Plow me like those protesters

Plow me like those protesters.

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say no more fam


I will cook you all pasta.


I actually empathized with your position, Grim

excused you being a tactless ass because Bard was first.

this was gratuitous.

Best mageloli!

put lobster in mine

neck snapping visualizations

I was refering to havign sexual intercourse with Mari, which I really want to do.

Wow are you still upset about that ?
did i hurt your nonexistant feelings?


I will make lobster ravioli



whom else would I be referring to?

I'm also just quoting stale Holla Forums loli meme

you used me as a bridge to poke Bard.

you- no, I tried to see things from both sides. not upset.

seemed like an irrational one-off thing.

but look at Grim's last dozen posts.

look what he does.


I'd prefer to physically whack him with you but distance

Post her feet and I might share.

that happened like a week ago if you guys are still upset that sounds like your own problem ad not mine

What car was it btw

Maris feet or rika


looked sporty




nobody was making you choose

>I'd choose Kanra


phew. then suddenly, unprovoked

then Cato says

so you faux compliment

Cato shrugs it off, and your reply

you chained several unrelated replies together, to push an agenda of 'fuck Bard'.

I actually dotn have much of those feets. cna I post other feets?

Yeah, okay.

can i get those stockings + feet



sky is starting to light, imma head off

peace and love

oh right I totally forgot about that post
nah it seemed like a fair statement to make since you were both in thread for immediate comparison

good analyzing of my post string
you win
*one* headpat







test pls







Why wasn't it a Mad Max'd thing anyway.

Heck, a metal mesh in front of the wind screen and some mad metal bars and pipes protecting the body, welded to the body frame.





make it stop

It was the Nice guy did a better job.

enjoying? Sure is quiet!

It will not stop.


Post what you want, but don't just dump dude.


Not that I'm going to do anything about it tbh


you're contradicting what you say.

I want to dump and it isn't agaisnt the rules. Im not spamming if people want it.

how many of these were from a cock perspective

Yes, you, hi

probably sits with his laptop between his legs.

Didn't say it's a rules thing. It's more a sensibility and decency thing, but that's a bit much to ask for I know.


I have none of that.

Are your embraces warm and filled with heart?

there are some patterns I don't wish to observe.


I know.

They are probably itchy because of his hideous beard.


I'll at least try to comment when i post


how to replace dashboard lights peugeot 306 1994


This is much better.

How disappointing.


Why is that disappointing


eventually he stopped caring about quality. the emphasis became solely about the poses.



I prefer cold bitter hugs that leave you feeling worse than before.

i didnt remember the ln or anime drawing megumin this t h i c c

Child bearing hips

Sounds like some shitty romance novel shit.

when ui wants to cum,
he wants the lolis that want him back.


I require more pats.

She's 18 in the LN

Getting psychoanalyzed I guess.

Me next

I do like those

even the lesser lewd ones continue to follow this pattern.





Ugh I no feel bueno

*hug* : (

lonely :(

sleep helps with that


sleep alone

You can't sleep all the time.

You can try

I guess Bard could read some Garfield comics and practice.

Blue moon
I saw you standing alone
without a care in the world

without a dream of your own

Where is hupony and spectre


permanent sleep is a thing

You should try it

I would love to go to sleep and not wake up



with no effort on my own part of course


im getting really weird uncanny valley from this picture

same here actually

i cant tell if its real or fake

That's weird, the only feeling I'm getting is in my pants

Gyaru girls are weird
I dont wanna touch that butt becausae it looks sticky

What are ya some kind of faggot?


I think it used to be a dude

It fools me well enough

my buddy put me in a twister earlier and my trapezius muscle is aching and sore from it ;~:

still a dude then


i miss my mother

real girls


Real girls doesnt exist

boys are girls


ikt is a girl


nini guys
pls gimme the tucks

if you like EDM come share dank tunes and chat

Exactly none of that sounds like a good time.

I know her.
And that visual novel.

But I've never played it.

I haven't, to me she's just another anime blob.




it's pretty quiet today


Wonder woman is bae
and it is sunday
sunday is sleepy day
for some

i haven't seen the wonder woman movie

Me either
Looks good though

You dirty dog



Bad boy


what are you up to?
i've just been waking up and copying the high def version of loco's images that i've reverse searched~

why mercy holding her boob

Hahaha thats clever
Just watching football
New season is underway

for support, since diva is shoving her out of the way out of frame

you really play some kinda foot ball sim thingy? why? ._.

But Mercy has bigger boobs!

that's why her hand is a fist, helping hold the weight up, duh. due to the force of being shoved to the side.

Im a brit and lifelong fan of the sport
Its in the blood

Roadhog has the best tits though.

i'm not into sports, so i gots no opinion~

i dont get but *pat*

Its alright
Different strokes for different folks
Had a good weekend?

because ur flat~

nah.... but i'm glad the heatwave has passed now at least.
nothing to eat today. but i think i'll figure something out by noon.

thats a rude thing to say!

Oh the Dodge Challenger guy killed 3 people now

Sounds like a peaceful one
Good comfy times

You mean the mentally ill and poor white oeson cry cry so sad

but i thought you liked flat girls~? ♥

eh not much going on yeah
at least video games, anime, and thread freinds

yeah but you can't just tell people they're a plank

Anime is cute






are you winning yet?


At what?

*pet cat*

i dunno, what are you doing today?

Attempt at fix car.

you have a car?






Parents car.

Speedometer dials have broken light. Got the dash out but the lamps were all still OK so idk where the problem is, so I just taped a reading light to the dash with a cigarette lighter plug lol

just looking for a new wallpaper to replace the one i've been using for over 4 years

just follow the wires to the circuit box


I use screenshots from cartoons or shows. Like backgrounds from steven universe.

i search for more scenic art


Lol gay

ur gay

I know

Can't you just get that from though?


Good morning. Slept well?

I don't really use that site.

Use bleach

surprise visit from my cousin too

That sounds pretty great, especially if you haven't seen each other in quite a while and enjoy each other's company

its been 2 days lmfao

I think he's here for job interviews


You have a problem Squash.

Ah, very recently then. Could well be.
And if he's in the area, he might as well come by


Well maybe you should so that you don't have to rely on random people friending you to get their runes and masteries.

Who are you even?

Sounds like a great way to work a lot of hours for no seniority or benefits.

An anime.

Interest lost then.

I am shattered. I don't know how I'll live anymore now that you're pretending to be oh-so-uninterested. This is truly a circle of hell.

Omg Tsuchi had to do the mean DMG CTRL after I left yesterday




I just like BloodChan's avatar.


internet back!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck me daddy!!!!!!!!!!

Shit... off to Hell I go.

You sure will, faggot

Good morning!
How was church?

Why thank you!
I like yours too

Hey Neziwi-chan~ how's it going?

I didn't go, hail satan

Wow really?
I have to go cuz my mom forces me.
hail the almighty lord satan and all his glory

i just got my internet back so i'm happy

super tired but happy

4 days of no music, no games, no nothin

my downtime has just been reading, which is fun, but I like to mix it up

how are you?

Might be a cultural thing, but being forced to church isn't really a thing here.
I mean, its not something that is brought up in conversation in the sense of.. "Oh I went to church today... ebcause it pleases the parents"
There are atleast 3(including you) whomst have said this, all americans.
Really makes me think.
Satan bae.

for why?

Oh wow I would have went insane
How did you survive?!
And I'm okay... nothing to talk about :/
I missed you

I heard more and more Europeans are going back to their paganism days... So yeah :/
Church has always been a parasite in UK

You just like this one, and I have like next to no images of her!


We broke from Mother Raome and since then, with the enlightenment and other societal changes I would like to think that we've become a more secular... atleast in public... country.
I mean, if you want to be religious sure that is your business. But there isnt a need to keep trumpeting which faslse god you believe in.
Lord Satan is the only senpai one needs

8ch telling it how it is.

well I had work on one 2 of the days so those days I didn't really spend much time at home

glad you're well

Yeah she's pretty, I like most... if not all the imgs you post.

Hi Grim how was church?

Oh wow I didn't know that.
I wish you guys would kick out the muslims already
I gave myself to lord Satan and my life has been amazing for a whole year now

Y-you too.


-giggles- that tickles >_

Do you like this one?



And brought us back together... And eh, immigration doesn't bother me. Ive other things more important to worry about.
I am sure the Morning Star will set things right.

-cuddles on your lap-

-head pats-


-gets a light headache- ow ;-;



Sensitive head?

i have to go now
good bye

See you soon, dear~

trips :O

wanna do lewd stuff together?

seriously no one in that crowd had lik a gun to shoot the guy when he was backing up, should have activated VATS

pew pew pew

this is why america needs guns, so there could have been a bunch of collateral damage from someone trying to help with a semi-automatic

now im not saying guns would have helped but given video evidence as it was, do you think if someone popped that guy in the head with a pistol they'd be getting jail time? so much for a peaceful protest

i don't even think they would have been able to hit the guy really but it's just a thought

What caliber for cars?

you tell me

you shoot the guy driving the car, if you want to hit the engine get a armor penetrating .50 cal though, bigger target than a head, great idea really but no ones going to fucking have a .50 cal just chilling there

Real question is why didn't he use a train

Lack of preparation.

well it WAS supposed to be a peaceful protest, however if i had a .50 caliber rifle i probably wouldn't want to go anywhere without it either


That would clean up those commie terrorists quicker than a bulldozer.

They deserved it tbh



Full auto .50 AR /w 60-round drum magazine when


Browning my friend

The M2 is NOT portable.

im pretty sure we have abandoned reason at this point, while we're on the topic that's my fuck off deathclaws weapon of choice

tbh a 15 round mag wouldn't be impossible just look at those extended ak mags and when you tape a bunch of em together you get quick 30 rounds of rape

i stopped using it after i found my rail cannon but its sitting in a safe somewhere with like 350 explosive .50 cal rounds with it

but it exists

god i wish that were a real fo weapon
or any game tbh

The .454 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf both use just standard AR mags. I wonder how many you can stuff in a 40 round P-Mag.


help gun words


vagina mounted gun when

it is a real modded fallout new vegas weapon, i have the exact weapon you described and have used it to kill things in the game, full auto, 60 rounds, .50 cal

and before you ask yes it is awesome


Mini explosion metal propelling sticks.

Stock or did you need mods as in install mods.

Oh, RPG.

PC yes it came with a big pack of modded weapons so im not even sure what mod its from but i saw some heavy trooper NCR guy with it and i was like yea im taking that, i don't even care if you are a faction im supporting this run you have to die

Those too.
Apparently .50Beo. doesn't work in PMags, the more you know.

FONV was best.

I want another Obsidian FO game, gunplay sucked and customization didn't make much sense in FO4.

Also story.



that beast was enough to kill a deathclaw alpha male even if you never directly hit it, just splash damage it to death with 60 explosive rounds, i also added a mod where explosives have knock-down because they needed the buff


pft, weakling

should take them down with your bare fists

i have 100 in unarmed but they are faster, have larger models, do 350 damage a hit and bypass DT and DR so how about fuck you





at least you own it





Plow him, adore him.

Fine I'll fuck you real quick if you're cute

I'm not.

He used to be.

Send time machine and I'll fuck past you

I was talking to ikt anyways

His dick is S tier

??? What does that even mean, is it big? Small?

Its big but he tries to lie and say its small.

S is the highest tier/rank you can get because Japs just couldn't live with A.


cat baby cat_baby pvp