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Bard, were you fucking with me?

somebody make me a thing plx

these arent saved...

I play lots of things.


We already did like 6 times IRL

There's not even a debate here

I expressed a opinion of dislike

You attacked me for that opinion

I don't see where this conversation can go from here

don't just tell me I'm wrong, tell me how I'm wrong.

if you don't tell me how I'm wrong, you're potentially saying it's all wrong.

if we can't agree on the facts, we won't agree on anything else.

how long have you been playing?

Do you just know how to physically play or do you know any theory?

What got you to pick up bass? any inspirations?
What model bass is that and what strings do you use and what kind of amp do you have?

Not gonna even bother reposting for the pseudo intellectual~

What kinda thing?

you expressed an opinion

you had a bad way of determining opinions


of just those two? i pick whitey

Alright well that's okay
You can have opinions too

that's the best thing about an opinion

good conversation


New threads just shoot down all of my conversations.

Wat? Okay, so you want me to get you news articles from a bunch of different liberal media sites calling either Pewdiepie or Jon Tron nazis and alt right for in the first case a joke and the second his honest opinion on a subject that they disagreed with?

If I do that will you stop literally trying to strawman your way out of things?

Why just one?

yes thats right!

none of these are saved at all!


nfsu speedometer in gta 5

Chocola is a slut

Vanilla isn't

Shes better

because the other would be such a hassle?

I see, I see...
I don't understand at all.

sure you did



I was the top.

you're talking about individual cases, maybe dozens, or hundreds out of the hundreds of millions of self-identified Liberals

so yea, I think you must just be too lazy.

too lazy to work out what liberal ideas have meant at different times, by different people, in different cultures.
too lazy to look at the sheer numbers and variation between liberals means it's retarded to group them as you do.

i dont have faye
but once you send blondie i will have blondie!


No clue how to do that. x3

Two beats one though.

Fair-ish point, I guess~

neko harem

But one is clearly better than the other.

Look you autistic fuck

I changed my ideals because I saw how fucking retarded and self interested the idealogoy was from an outside perspective and it's cringy as fuck and very often damaging

If I'm lazy then so fucking be it

when i get neapolitan ice cream

i only eat the pink and white part

i leave the Brown part alone

He is a very submissive slut, that's for sure

Both of my parents are very good musicians, I've been playing various things since I was like 4.
Bass is a yamaha sbv
I don't remember what strings are on
I don't have an amp right now. Well I do, but it's a little travel amp stored away under my keyboard.
If I want to play on amp I just go to our music shed and use my mother's stack.

What are you posting now?


Ikt knows what is up, mein nigga.

You're not wrong but both means double the fun.

But... Chocolate is good?

Why would you leave it there to go bad?

what the fuck. I just said let's agree on the facts.

How did you construe that as a request for Jon Tron articles?

it's irrelevant, but I believe you, and know how he was covered.

You made a statement about "left leaning people" then somehow conflated hundreds of millions of people with the "liberal media's coverage of Jon Tron"

Do you think LIBERALS just suddenly manifested out of nowhere? That they're all one mass of being, and that their sole enemy is THE RIGHT?

"Liberals did it first" makes it fair game for what?

You know I told him to make me this folder ?

That slut went and did it too

Neko lolis are always ok

Ban's the bottom when we do it.

My PrintScreen button

and Ctrl-V

nothing's saved

everytime i press PrintScreen the old image is
gone forever


How the fuck does that make you change your ideals

You can be a Liberal without being a narcissist and self-interested

You can be a Liberal without being cringe

You can be a Liberal without being very often damaging

Therefore, how you, Bard, make opinions, and explain them, is literally irrational.

I see... So watching it RIGHT NOW.

Same reason I got all this Momiji

Some Liberals I heard about, or have met, are violent

Therefore, Liberals are violent

Somehow, the way Eva and Bard are making it sound, is that the logic that follows is:

Therefore, Liberal itself is violent.

My wife Goggles says we can't do that anymore.

i mean i wouldn't buy a full neopolitan
i'm just saying, it neopolitan was at an ice cream stand i would only let them scoop the pink or white part

so that no Brown gets in my ice cream, if i were to be getting neopolitan ice cream


full screen snaps

that only exist purely on this image board!!!

you on the left

He put a folder inside this folder to try and make me ship with him

he can join

I don't like sharing.

I went from being a far left liberal to an apolotical left-of-center apath because of the toxicity of the communities of the like minded individuals i would find myself in the company of

I'm still left leaning
I just can't stand the modern Far left of political correct bullshit sweeping america

i've already said my reasons
Blatant hippocratical racism and violence is unnapetizing

just because I disliek that doesn't mean I'm supporting the right

Fuck man I could go on just as long a tirade as to why I had people on the right , fuck even right leaning people that aren't that right leaning I have alot of qualms with

But when I get personally attacked for not 100 percent supporting an idealogy

I see no reason to support such a toxxic idealogy

I've made clear that I'm talking about Far left Leaning liberals in modern america
twist it in your mind however the fuck you want but you're obviously not in this for a debate
I'm out

Yet not.
What happens if you want all those pics of Faye again?

Nah, dogger.
And that folder was already in there before you even asked, it was just a bonus.

You could show me a list of 100 dumb liberals that have your "bad liberal" traits

or 200 videos of fat feminists that have your "all men must die" traits

first, I bet you couldn't list that many.

second, to generalize a group of even 10,000 people and their personalities, based on political belief, not controlling for gradients, will ever make sense.

Telling you 'how' you are wrong, as you requested, it's only possible through evidence. I understand that doesn't quite fit for someone illogical as yourself but it's how things work.

Aaand I'm not sure what you're on about with the left leaning conflated into the liberal media's coverage. It was about the liberal media attacking left leaning, more center of the board, people for having any disagreement with the left's new PC ideals as a whole.

Are you even in the same conversation?


Ooooh, okay. But still chocolate ice cream is gud.

Likely story.

That's unfortunate.
You kind of have to tolerate sharing.

so by that same logic, if you met some really nice Nazis,

and all the Nazis you personally met were just about making sure there was enough land for their families

and they never talked about the Jew stuff,

because they gave you a more positive experience,

you'd sympathize with Nazism?

I think I put a few duplicates in there accidentally too.

What a cutie

I think I'll be just fine.

Messy animal

Hes denying it though

here is my question about the people who represent modrn nazism

Do they
A: Resort to Violence as a first response to political or ethical disagreements?
Spread their political message through violence or terroristic means?

B. Know and understand how to interact with people of a different race,gender,religion without it ending up a case of bigotry or false flag bigotry?

if these are answered
"no, no yes"

Then I fully beleive that under the constitution of america they should be free to have their political opinion


there's nothing i can do.....

eh... maybe in special situations like in reeses chunky icecream
or nutty rocky road type ice creams with more depth to them than 'just chocolatte'

Just need to show him the way

Yea, there's no doubt you're trolling. Badly, I might add.

Don't just call me illogical, tell me where I was illogical.

That is how logic works.

There were your points

1. Truedeau is ruining the country
2. Trudeau's bad things outweigh his good things
3. Most of the Left (Liberals and Progressives) can be grouped with 'liberal media' and 'campus riots'
4. Most of the Left's ideas (Liberal ideology and Progressive sentiments) can be grouped and judged based on annecdotes

I'll be forever blunt.

I've been extremely blunt around him for like almost 8 years

don't know what else I could do

And you still reject me!


You do not have to share with me, just whichever person pretending to be a girl happens to wander by.

No, they were super peaceful, never violent. They would defend themselves if attacked with violence, and if they ever got political power, they'd exercise Nazi beliefs, discrimination and all. But they're okay dudes. They never talk about the Jew stuff, even though they would send them away if they could.

You reject Liberal ideas because hundreds of people were shit,

would you embraced Nazis ideas because thousands of them were nice?


You're right.

stop rejecting him~



How am I supposed to ever recover...

You can relate the most


It's quite neat how the evidence lay solely on me for all your points too. Or do you forget that you started this by trying to hint that I was not seeing the good things Trudeau has or 'is' doing?

Show me those since you're so deeply stuck on me providing everything for you.

As for the things I did start, such as 3 and 4ish, I can deal with these pretty fast. First off most of the left, liberals, can be grouped in with the liberal media as they still consume and believe it. As proven by how many voted for Hillary who was in fact the worst of two horrid choices for the US. Why? Cause she was a female and spouted the PC narrative that they all believe to be righteous. This is also why the 'fake news' shit is ongoing.

Trump wants to make his own 'news' thing and why? Cause despite what he wants to do sounding fucking corrupt and evil? The actual mainstream media which is in fact mostly liberal does nothing but lie and blow things out of proportion. As given in examples of jokes being turned into "Nazis" and opinions meaning someone is a racist.

Those huuuuge crowds of liberal people that have burnt cities to the ground? That's lots and lots of people as well as those that are proven to feed on the news like it's the one true source of honesty.

Right now I have two major signs of two large portions of the left being as I said, in comparison to the 'left leaning' people that have become so scarce that they are starting to be silenced by Google. Google the walking talking PC hellhole itself.

As for 4? It's no anecdote when the left keeps ruining people's careers and lives over differing opinions. The fact that you pretend it is as such is intellectually dishonest.

Raphiel the kinda girl to give you a footjob while standing on your face.

You wish.
15 hours Squid.

That's what makes her the best.

gab 2 pure

What you're doing right now is indicative of a modern liberal
I pointed this out in my earlier argument

"if you don't 100 percent support them they wll attack you"

I have seen quite commonly liberals online quickly call ssomeone a "nazi" for not supporting their far left beleifs even other leftists
you say that I reject liberal ideas and embrace nazi ideas

If you would look at our conversation

what i LITERALLY just said
"I fully beleive that under the constitution of america they should be free to have their political opinion"

If you think somebody should be silenced for their political opinion alone
, be it a liberal, nazi, conservative ANYTHING
Then you are on track to becoming a criminal

In america
It's not a crime to hold a political beleif
It's not illegal to be a communist

It's not illegal to be a nazi

It's not illlegal to be a liberal
It's not illegal to be a republican

If you so choose to attack these people with words or stones or fistsor guns

You are engaging in Discrimination and possibly harrassment
With that said
Just because I've expressed my dislike of Modern far left liberals doesn't mean I support nazism. I could just as easily have replaced the topic of this rant from

(MODERN-LIBERALS) TO (MODERN NAZIS) OR (1940S NAZIS) OR (1960 LIBERALS) or any other combination of eras and ideals that I feel are poorly represented

That doesn't mean that I will discourage somebody for holding far left Ideals
I literally could not give afuck less about aybody elses political beleieifs if I tried

and If I did?
I sure wouldn't go personally attacking people over them

America is a country wherre anybody is free to beleive what they want no matter how back ass it is

For better or worse that's the fucking law

Like I said before.

I'll be just fine.

I cannot

Hard drugs


I want Raphiel to sit on my face while giving me a footjob.

The LiterallyNothing Patch.
And maybe Loyalty2017 announcement.

You don't need it.

Give me the literallynothing patch notes

Why count down the hours to this anyway

Ahh, shit. It's true.

idk, to shit post at you

Yeah, Squids

Why? Should be easy

The hype for the next post is real.

I....I think maybe we should get out of the way...

fuck it

might as well eat one

I'll never play myself

I didn't say you didn't see Trudeau's good stuff.

I was asking if you were confident in how much of his good, and how much of his bad, and their implications, did you know, and if you were comfortable with that level of understanding, whatever level that happened to be.


No, I did not. You misunderstood, even though you shouldn't have.

Just to be clear, your post is addressing these points:

you refer to these points

your argument is

so anyone who watches liberal media or has read the New York Times, you group with

1. every Hillary voter
a. you say they all voted because she was female
b. you say they all voted because she was PC
c. you say they all did it to feel self-righteous

2. everyone who watched liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, New York Times, TIMES, Washington Post, the Oscars, the Grammys, every show on Netflix, every media publication that ever expressed 'liberal' ideas) can be grouped with all these Hillary voters

And then you equate every Hillary voter, and anyone that has ever watched a Hollywood movie (consumed liberal media) can be mentioned in the same breath as these Marxist rioters. God. Fucking. Damn.

jesus christ kanra stop

No, my friend. We must drive through it like in the movie Twister!

o you wanna be Helen Hunt or Bill Paxton? You... You know before being ded, of course.

I'm going to cover this in one line, I didn't know you had a lack in knowledge on this buuut...

You do know the "majority" doesn't mean all right?

What kind?

Don't stop

You make really good points and this is how you're gonna start making people like you again.

My God, it's full of autism

you know what's fucking intellectually dishonest?

textbook intellectually dishonest?

equating all these people:

and you call me intellectually dishonest, doing the most blatant intellectually dishonest thing you could have done.

And you've already explained why you did it




I like you again.

You're triggered by this more than I am don't you even


Well, I'll get the basket to put on the front of the bike so we can take him to the burn ward ET style.

I feel special. I got two posts in response to one and both are answered by the same line.

"You do know the "majority" doesn't mean all right?"

more than half.

so you're saying

more than half of anyone that watches 'liberal media'

more than half of all Hillary voters

more than half of every Marxist

more than half of every feminist

can be grouped together? Does this math make any more sense?


I want to tell you that yes more than half but...

But I can't fight this sudden love for you.

I'll be kanra's friend as long as we don't discuss sushi again.

I literally don't give a fuck.

Its expected at this point.

Lucy is the worst person in that show.

It's too much. I can't go on.

Bard take my place, I clearly need to fap this one out.

Why do I get this feeling you'd put the loli or dfc as best girl?

tfw you hired illegal immigrants to build the greatest textwall in the land and kanra doesnt even look at it

wtf. I was always like this. nothing has changed.

you want to tell me more than half, but you know that'd be silly, because firstly, that would mean generalizing hundreds of millions of people, and second, fight it.







You have failed me

same my dude

considering how awful everyone in that show is, Lucy must be super extra awful.

I don't have to live up to anyone's expectations.

lisanna best girl

O-og gosh I didn't know you were here tonight squiddy....

Second guess was right and also one of my bigger folders. Especially considering the addition of couple stuff involving Gajeel~

there was nothing liberal about my post
there is nothing in my posts that comes remotely close to this
literally did not say or imply this anywhere

I agree, but that doesn't matter. we are talking about how you got your opinions.
you said your opinions were based on anecdotes.
you said your opinions were based on tens of dozens of news stories.

I was asking, if people being shit could make you drop an ideology
could people being chill and cool and nice, EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE NAZIS, mean you pick up an ideology?

I want to roll on bard

I really don't like the show though.

you know I was right.


I shall judge you regardless.


what a special pic you got there.... *-*

Do not even start this.

Bard can't quote King Crimson while I'm here now?

Which is gonna be pointless.



I want to roll something with Bard, something tells me he is chill to hang with when high.

Yeah but I liked the Negima animes and those were objectively bad.

So Fairy Tail is not a big surprise~

Fun is fun. Plus his art, wew.


anyways. nini.

getting high is degenerate and disgusting.

I'm caught up on the one piece manga and I wait for it every few weeks.

the smooth slope of her neck~
the gentle blush.... the enticing collar
and the shy emotion in her face

so beutiful


how are you my love

I really want to get into that but finding the time plus getting over the hurdle of the art has been a job and a half.

Is it pretty gud fun?

It will entertain me

Better now that you're here.
I have a hair cut tomorrow, but that means I have to wake up before noon which is a tragedy.

I might cry when it ends.

if it ends while i'm still alive

Well at least you get something out of it I guess

Yes. i like pretty ladys.

♥ i love levy!

I know. Who doesn't.

Goodnight Luka, till next time.

I always win

there are too many things I need to correct in this post that im not going to bother

My argument isn't aboout liberalism it's about modern far left american Liberals

if modern Nazis act like decent people I feel like they should have the freedom to act as any other american citizen

I changed the extremety of my ideology because the people representative of that ideology are in general terrible people and citizens BECAUSE of their ideology

The reasons that they are terrible are based in liberalism


pulling a multicutural or gender roll card
I didn't defect to a different ideology

most nazis to my knowledge are generally shitty people for the same reason, because they are blatant and loud about their ideology, and will likeley attack you for disagreeing

However, If I were to find that the majority of people who represent modern nazism (or even liberalism)

were found to be people to be looked up to

people who do good for their community
who are overall standup people

I wouldn't necesarily attribute it to their political ideals at first but might look into that

I am happy in my overall centrist political beleifs
I won't critisize others who don't agree as long as they don't personally involve me in their politics

you should just let it grow out

That's a loaded one.

Just don't die anytime soon, at all.

Levy is great. Gajeel filled her with babbies.


Its probably got 10 years left

Work doesn't like that.
I also hate long hair.



Is there a problem?

how come?

Hm. Try to make it longer than that.

And so was the end of FT.

I was raised by lesbians, no long hair in sight.

sorry I'm shy...

huh??? f t?



I don't believe it.

I'll be 31

I'll be dead on the inside at least

if your over 30 you've got one foot in anyway.

how long do you let it get?

No and no.

Fairy Tail ended.

We are posting here, so we are already long dead on the inside.

Whenmst is it not true?

and the opposite would be

so if peoples' Nazism made them less likely to pick up litter, donate to charity, go to church, take care of their children, respect their elders

you'd sympathize with Nazis?

Liberalism is still Liberal, no matter how many people are Liberal.
Nazism is still Nazism, no matter how many people are Nazis.

If you will judge one ideology for hundreds of its stupid people, can you not judge another for its hundreds of briliant people?

Pretty sure the Third Reich had thousands of upstanding, good, charitable, caring Nazis. Even if they loved Hitler.

I'm not.

Because you're always wrong .

You only think you aren't. It's a major think.

"so if peoples' Nazism made them less likely to pick up litter, donate to charity, go to church, take care of their children, respect their elders you'd sympathize with Nazis? "

Regardless of a persons Ideological beleifs, they deserve to be judge by their actions

If someone's a nazi and holds those beleifs in their heart but every day they go out and treat everyone they meet with respect and support their community? fuck yeah Ill support that person

fuck you for trying to put them down just because they beleif something different from you

I get it cut back once it starts to get in my eyes.

These two things are non-exclusive.

what's the longest yu've ever had it?

Gonna go take a 3 hours nap


but i want moar levy....



When I lived away from a year and therefore couldn't go see my stylist it got kinda long.
Covered my eyes at least. I wore a hair clip when I was doing stuff to keep it back.

nighty night bans

how much do you cut off

Sleep well!

The anime is coming back to finish the story soon. So there is that.

so this person who donates to charity, picks up litter, loves his children, goes to church, respects his elders, and is chill to hang with, and treats others he meets with respect

even though he thinks his in the master race, that all other races are threats, and that Jews and Communists are destroying his race

and if there was ever an election, he would vote for Hitler, not on accident, but because Hitler promised to do Hitler things

you'd be okay with this guy?
you'd be okay with Nazis?

thats adorable

I like how long hair feels tbh

The weight is really comfotable and also it feels nice when it touches the skin on my shoulders

an inch or two idk
I just let my stylist do what she wants with it.
I don't like it too short though so she doesn't go overboard.

Long hair looks gross on guys.

do you have alot of levy saved?

A fair bit ye.

i wanna see more of her~

mm do you have to work today?


Sounds lewd though.

I worked today. I don't work again until thursday though.

whatcha gonna do with your time off?

Reeing intensifgiesLKJDFHdklsjhfg lkdsjhg

she pure

I don't understand where voting comes into this picture

So let's suppose this theoretical guy who is a fantastic person in real life runs for president and gets elected as

you know the 3rd party nazi candidate

Alright so

when I go to vote I'm most likeley going to support the democratic candidate of my choosing as I've supported most of my life and the entiretey of the time I've actually been able to vote

he's free to campagin on his beleifs which I don't support and will likeley lsose him the election

boom, elections over, he likeley loses and goes back to his life of being a good citizen as he had been (which is the likeley scenario)
Everybody wins

or the hypothetical
he wins and begins trying to push his agenda in the american political system, which would admitedly be rather hindered by the american political hierarchy

He would either be supported by the majority and succeed in changing america

or he would be opposed by the majority
and not succeed

And if that were to theoretically happen, Well I would be secure in the fact that I opposed that person in their beleives and triedd my best tto preserve the america I know and love

if that's what the majority of america wanted, then wether I support it or not that's what will happen

Dat butt doe~

You cannot deny it. It's 2gud.

Lie in my bed and hate myself.
Same as usual.
Speaking of which, I should go do that now it's bed time.

her face is attractive to me

Can I have your folder? For science.

My shinobu folder?
No, it's mine.

don't focus on hate just luvin

She is cute all over BUTT still.

Fair enough, had to try~

I don't even know where to begin with this.

Politics is about systems of governence, and we are talking about peoples' varying beliefs of governence. Liberals believe in liberty, equality, human rights, justice for all, and individuals judged as individuals. Nazis believe in family, blood and soil, honour and sacrifice, hard work, and the exclusion or removal of other races.

We're not saying this Nazis became a politician himself.

I'm saying he'd vote for Hitler.

So that Hitler could enact Nazi policy.

And if this guy who voted for Hitler to be Hitler was a chill dude, you're saying you'd support him, and not judge him for his political beliefs. You also seem outraged that I'd judge him for his beliefs.

huhhhh? why?

one of the most basic right of America as secured to us in our Constitution s the right to vote

In America
regardless of your Colour
religious beleifs
Political beleiefs

if you're 18 years old and not a criminal you can vote

fuck anybody who tries to stop you from voting For who you support


In that same vein,

if a liberal wanted to to enact liberal policies,

just because you knew hundreds of douchebag liberals,

or because the Left is tied to Communism is tied to Stalin,

you'd be against people who vote for liberal ideas
you'd be less supportive of liberal ideas


If the majority of people who beleived a political Ideal were bad people I would be less likeley to support that ideal

regardless of what that ideal is






In fact, I didn't even vote for hillary clinton because I beleive her to be a bad person

even though I support the democratic party

when you attack somebody on a personal level because you're upset over there political beleives

You become a shit person and are no longer debating

The implications

of having Nazism as your political belief

is the want to see Nazism become the ruling ideology

like voting for Hitler

your chill dude Nazi friend may never personally exterminate a Jew

and he openly discriminates against other races by voting for people who promise to discriminate

even if he's personally very nice to Jews and homosexuals, and wants to see them gone.



i like

to type

like this


as well

you're not enlightened, Bard.

you're bad at basic critical thought.

somehow, in your head, this all ties into PC culture and Hillary Clinton and the liberal media

and somehow, in your head, the fact I'm calling you dumb right now, is because I'm a drop in this massive bucket you've crammed your tens of dozens of anecdotes in.

hm.... looks like the animator went the cheap route and didnt animate/draw anything new



you suck.

look man

You're free to critisize nazism the concept
you can critisize nazis for displaying nazism

but once you start attacking these people on a personal level about things that don't have things to do with being a nazi

then you are worse than that nazi

Most far left liberals I have interacted with will attack you personally because you don't support their ideology one hundred percent

This is why I don't like Modern Far Left Liberals

because of the toxicity of those people
I shifted my own personal beleifs to a lesser extreme
because I didn't wwant to associate with those extremists

I don't know what the fuck else to tell you man

...such a peacefully quiet thread.

There's no point Bard, shhh

good morning hu chan I'm watching scary tornado videos what are you up to today? :3


did you filter canadanons

Smart girl.

Luka on that 90 % shit

Good morning~
Same as always, just sinking more time into Runescape

y-yeah I don't know why I asaked that I should have know you were getting down on some runescape : P

How old is your account?

i want her smile...





Is good game :3
Almost 13 years it looks like.


holy shit
those are some legendary runes

And you still get a kick out of it??

admitedlly I've been missing a good mmo for a while.....


It might be 13 years old but I barely played it until just a few years ago, but yeah, it's my main go-to for entertainment.

You've played far more than I have, about 2000 more or so I think~
That's a lot of hours man

code stuff me me ^^

wait when did you start playing it?

what code is missing?

These 1644 hours has only been logged in a year. Got about 1200 more on my RS3 character which has been logged during the remaining 12 years.
I guess 1644 hours in a year is pretty ridiculous


all of it D:

which code do you need?
what's it supposed to look like?


to draw a pretty speedometer


look up templates
and modify it into your own using the template as a basis

Hullo there.

hey there

I just need the images tho

draw them~

no your life is just runescape :3

When I wa a little kid I would have guild wars dreams sometimes : /

Lucky you. I don't dream

Are you serious?

everybody dreams : P

you've NEEEVER had a dream?

im not artists

a few years ago i was such a fucking weeb that i dreamed in anime

everybody spoke japanese and it had subtitles

Some dream every night, I might only dream a few times a year, and those tends to be nightmares

remove weebs

You uh...smoke alot of weed brah?

what do you need drawn?


nope, never

eat some chocolate

or cheese before bed

idk if his actually works but I've heard it does...

did you used to dream when you're a kid or has it been like that most of your life?

says the one posting a 2hu

Loving traps isn't gay you fucking dipshits.I like chicks so much I'm willing to get dicked down by a girls dick just to fuck a cutie pie..

Lol ya'll out here hating traps are gay as fuck what the shit is wrong with you ahahahha.

I believe I used to, just haven't for a long time

Yeah well, I don't even watch any

The speedometer sprites from this

is that midnight club boyo

looks like it could be replicated....

if someone manually recreated each asset piece of it

but also if you could rip game files too


nfsu uouo

the game files don't look nice to work with, positioning and stuff

it's up to you if you feel like repositioning them

But!! I



Leave megumima lone...


Only if I'll get you instead






just waking up?


This is too much erffort im gonna die

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Not me, Ive been working, you brekkie?