthurt will be biblical

You're the lewd one, you even used a tilde!

Sounds like it'll be piece of cake

Tomorrow then. That is fine.

Smiting is only lewd for the one being smited... Tilde~

Gonna fuck off for now guys, later it is.

Sounds great, we'll talk about this more but I gotta go now

I don't know who are you tho
Do tell. I also take it that you are on board too
More joins from animus so if all who said yes gets on its 8

I don't really wanna do that to them yet, I'm not their owner I'm just keeping them till she finishes moving

Legit makes me smile already

Easy laughs, can't wait

Later babe.


That's only been said a ton since I started posting again.

Also that's Eva, Jack.

Even lewder for the one doing the smiting, you lewdie

Have a good one

that pic is super cute~

she's moving?

ur 2slow

Then I will dive into the depths of the lewd to smite the lewd gay!

That being you. Of course.

Did you see the volume 5 Weiss preview?

i have to start season 1 first


You have so far to go and such low quality animation. It starts to kick up in 3 and was it's best ever in 4.

5 looks even better.

Why is that pic so hot?

Because it just is, accept it and your fate as a cute smite toy.

To be fair, when you're posting, or not, every Canadian is Eva.


Rest in peace Monty Oum...
he made stuff kewl... ever since he died it has never been the same.

This is in fact quite true...

Gg Canada, gg.

You were the one that asked for it~

I expected death not lewds

hey das me

i should watch to see for myself....

Even the cute Cantonese girl I know is Eva.

Eva is everyone.
And Everyone is Eva.

As long as we're Canadian.

Don't worry, everything will be alright. Except your butt.

You shoooooould!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Preach it guuuuurl~


Shhhhh, shhh. It'll be the lewdest. Do not worry, bae~

You've been the lewdest for hours now


All must be corrupted.

Starting with those who literally asked for it, like you~

*Hugs back*

But you'll get STD'es

Why does fox girl have massive tits

You have stds?

i'm a sucker for Alternative clothing styles for Heroes and Characters ~ β™₯

It is cute so.

Absolutely no idea. She's supposed to be flat

I'm very positive!

Then I guess we'll just have to stay together.

You're being the girlfriend then. Heck if I was gonna be.

Why, you positive too?


No but if I have to smite you lots anyway then there's no point. Gotta settle down and smite just one special Hup~

Wew, cute Widow. Also the only hero that is female and lucky enough to get a really good beach skin.

awoo's supposed to be F L A T

You're incredibly lewd today

Just like Earth

lol because she's blue?

It happens.

You're clearly just too much of a qt 3.14~

Honestly, despite loving Mercy's skin, she should've got a lifeguard skin. Junkrat should've got a beach themed one too.

Not a huuuuge fan of more than half the skins being based off a theme then leaving a few out.

Is that a futa!Weiss banging Ruby?


Or at least it is meant to be implied that is the case.

... i'm still waiting to see if i'll ever get my skin for her....
so far no loot boxes have dropped that one for me. ;~;

But I'm not a framework, or a pie

I like to imagine it this incredibly innocuous thing where Weiss is trying, but she just doesn't understand how yuri works, and Ruby's just being too polite to say anything.

Because you know if she did, Weiss would just stop and she probably wouldn't get anything for, like, a month.

@ikt, are you lurking?

What Initial D track should I start my playlist from? I stopped it for a cutscene and wanna resume before the next mission.

Just keep at it, make sure to save up gold too~

If not it will be 1k gold next year so you won't be missing much to not get it.

No, you're my pet. Exactly like this, on thee end of a leash~

That actually would fit really well with their characters, despite the artist's intentions. Good idea Rin!

i'm not gonna wait till next year to get it.

It also makes the picture, like, 10x more adorable.

"If you're so good at it, then just do it yourself!"
"N-no, Weiss, wait...!"


post flat

Then get iiiiiiit.

I would say 15x given the random cute lines you're inserting into it. x3

A loving pet! For hard smiting~


Being a pet would be nice

I'm a futa.

It is good that you think that way because it's your new position! Which is good in a way!

No more work camp for you.

good keep it that way


is this flat enough




Hup-pet is for whatever I wish.

A lover for a night, is a lover for life, right?

Wow, a promotion

But there's really not that many flat pics of her

Is good!


that thigh gap is alien

thats kinda pushing it but its good too

This one?

Yeah, it might leave you a bit sore but it's far more comfy than the camps~

Also it comes with cuddles so that's a plus.


She's just wearing something very, very tight


something very tight doesnt make you sprout breast

but its not something i dislike

See, a much better fate than the one you previously had. So just accept what you so happily asked for.

That picture is all I want in life, tbh.

Why can't life be easy, and we all get what we want?

Because of the regressive left.

When we free ourselves of them and the middle east, all will be yours my child. :^)

Deus Vult.

I think I already posted all I got now..


Deus Vult indeed, indeed.

Now liberate this world for your dreams!

Good boy, you'll get lots of pets too for that~


You are t h i c c

ok good i can rest in peace knowing i didnt miss any



don't talk to me or my thread ever again

Much better :3

Oh? Going to bed?

i have until the 28th?

im stuck awake until my hair dried but yes


*touches hair*

o-oh, sweet dreams then.
Hey, another flat one



I'll be back another time to continue on with you, pet. ;3

Take care~


stop touching me im wet

i hope i dont realize any dreams
seems like unnecessary exertion of mental energy

I live to serve.


a little over a week u_u
3 loots boxes per 6 days
and a few for leveling up each time...

soo.... maybe a little over 12 loot boxes from the whole event in general....? :(

o-oh, have a good one.
Will be going to bed soon

But dreams would be nice.
Dreams of beautiful flat wolf girl


Tha fuqq you say to me

i wanna dream of being pulled into a pit of snakes and drowning in snake

They'll enter all the crevices of your body

id want them to be tiny snakes and have fangs that would nick at me all over

A Sengoku Nadeko?

You'll get it, I'm sure.

Here for one last post cause of some short procrastination.

Sleep well, in my bed, pet! ;3


check it out~

i just reorganized my desktop ^_^


Oh I'm sure you would~


Bed too far away. Will never make it in time

hellavua bottom carver

I lestrange ur butthole!

flick and swish

Can i drown in a Sengoku Nadeko?

That wasn't supposed to be a masochistic thing


Its "leviosa"


wwwwwronald weasley

You filthy mudblood

have you been watching the news

That's where I was two weeks ago. spent maybe six hours in Plaça de Catalunya. would have walked down the Ramblas at six o clock.

it hurts.

I was going to ask if that was close to where you are or were. I can't imagine how surreal that must be. I'm glad you and your family are safe, though.

the muggle is real


It's on the opposite side of the country.

Don't be a buzzkill Squash this kind of scaremongering usually helps.

Gomen, Jack.


i know,but still. it could have happened while you were there.

Good thing you have a thick hide ya handle yourself well in there

So, whats up today?

Chen is just so....dumb...

Why won't the fucker play along why play the lone maniac even I grew out of that shit
Finally we could bring some hilarity back to Holla Forums and this cunt swims against the current


Probably has an inferiority complex. He is a Romanian after all.

Anyhow off to work. Back in like 6 hours.

Thats when I start. Have fun lad

Get rekt shithead

ded :questionmark:

Its dead

Time to post