Don't mix light and dark liquor

Don't mix light and dark liquor

you're gonna have a bad time

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Do I dare open this snap ?

This is a meme with no basis in fact.

what kind of meme tale is that


Whymst'dve would you not?




Being gay is a sin.

Because it was from drunk Grim

What do you mean it wasn't you ?

nobody plays videogames because they wont buy them for me

I honestly dont remember sending you a snap

but it says you opened it 2mins ago..

so like

opinions on premarital sex

I've never had sake

I just opened it

do it

its delicate and it hits you like a brick when you get up

best served hot

I have
its pretty lit

Hot sounds weird

man this gif is trippy as fuck I cant look at it for more than 3 loops

I think warm is more accurate

it does
its quite interesting
but vs cold, hot sake is smoother

No. It's like. Hot. Like you hold the stone sake bottle thing and that shit is hella toasty.

This movie is fucking great but there are too many lolicons/pedos here for me to stream it for yall



I dunno I've always had it warm
But it's always been served to me from KRs and HKs so not entirely sure

I'm I'll try almost anything once I guess.

cold drinks are best

I like my soju cold
thats like korean sake

Weeb juice.

weeb juice is g(rape) soda and ramune bro

ok wow squid I just read this

its not a fucking myth

do you know how many fucking esters and congeners scotch has vs pure fucking sake?

shit's gonna fuck you up REAL quick.

Not manly enough for me.

Ramune is excellent in small quantities tbh

I love me some Boylan Grape soda tho. best carbonated shit I ever had.

That IS a good reason

And this is going to lead to problems when mixing them because...

The only thing that matters in getting drunk is ethanol content. Nothing else affects anything.

Like I said before, I only drink a mans drink.

It wasn't bad


I dont mean literally in the same glass

but if you drink them one after the other you end up ingesting more alcohol than normal + you have to deal with the worse hangover thanks to the dark liquor


not even edited.

those were the top comments.

There's arguments that other chemicals can affect various shit, primarily hangovers. Not that I think it's necessarily true but whatever.
The idea that two different drinks together can affect you beyond how they would individually is, however, complete fucking lunacy and blatantly impossible.

When you drink more alcohol you wind up drinking more alcohol?

Better not mix those drinks.

these are unedited


what im trying to say is it fucks with your pacing

I refuse to believe this

Do you not read the damn ABV?
Because when it comes to how drunk you get, that is definitely all that matters.

Look, mom, I'm using science words with little understanding of what they mean. But I'm so drunk!



nani the fuck

put on a name little bitch ass user

sake and scotch are both 40% but as soon as I had my 4th shot of scotch on top of my 12 shots of sake it was like a literal brick dude


I only like one boy though.


12 is usually when I stop feelin my face and im maximum turnt but I didn't get that with the sake it was weird

why am I still talking to anonymous shitter

This sounds like a you problem. One could point that you were impatient enough for more alcohol that you switched drinks and thus likely weren't pacing yourself right, rather than some obscure magical reaction.

The pacing issue can happen to anyone, that's why I'm saying

It has literally nothing to do with the type of alcohol being consumed though, and everything to do with just watching a fucking clock and counting your drinks

That's what they all claim.

You would be in hospital at that BAC.

who in their right mind does that

Yes, and the colour of the fucking drinks has literally nothing to do with whether it happens.

anonymous garbage falls short, once again

suh dude

literally people with better developed prefrontal cortices.

You pace sake differently than you pace scotch.

my iq isn't high enough to visualize the clock and counter sorry

Anyone who likes functioning the next day or who doesn't believe in the porcelain god

It uses

Broscience of exaggerating how much you drank or actual science based research?

I know it.

I'm very monogamous.

Who doesn't?
I mean once I'm completely shitfaced I don't, but before that it's merely a matter of glancing at a clock occasionally and briefly recalling how many standard drinks I've had in how many hours.

You pace 40% ABV liquid at the same pace, that's all.

This is not going to save you from low-hanging jokes about you being a gigantic faggot.

it's about control.

im chillin

but anonymous shitter, mr 300 iq, mr I went to school for table manners and the cumslut are having alcohol debates which is kinda lame


this is my last reply to you

I went to a restaurant and had 4 bottles which is 12 shots
then came home and had 4 more shots of scotch cuz I didn't feel drunk enough from the sake
fuck the clock

control your breathing to stop pls



Only for one person though.

no one else

Sake is 20% abv, you mong.

probs got it mixed up with soju

no wonder

Yes clearly the problem here is mixing your drinks

hey fool

which one do i click

britanon solved the mystery

sake isnt as alocholic as I thought it was

Also who the fuck doesn't take mental note of when they start drinking?

Literally can't stop gargling random cocks

sup foo


I don't have my name as a link. But it's now completely official.


I don't know who that is.

this looks like a job for Sherlock Holmes.

I don't know what that means.

hope you're having as nice of a night as I am


it means let's play spot the fool~

What are you up to anyway, fagget?

hi5 my nigga

My night is not bad.

this looks like who Fool could have been

but this guy is too interesting

oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches
The intense isolation you experience living in
the desert forces you into direct conflict with
the absurdity of the human condition. It is in
this conflict that I find strength and meaning.
Isolation becomes solitude, despair becomes a
gentle melancholy. My work is a reflection of this.

Was there an overarching theme?
I like other stuff of yours I've seen more, this one's not really for me

I just remembered that they published my phone number in that fucking thing. Fuck it.

I create places we can go to so we can be alone and understand the absurd.

fucking rip
ban him for dox


by jove

I think you've got it!

Spending a lot of time rebuilding my relationship.

Its going well

Eh, whatever. I don't care.


I feel like a real stalker now with this instagram stuff
I guess you've been on this style for a while though

I like the idea, but I dunno
I don't like what I would consider abstract I guess
Surrealism (I think) would be my preferred for that

I wanted to go by one by one

pointing out all the better artists

but you went from the bottom up. which seems obvious really.

Maybe you should stop breaking them in the first place.
You seem to do that a lot.

This isn't something i'm gonna talk with you about or in the thread.

so is there a conflict or not?

It's the way I can best say what I want.

There is some amazing painting happening in the country today.

There is, but there is also a resolution to it.

so do you therefore lose your strength and meaning?

Fair enough. I didn't really mean anything specific by it anyway. It just seems like the general solution.

I honestly love that quote fool
fuck the haters

me too, for entirely different reasons.


I had to write a statement, that's what I wrote because that's what I think about when I'm painting.

it echoes so well with you

so you lied when you said


It works well with anyone really.

No, because when I lose it the conflict returns, and with it the means to resolve it.

If it works. I understand that people like that style, but I do not understand it. My sister did that kind of stuff most recently, but I liked some of the other stuff she did more, although she also did very different stuff like landscapes and portraits sometimes.

This an example of her stuff that I'd call surreal:
And one I'd call abstract:

I'm curious, which do you like better and why? You've a much different perspective, and also no context.

I like it all. Objective, nonobjective, it's all good to me. The way I see it all is as art. Just because I'm nonobjective doesn't mean I don't like objective work.

what if the conflict dissipates before the piece is concluded? you attain gentle melancholy.

do you paint meaninglessly, lacking strength, or do you destroy yourself to regain your passions?

If I find myself working arbitrarily I destroy the work.

Care to clarify, I'm clueless. Objective being object focused? If so, I just don't think I can connect with non-objective stuff, it's like a mystery to me. I see that something is happening, but I cannot understand what, and therefore can't understand what the artist wants me to feel. Then I don't know if the artist sucks or I'm retarded, which I don't like.

but not this one.

Yes, objective art is representational. Real objects, real things, recognizable imagery to an extent.

I like to point to Pollock for this. "It's like a bed of flowers, you don't tear your hair out over hair out over what it means."

How is that painting arbitrary?

you really have to ask?

There is nothing in that painting that is out of place.

Yeah, I like it more. It's easier for me. I just wish I knew why people like non-objective stuff.

it doesn't look like conflict.

looks like gentle melancholy and solitude won out

and you painted that.

I accidentally fell asleep now my schedule is double off.

you see it too.

or rather, can't.

Gentle melancholy and conflict are the resolution, the end result. The strength to change from the despair and isolation through the acceptance of the absurd.

The conflict isn't going on in the canvas. The conflict is internal.

The same reason people like certain kinds of music and not other kinds.

So a complete fucking mystery. Oh well.

Who needs a sleep schedule anyway?

Like I said, I want to create a space where we can go to be alone, where we can see and understand the human condition.

I can tell you that it isn't a difficulty thing. The most difficult painter I've ever encountered was entirely figurative.

come now.

I seek "those pockets of silence, where we can root and grow."

People that have work tomorrow.

I guess you're screwed.


Well, yes, technically you might have a problem.

It's nothing an abuse of caffeine couldn't fix.
It'll be fiiiiiiiiiine.

Caffeine makes me sleepy

Today I helped a young girl who was just starting to paint. I walked her through the basics of what she would need to get started painting. I told her about color, brushes, and solvents. Then I gave her a quick rundown of mediums, what glazes are, and how to make them.

You should of thought about that before staying up late.

but why

He probably has 80HD.

Because she asked.


I think he has 4K actually.


but why tell us

dusty, wrong question.

Because it makes me feel strange that I did that.

He's too spicy for that.

Well they aren't as spicy as me at least.

Strange? Why?
The interaction itself, and realizing you were the knowledgeable one; the interaction with a young girl, because of reasons...

Who are you?




I stayed up not late enough, not too late.

It was a nice thing to do and I gained absolutely nothing from it.

Have I talked to you before?

Stay up later then.

Many times.


You did though
Maybe nothing tangible
Being nice to people can be self-fulfilling
It's just kinda dark to look at things from the perspective of doing everything from a completely selfish or genetic perspective

I can't do anything right :c

I guess you got some work to do then.

I don't remember.

I am under the impression that there aren't any good people out there. I don't feel good about what I did. I'm entirely ambivalent.

Well I really don't know what to tell you then.

That's alright.

Ambivalent? What's conflicting about it?

yes I do
tomorrow afternoon

Ambivalent doesn't mean conflicting, it means unsure.

This was me

How much ?

9 hours

Oh. My mistake. But why is there any uncertainty? If it was a nice thing to do, why not look upon it favorably? Because you didn't get anything from it?

There are so many blue haired characters here.

Because I don't know my motivations for doing that.

I just gotta do a fuck ton of driving and see what books I need to buy for class.

I don't think any of them are guys though.


I wouldn't be able to tell. Those characters are all sexually ambiguous.

Didn't want to seem rude? Didn't want to disappoint? Wanted to please her? Wanted to spend time with her? Wanted something to do? Wanted to teach?
I'm just spitballing. I'm sure you could come up with the answer easier than I. If you can't, then you're lying to yourself, which I don't know what to do about.

I just hope they all have dicks.

You would!

None of those things even entered my mind.
I have been told several times that I am a natural teacher, but I don't know about that.

All of them?


is this a ruse?

Is what a ruse?

I would.

Every last one of them.

your art.

your explanation of it.


And ?

No, why would it be?

Even the girls?

It doesn't matter if they entered your mind or not, they can still be true.
I can kind of relate to the teaching thing, I did a good amount of tutoring and was fairly good and didn't mind it, so long as they wanted to learn. If they didn't, then I just gave up. But doing something you're good at can feel pretty satisfying.

Except for starcraft. That shit just feels tiring.

How was your date?

some absurd joke.

Boys make the best girls.

It was good

everyone sure is interested

I didn't mean to draw this much attention

especially the girls


The absurd is the best joke I can think of.

I don't feel satisfied.

I don't know about that.

What about the boys?

They also make the worst.

I think boys and girls are both yucky.

I know another.

Congratz man!

How can you think both are yucky?

I thought you were just gay

When civil war 2 breaks out it'll be whites and puerto ricans VS blacks, white guilt whites, illegal mexicans and billionaires are going to fund their weapons.

Which side will you join?

I don't.

I am, but they're still pretty yucky.

That sounds awful.

I gotta go to sleep now.

Like how are the whites going to beat 10 million Mexicans? They hide in the trees, man, can't see them.

Oh my gosh hi Fool how are you?

Everything is awful.

Who are you?

Don't you remember me..?



so anyway how have you been?

Taco trucks rigged with bombs
spics can't resist them.

Y-you didn't miss me though.

Hey Bard good morning!

i couldn't resist either...

Darwin always yells at me for playing w/ you

I'm fine enough I guess.

You are lying.

That is because he wants me to be lonely and dependent on him.

anything new going on with you?

Darwin read mine and Fool's chain

tfw being gaslighted by dars


Not really.

waifu goals

ok nvm

Waifu goals?

time to get that +8 boost

Yes that is desirable in a waifu

how do you even groom a fishdog you couldnt brush it..

you filter its impurities

……….……………………. „-/*"\„,„,
…….…………………….¸„-^"¯ :\_ / o '"*'"¯/' BARK BARK
……………………¸„„-^"¯ : : : : : : : : ¸„,-~"
**¯¯¯'^^~-„„„----~^*'"¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸-"
.:.:.:.:.„-^" : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :- THIS IS THE BARKING DOG WIENER
:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯ PUT THIS ON THE PROFILE OF 5 OTHER PEOPLE
:.' : : '\ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~"¯ OR HE WILL HAUNT YOU
:.:.:: :"-„""***/*'ì¸'¯
:.': : : : :"-„ : : :"\
.:.:.: : : : :" : : : : \,
:.: : : : : : : : : : : : 'Ì
: : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

Can you drink a filtered vaporeon.....~?

in the shower



stabs doggo

depends if its a dude vape thatd be gay and i wouldnt

you up early

you miss, stabbing your own doggos

even better, i hate them

Would you a male Gardevoir?

would you drink a vaporeon?

I want a pet vaporeon to bathe and walk/go for swims with



all of you are beneath him and he knows it.


i thought those dont exist and the male counterpart is gallade

People are loud, I was roused earlier than normal. Just caught up on GoT before I had it spoilered.
Good morning love~

That's weird. The local news in my city said she was an angel who was fighting for equal rights. Who is a telling the truth?


feels like they're putting making cool scenes ahead of events that make sense this season. and last.

i hate all animals...

Waht is GoT? Is that a new game?

yay another day


did you eat your dog

No silly
that is the next level evolution

You can have a male gardevoir

Gardevoir (male sign)

no you're wrong

darwin and i are in love

nice bakuretsu

did a dog spurn your affections once


no, but i wouldn't mind trying

hi brad

did your dog rape you

Good morning ikt nyan I hope you're doing well :3

Well, I mean this is the first season with no literary canon to go by. Its where the literature and other media seperate. So I think it is bound to be more sensational. But then again, we are entering the end game of thrones.

Game of Thrones. Is dabes.

not once, they do it to me every day, my dogs are spoiled

My dogs are all female and very small toy chihuahuas.
Evil little things.

oh wait i dont think its exclusive to gender but its definitely not the next evolution

do you punish it with torture

poor Bard

i stopped following pokermans at crystal

Ohhh I think I've heard of that.
Is it really "THAT GOOD"?

I only hit them when they steal food from each other

they seem painfully aware of what they are.

i woke up super late again i dont wanna wke up again

how is brad

yes but did it rape you

is that the lugia one

do you hit them lightly repeatedly on their genitals

Hupony attention is the best attention

I was just visiting parents for the weekend, please. It's only been two days

just got internet back tonight and got off from work and no internet so I went to sleep and messed up my sleep schedule too

also never again...

hmmm yes
It is!

I think it is, but that is just me.
I mean I think you are that good

Eh, it makes good entertainment.

heh that image makes me think of u

They fit in the palm of your hand, they can't do shit

I swat them on the butt with my hand

I want to watch it but I don't have cable in my apartment ;~;
-is not-

the scenes with Arya were coo.

hehehe really? :3c

This one reminds me of you

fekkers on the left btw

Break the rules. Torrent it.

I figured after the first look that he was onto the situation. This is a more interesting plotline.

thats sexual molestation of animal abuse

yuh the retardo eyes lul

whats that a mosaic art piece?

Yes it is abstractism

Here is the original it's based on ;3

d...d-do you think i should? i don't really torrent stuff because it feels wrong to me...

...i remember you now

If you do it, you'll get huggus

my cock isnt that veiny tho

idk what ur talking about im new!

Don't worry mine is :3

but stealing is wrong...

you're Sci right?

Bard that's Sci

Stay away

gives me the spooks.

It isn't "stealing", it is reappropriation.

we got torches and pitchforks and chased sci out for being a pedo

are you trying to say its harder for me to breath because im sucking a cock?

i find that offensive


they're not going to let him win, though.

they should, but they won't.

lol too bad its a bad joke cuz i dont suck cocks that would be gay

Ambiguous unlinked reply

is that really a thing? seriously those people worked hard on it... and for us to just steal it... feels wrong

oh so now you wanna talk >.>

you told me you were, or was that another lie

Are you coffee kanra?

The one who's godaddy's site isn't being taken down and who isn't a domestic terrorism sympathizer.

you accused me of being sci and i told you i was not

yeah dont worry buddy I know you're not gay
it's not gay if one of us is in a skirt

You know what else is hard up? my dick
Its only stealing if you get caught.

coffee is pretty good tbh

Littlefinger. they're not going to let him beat Arya. they should. but what it's going to be is some gay little game of cat and mouse, that Arya wins by pulling some bs out of nowhere.

nope. Moutain Dew.

I did it my way

im glad youd suck my cock while wearing a skirt but ill have to decline.

whats your opinion on rock music?

I feel bad for people like her, they're blue-pilled for their entire lives, never able to tear off the rose colored glasses. Then for a whole year they hear about how bad Trump is and BAM, he's the president!
I'm surprised her fat ass didn't have heart attack

stop writing like you fuck

is it really hard right now?

what brand do you drink?

oh i like mountain dew too

do i still make you feel bad when we talk?
and how is Sci a pedo?

What sort of rock music are we talking?
I enjoy a lot of "Rock music"

he was posting naked irl kids

i thought he was a good guy...

Many different kinds. Peter Larsen, Merrild, Karat, sometimes Nespresso if I feel like it, but lately I've been fine settling with just instant coffee from Nescafé. It's surprisingly good

peppermint tea is so wonderful.

what do you mean like i fuck? im a virgin.

idk the good kind if i say youll make fun of me

Instant coffee? do you hate yourself?

no i wont silly
I'm listening to shity music right now myself

ew tea

me too, i'm saving myself for marriage

actually, nini.




Tea is delicious.
The only other hot drink that competes with it is hot chocolate.

*audible pouting*

Lol Umbreon's Japanese name is Blacky

Just don't buy the cheap shit that's too damn light, and you'll actually get something that's pretty good

ooh I love hot chocolate

that sounds amazing right now

more like niggy amirite

that's pretty good.

did Fool actually paint that?

now ur gonna call my music shitty :< ill never say

who are you planning to marry?

please share : (
i wont judge

What the fuck, Vaporeon...
You're missing out.

I got Donkin Donuts ground coffee a few days ago, it taste alright but it's not worth the $10 spent...

I miss niggy..



I dont

i love it

we actually went to the same private school, how creepy is that?

$10 will get you about 60 cups of this instant-coffee, and then you'll get something that's only a little bit worse than the far more expensive nespresso capsule coffee, but it's warmer so you can enjoy it for longer. It's definitely worth it

y-yes >.

pls b gentle

how many children do you plan to bear? I hope its enough for tea parties.

Is this the kind of stuff you're into? I've never gotten a music reccomendation before :3

I see, I'll buy it later today if I remember.

I just love my espresso shots already


does it have thick veins?

I want one child (a boy)
But if Sonata wants more then that's alright too.
I really hate kids though

Missing out on what?

da gud shyt

They're great, but not really hot enough, and also quite expensive

what is that though

Do you want to burn your mouth or something?


That's unironically an amazing painting. wow.

coffee is awful

I listen to that kind of stuff sometimes but mostly other weebshit too. H-how was that a recommendation?

If you really hate children you could just abort them. That way you can have tonnes of unprotected sex.

I didn't think I was going to enjoy it at first but overall that was pretty good

I rather enjoyed it


Is this bait? Its not very good.

Tea is awful!
It doesn't even have any benefits

I don't believe in abortion
Unless if the father is ugly
Or black

(scootaloo in an image)

You sip at it while it's hot

Neither does coffee.
Coffee is one of my least favorite flavors ever.

idk what makes good music. I just like things that sound nice and is japanesey

if you liked that heres a similar band

Why does it have to be black?

I like cofffee but only after sweetening and milking it down to almost not coffee

Going for a jog, bbl

fit a whole arm

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Arrays start at zero
And for loops do too

If you think all black children are ugly you are racist! The lord doesn't approve of racist!

Feku confirmed for black person.

Maybe.. Have a good one

Fekkers is a cute brown pacific island trap

Make my taste buds dance.

Just because I'm trying to shame someone it doesn't mean I'm a stupid nigger!!!

this so much

But you're a cute brown pacific island trap.

how can i be brown if im never exposed to sun?


you're choi but with a dick

When you get back you can, GL

Fekky came from out on the island

in the backroom he was everybody's darlin

but he never lost his head
even while he was givin head i say
hey fekky
take a walk on the wild side

whats choi? why does it no dick?

When did we start bullying Feku?

Choi Mochimazzi.

feku is a cute girl no bullyin involved

pic related fekers

How big is her dick?

its fine im used to it . . .

10/10 I should watch tamako market

not too big not too small
very fitting for a girl of her stature

k lol

Yes you should!

megumin without the hat is perfect

im trying to watch all the anime that I wanna fap to first.

is it weird i dont like fapping to things i havent watched?

That sounds like too much bullying



No one has replied

I can't fap after watch some anime.

when i was a kid once i w as scrolling through the on demand stuff and found some cute anime girls to lewd to and then i found out it was clannad about a year later

about thiiis big


i mean i dont get bullied much but i view myself in negative light often so i can handle it

have you ever fapped to those ecchi anime

is that a bad thing?
im too lazy to watch clannad

Clannad isn't worth watching by itself

But if you pair clannad and clannad after story man it is a fucking journey

Like holy shit I've watched through clannad all the way + after story only once and even though I've tried multiple times since then I just cant make it through it because it breaks my fucking heart just hearing the music

pic is of me gettin anxious watching scary tornado videos



y : (

Wow what is this slut hour?

Explains why you're here

yay squiddy!!!!
tucc me in squiddy

I am not ready for a feels trip.

Started since you poast.


hehe yay :3

also feels trip too real ;~;

how does that unbox dude manage to get douchier each time i acceidentally click on it

also why does linus get more unbearable each video

because that's how his viewers like him

is afterstory supposed to be like an ova or a whole other season?

you gotta be super horny and then you binge the entire series in one go while fapping the whole time

just avoid his sellout videos and watch him for memes

after story is another season but I mean

just saying season 2 doesnt do it justice

so clannad takes place in school and after story takes place after graduation into real life
like you should really give ita thought if you like feels animes

I would put it up against like....
like fuck bro its better than 5cm/s
angel beats
grave of the fireflies

i hope they all die from high pitched screaming fidget spinner click bait

but it's 100% sellout now

Bro you have problems.

Time to find another faggot to watch


i just want more mcm


is it heretical to skip the first one?

i really like those anime that are not highschool based but still kinda SoL

what else is good for watch for tech videos?

I did that when i was like 14 and had the energy to


You have to watch clannad to understand the struggles of the characters and truly understand why this anime is so heartwrenching


By sticking out highschool with them you kind of get to feel like they're real people the way they act and the stories behind them you know?

you can watch this one .//.

w-watch what?

yeah I dont have alot of subscribers or do unboxing vids though : /

I don't even watch anything

how do i sympathize with them if they all look like potatoes. loljk whats so sad about it anyways? its not like everyone dies right?

side note
did you watch keion movie?

I have bad normie tate in youtube people

I like boogie and philip defranco

so if you don't watch people or
watch tv

what do you do for fun?

yeah the animation was sort of hard to get by at first

at least it's not as bad as fucking Kanon

also I really liked the keion movie

It was sad ;~;


That one thing is really enough to keep you occupied?

kanon 2006 > clannad


twas a dark era between nge and now

isnt it just about them going on a world tour or something? it gets sad?

is runscrap fun? i never got into it as a kid cuz my parents made me read books instead of play games. i get the feeling its one of those nostalgia goggle things


have you seen it?

They take a trip to London England for their senior year trip and then have a great concert and come back and graduate and sing a sad song for azusa who is an underclassman and isnt going to graduate : (

london, england

Are you from london loco?

nah but yui looks hot when she looks like a rockstar

i dont really care about azunyan shes kinda a weak loli

yeah agree azusa is shitto but this scene still gets me super sad

how they take turns singing and then at the end when azusa is tearing up man it hurts me

I'm bacc!

Keion minis when


its been like 5 years brah why havent you watched it by now

ps snape dies


found a video of @kanra


I suppose it is in a way, hence why osrs is more popular than rs3 too.
But yeah, I do find it fun

I'm jealous tbh

I have alot of stuff to do but hardly anything holds my attention

eh, shouldn't be. It's just a time sink


Sleep well

nini kissy

slow threads are good too

Doki doki no waku waku!

What's her power again?


roses are red
violets are blue
doki doki
no waku waku!

nevermind, I"m not tired.

are those actually in the anime or was it edited? i forget


lol of course it's edited

you never know with akko


is it safe to come out yet? ;~;

replied to what?


Even though I've been eating alot recently
I'm under my normal stationary weight


Coming out the closet is always safe here

Blood-chan, suck my dick please

I forgot

I can't get the belt off!

denpa onna

u wikipedia now?

-takes it off for you-

I wish, then people would actually have a use for me.


-keeps the belt for myself- hehe

y-you don't feel useful? Im sorry to hear that

woah ive been had

It was a joke, I am very useful.


look at what I did


jesus christ, you're a madman

Time for work.
See you later~

i have a boyfriend, Scoots why u do this?

Oh okay that's good
If you need someone to talk to I'm here

have a nice day, love

I'm talking to you right now so clearly you're here.


I meant if you wanted to vent >_<

I really need to figure out why I keep choking on my spit when I sleep.


Do you have sleep apnea


Beats me.

you should see a doctor you might need to get a breathing mask thingy to help sleepe


Always safe

82 + a bitchload of stews and crystal saw c:



I just lie on my side most nights so I don't have it happen.

I don't vent.

let me choke on it instead


oh yeah, I forgot about that.
Still a madman
That'll be done another month


why the f are you like this cockstar





what the fuck is this clusterfuck of busters
bunch of buster douglas motherfucks up in this shit




how do you get over stress then?



always smile and never stress about anything

enjoy the ulcers

i'm going to chain you up inside my basement

You're lucky, i have to now, bye

how would having no stress cause ulcers?



you say no stress but secretely you mean bury the stress and ignroe it :~:

I remember this one time when I was a child. In our house there was this jug that was up too high for me to see into and I would always ask my father, "Father, what is inside the jug?". He'd tell me all sorts of fantastical stories that explained the jug was full of a magical elixirs, or gold, or stardust. This was before my parents divorced.

Anyway. One day my dad came home from the pub. He had gotten into the habit of drinking more since he lost his job. And my mother, same as always, was telling him how she'd leave him, she'd leave him and take us with her. Well. That night was the first time I saw him hit her. She fell against the wall and that old jug fell down and I could see inside. It was empty. It had always been empty.

We left him not long after. My mother told me recently that the abuse had been going on for a long time, since before the drinking. But I think I already knew.

how are you all today though.

now I'm sad ;~:

Oh boy, if that was the case that certainly would be unhealthy.

I got a hemotoma on my knee rolling with my buddies the other day after I racked my knee on the ground : (




so I was talking with my slut friend and they were talking about how lewd it would be to get tucked into bed while you were being watched

I was wondering

does that count as exhibutionism?

he or her

oh god I don't reallly know...

slut friend
but you dont know sausage or bread bun?!

I am a pure unspoiled angel


post bread bun

heehee yay



i made this

Do... Do I have to blow you or something for that? I'm lost.

the toll is a kiss


Well, I mean if it's the law.


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