Feelz thread

Feelz thread.

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nobody plays videogames because they wont buy them for me


kno this feel tbh


shut up I like the pink heart

she's pretty

Who is she and why does she have the Kira cat skull?


I will not be SILENCED

Why do you always just post the same image that says "WHORE"?

an oc donut steal character commision from groooovy to psithorns?

yeah I can't stand when people post the same image over and over

She's talking about you, slut.

Nothing wrong with posting the same image.
Just why specifically that one.

Whore would imply I get paid.
Slut would imply I even sleep around. ;___;

The cry face was unexpected enough to get a real chuckle from me.

a commission by grooooovy.deviantart.com/gallery/

yeah, good artist.

So what makes that image any less acceptable than yours or mine?

hey do you guys wanna see a lightning disaster webm?


No, lightning is scary.

posting anyway

viewer discretion is advised

I'm asking why.

I'm guessing there's a pun here, but I want you to not explain it, even if somebody asks you to. If somebody gets it they get it.

or what?

LOL a liam folder?!?

woah.... O_O
that's next level yo

You'll be ruining the joke.





I've had this since 2012 lol

what if I like ruining jokes...what if I told you that the joke was that....the....






post some good sakuya/yukari stuff if you have









Feels thread, start feeling or I'll feel you.

I was showing off my new scarf.

Wow dude that's nice, where'd you get it

Goggles made it for me.

he told me to say that

i'm not gay

That's pretty gay.

Oh never mind then.

dodged a bullet

*shoots a bullet at you*

Why would you shoot me? That doesn't seem right.

The heck.

to see if ur gud enuf to Dogde a bullet~

I heard people were being gay.

are they cute tho

Duck button wins all dodge fights.

You'll never feel me!

What a submissive slut, doing what others tell him to

fuck me I made the same mistake I always make.


False alarm.

Oh it's gonna happen. Just accept the inevitability of your destiny.

Get tired in late evening and think I'll be able to go to bed.
Fall asleep.
Wake up a few hours later destroying any kind of normal sleep schedule I could have had.



How about a handy?

Sounds awful.

Bring it on

Can you handle all of them?

All of them?

where is the duck?

is the duck yellow?

Your cock has a very youthful glow. All I want to do is stroke it and unspool its cum.

Oh it will be brought, so hard.

In the sky and yes.

Too graphic, I regret going down this road.


For the record, I don't have a penis.

ducks can fly?!?!


What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I dunno man I just saw you saying there was people being gay from the catalog

You know that particular diction makes me uncomfortable!

All right, then. I will go beat the Devil out of my cock and sleep. You will be in my thoughts.



If it cannot then sucks to be it?


You did just ask everyone

I doubt it

No, I was only talking to my wife, Darwin.
It was pretty clear.

ducks are the fastest birds in flight and some species can reach speeds of 80mph


The fastest duck ever recorded was a red-breasted merganser that attained a top airspeed of 100 mph while being pursued by an airplane.

Gonna invade yer country, mein friendo.

You and what army?

All the armies, including your own~




Now it is the woof girl. Totally tricked you with my speedy avatar switching~

when have I ever


she's a soldier!?

u so gey

You will bend the knee!

A witch soldier, thing, plane girl, thing... Dog girl...

My god Strike Witches was odd now that I deeply think of that part.

how did a plane dog girl get famous!?

for being the cutest plane dog girl.


Cause Germany loves their cute dog girl Erica.

Like Snow, you will bend the knee or be felt. Probably both.


your pic is cute too!

tell me moar about erica!

Henlo thread.



Has Kanra calmed down?


Erica is named roughly after a German pilot.



how do anons even know of my gayness or lackthereof anyway

Guten Tag!


neat! a really good plane flyer person! :O

I am just that gud, bae.

Wie geht es ihnen?


yea. turns out it's almost entirely people feeling justified in their reactions to me, and me only reacting to rational responses. If it's flippant or sarcastic or poorly explained, even when I ask, that's usually met with further derision.

could I change my attitude? yes. it's not a great attitude. it's not enough to know I'm not bad.

but anyone who knows me, which is like, way fewer than I remembered, are convinced I'm dead serious or mean when I call someone stupid, or retarded, when I mean to apply those terms to their words. also having to understand people will read something, but not the context, and form opinions based on contextless trigger words.

it's not entirely me, it's not entirely you.

*heals u*

Glad we are finally at ease. Let us all be friends once more.

Ich danke dir und dir?

How kind.

The latest season is pretty meh

at ease? never.

but there is some peace in knowing I can quit anytime.


ay lmao

Why quit when you can suck THIS dick?

who even talks like this.

If I main Mercy do I become a gril

add me on Overwatch!

Love when content creators leave these little flubs in.



what does being a skilled Hanzo main mean?

should it just be ignored?

Mashing the e key and getting your free kill whenever scatter comes off cooldown.

That is for you to decide... And a good hanzo main is someone who DOESN'T play hazo.

I always land headshots on moving targets 50m away. 200m if stationary. always double-tap Soldiers, Tracers, and Sombras. and I can tango with Harambe.


Finding a good Zarya main to play with and getting your free team kills.


the free walls are perfect for knowing where your arrows need to be. Nobody can react to an arrow fired before you've even rounded the corner.

but they never let poor Kanra
join in any Summer Games...

skrim into chaos!

you can still get in the special olympics

I actually wear a stocking on my arm to reduce friction with my desk when I'm playing him.

how do you get such sweet webms? I need to show off too.

[something about cum]




Yes I know the character's abilities.

Is this about the time we were already a six stack

i used Fraps
and hotwired the capture key to my printscreen button

(before bliz added the built in potg F9 button)

I press Q in this game! And tried punching people as hanzo ;~;


Oh.... webms


i use webm converter

here's an example of the built in bliz 1080p super reswolution potgs the bliz server side spits out for me~

and then using webm converter i scale them down into 480p60fps 4000 bitrate



No. No. Keep going. I wan't to have my John Hurt moment, but from laughing.


See, I'm not ''crazy, I'm just ahead of the curve.
Test, how to get good at Overwatch?

good morning

I'm not good at Overwatch, Scoot.


G-good morning......
what are you still doing up?


helloo test what are you up to today?


It's only 2pm.
>when you accidentally post before typing out the rest of the reply

I'm still up. I've been up to a whole lot of nothing all night. Now that I think of it I'm going to wander off and watch something until I hopefully fall asleep. Later.



Well. Better than me. I should play more and more. I guess that can only be the only solution. That and not being such a hot head.

i want to sleep more but i'd also like to experience a little bit of the day before work uuuu

what are you up to? I bet you're getting down on some roons huh?

wow okay test I see how it is......bye.....: (

Sounds like a good idea. Is why I wake up very early too during weekdays. Don't want the first thing to be to get out the door. How long till work?

Yep, roons. Spent some hours bossing alone in a player-killer area, wasting ton of supplies and all I got was fucking bones

They want me to come into work a half hour earliy today which sucks, at 3:#0 its about 7 a.m now

I normally would be heading to bed in an hour but I got tired at like 1 a.m or so

there are pvp areas in that game instead of a pvp mode? I think that's a prety cool idea,, you didnt run into anybody though?

i want bard to touch my Tail

3:30pm? Guess you got quite a while till work then, that's good.
Going to bed at 1 still sounds late to me, but if you work during the evening, I guess it isn't.

There is, it's called the wilderness. The deeper you go in, the more players can attack you. Starts at level 1, which means players ±1 your level can attack you, all the way up to 55, where this boss is located.
I did once, but he was killing it too, so nobody killed me.

Eh? w-why me.....idont want to get my blankets wet...

That sounds awesome
i like the idea of a pvp area way better than a pvp mode it's nice to bring a pve character over

Normally i like to head to bed about this time so I can wake up to head to work as soon as I wake up but I know that can be annoying

So what kinds of bosses do they have in this area or is it just a single boss/

Why would they get wet?

is it gay to be attracted to a dudes singing

i always imagine vaporeoons to feel like you just picked one up out of a bathtub ro oceon or something

Just sucks if you don't intend of killing anyone, but others do have that intention, and if you die, you'll lose all but your 3 most valuable items.
Hehe, experiencing the day can be nice sometimes too~
It used to be 2, where one was in an area that wasn't considered part of this pvp area, but you still needed to run through the area to reach it. Then they added 6 more to make the area more attractive.
This particular boss is one of the weaker ones there is

tbh I want Prince to fuck me and that's not gay

this doesnt seem relevant and i think thats gay

Maybe if they just get out of water.
They can melt into water, but they don't have to be. I'd imagine they would feel like a dolphin.

of course it's related wtf

well I mean
if you were to pet a dolphin it would probably wet right?

are vaporeons semi aquatic?

i dont want the dude's dick in my ass tho

Don't lie

If it was in the water yeah, but their skin would still be soft and blubbery out of it.
I think they are, they definitely can breathe underwater and spend time in it. But they can do land just fine too.

At most my attraction to males amounts to 2d traps

wait i dont even like traps either

Good, traps suck


okay now you're just lying

tfw hupony doesnt like traps : (

I prefer men

your dick

well i dont actively avoid them but i dont actively seek them either. I think that can be classified as not liking

Traps are the worst.

Only if you'd like an STD

the 2d world doesnt have STDs unless you are reading/watching some fucked shit

you dont like anything fun though


I'm doing neither. Besides, they only fuck their sister anyway

I like lots of fun things!

i prefer crazy woman or femdom or loli

traps fuck dudes tho

not in that world

what kinda things do you fap to?


As someone who is a liberal irl, born and raised in liberal NYC, I believe the left should not take down the Confederate statues because they are erasing history.

It's a bit Orwellian.

man meat?

Literally ISIS

Very gay stuff

It;s not healthy to live in denial...

ew i don't read books

they did that to my ancestors too and now I know nothing about my history, i do know that my ancestors were fucking horrible people though

Blood-chan, my beloved, how are you today?

Well, he isn't wrong.

wtf homooooo

Most get the reference without having read it.

Time to give them the same ISIS treatment and mount their heads on spikes. Or be gentle and just blow them up.
Though the fact the deputy was just standing by and taking notes without intervening, is probably the worst part

Blood chan is retarded

still recovering... I woke up with vertigo and I couldn't jog this morning
Now I feel fat....
How's u?

ew reading omg!
Like I learned japanese just so I wouldn't have to read the subs anymore

share a pic

im sure dicks are good and all, but vaginas are easier on the eyes

I'm alright. Shilling IDIOTS in skyrim. Vertigo? So you are Shizo and have vertigo?
Thats pretty rough. Come and get some hugs.

Here, I shared one

He clearly understood the reference. Though, I doubt he would know the specific line about getting rid of and changing the names of statues from it.

Read more, it's good for you.

that looks pretty tame for fap

Ehh I haven't seen the whole protests
The MSM is lying so hard it hurts. Trying to make whites seem like rich racist people who live in huge houses and have two cars

That's mean...

Vertigo is when the world spins rapidly!
-goes and curls up on your lap-

-cuddles- ssssh its okay now... And I know what vertigo is. But I was merely saying having that in conjunction with other issues sounds nasty. Poor baby.

I only like reading school textbooks, I don't want to fill my mind with useless extra shit.
Anyway they shouldn't erase history!

Yeah, she's female after all~

Seems to be what every news station says nowadays. All whites are evil fascists misogynists bigoted racists, like if they all kept repeating it, it'll become true.
And it might just become so

now again but naked!

I think this is the only pic I got where she is completely nude

i want to die
i dislike being sick..

Do they say that in your part of the world too?

you're not the only one that wants you to die

wow youre lewd

Reading is a good way to sharpen your mind and explore your core values. Same with writing, both those things are what solidify you as a person.

Not yet, but considering every major news station just reposts whatever MSM, CNN and Bloomberg publishes, I don't think it'll be long until people do

It's hardly even a lewd pic though. Just cute

what solidifies you as a person is your skeleton


Why die when you can kill others?

now a pic of massaging her erogenous zones wow lewder

wow! I bet you're even jerking it right now

watching hu tease feku is my fetish

watching bard watch people turns m eon

s-should I be?

Stop fapping

No, too pure

if you command me to i will

w-wait It;s embarasssing being watched....

Good boy

How would it feel if you're always being watched.
Never able to escape.


bard and i have the same sexual sensibilities maybe we shoudl date

You'd think that
but it's awful
Everything you say is judged and looked at
it drives you insane.

i'm a delicate summer flower

go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP TRYING TO WILT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flowers are most beautiful when wilted and beaten down.


flowers are only pretty because of bees



Good morning.

but whats the command!?


a--actually I'm covered in bees....

Depends. Are you a good gay boy?

what a slut

Hey, is there anyone who has an account on League EU West and stopped playing League, or doesn't need it anymore? I'm in need of an account, so if you have one and want to share it, just leave me your Discord. I'm not planning to do anything shady on it, just play Ranked.,.



Now I kind of want to go play LoL but I just woke up.

Is Romania even a real country?

I will be back to do things later, I must go to the store now.

i dig tunnels on your map!


will it make you angry? ;~;

It's just hard to focus right now.

I wish I could play League on another server than EUNE but I don't have an EU West account.

Well, it is.
Are you going to be succesful in this life? Are you going to stay alive by doing something new, by improving this world's current state?
I doubt that. You're a dumb ape who is wasting his time on a forum with less than 50 population. Now, shut the fuck up and eat some fries.


Can I filter people on this site?



Feel me, Jack.

ur trapped here with us...


Dumb ape.

Treacherous cioban


This place sure is dull.

Don't reply to me or my posts, you oaf.

im perfectly straight :)


meow meow meow
are they okay? ;~;

Tone down that faggotry
Next week I am free from work and duties
What better way to spend so much free time than try and ruin EVERY alice thread

Give back Transylvania

right, right.....

They already greet me at the door when I arrive
Gives me at least an hour of extra work every day, definitely not worth it.

Go do something worth mentioning in hitory until everyone forgets about your country's exitence.

Then why answer to a gay guy?

I might get a pass soon. I don't have a lot of free time with 3 jobs, but I want to spam him.


We are the shields of this continent and still not dead after all the western and eastern scum did to us, the world tries to forget but we won't let it.

I'll get on it next week, 24/7
I'll hit you up if that motherless cur gets on

I just want you to tell me to fap


idk if that was kanra or eva

They have merged to one horrid entity.

and if I refuse?




The canadian

Then get a job you lazy ho!

i feel like it was evo

Dat Flan.



I don't like cleaning liter and spilt food and puke and hair and litter sand and feeding and replacing water and teach them shit tho
This is waaaay too much time spent not on me.

I fear no cross




Yes, herro.

how did your old league acc get banned


What's good fam.

All Canadian anons are one.

There is only the Canadian user now.

Fuckin' leaf

Speaking of anons there went all my shit.

i hate that asshole

idk just dont that would be bad

It did not
I have my account still

Do you think it would worth a shot to try and convince the furfags when a thread of that sad cunt is on?


How're your kitties? :3c


you what now


Fine I guess. Don't wanna waste time on them but only jews and gypsies mistreat animals

Probably not. Most of the people there have no idea who Alice is, nor are they as volatile as us old fags. They seem content to keep to one thread.

they will make you stronger!


You guys remember that time alice got 3rd degree burns all over their legs from running into that burning apartment fire to save their neighbor

Every community became like that after like '08, now they expire or fuck off after a few years and the same shit repeats. Such a goddamn shame, literally no effort for a mountain of lulz and still no. How much of a lazy shitter you have to be to pass on that

They will make me more tired I already work three jobs

do those jobs make you rich?

Pet them :3c

A hungry skeleton is alright, too.

Would collide with its prostate/10

I'm sure she used his medical knowledge to salve the burns and look like it never happened.

Would be fun to have a wide scale raid though.
I might amp it up and post actual dog porn instead of fur next time though.

You guys remember that time Bard came in /waifu/ threads from Holla Forums and kept being a faggot?
Everyone ignored him like they do in this community.

And Alice is a wanna be me, sorry to disappoint you, Bard, but that guy is just a retard who loves me.

You and Alice both come off as vapid.
I'm not sure what your point is, buddy.

does anybody remember ikt

Thinking about playing some overwatch, you?

Whos that?


You seem upset
I left there because you were bitching that I invaded your community

if you want I can come back

Aww, poor Feku~

Been dying for the Pharah folder fam

at this point im willing to sort your ow folder for you :x

What's your steam?

I've been here for like 8 years.
I've been in namesync threads on Holla Forums when Nymph still used to come around.
Also, you guys should just keep your useless anons in this shitty place and stop making them migrate on Holla Forums. Thank you.

How could you ever forget those 12 inches

I don't think you know what vapid means.

Yeah I need it for a few end year project.

Eh might as well have to check on them anyway.

Do whatever makes it more fun for you. I'll try and find others during the weekend. Gonna have a fun next week

So yeah gotta go for now

My dude, this is MY community.
Also, I was just insulting you because of how pathetic you were, not bitching about invading, but being surprised you came there because noone liked you here, probably.

Tiny asian hands.

If I piss you off that much just by chilling on a secluded 8ch imageboard you should probably take a look at your life

uhhhh okay my dude.

This community is inane.
So is everyone in here.

Bitch you weren't even around the egroll wordfilter

XD please stop taking the internet so seriously


i wanna see!



Oh so you know inane but no vapid?

Or did you look up a thesaurus just now?

omg is that O.G. Chen?


A thesaurus?

what s your college degree
how much did you succed in this life
Shut the fuck up you poor hominidae.

Chen isn't really smart is it?


*hides behind you*

it's being loud.... *clings tightly*

I've seen his unibrow, he might be a neanderthal.

Close your eyes and it will go away.

Cursed avatar
you remember the other chens im sure


I'll keep you safe from it.

You're fucking kidding.

All annoying.

get off my dick im not gay!

brb ky miself

who are you trying to fool.....

You're lewd to think like that

i'm busy watchin' one of muh korean animehs



If I knew where to put a 170somethingmb file.

Hello Welma.

Mega.nz is an excellent filesharing site.

We got the parts in yesterday and we fixed up the 220! Gonna get to fly this week after all^^

What's up with you? Happy humpday~

Don't be gay

appveyor help


Sounds hella fun. Don't kill any birds, lol.

Didn't get enough sleep but I need to start adjusting my sleep schedule. Gonna do a load of housework and maybe air fry some wings later.

I'll be a fucking dingus, because I think you are a fuckig tumour on this community,

Even the avatarfaging shit that you pull, just makes me amused because you seem hypocritical and obviously just doing to get people riled up.
Like, '90% of people here are avatarfags', fucking seriously? Man, this sure seems like it is just a general statement with no ulterior motives behind it.
You have fallen down to Sci's level of posting, not that you were good before, forcing memes, and being a retard with Togame, proclaiming 'Chen isn't really smart is it?' like a jackass.

Long story short, I think you are the definition of cancer in these threads, 'community', circlejerk or whatever the fuck you want to call them.

how Am I being gay....you're being abully more like methinks


Hu is a powerbottom

ooh that sounds yum. I'm so hungry rn :(

Nah, if you see a bird in your fpv it's customary to fucking full throttle at it ;3

We are, I just tagged random people. My bad.

XD please stop taking the internet so seriously


Then leave. Holy shit.


no Hu is an innocent and pure cinnamon roll

you're wrong...I WON'T BELEIVE YOUR LIES

Callin peta on yo ass :L

Have something. I had some russian bread for breakfast, so tasty.

If you are not calm, people will jump down your throat anywhere
but here its particularly aggressive

this is pasta?

He will break your thumb in his asshole

Okay it's uploading.

I don't know if it's everything I have, in fact I am pretty sure I might have more lying in another folder because pic saving me is a douche to organizing me.

Buuuut it's a large amount so ye~

Karma will bestow you with riches and fine women alike my friend


No he's just not being treated with the RESPECT that an oldfag like him deserves.


gf isn't up yet so I'm patiently waiting.

Don't call peta on me x_x It's not my fault they sometimes chase the quad. Like, have you seent a sparrow chasing a hawk or crow away? That's what they think to do when you fly by with a quad. Dumb birds.

new thread

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Yes, is a pasta, seems like the people filing this cirlcejerk is not too smart to realise it.

Uh-huh.. This is not being aggresive at all, they are just dumb.

Fine women has been pretty decent lately, money isn't too baaaad but hopefully it bestows a fix to my writer's block.

Like 25k words in and it just pulls up like a train into the station and goes "Yeeeeeah, you don't need to keep writing this for now. How about... How about you just go wait over there?" x3