.luck good so cyclic not s'it but thread one have only we ,Hello

.luck good so cyclic not s'it but thread one have only we ,Hello

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Catboy > Catgirl

yea kind of


they're both sexy as fug :lick:

you got me fucked up



maybe someone will post better catboys


nobody wants literal cats go away furry fiend

just better quality images nor furs


this character IS the best catboy though

the quality of the character does not define the quality of the image

yeah i wanan rape feli like a tom cat

Maybe its the dick or something

I don't really like catgirls though

only boys

how about this?

I don't know what style you like

usually the convenient censoring and questionable ones look best, also i was never a fan of re-zero so i didn't know who the character was at first

i never knew you were a homosexual

ok so show me an example
I don't know what you mean

again, show me some examples

booty is booty

Try and keep up

convenient censoring is the only thing that makes censoring acceptable

questionable, like as in not explicit or safe, as in the rating system, and it's not that i like convenient censoring pictures best but usually when they use a background object or another characters like hand to censor, there's a lot of thought put into the positions and picture in general

this guy gets it

i don't have a lot of example pictures saved or anything Nezi or I'd post them and not ask other people to dump lewd things


i am only gay as a joke

Are you sure about that ?

mfw trying to hug ikt

I ain't reading all that

I asked for an example too and I see no pic

are you a dingus

straight as spaghetti

also most of the convenient censoring pictues i can find look like this so yea no

your attention span is all i need to see to warrant terminating communications immediately, but you demonstrated your poor taste in porn so thats a kicker

Until you add water.

That art style is nice

I don't need multiple paragraphs when all I asked for was a picture

cya later mr filtered

ur nice

The felixlooks weir

Imo d compare to the megumin

oh no i got filtered by nezi


filter me daddy


I like the color/texture


my only regret is not saving more porn

me, getting bullied




bard please
come home to me



just link me to the more active discord, i didn't even realize there was a super secret clubhouse version until you implied it?


i didn't mean to put a question mark at the end of it

it will not let me generate a link

it's either yans or bans. pick your poison

10 HOURS of Fragrance of Dark Coffee + Rainy Mood - Jazz Soul

Drinking coffee for 10 hours will probably kill you.


Not when you're listening to jazz soul.

So, you like jazz ?


Not necessarily.


I rarely find Jazz I like because i'm so hardcore.

You're so hardcore you'd date that emo girl in that cringe video.

yans i guess since i hardly even know ban, i don't even know if i'll like these people, i just want a group that i can talk to and share thoughts with, so i don't know how retarded the more public discords are

Now I wonder if there's like some emo jazz or some shit where it's just blaring saxophones and people yelling.

So ?

You said you would date her tooo.

I however, have never admitted to being so hardcore.

I know, you're just so hardcore everyone can tell with just a glance.

face tattoos

Tattoos and piercings are gross. Never suggest something so disgusting.

Gonna get my ears pierced.

Blocked muted deleted banned erased ignored.

I'll keep our secret club alive by myself then.

well I mean....there's Free Jazz


What a looooooser.

I was thinking like some bastard child of ska and "hardcore" bullshit with just loud saxophones and shitty "metal".

Or I'll fill it with SLUTS

well I mean


wait are you in all three discords?

Oh, well you can do that if you want.

tfw yan doesnt invite you to his discord even though you've been friends for years

maybe you rub people the wrong way


You know thats not what I want

not that I disagree with that
It's just that it's probably not over that

no yan aand I have always got along okay.....

Checkmate now king me

*queens you*



Go back to your other form.

That one is disgusting.

That wasn't even my final form.

i dont get the connection

but this is a good soong

This one is cuter

the other one is just a tiddy monster

Just what I had playing.



lonely :(

loooooonely, im mister looooonely

I'm Mr.Bump


to not be crazy is to be crazy, insanity is not being insane, the universe is so much more vast and complex than we can comprehend, and i'm not just saying this in an edgy way i can't quantify with edgy physics that would take up at least 90% more of the screen than this stuff, but to actually openly look at the rest of the space we can see and not feel just a little crazy that's just fucking weird to me, they either aren't aware or hide behind something and don't even try to be, but reality, what's out there, is fucking crazy

I have nobody for my own


But we have you.



This remains one of my favorite songs off one of my favorite albums.

common sense isn't real sense, the intuitions we have as people lie to us about the true nature of reality, it's easy to see how some people get locked up without having a thing wrong with them back a 100 or so years ago, or they were filled with people who were mentally ill and they didn't attempt to treat them, there were ton's of stories about old asylum patients and their hobbies that i've read about, sewing or making models, odd little collections, whatever they would let them have really

tfw i give darwin my love but the affection is only one sided

Are you into skateboarding?

what do you enjoy about this if i might ask without meaning an y offense

Never really heard much of the music you like so I'm not so sure

You receive it by proxy.


Yeah, who'd like tiddies

It's just a perfect soundtrack when going about anything: a loud mess that just flows.

My music is incredibly varied, from 30s blues to 50s/60s country/folk to a bunch of progenitors to grunge to more modern ska and what's technically "post-hardcore".


Well I know I don't.

A fag would probably like tiddies

Which we aren't

Always good to have a wide spanning variety of tastes

is there anything yu find yourself listeing to alot more of than the otherS?

Personally I 'm real big lateley on instrumental hip hop with big bass

gimme dat proxy lovin


wtf Yan I cant beleive you

What if I like tiddies but nothing more than B.

yes hi I like skateboarding

One of the proxies is at work, and the other one is hidden eating pastries.

I always fall back on a lot of late 80s/early 90s rock for what can be best called nostalgia.

I don't really know bra sizes but I think C is ideal.

no wait

I meant A

I can't beleive neru abandoned me...

Yes all the more reason to give me your attention now :3


C is ideal.

All my friends are getting into skateboarding recently and it's lame because whennever I try to hangout they are always trying to watch lame skateoard vids or talk about skateboarding

and I also miss linked twice

I might be retarded

You're only noticing that now?


You-gara know I didn't even consider it a possibility.

Listen, I've made some mistakes.

You were young, and needed money.

I've always tried not to do that with friends
if I know somebody doesn't like something I don't spam videos of the stuff I like at them
I ask them what they wanna do and hopefully I like it somwhat

20 dollars is 20 dollars

Just wait for the family meeting about sending you to tard school.

How is this even happening ?

I'm not trying to misslink

I can't wait for that.

Will I have my own special room ?

Is the ability to look yourself in the mirror without shame really worth $20?

i guess i should save my edgy shitposts for when erio is here

I wouldn't actually do it

i'm just pretending to be retarded

Oh hullo there.

You can think of it like that..

yea if you wanted to suck someones dick you'd do it for free

I hope erio never returns

Will you come visit me ?

Or are you gonna pretend I don't exist ?

well sucks to be you because he was here like less than two days ago and he'll be back again

Hopefully he gets in a car crash or i the victim of a terrorist attack

I take it you are not a fan.

that's some pretty intense shade you are throwing there my brother, he must have made you feel like you didn't want to live anymore


Yeah I hate erio because even though we have 5 years of history he threw me under the bus just to kiss blood chans ass

I have no compassion for someone who would pretend to be my friend only to throw it away without a second thought
I try to be very choosy about my company

I'll treat you like a someone that needs sympathy friends.

Yet you talk to me.

This is very rude

because you're not repeatedly posting in every fucking thread you're in about how much you wanna bang blood chan this and blah blah blah blood chan is your pet that

but I mean we weren't really ever...."Friends" in the first place

but if you're so unsatisfied with your current roster that you need to pursue blood chan, then I will have to cut my weak ties now

i don't even know under what context he could "throw" you under a proverbial bus for blood-chan, the only thing i like to do to blood-chan is annoy her

now i'll admit it, almost everyone falls for their bullshit at some point, but i only had to learn one time, some people still listen to them drone on

this is also why I hate scootaloo



Literally no one but Bebop, Kanra and Erio.

yeah only the pathetic orbiers with no standards

when were opinions from you valued commodities again

Joke's on you, I was only pretending to pretend to be retarded.

God, no. I see no value in even reading anything he posts.

When has anyone even know who you even were?

Good then I certainly can't hate you :3

beat TP in a popularity poll

oh wait, TP

My heart is at peace once more.

It was a pretty good bait and switch

mfw darwin cares what I think about him

Darwin is a simple man with simple wants from this place, you'll find we are all similar on some levels

I wonder how many levels of irony we can go down.

A lot

Irony is stupid though

I have nothing in my life but you and the new DuckTales.

mydaily dose of others acceptance has been fulfilled and as such I can sustain myself for another Earth Day in this cursed realm

Thank you for your generosity

Likewise. I can store the noose for another day.

Ducktales! Woohoo!


D-d-d-danger lurks behind you, there's a stranger out to find you, what do you do, just grab some...

thread pls come back alive : (


i dont wanna be alone in my room

But that is the best part of the day.

But slow threads are good too

i'm stressed recently

we have to move and my new room is going to be even smaller : (

Do you find it to be claustrophobic? I like smaller rooms; they are cozy.

my currrent room is 10x 8 which is good enough

but anything smaller than that and it's going to be difficult to have guests or anything

I spend all my timein my room on my bed cause no ground room or chairs or amnything

there is a guest chair and my amplifier I mean but idk if ill be able to fit them in the new room

I just heard it's gonna be smaller and my mom was telling me that theres only about enough room to fit my bed in it u.u

You will have to make entrance to the room more exclusive.

I had plans to move out with my best friend when his younger brother was going to move out to go live with their dad but then their dad went and fucking died so now Im stuck having to move and my social life is going to suffer and tbh 've been super anxious about it for the past few days

Is your new place inconveniently far away?

Hello, Darwin.

F-Fine, thank you.

well the good thing is at least it's in the same town

But I live 3 blocks from my work, and 2 blocks from my friends so it's like

man that's going to fucking suck having to move away from being o close to my friends and work

I am sure you can make it work out. It will just be annoying at first.




Hello, user.




Elma is here?

If I were to say megumin with a penis

lets tbh

the first thing to come to mind would be ikts dick right?

Hi again Tak.

Oh, what's up? How was your week?


Girls don't have penises.


Pretty boring. Just a mix of work and preparing for a new semester. You?


Work and birthday depression hell week. It's tradition at this point.

What's new?

*over 4 inches

"Birthday depression"?

are you trying to tell me that just because Ikt has a monster godzilla dong it's not feminine?


ikt is an angry Asian man.

ooh, right ;3

Yeah. It's pretty bad this year.

Yours counts at this point.

How come?

counts which way? It's not like it does anything anymore.

Because it's when I reflect back on a lot of things and feel bad feelings but take into account how much better things are on a whole and feel more bad feelings. It's a confusing saddening time. I removed my birthday from public knowledge on fb even as to avoid that shit.

Plus I didn't really ever plan to make it this far, so now I'm struggling to figure out what I want to do with all this time I have penciled in.

Joke about it being functionally not there.

Send me a message. I forgot which you use.

oh wow okay tsuchi I see how it is

source on image

sorry i dont kno





shit keeps on eating my name



I fuckin love this girl
I attribute her to so many good memories cuz I made so much money while watching this anime

Neph is best pet.

are u comin

wasnt that like
3 days ago?
I remember my buddy tellin gme it was national run like a naruto day

any day can be naruto run day

just gotta BELIEVE IT

hell fuckin yea

suddenly in the mood for grilled wings

too bad all of the kitchens are fucking closed rn

Shame what happens to her though...

rip, make your own.

my favorite

Get out.


if I had wings I would but then again everyone would wake up with that glorious dry rub+ grill smell


Shame what happens tho.

Don't worry, these 4 are their replacements.

4 > 1


4 vs. 1

bruh that awoo is getting dicked


don't tell me that

It's alright if they love it


waifu goals



what if someone didn't mean to pet you

it's like using someone else's hand to jerk off

o k


Then they wouldn't

You can pick your friends
and you can pick your nose

But you can't jerk off with your friends hand

so what are you saying with that post?

That I meant to

it's not jerking off if it's someone elses hand. it is literally impossible to jerk off with someone else's hand.

so it's your hand?

What if you dismembered the hand?

then it's masturbation with a toy.

have someone else use the disembodied hand, it becomes someone using a toy on you.

according to good grammar.

All right, I will give it a try next time I get picked up having fun with my toys in the Hills.

If it's possible for you to visualise it


what are the Hills

but then you're also the dog thing.

so yea, it's masturbatory.


for the sake of argument we can't say "jerking off" we have to say "masturbation"

if I were to tie you to the ground with your hand facing out , and procede to pleasure myself with your hand
That falls under the term "masturbation"

Which as far as I know, is just general stimulation of the genitals with the hand

I'm a cute wolf on the inside

A magical place of fun.

But just a dog on the outside.



it seems relative to force and duration.

rate of hip gyration, over duration.



Me with my new scarf

I missed you. We don't talk anymore.

I hope you are well.

p-please link me...

I hope we carry dismembered hand masturbators come halloween.

you are the hand. you are the dog. so the image is of you petting yourself. am I not explaining this good



I have been excellent.

Please explain your track of logic

Assuming I was pleasuring myself slowly or at the speed of light with your hand, I don't think that matters at all

as long as the genitals are being stimulated with a living attatched hand that is masturbation


tfw you are a cool guy who talks to someone without linking them

Where are the upside down fags

Slow, Luka!


it's not relative to light.

it's relative to your partner.

a disembodied hand's movement does not come from a concious being, outside of yourself.
even if the hand were attatched to something living, that wouldn't necessitate mutual play.

on some level, one person is using another.

wolf trapped in a human body


I want boardgame

What if it was that hand from The Addams Family?

this was amazing.

Thing is depicted as concious.

The Thing is treated as a pet I think

That isn't the question at hand

The debate we are having is

"Can a person masturbate with a seperate persons hand"

there is ZERO implications under the definition of masturbation that consent is involved

if you were asleep and your hand was hanging off the couch
and I came over and forced your hand around my dick and fucked it until I ejaculated (or didn't, not important)
The fact is

A hand is stimulating my genitals

Even without consent

This is still masturbation

we're talking about what things constitute masturbation.

Masturbation is defined as the stimulation by hand of a (not implied to be the same, not implied to be different) persons genitals

I want to go swimming in Griffin.

but if I decide to keep going

it bcomes an hj


who is that person anyways? Wish?

uh, no way that's the definition of masturbation.

Which person?

"Handjob" is a slang term
just like "jacking off"

a "handjob" is masturbation

Here is a picture of my favorite meme right now

the person whose name was "I want to go swimming in Kuzumori" or something

masturbation is what is done to oneself.


i'm watchin kewl anime tho!

woof woof

Yes, that was her.

We can play tomorrow, then. It's like a public holiday. I dunno about the other one.

never really followed her stuff.

what's she like?

a huge fucking CUNT




Do I have to flip the calendar upside down to find out which holiday it is?
But okay.



This linking is primal

what do you want, beasts

that's not useful.

they were some trans girl, had a mommy, and is a supremecist.




they were very outspoken.

not very traplike.

Playful and kind at her best with a strong wit. At her worst, somewhat fragile. This is mostly off thread, however.

"what's wish like, i dnever followed them"

"no haha ur wrong let me tell you about wish"

Wish is a babe/

You're thinking of Scarlet/Mayaka

Not Wish.


who am I thinking about then?

someone fits this description.

say something useful.


Take my socks off they are not comfortable.

I already weighed in on this conversation

"Wish is a cunt:"

wish was the one everyone was always talking about but was rarely here.

is Wish actually a bitch?

Holy shit Wish was here all the time.

You want me to rip your stockings?

That was a funny joke. You're pretty good.

Yes, with your penis.



"haha guys tell me about wish"

"Except for bard"



Same, dude.

All answers are acceptable answers, except for the ones I don't like


I think Luka is mad at me.

ur the dude!

what bard said

time for a divorce


Okay, but drop to the ground and pretend to fight me off.

She can be truculent with some, and I think most take the attitude too seriously.


I will defiantly wiggle my toes at you.

I divorced Luka and Luke.

I married Goggles

Luka wants blood



wh- I'm not looking for appraisals

literally dk who Wish is

I think.


lemme slide in them dms girl

lemme hit that rebound

post her most popular avatar.

The person you're thinking of is Mayaka/Scarlet, not Wish.

Which I've explained.

Literally every loli anime girl in existence has been posted by Wish.


Wish is a canadian poster from the same era as myself

Avatar'd as the kanon girl

got GarEE kicked out of college

left for a long time for college or something

not some cheap rebound !



Punished Luka.

Wow okay fat slut fine see if i invite you out for dinner agian

I would let you doodle all over my log book. ;)

never read her stuff


yes, that makes sense. Kanon. weird choice.


Not missing a whole lot.

wefojfhf my fucking sides

were they all this cute?

but luka is pregnant and its yours


Great movie.

I estimate 90% of them were.

Battle scars make a man.

But i'm happily married.

I won't end this marriage.

who are Emma and Rin

what battle?

rin is an autistic tranny and emma is wish


Ya'll got too many fuckin' names.

Life I guess ?


i wish I could have a cool name like spectre or bard irl


Emma is Wish.

Rin is the Canadian tranny who partakes in video games, loves Subtle, and enjoys being photographed in front of dilapidated houses.

If I say ur cute
Ur cute


then myself, Chiri and Luka

also VeeVee

Your name backwards is drab.

vee is dead

Shall we drink to that?


why can't you say nice things


i am not the senate


Child support

You're a tranny?

Chiri isn't trans

that's okay if I can become a rapper
D-rab sounds way better

counting canadians


yay! Canada ♥

bad country ;/

Hey, that's pretty good.

I say plenty of nice things.


*Oh, Canada! ♥

I meant the grim one.

no ;~;

i will become the senate?!

home and free native land true strong and free

The grim one loathes you, sire.

every country in the world is thinking that of yours.

on every news show in every language.

maybe irl
americans are pretty well received shitposters



this is my favourite part~

Norway best shitpost.


not to me

Americans think America is the default.

what if huu was neru all along

default what?

the autofill online

He sees you standing there, delivering hauteur
Perhaps play'd the fool? Though, I do not know
He reckons, no doubt, 'twas for you to deserve his worst

you're gaurding the queen!? :O

:relaxed emojii:

Well, that is some BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck is autofill online

Americans have a lot of problems but one thing they don't have?

Trucuck. It's only us that have to suffer with that ass for however long.

I mean we have trump but tbh a right leaning "leader" is superior to a far left one imo

I meant the notes

drops down, then holds on 'theeeeee'

America's sounds like it'd be played by a military band.

You are nothing but cruel to me.

canada's song got good sound to it ya!

you didn't feel proud when he addressed a mass of Hindu people, dressed fully in their cultural garb?


nice tharja

Love is cruel.

It is, I would rather the twitter nonsense and constant dumb drama over the cuck we have.

In the long run I am betting he'll do more damage to Canada than Trump to America. Hell, most of the damage happening to America came from the far left's reaction to Trump. Not even Trump himself.

I'll feel proud when he's long gone.

I'm the smart aloof one.


Tharja a best.

Well, I mean. If you're blind and or stupid it's hard to distinguish them.

It's not like we all done type differently or anything~

I thought you were Chinese.

Do you actually pay attention to what he does, over time?

Or do you just react to negative news?

I'm mixed.


night kanra


liberals are a menace to society

I used to be super liberal myself but after the reecent "politically correct" wave that's been creeping over the world in the past 10 years it's really just left me jaded as hell with the left and maybe that's for the best

since I'm not a canadian I can't really weigh in on trudeuas effect on canada, but I do hear constant negativitiy and DO SEE THE OCCASIONAL headline of corruption

have you lived there your whole life?

I've lived under a primarily republican america for most of my life so I'm probably a little biased


idk if that's kanra

is this a pasta?

I've taken to just filtering user canucks
significant QoL improvements

how about reading it champ

The user post thicc women is almost always 10x

Doesn't the thread seem so loneley without them?
canucks are lame but they're people too....


nice try

I did.

It seemed very irrational, and I wasn't sure how anyone could possibly reason like that, so maybe it was intentionally stupid, so stupid it was worth pastifying.

You don't see how weak you reason for 'swapping sides' is?

You suddenly abandon liberal ideas, because you're not allowed to say 'retard' anymore?

Like, how do you go from "super liberal"

to "fuck liberals"

and your only explanation is "the reecent politcally correct wave"

A few 'good' things does not outweigh working toward ruining a country.

Sleep well.

Not Kanra though.

Yup and for the longest I was even under the assumption that Trudeau would be better for our country given the past.

So much for that. Honestly I'm not even sure he is qualified at this point.

I could be wrong on his qualifications but who cares~

bump ~


how confident you are that you know more than 20% of the stuff he's done?

given that you have access to the news, and you could remember enough of him to make a fair estimation of him, and what affect he has had on Canada and Canadians

do you accurately comprehend the scale of his individual good/bad deeds and and policies?

have you questioned your knowledgebase regarding him?


because of your quickness to aggression it's pretty obvious you hold Liberal or leftist Ideals yourself

you're assuming because of my dislike of libs and modern Leftism
that I'm not still left leaning

There was nothing in my post about my current political thoughts , only that the modern liberal wave is sickening to me

The biggest thing that made me stop blindly supporting the left is composed of both anecdotal and personal experience of Liberals,, usually people of colour,, or perhaps a women, insessantly playing the victim.
If something ddoesn't go their way? The other person is obviously a rascist or misogynist

Now take note that every liberal just like every nazy or communist is a human and as such can't be lumped into One unit
These are all generalisations that seem to be common to the left

The next reason tthat I am very bitter about modern liberals is that I'm actually involved iin a lot of left leaning groups

And the second you mention any dislike of the left, or liberalism
the ywill jump your FUCKING ass

Even in real life
Liberals are violent as fuck in general if you don't fully support their cause
Even if you aren't right leaning, even to conservatices

I have noticed anything that isn't 100 percent agreement of liberal ideals is met with indreculous aggression

EA publishes all the best videogames, don't let their recent games change your opinion, or you're retarded

ddrRRRdrrrr r you can'tcahgne ur political beleifs

Well done.


……….……………………. „-/*"\„,„,
…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ :\_ / o '"*'"¯/' BARK BARK
……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : : ¸„,-~"
**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :- THIS IS THE BARKING DOG WIENER
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ PUT THIS ON THE PROFILE OF 5 OTHER PEOPLE
:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ OR HE WILL HAUNT YOU
:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/


The changing of history, the constant pushing of a white guilt agenda, most of the far left wanting white people extinct, feels before reals, a strange and toxic acceptance of a religion that is the legit opposite of the movement they stand for, identity politics, everything is racist/sexist, making up falsities about women being paid less and so on~

It's all more so the far left than anything but the rest of the left, for the most part, refuses to say that said things are bad or even not side with them in obvious cases. A bunch of far left people ruin their college with violent riots over a gay guy that has different political views than them talking? All of the media plays off the students as hard done by.

You don't even see the bad in the left and that is reason to not really further this conversation. Trudeau could do anything and you'd try to hide it behind a few minor 'good' things.

I am far from being right leaning but the left has become cancerous and anyone left leaning has to give in to essentially SJW like ideals to remain named a Lefty in any sense. If you are even on the edge in one subject?

Alt right nazi scum,.


i want her~


Yeah yeah.

Of course I hold Liberal ideas.

justice, human rights, voting rights, fair representation

By calling it "The Modern Liberal Wave" you're conflating like, a dozen different things.

By calling them "Leftists" you're being vague, and you probably know that's bad.

Imagine if every Conservative was grouped together.

Now to take a stab at you, I think you don't manage nuance, because you're stupid and lazy.

I approve of these shitposts


Kill all brown people.

- Kanra


He is right.

That's already a thing, created by the far left and accepted by the majority of the remaining left.


do NOT kill brown people
our lawns will turn into jungles and our houses piles of dust

Fucking HECK youtube doesn't put everything on the sub page any more?!

Classic liberals

You are the one who takes care of those tasks in your residence.


Now you're going back on yourself. Because you just said,

but I was criticizing you, but they weren't political thoughts, but this post (the one I'm linking to) says it was about poltical belief.

lazy, Bard.

Left leaning people with a public image speak in contrast to liberal ideals currently? Ala John Tron. You are suddenly alt right magically and a nazi.

When what?

I do not take care of our lawn, that is for the mexicans to do.

will it be done and ready for me?


how much you want to bet you're full of shit

we had a conservative government for DECADES

we know the difference between Conservatives and Nazis. also, well done on the "liberals did it too" justification.

I was going to respond but
your post is just a grammatical nightmare
and I can't be assed to try to decode it

For such a self proclaimed genius

you are sure blind to anything negative to the thing you support

kanra on that textbook confirmation bias

So when are you gonna fugg?

+1 guitar and anti-Kanra post

Pfff... I dunno man.

beginning to think this is one of these things where someone pretends to be retarded.

in that case, congrats.

You managed to trick me into taking you at your word.


wheres the god damn neck pickup

Were you drinking coffee again?

Is it true Trump is persecuting people who visited anti-Trump websites

Faye seems to suit you well anyway.

Guitar thread?

He is personally building walls around their houses as punishment.

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kiss you play bass?

Well, you're so wrong that it's actually quite a surprise. First off the majority is correct as has been proven consistently by liberal media and the riots committed by liberals.

And no liberals no longer do. The majority, which again has been all over the liberal backed news so pretty clearly is fact, react to being disagreed with by "You are a Nazi". Or "You are a Racist", "You are a Sexist Bigot", etc.

Aaand to prove how you don't even read too well I didn't say "Liberals did it too" as a justification, I said "Liberals did it first" so they made it fair game.

I play by the rules dealt out, they can't make a set then change it every time it bites them in the ass~

As a final point I will just note another left leaning person who was labeled a Nazi by the majority of left and all of the far left.

Cause of a joke.

Fancy that.