We need a new God emperor to lead Holla Forums through these dark times so we can once again be the imageboard on the...

We need a new God emperor to lead Holla Forums through these dark times so we can once again be the imageboard on the hill for shitposters everywhere.

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I have defeated poker defense 3.0
I am god

One that actually lets people be reporters.

Did you Holla Forums currently has zero reporters ?

Our current leadership is leading us down a dark path.

How will the board live without official special snowflakes?


I'm the only snowflake.

Give everyone BUT ban the reporter role.


Who runs the Holla Forums fake news department?

I'll do it, I'll be the reporter.

Literally only ME.

Also my own personal dead thread.

Kanra or Grim.
They'll "keep Holla Forums honest".

Kanra because he makes bigger posts.

We all will, Spec
We all will.

can your admin do this?

He plays nothing but Genji.

Overwatch is definitively the worst game to come out in the last couple of years.

pubg is a close second


Overwatch is just for playing one handed.

well ?

I'm not capable of the necessary transformations.


Time for you to step down.

I am good at taking those out.

simple geometry tbh.

I volunteer to be the emperor

1v1 him for admin.

You're not allowed.

You can't tell me, the emperor, what I can and can't do.

if I had a dollar for every time someone pre-emptively lost their shit over what they thought I was

only to realize I was a step ahead of them all along


Kanra, use you double digit IQ to fight Test for admin of Holla Forums in an autistic Thunderdome.

I just did fag. Fight me about it.


toofbruash nana biera

You're not worth the time nor the effort.

my hanzo
vs his genji

Later, washing machine.

Someones a coward.

Show him your incredible ability to press Q in a crowded area.

A coward for not fighting with a loser over the internet?

uh, did you not catch all my other webms?

the scatter-free, dragon-free ones?

tsuchi, I want you to watch this one,
frame by frame,
and just try to visualize being this way by default

Now we're just fighting about if you're a coward or not.

This is going down hill fast.

Why are you so thirsty to start a fight online? Is this what this place has become?

I upgraded my PC today.

Truly rising out of Silver to Gold.

I have to prove myself as the dominate male online because i'm so small and weak irl :(

You're just as irrelevant online as you are irl. Stop trying.


I'm an internet superstar.

Who tells you that? Or is it self-proclaimed?

I have 42 subscribers.

Get fucking shit on

he's got the reflexes
he's got the aim
he's got that 3D visualization

and nobody ever lets him feel good about it.
why does nobody let him feel good about being good.

I'm plat. but my comp keeps overheating. I never tilt. but the rage I felt at myself for keeping trying to play, knowing there was a 50% chance of overheating, made me stop for the last week.

were I to go back, I wouldn't even need to warm up. never've had to.

oh yeah ?

Well I have 14k total views.

and tsuchi
really mean it when I ask you to watch it
because you always say some shit about scatter
and the scatter in that shot is godly
I don't even know how I did it.

like, in mid-fall, shredded an Orisa
within that same second, got a shot on the Sombra
danced back around Orisa's shield to finish the Sombra




I'd like to see how many awful plays you made to get that one good one

Just how long are you going to be the autistic guy in the corner failing to suck his own dick?


Kanra is literally Steve Bannon now.


i'm already dead

that's the brilliant thing though
that's the average day for me
in almost every FPS

saying it doesn't make it true!

you mean President? cool.

Steve at least has style

get fukt faget. I'm the emperor

You seem to only be going back to that one clip tho.
Also a child could play Overwatch well.

Like every claim you have about being 160 IQ and a genius?

He looks like some creepy gay uncle that is a registered sex offender.

I'm auditioning for American Idol tomorrow, I'm nervous.

No. I'm the only one whos allowed that title.

Because that clip still manages to blow my mind.
If I tried to think at that speed with words, I wouldn't be able to.
There's no way of looking at that clip other than someone on autopilot.

the fact a kid could be pro isn't a good argument and you know it.

oh gil, you have such a terrifyingly awful memory.

well I rekt you, so your new title can be "emperor's bitch"

He pulls off his style.

What is Girugamesh misremembering?

to be fair
and this is a bit sad to think
Overwatch has well-hidden aim assist

I'm almost entirely certain that the head hitbox on enemies becomes the full size of their torso, if you're firing in mid-air as Hanzo.

That is definitely not allowed.

Well I'm the emperor, and I deem it so.

he keeps remembering me talking about how smart I am, and all the times I referred to my high IQ, or my greatness and superiority

when in fact

I've only ever mentioned my IQ once, jokingly, in response to Grim threatening to flail my body like a flail

the rest of the time has been accurately depiciting the science and research that defines IQ

and you know what they do?

make it some bastard meme.

I have a strong and dominate master that won't allow this.

lol faggot


I meant to rename that as "when Bannon sees his nephew".





At least post recent shit

proud :3

that penta and this quadra were on the same day

but if you're asking me to catalog my daily badassery to prove this isn't all just repeated luck

I might.

Yay! posting hanzos is fun! ^_^


Hanzo shoots an arrow!
and it kills people~
and we win the game and get kewl sharable potg's ♥

This is a blatant lie

yI've seen the iq thing mentioned multiple times

Please don't beat me again.


sometimes the badassery is too spread out to be captured in a single highlight/potg. but they still count.

yes, by others. you have accepted the illusion, because you feel disgust about me, that I'm more outspoken about IQ than my posts actually reflect. this is the danger of unquestioned memeing.

Jesus Christ this was read out-loud to me and I thought it was them exaggerating the way you spoke in a way to make fun of you. I didn't know it was an ACTUAL post.
Fucking wow

no no I'm one hundred percent sure you' wwere the one to bring it up


Shots fired at Luka from the Jesus slut in left field


It was all just an ILLUSION. Consider yourself MINDFREAKED.

yes, but if you're curious, actually go back and check out the context in which it was brought up, and what I actually had to say.

it's all rather dull, really.

here's my original potg that started it all~

*activates barier*



by being such a bitch about the truth,
you're only damaging yourself.

keep doing stuff like that. predicting and positioning.
it means much less need to aim.

thx babe
I didn't mean to interrupt the yuri, so I'll give you your space.

it's nice when everything just lines up at the right moment and your ready for it! ^_^

I'm sorry I don't know the real truthâ„¢ as spoken from you.

I like loosing my dragon miles across the map for maximum surprise :3

people hear the Hanzo ult, and when they don't see it in the following seconds, they stop worrying then

I'm sorry too.

The global elites are trying to fool you
The earth is flat bruh

or right behind a door! so they have no time to react in the small corridoor they are grouped in ^_^

We are woke af now, like the neanderthals on black people twitter.

This Kang is woke AF


I pray for nuclear holocaust simply to wipe these monkeys off the face of the planet.

It continues


Gas the two gays.

They are gaying the heck out of this thread.

Gays are terrible


I know, if only they would keep their faggy foreplay in the closet. Behind a closed door. God damn them.

Fucking Trump too, not keeping to his promise to make America great again.

The Gays are a menace to society


The gays even pretend to worship the Lord.

Such blasphemy.

Gas 'em all.

Nah, just need to choke on a fat one and die


A sheep in wolf's clothing! We all know you thirst for the benis.

Stop this nonsense and get in the work camp.

But neither of those two gays here have the size to do such a thing.

while everyone around me hungers for cock

I hunger for tasty munchies

I think I willl have to make the journey

Godspeed, buddy.

to where

You should help them

That would be gay. I ain't lookin' to do that, yo.

Leeeeeets... Ask.... Uh.

We gassed the resident gay person of color already, so that wouldn't work.

Well, I guess we're fucked then

Just get the shotgun, we'll take them out back like that old dog.

Okay, I'll hold them in place and you pull the trigger


But deal~

I thought we were shooting gays. It's only right I'll be on the receiving end of the barrel


born this way, yadda yadda, and other bullshit. It's alright, just pull the trigger, coward

Being gay is a choice.

Just like how I should be in bed right now but i'm not.

That's what I was implying, yes

That's okay, we'll just put a skirt on you and it'll be fiiiiine~

Go to bed neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd.

Absolutely degenerate.
I'm merely a man with a fetish, I'll never wear anything like that

To the camps with you!


I didn't read most of it.

I should.

What a waste of resources

Of course you wouldn't, faggot~


Not really, you'll be making the bullets for the guns that we will then use to rid us of the gays.


I could do that

Tildes are only used for lewd implications

I REALLLY don't want tooooo

Nope, they're also used to make strikethrough text

Only huge sluts use them after everything.

Can't be. If that's so, you should be using them more often

Good girl.

But it's comfy as heck yo.

I'm starting to think you should be in the camps too

I'm not a huge slut though.

I'm more like




Yeah but I gotta go do stuff in the morning

And only for women

Yeah, right, of course you are

The only people here I've seen actually use strikethrough text is me. And now Hu. I'm just saying.

Can't put the boss in there, I get to do whatever.

It's almost akin to diplomatic immunity but better.

In't that... More of a reason to do so?

Are you implying we're the same person?

Don't think your henchmen will appreciate knowing their boss is a faggot himself


Hey Squidder.

Those henchmen will burn to death if they even think of going against me, mein nigga.

A fair enough reason. x3

wouldn't you feel better with a name on?

I'm merely commenting on the idea that only sluts use strikethrough

hello user

are you reenacting goku and pikkoro vs radittsu

If you kill all your subjects, then who are you the boss of?

wow, slut

re-enacting what?

huposting on point

admitting you're a slut


I guess the thread only got two then

/r/ squiddy fanfics please

tags- Feet NTR, Yaoi, Drug, Mindbreak

the scene where goku dies to mankankosappo


But Feku... I don't even watch anime. Looking up these names, it looks like it's from Dragon Ball



Still not asleep.

those are fightin words.....put ur dukes up.....

Into the trash

I want to watch you squirm~

Go to bed, and sleep

*puts dukes up*

Cucking people is fun

Getting cucked isn't fun

how hard can that be


Pretty hard when i'm not trying.


I have derived no pleasure from either ever ;/

Who even LIKES feet
Like what the FUCK

Squiddy socky !!

How hard can it be to try?

Check out this song I made.


I'll sock you in a second m8.

Sitting like that on top of a dude, is pretty gay if you're a guy

Yep, and take Squiddy with you

Pretty damn hard.

He isn't invited.

I rolled with my buddys just today actually in a completely heterosexual non homo manner

it was actually really fun and we 're gonna do it tomorrow if it doesnt rain :3

you're killing it bro!!!


its okay he proceeds to be revived then dies again to cell

you dont even DBZ?

right, totally heterosexual way, absolutely no-homo. Totally

Nope.. I even had to look up the acronym to find out what it meant

Yeah, I know it.

Good job replying to Hu, faggot.

Why did you make this post



Thanks fam


same tbh

pic related me right now....

wow no wonder youre gay
you need to start watching some manly martial arts

guess what im getting my drivers license

Don't worry Feku !

I have true saiyan pride

I invited him for you

Don't blame him, he's tired

Sleep well~

I'm fairly sure watching something very manly with buffed dudes, won't make me less so

I thought you already had it how did you get to work all these years

not sleeping yet...only in bed.....


Don't google it.

My master won't allow this.

this metal has pig reeeees in it

ive been working potato fields for the last three months now im getting into it so its only now on ill need the car for

youve come and ruined my point

it will increase your testes production output


that sounds like a not fun job

why you stop with the boxes?


Oh. Bed can be comfy


Your master is Squiddy though. I'm fairly sure he'll allow himself in Your bed

Sounds gay as fuck

No hes not.

Goggles is.

I will cuck everyone to death if needed.



But I get to call him a fag for it

Now that's just going overboard on their memes

So you got two masters, huh? How slutty



You do, always nice having an excuse for that


I'm not going to bother googling this one


i want fun things.

What are fun things?

I do not.




a cute servient dog


you kept my picture ..////.

I really don't though.

video games with freinds
and food
and anime

In fact, I kept several.

m-may i see some of the others?

I don't believe you, fag

Food is always fun

Mister steal your girl.



Thats fine.

You're allowed to be wrong.

just go back to Holla Forums

problem solved


im hungry now

I'm not wrong though

Same, but lazy, and too early

I'm such a loser for not googling memebands

Have fun on Holla Forums

I won't be going


Please darwin~

You're extremely wrong.

I thought you would OF loved anything meme related.


This folder is disorganized. I am having a difficult time finding it, but it was the one where Agumon tells Pikachu, "Well, you can't say shit."

darwin is just a figment of your imagination

That's alright thank you for letting me know!!!

no Darwin is my Master!!


I look around the thread and all see is


nini friends


just look at the stuff YouTube is trying to Reccomend me!

nini bardo

Goodnight, sleep well

i hope you diabetes

ooh click the bottom right in recommended

i just got to it now.

aww... it's not a 3dio, and it's playing at -29.2db

well after watching a few vids at 2x speed
this is my recommended vids now:

how do your eyes handle that 120fps from the speed multiplier?

my computer handles it


new thred

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I'm a begrudging meme, not a willing one.