Hello we only have one but it's not so good luck

Hello we only have one but it's not so good luck.

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hi hi


how did i manage to miss the entire last thread i thought it was dead for hours



feku chan

you prolly fell asleep

no u

cute too

henlo batr

i didnt see the new thread link in the last last thread

All that tetten~

what'cha doing still up??

at least you found it now

are you sleepy?

at least you are here

im watchan scary tornado vidds

what are you doin?


But it's only 3pm. Still 7 hours till bedtime.
Why are you still up?

Only a little, still got fight in me.

Tits, breasts, boobies. Tetten is Dutch for them.

and you too

because i was watching things and couldn't sleep, because i forgot the need to.

what do you fight for?~

video games

not for long

The right to rock! Actually dunno.

Mercy's thighs?

Not me, Ive been working, you brekkie?

i think i'll go read all that kanra discussion from the last couple threads

o-oh. They're good though, needs more



So much more!

what sort of blideo blames


what makes thighs special?

yeah, tasty pizza

oh well. nothing to worry about today or tommorow or the day after...

Hey fags, I'm givin' ya a rare opportunity, you can be useful for once!
Of course, and as usual, you will all disappoint but here goes anyway
Any of ya gits breed cats as a hobby or for cash or know shit about scottish folds in general?
I ain't reading through 9001 pages

cute looking cat

Pizza! You are living the dream!

So many things. Buuuuuuuuuuut gonna make it more Luka friendly and say they make a good lap pillow.

So you can understand, right! Don't you want to lie your head on Mercy's lap too?

wait for the furries to show up they probably would know

oh... oops

i forgot i had a subway laying beside me this whole time.

i guess that's my breakfast instead.
my leftover meatbal monday

'Cept Squash, he's more a dog guy.


so just smoothness? and softness?
i can get behind that kinda thinking.


Well, subway OR pizza. Its the dream!

Exactly, see you got it! Doesn't have to be lewd.

touches forbidden


idk as soon as i posted that my internet cut out

My Sugu/Leafa folder is still just whatever was in Nin's.

My Asuna bro.


tl,dr, I ended up with a family of purebred scottish folds and I'm like, yeah, eat whatever the fuck ye want ya bastards
Maybe its not that much of a good idea I dunno
Is there some super serious thing not to do?

That sounds more disgusting than anything.

Always life though

Idk, she was one of the ones I didn't like sharing.

Plus it's on my external.

are you feeling alright today?

why were we talking about mercy in the first place? lol

reboot it

just get them cat food bro

it booted itself but i died for it



Ass and tetten/10

Power level way too high~

0-2 tonight. My luck has shattered~

I was looking at overwatch videos so the first thing that came to mind was that. x3


Keep them away from dry foods

Give them meat

Being hydrated is very important for Scottish fold kittens. Drinking from the bowl is not enough to make up for the amount of water Scottish fold cats should be taking. Try to introduce watery foods in their diet so that they can stay hydrated at all times.

To conclude, Scottish fold cats are adorable creatures that look like owls. Scottish folds need a lot of care especially when it comes to what they should and shouldn’t eat. They should avoid dry foods too regularly as they can cause Polycystic Kidney Disease. What they should do is drink a lot of water, consume a lot of meat and watery foods and take supplements if recommended by a vet. Make sure you take your Scottish fold to the vet often to stay on the safe side.

Give them lots of love! :3

my life

is it feeling better?

overwatch videos????
what are you searching for?

Don't give it chocolate that's for sure. If they're not kittens, don't feed them milk.
If you don't have some cat food for indoor-cats that aren't to active (I assume they don't run around outside often), then get that, else I guess you could feed them fish or meat if that's what you got for now

She's pretty good



Dabbercab stuff. youtube.com/watch?v=bULu523sHls

One of the best 2hu, for sure. :3

You're forgaaaave

How are you doing~?

oh, hehe
lol this vids got some nice funny editing~ ♥

Yuh, check out all his compilations. He has some great stuff.

She's very flat though, all the artists just get it wrong


i'm waiting for the guy to do behind the voice


Yeah, just a little tired, you good?

yeah this food is sustaining me well enough, i just gotta make it till next wednesday and then i'll be set.


yah just a random hiccup

nini friends....


night night Bard, sleep well

i hope you get diabetes

I don't discriminate. She still is perfect for a collar and leash, given.

The best.

You can do it! Woo Woo!

Nice pic, faggot.

not so bad, you?

Always keep your wolf girls in a collar

You're a faggot


Grim what movie is this? I want to laugh






'Sup babe?

The Cult of UWU

Oh my ya guys were helpful. Went and bought everything for these ungrateful little swatting shitters, thanks
meat wet food and water then

a cult????

ur a cunt m8


Cult is such a muddied word. Negative connotations. But I believe it can be a good thing.
The Cult of UWU, of cute and anime and aesthetic kawaiii'ness.

About the same! Pretty sore though.

Mhm and be sure to feed them lots of 'milk'.

Yes. That's totally an innocent thing, disregard any sort of though otherwise. Also that milk for a wolf seems not so good, that maybe meat was the better not cover for what I meant.

But sharp teeth. Fucking ouch.

Tetten. Give.

Nearly missed this. Wew. But yeah one day!

nuffin' much, i had food poisoning for the first time in my life a few days ago and my body is still recovering

Why sore?

What tainted food did you eat?

-pulls into a hug-

Work mostly but also had to run a ton of stuff around town lately.

Makes me realize how much I fucking hate paying attention or caring about anyone or anything other than myself

Always in the way
Scratches shit
Shits a bloody toxic weapon of ass destruction m8
Its a tiny little turd but holy fuck
Bitch just wanted to go and jump out the window being a 5 weeks old kitten
Why would anyone want to have pets who asks for this shit


Least I'm no bogan

how to do it?

add me on battle net eba?

the pets will learn from you and get better :)
they dont know any better yet
you are their leader now

She'll bite, don't try anything

The butter I used to bake cookies, I'm glad i didn't feed it to my family
-squeezes softly-

Jack !

Luka, Luka, Luka. Here.

Well, specific ways she cannot bite! Also aside from different targets there's also that ring gag thi- I mean, something totally not lewd~




I'm from the city.

Stop fapping


what chu up to!?


No I just gave them a plate of food, eat up ya little cunts!
Think it was too much. I need to portion out food for these twats, they gonna be proper little buggers or they will die tryin' fret not lass, they gonna taste some Jack dictatorship

And beer whenever I have time for it

Well its good to be active!

Discord. It is already happen
Also, Kiznaiver a good.

Boy, you ought to keep track of food rotations love~
-warm snuggle-

Sugu is adorbs. Honestly for all the holes in the plot and character development in SAO, all the girls from it were pretty great.

Even trap Kirito~

Never! You stop fapping!

Always, it also helps get aggression out so I don't end up ever punching an annoying coworker~

Is it okay to drink that late into the evening?

I blame my dumb dad for not throwing it out. I didn't know it was 2 years old. It looked and smelled fresh to me.
The bad part is that I live alone now, so I had no one to take care of me

Explains some things


Yeah, do it now!
I'm not though

Appearances only.

take it slow their bodys are still delicate and growing!

Its 4:30pm
But I'm a slav so drinking is always okay for me

Wait, now you want me to fap now?! What a lewdo!

That's what I meant, character development was shit in SAO and so everyone was basically bland archetypes that in a lot of cases? Even failed at that.

SAO Abridged fixed that by miles though.

Delicate my ass that tiny fuck drew my blood

i like red head and blue hair the most

i only got as far as the christmas part in season 1


they are frightened

Wouldn't know, I didn't watched the rubbish.

I read the novels though, and Lisbeth had at least something to her.

Phantom Bullet was basically just one really long character arc for Sinon - if it weren't SAO it would have been good.

Progressive has been fixing a lot of the noCharacter issues I had with Asuna though.

Lol when are you moving to America?

no, do it now, as in stop right now

Cats do that a lot, get used to it.

Here, just watch the abridged version. It's a hundred times better and it'll give some laughs!


Never read the novels, are they translated or did you know enough to read it~?

But, but, but butts!

If I said both would you believe me?

Yeah I see. Guess I'll leave them the fuck alone. They already robbed half the house and use them as toys anyway

Whenever murrica will have reasonable, sane immigration policies. Sadly I am not a gay (sand)nigger retarded slut with 12 autistic children "fleeing" from africa, so in all my white privilege I'm pretty much banned from the entire of west unless I have 5 degress, 7 professions, got no family, under the age of 30, and speak about 10 languages.

Aren't these cunts supposed to be friendly and cute and shit?

How does this thing happen?


i'll save that for later...


Yo emoji movie fidget spinners


in a week they will have rubbed against everything with their scent
and then they will be comfortable and at ease

Don't get me wrong, even read it's still trash.

Progressive is the only good thing about SAO, unless you don't look at Phantom Bullet as being related to SAO in any way at all, and just take Kirito out of it.



I started SAO sober, had to get drunk not to drop it around the half of the season and I still bloody dropped it
Its unwatchable

Sounds like they will think they own the place and ruin even more of it
Cats are cunts all right

jaack why all the hate


You, out of most, are one of few people I'd believe smart and determined enough to learn to read Japanese.

When they wanna be, yuh. But they also play via scratching and biting, so it's not so much not being friendly. Their friendly is sometimes iffy in terms of humans.

Still moody cute things.

If the world is ending it may b part of my final acts. x3

Good! I think you'll enjoy it, it's got Takahata as the bad guy.

I can actually only barely read Kana.

neat, i havent heard from Lights in years.... back when she was huge around 2009 era?

The only reason Cat's "meow" is to communicate with you the human.
they won't be so loud and vocal if you listen to their needs. and give them their personal space.
they don't meow at other cats past kittenhood.
they will respect you, if you care for them.


I don't think that this will be fixed. Trump is a different kind of fuck-up in this sense, he wants nothing but AMERICAN companies employing AMERICAN workers to create AMERICAN bullshit.

Its like have a psychopathic gf

They are only here for....
Well I don't know but yeah I don't wanna invest too much in them.

which one will become your best bud!

Best bud? Sativa
: ^)

What's a "sativa"?

Better than not at all like me. :^)

The voice of Nappa in DBZ Abridged and Alucard in Hellsing Abridged.

Or psychotic kids.

There's a reason why there's a stigma toward being a "cat lady". To put up with dozens of cats is a sign either of patience on par with gods or insanity.

You don't really believe that liberal propaganda do you?

Oh? All on your lonesome? Sounds like you could do with some company~

Beware The Ides of August.

Yeah, she's been away. Had a kid I believe.


that alucard abridged guy was kewl~

woah... time flies...
imagine... your other red headed punk signer girl having kids! :O


Asking for a friend.

For all functional purposes we're the same.


Weeeew, just read up about that. x3

The best!

Nah, you are still better cause you~



I don't believe in leftist propaganda thats why I know its a fact. Good news for americans, bad for everyone else.

Nah. Screw having pets or humans

I'll... Wakari your... Masen...?

I can't work in this situation. I'm going to contact HR. ;-;

I don't blame you.

Pets can be a pain.

It is entirely possible. she is a good god fearing christian female


your naming your fave kitten after marijuana plant!?

what do you fear?

shikata ga nai.


I've just realized we have technically known each other quite a long damn time.

Never really thought about it til now~


Gotta go

Actually no, but now that you mention it I will do just that

Only one thing worse, people.

i think i'm tired now

have fun! ^_^

A few things. But The Lord God is not one.

God's in his heaven, alls right with the world.

i don't believe in one

Take care~

Get to sleep then, silly! Rest is good for you!


To each their own.


Rolled 2 (1d3)1 - Tales of The World
2 - StarCraft Remastered
3 - WarIII Custom Maps
4 - Viewer's Choice


I'm changing my SCRM hotkeys so half of them aren't on the entire other side of the keyboard from where my hand is.

Rolled 4 (1d4)1 - sleep
2 - food
3 - youtube
4 - laundry


Rolled 1 (1d2)1 - sleep
2 - nosleep creepy pasta noodles

Rolled 1 (1d2)nini

Oh? Just randomly decided to?


I never really felt alone in my life. I enjoy solitude!

The Incredibles

...you seem familiar

I promise you he's going to make things easier, please try to move here now. Get yourself on the list. You'll love America! We only have two cities, LA and NYC and the rest of the land is farms. We have so much fucking food we can feed the entire population of Earth everyday for 300 years. We eat that much food in one day!

One day!

Sleep well!

I wonder why that is~

Fuck if I know I'm bad at these things

Watching a SCII GM player cheese in SCRM made me laugh and I realized I lose a lot of actions because I either have to reach halfway across my keyboard, or I stop paying attention to look at the command card.

It's totally not that I am Eva or anything.

ni ni

Lets be alone together

To be fair, SCRM and SCII are different games.
Being GM in SCII doesn't guarantee you highest level in SCRM.

Oh I thought that was something in SC. My bad, I know not too much about SC soooo I just assumed!

-mounts on your lap and hugs you tight- i've missed you so much

People are ill informed if they think you HAVE to talk every minute of ones time in the company of others.

but i like when others do all the talking

*Huggles!* Silly, cute dork~

When others are oral?

I can do that

Omg i'm so happy see you >_<
Ahh I have go now though, I have therapy...
bye Eva!

I'll see you soon love~

Take care, cutie!

GM - Grand Masters
It's the top 100 players in a region in SCII.

So he knows what he's doing.

But SCRM is BroodWar so it's... pretty bad.

I guessed the GM thing, that was pretty easy. x3


I miss forums.

I miss imageboards.

I miss thing.



Is Steam being fucky for anyone else?

Also, hi. :3

my bf is going to fiiiight u

-comes back on your lap- hehe
how you been? what you been up to?

Don't spam emoticons and it'll work just fine

Steam is just shit in general, nothing new there.

What kind of tortured life do you lead ????

Ah. I knew I was doing something wrong.

True, but it's being extra bad for me today. Just wondered if anyone else was havin' trouble.


Like... what's it doin'?

Yes... you are a butt...

I bet, i'll fight for your tight asshole

If one causes a linebreak, then links won't work unless it's far enough outside the chat-windows field-of-view, and if you spam enough, the chat will be cleared


Nothing, actually. The program starts, but the windows are blank and I can't check notifications. It's not going to ruin my day, but it is annoying.

You're a butt with a wart with a three foot long hair growing from it.

Oh, I've done that on purpose plenty of times.

Emoticons are so amazing

Woah. That is fucking rude.





are you feeling better

Scoot, here's a picture of my kitty taking a nap to make up for it.

I feel much better, thank you. It doesn't hurt like yesterday. I was gonna get on Steam to talk to you about Twin Peaks, but it's being a doof.

*pat kitty*

*pat Ikt*

Hey can somebody photoshop vectors and shit?

I patted her for you. She meeped at me and went back asleep.

My photoshop skill is Access Violation: m_SkillPhotoshop was nullptr.




And sorry about that song ey.

youtube.com/watch?v=5X9mrJVHbJU this is version pplayable

it would have been me just screaming WILSON, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU at every opportunity

or gushing about how cute the scarred lady is. she's so adorable in her jammies.

can't photoshop non-raster graphics, Ikt... Use illustrator or inkscape for that

YouTube hates me too!

This scene made me literally LOL. LLOL.
And I'm not kidding when I say I squee'd like a moron when Andy was taken to the White Lodge.

Also, I wonder if the scarred lady is Judy. Probably not, but that thought popped into my head when Andy said she was important.

Then again...how/why would she have left a note at the front desk of that hotel in the 80s?


Should probably kill yourself now and spare yourself the pain.

If you still need this I can do it if it's brainless and quick, else I can't be bothered


I love Andy being the protagonist for a little bit. he's always been one of my favourites and it is absolutely fanficcy seeing him seriously dealing with naked faceless ladies and wormholes in space and baroque teevees. and the scene where Cole talks about meeting that IRL model.

i think this was one of my favourite episodes so far.

Will it hurt?

Will I dream?

Same. The scenes about Cole's dream were really great, and it was a cool tribute to David Bowie and the haunting memories and mysteries he created for the show.

And poor Sarah.

I have 6 images of speedometers where I want the center of the dial to be the center of the texture. Texture should be at least 256x256 (1:1 AR, powers of 2 only) and no artifacts from resizing and stuff.

Up for it?

Bep, here's an FBI webm.

It will be painless. And the dream will seem like an eternity. As the sothing void encompasses you. A numbing bliss will envelop your self as your synapses cease to fire.


If they're pretty clean images I can do it quickly
If it's too difficult I'll let you know


Thank you for the webm.

and sab. i haven't moved from this chair all day.

i just wanted to let you know. it's very comfy.

You want the dial at zero?

Just leave it pointing up :D

a suhhh d00d


I'm working from home and have been pretty comfy too. I only get up for more hot tea!

I read that as "Working from homo"

3pm rainy mood outside

comfy status

Dial has a center pixel but 256x256 doesn't


Send more rain pls.

do a rain dance in a poncho

Literally killed it.

Exactly this.

That's what I meant to say, actually. Cheap keyboard.


Ah if only.

have you tried it tho


Scoot, Lana should do a cover of this.


Hmm... Well I guess it's worth a shot.

Wouldn't that just be divine?


Soon, comrade. Soon.

nice get


qt Kork gfs Soon™

I am Legend.

I streamed it like 3 times.

Record it too

How can you say you love her if she isn't a citizen and soldier for the Nation and a promoter of Socialism?

NFS:U doesn't work well on PC :(

And I have no display for it :(

NFS:U2 tho

By shooting that commie bitch in the fucking face.

Fascism is the final stage of Capitalism.
The final stage before its collapse and replacement with Socialism.
Fascist America. Continue.

I saw you messaged me on steam. through an unfortunate series of circumstances involving two step verification and my sitting in the window so I get a hotspot signal and my not having steam on this laptop, i can't reply to you on there.

i'm glad your comf. i've been sitting here doodling all day. my mam is watching Grand Budapest in the background. i think between us we're reaching ultimate comfs.

Your communist indoctrinators have subverted you.
But fear not, you will be liberated from the communist lie, in time.

I like Wes Anderson but I really didn't like that movie.
It wasn't bad but just kind of boring.

you're allowed to think what you like.


family comfy is pretty top tier comfy


The only thing which I have been liberated from is the relentless tramplings of Capitalism, the ceaseless trangressions of the Landlord, the machinations of the propertied class and their speculators.

Thank you oWo

You will find that your nomenklatura are no different, no better, and even worse.

Never. Parasites will be crushed on the Egality-Wheel.

Lol its funny how Taylor Swift thinks people want to tough her

Oh really?
Damn my laptop can't handle streaming...
I hate this...


The first against the wall is you.

You mean touch.
I wanna tough you babe♥

Bring it. Life is Nature. Nature is a struggle. Life is a struggle. The strong survive. The weak perish SIEG HIEL!!!!


What's the thing next to the wheel? Pedal indicator? With clutch on far right? I am confused

Ach ach ach

Indicator lights..?
Or wipers?

He's having a meltdown over a YouTube video.

Rolled 1 (1d6)


I typo a lot when I'm nervous

Why're you so nervous precious?

Never Luka post.

please forgive me father for I have sinned

I have high anxiety from my childhood

Do 30 Hail Mary's.

i came

post load for science


Was Test really that good?

okay hold on


hurry up

Wanna come homeless hunting with me tonight hun?

hold on



Yesss there's a bum in my apartment building who keeps shitting in the lobby when no one is around

Seriously I don't have time, hurry up

Get a wire/chord... and just... snuff them out.

gimme a second


hnn i wish but i'm not around at that time

make sure its on your hand too

Grim buy me this, I have 3 already but I want more

Disappointing. How're you going to make this up to me?

i don't knowww

Hihi threaders~

Just got back from my early b-day lunch thing and am a lil bit buzzin. Sup with y'all?



Bored, nursing a hangover, and nothing whatsoever to do today.

How'd the date go?

What would make me feel better?

didst you?

Awwe. What were you drinking last night anyway?

It went pretty well. Just a Mexican place we go to from time to time. Grabbed a couple mid-day rum and cokes and we have some leftovers for later. Did some other shopping for jewelry stuffs and I got some new sunglasses too ;3

Thanks again for helping me put things in perspective last night. My friend dying last night was like the shitty icing on my pre-birthday cake and it was like too much to handle honestly.

Ohhh did you have cake?

Buy them for me you fuck

An Asuka figure?

Nah, I'm not a huge fan of cake actually. And my birthday is tomorrow, not today :p

What's up with you today, BC?

come suck me off first you flaky ass bitch

Or maybe... a hug...

hispanic children?


Just vodka.

Sounds pretty good. Though, I still don't know how good Mexican food in New England could even be.

No problem; anytime.

Hah, good point. Nah, this place is legit in my book. The burrito I got was like the size of a small dog.

So yeah, it's better than t-bell lol

Today's the day. Stretching up to a 0g.


who wants hispanic children

No one, spics should be gassed

ay dios mio

No me digas :(


just a pair to kick around the house.

elma mira que te digo que te montaria como un burro

como un BURRO

but i don't want to have sex with blood chan

ingles por favor. yo conozco un poco espanol :(

Oh a Leo~
Do you like ice cream then?
And there's nothing noteworthy to talk about myself today :/

Stop calling me flaky... I'm not that white...


im callin u flaky cuz ur a fuckin flake.

I said happy early birthday.


Ooh. I'm no lion, more like a kitten~

I like black raspberry icecream. All time fave right there.


The Belgrano was hilarious

Yes. You know me too well. -rubs-

Anything is better than Taco Bell.
Taco Bell looks and tastes the same going in as it does coming out.

this is a very popular joke in American media. and it makes no sense.

yea, there's no way I'm spending today on here.

i want to see tsuchi explain the joke to kanra for two hours


what does that mean? I only know nigga slang

Oh shit I never heard of black raspberry ice cream ._.

I have a boyfriend, scoots, I'm sorry for leading you on

I wouldn't mind kicking around hispanics


You have taste buds in your butthole~?!?!?!

bbl I have an extremely high girlfriend to cuddle

toodles y'all~

You are lying to me. Stop lying.

i'm scared of the world

I'm in therapy now, I don't lie anymores

the explanation to the joke is that Tsuchi is only saying it because he's heard others say it.

and yesterday (literally this morning) I'm not even sure if I got through to Bard. but I felt he was relevant to the numerous people I've heard explain their lack of liberal beliefs, because of tens of dozens of anecdotes of liberals being stupid or almost violent.

then when I asked, "So does someone being chill and cool and nice mean you're more likely to support their ideology?" Bard said yes.

even if that ideology was Nazis.

reminds me of that Chapelle sketch.

Sure. Sure. But you are lying to yourself the msot.


Tsuchi is crippled irl

Nah uh that's the first person I stopped lying to

Yes we know. You have autism.

I'm saying it looks and tastes like shit.

Enjoy your girlfriend.

the train has left the station, kanna.

didn't you say you hated your chihuahuas

what would you do with a third chihuahua

Its okay... no need to worry anymore hun

what, people don't talk about history because it's over?

I don't hate them all the time!
And I would care for it, I need a boy chihuahua though for breeding

Sonata is going to kill you..


yeah but history is sexy

it means u never come thru

Let him try, you secretly lvoe the attention♥

typical chihuahua owner. you still in NY?

it was the last time anything was good.

things were never good

booo. knew you were going to say that.

Use your IQ to visualize a reality where things were ever good.

well it's the truth

things are bad now

and things could never have been BETTER

ergo, things were always bad.

anyone can romanticize the past. or indulge in second-hand romanticization.

not sure if it takes a lack or excess of IQ to recognize and appreciate the good today.

dunno. pretty sure most people for most of history had it worse in almost every way.


that's what i said. nice reading comprehension.