The Charlottesville attack was a false flag operation by antifa

The Charlottesville attack was a false flag operation by antifa.

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you're gonna summon Kanra

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Whom's'e's are you summoning ?

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Summon antifa

antifa are muslim terrorists who want to remove the white male

Is that how the summoning is done ?

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What does IKT stand for ?


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Delete My Vagina daddy

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I just want somebody to find all deal-breaking bugs in my thing so I can just release.

I just want somebody to find all deal-breaking bugs in my thing so I can just release.

wtf 8ch

stop time travel

Aren't you the pro here though ?

yeah but I've run out of care

Get a refill.

The machine's empty.

Charlottesville was planned by Obama obvs.

Find a care plant and suck the juice out of it.

I depleted all resources :(

It can only be refilled by a pull request with meaningful changes in the commits. Or a massive donation.

Obama was the driver.


Obama used the police to criminalize and exterminate white people.

How much is a massive donation ?


How many pics of the dead-on-the-inside girl do you even have?

Thats the only one.

Obama is a deep state cia nigger controlling brain waves via the fcc fbi niggers

Uh, enough to make me care about this thing.

You used to post a bunch.

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Obama siphoned quadrillions of dollars to ISIL to make the west into goatfucking sandniggers.

I don't think I have that much.

huh, must of been someone else.

I meant like one song! and you didn't even link my post ;w;

I even saved two with your filenames.



Wasn't me man.

the nazis were just misunderstood

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Hitler was just trying to preserve the west.

some feature thing i cant code because i don't know the fields

america must unite against the evil that took over europe


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All I know is we need to gas Israel.

either gimme a million dollars or the source code, preferably the b1103 branch

israel isnt even real, its a lie to make the americans think the soviets arent in control of the middle east

Its in the mail.


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Soviets are in control of the DEEP STATE.


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i mean I don't really listen to edm anymore but it was pretty good

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b-but I do like it...

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motorcycle accident

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i'm not buying it

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i miss talking to human beings

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=flaposting is not shitposting=

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Why won't anyone talk to you ?

My IQ is only 7.6. I can only see one dimension.

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Is it just Desu again?

Looks like it.

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you have no evidence

I'm a boring person

pretty shit in general

should an hero tbh

I thought him and Mordin thankfully left.

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what even is life


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the inbetween


we can't perceive death the same way we can't perceive the end of our vision, so in truth, we never really know death, only being close to it. don't worry, it won't be painful, it's literally just like falling asleep.

To not exist isn't painful, sure. To be torn apart certainly is. We know death by those that go before us.


having nezis nudes is nothing special

it's perfectly understandable for people to try and find supernatural answers to death such as heaven and hell. the real issue is when they come up with arbitrary rules they impose on other people who don't conform to their ideas, and the indoctrination of similar ideas onto others instead of allowing them to explore their own thoughts about the end

Who said anything about heaven or hell? Granted, Moogs is going to hell.

that depends on how you stop living

maybe for most of it but that's not the whole pie chart

probably as a personal sex slave for a particularly rowdy demon

I would disagree. Pain is the whole pie chart. It merely varies in intensity.

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Feigberg who pays swedish antifa bills also props up spencers alt right. George soros paid the aclu and adl to defend spencer to draw attention to the event. He also created the golden dawn movement to divide the us even more.

if you're trying to claim that every emotion and feeling is pain i would like reasoning, and i would like it to be more than a few sentences

I would like a continuous stream of currency with no strings attached.

money problems? maybe life is entirely pain for you but if all you need to be happy is money that's not asking for the impossible, and since you can define anything you want as strings you have an endless stream of excuses

hardly worth the conversation

I thought we were simply stating frivolous wants.

you were saying all of life is pain, i am asking you to justify it or stop being a whiny bitch



Pain is a physical state of being consisting of stresses placed on the body. Since you are constantly aware of such stresses until you cease to be, it is simple to conclude that life consists of constant, yet varying degrees of pain until death.

By the way, pain being an emotion is a pleb thought, faggot.

Also, stop fucking dogs and kids.

Home from work.

nice job degenerating into ad-hominems, i don't think i've seen anything more poorly described

what do you plan on doing with the rest of your night?

finally, been trying to get a job for months

Play lol I guess.


An ad-hominem requires that I am not responding to a point you are putting forth. Me calling you a kid and dog fucker is just me being accurate.

Care to describe pain in your own words then?

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

The suns? But...why, user-chan? I would almost pay you NOT to work for such a base activity.

I'd be a cashier or some shit. my mom's boss got me the job, and it requires no experience, so it's something menial most likely. he just described it as "office work"

oh no no no, you don't get to back pedal AFTER deflecting and trying to ignore the initial point and then ask a question, you stupid son of a bitch

let me explain something to you, you completely dismissed that my complaint was you claimed the pie-chart to be nothing but pain, then you tried to imply i was saying something i wasn't to deflect, and i was nice enough to let that go, but your flaccid attempt to defame me are both pathetic and unsightly so scoot or you'll understand pain just fine

crying is how you get the sad out of you

whatever floats your boat, guess ill just veg to some youtube

a good cry does feel good every once in a while sure

i cried for the first time in awhile watching wall-e

I have trouble crying nowadays.

Want to help me get some 'weakness' to leave my body?

Sounds like it will be boring.

Oh? I'll understand pain just fine? What are you going to do, daddy? Come find where I am and spank me? Oh dear me, what ever will I do!

I made a remark about what you 'would like' from me with a comment about what I 'want.' I disregarded your demand based on the tone. I then gave in and answered your question, perhaps cursory. This isn't exactly an academic discussion.

By the way, nothing I do can 'defame' you anymore than you have done yourself. All I can do is bring attention to your actions.

that's cute, i wish i could get emotional from something i watch some time soon

Decently sad movie.

My dog just died 2 days ago, fam. Otherwise I would be in your boat.

and yet you still dance around the comment directed at you, explicitly and planing asking why you think nothing exist on it besides pain

maybe you should stop posting user, i don't care if this is Darwin whoever it is is a dumbass


I answered that question, forgive me if you did not understand it. Would you like me to reword my answer?

It's like an edgy wankfest in here.

hey man if you're having money trouble that sucks, but you didn't even just imply that money is only a trouble that brings pain to your life, you implied that all life is all pain

why don't you start with that one

surely you showing up will help

also sorry the s key sticks on this laptop a lot


no but with a small parachute and a large fan on your back you can ACTUALLY fly for the price of a small car

but i guess if you can't afford a plane ticket you probably can't afford to do that

You see, life is itself a struggle. Breathing is a constant effort by your body to bring in oxygen, expel carbon dioxide. You body constantly works to survive. It never simply exists. It is a constant fight. Pain is that struggle. Usually it is minute, the work required by your body being minimal. At other times it is markedly more. Thus, pain is a constant state of being that is only evaded by death.

Also, I did not imply that I am having money troubles. At best, I implied that I would like more. Seeing as though monetary gain is a common goal regardless of economic standing, the implication you found speaks more of your needs than mine.

here wait you can suck my dick and i can prove on the spot that life isn't 100% pain, no ad-hominem attack but suck my dick

And you say I evade the point.

I keep my mouth away from things that have been inside the ass of an animal.

Did you actually fuck a dog, BD?

no see the difference is i actually had a point and you horribly misspoke and refuse to address it, so i am going to beat you half to death with it

sorry can't join your club, i don't even know who this user is

What point was it that you had that I have failed to address?



life isn't 100% pain

okay i'm going to stop fucking with you for just a second so everyone else can see how dumb you are too, you say im qualifying pain as an emotion but what are you trying to qualify it as? breathing? the work my cells do in my body? that isn't painful to me, it doesn't hurt to breath and my cells don't feel pain

so uh, do you want to keep this up or maybe just give up and stop

Its a cool club

hello, i guess

yea no thanks i don't think my girlfriend would be happy with me about that


I might just get a dog instead of a bf honestly.

thats all you wanted to say?

is george here? heeeey george now would be a great time to pop in as a distraction


okay i guess

Nope. You get me, the user, and the retard known as Blood Chan.

Let's see if I can explain it to you one last time, afterwards you are free to describe pain as you see fit.

Pain is a result of our central nervous system, right? It is most obviously understood when you stub your toe, or get a cut or other physical injury. I argue that pain is essentially how we 'feel' the world. It is how we understand our surroundings, how we understand ourselves. There are varying levels of pain, just as there are varying levels of injury. I would also say, since there is nothing in this life without degradation, our body is constantly being 'hurt' simply by existing. Our brain filters out much of it so that we have a baseline and we do not get overloaded with information.


can't i just like crawl under the rug and you guys just pretend im not there

You could stop posting I guess

yea i mean but then the threads dead and im rarely ever here, i mean you're usually fine to talk to but yeeeeea

I am intentionally doing this.


oh im aware

you just sit there and look pretty

my i sit on your lap?


no you were saying that there are no other feelings than pain and that it happens all the time with nothing else in between it

i didnt even notice your post for that long because it was so lame

i don't know you might have to shove someone off it first

i would never shove someone, that's rood

well they aren't replying right now anyways, so i guess the spot is vacant for now, you aren't too heavy right?

No, I am saying that pain is the scale on all other 'feelings' are measured. Just as darkness is a degree of light and cold is a degree of heat.

incorrect, you said the pie-chart has nothing but pain on it, there is nothing else you could have been implying, no wiggle room to lie or make excuses. its a mystery why you even care, maybe because you are even more invested in whatever philosophical fabrications you have than i am

You're right, the pie chart is nothing but pain. I have constantly been saying that it comes in different flavors though. Think of it as a color wheel of pain.

no thats retarded think about sucking my dick repeatedly

I would sooner think of cutting if. Not off, mind you. Merely repeatedly cutting it.

I'm 120lbs
I don't if that's heavy for you, but it is for me
I'm a bit sick right now... so I have to sleep, goodnight~
Don't listen to Squash, she's just pretending to be mad at me to get inside Tsuchi's pants.

so, are you saying every time a neuron that is part of the CNS fires, it's classified as pain?

cutting if? maybe a slip? sorry if your mind was on other things ;3

ok good enough you were supposed to get offended but since you didn't you can sit

oh god kanra please don't help. i'm merely just having a bit of fun here venting, there is no need to treat this seriously they are thoroughly disproven already

My mind was on mutilating you, quite thoroughly.

Now, did I answer your question to your satisfaction? Or are you still going to insist that I am dodging?

now you just sound like blood-chan

maybe you misunderstand, i am calling your answer stupid now

if you wish to engage kanra it will be without me

I'm actually not sure if every part of the CNS has the potential to register pain.

I assure you, the thoughts in my head would make blood-chan look like kittens.

That is your choice. I never said we would agree, simply that I was not avoiding your question.


ill save you some time, the answer is no, and its unclear how or if many creatures feel pain, it's a warning sensory response to stop you from doing stupid shit or to inform you of damage, or the unfortunate effect of getting old and having either poor genes or a poor lifestyle, or just the progression of time, but being old doesn't mean being in constant pain, it's just a lot less energy than when you are a kid

if you want to discuss the eventual decline of the body, and age, well that sounds a lot like classifying pain as something more existential unless you are already old and constantly in pain

God you sound like an edgy pretentious cunt


whaaaat up grim

But even though we breath, and respiration is a form of dying, we don't feel pain towards normal breathing.

But we can feel pain if we don't breath enough, our lungs start to hurt, or when we inhale something bad.

Just as sight doesn't normally hurt, but sudden bright lights can. Those nerves are part of the CNS.

never thought about it before.

Someone buy me this.

"pain" ir a brought term for feelings yes but not every feeling can be put under that category, getting cut doesn't hurt the same way bright lights or drowning due, but orgasming isn't a form of pain at all

i could easily answer their questions but they are being a little shit so why bother haha

"pain" is a broad*


the Nazis actually studied the effects of extreme conditions on the human body, and people afterwards had to figure out whether it was moral to use those findings.

had amazing sushi and good sake

finishing up the night with some scotch

It is because our brain needs a baseline by which to judge if something is wrong. Same kind of why as you can become accustomed to constant sensations.

its 18 bucks

you can literally steal the image from riot and have artcows print it for 1 dollar squash

also stop ignoring me

just cuz we had serious beef and its over doesn't mean we should flat out ignore each other
we're grown men for pete's sake

the body can be broken and the spirit is just a concept, any person can be broken by torture, but that is intentionally caused pain with understanding and insight gained by malicious, smart people

but saying that any feeling can be accurately measured using only a pain-index is childish

i refuse to humor the topic any further, you already said the brain needs a baseline so unless something is wrong the baseline is zero, which means no pain. so for the third time just please suck my dick

that sounds awesome i want all of those things right now, treat me you faggot ill get you back for it somehow

come to ny ill take you to the same spot I went

get the same cutie waitress too

you better belief ill take you up on that kindness if i happen to drop by new york, and im damn close too, maybe we can trade off and ill treat at a steak place the time after that

believe* i hate my phone


obviously not every feeling is some level of pain, but I was humoring the idea that every feeling has the potential to be painful. Specifically the CNS, since I know places where the CNS doesn't go, and we don't feel sensation there.

I love me a good filet mignon

sorry that was more directed at the user i was just too lazy and high to link them

u kno i love you kanra

I love sugar and caffinated drinks.

fuck that filet you treat me to good sushi, get me drunk, i drink a lot so you know, and i'll treat you to some grade A5 if we can find a place that has it and im sure we can in NY

also check this out if you didnt see it, pretty awesome school version


i hate to make it megalovania but you know, if something is popular it gets done a lot and if it gets done a lot it has a better chance to be good

if you havent checked out the super soul brothers do so next time you want to hear the song, it will be a good version, its live as well too

kobe beef is the american version but i had to make it japanese on you, its the most marbled, wonderful meat you can get, from special cows


yea... well anyways guess its time to focus on youtube if its slow here

Megalovania isn't even the best song.
Either Spider song or Asreals song is.







yo if you had me on snap you coulda seen the dank sushi I had tn

shit was lit


Did you order only your favorites?

Also, I don't "snap"


I ordered everything
it was all you can eat

whatcha up to?

Playing LoL with my old duo friend.

Sounds enjoyable.
I always doubt the quality of all you can eat things but I will take your word for it.

are you winning?

Not this one.

how come?

Just a bad game.

did you figure out how to do the better thing next time?

Actually we won.

good job :)
you found a solution!

I landed some awkward Bard ults but it worked out.

bard is nice
bard is weird
bard is useful... somehow to the team?

Bard is actually incredibly strong when played right.

how do you make bard strong and useful?

Bard has a lot of situational abilities. His ult is probably his best move. Knowing how to kite and prioritize who you slow is also key. You can also disable 2 champs at once with his Q.

so mainly cc?

it was pretty good quality meat

not like a 5* restaurant but it came fast and it was yummy

Kiiiiind of.

sounds super technical!
i wonder how you coordinate stuff!

Just a lot of practice.

how do you convince your team to trust u and follow thru?

I let them know I have a very large penis in the lobby.



Well I'm done with LoL for the night.

awww... sleepy already?

I'm always tired.

Apparently we played with Stlyish on a smurf account.

lol, wat's a stylish?


Apparently someone famous.

hmm... looks like a zed main?

The guy we played with had Hec, Zed, and I think Rivin on his smurf. All 100% win rates.

Sleepy go night night.

I'm here

movie was good

Night qt~

What movie?


Ooooh, not bad~

Also that is from something lewd, isn't it? The picture.

I need context for my terminal autism

Profile shot for introduction, likely.

I capped these pictures myself.

Do you think I would look at something lewd ?

Yes. x3

I would never.

weird. his twitter said he was at his brothers birthday all day today.


Everyone would look at Widow's ass, so you must be lying!

Why would you lead me astray? ;-;

Maybe he plays his smurf when at his brother's and it was after thee party or before it kicked up?

sounds fishy~

But the person I went on a movie date with was a boy

i'm gay as fuuuuuuck


That is okay. Wait which of you is wearing the skirt then~?



When do we gas the gays?

It was you.



Not soon enough

I didn't say that.

Nah it's at about the right time for it, I think.

i want moar


you are hot as fuck those gorgeous eyes and sexy tongue xx